and i think i got the other name right

some things about rookie boy group varsity besides their killer choreography & amazing vocals

  • they have 7 korean & 5 chinese members (anthony is chinese-american & from la)
  • seungbo moved to dubai when he was 10
  • seungbo can speak french, english, korean & arabic
  • maknae manny is muslim
  • leader bullet got his name because he couldn’t think of any other cool pose besides finger guns (c: varsityhbk)
  • eldest member kid got his stage name because he looked like eustass kid from one piece with his red hair (c: varsityhbk)
  • because they have three main languages in the group, members serve as translators for other members
  • jaebin translates chinese
  • seungbo translates things into english for anthony & from korean to english
  • from seungbo: “jaebin who can’t speak korean will translate it into chinese right away if he understands it. if that doesn’t work, I speak to anthony in english and he will translate it in chinese. I can’t feel any inconvenience since we’ve done it like that for a long time” (trans: varsity_sg)

So I was chatting with @renach4n​​ and unearthed something very fascinating about Yuuri and Victor’s dynamic. This one line here applies to absolutely everything they have ever said to each other. EVERYTHING. And even more so than you might think. Let’s take a look.

Pre-post edit: RIP me, I got that won’t-allow-you-to-save tumblr bug right when I was about to click post and lost a massive chunk of this when I attempted to back it up, so I apologize if some sections (namely the airport and proposal scenes) seem lacklustre. Their re-write was mostly fuelled on salty tears. Hopefully I still got my point across well enough!

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600 special prompts set
  1. Why didn’t you lock the door?
  2. It sounds dangerous, I don’t know if I like it
  3. “What did I do? OW! Why are you hitting me?”
    “You told him? What’s wrong with you?”
  4. There’s a German guy in the bathtub. Why?
  5. I think the cleanest thing this house is that shoe right there
  6. I got three pounds seventy on me. What you got?
  7. If you drink one more cup of coffee, I’ll punch you
  8. How should I know her last name? I don’t know her first name!
  9. ”Did you say something to her again?”
    ”Other than sorry that I hit you?”
  10. ”What happened to your shirt?”
    ”I fell asleep with a cigarette.”
  11. Sure, she’s a sarcastic son of a bitch, but she doesn’t deserve this shit
  12. I really think this counts as aunt abuse
  13. Doesn’t it feel good to be in control?
  14. “Would you let me take you out for a dinner?”
    “Why are you asking?”
  15. He has shinier shoes than my life!
  16. I mean yes, she’s hot as hell and probably grade A manipulator, but you my friend… You have the cutest sneeze that I’ve ever heard.
  17. “So you’re gonna just sit on your ass while I have to make breakfast?”
    “At least it’s a cute ass.”
  18. “I really thought I was going to die”
    “I know. But you’re alive, right”
  19. She’s bit awkward, right?
  20. So what you’re saying is.. your twin owes twenty hundred pounds to the crime boss of Latvia, and you want us to kill him so you don’t have to pay it up?

I’m sick as balls, my fever is down but everything fucking hurts.. Sorry.

Enjolras is Tired of Ferre and Courf being stupid and oblivious of each other. He got so fed up with Courf texting him about Ferre all the time that he went into Courf’s phone when he was in the bathroom and switched Ferre’s contact name with Enjolras’.
After Courfeyrac went home, Ferre receives a text saying, “I s2fg if I c Ferre in one more fuckign cardigan im gonna suck his dick right there”
Combeferre goes directly to his closet to think about which cardigan he should wear tomorrow.

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I have a Child of Alara Maze's End Commander deck that does pretty well on ramp to get the win (Expedition Map, Ulvenwald Hydra, etc). I got the Kynaios and Tiro deck and saw a lot of good cards for my deck, and it got me thinking. Other than Sakashima and maybe a Spy Kit, are there enough ways to get a false Gate out that you could skip having black in the deck?

OK, I’ll admit I was a little slow on the pickup, but essentially what you’re saying is that you want to be able to win with this 

while playing with a commander like this 

that doesn’t have any black in it. Right? 

So trouble is that there are only ten gates total in Magic with unique names, and having a commander with no black in its color identity would prevent you from including the Dimir, Boros, Orzhov, and Golgari gates in your deck. 

That’s a tricky one… 

After thinking about it, I’ve got a couple of cards that MIGHT work. I’m kinda on shaky ground rules-wise for Commander, but it’s the best I’ve got… 

(The “keep reading” link is for those people who want to think about it before looking at my suggestions) 

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Y'all will not beLIEVE how my mother has betrayed me

So my name is Morgan right, and I asked my mom the other day about how I got my name and she told me this real cute story about how I was named after the nurse who delivered me because her punk ass doctor was late yeah yeah that’s adorable whatever.

But THEN she says, ‘you know, I wanted you to have a cute nickname but I could never think of a good one.’

And I’m like, 'so you don’t like how everyone calls me Moe?’

And MY MOM, BLESS HER SOUL, SAYS, 'no, I always thought Mac or Mor might have been cute, but it never really stuck in my opinion.’





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Ok so this is really bugging me so I’m just gonna say it. @campbell-duo (I can’t tag him because I’m blocked) is not a nice person or friend. Today one of my best tumblr friends @legodotcom made a post about being happy because of some people. He tagged me and some of his friends in it but forgot Campbell by accident. This evedentally made Camp pissed so he blocked Lego…. for forgetting his name in a post… stupid right. Lego did nothing wrong and he still got treated like shit. Lego has helped him in the past and all he does is make Lego feel like shit and threw him to the curb. Also Camp stole someone who deactivated their account name. That’s also fucked up because people who really miss her and have no idea where she went is going to think Campbell is her. We all mess up and I know I have in the past but seriously dude you only care for yourself and make others feel like shit for YOUR wrong actions. I hope your happy because now Lego may not be so trusting in the future and that really saddens me.

People who probably want to see this @hiddenbitch5463 and @bluberriowl

Since it’s February, I wanted to write some femslash. I thought Sera’s romance was so playful and fun. I don’t write her a lot though, so please keep that in mind.

“I think you should get my name tattooed,” Sera said.

Tal didn’t bother to open her eyes, though she did grin. “All right – where?” she agreed.

“Just like that?” Sera asked.

“Was I supposed to put up a fight?”

“ ‘s no fun if it’s easy.”

Tal stretched out an arm, spread her fingers. She said, “If I got your name tattooed across my knuckles, everyone could get a real clear view just before I went stabbity.”

Sera liked that. She laughed, and snorted, and laughed some more. “Just like that, yeah? Wham! Pow! Slice and dice.”

Tal felt the other elf’s weight settle on her hips, and she felt her grin grow. She opened her eyes. The afternoon sun hit Sera’s hair like a halo. When Tal put her hands under her shirt, the archer’s skin was soft and warm against her palms. Her smile tasted of honey when they kissed.

“You’ve been stealing from the kitchens again,” Tal said.

“Didn’t get caught this time.”

“You could’ve at least shared.”

Sera rocked her hips playfully. She tilted her head back, and watched the clouds drift past the hole in the ceiling. “Whose room do you reckon this is?”

“Don’t know, don’t care. They shouldn’t have left the door unlocked.”

“Every door’s unlocked with the right set of picks.”

“Point taken.”

“Seems stupid, picking a room with a hole-y ceiling. Rain comes whooshing in. Wake up thinking you’re a fish.”

Tal watched her peer up at the ceiling, mouth opening and closing, mimicking a fish. She made her smile. She took her mind off things. Most of all, she made this Inquisition thing bearable. Tal slid her thumbs against the bare skin of Sera’s sides.

“Are you worried we’ll get caught here?”

“Pssh. Give ‘em an eyeful. I don’t care.”

“All right, then,” Tal said. Sera screeched, a sound that devolved into giggles, when Tal moved abruptly, flipping her onto her back.


Under the cut is ### lines from the classic stars ranging from the 1920′s onward which I think can be used as verse names. I think they’re all kind of cute and interesting and different because of where they’ve been sourced from. You can like & reblog if you find this at all helpful. I’ll probably add onto this at a later date; since there’s so many talented individuals I missed out. ( I got a bit lazy near the end; so I will go through the later artists later on as well as adding more. I also tried my best to label each song with the right performer but they’ve all covered each others’ stuff and so some of it might be wrong. )

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In regards to the “selfish Mabel” argument....

I’ve noticed there’s a bit of a double standard in the Gravity Falls community. Namely when it comes to the main deuteragonists, Mabel and Dipper Pines. It seems, to me anyway, that Mabel has been held to a higher standard than any of the other characters in the show. I wont get into why I think that is unless people really want me to, but right now I’m going to stick to a break down of the selfish Mabel argument, point out a few things about Dipper, and do a compare + contrast between twins.

Below the cut because this got long as FUCK.

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“Stay out of rooms like this, got it?” he orders her. His eyes gleam like raw obsidian. “A buddy of mine got shot up in one of ‘em. They’re death traps.”

She nods slowly. “Of course, Commander,” she tells him. She swallows, trying to regain her composure. “Thank you.”

please fucking kill me i love Purgatory by Midwestern-Duchess

a few more Akaoi HCs

my reasoning behind these is still ‘why not’

~ I have a million ideas about how they could meet but I like to think about them becoming roommates when Akaashi starts college and just not getting along at all in the beginning, despite their friend circle (namely Bokuto, Kuroo, and everyone that comes with it) being pretty much identical. Akaashi just wouldn’t tolerate Oik’s bullshit at all and the latter thought of Akaashi as kind of a killjoy. That all changed once they got to know each other better and realized just how wrong they were about each other though. They ended up as good friends before they started falling in love.
~ now that they’re much closer, they understand each other pretty much without words. They’re both really perceptive, and they let their guard down around each other very easily.
~ they watch a lot of space documentaries together! They also like to visit the planetarium.
~ Akaashi is a blanket hogger par excellence. Oikawa is just cold. Poor guy.
~ touch either of them without consent and you will get fucked up
~ look, Akaashi has tried liking Ushiwaka, but it’s really hard when most of what he knows about him is via Oikawa, so now he harbours kind of a second-hand grudge …
~ Oikawa’s family absolutely loves Akaashi. It’s hard not to, really, but his sister’s taking it to the next level. (”I’m gonna plan the wedding!” - “IT’S BEEN THREE MONTHS GIVE US TIME”)
~ Takeru, too, loves Akaashi, mostly beause he now knows where to get blackmail material.
~ the first time they uploaded a selfie to Instagram they basically broke the internet. I imagine Oikawa to be really popular because like. Look at him. Tell me he wouldn’t be. So it’d be kind of a big deal. (completely unrelated, but my headcanon social media alias for him is definitely toorurun)
~ one time at a carnival Oikawa really wanted an alien plush so Akaashi went and pretty much destroyed the shooting gallery. Turns out he has scary precision. He could probably kill a man. That day, Oikawa made a mental note to never get on his bad side.
~ Akaashi tries to watch everything Oikawa’s currently hyping, even if he doesn’t like it at all. The amount of terrible soap operas he has sat through just to know what Oikawa was crying about is ridiculous. It’s worth it though, because in the end he gets to see his boyfriend happy.
~ this works vice-versa too - Akaashi doesnt get nearly as hyped up about things as Oikawa does, but i’s obvious when he’s excited about something. Most of the time Oikawa has no idea what he’s talking about (it’s mostly school-related stuff, I imagine Akaashi as like a photography major so there’s lots of stuff Tooru’s never even heard about, who knew taking photos could be so damn technical), but listens anyways because damn, he’s cute when he’s excited.

My dear, sweet Louis. <3

I’ve honestly been trying to think about what to say about you all day yesterday since I knew it was coming. You are not easily summarized, that’s one of my favorite things about you. In a world where so many people think they’ve got you figured out, you do not apologize to anyone for the person that you are. I respect that so very much, and respect is not something I give easily.

And yet that’s something you often seem to lack from others, isn’t it? I have seen people assume the absolute worst of you, accuse you of terrible, horrible things. I have seen people use you for their selfish gain, abuse you to keep you quiet in a world that’s desperate for someone like you to speak, and drag your name through the mud… all because you scare them.

That’s right. You scare them. Your intelligence is unmatched, your power rarely seen. You carry yourself with pride and confidence, you do not shrink back from a challenge. Cowards don’t like people like that, and they’ll stop at nothing to make them go away. You are relentless, you little storm, and I would never want to come up against you or be on a side other than yours.

You are a walking contradiction. All of that fire and lightning contained in your chest, and yet. You are soft. You are gracious. You are grateful. You are humble. You are generous. You give freely of yourself because you know that love multiplies and pushes itself outward. Love perseveres even in the darkest of times, it is a light in the blackest of nights. And my love, we have seen many, many dark times. It has not been easy and it’s not over yet. 

But I’ll tell you a secret: If I was going to bet on any human being, I would bet on you. If I am rooting for any human being’s success, it is yours. If I have confidence in one human being who will conquer and bring down justice and be mighty with their love and change the world… Louis Tomlinson is the name I’m writing down on my paper. 

For all of the times when you wanted to speak but couldn’t. For all of the times you took the risk to speak and faced retaliation or backlash for it. For all of the times you have spoken out for your fans and spoken up for the people you love. Thank you for being a shining example of a genuine and good human being. No matter what a single person or press badge says about you, we know who OUR Louis is. And today, on this day, I want you to know that we are standing strong behind you. Don’t forget us. Remember us. We want to be your voice. We will be your strength. We’re not going anywhere and we will always love you. 

Louis, you beautiful boy. You brave, brave man. I love you so much. 

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Could you pleeeeaaaase give me a reason why AR can't spell her own characters' names right? *cough*nicolas*cough*de lenfent*cough*

Um, autocorrect maybe??? But I get you, it always makes me think of Saint Nicholas aka old skool Santa Klaus… and then I have to put in annoyed 90′s Trent Reznor for Nicolas bc I LOVE HIM of reasons…

BUT…. I think I figured it out! In the translations of her books into other languages, maybe they spelled his name like that for some reason? And she got so many questions from ppl who wrote it that way TO HER that she assumed it actually WAS that way? BC she hasn’t really mentioned him in canon since 1985? IDK *throws up hands*

Regardless… even though he didn’t choose his name, Nicki has no patience for his name being misspelled.

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Name: alexandra

Nicknames: alex & squandra (don’t ask lmao)

Star Sign: pisces

Height: 5'3

Sexual Orientation: straight

Hogwarts House: i’d say gryffindor

Favorite Color: blue, any form of blues

Favorite Animal: hmm besides dogs maybe a polar bear

Time Right Now: 11:52 am

Cat or Dog Person: dog, I just got a pup, I named her mulaney & she makes me so happy

Favorite Fictional Character: neal caffrey

Favorite Singer/Band: one direction, troye sivan, børns, bastille, I like a lot of other singers/bands but those are the only ones I can think of atm

Dream Job: hmm i’d say an animator, like those people who draw for disney, but i’d love anything to do with art since that’s my major

When Was This Blog Created: I think in like 2013

Current Number of Followers: *** i’m so close to my next hundred so so close

What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: when I started to like 1d hardcore I decided to finally make a blog for them, which was a bad idea bc ever since then I can’t escape them

Why Did You Pick Your URL: my favorite song by 1d is fool’s gold

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Dear Diarist

High school AU where Dean finds a diary, and it just so happens to contain his name - and details of the mystery writer’s intense crush on him. But Dean’s also got a crush… it’s too much to hope for that the diarist is Castiel, right?

happy birthday to @destieldrabblesdaily!!! love you Shirley <3

(read here on AO3 if you prefer!)

Dear Diary,

I think I’m a ghost. No one ever seems to see me at all.

Dean frowned, staring down at the first page of the book that he’d found on top of the lockers, pushed back out of sight. He’d never have found it at all, if Sam hadn’t taken his Physics textbook and hidden it up there, just to show off that he was taller than Dean now.

I don’t talk to anyone and no one talks to me. It’s not that they don’t like me, it’s that they don’t seem to see me at all. I swear I really am a ghost.

Dean stopped reading, frowning. Was this supposed to be an actual diary, or some kind of story? He checked the front cover of the book for a name, a clue to whom it might belong - but found nothing. He opened it up again.

One day, I think I’m just going to stand up and walk right out of class. And no one will even look up. I’m going to walk out of class and never come back and not one person at this school will miss me. And I won’t miss any of them, either. Except…

Dean leaned back against his locker and flipped the page, his attention caught. He wondered briefly whether he should stop reading - but then he got a glimpse of the next few words, and his curiosity escalated out of control.

… there is one boy. Dean Winchester, his name is Dean Winchester. 

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Disney XD shows petitions and thoughts

For a while now I have seen petitions that are trying to get recently cancelled Disney shows, like Wander over Yonder, The 7D and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, back on the air.

Though I support these petitions, this got me been thinking, what if instead of trying to get the shows revived by the people at Disney XD, we try and get other television networks, or websites that air TV shows (like Netflix or Hulu to name a few) to buy the rights to the show and either continue the series, or make a sequel series to them, like RC9GN for example or maybe even Wander over Yonder. Though thinking of it now I can see asking Disney for a sequel series of these shows being an easier task.

Now I don’t mean to sound rude but if you think about it these petitions are trying to get the people at Disney XD to bring shows back, which the people at Disney wanted to cancel in the first place, which makes me think that they won’t listen to the petition no matter how many people support it. 

I think it would be better, and faster if there were petitions about getting other channels to buy the rights to these shows and let them air it, plus even if Disney XD did decide to bring back a show, I’m pretty sure the shows would be different in some way because in the time the original cast heard there show would be cancelled they probably started to look for work elsewhere and if they did would probably be too busy to come back to work at there old job again

One example of a network who desperately needs new shows is Cartoon Network. I can see WOY and RC9GN being on Cartoon Network as not only are they both comedical, which is what CN seems to been shifting towards for the past few years, but they’ll need to find more shows to air since some of there popular shows are starting to end, or already are (plus they need more shows to get rid of all the airing of Teen Titans Go). As for the 7D, I can see it airing on the original Disney channel, or another channel owned by Disney that airs cartoons or maybe another channel cause technical the show isn’t the same as Disney’s original 7 dwarves so it could play off as a non disney show.

As for sequel series or spinoffs, I could see petitions for those working out better as well cause not only does it give the directors of a sequel to explain why things are different from the original series but also gives the cast to make necessary changes so that the sequel series can be more entertaining and last longer.

Again this is just my thought on the situation, I don’t want people to give up on there goal of trying to get there favorites shows back, but keep in mind these suggestions I mentioned could be a “Plan B” of sorts if the petition of getting the people at Disney XD to bring them back doesn’t work out.

Good Luck

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Do people ever get over each other?? Like completely?? 4 years ago I fell head over heels for this guy and he liked me too but we never got the timing right and I fucked it up in the end and I went on for the next 3 years seeing him everyday and slowly we grew apart and he started seein someone new and I went on dates and a years passed since i saw him last but at random times his name pops in my head and I dont kno what to do anymore bc I dont think I can commit to sum1 if I still think abt him

i don’t know but i think it’s possible??????? @ anyone is it possible to get over someone

Okay story time:

You can reuse characters that you have used from other fandoms or ideas or anything. It’s your design and idea, you can expand it however you want.

Let me tell you a story:

Walt Disney used to own this character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

(we got him back in 2006, no worries)

But Universal, the company who helped him put on the Oswald cartoons back in the early 1900’s, stripped the rights away from him and as well his own animation team.

It left him with almost nothing left of his old company and works. But himself, Roy, and UB (and some other animators who didn’t sign with Universal) started constructing ideas with the thought of: You think Oswald was good, I’ll show you I can do better than that; in their minds.

Sooner or later, after several construction and ideas, they finally came up with a character: Mickey Mouse.

Quoted by UB Iwerks, “If you gave it long ears, then it was a rabbit; short ears a cat, but if you gave it an elongated nose, then it became a mouse.”

And that is the story on how an old idea, became new and look where it has gotten Disney today? Mickey Mouse can be seen almost anywhere and everyone knows him.

So please, don’t be afraid to take old characters from an old fandom or an old oc and make it into something new. It’s your design, your idea, you work. Make it into something great.