and i think it looks great

Isn’t Isak a great friend? He reaches out to Sana because he knows something’s up. He sees Sana looking at Sara and the girls, so he tells her something that makes Sana know she’s been right about Sara all along – but without pushing. And then when he feels the conversation won’t go anywhere like that, he asks her a safe question about biology, tells a joke and leaves with a warm smile on his face. He’s the nicest guy.

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Maybe this is perverted of me, but I noticed in the new pictures that Rey's cleavage and Kylo's 'package' are being readily displayed by their new costumes. If Reylo is happening, it makes sense that SW would want to up the sexiness. They did it with Padme's more form-fitting and revealing dresses in AOTC.

I don’t think you’re being perverted at all. Let’s look at Rey and Kylo in turn here. So we have Rey:

Here, she has a tiny, form-fitting white shirt on that displays her cleavage. From the BTS shots shown at Star Wars Celebration, we know that Rey is wearing this outfit in the rain, so the fabric will presumably be clinging and potentially even slightly transparent. She’s also going to physically exert herself in this outfit (running, fighting), so it’s not unreasonable to suppose that there will be lots of heavy exhalations and sweat involved.

While she seemed almost childish and innocent in The Force Awakens, here it’s clear that she’s starting to express her sexuality and is being presented as a woman rather than a girl. And that reminds me powerfully of this quote from Rian Johnson: “It very much feels like what we all go through in adolescence, the dawning of this new chapter of our lives.” While Rian doesn’t spell it out, developing a sexuality identity is a big part of adolescence. So I absolutely think we’re seeing Rey as a sexual being now because we’re going to watch her grow up and experience attraction and desire (among other things).

Then with Kylo you have him looking much more masculine and physically dominant than we’ve seen him before. In The Force Awakens he was primped within an inch of his life and appeared almost pampered looking, whereas in The Last Jedi he has a much more naturalistic look with layers literally stripped away. While he seemed like an awkward and petulant adolescent in the Vanity Fair image of Kylo for The Force Awakens, he projects confidence and physicality now. The absence of the outer robe means we can see his legs, and that will offer him a much greater range of movement. While it’s not as obvious as it is with Rey, the trousers are quite form fitting and you’re meant to notice that this is a powerful and attractive young man rather than a scary, faceless wraith (which is pretty much how Kylo was promoted for TFA, Vanity Fair image excepted). 

This stuff has actually really tickled @bastila-bae and me, since we spoke about this exact topic in an episode of Scavenger’s Hoard a few weeks ago (I’m feeling quite prophetic rn). I said I was afraid of sounding like a perv then, but they’re now making the sexualisation so blatant in the publicity images that it can only be a deliberate artistic choice. 

Of course, I’m sure this has absolutely no narrative implications and will have no impact whatsoever on Kylo and Rey’s interactions when they reunite. The characters’ costumes and appearances will be entirely immaterial to how they relate to each other, since we all know that the visual element of film is pretty much irrelevant.

  • Tracer: Look, I’m sorry that I called you codependent, okay? I think you have a great relationship, and it’s perfectly natural for two grown men to need each other this badly.
  • Junkrat: So you finally understand my friendship with Roadie?
  • Tracer: No. Not even a little bit. Infants aren't even this dependent on their mother when they breastfeed!!
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blind dates are lame- h.s imagine

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“When was the last time you went on a proper date?” Jeff asked Harry. The two of them were sitting across the room from another tossing a hacky sack to each other.

Harry caught the sack and stopped to think for a little bit, “Mmm. I think the last time was back in December.” He threw the sack back over to Jeff.

Jeff sat up on the couch with wide eyes. “Mate! That’s over six months!” Harry laughed while getting up and heading over to the kitchen, “It’s not that big of a deal, really. I’ve just haven’t been interested.

Jeff followed his friend and sat on the counter. “Well now’s the perfect time to start dating. You’ve finished your album. You don’t start tour for a couple of months. You can give your right hand a bit of a break.”

“My right han-..” Harry glanced down. “Oh. Yeah. My right hand.”

Jeff laughed and hopped off the counter and grabbed the water bottle Harry had in his hand. “Listen, I know the perfect girl. Met her down at the bookstore. Her name’s Y/N. Really down to earth kind of girl. Reckon you guys will get along great.”

Harry looked at Jeff with a worried look on his face. “I didn’t know you knew how to read.”

Jeff glared at Harry while Harry laughed softly, “Mate, I’m just not interested in dating right now. Wanna focus on the album. Wanna focus on the tour.”

“Yeah but one date wouldn’t hurt would it? I’ll visit her tomorrow. Tell her you’re interested.”

Harry scratched the back of his neck while leaning against the kitchen island. “I don’t know. Blind dates are kind of..lame aren’t they?”

“Yeah but you’re lame yourself so why not?”


The bell ringing against the door caused you to look up from the book you were reading behind the cash register. “Hey Jeff! Need to pick up some more journals?” You smiled at your new friend. While Jeff was in town, Harry texted him and asked if he could bring more empty journals. Harry claims he was in the “writing mood.” With a huff of annoyance, Jeff eventually agreed and found a family owned bookstore not to far from where he was. He went in and met Y/N who was honestly a breath of fresh air. She was sweet and charming. She was everything Harry needed in a girl.

“Hey Y/N! No, I’m fine. I came in to talk to you actually.” Jeff connected his hands together and placed them on the counter, as if he was in some kind of business deal.

Y/N dog eared the page she was reading and squinted her eyes slightly at Jeff. “What do you want?”

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” Jeff sighed. Y/N laughed and crossed her arms and looked at the tall man in front of her.

Jeff gave her a smile and opened his mouth and then closed it. Y/N raised her eyebrow at him. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N”…

“Get on with it!” Y/N chuckled.

Jeff chuckled himself, “Alright! Alright. How would you feel about going on a date with this guy I know? Really nice. Sweet. Easy on the eyes…”

Y/N placed her hand on her chin and pretended to ponder about the idea of being set up. “Pass.”

Jeff clapped his hands together, “Great! He can pick you up at your place or you guys could meet- Wait. Pass? Why not!”

Y/N walked out from behind the counter and picked up a pile of books that needed to be put away. “I don’t know. The idea of a blind date seems kind of lame.” Jeff quickly followed her and grabbed the books from her arms. “Why does everyone think it’s so lame! You’re lame!” Y/N gave Jeff a look as she put a book onto the shelf. Jeff gave her a sheepish smile, “Sorry that was crude of me. What I mean to say is it’s not lame! I find it rather cute. And what if you guys end up getting married. You can say ‘My dearest friend, the noblest man I know, the most handsome guy that walked on this Earth; set me and your father up’ to your children.” Jeff was shaking his head while staring into the distance, thinking about how much of a hero he’ll look to everyone for setting up the perfect couple.

Y/N snapped her fingers in front of Jeff’s face, “Jeff!”

Jeff quickly came back to Earth and looked at Y/N, “So what do you say?”

Y/N sighed while grabbing the books he was holding back into her arms. “I-..”

“Great! I’ll text you the details!” Jeff shouted while running out of the store before you could object.

Y/N was sitting at the bar of the hotel lobby Jeff texted you to meet Harry at. Being put on a blind date by someone you just met and didn’t even know the last name of required a little alcohol help.

“Gin and tonic, please” a voice called out to the bartender. The stranger sighed and ran his hair through his hair.

You chuckled softly while staring at your wine glass. “Rough night?”

The stranger and looked down at the rings on his hands, “I uh. I don’t know yet. Maybe.”

And on que the both of you looked at each other properly. Harry gasped. You were surely the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Your eyes were instantly wide. Harry Styles was the beautiful man you were going on a date with. Surely he was just in the neighborhood. 

Suddenly Harry felt like he needed to explain his every move to you. “I uh..I’m just waiting for my blind date to arrive but I’m a bit nervous.”

Y/N chuckled at Harry’s words. “Are you Harry?” You quickly scolded yourself in your head and blushed. Of course he was. 

Harry laughed at your mental face palm look on your face and nodded. “Are you, Y/N?”

You gave Harry a small smile and nodded, “I am.”

Harry quickly gave himself a high-five in his head for getting to spend the privilege of getting to be on a date with someone as beautiful as you.

The bartender came over and placed Harry’s drink in front of him. Harry gave him a quick thank you and proceeded to look at you. He smiled and placed his hand out towards the restaurant on the other side of the hotel. “Should we get this blind date started?”

You chuckled and nodded your head. “We shall.” You picked up your things and stood up.

Harry gestured you to go first, “After you.”

As you started to walk away, Harry quickly took his drink and gulped it down. He hissed at the burning alcohol and jogged after you.

You threw your head back in laughter and held your stomach while Harry was laughing pretty loudly himself. “How did you not notice you had a brown stair on your white pants!” You managed to get out in between laughs.

Harry held his hands out in defense, “I thought everyone was staring because they wanted to talk to me! And! I thought they were thinking ‘Wow. How stylish of him to wear those white pants!’”

Y/N finally settled down and wiped a tear from her eyes from laughing so much, “Well it’s good to know my date has such high confidence in himself.”

Harry looked down at his empty plate and chuckled softly, “It is.”

You gave him a smile to which he returned. Suddenly your waiter walked up to you guys, interrupting you guys from admiring one another. “Was there anything else I can do for you guys?”

Harry quickly gave him his credit card. “Go ahead and charge it.” You quickly tried to grab your wallet from your purse, “Here let me.”

Harry shook his head at you. “It’s fine, Y/N.” He then gave a nod to the waiter.

“Harry, you didn’t even look at the bill. Let me at least help.” You said while taking out your credit card. Harry reached over and grabbed your hand, “I got it, love.” Your heart melted at the pet name and both yours and Harry’s hands tinged from one another.

Not wanting the date to end, you and Harry decided to walk to your apartment that was about two blocks away. The whole time getting to know each other more and telling each other incredibly funny stories. Finally the two of you ended up at the front of your door. You turned and looked at Harry who was already smiling down at you. “I had a great time, Harry.”

Harry nodded his head, “I did too.” The two of you started leaning in when Harry was the one that finally brought his lips to yours. You smiled into the kiss and wrapped your arms around your neck. When the both of you pulled away, Harry rested his forehead against yours. “I usually don’t have the first kiss until the third date..” You whispered. Harry smiled, “Guess we’ll have to have another date then. You smiled and nodded, this time you were the one to kiss him first.

With one last kiss and the promise of another date, Harry left and you walked into your apartment. Both of you had the same smile and the same thought in your head, “Have to thank Jeff for that.”

Maybe blind dates weren’t that lame after all.

thank you guys so much for reading! let me know what you guys think! requests are always welcomed!

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Am I the only one who thinks that the new tracer skin is her best one yet? And that its a dope semi-androgynous look that would look great as a cosplay for any gender?

I am in LOVE with the new Tracer skin, christ. She looks so cute in it and I agree, I can’t wait to see anyone cosplaying it!
-Mod Knight

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hi!! i just found your blog and I absolutely love your art! if its no trouble, could I ask how you draw your noses? im not that great with them and yours look so amazing :P

Ok I’m not the best at explaining but I use a reference photo of the character I wanna draw and study how their nose looks

for example Torbjörns nose is very crooked and big while tracer has a pointy small nose.

Now don't think I'm not proud of Rashad and Emma...

Rashad worked his ass off. He progressed so much as a dancer. He put in so many hours just on rehearsal. And Emma was a great partner and I’m so happy she won her first Mirror Ball.

But Normani should have won. Everyone knows it. You saw their faces. When Emma looked back at Rashad. When Carrie Ann was standing, jaw dropped and asking “What?” You know Val was shocked too. You know he knew they had done great and at least deserved second. He probably prepared himself to win. And I’m not saying that like the others weren’t good, Normani was the most consistent dancer.

I’m not going to be over this anytime soon.

  • jaehwan: look, i’m sorry that i called you codependent, okay? i think you have a great relationship, and it’s perfectly natural for two grown men to need each other this badly.
  • seongwoo: so you finally understand my friendship with daniel?
  • jaehwan: no. not even a little bit. infants aren’t even this dependent on their mother when they breastfeed!!
  • Louis: Look, I’m sorry that I called you codependent, okay? I think you have a great relationship, and it’s perfectly natural for two grown men to need each other this badly.
  • Harry: So you finally understand my friendship with Niall?
  • Louis: No. Not even a little bit. Infants aren't even this dependent on their mother when they breastfeed!!
A note to Adam

I just want to say that I know Adam will never read this but some people will. Adam is a great actor. Playing a character in a movie. He plays in different roles and from what I’ve seen the guy is really talented. He’s a nice looking guy but that’s not why I love his character in TFA. I love the conflict I see Adam portray in the character I think he did an awesome job of playing the conflicted, brooding, warlord, lost and lonely. I know that sounds mushy but you could see from his performance of Kylo the guy is lonely. He played the comedy of Kylo well also with the fits which I found hilarious (probably because I work with children) and some of the little jokes. He was a cool bad ass character. I just want the guy to know that even though some people hate on his character and him and accuse the character of dumb shit like abusing women or raping them. I never read any of that into his performance. I never once thought from watching Adams performance that him and Rey were dating, or out on a date, or that he got pissed because she lost the keys to the star destroyer and started bitch slapping her around or something. I always saw the character as a warlord in command of a unit, looking for information vital to his war effort. Where ever you are Adam I salute you, your not only a nice looking guy, but a bad ass actor, who helped bring to life one of my new most favorite characters in movie history.


Never been feelin’ so great about myself :)) Please when you think you look good, take hundreds of pictures of yourself, it doesn’t matter if you have to delete all of them except three photos, you need to know you that you look dAMN good and see it yourself for longer than just that day! embrace yourself and (start to) love yourself❣️

Happy Valentine’s Day: A WestAllen Family Fic

Hey, guys! This is for all the WestAllen Fans out there who are needing a pick-me up after the season finale, and might I just say that it had some pretty good points! H.R.’s sacrifice was a great plot twist, and I’m so glad Harry is staying! Though, I think I’ll actually enjoy it (more) when Barry comes back from the Speed Force. This idea came into my head not long after the episode, and I decided to write it down.

Here goes!

Iris West-Allen woke up and looked at her alarm clock. The red digital numbers read 5:30 in the morning. Something had woken her up, but what? Did Barry get out of bed? She rolled over. No, he was sound asleep.

The sound of metal on the kitchen counter echoed throughout the hall and into her bedroom.

“Aw, man!” A little voice complained.

Iris felt even more confused. What was little Hank doing up so early? He wasn’t supposed to be up for another 45 minutes.

Iris lifted the covers off of her legs and slid out of bed and was greeted by the cold wooden floor. She grabbed her bathrobe from the hanger on the door and walked out into the hallway sliding it on and trying the belt as she went along.

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OK, now that was a great episode

 At first, I simply thought it was because of the good script and interesting plot. But, then it hit me that I wasn’t nearly giving enough credit to Troian as director. Sure obviously it looked great, but what really made the episode stand out was the emotional and passionate performances by the cast. Troian’s unique insight into how the characters think and feel and her understanding of how her friends work best made it happen. Those were the best performances on pretty little liars I’ve seen in a while and it’s thanks to the brilliance Troian Bellisario

i think the best move i made this year as far as making external adjustments to my life is surrounding myself with people who like….genuinely feel good about themselves? like people who are sure of their positive strengths. not that they’re completely sure about what theyre doing and where theyre going in life but people who can say “i dont know what youre talking about, my outfit looks great today and i am living my full life so fuck you lmao”. i think that was realyl important for me to discover is that i needed to be around people who knew what they had to offer because now i actually see what i have to offer, you know? like i think saturday at todrick’s show kind of made me realize that. after being surrounded by so many people who were just trying to smile as much as possible in life and didnt give a single fuck about anyone who wasnt contributing to their happiness, i felt like ‘wow……..look at how great you can feel about yourself’. so i think that’s why such a large part of me is so grateful for having todrick and the whole atmosphere of his careless dancers and even the happy, genuinely caring fans who just know that haters dont mean shit and your worst thoughts about yourself aint shit either. it’s amazing. and honestly i think this has really had an affect on how this whole t&a situation is playing out fam. like after saturday ive just been like “lmao wow dude im like great af so like why am i so fixated on this low hanging fruit when i deserve so much better?” like he’s not a bad guy but………..,,,i shouldnt feel all of these random things all the time and having this constant uncertainty. he kind of makes my insecurities like bubble to the top in the worst way because he doesnt have to say anything to make me question myself. me not being able to read him is what fucks me up even though i can read him!! he’s too fucking mysterious and he doesnt make any fucking sense. i deserve someone who’s actually introspective and knows what they want and how to vocalize what’s going on with them even if they dont know. i cant force him to talk about shit because im not in the position to carry his emotional weight but still… at least like to not feel like im annoying the shit out of you when i ask you what’s on your mind. this is why ive taken a step back. i am great. i am self aware. i am caring and empathetic. i am creative. i am /somewhat/ intelligent. i am selfless as shit. i am vocal, though in unusual ways, i am expressive. i have scars but theyve made me more inclined to be someone for others that i knew i needed once upon a time. if you cant see how wicked i am and treat me like my feelings and concerns actually mean something then fuck you homie this is a big ass world and i have things to do. im not like mad at him or anything at all like no way. i just am tired of being so up and down about this whole situation when i know i really and truly shouldnt be. i dont deserve to be. id rather put him back at arm’s distance than let him keep making me soft and only letting me have designated parts of him………emotionally. because im that kind of friend. 

New Cast: Part One

Tom Aldridge is a great Ron. He may not look like the character but you quickly forget that. 

Paul Thornley still voices Ludo Bagman and I’m SO happy about that.

Mark Theodore as the Sorting Hat and Hagrid is BRILLIANT.

Elizabeth Hill is already a frightening Umbridge and we’ve only seen two minutes of her. Anecdote: when she pulled Scorpius out of the lake, the people on the left in the front row got soaked. Easily a bucket-load of water into their laps. 

April Hughes as Moaning Myrtle is fantastic. Her voice reminds me of film Myrtle but she’s so much funnier.

James Howard - he’s so Malfoy. I love him, I love him, I love him and it delights me every time he walks onto the stage. He did an even funnier version of “my scar is hurting” than Alex today, which I didn’t think was possible.

David Annen was a great Vernon, and he looks like he’ll be an excellent Snape. Looking forward to seeing him in Part Two.

Henry Rundle, who plays Yann Fredericks, is also down in the program to play Viktor Krum, which is interesting because in the previous cast those two roles had completely different actors.

Samuel Blenkin as Scorpius - I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this boy could be the best Scorpius we’ve ever seen.

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I would go with Death. Yes, he seems very harsh and rude all the time, but I think that’s because he’s had a really tough life. He was even created for destruction, only to try and reverse that wrong and have to suffer multiple losses. I would want him to feel at home and easy-going and not have to “protect his image” around me. He would also be a great person to make blush. ;) hehe

Yeah. I mean he’s cynical and kind of an asshole, but you’re right. He has a good, if not tired heart and I’m glad everyone seems to want to look after our sad murder child. 

I’ve been working on a April O'Neil cosplay for awhile and its still isn’t complete, but I got the props done ^^ I wanted to submitted it on ur submission to see on what you think of the progress, the crystal kinda looks bad but the tessen is very surprisingly good… .except it doesn’t fold but I hope u like it ^.^


April: This is super cool! I’m sure you’ll look great as me!

Not sure why you’d want to dress up as me in the first place but still!

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hey dude?? i love you and things are gonna get better,its the end of the schoolyear and we're all burnt out but hey,you made it and you're gonna meet paulina in a little so you have that to look forward to so make sure you're taking good care of yourself because none of us want you unhappy, seriously i think your we all love you way too much for that to happen,but thats ok because you're great. goodnight have a good week and take care we love you and your happiness is more important than content

you’re right.. im rly looking forward to this summer, thank you sm 💕💕