and i think it looks great

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Yuri on Ice is cancer to the internet, you all think this anime is flawless but ARE YOU BLIND?????? The animation doesn't look great, it's literally lazy and Yuuri and the russian guy never kissed, he wispered to him, you blind idiots. You all act like "OMG THEY TOUCHED EACH OTHER IT MEANS THEY LOVE EACH OTHER GGHLUUGGGETYBVBGOJIGKJGJGDFTJJFUCKJGHBIUKLJIKGIHJVKIKTYHJ" I'm sick of this fandom and it's loud fans, I wished the director never made this anime.

lmao grow some balls and say it to the fandom off-anon, u coward

The Mortar and Pestle

I can think of no tool in a witches’ arsenal which requires more finesse than the mortar and pestle. So often people will pick one up, looking forward to pounding and grinding, not realizing it takes so much more than brute force. Resins will gum up, herbs will be stirred with little to no effect, roots will refuse to powder, all causing a great deal of frustration to those who so looked forward to using this marvelous set. But here’s the secret to using a mortar and pestle: brute force is rarely ever needed, and will not work well in most cases.

Working with resins, herbs, spices, flowers, and more can be maddening with a mortar and pestle, as each of these requires different ways of grinding and working. You cannot approach each the same, as each is entirely different. Simply pounding away at everything will not produce the fine powders so often hoped for. In some cases, a powder is simply not attainable. But, with a little patience and cunning, the tool will serve you well. But before we get to any of that, it’s important to note that if you’re having excessive trouble with working with a mortar and pestle, and the set came from a specialty occult shop, it might just be best to toss it aside. Most of the time these sets are too smooth, not having what it takes to actually grind the materials down. A mortar and pestle made for culinary use is usually the best way to go. Such sets are generally not expensive, and will last you a lifetime.

With that in mind, left’s get right to it! Below are a few examples of the different grinding methods I use.

Resins- Resins can be notoriously difficult to powder properly, often succumbing to the friction between the mortar and pestle and gumming up. Even pounding the resinous chunks too hard will result in sticky pieces. When it comes to tree resins, you must consider what it is you are grinding. Don’t pound the chunks with all your might, or try to grind them with force. No, resins require a delicate touch. Use the pestle to gently hit the chunks until they crack apart. Then use the pestle smoothly, gently, with patience. Resins will take time to powder, giving you plenty of chance to focus your will as you work. Before you know, the gently circular grinding motion will produce a fine powder for any use. Be aware, though, that you cannot use one technique for all resins. Copal powders easier than Dragon’s Blood, which powders far easier than Myrrh.

Dried Herbs and Flowers- Another example of a place where brute force will not serve you, though dried herbs and flowers are much more forgiving. Rosemary, jasmine, lavender, and vervain are all good examples here. Simply stamping at these will not be enough. Often times it takes a gentle grinding of these ti create a suitable material for a powder. Some dried herbs, like mugwort, simply will not powder, whereas Jasmine flowers will be reduced to a fine powder in mere seconds. As with resins, take your time. Be gentle. When you grind dried herbs, you’re either working with botanicals you have dried yourself, or that come prepackaged. If you’ve dried them yourself, you’ll have a much easier time. Prepackaged herbs, while useful at times, are very difficult to grind down any further than the state in which they are purchased. It’s possible to do though with yet more patience.

Dried Roots, Barks, and Berries- Don’t let anyone tell you these are easy to grind because holy mother, that is a lie. Dried roots, bark, and berries are prbably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to grind in my life, and these botanicals are some of the only ones where brute force is your friend. Each of them requires a great deal of power to break down. However, once you’ve pounded them apart, the force is no longer needed. You’ll still have to give it some welly, but it won’t require near as much effort once you’ve broken the materials down. Mandrake root is a good example of this. When dried, mandrake becomes wood-like. It’s very difficult to break down. However, once you’ve got it worked down, you can powder it as you would anything else. Other roots are not so forgiving which is why, if you pull your iwn roots, I encourage you to slice the root pieces into disks. These are much more managable than even small pieces, as the larger surface area gives you more to work with. Bark should be handled much the same. As far as berries, you have to be sure they’re comoletely dry before attempting to work then down. Some berries are far easier to powder than others. Juniper berries (not being real berries) will give you hell. But, as always, keep your patience. It will serve you well.

Fresh Botanicals- This is where you’ll want to forget about powdering. When it comes to fresh botanicals, it’s often only feasable to draw out the juices via stamping and bruising of leaves and flowers, or making a paste by the addition of warm water. Roots will create a paste of their own, as will mucilagenous plants like aloe-vera and marshmallow. Berries will simply muddle down. If you’re trying to get seeds from fruits or berries, you can use a mortar and pestle to (gently) muddle the materials, then add water. After some time, the seeds will sink to the bottom while the body of the fruit/berry floats. Using fresh botanicals in a mortar and pestle can create a great poultice, as well as helping release the volatile oils and constituents of a plants for an infusion or decoction.

However you choose to use your mortar and pestle, remember that it will take time to really understand the tool, and longer to get the hang of it. However, the nortar and pestle is, I feel, and integral part of witchcraft practice. One can learn so much from working their botanicals down, smelling them, hearing them, feong what it takes to break them down, and more. While the mortar and pestle have a great deal of uses beyond just grinding, it’s a great place to start. Happy grinding!

did Baekhyun delete his last instagram post because of all the comments saying he has no taste and that his shoes are ugly? BECAUSE I SWEAR TO GOD!!!

You can post on your whatever social media about it and how you don’t think they look great, IN A HARMLESS MANNER, not spam him on his post with hate, post which he put because he clearly likes those shoes and he wanted to share them with us!!!!!!

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Komaeda and Togami, don't you think your boyfriends look kinda similar? What if they just switched places for a bit?

….Are you blind?

Yes I’m sorry but I have to disagree too. Hajime doesn’t look like Naegi-kun at all.

And what exactly do you mean by “switching place”. Their personalities aren’t alike at all. There is no way I would agree to such a thing.

Makoto may be an idiot but he is far better than him.

Of course Naegi-kun is a wonderful person. He is our Hope and I respect him a lot.

But Hajime is a great person too !

If you say so. But they are not switching place. My boyfriend is staying with me.

I had no intention of letting you have Hajime either. You wouldn’t know how to appreciate him.

…..*a bit away from them* Do you think they will even ask for our opinion on the matter?

….No it doesn’t seem like they will.

scriptcat replied to your photo “An updated version of a big piece I’ve been chipping away at. (You can…”

I want to say that the angle of Medic’s head, and how it lines up with his reflection seems slightly… off? Although considering the perspective - and that mirors are a complete visual-spacial nightmare for my brain - I’m not entirely sure? Looks great otherwise, and I love how much detail you put into your work!

Yeah, I think you’re right. I went and messed with it, measuring out the perspective because this image is a spatial reasoning headache for me, too. I think it looks better now? (Also, I fixed the dove I forgot to draw on his shoulder.)


So Aylin’s wig and dress came through the post today! I also made her some jewellery last night. I am so happy with how she is coming together so far. I think her eyes are great, the sculpt is stunning, and I really like the wig for her! I am glad it has come as quickly as it has, so I can see how it looks before she needs to be sent off for her face-up.

Although this is not her body. It belongs to Ki, but that is the closest body to what I have ordered for her. Although I did order her body Tuesday night. I just wanted to play with her a little bit. I want this doll so badly. 

I have boxed her head, ready to post on Monday for her face-up too! I was a tiny bit upset boxing her up, but the sooner I send her, the sooner she can be complete.

Just Lucywen is just so beautiful. I didn’t think I was going to get one. However I am so happy that she is mine.

I am so happy to be getting dolly Moon Moon. I just love her character so much.

Idiots in love (because it’s not like they actually acted on their feelings in the show)

Do you think Jack sometimes just stopped what he was doing and looked at Ianto, like… damn. That is a great guy. I love him.

And Ianto looked back and him and thought the same thing, and then they just stared at each other in the middle of the Hub, and everyone was like “get a room”, but they didn’t, because they weren’t paying attention to anything but each other.

NDRV3 Birthdays Chart

If you too wanted to know when the next NDRV3 birthday but did not want to risk going on the Wiki and seeing s p o i l e r s
s o m a n y s p o i l e r s
Well there you go ! I doesn’t look to great but at least it’s clear enough. I don’t think I have forgotten anyone. If I have, tell me !

Well, absolutely no character in the whole of Danganronpa seems to be born on the same day as me :’(


Royal Lookalikes: Queen Charlotte and Queen Mary

We often think of the present Queen and her grandmother as being lookalikes, but the similarities between Queen Mary and her own great-grandmother, Queen Charlotte, are even more striking. It is interesting to note, however, that while Charlotte was considered to be ugly, Mary was considered to be pretty – albeit not photogenic. (She herself said, “I am too like Queen Charlotte to ever be good-looking.”)

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Hi hello to you and the other 24 people in my inbox (not kidding). I think I have to write a part 2, especially if I still want my friends to love me (looking at you @stylesunchained, @permanentcross, and @aqua-harry). I’m writing three other pieces at the moment and want to finish those, then I’ll begin part 2 of Make Tea, Not War.

But thank you to everyone for reading and please know I derive great pleasure from your tears 🤗🤗🤗

Guys, I am SUPER EXCITED. My latest book of poetry is out! This time it’s a collection of haiku, and I think it’s some of my best work. It’s even been featured on Amazon’s “Hot and new” section for Japanese poetry!

The book also LOOKS beautiful, and would make a great gift if you know someone who likes poetry!

Please check it out if you get a chance, it’s only $12 on Amazon, and your support would mean a lot to me! If you enjoy it, you can leave a review too, so others can find it!

Love to you all,


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can u believe dan just said "the make up is great- i mean i like to think that if i ever, you know, as a female, or just as dan now, id embrace my makeup itd be a bit cooler than that" or something like that. he said that. im so happy? i love dan. so much

2017 is the year that clearly proves they can still surprise us so don’t be shocked if you wake up one day and there’s a ‘v soft boye’ selfie pt.2 featuring a smoky eye look

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This is kinda random but have Natsu or Lucy ever killed anyone? They fight so many people but I can't remember if they have actually also killed some of them 🤔

I don’t know about Lucy, but I think Natsu has killed people. When he was looking for Zeref after he thought Lucy died, there were burning bodies around him. They might have already been dead though. Not sure. 

But honestly, Natsu is ready to kill if he has to. He doesn’t want to, but he will do what he has to in order to save his friends. 

Hope that answered your question! Have a great day/night!! 

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You know, I've been thinking about this lately. Since Antonio Banderas played Armand in the IVTV movie and he didn't looked like the character in the books, a lot of people were disheartened about it, but actually, i think it was divine. Yes, Banderas didn't look like Armand and there's a lot of theories on why they choose him, but his performance was so great. It was like a "Dracula version" of Armand, so fancy, so dark, so dramatic, so... charming. I thought it was great. What do you think?

Well you probably know you’re preaching to the choir on that one ;) 

Most of my thoughts on Antonio!Armand are in #Defending Antonio, so you can check that out.

However, I totally understand that other people were disheartened about it, and I’m not looking to argue with anyone, just saying that I was able to enjoy Antonio!Armand, and I’m glad other people were able to enjoy him, as well <3


Kat: Hey, ‘Fendi. Can you explain this thing called… ‘shipping’?

Alfendi: Where did you learn that word? Who has corrupted you, sweet sister?

Kat: I just saw it online when I was researching my new game, which is receiving way more marketing than your Mystery Room did, by the way!

Alfendi: …Thanks. Anyway, shipping is when fans enjoy seeing two (or more) characters in a relationship. This relationship can be romantic or platonic in some cases… I hope no one has tried to ‘ship’ you already?

Kat: There was some cute art of me with Noah, Geraldine and the festival lady! 

Alfendi: ALL AT ONCE?

Kat: I don’t think so… And it’s nothing to worry about! Fans are just excited for the upcoming game and are looking forward to the new character interactions. It’s great to see them expressing their love for the series through their art!  

Alfendi: But you don’t understand! What if those characters happen to be older than you or you’re secretly related in some way? It’ll be like DesLay, Lemmy and Demmy all over again! 

Kat: DesL… WHAT?

Alfendi: Never mind! Just stay far away from those shippers. 

Kat: But if what they’re doing could be wrong, shouldn’t we put a stop to it? I don’t want to be seen kissing Noah if it turns out he’s my cousin or that festival lady if she’s actually way older than me (even though she’s really pretty) -

Alfendi: No. Just leave the shippers to their own dank corner of the internet. Don’t harass them. Don’t acknowledge them. And do not tell them to burn in the fiery pits of hell, no matter how much you might wish for it…

Kat: Chill, Potty! At the end of the day, these are just fictional couples… Though I totally ship you and Lucy -   

Alfendi: GET OUT.

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Do you think that the nephilim is controlling Cas? Or do you think that Cas saw something great for real, and it's just all him talking? If so, what do you think he saw?

Now, that’s a very interesting question, especially considering I just saw a physics video I understood nothing about which claims the future doesn’t really happen in the future, actually works like the past and therefore is already written.

This is apparently some consequence of Einstein’s theory of relativity and it’s messing with my brain a lot even if, as I said, by minute 2:05 I was basically just looking at the pretty pictures and freaking out because I’m really bad at science.

All this to say - I think the answer to your questions is to be found in another question: is the future inevitable and written in advance on Supernatural? This is trickier than it looks like, because whatever happened, you could argue that it was always meant to happen (for instance, yes, the Apocalypse was averted, but maybe that was the idea all along), but that’s more of a RL argument, because the whole point of this show is that free will is a thing and there’s no such thing as a pre-determined future. Which means, sadly, that yes, that thing is mind-controlling Cas to some extent - because if the future is not set in stone, then any vision you can show someone is a simply that, a vision, never the objective truth. 

Also, the apple never falls far from the orange, as Stephen Colbert would say, because we know this is precisely how Lucifer operates: unlike other angels and archangels, who use brute force and will basically take away all your internal organs one by one until you do what they say, Lucifer is all about seduction and seemingly giving people what they want. 

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*grabs popcorn and video camera and begins to pursue Fuyuhiko* This is going to be great

*walking around the island looking at the tree* Not this one…Not this one either…

*walks up to him* Fuyuhiko…Aren’t you forgetting that you are-

Don’t try to stop me, Peko.

Those guys are always mocking me, making fun of me. I’ll fucking show them ! They won’t be able to say anything like that to me again !

I-If you’re sure…