and i think that's the most beautiful thing

I think the most beautiful thing about Diana is that she doesn’t fight the patriarchy.  She just flat out doesn’t acknowledge that it exist.  A room where women aren’t allowed?  Gender rules about sleeping with someone? Bruce grabbing her arm in a power play?  Diana’s all just, you’re doing what now? She’s a Princess and a Goddess, so way more powerful than you on any kind of scale.  She’s just gonna lol in your face any time the patriarchy comes up because she’s the most powerful person in the room at any given time, so she doesn’t have time for men to mess around pretending they have a say in anything she does.  

Still better names than Albus Severus
  • <p> <b>Walter Dudley Potter:</b> you were named after two annoying relatives of mine but at least this name saved my ass once<p/><b>Roonil Wazlib Potter:</b> you were named after a fake nickname of mine and also one of the funniest things I have ever said so at least we can save some money for your potions book<p/><b>Nimbus Firebolt Potter:</b> you were named after my first brooms ever and also because those names sound cool asf I mean your mother loved it<p/><b>Minerva McGonagall Potter:</b> you were named aftet the most badass witch in this whole freaking world so don't even complain its a female name BE PROUD<p/><b>No Need to Call Me Sir, Professor Potter:</b> you were named after the most sassy thing I have ever said, your mom aproves it and I think that's beautiful<p/></p>
BTS reacting to you having a mommy kink.

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“Ah~, I’m not sure jagiya. I really like you being my princess but, I could make an exception if you’re a good girl for two months I’ll call you mommy and let you take control for awhile.”

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‘Maybe baby, maybe. I’ll think about it, but if I do accept your offer i this will not go out of the bedroom.. got it?’

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“Really!? You don’t know how long i’ve been waiting for this mommy!! I’ll be sure to be a good boy.”

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“No, absolutely not. You’re my babygirl, i am not your baby boy. I will prove to you who is in control in this relationship, kitten.”

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Jung Hoseok/J-Hope-

“Mmmm, maybe. Thats not a yes or no, i’ll think about it. I like when you call me daddy but i don’t know about calling you mommy..”

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“Sure, i like to try new things. I’m not promising you if i’ll like it or not, you’ll just have to see tonight…mommy.”

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(hes so cute i love him so much jsdhjshj)


“Ohhh. thats something new!! I’d love to try it ba-mommy.”

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Good Lord that pompadour!  That’s all, it just deserves its own post.

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Hi! As an avid fic reader, there is something that has always bothered me about a lot of fan-fiction I have read in the Stucky fandom or the marvel fandom in general. There is almost always a level of casual sexism against the female characters, for example, in many fics the female characters are referred to as "girls" despite being grown fucking women also is it necessary to talk about how beautiful Natasha or Peggy are in every single fic? Aren't we reducing them to their beauty?

This is actually an incredibly complicated issue. Yes, there definitely is a fair amount of casual sexism in stucky fanfic and in fanfic in general. But on the other hand, compared to general fiction and the world at large, there is significantly less sexism. I’d also point out that the majority of transformative fandom is female identifying, queer, or both, this makes fanfics relationship with sexism a lot more complicated. Internalized misogyny is incredibly hard to sort out and be aware of, because it’s your own internal monologue and in the case of many fanfic authors, your own internal monologue as a woman and (in most cases) a feminist. 

The specific examples you pulled are tricky ones, cause on one hand, yeah theres certainly an element of sexism in there, but on the other hand there also isn’t necessarily a bad wicked thing. In most stucky fics, the narration is third person pov through either steve or bucky, and in the case of two men born in the 1910′s calling grown women girls would absolutely be a part of their vernacular. It’s absolutely sexist, but I’d argue that it’s a strongly internalized attitude and language pattern both of them would absolutely have problems recognizing and or getting rid of. So even if it’s not a carefully thought out choice from the author, it serves as interesting characterization. Also since the majority of fic authors are women, the relationship with using girls isn’t as simple, for one thing it is a part of common english to use women and girls interchangeably and it’s not something that’s closely examined by all women all the time. Also, I think theres as aspect of it’s usage that is reclaiming it in a way. I mean girls isn’t a slur by any means but it’s not free of negative meaning, and by referring to wonderful characters as girls it in some ways seeks to remove those negative connotations- by presenting to the reader a group of people who the reader admires and saying some of them are girls and thats great, it does something meaningful for a woman reading. Using the word girl/s isn’t always something bad, especially when women are using it.

As for calling them beautiful all the time, I’d argue that 9/10 times theres absolutely nothing inherently sexist about mentioning their beauty. I mean it is objectively true, mcu’s female characters are beautiful. Now the reason behind all of them being gorgeous is pretty sinister, hollywood has an insanely toxic and sexist beauty standard and the fact that female characters in movies have to be beautiful in the same way is a whole other barrel of fish and we’re talking about fanfic, we’re dealing with characters who have a appearance and personality not 100% set by the author of a fic. Honestly, I’ve read thousands of Stucky fics and I think I’ve read a handful where women were actively reduced to their beauty. I mean when was the last time you read a novel by a cishet man? It’s absolutely horrifying, the way they treat women is disgusting, and fic is so much better. 

Most of the time in fic, beauty is just one aspect of their character, for example Peggy’s strength and steely determination usually follow any mention of her beauty and Natasha’s dry humour and keen intelligence usually follow any mention of hers. On the other hand yeah, you get a lot of Bucky dancing with a beautiful nameless woman who only appears as an object of desire and jealousy and yeah, thats a problem. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all to mention a woman’s beauty provided shes being not shown as important only because she’s beautiful. 

I’d also argue that the vast majority of sexism in fanfic isn’t calling female characters girls or referring to their beauty, its demonizing or ignoring female characters who are “in the way” of a m/m ship. I see this happen a LOT with Sharon in particular, but also Peggy and Natasha. You don’t see the female character who is canonically with one half of a m/m ship is a controlling, violently jealous, homophobic monster plotline often anymore, but it does still come up. More common is the female character who is canonically with one half of a m/m ship is a endlessly pure, patient, supportive and unconditionally understanding prop who exists only to step graciously out of the way of the m/m pairing. I see that all the damn time and it bothers me. 

Female characters tend to not be as developed in canon and because of that often also remain underdeveloped in fanfic and also tend in both canon and fic to be there only to support the male characters not existing outside that context. That or the fact that f/f ships are incredibly neglected. I mean theres like one f/f fic for every like seven m/m fics. Part of that is the fact that there are so many less women than men in fiction. Part of that is on us for just not writing wlw and favouring mlm or m/f ships. I have really complicated feelings about this as a queer woman, I mean I‘m running a ship blog about two men. I could be putting my time into natsharon, cartinelli or claire temple/misty knight, but I’m here instead. I worked through lots of internalized homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and aphobia while reading m/m fics, not f/f and I spend so much more time and energy on m/m ships. I mean here I am, a wlw and here I am investing almost all my leisure time on men. I mean I love it in this fandom and it’s absolutely my choice to be here but part of me wonders what it would be like if I had gone through that process with a f/f ship instead and what it would be like to invest this time on women. I wonder what it would be like to be in mcu fandom if our source material treated it’s female characters better and had more of them.

You also see barely any not white, disabled, unattractive or poor women in fic, but once again part of that is a distinct lack of diversity within the source material. But you know what, I do not see many fics with Helen Cho or Claire Temple in them at all, let alone as developed characters.

Anyways sexism in fandom is a lot more complicated than it initially appears. Nothing is ideologically pure, even fanfic, but due to the nature of fanfic being written by people who you can easily contact in the sometimes caustic forum of tumblr I think it’s incredibly important to be gentle with authors who violate what you individually see as correct. Much of tumblr’s atmosphere of callout culture has a very black and white view of what justice is and what is correct, when in reality theres a lot of layers to this, it’s not a simple black and white dichotomy. People are at different places in their journeys, theres a lot of reasons why authors write things the way they do that you might not be aware of, broad sweeping statements saying x is always bad are a real dicey area to step into (and yes, I see the irony in saying that)

So while fandom certainly needs to take a closer look at our own internalized misogyny (and racism and ableism and audism and so on), I think theres much more to be gained from larger conversations, self reflection and making an active effort to be kinder to women than there is from things like carefully abstaining from words like girls.

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The anon from before about brown eyes: I have brown eyes. That's why I think they're boring. They're dull and have legit nothing beautiful about them lmao, they're a dull color and the MOST common color? What's so nice about a color that a huge percentage of the planet has?

why does anyone find anything beautiful?

I think daisies are quite boring flowers, but I have a friend who thinks they’re the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen. beauty as a whole is entirely subjective, but it isn’t good to disregard something about yourself and others so harshly that quite frankly many people adore and, like myself, actually consider it a favorite eye color

Prussia's Awesome Quest Final Part
  • Prussia: wow, can't believe I struck out twice! Can't get advice from both England and Spain... now who else- oh, West!
  • Child Germany: big bruder, where have you been?
  • Prussia: um, just, y'know, doing great things!
  • Child Germany: huh?
  • Prussia: anyways, just a thought... is there a certain way that you want me to act to make you feel more comfortable? Like, anything, just tell me kay? I want to be the most awesome big bruder you will ever have!
  • Child Germany: ... hahaha~ You're weird~
  • Prussia: eh?
  • Child Germany: you already make me comfortable, and although I don't quite know what 'my awesomeness' is, I think that makes you amazing.
  • Prussia: *teared eyed* Germany, that was so beautiful-
  • England and Spain: that's not how it's supposed to go!
  • Prussia: What the- where did you two come from???
love at first sight || johnny seo

reader x johnny

A/N: @ the anon who requested this, omg im so sorry this took so long but its here now and i hope u like it !! its a lil short but i hope thats fine

His palms had gone clammy and cold, his breath hitched, and for that moment, there was nothing else in that room but him and the girl at the end of the other room. Is this what is to fall in love at first sight? If so, it was to most beautiful and terrifying thing to have happened to Johnny Suh. All at once, it was as if the wind had been knocked out of him, his body paralyzed, jaw slack, eyes wide. He could only think of how beautiful the girl across the room was, heart swelling, and a feeling of warmth encompassing him.

Jaehyun turned to look at his friend who looked liked he had just been hit by a truck. His brows furrowed, not being familiar with this particular emotion, “Are you okay dude?”

Johnny could barely muster a shake of his head. Jaehyun followed his friends gaze to the girl who sat with a book in front of her.

“Ah, y/n?” Jaehyun finally understood why his friend had that look on his face. She was beautiful, gorgeous really, that sentiment was not lost on either of them, especially on Johnny.

Jaehyun punched Johnny in the arm, attempting to break the spell that y/n had placed on him. Finally, Johnny was able to turn to him and barely spoke, “Y/N?”

Jaehyun nodded.

What a fitting name, a beautiful name for an even prettier person. It was as if the angels had descended from the heavens themselves and crafted the beauty that sat across the room.

Before he knew it, his body was being escorted by his friends in the direction of the girl. It was only then that Johnny was able to come back to his senses in order to protest his friend’s actions.

“Jaehyun! What are you doing? Please, let’s just go back to our table.” Johnny quickly began heading back in the direction of their booth, only to have Jaehyun grab him by the arm and continue to drag him to the girls table.

“Just talk to her. Offer to buy her another coffee, she’s out, look.” Jaehyun looked sternly at his friend signaling in the direction of the girl. “Pretend like she’s any other girl.”

But she wasn’t just any other girl. Not to Johnny at least, she was different. It wasn’t about her looks either, she radiated this warmth that drew him in, that paralyzed him in happiness but also in fear. He had never encountered anyone who had this same effect on him.

Before he knew it, he was at the front of her table. He cleared his throat, trying to get her attention.

She looked up at him, and smiled.

Johnny may as well have melted into a puddle right there and then, whatever shred of confidence he had was gone. He almost walked away but found that his legs and arms weren’t cooperating.

“I, uh, I-” he stuttered, suddenly forgetting how to speak. “My name is Johnny and I think you’re beautiful.” He blurted out, his mind not thinking before speaking. God dammit.

Y/N blushed, and smiled the most genuine smile he had ever seen on anybody. His heart beat like a loud drum, feeling like it was going to explode any moment.

“Can I just buy you some coffee?” He finally managed to ask. He swore there was nothing worse than whatever he was feeling.

Little did he know that the girl sitting in front of him was having a hard time repressing those same emotions.

  • Hanji: Levi, Moblit and I think it's so great having you join the corps. You completely deserve the title of 'Humanity's Strongest'. You know we'll always be there for you, right?
  • Levi: geez, will you shut up I think I'll throw up
  • *five minutes later*
  • Erwin: hey, Levi, you know I'm always here for you, right?
  • Levi: ...
  • Levi: *almost crying* that's the most beautiful thing someone ever said to me

so sherlock did something awful to janine and she called him awful things and she lied and told the press he had a lot of sex with a beautiful woman and he called her awful things and then they said “we’re even” which is…..the most hilariously gay thing ive ever heard of

So last night I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram and I was just seeing all these girls who were showing off their beautiful looks, their progress which is always very inspiring to me!! but I found myself starting to pick myself apart wishing I had their hair, skin, curves, muscles, etc. I was thinking about ways I could change myself to try and look like them, and feeling like I wasn’t good enough and why should I even try to reach my goals when I’m never going to look like them. When I caught myself thinking these terrible things about myself, I had to take a step back put the phone down and breath. I reminded myself that no I’m not ever going to look like them and thats OKAY because everyone is different and unique in their own way! And instead of tearing myself down I started to build myself up with kind words and things that make me a good strong person. Social media is a great thing, but is can also be a very toxic place. It’s okay to struggle and have these little moments because it reminds us that we are all human. The most important thing to do is to love yourself, say and think positive things about yourself because you are beautiful just the way you are and you DO NOT need to change yourself what so ever! ❤

I think one of my favourite things about the Choukei dynamic is the idea that Kara becomes more crude/raw around Oso.
Where he’ll act all composed and well-versed in front of his younger brothers, he and Oso will have a competition to see who could burp the word “dick” best lmao

  • I didn't fall in love with her because she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen inside and out.I feel in Love with her because i love the way she looks when she wakes up in the morning & the way she rubs her nose when shes unsure of something i love the sound of her voice when she starts to get sleepy,i love the way her eyes light up when she talks about things shes passionate about,or the way she raises her eyebrows whenever she thinks she right and trust me thats everyday! i didn't just fall in love with her looks i fell in love with her personality her heart and soul but what made me just go crazy insane about her is knowing no matter what goes on in this shitty world i know ill always have her.
  • Victor: Yurio, I really know how it feels to think you can only find your strength on your own but believe me, one day you'll realise it's not enough and I just wanted to you to remember that no matter what Yuuri and I will always be there for you...
  • Yurio: geez, will you shut up I think I'll throw up
  • *five minutes later*
  • Otabek: hey, Yura, you know I'm always here for you, right?
  • Yurio: ...
  • Yurio: *almost crying* that's the most beautiful thing someone ever said to me

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If we actually looked like the girls he dates, we wouldn't be here daydreaming about marrying him, we would be too busy walking fashion shows, so I see the anon point. No need to make anyone feel bad about their body, but yeah, boy's got a type, just like I do, and that's okay as long as you respect everyone which I'm sure Harry does. Do I see him with a black/fat/short or ugly girl? No. Do I think he respects them and finds everyone beautiful in their own way despite not being his type? Yes.

At first, I thought I shouldn’t answer this, because you know, this is the most disgusting, disrespecful and completely mental message I have ever gotten.

Did you fucking read what you wrote before sending this in? You say “no need to make anyone feel bad about their body” and then right after you go on to list things that, in your eyes, are bad, when in fact, they’re not.

Being black doesn’t make you less beautiful. Being fat doesn’t make you less beautiful. Being short does not fucking make you less beautiful. “Ugly” is your attitude and they way you’re thinking.

He may have a type, everyone does and I won’t deny that, but you ASSUME the only girls he’s ever dated are models when that is, in fact, not true - it’s like he’s only ever dated people after he became famous and never before that. Harry dates certain girls because those are the people that are in his circle of friends, the people he has access to. He doesn’t meet “average” women every day and taking as a fact that he wouldn’t date someone like this or that just because we haven’t seen him with someone that looks a certain way doesn’t mean he wouldn’t. 

If you want to assume someone having certain physical traits means they’re ugly, that’s ok, that is YOUR fucked up, mean and extremely disrespectful view of the world and that is your problem and you’ll deal with the consequences of thinking like that, because someday, this will turn against you. But don’t come here, on my blog, under the anonymous feature to say something so toxic and make others feel bad about themselves and expect to not be called out for it.

If you’re the type of person who thinks like this, you REALLY shouldn’t be a Harry fan - because you don’t get what his message is all about. A person who says “Everyone should love themselves & shouldn’t strive for perfection” would never approve and be happy to hear you saying what you did. 

I hope you never experience this kind of disrespect and I hope that, one day, your mind changes and you start thinking differently, because thinking like this just makes you a horrible horrible person and it’ll turn you into a miserable person.

why do people say ‘welcome to the real world’, or ‘this is real life’. like when you are finishing school when ur 18 the rhetoric is now its over, the real life is beginning”
but then its 30s and ur expected to settle down and live a ‘real life’ because in your 20′s supposedly you were not in a real world 
then in ur  40s something different is expected of you and thats when people usually say ‘well this is life’, like it didnt exist before, like we dont think life actually exists til we have certain things or know certain things. but i am wondering this cause im watching my daughter live life, in an enchanting and inspiring way, exploring and laughing and playing with everything and eating everything, that is pure life… that is the experience of life in its most pure and beautiful, actual form, why would anybody want to lose that magic touch, but apparently this isnt a real world, none of its real until you have this mundane job and a semblance of a relationship and you pay taxes, thats the real life,  so it will have to be disciplined out of her so they say, so she won’t believe delirious things like the world is magical or that people are good, the real world is scary and everybody is against you, i dont think that is real life, those are motions without spirit, in all your living you forget to live

(actual representation of me)
Hey, um, so this is awkward like me but hey!
I see all these cool people posting things about themselves and I’m like woah they’re really cool! But the thing is that I’m never good at making the first move,, but maybe you are;))
My name is Nick, well thats my nICKname (ayyyyy lmao sorry), I’m a 15 year old boy in search of love and validation:(
I’ve submitted before but it ended in tumblr chats like
How are you?
I’m fine and you?
Yeah I’m good
And then my anxiety came and ruined the day making me never answer you again:’(
Thats why this time I’ve decided to talk through emails! Actually I wish I could send you letters but I don’t know how that works, but who knows maybe one day?!
My email is bahepin @
If you’re thinking about sending me something then introduce your beautiful person to me and come with the most random topic you could think of, make me fight you! Make me cry of laughter! Make me have an existencial crisis? Thats fair! I just want to keep the conversation going so maybe we could end up being super best friends:’)
I don’t mind if we have different interests! As well as I don’t mind neither your gender, race, sexuality and all of that. It would be cool if you were around my age 14-16.
Well I like to do many things!
+ I like drawing and playing the guitar.
+ I like swimming but it’s still a little cold where I am from.
+ My taste in music goes from the soundtrack of Shrek to the beautiful melodies of Frank Ocean. + I love dogs! And I’m the father of 7 plants.
+ I like to read but only if it doesn’t have anything to do with my history homework. I like Percy Jackson and pretty much all of Rick Riordan’s work, Aristotle and Dante (pretty gay smh:^) ) and I also have a soft place in my heart for some fanfiction.
+ I’m a zodiac nerd, I’m sorry in advance.
+ And finally I like the ugly youtube rats Dan and Phil.
Hope you like me:( And I also hope we get to talk pretty soon! If you want to talk about your neighbor’s affair nobody knows about or that time you saw your weird cousin kissing a fish then you know who to talk to!
Hasta pronto mi amigo/amiga/nb pal!


it’s ok to give yourself a break when you feel like a failure and not be so hard on yourself for everything you think you should be but aren’t.

Perfection doesn’t exist. You do.

And you are amazing.

"Pokémon Go" based starters
  • "I don't know you, but can I go into your backyard? There's a Meowth and I need it."
  • "Oh god there's a Magikarp on my bed."
  • "You know how I was having nightmares last night? Well, turns out there are six Drowzees in this area and I blame them."
  • "I'm going to church because it's the nearest Pokéstop and I really need Pokéballs."
  • "I just caught my seventeenth Weedle. There are too many bloody Weedles around here."
  • "...So, I used autocorrect to name my Pokémon, and now I have a Beedrill named Steve and a Jigglypuff named Fucker."
  • "I don't care if it's three in the morning - there's a Pidgeot outside and it will be mine."
  • "I just wasted four bloody Pokéballs because the Raticate I caught kept breaking them."
  • "There's a Sandshrew inside that McDonald's but I can't get it because I don't have any money and they have a sign saying only paying customers can go in and play Pokémon Go."
  • "I'm naming all my Pokémon after my favorite characters and you can't stop me."
  • "This place is crawling with Rattatas."
  • "You see that shipwreck all the way out there? Yeah, that's the nearest Pokéstop."
  • "Most of the people here are playing Pokémon Go and I think that's beautiful."
  • "To be honest, I name all the Pokémon that I keep so that way they know I'm never going to give them to the Professor."
  • "I found this Tauros on the pillow next to me last night before I went to sleep."
  • "The nice thing about collecting so many Pidgeys is that I was able to evolve the one I kept really quickly."