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I'm kind of shocked you reblogged that post about neurotypical advice when I've seen you complaining about people giving you unsolicited advice for your chronic illnesses.

To me there is a difference between generally sound advice, and what is as you say, unsolicited advice from people who ignore what you have said, and insist they are right. 

I don’t mind any of those things, they are in fact great advice for most people and I think tumblr’s skewed anti-recovery rhetoric and baseline rejection of what are, lets face it, Basic Self Care Methods is highly toxic and harmful to those looking to start their path to recovery. 

For some people, drinking more water will help, for some people having a schedule and regular routine will help. To claim that these things flat out do not work at all, is false and harmful towards recovery. 

Where I get pissed off is when you have more severe issues, and people just willfully don’t get it. They refuse to believe that these things did not work for you, therefore you are a liar. 

I get a lot, A LOT, of daily messages from people asking me if I have tried XYZ for my recovery because it helped them, and more often than not I have to inform them I have, didn’t work for me, but thanks anyway. The response I get from that a lot of the time is “aw man that sucks, sorry to have bothered you then, hope you get something that works for you!” and I think to myself “what a nice person, I’m glad the thing helped them” and go about my day. Those messages do not make me mad because I genuinely believe they are sent with good intent. Sometimes it gets a little tiresome to repeat myself so often, but hey, they were just trying to help, and I’d rather live in a world where people try to help than where they don’t.

And then there’s the “If you just tried harder” squad who fall into my inbox every now and then, who don’t believe that some things can’t be cured, only managed. Who don’t believe me when I tell them I already do most of those things. Who tell me I am lying if I say XYZ doesn’t work because one time they had something vaguely wrong with them and it fixed them. 

They cannot perceive a reality where full recovery is not an option, and worse than that, they try to inflict that mindset on others and infer that we somehow deserve our suffering. Those people need to learn some of what they preach and try to be mindful, both of themselves and others. 

So yea, drink water, get sleep, eat regularly and try to be active. That shit is great advice for daily life. 

Just don’t be the asshole that sees someone talking about their health condition and immediately jump towards making suggestions. Listen to them, hear what they are saying and try to process it. If you still think you might have something helpful to say, go ahead, ask them if they have heard of, or if they think XYZ might help them. But don’t tell them that it will. And certainly do not tell them they just need to try harder then. Cause that shit ain’t right.

Dating Malfoy

Hope you enjoy this is based on this post by @o0o-chibaken-o0o 

As Harry gets up to get ready for classes he is sluggish and achy all over. He hears a few snickers behind him. He turned to glare at his friends.

“Another long night with Malfoy,” Dean says with a knowing smirk and a wink.

“What is it, every day this week?” Seamus looks to Dean for the answer

“No, it every day this month, maybe last month too.” Dean smiles. “Remember when we started dating were sneaking around for how long before we caught?”

“HOLY SHIT HARRY, ARE YOU DATING MALFOY???” Ron screamed while grabbing Harry by the shoulders. Dean and Seamus leave the room laughing at Ron’s distress.

“Of course, I’m not ‘Dating’ him. We have sex occasionally, that’s all.” Was Harry’s response as he sat down with a small wince.

“You’ve been back to the dorms late every night for at least the last month,” Ron says as he paces the room.

“Fine, we have a lot of sex. That’s still not dating.” Ron stops to look at Harry as he answers.

“Okay so…Just sex?”

“I mean we talk too sometimes. He’s surprisingly funny you know.” Harry looks at Ron with a goofy smile on his face. Ron sits down on the floor where he stood and just looks at Harry with disbelief. “We do study together and play a bit of Quidditch when we have time. Did I tell you he even invited me to stay with him over the holidays so we can play together at the Manor!”

“And you aren’t”

“Dating? No, Ron, we aren’t we…” they stare at each other for a moment. Ron sees the look on Harry’s face he’s seen one too many times. The look of realizing something he should have already known.

“OH MY GOD IM DATING MALFOY.” Before Ron could respond Harry was running out the door, in his pyjamas and no shoes.

“I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m the dim one,” Ron mutters to himself as he goes to find Hermione and try to forget.

-{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}- -{}-

Harry runs down to the dungeons and knocks on the door. A redheaded girl answers the door and before Harry can say a word she is yelling for Draco. When Draco sees him, he is shaking his head.

“Could you have at least tried to look like a decent human being before barging on the door.”

“Yeah, sorry, I um…” he looked around to see if they were alone. “We’re dating?”

“Seriously? What do you think we’ve been doing the last couple of months?”

“I… um…Well, you see…”

“Great, my boyfriend doesn’t know he’s my boyfriend.” Draco turned to walk away.

“WAIT” Draco stopped and looked at him. He tried to hide the hurt but Harry saw it. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it. It happens sometimes, I don’t see things that are right there. I like that you and I are dating. I’ve wanted that for a while but was scared you didn’t want it.” He pulled Draco to him. A placed a small kiss on his lips then hugged him tightly. “Love you” he mutters and Draco stiffens. “Please pretend I didn’t say that.”

“Idiot” Draco said as he kissed his boyfriend.

Birthday present

Request: Hey!!! Can I have a blurb/imagine whatever where reader was in harry’s and sam’s class and is invited to their 18th birthday party and meets tom and smutty things happen? Please! I love youuu

Warnings: light smut, probably bad one cause it’s my first time writing it, alcohol, swearing

I hope you like it !

,,Here are my favourite boys.” You say smiling while wrapping your arms around Harry and Sam. You’re walking in the middle of them and pat their shoulders as a hello.

,,Hey Y/N, long time no see.” Harry jokes as you continue to make your way down the corridor. You guys are in one chemistry class and see each other nearly every day.

,,Yeah I know.” You nearly trip over your own feed as you try to walk backwards without fooling your self so you could look the boys in the eyes.

,,Careful, we don’t want you to brake your nose. You wanna look good for the boys.” Sam wiggles his eyebrows and you stop at your locker, looking at the brothers with a confused expression.

,,Did I miss something?” You ask while putting some books into your back so you can study later.

,,Obviously yes !” The boys smirk at the same time as they throw their heads back laughing.

,,Spill the beans, I have classes to go.” You say with a playful undertone as you throw your hair behind your shoulder.

,,Our Party is tonight ! We invited you ages ago.” Sam runs a hand threw his hair and you gasp, mentally face palming yourself.

,,Shit it’s today?” You mumble a bit out of track. Looks like your studys have to wait until tomorrow.

,,Yeah, we thought you’d come.” Harry furrows his eyebrows and plays with the strings of his backbag while you watch his movements.

,,Sure! I can’t miss your party, can I? I’d be a bad friend if I raincheck on you. ”

The ring of the bell interrupts your conversation and you share a quick hug with the boys before storming off into the other direction, not before yelling:,, See you guys tonight !”

You spend the rest of the day with surviving school and getting home as soon as possible, wanting to get ready.

It takes you some time to decide what to wear and weither to wear make up or not, deciding to go with what you’re comfortable with the most.

You look at your phone to see how much time you have left, checking yourself in the mirror while doing so.

Partying with the Holland’s is always fun, and you want to look especially good on their own party. It’s not the first time that you hang out with them, but it’s the first time you’ll meet all of their other friends.

You quickly grab the present you bought for Sam and Harry and make your way to their house, excitement bubbling in your stomach.

You can already hear the loud music booming from inside the house and see some people in the front garden with red cups in their hands, talking with each other.

You greet a few people with a simple hi and instantly spot the brothers in the crowd, a big smile creeping onto your face as you make your way towards them.

,,Hey Sam!” You shout over the loud music, sending him a wave.

,,Y/N you’re here !” He answers before wrapping your arms around you and taking your hand.

,,C’mon, let’s get you something to drink.” He leads you into the kitchen and you raise your eyebrow.

,,I’m not allowed to greet Harry first?” You ask sarcastically.

,,Nah, he can wait. Here.” Sam hands you a cup with some brown liquor and dares you to chuck it down in a few sips, repeating the process two times.

,,Go easy on me!” You laugh after the third cup, not wanting to drink more. Your throat was already burning and you want to take some time before drinking another one.

,,If you say so, oh there’s Harrison! I’ll be right back.” Sam takes a sip from your cup before disappearing back into the crowd and you chuckle, surprised by the amount of people that actually showed up. You knew that Sam and Harry have a lot of friends, but you never expected the half school to come.

After talking to a few people and taking a sip here and there, you feel a familiar warmth in your stomach and can’t hide the blush on your cheeks. You feel slightly tipsy and decide to get you another drink, wanting the feeling to grow more intense.

You look at the ground while making your way back into kitchen, head slightly swaying with the music. Suddenly your front collapses with something hard and you spill the rest of your drink all over yourself, gasping by the cold.

As your head shoots up, you’re greeted with brown eyes that belong to tom holland, the older brother of Sam and Harry. Whenever he has time he’d hang out with you guys as well, but you’ve never been alone with him.

,,Shit I’m sorry, are you okay?” He asks shocked, guilt washing over his features.

,,Yeah, but I think my shirt isn’t.” You laugh embarrassed as you wrap your arms around your torso, trying to hide your chest that starts to get transparent.

,,Do you wanna change? I can give you a shirt of mine if you don’t mind. I’m sorry for bumping into you.” He nervously strachtes the back of his neck and you blush, looking at your feed.

,,Yeah that would be nice.” You put the cup that was empty by now on a high board next to you and press your lips together, taking Toms appearance in.

He’s wearing a navy green shirt and black jeans, his hair is slightly clinging onto his forehead in soft locks.

,,Just follow me.” Tom let’s out a shaky breath and you ask yourself why he seems so nervous, tightening the grip around your torso.

He leads you up the stairs into his room, his scent almost envolving you like a second skin. You close your eyes for a split second, standing in his room for the first time ever. It’s simple and clean, matching Toms fine look.

,,You can uh-“ he turns around and scans his room for something while you open your eyes, waiting for what he’s going to say.

,,take this one if you like, or another. It’s up to you.” He hands you a simple black shirt from his dresser and you let the fabric glide between your fingers, enjoying how it feels. Without thinking you lift your arms and pull your own shirt over your head, letting it glide to the floor. You can feel Toms gaze on you and blush once more, not before sliding his shirt over your head and adjusting your hair.

As expected, the shirt is way to big for you and you look down at yourself, smelling Toms cologne as if it’s your own.

,,You look great.” Tom mumbles quietly, but you still hear him.

,,You think so?” You bite your lip and ignore the growing tension between you and Tom as you stare into his brown eyes, admiring them from afar.

,,Yeah, if I’m honest, you look hot. Not that I want you to feel uncomfortable but it’s really nice.” Tom talks fast and doesn’t take his eyes off of you either, both of you standing his room only a few steps apart.

You feel the heat in your whole body as it warms up your blood and makes you feel flustered.

,,Thank you.” You brush a single hair strain behind your ear and watch Tom as he makes a step forward, eyes never leaving yours.

You straighten your body and look at Toms lips, asking your self how’d they taste. You would lie if you’d say that you never asked yourself that question before, but now you feel like you have the courage to find it out.

Without thinking twice about it you close the gap between you two and get on your tip toes to pull Tom down to you.

Your chests collide once again, an audible sigh leaving your body as his hands wrap around your lower back, slowly guiding upwards to cup your jaw.

Your eyes flutter shut and you lick your lips one last time before gently pressing them on Toms, tasting the same liquor you drank earlier.

He instantly pulls you closer and you slowly melt into his touch, hands exploring his skin as your tongue slides over his bottom lip before exploring your mouth.

Your fingers start pulling on his hair and your whole body is covered in goosebumps as Tom slowly slides under yours, well his shirt, and strokes your exposed skin with his thumb. You smile into the Kiss and push yourself against Tom, leading him to stumble backwards.

His back is pressed against the nearest wall and he turns you around, standing between your legs as you lean yourself against the wall, letting Tom cover your jaw and neck in wet kisses.

,,Tom.” You mumble satisfied by his kissing skills, feeling like pudding under his touch.

,,Do you want me to stop?” He instantly pulls away and looks at your with concern in his eyes, making you aww on the inside.

,,No, God Tom no.” You giggle out of breath, heart beating fast against your chest.

,,Good.” He smirks down at you and traps your head between his arms, closing his eyes as you pull a bit stronger at his curls.

Your lips move in synchronisation with his and you feel a hot sensation in your chore, making you rub your hips at Toms.

He gets the hint and leans his forehead against yours, hands gently cupping your ass.


You do as you’re told and wrap you arms around Toms neck for support, nibbling on his skin as he carries you towards his bed.

You always liked Tom and the alcohol in your veins encourages you to go further.

,,Are you sure you want this? You don’t have to if you feel-“

You cut Tom off by sucking harsher on his skin and flipping him into the mattress, you being on top and in control.

Your hips grind over his growing bulge, earning a light moan from him.

His fingertips leave a burning sensation all over your skin and your hands fumble with the end of his belt, wanting to open it.

,,No darling.” Tom whispers with a husky voice as he grabs your hand, making the heat in your core even worse.

,,This is all about you.” He shifts from underneath you, leaving you slightly confused as you sit down on your legs.

Tom grabs a pillow and throws it at the end of the bed, not before hovering above you, grabbing your wrists and pinning them above your head as he slowly presses you down so your head rests on the pillow.

You let out a giggle by his actions and pull at the hem of his shirt, wanting to finally see his abs instead of just touching them.

,,Impatient much, aren’t we?” Tom laughs at well and it sounds like music in your eyes. His strong biceps flexes slightly as he raises his arms and pulls the navy shirt over his head, exposing his toned muscles.

You bite down on your lip and let your fingertips run over his skin, loving the way he reacts to your touch.

His erection adds a constant pressure to your private area and you part your legs a bit, so he can lean between them as you two continue to make out.

His hands take your shirt off with ease and you shiver slightly, frowning at the loss of his lips on yours.

,,Relax, and stop me if you have any doubts okay?” Tom whispers into your ear and you nod, not having any doubts at all. You know Tom and trust him, way to turned on to stop now.

He stadys himself with his left elbow, so he’s not putting his whole weight on you as his other hand starts to unbotton your jeans, brushing over your thighs and stomach while doing so. He already found your sweet spot down your neck and swirls his tongue over it, making you turn your head so he can get better acces.

You feel like your panties are already soaked and press your legs together to create some type of friction, making Tom part them again.

,,Patience baby girl.” His British accent makes your heart skip a beat and you arch your back to feel his member at your core.

Suddenly a loud gasp leaves your body as tom runs a single finger over your core, playing with the fabric of your underwear. His breath is heavy and hot, hitting right below your ear making you shiver.

,,So wet for me.” He closes his eyes and gently bites down on your bottom lip before fighting with your tongue for dominance, winning effortlessly.

You feel like your breath is hitched in your throat as he slowly starts to pull the fabric down your core, letting the cool air crash down on your sensitive skin.

His finger feels warm and soft against your belly, as he traces small circles down your navel over your slit and back up.

,,Tom, please.” You whine impatient, having enough of his teasing.

,,Please what?” He slightly Parts your lips and brushes your clit softly, not before removing them again.

,,Touch me.“ You say confident, not caring about how it might sound. Your eyes are already shut to concentrate on Tom and what his touch does to you.

,,Your wish is my demand.“ Tom says laughing as he nibbles on your earlobe before kissing the top of your collarbone and the upper part of your breasts that aren’t covered by your bra.

His fingers make their way back to your most sensitive part and play with your bundle of nerves, making you squirm in pleasure.

Tom chuckles against your neck and slowly pumps a single finger inside of you, giving you time to adjust and making sure you’re comfortable with it.

When he sees that you’re circling your hips, he pushes them down to hold you still and continues his movements.

His thumb never leaves your clit and stimulates you in a way no one did before, making the hot knot in your stomach growing bigger with every bump from his finger.

You feel him adding a second one and sigh deeply, the way he curls is fingers inside of you makes you want to grab the sheets and ball your hands into fists.

Instead you run your fingers threw his hair and kiss him hard, teeth pulling on his lower lip as you moan into his mouth.

You can feel yourself getting closer and Toms movements speeding up, leaving your whole body tensed.

,,I‘m close.“ You mumble, being the current mess you are.

,,Don’t hold it back.” Toms tongue swirls over the skin on your neck and leaves some dark marks as his thumb adds more pressure and changes the direction he’s circling.

,,Tom.” You moan as you grab his biceps, meeting him with your hips and leaving your mouth slightly open.

The knot in your stomach makes your toes curl and you wrap yourself around Tom as you let your orgasm wash over you, squeezing your legs shut as Tom brings you threw your high. After your breath slows down again and he feels you relaxing, he carefully removes his fingers and brushes over your thighs and stomach before arriving at your jaw, cupping it with both of his hands and kissing you tenderly.

,,It’s your turn.” You whisper as sexy as possible into his ear before sucking on his sweet spot, ready to return him the favour he just gave you.

Hey There, Delilah | 9


a/n: dfgkjnaflgkjasnlgkj i don’t know this is kind of a filler or a resolution but not really a resolution idk man oh well asdkgjsdlgkjansdglkjsadg 

The medicine finally kicks in for Delilah and she falls asleep in her car seat on the way home. There’s a soft hum of ‘Dreaming with a Broken Heart’ playing in the background that Shawn put on to help Delilah fall asleep, but other than that the car is silent.

You look up in the rear view mirror at Shawn. He’s got a hand on Delilah, rubbing her tiny hand softly with his thumb, and he’s looking aimlessly out the window as the lights go by. You wonder what he is thinking—about tonight, about your friendship, about the kiss—but still you remain silent and turn your eyes back to the road.

“Thank you,” Shawn speaks up softly, and you turn your glance back to your rear mirror to find that he’s already looking at you.

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Not SPN but important.

I have considered writing out this story for a while now in light of what is going on in Hollywood. I was debating with myself if it was important or not but I decided that every story is important. What follows is a personnal tale, it doesn’t involve important agents or producers. It didn’t take place in Hollywood but in Denmark years ago and I honestly haven’t thought about it in a long time but the #MeToo support of women who has been harrased by men brought back to the forefront of my mind. 

I am not weak. I am outspoken and I stand up for myself. I always did because I got a strong amazing mom that taught me to do so. But when you are 19 years old the world is scarier than it is when you are 30. That being said did the same thing happen to me today I would still feel uncomfortable, even if I now have the guts to tell the guy to fuck off. 

When I was 19 years old I was at a party. A friends birthday and one of his closest friends kept hitting on me. Touching my leg, trying to kiss me. I told him verbally and nonverbally I wasn’t interested, but he took it as me playing “hard to get” and I was “fair game” cause I was single. The guy was 21. Not a lot older than me but old enough to know better. 

I told another male friend of mine. Some one I was very close with. So much so people once in a while asumed we were together, because we did everything together at that point. His solution was telling the guy that we were a thing. He stuck by my side that night with his arm around my waist or shoulders. He held my hand walking me to my cab. 

As much as I love him for doing that, he shouldn’t have had too! Women are not objects to conquest. A no means no! I chose to tell my story here and not on twitter because my audience is here and I want the story to be heard because this sorta behavior isn’t an LA thing. It isn’t even a male thing. Women were laughing it off when I asked him to leave me alone. It was a man who stood up for me. It is a matter of respect for other people that are missing and with a man on the most powerful seat in the world saying “you look good on your knees,” and excusing talk of assulting women as locker room talk,” telling or stories and being heard is more important than ever. 

If you got a story tell it. Use this post or send me as ask on anon or not and you will be heard! Decent people - men or women needs to unite and stand up against this sorta behavior. It is more common that you think and it happens all over the world. 

So #MeToo - I got your back and so does a lot of other great people in the world. 


Meanwhile in Takemizu.
Kris: “…I know, I know! I just want you to be sure… I’ll support you!”
Haino: “- It’s just that I made a decision and that’s it. Anyway… I’m so glad you’re here, my cousin Sid is great but geerbs! I need a bridesmaid with a bit of a sense too *short laugh*
Kris: “- I’m here for you! By the way, I met Clyde the other day and he told me to send you his best wishes!”
Haino: “- That’s sweet… …so, have you…”
Kris: “- No… I haven’t seen him, from what Clyde told he’s been in Newcrest for a while now.”
Haino: “- Oh.. okey. Here comes Sid!”
Kris: “- Oh my plum, Sid! Is that you!? You look amazing! I think haven’t seen you since you were 16 and slept on our kitchen floor in San Mysh!”
Sid: “- Hi ladies! Ready to go dress hunting!?”

Mooooore headcanon time! First run at all the de Rolo kids I had in mind. Five is a nice number, so that’s what we’re rolling with: older twins, a solo kid, and younger twins.

The older twins look put together, but they trained with Uncle Grog and Aunt Pike and can fist fight like no other. They actually like the diplomacy bit of being a noble in Whitestone, and they have FUN with it. It sometimes takes years for visitors to realize that the eldest child isn’t singular, because the oldest twins swap out. They take great pains to never be in the same room together when someone has come to call, revealing themselves at large parties to greet the confused guests.

The middle child is the one who drives the construction of a proper rookery, and when she’s older, an optical telegraph system that can spread across Tal’Dorei. She never could get the hang of magic, and she hates relying on others to do things that she can certainly find ways to do herself. The quietest and most reclusive of the kids, she tends to talk to the ravens and Trinket more than others.

The youngest twins are rangers through and through, but more adept at climbing and running across the walls and rooftops of a city than a forest. They court the idea of an animal companion, but at most, they have one for a few months to a year or two before letting the animal return to the forest. More of a… learning program about humans, than an actual companion like their mother and Trinket. They’re a bit frustrated that they need glasses and their older siblings do not, at least until they built they’re own spectacles with magnifying properties and can see for miles and miles when on the roof of the castle.

First version thoughts at least. We’ll see where I take them once I refresh my memory from the campaign guide and such. I’m rubbish at names, but the middle child is Evelyn and I’ve thought about her WAY too much already.

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[TRANS] B1A4 ROLLIN’ thanks to. messages


We’re experiencing this great day again! It’s comeback day! hehe Our album preparations were fun, but I think lately my thoughts have become deeper through the process of working on our album. Since our debut up to this moment, we’ve spent time together with our BANAs right? I started to wonder how I could freshly express this time we’ve spent together into music. Every day with our BANAs has been fun and filled with happiness, but there were also some BANAs who appeared to have a sad look. That’s why this time, I wanted to recommend the song ‘Smile Mask’. It’s a song about this ‘smile mask’ syndrome that a lot of people appear to be experiencing nowadays. It’s a sad reality where you want to cry but you have to smile, and you’re suffering but you still have to smile.. It really hurt my heart during our fansigns to hear some of our BANAs’ stories about these tough times.. Even if it’s just during the brief moment that you’re in front of me, you don’t have to smile. I can listen to all of the stories you have to say! They say a smiling face is a happy one, but I think it’s a happier thing to be able to express exactly what you are feeling inside~ Of course, not all of this is easy, but let’s have strength and fight it together! I think this is why this album is very special. I hope it can be a source of strength for our BANAs! If you can feel happiness through our music, is there anything better in this world? This time I put on a more serious tone, but I really wanted to pass strength onto you. And of course, I have to receive strength from our BANAs!! hehe I am always thinking of you and I treasure you. I love you BANA.


To be truthful, we experienced the most ups and downs with this album. It’s because through this album, we deeply thought about the direction we wanted B1A4 to take. As we worked on our albums we’ve taken lots of risks and made first-attempts, and I think that all of this remained as important moments for us. I wanted to say sorry and thank you to all of the BANAs who waited so long for B1A4′s album, and I wanted to say thank you to the many staff members who worked hard until the completion of the album. I hope you can look forward to our new and growing image. We will stay devoted by continuing to think hard and work hard. 


Because we’ve returned to you after 10 months with Rollin’, I think I feel thankful and sorry towards our BANAs who’ve waited for B1A4′s music up until now. So we worked really hard to present you with an album filled with our songs. This album is even more meaningful to me because it contains the song <Like A Child>, which is one I participated in the making of. This album is being released 7 years after our debut, but it contains B1A4′s efforts to maintain the spirit and intentions that we had at the beginning of our journey. This is an album in which we’ve worked hard to make each member’s unique strengths shine, and we poured great passion into it, so we hope it becomes an album that is loved by many for a long time. I want to say thank you to everyone who loves this album.


You’ve waited long right, finally our new album has been released. My fellow members, all of you must have been tired with your individual activities, but you found time in between to work on music and help create such a great album, so I’m so thankful. For this album’s promotions as well, let’s make it to the end nicely!! Without getting sick! And to my mom who always greets me by asking if I did a good job after my schedules, to my dad who only thinks of us as he works hard in our hometown, and to my awesome younger sister Yoonji who has achieved her dream of debuting, thank you all so much, and I always gain strength because of you! Love you! And our BANAs!! It must have been hard waiting for our album, but thank you for waiting, and I feel so comforted knowing you are always by our side, whether we’re sad or going through a tough time!! Moving forward, let’s only walk on a flowery road!! Love you!! 


BANA♡ It’s already the 7th year since we’ve been together. I think time flies too quickly. A lot’s happened in 7 years right? So much that we can’t count :) Up until now though, there’s something that really amazes me. It’s the fact that we’ve become a lot like each other over the past 7 years, isn’t it fascinating? We first met in 2011.. when we first met there was a lot we didn’t know about each other yet, and we were quite different, but as we spent days and months and years together, we started to share the same thoughts, same feelings, and even the same heart. We laugh and cry with our BANAs, and the fact that we are able to share these emotions with each other makes me feel so happy. I especially feel this when I see our fans from the stage. Even if you don’t say it, even if we just look each other in the eye, we’re able to know what the other is thinking, and we’re able to experience that moment with the same feelings. At first it made me feel shy and I didn’t know what to do, but as I continued to see you I started to miss you, I didn’t want to leave you, and I wanted to stay by your side. When we stay together for a long time and part afterwards, it hurts my heart. I want to stay and chat with you longer… but I can’t do that. That’s why since last year, I’ve tried to be more active through my SNS. I like uploading my stories and sharing them with you, but even more than that, I am curious about our BANAs’ day, and I want to communicate with you. Of course there must be lots of people who are curious about my day-to-day. So I do share my stories, but I find our BANAs’ stories much more fun. Other than the emotions we feel together when we are on stage, I am able to experience more diverse feelings and emotions through our BANAs’ stories. Even in the little things our BANAs experience, there are many emotions spread throughout them, and as we communicate with each other about these things, it brings me great happiness to be able to share these new feelings with you. As the days pass I am drawn to it more. I love these moments when we can share stories, and I want to chat with even more BANAs. We may be far apart, but in that moment, I feel our emotions coming together as one. Moving forward, I’ll only do it more and more, I will never stop~! Thank you for supporting us for 7 years and staying by our side. I love you for loving us. I’m excited about moving forward with these emotions we’ve shared, and about the future emotions that we’ll experience as we stay together. Let’s share even more of these these moments together! 

<Special Thanks to>

Firstly, we want to say thank you to Lee Won Min CEO for investing a lot of energy up to the release of our album. To Kim Jin Mi director who always works hard for B1A4, Cho Ji Hyun director who works hard day and night, and Park Dong Joo director, thank you. We also want to say words of thanks and love to all of our WM family members. Though we usually don’t express ourselves, we always have a heart filled with thanks. We hope that we can continue on together for a long time. To our make-up artist Hae Ran, hair stylist Tae Jin, Yu Mi, So Jung, stylist Hae Ryeong, team manager Mi Kyeong, Hee Seung, Soo Ji, director Gwi Hoon of Korea’s greatest dance team Free Mind who made up the incredible choreography, and our genius coach Jung Wan, we love you. To Jun Sung, Eun Sook, Ja Yeon, and Hwang Min Hee who are our sound engineers from W Sound, to Lee In Hoon director and Gye Myeong Hoon PD from Segaji Video who made our incredible music video, and Hwang Hye Jung manager who took the beautiful jacket photos for us, thank you all so much. It is because of all of you that B1A4 could exist and that this album could be released. Thank you once again..

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Loving Faerie Loki so much! What about him meeting domestic animals for the first time? I think he'd be taken aback by dogs at first, and then amused. He would hold great respect for cats and their lounging and attitude and elegance lol. A parrot would probably offend him, saying something rude lol. (Fury as a parrot maybe or the owner that the bird takes after) lol

Loki is fairly annoyed by dogs. Loud, smelly, shedding– who has time for that? It doesnt help that his first dog encounter involved a great dane. 

“Look at that ugly horse.” He comments and did not understand why his human laughs so hard for quite so long. 

Cats though– Loki enjoys cats. 

“They are obviously a fae creature.” He explains to Tony as he stares at one through the glass of the pet shop. “Look at the intelligence in his eyes. At the utter disdain it has for humans. The way it twitches its tail in thought. It is practically its own spirit, trapped in a fur body, how terrible unfortunate for such a strong soul.” 

Then the kitten placed its little paws on the glass and “meow” and Loki completely dissolved. 

“Anthony look at it! Look at its paws and its tiny whiskers! Please Anthony, I must have one for the home! Look at how absolutely darling! The little noise! I need one! The black one! It looks like a black smudge, as if he rolled in the ashes of a holy fire, as if I reached into the living shadows and plucked out something tiny! Oh please Anthony!”


Tony now owns six cats. The black kitten from the pet shop who was outrageously expensive, two full grown siamese that Loki rescued from the local pound, a fat orange tabby that was wandering around in front of their apartment building, a spotted bob tailed mix, and a darling calico. 

And when he complains, Loki rolls his eyes. “Honestly, Anthony. They are little fae creatures, turning them out would incur the wrath of the fairies, is that what you wish?” 


The leggings I’m running in are officially too big for running (fine for walking) which is a great NSV but I can’t really think about that right now because I feel like I have webbed thighs and I probably look dumb yanking this seam up into my vag and asscrack every three minutes but that’s the reality I’m dealing with at the moment

6 years is such a long time. Like 6 years ago I was in high school, and frowned upon drinking, and thought I was straight. AND LOOK AT ME NOW! They are both gonna be such different people!!!! The same people at their core maybe, but time changes you!!!!!!

And I can’t even remember specific details about the guy I ‘dated’ 3 years ago. And I knew him for 2 years before that. Like I don’t remember what his voice sounds like at all, or how much taller he was than me… AND BELLAMY HASN’T SEEN CLARKE FOR TWICE THAT TIME AND HAS THOUGHT SHE WAS FULLY FUCKING DEAD.


One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I love you’ - 59: “Wow.”

Another prompt from @queseraone (I love these)!

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Thank you to everyone who is reading too, and all of the feedback! <3 Please let me know what you think again - I seriously love reading all your thoughts. It truly makes my day. 

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“…and then in a few weeks’ times, the Hawks are gonna lift the Cup with all three of us right there watching. Maybe I’ll feel generous and invite your Uncle Will too,” Jay explained to his son in the one-sided conversation they were currently having whilst carefully trying to get his little feet into the equally little shoes whilst he was distracted by his talking. “I’m going to make sure you have all the best stories to tell when you grow up.”

The seven-month-old sat obediently on the couch dressed in a tiny Blackhawks shirt with ‘Halstead’ printed on the back, jeans and the cutest Hawks hat he had ever seen planted backwards on his head just like his daddy whilst Jay knelt in front of him to complete the task at hand. It didn’t help Sammy preferred to grab at his father’s hat or his own socks when possible, though with some diversion tactics of tickling or pressing kisses to his hands as Jay pried them away, he finally got him ready.

“There, all done!” Jay announced with extra enthusiasm, revelling in the way Sammy clapped and laughed back, dimples that were a mirror of his mother’s curving into his cheeks, and babbled what he swore was something that almost sounded like ‘Dada’. Sighing contently, he held the child securely by the waist and slid him forward on the couch. “God, you’re just too adorable. How did I get so lucky with you, baby boy?”

“Are you sure taking a seven-month-old to a hockey game is a good idea? It’s pretty cold in there,” Erin called out from their bedroom, repeating the worries she had been voicing for the past three days.

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The James Ashton situation…

So the face has changed and people are furious. I’ve never been a wild fan of his character so I don’t really mind but then I think how I’d feel if they did this to Kaitlyn so I do get why fans are angry.

HOWEVER I’m fairly confident that PB wouldn’t have done this without having to. The cosmetic changes to the hair of Chris, Kaitlyn and Becca was not great but you can understand PB looking to freshen up the looks of the characters. But this isn’t that, clearly. New hair cuts and clothing are logical within the story line (Becca even refers to Kaitlyn’s new hair cut). There’s no scenario in which James just gets a new face.

So clearly this is a change they’ve been forced into. Which is disappointing and could definitely be handled better but I do understand why they’ve done it.

People’s pleas to PB to change him back will not work, they’ve made this change and given the circumstances that engendered it, they won’t be allowed to change it back.

There’s no happy ending here. Fans want the old James back which is not something that PB can provide. I would guess this will not be the last character to undergo some changes, given the excellent face claims I’ve seen on here.

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on my thoughts.

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Hahhahahhaa omg in Lily's photos when you see how Gillian looks at David at the Comic Con panel even when she was a bad mood she STILL looks at him like that. Isn't it strange that with all the photos of her and PM not once did she look like that at him. A few photos she is smiling big af but when you zoom in on the photo she's often looking at something to the side or behind PM. If she's that in love like g*rgans say then why does she look like an angry lemon next to PM and avoid eye contact???

I know what you mean, the hard part is to see it and think “she looks great and happy with him but awful with someone else, but wait - I don’t know them well enough to interpret every look, or the way they behave around their friends, partners, whatever”… you know what I mean?

This entire last year was weird AF, but I’m glad we still get glowing, happy Gillian when she’s with David…

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Poor Armie. Everyone is making fun of him dancing, saying it's cringy and what not. I've seen that clip so many times now and in all honesty I thought his dancing was good compared to the rest. I mean have you seen the others? They're just as bad or worst 😂

I know! I mean, I can certainly tell that his rhythm is a more carefully cultivated one, but its still there and he looks great letting go in the dance floor. Luca said that he likes to make his actors dance in movies because there is just something so sensual about a man dancing. I think that Armie danced without inhibitions (despite obviously having them) and Luca was right, it was sexy. I respect the right to cringe but I just don’t see it. I was full blown heart eyes emoji all the way. Until Timmy danced and then I was drool emoji. 

I sometimes think about the night trump won the presidency and I remember laying on my couch, looking at my phone, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that america was gonna punish everybody. it didn’t matter if they hurt themselves in the process, it was having someone so hatred and worthless in office that mattered most.