and i think im kinda gay

so patroclus is often portrayed as being kinda weak and in need of protection but i think we forget that patroclus is kind of a certified badass on his own ?? like he literally killed a kid over a dice game .. he went into battle dressed as achilles and people believed it was him .. like i’m all for protecting my soft gay son but its good to be reminded than he can and will kick your ass and i think thats beautiful

*punches a wall* i want a boyfriend

i think ppl need to be careful about saying “straight women fetishizing gay/bi men is JUST AS predatory as straight men fetishizing lesbian/bi women” like…. both of these are bad things, similar expressions of homophobia and entitlement, nasty as hell and inexcusable but like… acting like the exact same power dynamics are at play is kinda ridiculous and you have to accept that if you want a valuable discussion of these issues

Why Kevin Price Is Not Straight™

ok so i think about this on like a daily basis??? so here are the completely valid reasons that Kevin Price Is Not A Heterosexual

-“nono i’m not having gay thoughts” “alright! it worked!”

-in the workshop you could basically feel the sexual tension between kev and connor during smhd?? there is no Heterosexual Explanation

-idk if it’s canon but there are people talking about the subtext of kevin being gay on the bom tour etc and things like him pretending to make out with connor/getting a boner during smhd give me life tbh

-mcpriceley is basically canon at this point so,,,

-so you know how kev’s hell dream is basically supposed to be a manifestation of everything he feels guilty about?? like there’s coffee, maple donuts, giant arbold heads,, and then there’s connor in a sexy red outfit and giant boa dancing around flirtatiously??? ((and then giving hitler a blowjob uhh)) does kevin feel guilty about having gay thoughts for connor?? yes

-during tomorrow is a latter day kevin and connor keep glancing, smiling, and waving at each other in a very non heterosexual way

-connor grabs only kevin’s hand when leading him and arnold to the room,,

-when kevin is singing about orlando, the stage’s lighting turns pink((another post covered the topic discussing how the color pink in bom represents homosexuality,, hence the pink vests/con’s suitcase etc etc))

-it may just be me looking too much into it but you know after they finish tap dancing for the first time and all the other elders walk off but kevin stands there still standing in a pose but he looks down and is suddenly kinda aware/shocked for some reason?? was it because he didn’t remember putting it on or was it an “oh shit im gay” moment?? ((probably the first one but shhh))

-when connor says “being gay is bad but lying is worse” he turns to kevin on the first one and arnold on the second uhh coincidence i think n o t

-this goes along with one of my earlier points but during the tap scene in turn it off, the lights go very very pink and that seems,, very familiar,,,, cough orlaaandooooo

-you know when kevin goes to sit down next to arnold while the other elders are still tap dancing and arnold puts a pillow in his lap?? yea h…..

-the elder that says “you’re like the smartest best most deserving elder the center’s ever seen” leans in really close to kevin’s face, and my boy kev just looks so unfazed by it???

-just.. the entire workshop tbh…’s not even subtext anymore

-during the entirety of joseph smith american moses kevin and connor are talking to each other and making these faces at each other,,, while standing rly close,,, this is Not Straight

in summary kevin price is a gay icon,, this has been a PSA

EDIT: i forgot the classic: when elder price sings “i’m sure you don’t think i’m a flake, because you’ve clearly made a mistake” and the other elders come in with “turn it off”,, what is that supposed to mean?? kevin is asking god why he made him gay uhh yea you can all fight me on this

hi it’s late and all i can think about is Grantaire wearing his contacts for the first few months that he comes to les amis meetings and then one day he just cant be fucked to bother with them and he shows up in his thick rectangular frame glasses that he kinda hates and enjolras just KEELS OVER

Some people, I hear: The Lego Batman movie made Batman and Joker unnecessarily gay!!

Me: ……  *just watched a cannon fight between them in their old age in the tunnel of love at a carnival where the joker says “i love you” unabashedly and makes a whole ton of getting old/can’t get it up/finish me off puns as they fight to the death*

Me: …. Yeah…. unnecessarily….


Willow Rosenberg

I’m all sweaty and trapped, no memory, hiding in a pipe from a vampire… and I think I’m kinda gay.

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Happy 20th Anniversary to Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

  • Taehyung: What are you guys doing?
  • Jimin: We're taking a bath.
  • Jungkook: A bubble bath.
  • Taehyung: Together? That's kinda gay tho
  • Jimin:
  • Jungkook:
  • Taehyung:
  • Taehyung: I didn't think that through
  • Yoongi: It was like, really cute and innocent but at the same time so fricking dumb

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The entire cast of“Voltron: Legendary Defender”, according to 5 minutes on the ’voltron’ tag


- Leader of Voltron

- Named the team after himself i guess? Narcissistic, much?

- Dating an alien girl

- Has an anime-looking white streak in his hair. what a weeb.

- buff

Alien Girl

- Don’t know her name, but she looks cute

- Dating Volton

- Only alien in entire show, which is sad because it apparently takes place in space

- white hair

- she has a spaceship i think? 


- Trans

- Smol

- That’s it that’s all their character traits

- I mean? Having a trans character is good, im all down for that, but having a character just be two things is not good character design my guy


- One of two guys? I’ve done extensive research and I cannot determine which one it is.

- One is red with long hair, one is blue with short hair

- Long hair is called “Garla”, which I think is a derogatory word for ‘gay’

- “Galra” does sound like a cool alien species name tho. its a shame that theres only one alien in the entire show. real shame

- runs a coffee shop? kinda wasting the whole “space” thing guys…

That’s every main character from “Voltron : Legendary Defender”. There’s no other characters whatsoever, main, side, or one-off.

there👏is👏a👏difference👏between👏recognising👏chemistry👏between👏irl ppl👏and👏shipping them/👏fetishizing👏their👏relationship

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Hold it, hp is about disability rights? I get the classism and a little of the gay (lupin is kinda a metaphor of aids, some think, right?) But i dont get the disability part. I dont remember any disabilited characters (omg i forgot how to spell disability) and i really like that sort of thing because im constantly looking for rep for myself

even though it isn’t canon, luna is pretty obviously autistic, and i’m pretty sure the whole segment with Filch trying to learn how to use magic because he was a squib was about, y’know, squibs being considered less in the magical community for not having magic. that’s a pretty clear disability theme imo. like, it’s not very good representation-wise and i wish more time had been spent on it, but harry potter is fundamentally about protecting those who are seen of as lesser in society

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Can you,,,,give me some more,,, autistic! Nico headcannons?? I just,,,I NEED them ~Local autistic boi

>:3c little did u know, local autistic boi, that I am Always Here To Dispense My Autistic Nico Headcanons

• he CANT eat warm food cold like. pizza is supposta be WARM and here u are tryna convince me its fine cold??? fuck no the feeling is WRONG

•sometimes there is a smell so Bad™ that he kinda gag-chokes w/out thinking and he feels Really Bad about it cause he feels like hes bein ungrateful (he still lowkey blames himself whenever he exhibits symptoms like this my poor child …….)

•nico: *blames himself for exhibiting symptoms*

reyna: *nico senses Tingling*


•(real talk,,,,,,,,,,,,, Autistic Reyna tho 👀👀👀)

((i am here to rub my filthy gay autistic hands on everythinf in reach))

•nico hears the words “Autism Speaks” and loses 10 years off his life span, also kills all the flowers within a five foot radius

•sometimes words jus. dont Happen for him and he is left gesturing in frustration


•ALSO CONSIDER AUTISTIC ANNABETH honestly im lowkey projecting on all my faves rn i just want them to be Relatable™ to my worn and broken autistic sou l 

•he has a Very Difficult Time speaking to and even, like, looking at people in the mornings so he gets he breakfast an hour early 

•srsly tho some other demigods eatin their frosted flakes at 5 am? Bad Time™™™ they r like “hi nico” and hes like “mhmrdfmkmd mmhrfUCK You,,, FUCK!!!! “ and then he snatches he coffee and a pastry and Absconds To His Cabin

•he feels kinda guilty later but in his defense no other words were poppin into his brain at the time and apparently saying nothing is Bad™ (@neurotypicals why u got so many Rules im an old man who cant keep up)

• sometimes he doesnt get jokes or sarcasm, he doesnt know when ppl are being serious or not BUT! he has Quality Friends Who Inform Him

anyway that is all for now love u local autistic anon,,,,,, -gem, ur local autistic Gay

Analysing Naruto’s sexuality

You know, people love to criticize SNS by saying that they’re totally straight, but let me tell you how they’re not.
Starting by Naruto.
Jfc, because I’m stating he likes boys doesn’t mean he can’t also like girls.

BEWARE: reaally long ass text post.

When he was still a kid, in the first part of the manga, Naruto wasn’t very mature. Althought he was shown as having romantic interest in Sakura, it was actually pretty clear that his preocupations were very far away from anything related to sexuality. What he really cared about was simple things such as pranks and instant noodles.

Naruto leaves the village to train with Jiraya at the most intense phase of the adolescence (who has been through it, knows what I’m talking about) which is between 13 to 16 years old. Sexualy speaking, this is the phase where everything changes, body and mind. Being so, when Naruto returns, it’s expected that he’d have a bit more sexual maturity, showing more interest in girls (you know, curves). But no. No interest for girls, the first thing he says is that he sees no difference on Sakura. (So sorry, Cherry Blossom) I mean, he’s supposed to like her, right? He should’ve been stunned by her more womanly-like looks or something, but we get no reaction on that. Sakura herself feels clearly different about him, as is shown by the way she looks at him and by blushing. Naruto, on the other hand, is again worried about joking around with Konohamaru showing off his sexy no jutsu (to which he shows no reaction).

On another hand, the first person Naruto points out to be beautiful is - guess who? Sasuke. I’m not even joking.

He’s extremely upset about Sasuke being “replaced” on Team 7, much more than Sakura, who tries to show that Sai is, afterall, somewhat like Sasuke, not only in his ways but also in looks. Now, see, she said nothing about being pretty, she said they’re kinda alike. And what Naruto says? “They’re nothing alike, Sasuke looks tons better! No… Wait, he doesn’t look as bad”.

Oh my god, are you kidding me? No, wait for it, and he even repeats that! “Ohh noooo, that guy can’t get even close to Sasuke!”

Can I freak out already? No, seriously, he gets pissed off and starts babbling on how Sai can’t replace Sasuke because Sasuke is so much more handsome. Not only that, but he also does the tipical tsundere thing of “i-it’s not like I find him pretty… b-baka!”. Naruto, pls, just stop talking, bby, you’re making it worse.

And then, since Naruto can’t get along with Sai at all, Yamato decides to take the team to a bath house to relax and get a bit closer. As we know, it’s very common in Japan to go to these bath houses, like Naruto did before with Jiraya and such. Even so, withouth any aparent reason, the scene starts with Naruto already awfully embarrassed to be there. It would be normal, giving the situation, if he was suspicious or angry to be forced there with Sai, but not self-conscious the way he’s shown. He’s not avoiding Sai specifically, but with his eyes down, the face really blushed and almost entirely underwater, in a clear sign of insecurity, as if he’s trying to hide himself. If public baths are normal, why would he be like that?

That’s when I started thinking: afterall, he had just been through the hardest phase of puberty, right? This means that, while he was away, he probably went through things like first erection, wet dreams and first signs of sexual attraction (for what I researched, most boys go through that at the age of 12 to 15).

Now let’s be honest here, if in almost three years sulking for his bestie who looks so good (as he said himself), starting to develop the natural sexual desires of the adolescence, he didn’t dreamt or thought of something a little sexual about Sasuke, it’s a lie. He could even be 100% straight and had spontaneously fall in love with Hinata and all that jazz, but he was 14, 15 years old, training with the only purpose of reaching for Sasuke (you can check, he came back saying he’s stronger to save Sasuke, not to become Hokage or anything else), going through a naturally confusing phase of self-discovery and sexual development, it’s only natural that, going through that with his mind completely focused on someone, he’d start questioning his own feelings. Also, who knows what other hot muscled ninjas didn’t come across his path during those two years and a half? The thing is: aparently, he’s violently embarrassed to be naked surrounded by naked dudes (not much help from Sai, who made fun of his little buddy moments latter. Btw, thanks, Sai, for this vital contribution. Without you, we’d never know Naruto had a small equipment)

Afterwards, it turns out Sai was a spy for Danzou who served as a bridge between he and Orochimaru. In the middle of that, he said he had been with Sasuke and he’s not the person they used to know anymore and says he can’t understand why Naruto and Sakura go so far for him and, aparently calm, Naruto explains that he used to hate Sasuke, but found out he felt happy around him. He was smiling and all was okay, but then he pauses his speach and closes his eyes real thight, as if he was on pain or something. When he opens again, it’s clear there’s a terrible feeling. He breathes and it’s gone, he’s back to his normal self, it was just that moment. It’s clear from that, even talking about Sasuke is difficult for him, just in thinking how much he misses the guy already affects him physically. This reaction in particular caught my attention because I suffer from anxiety and, many times, when it attacks, I feel my throat closing, it gets hard to breathe, my stomach goes all raging butterflies and sometimes I get even sick. The point is: my first reaction is exactly this: I close my eyes tightly and take a deep breath. That’s feeling is kinda common among people who had been through a recent break-up too, I got a lot of friends who also have this frequently.

Finally, after almost three years apart, it’s time for Team 7’s firt reencounter. I guess it’s valid to remember Naruto’s first reaction here was freezing. He mutters Sasuke’s name and stays staring at him in silence for a while like a dummy. And then, when Sasuke says he doesn’t care about them anymore, Naruto starts yelling on why didn’t he kill him when he had the chance. If you don’t care about me, why did you let me live? He’s been rehashing that, he has this little hope he’s holding onto and he needs to know Sasuke cares about him.
Now, here comes something fun, Sasuke just showed off how he can move at the speed of sound, but he announces out loud that he shall kill the guy and starts pulling his sword in slow-motion while three ninjas, all perfecty able to step in, watch the whole thing happen. But let’s not talk about how Sasuke was begging to be stopped, let’s talk about how there’s some guy leaning on Naruto, about to impale him with a sword and he’s just paralized there. His only reaction to being threatened with a lethal blade is to complain it wouldn’t be worth to become Hokage if he wasn’t able to save the guy about to murder him. He doesn’t even blink, he’s just completely frozen there like “omg, he’s touching me”.

Now this one hurts me. After all the sacrifice to get there, years waiting and training restless for this moment, they fail and Sasuke leaves once more with Orochimaru. The look on his face kills me, I swear, and then he breaks down, sobbing, crying his heart out. I find interesting how much he lost it at this moment, since even when Jiraya died he didn’t sob like he did back here. I don’t mean to say Jiraya’s death wasn’t a terrible pain for him, in fact it even made him understand Sasuke’s pain and need for revenge, but he somehow knew how to deal with it, unlike failing with Sasuke. The death of someone so dear hurts badly, but whenever is about Sasuke, he just loses all control, like when he went kyuubi mode just because Orochimaru reffered to Sasuke as ‘mine’.

After the failed reencounter with Sasuke, Naruto becomes really upset. Then we get this cutesy scene in which Sai, all changed and wanting to befriend the other guys, realized Naruto is feeling down and remembers you’re supposed to hug people when they’re sad. And then we have this completely reasonable and not even a bit exaggerated reaction from Naruto to the hug, that is to freak out and push him away screaming how he’s totally not gay. I mean, as gay akward that Sai might be, he really didn’t seem to be trying to kiss Naruto at all, he was clearly facing another direction. One thing is to say “dude, get out, don’t hug me”, another completely different thing is “iM TOTS NOT GAY, WHY U THINK IM GAY? IM NOT”

Kinda around this point of the story, the same happens do Kakashi. He takes Naruto to train and, seeing him all grown up and learning things so fast, he says “you know what, I’m starting to really like you”, and guess what? The boy freaks out histerically and starts yelling how he’s totally not into guys and, omg, ew how disgusting.

It’s like they say: You got nothing to fear, if you have nothing to hide. No one rational and confident of his own sexuality would have this kind of reaction for so little. I mean, nor Sai or Kakashi actually hit on him, at least not openly (yes, I’m looking at you, Sai). As a fujoshi, I can state I would have never seen any malice in Kakashi’s words if wasn’t for Naruto’s overreaction. That gets me thinking, his encounter with Sasuke probably messed up with his insecurities real bad. No fujoshing here, but if he was already worried about that, finding out the little Sasuke he knew turned out to be that stunning man with abs-showing, badboy style, arm around him, close enough to smell his scent, that intense staring when their eyes first met… I mean, he’s shaken by that. It’s logical. This is the moment in which his the most insecure, as he shows with his reactions. He’s almost certain he’s into boys and is terrified that someone might notice.

And then we have this not-gay-at-all moment, right after Pain’s defeat (in which Hinata confessed her love for Naruto) and he’s laying on his bed. Thinking. Of Sasuke.

There are no arguments, man, one thing is to miss your friends and think about them, another thing is to lock yourself in the bedroom and spend the whole night long awake with your face burried on the pillow sighing for someone. When you spend the night locked up in your bedroom, face burried on the pillow, sighing for someone, that’s love. I mean it, to lay in your bed sighing for someone like “oh, I wonder how are you? Do you still think of me? What are you doing now?” this is the kind of thing people facing a breakup do. Check out the melancholic look on his eyes. This is not even the only time he’s shown laying awake thing about Sasuke, there are at least three other moments like this one, although this in particular has more relevance since this is when he found out Sasuke had finally killed Itachi and this got Naruto more worried about how he was feeling and if he was on pain.

“Why Itachi said that? Why me?” Well, bby, Itachi said you remind him of his ex-boyfriend, he’s obviously shipping you and his little brother. And well, by the way Naruto spoke of Sasuke to him, it must not have been difficult for him to understand what was going on, Itachi knows the deal. Anyway, I believe he then had some time to think about everything, Sasuke, his own feelings and sort things out.

So far, Naruto had the excuse that he had been doing all that because he promised Sakura he’d bring Sasuke back, but when she asks him to forget about that, he shows that this isn’t right. He’s doing that for himself. HE needs to save Sasuke, it doesn’t matter what Sakura feels or felt, he is not doing this for her or anyone else, as he clearly states. This is a problem between him and Sasuke and he’s pretty steady about that.

After he commited several murders and joined Akatsuki, Konoha decides Sasuke must be executed. After all, he is a criminal who shows no remorse, has no loyalty to the village and doesn’t care about anyone there, right? Sure, even Sakura and Ino, who have been in love with him all their lives comprehend that their feelings can’t change that. He is a criminal and has to be put down.

But not for Naruto. The simple ideia that Sasuke has no salvation and, therefore, must die is enough to cause him such a breakdown that he passes out.

Again, everything comes from a very intense difficulty to breathe, it’s a crisis I know very well, although I happilly never passed out from it, but it’s an anxiety symptom. Just the thought of a world without Sasuke is too much for him to handle, he panics.

And then they meet again. Differently from the first time, in which before he even knew how different their powers were he tripped and fell before reaching Sasuke, this time around Naruto already gets there very sure of what he wanted and with all the words at the tip of the tongue.

They only exchange one attack and, with that, they could see each other’s hearts. This is really relevant. The first time they fought, they couldn’t see the other one’s heart, as Sasuke yelled at his face, he couldn’t see how Sasuke felt. But not this time, this time they did see and he says that.

“Did you see what was in my heart?”, he’s talking about this feeling he has for Sasuke, he wants Sasuke to see how much he means to him, that he would never give up on him, 'cause his love is too strong. And now he knows Sasuke’s feelings too, since he lost Jiraya and found out the story behind the Uchiha massacre, he understands what Sasuke wants and his reasons and that’s why he’s ready to die with him if necessary, rather then simply dragging Sasuke back by force, like he says then.

More than that, the security he shows at this point, differently from what things were all the way until here, demonstrated that he was probably accepting the nature of his feelings. He understands what he feels and is getting more used to it.

During the war, they keep teasing each other about little things only they understand (in a way that reminds me a lot of Marceline and PB, from Adventure Time, who are confirmed ex-gfs). I guess this speaks for itself. “You know I like you, I know you like me, I’m saving them 'cause I love them, you know… Like you did. For me. Back then. And just now. Stop pretending you don’t care, I know you better then that”

Also, let’s talk about how Naruto stated that he had been training this jutsu in particular more then even his rasengan, lately. In case you don’t remeber, he especifically showed Konohamaru that the proper way of training that jutsu is searching for good reference, to which he used porn magazines. Now, Konohamaru’s reverse oroike no jutsu featured Sasuke and Sai, who are both well known for being the ladies’ preference around Konoha, so you can clearly see where he went. Naruto, on the other hand, had all those fabulously hot guys who were never seen before with adult muscled bodies and charismatic looks on their faces. I wonder where he got those references… I mean… He used to train for his regular jutsu by sneaking into bookshops and taking a look into porn when he was a kid, now think about that and try to see where this logic goes to.

Appart from how much I cried with this shit, I find quite interesting how each person makes the interpretation of this particular part as it suits them better. Also known as “hurdur, he’s talking about Hinata because the one like Kushina would be Sakura, but he doesn’t love her anymore”.

Ok, let’s start by saying that, nope, because Kushina didn’t say “marry some girl with the same personality as me”. As Naruto said himself, “mom told me to find a girl as great as she is” and I, as a rational human being, understand by that “a girl with good character, honest, who truly loves you”, you know? A decent person who isn’t some evil bitch who would make him suffer, I think it’s absurd to fight over who is more like Kushina, no one told him to marry his mother’s clone.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that he didn’t say “I found a nice girl” ou maybe “I found someone, but she’s a bit different from mom” or even “I will do my best to find a nice girl”. Nothing about girls. What he does is “mom said this… and… uh… well, not everything is going according to what she wanted”.

This is literally the only part in which he fumbles, stutters and ends up not really saying anything.

Like I said: each person makes their own interpretation of this, you know what was mine.

Well, I’m not saying anything about the dialogues between Naruto and Sasuke on those last chapters, because we all know very well what they said to each other, so I’m just letting Naruto share his opinion.
Sasuke’s one and only.
Not fucking Sakura.
Not anyone else.

Now, from the ending, we could get two possible ways of seeing what happened in-story: either, since he had to put Naruto with Hinata for the sake of the $$movie$$, Kishimoto changed his mind as to make Naruto oblivious of everything and too naive too recognize romantic love, which I find offensive for a character who is mostly the love expert of the story and lectured every single mf about love during those 15 years, but that paired up with Sasuke’s guilt, thinking Naruto would be too good to him and deserved someone better, would be enough reason for them to never try and get together. Also fits well with Naruto’s try at explaining his feelings on chapter 698. It relevant to say that, this time around, when Sasuke asked what he meant by “friend”, he no longer said anything about feeling like a brother, which shows he understood how different from that his feeling truly is, but by saying how he doesn’t know how to put it in words might signify he was still clueless about it being romantic love. Another probable thing, I find, might be that Kishimoto left enough timeskip for something to happen between the moment when Sasuke came back to Konoha from Naruto starting to date Hinata. They had a fight or just talked about everything and decided (mistakenly) that it was for the best if they got married to the girls, to which I can think of several reasons and the fact that Naruto was frowning when he went to say Sasuke goodbye and return his headband and by Sasuke saying that he didn’t thought Naruto’d show up to say goodbye at all makes me think they had a fight over Sasuke leaving again and that there’s more to see that we first might think. I particularly like to believe of this second theory. It works either you consider The Last as canon or not (since it’s not Kishimoto’s writing, I don’t), as The Last happens two whole years after the events of chapter 699, giving plenty of time, and since NH is terribly undeveloped even in the movie and Naruto doesn’t really seems to care that much about Hinata until he gets caught up in the creepy scarf-genjustu thing and gets brainwashed, not making the whole “Naruto loves Hinata” thing very plausible.

im rewatching s3 and how different isak acts around his friends vs. even is really making me emotional. like it’s not that he isn’t himself, it’s just that he always seems so heavy and worried and guarded, whereas when he’s alone with even he seems so free. im not crying, your crying! 


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oh man i saw you reblog some stuff about drag and i have a question i think? im a trans man and i always thought drag seemed kinda transphobic (and also like its making fun of women) but then my trans friends (all trans men or nonbinary) kept saying how its NOT and that its expressing appreciation for women or something? so i kinda just agreed and kept my mouth shut but it still rubs me the wrong way. i guess im just confused about what to think of it? sure i admire the makeup skills but... idk

Well first, I want to express that my opinions I share in this blog are solely mine, and I can’t speak for anyone but myself. That being said, I feel drag is full of transphobic people and ideas, and that it is extremely misogynistic and disrespectful.

You can see this when you break down what drag actually is: privileged cis gay men dressing as women and behaving/speaking/appearing in an overly-exaggerated way that they’ve stereotypically decided is feminine. A lot of drag queens, ESPECIALLY Ru Paul and those on Drag Race, have used transphobic slurs openly and happily on their show, and publicly reacted in ANGER at being confronted with their discrimination. They want to be called “she/her” when they’re in costume but can’t give the same pronoun respect to trans women, and jokingly call each other tr*nnies and argue about who looks the most “fish,” a term that’s origin is an outright degradation of certain genitals. That isn’t respect. Their ideas of femininity reflect that we, trans women, are just men. Men just like them.
And that femininity simply equals nasally voices, hand flourishes, and makeup.

I’m aware that some drag queens might genuinely respect trans women, but that doesn’t make what they’re doing okay. It doesn’t erase the inherent transphobia and misogyny that their entire “persona” is created from.

I think that when trans women share views like mine, about being hurt and offended and about how their lives are negatively affected by drag, they are silenced and laughed off and told “Well I just don’t agree, you don’t understand. It’s an art form and you’re too sensitive.” Trans women aren’t allowed to say “this hurts me, please stop” or “because of this, I face daily discrimination and mockery.” Like any minority we get stomped on.

We have a relation to drag that trans men and nonbinary people don’t. And I am not disrespecting anyone, but if you aren’t a trans women, it doesn’t hurt you. It doesn’t mock trans mens’ gender, it doesn’t treat packing as something that’s hilarious or laugh-worthy when it goes wrong, it doesn’t make fun of who can and can’t draw on the best facial hair, it doesn’t joke about who looks more “dick.” It doesn’t make jokes about their sex lives and their body parts and their natural internal organs and functions. If it did, could you imagine your friends still supporting it? Or being okay with trans women if they said “I think drag is art, it’s a respectful homage to men, I just watch it for the beards?” I’m sorry, but fuck that. They wouldn’t. Yet trans women aren’t allowed to speak up when we are the targets.

Drag hurts people. Drag reinforces violent stereotypes that others use as a springboard for discrimination. There is a difference between supporting men who wear make up and nonbinary people who dress in a gender nonconforming fashion, and supporting drag queens. I don’t think they’re synonymous in the slightest. And I’d like to reiterate that I don’t speak for anyone but myself, and that I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t think. And I’m not saying that trans men and nonbinary people are terrible, because they aren’t. But I hope I gave you some perspective on how it affects all women in all walks of life. And how it’s easy for those not victimized by this to think it’s all fun and games and artfully in good taste. And I ask that all those who disagree respectfully unfollow me rather than send me nasty messages.

a person id kinda be into (boyf riends)

hi ok im guilty, i originally thought “a guy that id kinda be into” was basically michael singing to christine or something about how gay he is for jeremy 

so here it is;

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