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You are so calm about all the Elk crap Louis keeps saying. How do you do it? I have about stopped listening to interviews and I think I may stop checking blogs. I won't stop streaming, gifting, buying, tweeting radios because I love him and know he deserves better. But I cannot understand why he said the thing about larries being disrespectful. He could have just said the rest and let Dan print the rest. Then we would know it wasn't him. That just hurt when we go so hard for him

I understand your point of view completely. No matter how much he is being coerced, it still hurts to hear him say that we’re disrespectful, and that’s what his team wants– to break the support of Larries, to isolate Louis.

Frankly, if this is what it takes to set him free, I’ll put up with this BS and take the hit. My feelings are not that easily hurt– I know it’s fake. I’m not going anywhere.

I know Louis loves his Larrie fans. He loves his LGBQTA+ fans– he loved being in gay Amsterdam, he gave the middle finger a week before promo started.

He put the “LEGALGRIND” sign in his behind-the-scenes teaser. He wore his Billie Jean T-shirt. He put words about his situation in the BTY lyrics. He took the “Always” Insta selfie in the Jamaican hotel where he and Harry went on vacation.

Louis is doing what he can to reassure us that he loves us. When “Always You” comes out, I’ll think about the AIMH tweet and AMA 2015.

I’ll think about the fact that when Louis was asked whom he played BTY for first, there was a two-second pause that made me think of the time when Harry was asked about Sweet Creature (the Cooper Lawrence interview).

After the pause, Louis answered, “My girlfriend,” and pivoted to talk about Oli. Eleanor has never shown any interest in Louis’ music in any capacity. On the other hand, Louis does have a partner who knows music well enough to put out his own Gold-certified album.

Given his constraints, Louis is doing the best he can. Don’t feel like you have to read blogs or watch interviews, though– you might read just the highlights, or log off altogether. BTY is a really great song. Reach out to others and introduce them to this great song!

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I really, REALLY hope the Wayward Daughter spin off is successful. I've been watching the show for 5 years, but I live in a country where there are no other fans and I never got to go to a panel or anything. I love this fandom and I don't want it to be over within the next year or so... There is a really special group of people here and I just hope the spin off takes off so that there will still be something to unify everyone. I don't know, it'll just be super weird if the fandom just disappears

I’m with ya. I don’t think fandom with disappear but it won’t be the same without new episodes - so I REALLY want Wayward to succeed.

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Do you believe Soo-won killed Il?

I do. I don’t think Kusanagi tricked us with that scene, even if the person who stabbed him was standing in the darkness when Yona came in. Soo-Won did say he killed him, he was all bloody and he had the sword, too… So unless he had an evil twin or something, yeah I think he killed Il. The only way I can accept his lack of character development is if he did kill him and is still stuck in that moment, shrouded in mystery until it’s made clear whether he’s a real baddie or was somehow manipulated to commit regicide.

Hey! So I’ve had a small change of opinions in the last week or so and from now on this blog might contain some amount of ItaSasu/Uchihacest content. Yes, this does go against what’s currently listed in my rules but I don’t actually have a laptop for a couple of days and I will be able to change it later. I changed my opinion. It happens. I’m not pretending that it’s not a problematic ship, or that incest isn’t bad. It will be heavily tagged and I more than understand if anyone unfollows me. I, personally, ask that you soft block or just block me so I won’t think it was an accident. I love you guys and I’ve really been enjoying being in this fandom but I don’t think it’s worth living in fear because I started shipping something.

This post will be queued more over the next couple of days. For those of you that intend to stick around I’m going to be tagging: itasasu //, incest //, and uchihacest // on any post besides this one that contains mentions.

See y'all in a few days!

i think i’ve decided i won’t do commentary over botw master mode anymore cuz the biggest problem for me is theres not much to say about the game anymore. i’m just too bored to have anything interesting to say about the game

i think ill just revisit master mode without commentary at a later date

sorry for anyone that was looking forward to hearing more of my commentary. i gotta find something else that i can talk over and have interesting stuff to say

I keep thinking that everyday is so hard, that I won’t get through it and I don’t know how I’m going to take the rest of the world on, I keep thinking each day is more difficult than the last but then.. then, I somehow make it through. The day is over and I’m home and maybe I’m talking to friends or watching tv or heading to bed. But I made it through. And maybe that’s reason enough to believe that the next day won’t be so bad, either. I always manage to find a way to survive it. It’s exhausting to think about months from now, but so long as I can focus on today and tomorrow? Manageable. I can do it.

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Today I had a dream that I'm being forced to marry someone ... in the dream the marriage was going to start tomorrow I was think " oh no I won't be able to have time to watch anime .. etc ect I'm still 19 ! " ... I think that a dream is about my true feelings in my country marrying is very important for women of a women couldn't married until she become 25 .. people and mostly women will talk behind her back it so disgusting and that a reason why I am afraid to be 20 after 2 month >_< !!!

Marrying is so overrated! I know what social pressure must be like, but if you firmly believe that it’s okay to not be married at this age then just don’t. You will find people along the way who will love you regardless of your decision and will help you get through the sucky part of it. Do not be scared of growth! Your twenties are some of the most magical times in your life. Turn twenty and take a time to relax and figure out what you want in life, and if no one supports you back in your country, someone will be supporting you right here! 

PS. that person is Gintoki 

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painting: in what ways are you creative?

i really adore writing, and i think i’m pretty good at it! i’ve even won a national contest once - i’ve written a short novel about a girl with schizophrenia. i know, daaark. but it was appreciated, hehe.

thank you for the ask non c:

ask me some more guys!!

Ok, here’s another challenge for you all while I do my cardio. If you name your favorite character and whatever series they’re from, I will tell you what paladin oath I’d think they’d swear and why. I won’t be accepting any anons for this one, because I only want to answer one character per person. So choose wisely.

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Hi. ENFJ here. Do you think maybe it's not possible for people with mental illnesses to type themselves or to ever type themselves accurately? I mean, since to type yourself you have to look at the reasons of your behaviors, but what if your only reason for idk putting everyone's needs above your own or not knowing yourself is because you were emotionally invalidated and experienced childhood trauma and its consequences. How can I know if I actually use Si instead or if I'm just experiencing +

The consequences left from my childhood WHEN the only explanation I have for my behavior is “I never learned better” instead of finding a good function explanation behind it. Idk, I’m starting to think that I’m probably mistyped and that I won’t be able to find my true type since this mental illness has still not healed. Anyways, what do you think?

So I think it is possible that mental illness will make it more difficult to accurately type. Beyond that I can’t say for a bunch of reasons

-MBTI was developed for neurotypical people but at the time the idea of neurotypical was probably not identical to what it is today

-I’m not a mental health professional

-I think people’s experiences with mental illness differ a lot depending on them and the mental illness in question, and while I don’t condone the anti-recovery stance you sometimes see on tumblr, I think it’s reasonable to consider that who you are as a person is shaped in part by the presence of mental illness. Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat the illness, but also means that even if you treat the illnesses caused by trauma, you still might not be the person you would have been had the trauma never occurred, but you’re still you.

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heyy!! can you give me some tips/advices?! i need to start studying for an important exam here where i live, but, i don't have any motivation and i get really anxious when i think about it, because i don't know how/where to start:( (and i only have 4 months ahead) i just feel very useless and i'm almost giving up about college bc i think i won't do very well there (sorry for my bad English) thank you already x

Aw, I’m sure you’re gonna be fine hun! Prep books help a lot since they go over topics that could be on the exam and they help refresh your memory on lessons you might have forgotten. Taking a ton of practice tests is also great since it tells you which topics you need to review more and it also helps you retrieve the information you’d need for the actual test. Make a study schedule so you could cover all the topics needed and stick to it. Don’t give up hun!! I know you got this 💪

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I HATE the Carmelita character. I think it's beyond ignorant and stupid- like I won't even watch David's video is Carmelita is in the title or video-still thing.

carmelita is a bit much…i guess it shows how dedicated Jason is since he is completely humiliating himself in public…it’s nowhere near as funny as it used to be

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sunflower & painting & writing :'))

sunflower: if there was a door that went to a city that was a good representation of you, what city would it be and would you go through the door?

i actually imagine that it would be similar to arcadia bay from the game “life is strange”! it just seems so… nostalgic, dreamy, and… it just feels like home. all the tiny restaurants, the cliffs and the atmosphere… and of course i’d walk through the door!

painting: in what ways are you creative?

i really adore writing, and i think i’m pretty good at it! i’ve even won a national contest once - i’ve written a short novel about a girl with schizophrenia. i know, daaark. but it was appreciated, hehe.

writing: do you write letters? if not, would you like to be?

i don’t, but i’ve always dreamt about having a penpal!! it seems so amazing to have sb’s words written on paper. it’s not like the online messages, or a phone call. it’s a lovely memento!!

thank you so much for asking nonny!! 

ask me more you awesome people!