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All the urban legends came true at once.

Of course, I was six pages deep in a tax audit at the time. Chewing a pen when a rash of mothers with broken backs were rushed to the hospital, courteousy of uncareful feet smashing on cracks. Doctors, unsure at the time, blamed osteoporosis.

It was watched pots that remained cool. Or salt thrown over a shoulder that - for a second - showed a devil’s eye. Or it was the alligators. Don’t get me started on the alligators.

But something was the first whisper of what we’d woken up. Nobody wanted to say it out loud, because it sounded so ridiculous. It was a secret that swelled in our cheeks. Phrases we had always said that went silent.

All the hauntings came true. We had photograpic evidence of spirits. That’s probably what started the mass hysteria.

Some things took longer. Rubbing a statue for luck or breaking a mirror. Delayed response. One bad day turns into a bad month. Then you’re at the local witch place begging for a respite - seven years of bad luck?! - and she’s shaking her head. Nothing to be done.

Oh, the witches. The funny thing is that when people have always called you a witch, they’re surprisingly needy when you turn out to be one. When the world shifted, little towns who avoided one woman for her witchiness were now flocking to her because their legend had made her become one.

Pens mightier than swords. Avoiding groups of certain numbers. When a knife drops, we all hold our breath for the fight. A fork means company will show up, confused how they arrived.

It got better for a moment, for a breath, while we figured out the rules of it. What was a legend and what was myth. What kind of faith was big enough and what was too big. Some legends only effected certain areas. Some only certain people. We sunk money into infrastructure for once to clear up cracks. Stepped over salt in every building. Sold amulets like trinkets. For a second, we almost got our feet under us.

And then it got worse. Sometimes the company you invited was strange, unhuman. You had to wear iron. We had loved our cryptids until they came down from the mountains, worse than we could have predicted. Bowls of milk were on every window sill but most of them rotted.

In the books, we had all read about the end of the old ones. The unspeakable ones, who went off into the hills one day. Who we cannot say the name of. Who did not exist in the land of buses or planes. Who can steal you if they know your name, who can never lie but do a good job of it anyway.

We were not ready. The Folk showed up through the thin veil, and they were already laughing.

And they were just the beginning.

Remember when social media made fun of Taylor for promoting Bad Blood like crazy and still having Adele get more views in 24 hours without promotion, then she dropped LWYMMD with literally no promotion and it broke the record for the most views on a video in the entirety of YouTube in 24 hours lmao y'all thought

el totally gives mike a valentine’s day card and writes “you have made me wild and impetuous” and he has to ask her what “impetuous” means

Imagine the members of Seventeen gifting Woozi with a birthday card which they’ve all signed and written really sweet and thoughtful messages for the birthday boy.

BONUS: Upon reading the messages that the members wrote for him, Woozi got really shy and his face started to turn a little pink.


The Prettiest Boy 💛

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what's your favourite thing about each of your children? <3

Adonis is one of the most sympathetic people in the entire Essenverse, even if it doesn’t always show; it’s partly because he’s a descendant of Aphrodite (able to influence, guess other’s emotions), but also because he’s just very in tune with other’s emotions. And when he feels like it, he makes a subtle change in them. For example, when he and the Scooby gang were watching Aeson’s arrival, Calypso wasn’t just grabbing onto Adonis’ arm because of nerves; just being around Adonis affects people’s moods. he was giving off calming, reassuring energy, and she needed that.

Aeson is the most selfless person probably in the history of…ever. He has such a deep, integral sense of altruism. His mother raised him to see other’s from every perspective, and to have a strong semblance of sympathy for all. He’s always been expected to be selfless, so it’s only natural that he turned out that way. That’s why he makes such an interesting character; we praise selflessness, but there’s a fine line between selflessness and self-sabotage.

Avery is one of  the hardest character to write; I’m constantly going back to the first time you meet her, trying to get the feel of the moment just right, and I can never do it! She is a medley of different personalities and motives…but my favorite thing about her is her determination. She makes early-season Zuko’s attempt to capture Aang look lazy. THAT’S how hard she perseveres. And though I’m not ready to speak more blatantly about just what it is she’s after…I’m going to have fun making you all guess.\

Calypso is so brave. She’s more brave than Aeson’s so-reckless-it’s-almost-suicidal butt, and so much more determined than Avery in that braveness. She stares unflinchingly at every obstacle put before her; there is nothing that she won’t do the save those she belief deserve saving. This braveness extends to her overprotective nature, especially in regards to Saint; she sees him as the closest thing to a platonic soul-mate she has, and will honestly burn the world down to keep him safe.

Sage is so emotionally strong. She has been through hell and back, I can’t even begin to explain the pure torture this girl has faced. And it’s not just losing her TWIN brother, it’s so much more. It’s the hopelessness of feeling that you could have stopped it, the loss of half your soul. She has managed to pick herself up and devote the entirety of her life to bringing justice to her brother; all without shedding a single tear. And it’s not that she doesn’t show emotion that makes me believe she’s strong; it’s that she acknowledges them, and faces them, but does not let them control her,

Santiago Santiago Santiago; like, how do I even pick one trait? He has so many, but not all of them are great. I suppose his “best/morally good” trait is his honesty. He will never lie to you; sure he may say things that you don’t want to hear. And sure, he may manipulate the situation in his favor; but he’ll do it honestly. And in the end, you won’t even mind that he got his way, he does it so skillfully. You may not even realized that he’s tipped the odds in his favor.

(Also, his intelligence; he has such a deep understanding of human nature, it rivals Athena. He knows why people do the things they do, and he understands that humans are multi-dimensional creatures. He knows that there is no such thing as a Universal Good vs. Bad, and that’s why he’s so hard to morally pinpoint.)

  • me: yeah if i lived in the renaissance i’d seduce the king and establish myself at court and make powerful alliances and have myself made consort and rule with grace and strength
  • me, in 2017: i did 1/15th of my assignment. time to sleep for 48 hours.

if you recently left the controlling religious atmosphere you were raised in and are struggling to forge a new moral code of you own separate from the the harsh and arbitrary standards of that atmosphere and are constantly worried about whether or not you’re being a good person because you don’t have an external authority to judge you and tell you

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Oop here’s another halcandran oc. i don’t know what to do with her but she makes/sells potions in the TKCD universe

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I've been here [with you] for about two months now and being able to watch your slow descend into being significantly more namjoon biased than before has been a pleasure

you know i would love to publicly address this matter, i really would, so here’s what i have been authorized to say without lawyers present: kim namjoon is a human person.

im in a weird mood tonight, so come talk to me about dnp :)

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As a gay man, do you find the term 'yaoi' offensive? I'm trying to prove a point to my friend

I mean… not really? If anything, it just weirds me out a little, but that mostly depends on the context in which it’s used, I guess? At the end of the day it’s just a word, lol. Not a term I’d ever use, and it just sounds/looks a little odd to me whenever I see/hear it, but it doesn’t upset me or anything, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Idk what point you’re trying to prove, but I hope my answer at least made sense. XD I mean, I’m not a spokesperson for all gay men, either, that’s just my opinion on the matter. I know that some people get offended because there are cases in which others simply use it to ‘ridiculously sexualize’ us or whatever, but all in all, I really don’t see the point in getting your knickers in a knot over it, y’know? I’m pretty sure that most people that use it aren’t trying to be offensive or anything (but yes, sometimes there are people that can be kiiinda creepy about it, and in cases like that, I understand why that might upset somebody). 

Overall, it’s really just a word, and words only carry the weight we give them. I guess just try not to be ridiculously offended/overreact over it for those of you seeing it, and try not to be creepy for those of you who use it. Idk, lol

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