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Hi guys!!! I’m so exited for this piece of CC because its my very first item made in Blender! I’m 80% sure this requires the toddler stuff pack but even if you don’t have the pack, try it out just in case

Download: *boop*

~Original Child Hair Swatches
~Pretty sure there’s a custom thumbnail

~May require the toddler pack, i think it does though but do try!
Tell me what cc you would like to see next THANKS EVERYONE! <3

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Please, please continue the adopted children headcanon. What happens when they get back to Neil and Andrew's place? What are they like as dads? Which one realizes that they're going to have to buy these children clothes and food and furniture so they have a place to sleep? I need more of this please

i was doing hw and being a good student and its all ur fault

(anyone who doesnt understand what this is should read this post first)


  • so the ride back to the apartment is starts out as amusing for andrew
  • but quickly becomes a reality check for all involved
  • because neil is like “ummm holy shit u just outed the both of us to national media?!?!?! WWWWWHHHYYYYYYY?!?!?”
  • he’s not angry he’s just exasperated by the whole damn drama
  • bc the paps followed them all the way to the car
  • yelling and asking question an trying to shove microphones and cameras at the children
  • one pap got too close and got a knife through his camera, courtesy of neil
  • cause u can be damn sure Renee taught both of them how to throw knives (well she taught andrew and andrew taught neil until one day neil just went to Renee with andrew for knife training)
  • she was like “why get in range to be overpowered when u can just kill them at 10 paces u short dweebs”
  • many people scatter
  • once they get to the car the rest of the press bc andrew has a history of “accidently” hitting reporters who try to stop him from leaving
  • the kids are a little shell shocked
  • and also a little awed? 
  • like one of these men tried to just adopt them wholesale w/o going through literally any paperwork
  • and the other one just pulled a knife outta his sleeve and almost threw it into a guy’s face?????
  • what?!?!?!??!?
  • so they are very happy to just sit in the back and behave… for now
  • and andrew is Very Pleased™ 
  • like mhm babe overprotective insticts go get em 
  • but honestly andrew and neil’s phones start blowing up immediately
  • like non stop
  • ringing and buzzing and chiming
  • neil tries to answer the first couple but gives up when he can’t hear the person calling him (maybe the head coach? who the fuck knows) through all the notification noises
  • andrew quickly becomes annoyed
  • like he doesnt even wait for a red light or smthin he just leans over, rips the phone out of neil’s hand and rips out the battery 
  • it takes him like 3 seconds
  • he thought about throwing it out the window
  • but then neil would actually get mad
  • but he reeeeaaallllly wants to
  • so bad
  • neil just sighs
  • and remembers the kids in the back
  • who are being real quiet
  • which confuses neil bc im srry
  • he has spent time with the other Foxes kids
  • and a young child (Alex)? THIS QUIET? excuse
  • so he glances back
  • and both the kids are like
  • wide-eyed
  • like what have we gotten ourselves into
  • and neil just starts talking
  • and asking questions
  • like how old are u, where do u go to school, all the basic shit he didnt have time to read in their info packets as andrew threw paperwork at him
  • rude
  • but its all p much nonsense info
  • like favorite movie
  • and at one moment “oh shit neither of u are allergic to cats, right??”
  • and it helps everyone calm down a little
  • and Sarah gives this little nod to Alex that its ok to talk to these guys
  • “we did come to andrew for help” is p much the thought
  • Andrew sees it in the rearview mirror and gives this little hum of approval
  • only neil notices tho
  • im imagining this car ride takes like… 45 minutes maybe??
  • so after like the first 15 minutes into the ride, the awe starts to wear off 
  • and the answers they give neil are starting to be longer and less monosyllabic
  • and then Alex start getting fidgety
  • bc this child is a little nigget of pure energy
  • like way worse than most 8 year olds
  • he got in trouble a lot at school
  • and a little at home
  • Sarah is just calm and cool and collected
  • and start asking her own questions
  • like, where we gonna sleep?
  • and what we gonna eat?
  • like basic survival shit
  • andrew again approves
  • so then they get back to the apartment
  • its a nice apartment
  • its not a penthouse suite
  • but they are two professional athletes
  • so its kinda big
  • and like its got 2 guests bedrooms, and a living room, and a kitchen and dining room and all
  • everything is just kinda small
  • matt does not make jokes about small spaces for the smol people because that would get his ass beat
  • but anyways
  • Sarah is still a little supsicious of neil
  • bc she did not know he was part of the andrew package
  • but she saw how well he interacted with andrew
  • and could calm him down and how relaxed andrew was in the car
  • as apposed to at the banquet
  • so she is mostly appeased by his necessity
  • but she doesnt know as much about neil, cause she didnt think he was important
  • but they get through the door
  • and andrew guides the kids into the tv/living room area
  • and neil disappears into the kitchen
  • and andrew is just takes the kids and sits them down
  • and gets their backstory
  • and it’s noandrew or neil levels of tragic
  • buts its not pretty either,
  • especially recently
  • which i totally haven’t made an entire other post about
  • and neil comes out  soon with hot chocolate
  • bc talking about emotions and semi-tragic backstories in the Josten-Minyard houshold requires hot chocolate
  • no exceptions
  • and so they get through the whole backstory
  • and at this point its like, 12.30 am??
  • bc like those fancy banquets are long and they start kinda late
  • and so they probably didnt leave til like 10.30?
  • and then got home at 11.15, 11.30?
  • so Alex slowly nodding off
  • while being smothered in cats
  • like they just take one look at him and are like
  • “yes”
  • “this small-human-large-cat is now ours”
  • “thank you for this offering good-bye”
  • and just spend the entire time crawling all over him
  • Sarah is just amazed he hasn’t pulled one of their tails and gotten bit/clawed
  • so the kids go to bed in one of the guest bedroom
  • and neil gives them some sweats and stuff to borrow
  • andrew and neil get ready for bed
  • and neil totally gets hit with the
  • “omg we are now responsible for two young people and like we HAVE talked about maybe adopting but like always with this definite in-the-future-after-Exy sort of feel to the conversation” first
  • he kinda has a small panic attack
  • like the gravity of taking contorl of two young lives sot of crashes into him
  • “how are we going to juggle two children and Exy oh sweet baby jesus”
  • and andrew is now the calming one and is like“shhhhh come here and kiss me and go to bed”
  • “we’ll figure it out in the morning, it’s all goin to be okay”

ok so that all i can resonably fit into one post, like i will put another out tomorrow bc this justkeeps going in my head but like… holy shit this is long… and this doesnt even include the backstory i wrote for the kids… pls i need to do hw and SLEEP

thoughts/theories on the important video

  • a lot of people are like “what if its pinof7!” but like….. how.. ….? (what i mean is that that requires audience participation aka tweets) (also i think its such an ingrained tradition for them that idk what would cause them to make it 3(?) months early)
  • some people are saying it could be about the thing with glozell and about consent but 1) if it was, i dont think he would have been so uncomfortable in the live show (he’dve probably been like “youlll find out thursday:))) its an importabnt topic youtube needs to talk about)” and stuff like that) and 2) theres some pretty compelling evidence that this video was the one the was made before vidcon (i think idk)
  • a lot of people have already ruled out tour stuff for a bunch of reasons
  • its not about merch
  • it still could be about like moving out or something sad like that (if you have theories about that or evidence ruling that out pls tell me)
  • it could honestly totally be a joke like it could just be dan admitting hes a meme or it could be a rick roll or a DanAndPhilCRAFTS video i really dont see why not (and like the thing during the liveshow could’ve been planned)
  • some people are saying stuff like “i hope its them announcing theyre getting a dog!!!” and tbh that made me smile a lOt but i really do think whatever the video is its either a joke or its something really heavy
  • vegas video? maybe. i hope.
  • maybe theyre gonna talk about the video that shall not be named????
  • i thought “yknow if were thinking it might be a coming out video (of phan) then why couldnt it be dan/phil telling us he has a girlfriend. shouldnt we entertain that option just as much out of respect of dan and phil and their sexualities and privacy?” but then i was like “why does it have both of them though????” so its still a possibility but not very probable sorry
  • i honeslty dont think its them leavng youtube or anything like that bc like, the book, the tour, and i just have this gut feeling just trust me
  • please message me w more theories and ill consider them and maybe add them to this and maybe rule them out

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omg nisha i scream bc this entire season we've been seeing Bonnie acknowledge her relationship with Damon as being Best Friends and that damon was her best friend and now she's saying she doesn't know what he was to her like what happened to best friends??? it was more than that wasn't it?? ?? ??/ // // !?!! ahhhhhhHHHHH

You know what they say! Out of the friendzone, and into the fire (of love). 

Pretty sure that’s what they say.

Theory Revision: PLL

Alright, now that the Season 6 mid-season finale has poked a few holes in my original theory, it’s time to re-work it and try to make sense of it.
I already knew that Cece Drake would turn out to be “Big A” (not “Uber A”), but the story she gave Alison (and the liars on stand-by) does not fit with the logic we’ve been given in this story. A lot of people I’ve read posts from online have commented that either the writers weren’t paying attention to the clues they left us or they had to hurry up and change the story because their answers were leaked. Both of these possibilities are incredibly unlikely, but after six years of this bullshit, I can’t blame anyone for just taking the answer we’re given and getting out. Considering the demographic that PLL is supposed to appeal to, I personally feel that Marlene’s Mystery Tricks are an outright cheat at this point. The only reason I’m able to keep thinking and processing is because of having experience with these “interpretive memories” in a mystery manga, and I’m a few years older and more story-experienced than the demographic this show was made for (*this is not meant to be insulting, I just think that these “interpretive memories” need to be explained better. A Mystery is a game, and what good is a game if the players don’t understand the rules?).  Nevertheless, Pretty Little Liars is a Mystery- and, by its very nature, a Mystery requires Logic. So, without further adieu…

Refutation #1: Why Tell the Truth Now?: Alison doesn’t seem to be touching the “Cece is A” theory with a 39 ½ foot pole. The girls haven’t even mentioned her since How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas in S5. There’s nothing to gain from doing so, and she’s got her whole game to lose. Ruining all of their scholarship opportunities to keep them in town and keep playing with them sounds more up to speed with what 'A’ would do. That’s also what an A-game addict would do. At the very least, I’d think she’d let the mystery live on by not revealing herself.

Refutation #2: A Wild Sara Harvey Appeared!: In order to pull off her role as “A,” Cece would have needed a lot of connections- connections you probably don’t make in a mental hospital. Yet, we have so many people who were willing to work for “A,” and no motives are even touched on. The new girl in town wouldn’t be very popular, simply being attractive isn’t enough for her to obtain all those favors, and her primary job is a retail worker at a boutique (though she apparently does some editing on the side). This doesn’t leave her a whole lot of money to motivate them with, or a whole lot of time to learn the hacking skills she’d need to ciphen money from other accounts. And, considering that she evidently needed Mona to learn about the girls’ private lives, it’s doubtful that she knew enough about the townsfolk to blackmail them.

Refutation #3: Four Other She-Devils: When the girls stumbled upon that bit of gossip from Cece’s roommate, she specifically says “Four other she-devils,” not just “Four she-devils.” It wasn’t “Cece always said Alison’s friends consisted of four she-devils” or anything like that. In other words, Cece referred to Alison as a “devil” as well as the other four. Since “the roommate” is an unnamed character with no known significance to either Cece or the Liars, I can’t think of a reason she would lie- and I also can’t think of a reason Cece would have lied to this girl about the stunt pulled at UPenn.

Refutation #4: Speaking of UPenn: There’s a lot of conveniently misplaced information in Cece’s story. My theory contains some conjecture on why she actually hated the liars individually, but even without that conjecture, we are given a reason why Cece’s rage might have boiled over. All the girls do remember having crashed a frat party at some point, and Alison isn’t likely to have gone to a party by herself, so there’s a good chance they all went together to this party and she came to blame all of them. The really interesting thing, though, is that Cece herself has never mentioned this incident. In her story, she mentions the beforehand- her excitement about even just getting accepted- but still has never brought up this incident of her own free will. I would have expected her to have at least mentioned it in passing during her confession; “You (Alison) got me kicked out, and I was really mad at about that…I had my whole future ahead of me…but I realized I had to forgive you. Because, even though you didn’t know it, you were my sister…and I loved you.” Why does this information conveniently not show up? Why is she hiding it? She, additionally, doesn’t mention killing Wilden (which we all know she did), why she wanted Hannah’s mom to be framed, or any of the other important questions relating to “A.”

Refutation #5: “You hide. She doesn’t know me.”: Even in our earliest flashbacks, Cece doesn’t seem all that concerned about Alison.  She dismisses her fear of Paige as though she doesn’t have to go to school with her every day, influences her to lie and manipulate, and even has her drinking at frat parties before she’s even in high school. For someone who was supposed to be extremely concerned about both her and Jason, these are some pretty stupid things to do. Not only that, but we don’t know of her ever being in contact with Alison or the other liars as herself between the time she left for Paris and the time she came back for Christmas. I know she was in Paris and probably didn’t have a direct newsline to them, but someone who had all of those (hypothetical) resources would have been checking in with said resources as frequently as possible as well as trying to hear back from them personally. I actually consider the fact that she was willing to steal Alison’s get-out-of-hell-free card to keep herself under the radar (when there was no reason why she couldn’t make some up for herself between the time she killed Wilden and the time she took Alison’s) an act of hatred.

Refutation #6: When, Where, and How Did She Learn French?

Refutation #7: When Did This Become a Greek Play?: Or, more to the point, what was the deal with Jason?! Why was dating Jason the only way she could think of to get close to the family?! ….What?! Not to mention that Jessica’s reaction to finding out her CHILDREN were DATING was pretty damn tame.

Refutation #8: She Killed Wilden: And she shot him three times in the chest to do it- even though she outright tells us in her story that it was him who protected her when Bethany killed Mrs. Cavanaugh right in front of her. However, she doesn’t kill any of the other people who might have been a threat to them, nor does she have them killed. There is also no reason to kill him once it’s let out that Alison is alive, because if Alison is safe and alive, she could return home and stop all the speculation that keeps flying about them- the main reason she supposedly killed him. And, according to the vague timeline she gives, she also would have still hated the Liars because she still wasn’t sure about Alison.

Refutation #9: “I Know Who Killed That Girl.”: Explain to me how she knows if she wasn’t directly involved. Also, if you assume that Mona and Cece were working together at some point during this show, there’s no reason why Cece wouldn’t know Alison was alive because Mona knew pre-Season 1.

Refutation #10: Now You See Me…: Jason saw Cece that night, and Emily has had a conversation with her about this. She never denied that she was there when Emily asked, she even had an explanation for her role in that night’s events. Yet, now she claims that this never happened- that her only involvement in that night was hitting Alison with a rock because she thought she was Bethany.

Refutation #11: She Doesn’t Even Go Here!: Cece was the prom queen. Apparently, she went to Rosewood High while she was at the Radley Sanitarium. Additionally, the name attached to her photo was actually “Cece Drake.” Her legal name would have been Charlotte.

Refutation #12: “Game Over.”: The game isn’t pronounced 'over’ until Cece fails to commit suicide. So, up til then, we were still playing Cat and Mouse.

Refutation #13: What Year Is It? The most obvious refutation to Cece’s story, I’ve saved the best for last. We should be able to figure out by now that Alison was in middle school when Mrs. Cavanaugh was committed to Radley. She’s at least budding into puberty and taking an obvious interest in boys, I don’t suspect she’s younger than eleven and probably closer to twelve or thirteen at this time (given to us in flashbacks). Now, we don’t know exactly how old Charles is supposed to be, but- assuming he’s older than Jason- that would make Charles/Cece no younger than seventeen or eightteen at the time, since Jason is six years older than Alison. The boy in that clip is definitely not eightteen- in fact, he’s probably no older than Alison herself. Also, what in the sam hell are two kids in an asylum doing on the top of a roof you could so easily fall off of?!

My Conclusion: Cece hated the Liars, and- especially- Alison. She obviously had no problems getting along with them even when she confessed that she despised them up until the Lodge Fire. By sheer logic, she admitted her hatred, and we have no reason to suspect that she’d tell the truth about this. The story she told them about being Charles/Charlotte, while it may have been at least partially true, was not her own to tell…so, for my first point, I will answer the question of how she knew the story.

Attack of the Clones!: Apparently, Marlene King is so obsessed with Sasha Pieterse that she wants the entire known universe to look like her. So far, we know that not only does Cece conveniently look a lot like Alison, but so does Bethany, and how could we forget Sarah? Back to the original point- they look very similar to Alison, but they also look very similar to each other. In Cece’s story, she refers to Bethany as a “bitch” multiple times and, later, tells the girls that Bethany stole her clothes and dressed up as her so she could leave Radley. This tells us that they looked enough alike to pass for each other, and it also gave me an idea: What if Cece wore Bethany’s clothes? We know that Bethany and Charles were BFF’s at Radley- so, what if Cece was in the habit of dressing up and acting as her? I will explain why she might do this later- just bare with me for now. Cece could have come to know Charles from the days where she pretended to be his best friend.

The Fragile Patient: As I’ve already mentioned, along with quite a few other theorizers on the internet, Bethany and Charles are way too young in that scene for it to be the day that Marion get pushed off the roof. I can see getting a couple of years mixed up in the process of a six-year-long show, but this would be an unforgivable mistake, and I have to believe it wasn’t a mistake. I believe the reason why Charles and Bethany look so young in this scene is because the person whose perspective we saw this flashback in knows what Cece looked like and how old she and Alison both were when they met, so in order to give herself “Charles’” point of view, she had to remove a few years off their ages. I know that sounds complicated, so I’ll explain a little better: let’s say, for example, that Cece knows she met Alison when she was fourteen (a hypothetical age), and she knows that she was round-about pubescent and had long blonde hair. For the sake of her story, Charles has to be envisioned at being around twelve years old for Alison to believe that they could be the same person. This is not an accident.

Pathological Liars: I have only seen one other story/TV show that played with perspectives like this, and that was Umineko (you might not know about it if you aren’t an anime fan). I’ve also been told that Gossip Girl did the same thing. What I’m supposing here is that those flashbacks are either dramatic re-tellings of the stories these characters are narrating (without the truth having any baring on them), or that the character whose perspective we’re seeing has to actually believe what they’re saying. Most commonly, the latter option is how it works in television, and we don’t expect to see those flashbacks unless it’s the Truth, but if Alison can believe the lies she’s telling at any given time- why can’t Cece? We’ve already seen that she’s at least as good at lying as Alison. The Honest Truth doesn’t matter as long as we believe their temporary truth, and there was no one at the time who could refute her story.

Cece and Charlotte and Charles, Oh My!: Cece and Charlotte were separate people. If you watch the flashbacks, she never introduces herself by any other name but 'Cece Drake.’ 'Cece Drake’ is the name in the yearbook. Charles calls her 'Bethany,’ Mrs. Di calls her 'Charlotte,’ but she never refers to herself by those names. I’m guessing that we have to add another kitten to the litter of cats who look like Alison. After Charles transitioned into Charlotte, she started to look an awful lot like Cece- who, clearly, has no problem with impersonating other people anyways (is Cece even her real name?!). Cece then pretended to be Charlotte to Mrs. Di (again, I will explain why she would do this shortly). Of course, this begs the question- was Charlotte, herself, ever involved in switching places to meet the family? And my answer is that- currently- I don’t know, but it seems unlikely. I want to point out, though, that it might have been Charlotte who introduced herself to Jason as “Cece Drake” that day in the photo studio, and the real Cece came into the relationship after that. I’m not sure why Charlotte would introduce herself as Cece (aside from the fact that Cece had done it to her and she wanted to experiment with switching roles? then forgot that Cece went to the same high school?).

How Her Twisted Mind Works: The answer of why Cece would want to impersonate Bethany is more complex than a one-sentence answer, and that’s mostly because it has to do with the lineage. This is where my original theory required most of the revision I had to do after the finale, but I’m satisfied with the answer just the same. Okay- so we know that Bethany Young was born as a result of Mrs. Di having an affair with “Mr. Young,” and that- by Radley Inpatient standards- Bethany was given a lot. But we don’t know much about Cece’s family life whatsoever. We don’t even have names for her parents, besides “the hypothetical Mr. and Mrs. Drake-if that is their real name.” For that reason, it’s both easy and difficult to puzzle through. Back on topic, I think Cece is another child of “Mr. Young.” I obviously can’t tell you who her mother was, but for the sake of this explanation, I’ll hypothesize a “Ms. Drake.” We don’t know for certain that Mr. Young was married when he and Jessica created Bethany, and even if he was, 'Drake’ could be this woman’s maiden name. Since Cece’s last name is the same as her mother’s, without any hyphenating, I think it’s safe to surmise that things did not end well for this relationship (either that or they thought Young-Drake sounded stupid). However, the two of them probably had some experience with each other prior to Bethany being committed into Radley, and having been raised in the same household would explain how.

As of now, it’s not incredibly important to my theory why Bethany was committed to Radley, and the “twin theory!!!11!” has been harped on so much that I don’t even want to mention it, but I will anyways. I always figured that Alison heard that story about the twins from Cece. There’s a possibility that she was the twin who murdered (*or, since dead is never really dead in Rosewood, severely injured) her own sister over a doll. After this, she acted as Bethany- so she ended up getting committed under Bethany’s name- and then used her as a decoy so she could slip in and out (“What? Oh, I’m not Bethany- I’m her sister, Cece. I’m just finishing my visitation”) as she pleased. If this were to be true, it would show that Cece had trouble with obsessions, rage, and jealousy from a very young age. If the stabbing incident didn’t kill her “sister,” that leaves the possibility as well that this she was not a twin but a younger sibling and Bethany was the victim of the stabbing, but while that answers the questions of “Who were they?” and “Why did Cece kill Bethany?” (to finish the job she started when they were kids) (this part of my theory hasn’t changed), it raises the question of “Why wouldn’t she show a doctor or a nurse her stab wound when Cece tried to have her locked in there so they’d be able to figure out what happened?”

What I do know is that Cece was jealous of Bethany because of her relation to the DiLaurentis family- more particularly, her mother. Why exactly this is, I don’t know. Bethany is said to have received a lot of gifts from someone we assume to be her mother (for example, a horse named Custard) and to have gotten a lot of visitations from this person. It could be about the gifts. It was probably Cece who went with Mrs. Di to the stables that day and had an absolute meltdown over being asked to call her “Aunt Jessie,” and since Melissa was going to the same stable, this could be the place where their relationship started. Finally, now, I can get to my one-sentence point: Cece pretended to be Charlotte/Bethany so that Mrs. Di would treat her as a daughter. She was obsessed with becoming a DiLaurentis. When Mrs. Di failed to acknowledge her as one of her own, she decided to try Jason- and then, Alison.  She was jealous of a mental patient; that’s just how her twisted mind works.

The Rest of Charlotte’s Web: As I said before, Charles is a separate entity from Cece. It’s pretty clear to me that Kenneth had issues with Charles right from the start- it almost seems like he wanted an excuse to get rid of the boy and was just relieved when his seven-year-old son nearly drowned his sister. His hatred of Charles might have stemmed from him suspecting that Charles wasn’t his son (though he, later, learned that he was- and his anger switched towards Alison). I’ve thought since Season Five that Kenneth was kind of sketchy, and I now have an explanation. As we already know, Charles- at some point- began to feel more comfortable as a girl than as a boy and transitioned from Charles to Charlotte. They laid “Charles DiLaurentis” to rest and changed her legal name before checking her back in at Radley.

At this time, I haven’t had much of a reason to change my theory as for who killed Marion Cavanaugh or why. My original theory stated that Cece checked herself in at Radley under Alison’s name and killed Marion in an attempt to have her framed for murder. Given this tale of Charles/Charlotte and Bethany, there are a variety of possibilities of what might have happened here. Cece could have been impersonating Charles with Bethany while they were on the roof, which would explain why Bethany would think Charles pushed her. She also could have been impersonating Bethany with Charles, which would explain her impulsive, angry, and erratic behavior (I’m leaning more towards this explanation). With all of the people involved in this incident (Alison, whose name Cece was checked in under, and “the triplets,” who were really involved in the whole situation) and all the hatred boiling over in Cece, it’s hard to figure out what exactly she was looking to do at the time. She would have been jealous of all of them for their connection to Mrs. Di- however, Bethany and Cece (as 'Alison’) maintained a friendly relationship up until the Night of Alison’s Disappearance and communicated via letter- so, if it was Bethany Cece was going after, she obviously never caught on. However, that also makes it more likely that Cece impersonated Charles rather than Bethany- unless no one else was on the roof at all and the Honest Truth of the situation was just that both Bethany and Charles saw something of what happened from inside the building and mistook Cece for the other. In any case, Cece had some special reasons to hate Alison even before the incident at UPenn (she hated her because the guys she went out with ended up liking Alison better than her), so murdering Bethany under the guise of Alison and having both of them out of the way was her ideal situation.

The UPenn incident is another area of inquiry for me. We know that Charlotte wanted to go and was accepted (as herself), but knowing that Cece was always sabotaging other people and switching roles raises a question: Were they both accepted separately, at separate times? Separately at the same time? Or did Cece switch places with Charlotte to go to school? I don’t have a solid answer to this question as of now, but it could tie in with the room Spencer and Emily found at Po Dunk College. Regardless, Cece was probably involved because I believed (and still believe) it HAS really been Cece all along that we’re dealing with.

Of course, you’re going to wonder what became of Charlotte. She became the beneficiary (and/or owner) of the Carissimi group- after, of course, changing her last name to Jessica’s maiden name: Carissimi. She wanted the scholarships given to those girls because she felt bad for them when the kidnapping hit the news. Charlotte is innocent.

Sara Harvey used 'Shower!’: There’s still not enough evidence as far as Sara is concerned for me to change my theory completely. It’s clear that the two of them had some sort of working relationship, but the how’s and why’s are up in the air. Since I think Cece was actually working in opposition to Uber “A” for a portion of it, it wouldn’t be strange for her to have gotten Sara involved as an assistant. Maybe this is the “escape and re-capture” of the Sara Harvey story, in which she escaped from her original captor (Lucas) and was coerced into working for Cece, then was re-captured at some point before the dollhouse was finished (Cece was not in charge of the dollhouse; Lucas was). She also may have met Cece at some point after being rescued by the cops and the story regarding her involvement with that Wilden incident was a lie (her hair should have been longer there). The night that Cece made her confession, Sara wasn’t supposed to be there; that was why she made the excuse about having to be at her own prom. She went anyways and stayed outside so she would have time to de-fuse that bomb (Spencer couldn’t have known enough about that bomb to de-fuse it as quickly as she did; every bomb is different, she would have had to have known exactly how it was made).

Who Would Claim to be That Who Wasn’t?: The short answer is 'someone with an axe to grind.’ In season 2, Mona makes a false confession because she got caught up in her lies while working as a double-agent. Shanna later makes a false confession to get out of the game when she fell for Jenna. Cece’s motive, however, is much different. Cece (Big “A”) and Lucas (Uber “A”) both had very different reasons for becoming 'A.’ Cece wanted Alison and the Liars to be either dead or in jail; Lucas wanted Alison to be with him. Outing herself in a final attempt to win the “A” game and blow them all to bits was an act of betrayal towards Lucas. It was her last chance to steal the game from him for good- even if she had to die to do it.

Some Additional Points:

She Talked About All of You: There was absolutely no reason for Mona to be doped up when she was in the hospital. So far, I’ve seen only two diagnoses that would fit the motive Mona gives when she confesses to being “A,” those being Borderline Personality Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as multiple personalities). Side-stepping the accuracy of those diagnoses to her whole personality- none of the medications that would be used in those treatments would cause the kind of mental confusion they’re talking about. Both are primarily treated with psychotherapy, with anti-depressants and anxiety medications (that you would have to be given in extreme excess to cause that effect) as support therapy. If she was being particularly uncooperative, they may have quarantined her to keep her away from the other patients until she was calm, or possibly given her a mild tranquilizer- but, because she was a minor at the time of her admission (and liability with minors in exceptionally high), the possibility of that is low and they wouldn’t have continued to drug her up on it for days.
The most likely alternative to the picture Cece (and Mona, intentionally or not) is painting is that Cece was the “Boss 'A’” up until Mona gave herself up (you can see my full theory for that) and, when her star operative gave up the game, she needed a way to access information about the girls. I’m not sure at what point Wren started working with her, but it must have been before Mona’s admission into Radley, because he purposely drugged Mona so that Cece could ciphen this information from her. Because she can’t remember what actually happened during those conversations, Mona cannot confirm or deny what was said or shown to us. This could be what Wren is talking about later when he says to Eddie Lamb- “We’re not having another problem now, are we?”- because he blamed the tech for over-dosing the patient.

The Drugging of Mona Vanderwaal: Speaking of this incident, Cece also claims that Mona told her how happy the girls were that Ali had disappeared, and this was what sparked her rage. But this was never true. Hannah was the closest one to “happy” about the disappearance as it gave her an opportunity to be more authentic to herself, but even she felt empty and down in the dumps and needed Mona’s help to keep her from disappearing back into the shadows after Ali left. I see no motive for Mona to lie to Cece about their reactions, and if she was so drugged up she thought Cece was Alison, it’s a fair bet that she wasn’t lucid enough to lie even if there was a motive.

“I Never Cared About Alison.”: Ah, yes. Are we all just going to forget that Mona confessed to hating Alison enough to want to kill her- when her original confession stated basically that she was used to Alison’s cruelty? That Alison was more forgivable because they had never been friends? So- she hated Alison enough to want to kill her, but not enough to have become “A” before the girls all came back from their vacation. Alright.

Switching Positions: As I mentioned, I have yet to find reason to back off on the Cece killed Bethany part of my theory. I do not believe Mona is capable of murder, so I consider this admission by her to be a lie. However, I’m beginning to wonder if Alison and Bethany’s positions on the Night of Alison’s disappearance aren’t switched. They do find Bethany under the gazebo- not Alison- so maybe they were right outside the window when Cece hit her with the shovel and Mrs. Di caught her. After getting caught, she pretended to be either Charlotte or Bethany to avoid having herself turned in. It makes a little more sense this way since, like I said, it was Bethany under the gazebo and there was no actual explanation for this. Melissa may have found the wrong person/body to bury and ended up burying Alison instead.

Endgame: The only remaining questions are “If Cece wasn’t 'A,’ why does this proverbial 'he’ not show up until after five years?” and “Why does 'he’ even show up again?” My answers are fairly simple. Cece might not have gotten her exact victory, but she did succeed in destroying the game for Lucas. After seeing the girls nearly blown to bits, he decides to call it quits. However, in the preview for the next episode, we see Alison writing a different last name on the board of her classroom- indicating that she has gotten married. Her marriage to another man has sparked Lucas to start up some kind of shenanigans again. There is no “New 'A.’” Lucas has been “Uber 'A’” all along!