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Coldflash, prison au

I mean. You should all go read @oneiriad’s prison fic (it’s building to be coldflashwave, I think), because obviously I won’t be able to match that, but I’ll give it a shot.

1 - Barry is unpleasantly surprised to wake up from his coma to visit his foster-dad only to be informed there’s a warrant for his arrest. Apparently “impersonating a police officer” and “faking paperwork” and stuff is INCREDIBLY ILLEGAL and someone in Starling made a phone call. (And yes, you can impersonate a police officer while being a police officer, it’s called ‘pretending to be on official business when you’re not’ - and that’s exactly what happened).

2 - He’s probably going to get acquitted, since he actually befriended the same people in Starling who complained (name: Queen, Oliver “Jealous Asshole”) and they are dropping the complaint like a bunch of hot rocks because they totally forgot they made it. But the judge is pretty anti-corruption and is super pissed at the young CSI taking the law into his own hands, so she decides not to allow Barry bail, which means he spends the few months leading up to trial in jail.

3 - Len is currently in Iron Heights because he’s off his game after the whole thing blowing up with Mick. Guess who his new roommate is?

4 - Barry is happy to see his dad. His dad is not happy to see him. People in the prison who have wanted to hurt Henry but haven’t because he’s friendly with all the guards thanks to being a model prisoner for years see an opportunity.

5 - Len sees a kid being attacked, is nostalgic for Mick, and saves him for free. Entirely because of nostalgia. Of course, it didn’t occur to him that saving the kid once meant he had to KEEP saving him, and now they have to be together all the time.

6 - They get close over the next month or so, because Barry talks compulsively fast and even tells Len about his super-speed which he STILL doesn’t know what to do with (because he never got a chance to go back to STAR Labs after the initial wake-up), which Len thinks is fascinating.

7 - Len lets Barry “reveal” his escape plan so that even the judge is convinced Barry must’ve just made a mistake with the paperwork because Barry is so obviously a good guy, so Barry gets off before even his trial. Len then goes to his own trial in which mysteriously there’s not enough evidence to convince the jury to convict (Len is very popular in the lower-class parts of Central and his lawyer was very smart with the jury selection). Then he goes to find Barry to help him with his powers.

8 - Len puts out word that he wants anti-speedster weapons and gets the cold gun and heat gun. He uses that to train Barry instead of fight him. Barry still wants to save Central City. Len mostly wants to steal stuff, but damnit, Central is his city and he’s willing to help Barry protect it from everyone but him.

9 - Barry convinces Len to go make up with Mick. Mick becomes teacher #2 and takes about 10 minutes to go “so are you sleeping together?” and when they say no, asks, “why not?” until they get their heads out of their asses and realize they’re both crushing on each other.

10 - Wells!Eobard is displeased with literally all of this.

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There's a post going around that says Louis is not showing up on the LA criminal case hearing docket between now and the end of April. Can you tell me if that is valid, because I thought it wasn't a criminal case at this point. Thank you.

Is that why everyone is convinced that there won’t be charges? Because that criminal calendar has never had him on it. There’s never been a criminal docket started for him. Until there are charges filed, there wouldn’t be. Nothing was “dropped” because I checked the criminal calendar the Monday after he was arrested, and he wasn’t on it. I’m sorry but I don’t think that tells us anything other than that he hasn’t been charged, but that charging would happen at the arraignment, which is what was scheduled for today. I don’t know that he will be charged, I still think he won’t be, but that calendar doesn’t prove anything. Is there something else I’ve missed this morning?

You people keep making theories which makes me over analyze and make theories!

Alright one more then I need to stop!  Like seriously I can’t keep this up, I NEED TO STOP!

So this is more like what I think will happen in season 3 (which I’m certain won’t happen but I want to say it anyway!) and it’s more of a what I want to happen.  I’m sorry this is so long!

So Lotor is coming to town and he’ll be the next big threat.  I know everyone makes him the big flamboyant guy who hits on Lance but I don’t know if that’s what they’re going to do to him (I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the idea though)

What I think they’re going to do is have him attack the paladins weak points, or more specifically Lance.  Voltron is good at build up and hinting at things a season early (case in point: Galra Keith was hinted in season one).  Lance was feeling worthless in season two, I think they’re going to touch on that in season three.  I know Lance and Hunk didn’t have enough screen time or development but season two was mainly about Keith being Galra and Shiro trying to have a stronger bond with Black.  

Hunk is also someone who had good moments like being the only one who stood up for Keith when Allura was treating him horribly.  Hunk is one of the supportive characters, more specifically for Keith.  And I think season three Shiro should bond with Lance.  

Now back to Lance, the whole seventh wheel thing got to him, as well as fans.  He wants to feel important but instead he feels worthless, like they don’t need him and I want Lotor to use that against Lance.

I want him to tell Lance lies and make him feel awful and believe in those lies.  I want this to happen while Keith is the leader.  (Shiro is coming back, they can’t have him magically disappear when he just got his bayard back), and have Keith struggle with Lance feeling inferior.  In season one and two you can clearly see that Lance is one of the few people who can keep Keith calm (Shiro is the only other person I can think of), technically speaking Lance is the only one in the group now who can keep Keith calm and under control.  

I feel like this could help strengthen the bond between those two, hell those two have been bonding since season one, and it could lead to something more.

If Lotor does in fact “fall in love” with Lance then I want Lotor to lie to Lance not only to break Voltron but to have Lance all to himself.  Have almost a possessive type of crush that is dangerous.  Lotor could make Lance feel like Voltron is better off without him.  Most likely that won’t happen but it’s an idea.

Now Lance is hinted to be bisexual, and if I’m correct someone, I’m not sure who, said Lance is going to fall in love with one of the paladins in season three.  I can only see Keith being that paladin because those two have bonded since season one and are showing signs of caring, jealousy, being protective, and working well together.  So Lotor can come in and push Lance, or even Keith, over the edge where one will have to help the other.  

Now this is a stupid silly theory, sorry for no pictures.  It’s long and stupid and I talked about this with my sister so this is both of our ideas combined.  You can believe what you want, we won’t know anything till season three in September.  So something to look forward to!  Anyways I won’t promise anything but hopefully this is the last theory I make.

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I'm an arthistorian and that article says Harry bought artworks worth millions. In that case I just NEED to know what kind of art he bought. It says so much about a person. Now I won't be able to stop thinking about this

i think i can help you there! here is a masterpost of confirmed and speculated artwork he’s purchased (and here is the missing source for the hayden kays pieces)

I’m sorry I freaked everyone out.

I’m so terribly sorry.

But thanks to @codenamekaraortiz for putting a boot up my ass when I needed it is promise I won’t act like that anymore.

It’s just hard being told that you’re worthless and you’ll never amount to anything and you belong in the kitchen by someone you’ve been with for four almost five years.

I’m not trying to make excuses for my behavior and this isn’t me begging for attention ((Trust me I hate attention)) I’m just saying that between my PTSD, Aniexty, Depression, Paranoia, and Bi-polar disorder the voices can get terribly loud and make me believes that if one person says something that it must be true and everyone else thinks the same of me.

I won’t stop writing. I love it too much.

I love seeing the joy that I bring to others when I write something that they love.

I love seeing the joy that I bring to others when just write something that there isn’t a whole lot of out there in that fandom.

I love seeing how happy I can make a person with my writing.

I’m sorry if I seem standoffish when it comes to the group SAMPERV. But I hope that you all understand that the reason why I’m not apart of it is because I’m afraid of failing people.

I love talking to all of you, but once I have that lable, Prospect, I just can’t help but feel as if I’ll fail everyone. I’ll fail and everyone will be so angry and upset at me and they’ll all leave me in the end because it’s happened in the pass.

People who I thought was my family left me, used me, abused me and now it’s basically only me, my parents and my son is all I have left in a family of 30+ people.

Which is why I enjoy being labeled a “Hang Around” or now I guess I’m T.O. as dubbed by the lovely @codenamekaraortiz.

Anyway, I just wanted to get everything off my chest for those of you who were worried about me. I’m sorry that I caused panic, anger, depression, and whatever else emotion I happened to bring on.

And I’m sorry that I apologize so much but it’s what happens when you grow up in a broken home and you’ve been abused since the day you could remember.

Anyway, thanks for all the love guys.

I promise it won’t happen again.

An Old Friend (Happy x OC, Chibs x OC) Part Five

AN: Part Five! I think I might take this another route but y'all won’t know exactly how so until next chapter. Enjoy my babies lmao.  

         “Thanks for breakfast, lass.” Filip thanked Alley as he pressed a kiss to her cheek. “It’s no problem Filip, my pleasure.” She assured him. They spent nearly 3 hours sitting in the diner bullshitting with each other, reminiscing about old times and filling each other in on new times. She began to walk away, heading towards a local store when Filip stopped her. “Where ye heading? I’ll give ye a ride.” He offered. She shook her head. “I gotta get some stuff from the store, the hotel isn’t too far either.” She shrugged her shoulders and continued walking as she heard the familiar roar of his motorcycle before hearing it drive off. As Alley walked she took out her cigarettes, lighting one up letting the thick smoke fill her lungs. So his name was Happy? What an odd name, she thought to herself as she brought the cigarette up to her lips again.

By the time she approached the store, she reached the end of the cigarette so she tossed it into the street before walking in the little bell on top of the door ringing as she entered. It looked like a little mom and pop store, with a few people scattered throughout and one man behind the counter. She already knew what she needed, just a few energy drinks and maybe a couple protein bars. That’s all she lived on, she never bothered to keep a real diet, maybe she’d eat the occasional burger or something but she was always moving so she never had time to sit down and actually eat.

Alley walked to the back of the store and opened one of the refrigerated doors to take out a six pack of RedBull, before walking into one of the aisles to take out a few Gatorade bars. With that she walked over to the cashier to pay for it which she did. That was before she felt eyes on her again. Alley looked over her shoulder to see why she felt like that, just to see him standing there. She turned back and thanked the cashier, putting her money back in her pocket before carrying her stuff over to Happy, who was standing against one of the windows with a toothpick in mouth. “Are you following me or something now, killer?” She asked him with a grin on her face as she added that little bit to let him know she knows.

If she wasn’t examining his face, she would have missed the smile that came and went in seconds. He just shook his head at her. “I was just here to get smokes, little girl.” Once again, something in his demeanor changes and it turns her on. She laughed and stood on her tip toes, pressing a kiss to his jaw teasingly. “If you’re following me you can just say so.” And with that she pulled away, walking out of the store and heading back to the hotel. ‘God is that woman a tease’ Happy thought to himself as he walked up to the cashier to buy his cigarettes.

Alley slid the key card into the slot before kicking the door open with her foot. She set the bag on the counter and put the RedBulls into the fridge, leaving the protein bars on the counter. That Happy guy really knew how to turn a girl on, that was for sure. She pushed herself off of the counter with her hands and went into the bedroom to change out of these shorts and into a pair of grey skinny jeans that hugged her hips perfectly. She leaned down and picked up the Led Zeppelin shirt off of the ground, holing it in fisting the fabric in her hands knowing what she has to do. Tucking the shirt under her arm, she grabbed her smokes and her phone putting them in her back pocket before grabbing her car keys and the hotel key card.

Walking back out of the hotel she made her way over to the big dumpster behind the hotel. “I’m sorry.” She mumbled before throwing the shirt into the trash. A weight being lifted off of her chest she walked back over to her truck, unlocking it and getting inside preparing to drive over to T.M to hang around and meet some of the girls that Filip was talking about. She started up the truck and pulled out of the parking spot driving off. As she drove, she went deep into thought. That shirt was the last thing she had of James, the last memory holding her to such a tragic event. Letting that go took a lot of effort, but she’s ready to let go, she’s ready to move onto better things. Filip just needed to remind her of that.

She pulled into the lot and into a parking space, climbing out of the truck. As she walked towards the club and repair shop she locked the doors and pushed her sunglasses up into her hair. Alley had caught the eye of Gemma Teller, who her son had told her a little about and she could recognize her from the description. Filip pushed off of the bike he was leaning on and walked over to Alley, wrapping an arm around her shoulder as they walked over to Gemma. Now Gemma definitely knew who his girl was, the one who took all the guys hearts in one night without even trying so it seems.

“Hey sweetheart.” Gemma hugged and kissed Filip on the cheek. “Who’s this, Chibs?” She asked even though she was almost positive she knew who it was. “Alley, meet Gemma. Gemma this is my dear friend Alley.” Filip officially introduced the two girls. Alley put her hand out for Gemma to shake, which she shook her head taking a hug instead. Alley stood baffled, awkwardly hugging her back. “Any friend of Chibs is a friend of mine. C’mon in darlin’.” Gem insisted slightly nudging Alley into her office.

Gemma shooed off Filip and closed the door behind her so she could get some one on one time with the new girl. “Nice to meet you darlin’.” Gemma said, a smirk growing on her face as she sat in the chair behind the desk. “You too Gemma.” Alley replied, sitting down on the couch. The two girls talked for awhile, getting to know each other. Gem explained how she’s the president’s Ol’ Lady and Jax’s mom biologically but practically a mother to all of the boys. Alley vaguely talked about her deployment with Filip, how they knew each other. Alley didn’t like how much she’s been talking about the past these past few days, it was new for her and it made her uncomfortable. The two were interrupted by a knock on the door followed by it opening.

“Sorry to bother you Gemma.” Yet another new man to Alley walked in. “That’s alright Chucky, what do you need?” Gemma asked waving him over as she blew out a puff of smoke. Chucky was- unique to say the least. He only had two real fingers in total, the rest being some weird glove-like thing. “I just need a list of the stuff we need for the party tomorrow.” He said, pushing out a pen and notepad to Gemma. She looked it over, nodding her head as she read. “Looks good to me, have you met Alley?” Gemma looked up from her spot, putting her cigarette outing the ash tray.

“Afraid not, I’m Chucky.” He introduced himself to her, putting her hand out for her to shake. Alley took his hand and shook it, the plastic-like gloves under her hand being cold. She gave him a small smile before he walked out of the office. “Do I want to know what happened to him?” She asked chuckling. Gemma shook her head slowly. “ ’Fraid not sweetheart.” She smiled.

Gemma brought Alley out of the office, walking straight towards Lyla who had Abel on her lap with Kenny and Ellie on either side of her. Alley was silently judging the girl in her head. Why was she dressed like that around children? With her short shorts revealing her extra long legs and her tank top mine as well not be covering anything at all. “Lyla, someone I want you to meet.” Gemma announced as they approached the happy bunch. Lyla’s head popped up, looking from Gemma to Alley before carefully sliding Abel off of her lap. “This is Alley, she’s gonna be hanging around for a little while. You should get to know her.” Gemma said placing a kiss to Lyla’s forehead before going to play with her grandchildren.

“I’m Lyla.” She introduced herself, pulling Alley into another dreaded hug. What was with all these people and their hugs, she thought. “Alley.” She managed to get out. God did she hate hugs. Lyla sat down at a different round, wooden table to talk with Alley. The two girls talked about how they knew SAMCRO, Lyla talking about how her Ol’ Man was is county and was one of the guys that would be coming home true next night. Lyla was actually a really sweet girl, Alley was mistaken by her looks.

Once again, Alley felt the eyes of the Tacoma Killer on her. It was starting to drive her nuts. Why was he being creepy and staring at her from a distance? If he liked her why wouldn’t he just say so? Alley hesitantly looked behind her towards the bar, where she saw just what she felt, Happy staring her down as he drank his beer. “Ooh, I see you caught someone’s eye.” Lyla teased her, nodding her head over to Happy. A deep blush rose over Alley’s face as she smiled. “Yeah I guess I did.” She mumbled. “He’s not the only one.” Gemma chimed in, sitting down next to the two girls. Alley’s eyes widened slightly. What was she talking about? She asked herself.

“Seems like you caught the eyes of all the guys here sweetheart. You’re gonna be a real heartbreaker.” Gemma smirked, squeezing Alley’s knee reassuringly before walking over to talk to Happy. Alley watched Gemma walk away, still confused on the whole situation. “Do you like him? Hap I mean.” Lyla asked her as she leaned back in her chair. “I don’t know, I just met him yesterday..” She drifted off, rubbing the back of her neck. Maybe she did like him, maybe that was the nagging feeling in her stomach. It was telling her to hurry up and make a move already. “Cause if you do, I can help you show off that body you have tomorrow. That’ll definitely catch his attention.” Lyla looked Alley up and down, examining her as she mentally found the perfect dress for her if she said yes. “I mean- It couldn’t hurt.” Alley grinned as she looked down at her hands blushing harder. Lyla borrowed one of Abel’s crayons and a napkin, writing down her address on it. “Come here like- maybe an hour or so before the party tomorrow. I’ll give you the makeover you deserve.” Lyla slid the napkin over to Alley before walking off to do god knows what leaving Alley to wonder when she just got herself into.

“Do you like the girl?” Gemma asked Happy as she leaned against the bar. Happy looked down at Gem, confused at her bluntness. “She’s a good girl Hap, she could get a good guy. But I don’t think she wants a good guy, and I think you like her. So, do you?” She asks again looking up into his eyes. He looked back. He didn’t know, he found Alley a mystery that he wanted to solve. “I don’t know Gem.”

Alley and the boys spent the rest of the night drinking and laughing with the guys. She started to get to know each of the guys more, as she sat upon Filip’s lap with her arm wrapped around his neck. Embarrassing childhood stories we’re being told, everyone was just letting loose and it was a great feeling. Happy sat in the back, quietly drinking his beer. Is this going to be a regular thing? Alley thought to herself as she watched him stare at her.

“I think I should be heading home guys.” Alley announced to the crowd of now unhappy bikers. “Oh c’mon Alley, you can stay longer can’t ya?” Juice pleaded, looking at her with puppy eyes. She rolled her eyes. “Sorry Juicy, but if I gotta get a goods night rest.” She tossed him a wink. “I’ll be back tomorrow night.” And with that she slid off of Filip’s lap, pressing a kiss to his cheek before walking off. All of the guys got antsy at the thought of her being at one of their parties, but continued on their conversation as if nothing happened.

She finally got back to the hotel, a minor headache in the back of her head reminding her that she should head to bed right away. Alley had an amazing night with all of the guys and she grew to love Gemma, she found herself relating to her and wanting to be as much like her when she was older as possible. And Lyla was a sweetheart, she invited a practical stranger over to her house to help them get ready for a party. Taking the napkin that had her address on it, she set it down on the table and went into the bedroom to get ready for bed.

Alley tied her hair up in a messy bun and went over to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. Long days like this wore her out, and even something so simple as warm water on her face was relaxing. After that she was done she patted her face dry and went to change into something to sleep in. Since she didn’t have James’s shirt anymore she’d have to find something new, which happened to be an oversized, navy blue sweatshirt that just came past her ass. “I hope this works.” She whispered hopefully before climbing into bed bringing the covers over her body.

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do you think Harry was legitimately hurt by his public image back in the earlier years? I used to think people were reaching but realistically he's a sensitive person who even cried about people not liking him so I think he must have been at least a little affected by it all, especially bc he won "villain of the year" like twice I think??? I do think he learned to chill after a few years tho and just stopped giving a shit

honestly yeah a lil bit i think he must have been. like when i think back, he was literally so young i cant imagine having to deal with that at the age he was like, ur still figuring urself out and to have all of these people trying to define you and label you as something you arent must have been really hard to deal with. like theres that one interview where someone asks him ‘do you ever get tired of being called the womaniser’ and he says something like ‘saying thats not true gets old after a while, it does, i’m bored of it’ and his facial expression and tone is like, so serious and sad that it hurts me a lil to watch it. his ‘i dont like the word famous’ rant is always so interesting to me, i think he really hates being seen as this other worldy being and hates the fact that people have preconceptions about him before they meet him. i think thats got a lot to do with his public image, like if he was meeting someone for the first time it must have felt like first impressions didnt exist because they already had certain ideas about him. in a way i feel like thats why everyone that meets him is so full of compliments, because maybe in a way he’s overcompensating? like he feels like he has to be extra lovely and charming to break down those preconceived ideas. basically, i dont think he was crying himself to sleep every night over it or anything but it cant have been nice at all and i imagine it must have been honestly infuriating at times to have to read those kind of things about yourself. but yeah like you said, i think he sort of stopped giving a shit more recently. i guess over time its something you become accustomed to and the more good people you meet and have in your life, who know the real you, the more you realise that you dont need to impress anyone else or worry what the people who dont know you think

I think the thing I like about Amy is that I won’t draw or talk about him for months (mostly his humanoid form) but yet people tend to know me a lot because of him? I get ppl who tell me they remember seeing him years ago and shit.

I feel like he’s probably my most iconic character. (Alongside w/ Trona)

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Man, i'm so happy for KF that i almost screamed! But at the same time i'm like "No! Cait! And the others? What the hell cw?? D:" bc if Cait is basically dead (i hope don't) , and Frost taked over her body, and if I'm not mistaken, (i think) they said that the next villain won't be a Speedster. I thought on Frost bc of "Killer Frost still arrives" but then i was like "No, they love her and they need her." And then this happens?? I really hope that in next ep they "fix" Killer Frost D:

i feel you when i saw killer frost i screamed and i was jumping up and down but then i remembered that oh no caitlin is technically dead but no caitlin is not dead when she started healing she was weak so killer frost took over without any resistance,but caitlin is still alive this is just killer frost is in control of her,we will see our caitlin back when she will learn to control her powers and i think we will have to wait for more than at least 2 episodes to see our caitlin back until then we will enjoy killer frost creating havoc :D

// I’m not feeling well today. Actually, I do not feel well since weeks. I am sorry things are so slow, I think I won’t be able to do replies now / later. My head kills me.
I’ll get to stuff as soon as I can / as I am up for it. Sorry that I am selective whenever I feel able to write something. It’s just what I can do at the moment.

Heads up y’all there’s… family stuff happening and I don’t want to talk about it unless we’re close but like I’m gonna try to stay off tumblr for a few day bc my emotions are a lot right now and I need to not be dealing with tumblr stuff for a bit. Like, I have a few prompts in my inbox and I’ll keep working on those, and I think I have a few posts in my queue, but you won’t be seeing as much of me for a bit.

sometimes i see a post i like, and think “i can’t reblog this, my followers won’t like it” but then i realize i can post whatever i want because i don’t actually give a fuck… (was this post good? please don’t unfollow me)

I think that if I ever have kids, and they are upset, I won’t tell them that people are starving in China or anything like that because it wouldn’t change the fact that they were upset. And even if somebody else has it much worse, that doesn’t really change the fact that you have what you have.
—  Stephen Chbosky,  The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
i think you’re a jerk
i think you’re the most beautiful person in the entire world but what you’re doing to me is so ugly
i think your hands are too steady holding the knives you keep plunging into my back
into my chest
i think you’re killing me slowly
i think you know it
i think you don’t care
i think you’re the best thing to ever happen to me
i think losing you is the worst thing to ever happen to me
i think you’re going to be okay
i think i will be too
or maybe i won't 
i think one day but not today
i think you love(d) me
i think i love you
i think i always will
—  i think i care too much about hurting your feelings to tell you what i really think
(cc, 2017)