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I already sent in one but I have another one 😁 your really upset bc harry won't be home or Christmas due to travelling (this prob wouldn't ever happen but go with it) or something, but then he surprises you and comes home Christmas morning after you haven't seen him in a long time??

Christmas morning.

You remember it as a child, the only time you’d willingly get out of bed at 6 am, so excited for a Christmas breakfast and everyone opening presents. You remember it as a teenager and young adult, excited to get money from your relatives and relieved that everyone likes the cookies you baked this year. And you remember the past two years since you met Harry, full of cuddles and kisses and making love and being happier than you’d ever been in your life.

And then there’s this Christmas, without him. 

He couldn’t get out of it, he says, his hands are tied, he’s so sorry, he’ll make it up to you, he says. And of course you believe him, but it didn’t make your heart feel any less crushed, doesn’t make you feel any less lonely, even when his family has been lovely enough to invite you over to exchange gifts and have breakfast.

You try your best not to be a downer on everyone, giving your best smile as you sit in a comfy armchair with one of Harry’s small cousins who’s taken quite a liking to you sitting in your lap and playing with her brand new doll. Anne passes by you a couple of times and gives you a warm pat on your shoulder and a sympathetic smile, as if she knows how badly you’re secretly aching inside with how much you miss Harry. And she probably does know, seeing as she’s had to suffer many more Christmases without him than you have.

The smell of cinnamon rolls and cranberries and coffee is wafting through the house as the last of the presents are opened and people begin to finally listen to the commands of their hungry stomachs, drifting towards the dining room in search of breakfast. Everyone is chattering amongst themselves, excited about their gifts and the oncoming food and other plans they’ve got, and you feel even more isolated. Taking a deep breath in an attempt to quell the wave of sadness that hits you, you follow Anne and Robin into the kitchen and offer to help bring the food in, so that you can distract yourself. 

You’ve just grabbed the pitcher of orange juice to bring to the other guests when Gemma rushes in, looking incredibly pleased and excited. She locks eyes with her mother and they seem to have some kind of epiphany together and before you can ask what’s going on Anne comes over to you and takes the pitcher out of your hands.

“Love, we’ve got one more present for you.” You blink at her, seeing Robin try to hide a smile behind her back.

“What? You know you guys didn’t have to…" 

"Shhh, just come on!” And then, still confused and now a little suspicious, you’re being guided back out to the living room.

“What could you guys have gotten me that- oh my God!” you gasp loudly, your eyes instantly burning with tears as before you, in the middle of the living room and holding an ecstatic Maya, the sweet little girl who’d sat in your lap earlier, is Harry. There’s a soft dusting of snow in his hair, his cheeks are a little pink from the cold, and he looks tired, but his eyes are clear and his smile is as bright as the sun when he looks at you. For a moment you can’t say anything, even as Harry gently sets Maya back onto her feet and moves towards you with his arms spread.

And then you’re in his arms, sobbing unashamedly into his chest. 

“Oh, baby…” he murmurs, holding you tight and stroking your hair soothingly, and there’s a chorus of ‘awww’s from your audience, and perhaps a little sniff from Anne. “Did you really think I’d miss spending Christmas with my girl? Huh?” He teases you gently, pulling back to look down at you and brush your tears away. His eyes are mild and full of love. “I’ll always be home for Christmas, baby.”


Niall: His nose nuzzled up under your chin as he let out a hushed laugh. You’d been in bed for hours but neither of you could sleep. “Okay, well what super power would you want?” he asked, his hands sliding up the back of your shirt to tease your skin. How was it that you were always so soft, so warm? He sighed as he ran a finger down your spine and felt you shiver. You thought about it for a moment, hands reaching for him in the darkness, ‘“I’d fly,” you whispered, hands tracing patterns across his chest. “Flying? Why that?” He asked in surprise. You shrugged, pressing your lips to his neck. “That way I can come see you whenever I want,” you whispered softly, hiding your face in his shirt. “You’d want a super power so you could see me?” He was touched, truly touched. He burrowed down next to you and cupped your cheeks. “Yes, I don’t like being away from you,” you admitted, thankful for the dark that his your blush. “I don’t like being away from you either,” he confessed, lips inches from yours. You smiled, kissing him once before saying, “what should we do about this?” He was quiet for a moment, arms pulling you until you were splayed across his chest. “I think the only obvious solution is to never leave this bed again.” You laughed and pressed your lips to his, content to spend your whole life right here.

Zayn: “Do you think mommy will find us?” his five year old daughter asked him. He pressed his finger to his lips and shook his head, his legs falling asleep from the hiding spot in the closet. “No way, this is the best spot ever,” he whispered and she laughed, which made him smile too. It was pouring rain outside, but that was no excuse for his daughter to be lazy. They’d colored all morning and watched her favorite movies, but all she wanted to do was play hide and seek, and Zayn happily gave in to her. There was no greater joy than his baby girl. “I hope she doesn’t think we ran away,” she said seriously, her little hands grabbing on to the door knob. “She knows that we’re here, oh! I hear her shhh,” she gasped and curled up into his lap, listening to you walk in. “Where is my little girl? Come out come out wherever you are!” She giggled and you paused, head turned towards the closet. “I hear you!” You threw open the closet door and she screamed, launching herself against your legs. “You found us, mommy!” She hugged you right and Zayn gave you that dimpled grin you loved so much. “I’ll always find you,” you promised, pressing your lips to her ink colored hair. Zayn crawled out of the closet and wrapped his arms around you both. “Who wants ice cream?” Your daughter was off again screaming towards the kitchen as Zayn kissed your temple. “We’re lucky,” he murmured, letting you cuddle in to his chest. “So lucky.”

Liam: His arm was wrapped around your waist as he brought you closer to his chest. The restaurant was crowded, and no one seemed to notice the couple in the corner who couldn’t keep their hands off each other. You were both doomed since you left the house. You in his favorite black dress and him in leather, it made for a dangerous, sexual sort of desire that neither of you could resist. “Tell me what you have on under that dress,” he whispered, fingers lazily tracing your knee. You fought off a shiver as his lips barely, just barely grazed your shoulder. “Who says I have anything on under this dress?” You said breathily, eyes trained to his lips. He flinched below you, his body going hard. “Are you serious?” He rasped out, eyes dropping to your legs. You were secluded in the back booth, he high backs of the cushion offering you some privacy. “Did you want to find out?” You ran your tongue along your lip and he pales, eyes going almost black as he slid closer to you. “Yes,” he whisper, hands sliding up your thighs. “Jesus Christ,” he muttered when he hit your hip and there was nothing there. “What are you doing to me?” You laughed, sucking on your straw as you finished your drink. “I’m going to make you crazy,” you promised darkly, lips tugging into a grin. “Tonight I’m in charge.” He nodded mutely and you smiled. “Get my jacket, we’re leaving.” He did as he was told, knowing that tonight was bound to be the best one of his life.

Harry:He was pacing in front of your hotel room, smoothing down the hair that had slipped from it’s hold. “Five minutes, please,” he whined through the door. He checked over his shoulder, making sure he wasn’t followed by his groomsmen. “Harold, you know it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding,” you hissed back through the wood. You heard him sigh and then slide down the door. Your hands were shaking. In twenty minutes, you would be married to the man having a pout in the middle of the hotel hallway. “I just want one kiss,” he whispered, “I haven’t seen you all day.” You were missing him too, terribly. You hadn’t seen him since yesterday morning, you’d been whisked away for bridal pampering just as the boys had stolen him away for some fun. “You’ll see me soon!” He growled. It wasn’t soon enough. “Besides, it’ll be so much better if we wait.” He didn’t think so. He’d have to go through the whole ceremony and then the reception without being alone with you. “But I can’t do what I want to do in front of everyone,” he said huskily. Even through the door you shivered, knowing exactly what his words entailed. “Harry Styles!” Gemma threw open the door and stepped outside. “Leave her alone and get back to it, you’ll see her soon.” He did as his sister asked and left, quickly heading to the church to wait. The wait had been worth it, because when you walked towards him, happy tears on your cheeks he felt his own prick his eyes. He’d have forever with you, but he still didn’t think that would be long enough.

Louis: He only had two volumes: loud and louder. So when his voice dropped down to a whisper, it was a serious moment for him. “I’ll call you when I land,” he whispered, hands linking through yours. You nodded, eyes down cast to the floor. The airport was buzzing, but you and Louis were huddled in the corner of the waiting room locked together. It was hard to watch people come home and hug their loved ones when he was leaving you. “Hey, look at me,” he pleaded, using your linked hands to tilt your chin up. “Let me see that pretty smile,” he nudged your cheek with his knuckle and you grinned, eyes pooling with tears. “I’ll be back, baby, I promise,” he pressed his forehead to yours and sighed. Goodbye’s were the hardest part. “I-I love you,” you choked out, face reddening. He flinched if you had struck him and laughed, crushing you to his chest as he rained kisses down on your face. It was the first time you said it. “God, I love you too. I love you so much I think I’ll burst with it!” He forgot where he was when he pressed his mouth to yours and his hands explored your body. It was easy to forget everything when you were around you always had that effect. They made the announcement for final boarding and he took off, a wide smile on his face. “I love you!” He shouted as he ran down the ramp. “I love you!” You watched him disappear, hands pressed to your mouth.

I'm Sorry. (Harry Styles) #28

(A/N): Ok, so you guys have been too amazing and I can’t thank you enough for being so understanding with me! I feel better now, and It’s mostly thanks to you guys and your sweet messages! Now, this chapter is pretty short, but I wanted to at least write something tonight! So, yeah, here you go! :D



It seemed that all I could think about lately was how would it be like if Henley and I were in a relationship. I knew that it would be almost the same as always, but with some other few privileges. I would be able to hold her hand whenever I wanted to, or wrap an arm around her as we walked side by side. I could kiss her for no apparent reason, just because I felt like it or because I just wanted to taste her sweet lips all over again. I could take her out on dates and try to do something very special and meaningful for her, and we could stay up ‘til 3am talking about nonsense but neither of us wanting to hang up the phone. I would be able to compliment her all the time and tell her how beautiful she is and how much she means to me. I could buy her lots of gifts just because I saw something that reminded me of her, or because we had an anniversary. I could send her sweet, small texts in the mornings and then I-

“Harry, are you there?” My sister’s voice interrupted my thoughts. Her hand waving in front of my face made me blink and return back to reality. I almost forgot where I was.

“What is it, Gemma?” I asked, almost annoyed at her.

She chuckled. “Mom just made breakfast. Get up”

“Yeah yeah, I’ll be down in a few” I muttered, sighing as I rubbed my eyes before sitting up on the bed.

Raising an eyebrow directly at me, Gemma sat down on the edge of the bed. “What has gotten into you lately?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been acting weird,” she said with a chuckle. “I don’t know, you seem… distracted”

The corner of my lips curved. Of course I was distracted. Because I couldn’t get Henley out of my mind. But I wasn’t going to tell Gemma that. So I just went with, “School’s been pretty stressing these days”

She rolled her eyes at me. For some reason, I knew that she wasn’t going to believe me. “I recognize bullshit when I hear it, little brother”

“I know you do” I chuckled.

“Now tell me what’s really going on with you” She demanded, smirking at me.

I sighed once again, resting both of my hands on the back of my head as I leaned back against the bed frame. “Just thinking about… stuff”

“Stuff?,” she repeated. “What kind of 'stuff’?”

I shrugged. “Stuff”

“It’s a girl, isn’t it?,” the smirk came back to her face. But as quickly as it came, it also vanished. “Please don’t tell me It’s that Gina girl again. Please don’t tell me that you got back together with her because I’ll flip, Harry, I’ll FLIP-”

“Calm down, it has nothing to do with Gina!” I cut her off before she could go insane.

“… Oh,” she said, sounding relieved. “Oh, well, okay. But I was right! It does have to do something about a girl, right?!”

I just gave her a grin.

She squealed. “Oh my God! It hasn’t even been a week since you broke up with Gina, but who the heck cares?! Who is it? Tell me!”

I shook my head. “Nah, I don’t think I wanna tell you”

She pouted. “I tell you almost everything, It’s not fair! And you do realize that I can just check your phone or ask someone close to you”

I was still grinning when she gasped all of a sudden, taking out her phone. “I could ask Henley!”

And as soon as her name left Gemma’s lips, I began to panick. And my first reaction was to snatch the phone away from her. “No,” I told her. “No, don’t call Henley”

“Why not? I have my rights” she glared at me playfully.

“But you can’t call her,” I repeated, trying not to sound as nervous as I was suddenly feeling. “You can’t, she’s…”

Gemma was giving me the most confused look ever. Yeah, I’d probably be like that as well, but I didn’t want her to call Henley because, of course, she’s 'the girl’. And it would’ve been uncomfortable for Gemma to ask her, and Henley would know the answer but she’d be too awkward to tell her.

Gemma’s louder gasp made me snap out of my thoughts. “No way…” She said quietly, covering her mouth with her hand. “NO WAY!”

“What?” I tried to act stupid, as if I didn’t know what she was talking about. But I couldn’t hide my smile because I knew that she realized.

“It’s Henley, isn’t it? Your odd behavior, you dazing off almost too constantly… It’s because YOU LIKE HENLEY!”

“Shhh!,” I shushed her quickly, placing my index finger on my lips and glaring at her. “Can you at least be quiet about it?! Gosh…”

“I’m sorry,” she sounded as if she was gonna explode at any moment. Explode out of excitement. “It’s just that… ugh, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. You guys are, like, made for each other! Oh my God, did you tell her?”

“She knows, yeah,” I answered with a nod. “We talked about it… she’s not ready to have a serious relationship yet. But, I know she feels the same way that I feel about her. She didn’t even have to tell me, just by the way she kissed me back when I-”

“Hold up!,” she cut me off, her eyes widening slowly. “You KISSED HER?!”

As a reply, I smiled at her. And it wasn’t even planned, my mind just led me back to Henley and I at the Health classroom and at her house, and it just came out automatically. Like when you get a text from your crush.

When Gemma started to squeal and freak out was when I reached to cover her mouth with my hand, so mom wouldn’t hear her. “Gemma, shut up!” I couldn’t help but to laugh at her.

When I saw that she had calmed down, I let go of her, but she was still grinning widely. “How did it feel?” Was the first thing she asked me.

I laughed again, this time louder. “Gemma, what the heck-”

“I just wanna know,” she said, laughing as well. “Now tell me… how did it feel?”

I let out a slow sigh as I looked up at the ceiling. “Amazing. Incredible. Sweet. Her lips were so soft and just… perfect. I could kiss her all day and I wouldn’t get tired because the way she kisses just leaves you wanting more. It’s like she’s really shy and timid, but she knows exactly what do. And I just… I can’t stop thinking about her. About her smile, her eyes, her laugh… I even think about her getting angry, and I still think she’s cute like that”

“Awww!,” she squealed some more. I chuckled whilst fiddling with my fingers. “Harry, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about a girl like that! Not even with that Gina one!”

“What do you have against Gina?,” I asked her. “You never even met her”

She shrugged. “It is how it is, little brother”

I shook my head. “That doesn’t make sense”

“It does for me” she said, grinning.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes at her. “It doesn’t really mater, now. Gina’s gone, and I just care about Henley. Maybe I just liked Gina because she’s pretty and smart and nice… but with Henley, there’s so much more than that. Henley has so many qualities that I absolutely love and I can’t just count them with my two hands. And I feel pretty stupid for not realizing it sooner”

Gemma gave me a knowing smile. “You love her, don’t you?”

And I didn’t think about it twice when I answered her. “Yeah, I do”



“Tell me you liked that game” I told him, smirking as I waited for his answer.

Jared sighed in defeat. “It was… enjoyable to watch”

“Of course it was,” I said. “So, do you still dislike basketball or…?”

“Let’s not get carried away. I’m still not a fan of basketball” he said whilst rolling his eyes.

I huffed. “Yeah, that was pretty clear when you were shouting at the players to 'PASS THE BALL, IDIOTS’” I tried to make my best impression of Jared, but I failed miserably.

And he laughed loudly because of it. “I did not sound like that thing you just did!”

“Shut up!,” I punched his shoulder playfully as he laughed some more. “You were still shouting!”

“Whatever, it was just a moment of frustration” he folded his arms across his chest.

“Right” I muttered.

I almost forgot that we were sitting in his car, and that we were already parked in front of my house. Jared had left Aaron at his house first because he was already getting sleepy, so he left me for last. You could see the lights on inside the house. I sighed. “Well, I had a great time with you guys” I said, unbuckling my seat belt.

“Yeah, and we had a great time with you,” he said. “Aaron loved you. He said you were one of the few cool girls in the school”

I chuckled. “Well, I feel honored. He was really cool, too”

He nodded. “I’ll tell him you said that”

Smiling, I went to open the car door. But suddenly, I felt Jared’s hand grab my arm softly. I turned to look at him again with furrowed eyebrows. “Is something wrong?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No, I just… Henley, do you like me?”

He let go of my arm when I adjusted myself on the seat, again. “Well, of course I like you. I wouldn’t be hanging out with you if I didn’t-”

“No,” he cut me off. “I mean… as more than a friend?”

“O-oh,” I gulped. What was I supposed to tell him?! I couldn’t tell him what I felt with those big blue eyes staring at me with hope! “I… Jared, you’ve been so incredibly amazing with me, and I love how you treat me and how you make me laugh and-”

“Stop,” he cut me off once again. “I know what you’re going to say. I know where this is going”

“Y-you do?” I said, scanning his face.

“Yeah. I just wanted to know if it was true” he said.

“What do you mean with that?”

He sighed. “Henley, I’m gonna be honest with you. I like you. I really, really like you. Yeah, I guess I’ve liked you ever since I saw you in detention, because you seemed like a nice and cool girl. And you are. And I thought that you and I could be, you know, something… but I didn’t think you felt the same way. And now I’ve confirmed it”

I was already starting to feel bad. His face didn’t seem pained, but his words broke my heart. “Jared,” I said, placing my hand on top of his. “I do like you. Or… maybe I did like you at some point…”

“Maybe you did,” he repeated, a half smile on his face. “But not as much as you like Harry”

My eyes widened after I took a few seconds to process his last words. “Wha… how do you-”

“Please,” he chuckled, rolling his eyes. “Do you think you’re discreet or something? I’ve seen the way you look at him! And when you talk to him, It’s pretty obvious that you have feelings for him”

“Oh my God” I muttered, burying my face in my hands.

I heard him chuckle again. “Tell me, does he know?”

“Of course he knows,” I looked up again. “It just took him a kiss to know! That’s how well he knows me. Sometimes I wish that I could just hide my feelings away, but he always sees right through me, It’s crazy!”

“Well, you did tell me that you’ve been friends for years” he said.

I nodded.

“And he clearly feels the same way,” he said. Then, he smirked. “I remember when I asked you to go to the basketball game with Aaron and I, and he was there… he didn’t seem too happy”

I laughed. “Yeah, he didn’t”

Several seconds of us laughing and when we quieted down, I gave him a guilty look. “I’m sorry, Jared. I never took your feelings in consideration, and I was being a bit selfish. I hope you can forgive me for that”

“Hey, no worries,” he said as he placed a hand on my shoulder. “I just want what’s best for you, and I’m pretty sure that you and Harry would make a great couple”

I gave him a small smile. “You really deserve so much better, Jared”

He smiled back. “I’m not feeling rushed. I’m sure a pretty girl is waiting for a hot guy like me somewhere”

I laughed again. “Alrighty, then”

“No, but seriously, I’ll find her” he said, looking proud.

“Of course you will” I said, nodding.

He nodded as well. “So… when will Harry ask you to be his girlfriend, then?”

I looked down at my hands, which resting on my lap, before answering him. “I told him I wasn’t ready to have another relationship yet”

“Why not?”

I shrugged. “Last relationship didn’t go too well. It’s a long story, maybe I’ll tell it to you someday”

“Oh. Well, okay” he said.

“But that doesn’t mean that I stopped liking Harry,” I said. “I mean, my feelings for Harry came all of a sudden, and at first I was trying to block them. I didn’t want to have any romantic feelings towards him. But… it was inevitable. He’s an amazing guy, and he’s always been there for me. And he always makes me laugh and he gets me in a way that no one else does. With him, everything’s better”

Jared was listening to every single word with curiosity. And when I finished speaking, he said, “Sounds like he means a lot to you”

“He does,” I said. “He’s one of the most important people in my life. And that’s why it hurt me so much when we weren’t on speaking terms for a year. Because he means too much to me. And It’s not only because he’s goofy and funny and silly and cheerful… but because he’s one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met. He has a heart of gold. He puts everyone he loves in first place and is willing to do anything for them. Most of the times I want to be as nice and kind as he is. And I just want to hug him and kiss him everytime I see him. Really, I’m just so lucky to have him in my life”

Jared gave me a knowing smile. “You love him, don’t you?”

And I didn’t think about it twice when I answered him. “Yeah, I do”

We'll be alright (Harry)

This is based on request we got earlier by anon. Anon didn’t say who’s gonna be in the story so Ana chose Harry. Hope you enjoy - Yovana xx


It was just perfect Sunday night. I was waiting on Harry to come to my house for our traditional movie night. You see Harry and I met in the park when we were kids and we are joined by hip since then. Our mom’s became best friends and we saw each other every day. Then he became part of One Direction, he’s constantly on the road. But every time he’s in London (since I recently moved here for university) we still try to have movie night on Sundays like we used to back in the days.

I got everything set up. Our favorite candy, popcorn, movies. I was starting at TV blankly, waiting for him. I haven’t seen him for about a year. But watching the shows and pictures that fans put online. Talking to him on daily basis made me missing him even more. I sort of have feelings for him ever since we kissed one drunken night back when we were 16 at some celebration. And honestly I think maybe I have a chance. After all, best relationships start with great friendships.

Finally I felt my phone vibrating in pocket of my pijama shorts and it’s from Harry.

“Babe sorry I’m late! Can’t wait to see you! Hope you got the popcorn ready x”
Oh thank you God!
In matter of 3 minutes I heard someone opening the door.
It was Harry with huuuuuge bucket of flowers in his hands.
“Maybe you could help me with these?” he said struggling with flowers
I rushed to him reaching out to take the flowers and put them on the living room glass table.
After I put them down, I turned around just to see this young tall gentleman with more tattoos and longer hair than it used to be since last time I saw him. He had charming huge wonderful smile on his face. We just looked at each other for what seems to be just a few seconds and then we both went for tight long hug.
We were silent. Still in shock we see each other in a long time.
“I missed you soooo much (Y/N) ” he said kissing my cheek, pulling away from the hug and rubbing my arms with his big hands .
” I missed you too Harry, thanks for the flowers. Even one flower would be more than enough” I laughed but dieing inside from happiness.
He jumped on the couch sliding of his boots and laid down.
“Oh you know? I need to make it up to you since I got here late. ” he smiled at me and I can feeling my blood boiling.
” Ok Mr. Popstar. Since you got keys of my apartment and act like this is your home. Boots in the shoe closet and move your stinky legs of my couch so I can sit down”
“All right, mother. ” he said with fake offended tone standing up and quickly went back to living room after he put his boots in their place .

“ So what’s new? How’s tour? How’s everything? I’ll pretand like we don’t talk about it every day” I laughed but that’s true. We talk all the free time we can both can.
“It’s good most of the time but I’m extremely tired. How about you? Uni? Love life? Any boy I need to investigate? “
” Uni is great. Just waiting for the results of the last exam. And there’s one guy but I’m not telling you anything ‘cause you’re getting over protective of me too much” That’s also true, but that guy is actually him.
“Is that so? Any chance with him? ” he said smiling wiggling his eyebrows.
“We’ll see. How about you?”

“Actually there is. That’s what I want to talk about with you.”
I smiled so big, and my heart couldn’t beat faster. I was just hoping he’ll say my name and I can finally have a chance to kiss those pink perfect lips and be happy with him. But then he dropped the bomb.
“I’m seeing this girl for some time. We went on couple dates.Her name is (H/G/N). She’s so nice. And I want to sort of ask her to be my girlfriend like officially you know? And I want you to meet now that all three of us are in London”
I felt like someone stabbed me with the knife. I couldn’t even stand seeing him with someone else. I always had mini heart attack when I hear a rumor, but this is like killing shot streight into the guts.
“Oh is that so? ” I said with obvious hurtful uncomfortable laugh.
” Oh (Y/N)! ” he pulled me on his lap giving me a hug ” Just because I’m going to be in relationship, you’re still sharing my No1 spot with Gemma and mom. “
Yeah, go Harold. Dig the hole of the friend zone even deeper.
” Yeah I know that. So when are you seeing her? ”
” For about an hour. ” he gave apologizing smile.
” Oh ok, we still have an hour. ” I looked at him hopefully.
” You don’t wanna come with us? You can invite that ‘friend’ of yours so I can meet him too.” he looked streight into my eyes looking for answer.
“Noup. I’m gonna stay here. I’m not in the socializing mood today.” I told him while putting the disk in DVD player.

We barely even watched a movie. I was over thinking about how to tell him my feelings before he goes out with her, he was texting. Right when I was about to speak up he stood from his spot and I stood up as well.
“You gotta go right?”
“Yeah, guess so. She waits for me in front of her house to pick her up” he said hugging me.
“I’ll call you later” he smiled at me,kissed me on the cheek and rushed out to pick up his girl.

Weeks passed. No calls what so ever. Even if he called I’ wouldn’t care because of how empty and crushed I felt.
Everywhere I could see pics of them hugging and kissing. Being “new hottest couple”.
I didn’t want to call him. I haven’t even texted him. Nothing. I just closed myself in my house.
Then after weeks he finally called me. I instantly decline his call. I’d broke down just to get hear his voice.
It was raining outside. And pathetically enough that only reminds me of me and Harry sitting by the window laughing at his (not so) funny jokes drinking tea.

Then I heard door slammed.
I jumped up and ran to the hall to see Harry dripping wet.
” WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU? I WAS SHIT SCARED BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T ANSWERING THE PHONE? ARE YOU CRAZY? ” this was his first time yelling at me and I was shaken and scared by his voice.
“Sorry for yelling at you. But still are you crazy? Why? What’s the matter?” he said his green eyes soften a little bit but still had slight dash of anger.
“You really know why? I love you Harold. That’s the matter. When I was about to tell you that you told me you got someone else. And right before you left I was about to tell you but it was too late. You forgot about me, weeks passed since last time you called. Now finally Mr. Popstar remembered that he got dumb ass friend here and he might hang out with her because skinny model girlfriend is in New York. Forget about it Harry. You know what? I think you should just-“
He put his arms around my waist, harshly pulling me close to him and cutting me off in mid-sentence with deep passionate kiss. I tried to get out of his grip, but he hold me to tight and deepen the kiss even more.
We broke our kiss to catch some breath.
“Harry what’s -“
“Shhh. It’s over now. We’ll be all right. Forget everything. ” he smiled at me and kissed me again.