and i think that's the most beautiful thing

Everything about you is art
Your movements are brush strokes
Painting with the watercolour that drips from your fingers
Your voice a quill dipped in the richest ink
Writing poetry in thin air
Your mind alive with vivid ideas
Your heart radiating with kindness
Your soul overflowing with the deepest wisdom
You are more than just art
You are a masterpiece

I think Harry Styles is a huge inspiration because he feels confident about who he is and he doesn’t care about gender stereotyping. If he wants to braid his hair, then he shall freakin braid his hair in the most extravagant hairstyle known to human kind and show it off to over 50.000 people… knowing that not everyone might like it and having the risk that people will talk shit about him, but he still went and did it. He just went out and showed that even as a boy, if he likes to wear braids then he will, beating the typical gender stereotype of boy’s hair styles… and I think thats a beautiful thing.

you know what i love? Calum passion for music. like its just so obvious how much he loves music i mean his face lights up anytime anyone asks him about music, his spotify playlists are just filled with so many different types of music and that amazes me. the playlist that he made for us is almost 8 hours long, and i really think he’s the kinda guy that if he liked you he would just send you song after song for you to listen to and i think thats the most beautiful thing in the world.

Can any of you artistic people on Tumblr PLEASE draw the Doraelin scene from the end of Queen Of Shadows? You know the one I’m talking about, when they hold hands, merge their magic, become infinite and it’s basically the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read. I truly NEED this in my life!
And like if you do draw this scene, I will love you forever (and that’s a hell of a lot of love)

I need to start properly coloring my stuff again

Anyway, some kind of meeting-while-waiting-for-the-train AU? Something on the lines of “I don’t know what just happened but this man’s laugh is the most beautiful thing on earth, I don’t think my heart is beating anymore and fuck his train just arrived he’s getting up I still haven’t asked for his name fuck fuck fuck”

I like to think Kagami can’t find his voice in time before Aomine’s train goes away, and he spends two kind of miserable weeks after this because he may have as well just fucked up his once in a lifetime chance of meeting his perfect someone gfdi but then two weeks later he’s grocery shopping and there Aomine is, just two meters away from him, and Kagami doesn’t even think before launching himself forward, grabbing the other by one sleeve and asking for his name his number and maybe a date (Aomine accepts to give them all)

It takes Kagami around half an hour of actully staying with Daiki to realize that he’s an asshole and also incredibly irritating ugh 

(that doesn’t make him any less perfect tho, not that Taiga will admit it any time soon)


You teach me how to be not afraid of showing my emotions. You teach me how to ignore peoples saying. You teach how to be me and just do whatever that makes me happy. You teach me how to be strong. You teach me how to hold on in our relationship and be strong to keep on fighting. I learned a lot of things from you, from being a good and a little bit naughty but i never regret anything that you bring in my life. Im actually the luckiest person to have you who teach me how to accept someones flaws and imperfections. Even sometimes we dont meet each others expectations we still forgive each other. But the most beautiful thing that ive learned from you is the thing about being in love. The thing about not thinking for the future not even believing that forever exist and do not settle for an happy ending. I learned to open a book from you and you thought me how to write our story from the sweetest to the worst fight that we have because you thought me thats how a perfect relationship is made of. And i love you because of everything about you.

Its taken me a few days and a few listens for me to even process it.. but me and my sounds immortalized on kendrick’s album..feels so beautiful. 

I cant stop listening. its crazy.. I think To Pimp A Butterfly is one of the best albums iv ever heard..(but im probably biased) It just embodies so much of what i love about music ..and musically sounds like its influenced by all of the things im influenced by so it makes perfect sense to me.

I just feel really blessed and proud to have my name on something I believe in and something that spreads love spreads change. Thats always been my goal with music and thats where most of my energy is put out. Thank you to all of u that have been sending me love and nice words i appreciate it. peace

i was sort of disappointed with the honda tour video promo thing…i wish they’d stop with the tacky day glo graphic stuff and gee thanks for more Thats What Makes You Beautiful playing in the background….not like you don’t have a million more current songs you could have used for promo.

(and we wonder why people still think they’re a kiddie band - this kind of mixed message is what kills me the most - people are posting that Honda Tour is like a step up or rebranding because it’s targeted to an older crowd but all the promo shit is the same ancient, tacky stuff.

i love seeing non-dancers react to ballet

like, i did a penchée today and this guy said “that’s really pretty..” in the most awe-stricken way

idk it makes me happy that regular people enjoy those little things or find them as beautiful as i do.

I think one of the most inspiring things about hetalia that I love is how you could create something so simple

and it’s simplicity is beautiful I mean think about it

Grab a brush, it doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive,just a cheap old brush. no fancy paints needed either. and draw a circle. Now that’s all you have to do.

Now you could use that circle to learn and teach all the wonders and beauty of the world. It could symbolize that we’re all connected together in this world so we might as well get along. You could add to that circle, you could make it into a person,a pizza or you could paint more and make the earth more detailed. You could explain the wonders,make graphs, color it. The possibilities are endless. So draw a simple circle, and create an entire world of wonders with it.

I don't feel Kirstie gets enough appreciation

First of all, her vocal range is E3 - B(flat)7, Idk how many octaves that is, I think thats 3. And thats pretty fucking amazing. Now, this girl has the voice that can give me full body chills, and she can do whistle notes?? This chick is insane.

She can also be Drop. Dead. Gorgeous, like look at her!

But she can also be the most adorable thing on this planet, and I can’t handle it, my heart explodes. 

She will squash you’re heart like you’re a little bug, and you won’t mind. I literally, cannot handle her. Her voice. Her beauty. Her Adorable.

I just can’t.

She needs to be noticed more.

!!!! i was tagged by @ohj to do this fav songs tag thingy (thank u we jus became mutuals but ily already <3)

rules: u basically list ya fav songs from ur fave artists n explain why

yall im mostly gonna do songs that remind me of a specific time in my life or any good thing bc if not i would write an entire essay on all my favs……….got dam get ready shdjkasjda

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