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In relation to your notes on your fan fic - I totally think Blip will be the first one to catch wind of Gin and Mike, maybe Al, but I feel like Blips got a good chance of winning that one. I think there will be a hell of a lot of angst between Mike and Blip too regarding it! I don't know, what's your theory??? How do you think Blip will take it??

I will be honest and say that outside of fic, I’m terrible at speculating about what is going to happen in canon because I’m terrible at making up my mind about things. But, I’ll do my best :)

This also got really long because I apparently have a lot of thoughts on this, so here’s some meta under the cut.

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you were beautiful!!!!

(yes i had to use a day6 song as my title u don’t kno me)

unfortunately it is our time to say goodbye! i was really shook when i woke up this morning to find the rp closed. but i think it may be for the best at the moment.

i’ve been with advent since november and i’ve had one hell of a time!!! jaehyung is an angel, bogum is everyones worst nightmare and that’s what i could have wanted. our admins are lovely and i want all ya’ll to know that i had some dank memes here. it’s been swig swag.

i’ve got kakao cause i live in korea and utilize it hardcore. if anyone is interested it’s: journeegris (french for gray day im so GAY). if ya’ll are interested in joining up again somewhere else holla @ me im a bad influence


love jen

one thing I love about Yuri on Ice is how filled with… positivity it is. Because they all make mistakes, they all aren’t perfect, yet they all go on, and find happiness. The writers didn’t delve in overused angst tropes that hurt the character needleslly and I think that’s great? 

JJ doesn’t win yet he’s loved and supported by his family and girlfriend, and it’s important even if he was kind of a jerk. Because whe you’re the “best one”, you’ve got so much more pressure to keep being the best, and you’re always afraid to fail and disappoint everyone. Here they showed that if you fail it doesn’t mean that people won’t love you. 

Yurio wins the gold medal, but his resolve is to beat Yuri, because winning doesn’t mean having reached the end, but only another milestone. And he’s so mature to know that. 

Yuri fails again to win the gold, but this time he doesn’t let himself feel down. He wanted that gold medal for himself and Victor, but you see him beaming on the podium anyway. Because he now knows it’s only a matter of time before he can have it. 

Not to mention the relationship between Yuri and Victor, that’s so mature and supporting and respectful and where do you even see that in media? I know it would have been much better if they showed a kiss or explicitly said the three words for a number of reasons, but this felt real, tangible. They showed a love so believable it didn’t need to be stressed.

And these are only the things that come to my mind about this last episode. And I mean, it doesn’t mean that life it’s like that, there are always struggles, but the point is that you can tackle those struggles and overcome them I think? Even if you need to take one year to think about it. Maybe it can give you more perspective to make a better choice later. 

And tbh I don’t know where I was going with this post, I’m just glad Yuri on Ice exists. 

Melanie Martinez Unreleased/Covers Masterpost

Unreleased songs (live & studio):

Unreleased snippets (leaked oops):

(there are multiple videos of each so I chose what I personally think is the best one)

The Voice:

If any links stop working / aren’t right or if you know of any others I can add, please let me know so I can fix/add them. Enjoy!

2nd redraw is finished!

Personal Thoughts: One of the best Starco moments. EVER. I mean, think about it. Star really didn’t want to leave Marco, so she cast one last spell and something beautiful came out of it. The fact that she wanted to stay with him SO badly, that she was probably thinking “I have to give everything I’ve got. I can’t lose Marco… I won’t let this happen… I’ll do whatever it takes to stay here with him.” just makes me bubbly on the inside and gives me hope that they WILL BE CANON.


“I miss you.” 

“I miss you, too.” 

“You think it’s going to be much longer?” you sighed, holding your phone with one hand and a fork in the other. “You said you might be here today. You know I could help. It’s just a couple states away.”

“Sam and I are getting pretty close, sweetheart,” Dean said. “Plus, you’ve got a broken leg, how would you drive?”

“I’d figure something out.”

“I’m sure you would,” Dean laughed, “but I’d rather not risk that. Seriously, though, I love you, Y/N. I’m sorry I couldn’t call earlier to tell you I wouldn’t be there.”

“Don’t worry about it, I didn’t really do anything special just in case. We can do that later. And I love you, too,” you smiled. “Alright, I’m distracting you enough. Go save some lives, hon. And happy Valentine’s Day!” 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. I’ll talk to you as soon as I can.” 

“Stay safe,” you said, ending the call. “Well, it looks like we’re having dinner together, Roxy. This steak is too good to reheat it later.” 

A furball of hair happily trotted toward you, tail wagging behind her. You blew on the candles you’d lit up earlier and reached over for the plate that was supposed to be Dean’s, setting it down on the floor carefully. 

“Just don’t make sure you don’t break the plate, it’s Dean’s favorite set and he wouldn’t be happy with it uncomplete. Also, he technically doesn’t know about you yet.”


i can’t stop laughing bc this poster

is the one yuuri keeps the closest to his bed and i just keeping thinking of him when he first got it and wondering where the fuck he was going to put it and then he sees the space near his bed and his immediate thought is ‘it’s going here fucking stop me viktor nikiforov’ and that night, before he goes to sleep, he grins like a loser and pictures himself as the one on the floor, kneeling before this victorious prince, kissing his boot. 

best purchase of the year. yuuri’s been blessed

I’ve seen many people got angry that the Korean movie 아가씨 (The Handmaiden) was not on Oscars nominees list and I think I can give you more details about why. To get nominated for Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film, first you have to enter a movie but it doesn’t work out the way a director wants here. It’s The Korean Film Council that decides only one entry and this year it was 밀정 (The Age of Shadows), not The Handmaiden, and not even 곡성(The Wailing), which also was well received.

TAoS was a good movie too, but nothing could compare to favorable reviews and love The Handmaiden had earned. They don’t have clear criteria for choosing an entry. It caused a quite big controversy in Korea and people got furious.

It has been already widely rumored that the director Park Chan-Wook, who made The Handmaiden and saved cinema, is on the blacklist for raising voices against social issues. Also it is said that they didn’t want the movie where two women love each other to represent the country. Don’t expect Korea to be open to LGBT+ community because of this movie. The handmaiden could get much attention here only because it was directed by a very well-known director.

Thank you so much for love and support for The Handmaiden! This is the first time LGBT movie has made a huge success in my country like this!

Sweet Dreams

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Request: daddystylesbabygirl asked: Hii are requests still open ? If so then can you do an Joker X Reader where she imagines a normal life with J please and thank you

Description: After The Joker makes her stay home while he goes out on a dangerous job, Y/N goes off on her own to calm down and ends up falling asleep in J’s chair, dreaming vividly. 

Smut: No

Words: 2231

Requests are open!


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You + Me = Better Math

Justin doesn’t think about it.

The problem of course, lies in the fact that Justin has always been extremely successful at the things he puts his mind to. And sure, that’s all well and good, until one day he, Holster and Lardo are decorating the tops of their caps in the Haus kitchen, and the next Justin’s got three new roommates in a too small apartment in Providence, with almost 200 miles separating himself from his best friend.

Justin is decidedly thinking about it.

My ‘Swawesome Santa is here!! 

For Lasenby_Heathcote.  A million thank you’s to @sleepy-skittles​ for beta-ing this for me in the middle of Law School exams (a goddess, seriously), and to @jayzimmboni​ for being a sounding board for me throughout this whole exchange!! Title from You Make Me Better by Fabolous, because you all know it is the official SMH D-Men Theme Song, lbr. 

  This is my first big-ish Holsom fic! I hope y’all like it!

Link to AO3!

Pairing: Ransom/Holster

Rating: Teen & Up

Words: 5,255

Tags:  Future Fic, Getting Together, Anxiety, Loneliness, Canon Typical Swearing, Cuddling, alcohol

Justin doesn’t think about it.

He keeps himself busy, throwing himself into being a good captain for the boys, immersing himself in his studies and planning more Haus Parties in a year than ever before. If he starts to think about it, he goes on the defense, pulling his notes back out or opening Instagram up on his phone and getting lost in the study aesthetics and kittens tags. Other people are obviously thinking about it; he can see it in the way Bitty pulls his bottom lip between his teeth and the nervous looks Dex and Nursey exchange as the season draws to a close. But then they make it into the playoffs, and everybody (including Justin) forgets about that thing looming in the middle of May.

They make it to the championships and they win this time, Bitty scoring the game winning goal with a beautiful slap shot. Justin has never felt pride and excitement and relief like this before, watching this team pile together on the ice, red and white confetti falling from the ceiling and clinging to the sweat and tears on their smiling faces. There’s strong arms lifting Justin in the air, and he knows who it is, knows there’s only one person that even has a chance of moving his feet from the ground . He grins and clings to Holster, forcibly not thinking about what comes next.

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Mom: u lost weight…

Me: really i dont think so

Mom: ya have u been eating?

Me: yes mom (lie)

Mom: well ur losing weight fast

Me: i wish i could see it

Mom: r u hungry?

Me: no i ate before i got here (lied)

Ana makes me a liar
Ana makes me hungry
Ana reminds me how fat i am
Ana wants me beautiful
Ana wants me dead
But ana is my best friend
Shes the only one there for me

For @lordnessofawesomeness, I rewrote your request as scenario form now that I know what you wanted ;D (I also choose the sex of each kid, so that the s/o can stay genderneutral and nobody gets confused with the pronouns)

How do you think ASL, Law, Zoro, and Shanks would react to seeing their s/o and their child they didn’t know they had after a year or two?


Ace was trying to process what the person in front of him, his partner, just said.

“Do you want to see him?” (NAME) was looking, at the black haired man who gripped his hand with so much force, that his knuckles turned wide, worriedly.

Realizing that his partner was talking to him he nodded awkwardly.

On the outside he just seemed a little nervous, maybe somewhat irritated, on the inside however Ace was screaming. There were thousand thoughts running through his mind.

About his bloodline, about being a father and that everything came just so unexpected.

(NAME) entered the room again with a baby in their arms

“You’re finally going to meet your father.”, (NAME) whispered lovingly to their son as they placed the little boy gently in Ace’s arms.

Ace looked at the tiny freckled face that watched him with a bewildered expression , at his jet black hair and his small hands that were trying to take hold of Ace’s hair and pull it.

He thought that this was the most perfect little thing he’s ever seen in his life as he felt tears dwelling up his eyes.

“He’s so cute and handsome, he looks just like me.”, Ace smiled wiping away some tears

His s/o let out a delighted chuckle

“Yes, just like you, Ace.”, they said and stroke their son’s head.

“(NAME), listen to me, no matter what happens, I’ll be there, I’ll protect you two.”


“Are you mad?”

“No, I’m not mad, I can understand, you had no chance of telling me and I was away for so long…but”, Sabo shrugged, “It just comes all of sudden.” the blonde man firmly told person in front of him.

When the two of them where just about to fall into awkward silence, (NAME) took Sabo’s hand.

“Lets go see her.”


“Yes, you have a daughter, Sabo.” 

(NAME) beamed as they lead their boyfriend into the nursery

“Oh, wow.”, Sabo gasped softly as he laid eyes upon the baby girl in the crib.

He moved foward to take his daughter into his arms but before his hands reached her, he hesitated and looked at his s/o who nodded reassuringly.

“Hold her, she’s your child.”

Sabo took her in his arms and almost immidiately inhaled sharply because of the overwhelming feeling of joy, pride and love that filled him.

“Oh look at you, little angel, you’re so, so beautiful.”, Sabo looked up from her so his eye’s could meet (NAME)’s, “she looks so much like you, (NAME)”

(NAME) smiled even brighter and softly pushed Sabo down on the bed so he could sit comfortably while holding their child.

Sabo pressed a kiss on the small girl’s forhead.

“I hope Dragon won’t mind that my whole world will revolve around her from now on.”


Luffy took his son into his arms awkwardly and gave his s/o a shaky smile.

“Hey buddy.”, Luffy grinned down at his son his s/o had to keep themself from squealing at the adorable image right in front of them.

Luffy tried to hold his son as carefully as possible even tho he had no idea of how to properly hold a baby.

(NAME) smiled brightly and helped their boyfriend out.

“Like this, Lu.”, (NAME) carefully positioned Luffy’s hand under their baby boys head and properly placed his small body into Luffy’s arm.

“Can I play with him?”

“Not yet, you’re gonna break him.”, (NAME) laughed.

Luffy laughed too and got into staring at his son.

It was like looking into the mirror for Luffy, if it wasn’t for his little boy’s missing scar and different eye color.

His son was Mini Luffy.

“Can we name him Mini-Luffy, or Luffy junior?”

(NAME) tilted their head and looked at Luffy with an expression that was either amused or confused.

“You know what? I’ll give you credit for not wanting him to be named ‘meat’.”, (NAME) teased

Luffy smiled at that and looked back at his precious son he already loved despite knowing him for such a short amount of time.

“I promise I’ll be good dad, I won’t ever leave you, buddy.”


Sweet began dropping from Zoro’s forehead as he held the tiny child in his shaking arms.

He felt his s/o next to him trying to hold back a chuckle, seeing the man who fought everyday of his life against marines and pirates alike, being in utter fear of his little daughter.

Zoro was by no means a slender man so seeing how unbelievably small and petite the little girl was in his big, muscular arms blew him away.

“She’s…she’s not breaking is she?”, Zoro asked.

“No Zoro, she just as strong as you.”

“That’s good.”, Zoro smiled nervously and looked back to his child very very very carefully stroking her short green hair.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t tell you and shocked you with this Zoro.”, (NAME) sighed and laid their head on his shoulder.

“No it’s my fault, I was away for so damn long.”

Zoro felt so much at this moment, fear, shock, vulnerabilty and so much love.

Holding your child for the first time was a feeling both terrifying and wonderful.

“Do you want to know her name, Zoro?”

The green haired man looked up from his daughter and nodded carefully.

(NAME) smiled brightly at him.

“Her name is Kuina.”


“It’s my fault…”, Law muttered, biting his lips.

“No, Law, it’s not, it’s nobody’s fault, the circumstances just weren’t the best.”, 

(NAME) shut him up immidately and wrapped their arms around his waist.

“Are you ready to meet him?.”

Law was nervous, on the outside he tried to keep his pokerface and nodded but he was nowhere near ‘ready’ to meet his son.

After looking into the crib and seeing his baby boy for the first time Law could almost feel his heart growing twice as big as before, he stared at the child with wide eyes and as he was placed into his arms his eyes darted back and forth between his s/o and his son

“This is your Dad, sweetheart, he comes off a little cold but he’s just as cute as you.”, (NAME) murmured.

“Hey little man.”, Law was shaking almost not able to get over this sudden burst of emotions.

“There is so, so, so much I’m gonna teach you.”, his voice almost a whisper.

The tall man instinctively rocked his son back and fort in his arms, Law’s s/o felt tears in their eyes as they saw him with their son, being so full of love and joy.

The little boy laughed at his father and put his small hands up trying to grab his goatee, Law himself laughed and felt tears dwelling up his eyes.

“Are you alright, Law?”

“It’s just…my parents, Lami and Cora-san would’ve really loved him.”


“Man, I can’t wait to show you around my crew.”, Shanks told his daugher as he held her close and kissed her nose, “They’re gonna fight to determine who gets to hold her first, (NAME).”

“I can imagine.”, (NAME) laughed.

Shanks faced his daughter again and grimaced in the attempt to get a cute little laugh out of his daughter

Their daughter, looked up at Shanks tilting her head, clenching her fists and shaking them in the way all babies do.

“Usually works on other kids.”

(NAME) smiled at their child until they noticed Shanks suddenly frown.

“Is something wrong Shanks?”

“No it’s fine…I just missed a lot huh?”

Shanks caressed his daughters head as he looked up at (NAME), I missed you getting pregnant, I missed her moving inside you for the first time, I missed her birth, I missed her first smile…”, Shanks sighed

“I can’t believe I’ve missed so much.”, The red haired man let out a nervous laugh before he gently stroke his baby’s red hair, 

“But you’re not gonna miss anything again.”, his s/o assured him and kissed his cheeks, Shanks smiled brightly at them and looked back at his daughter.

“I just can’t wait to watch you grow up.”

Introducing Mochizuki-kun:

From the booklet that came with the BD:

Makoto’s classmate. They were in the same class during their third year in elementary school. Soccer club.

Director’s comment: Though Haruka got a very bad impression of him at the beginning of the movie, I think he’s actually a good guy. In any case he’s one of Makoto’s friends.

Yeah? Remember him?

Apparently he

gave Haru

a Very


impression. Yeah we can definitely tell X’D

I’m remembering what happened with our best friend Kisumi here…

An article from some time ago:

Kisumi who was in the same class as Haruka and Makoto in middle school. Fed Haruka side dish from his bentou, put his arm around Makoto, stuck his tongue out at Haruka and got between the two of them. Makoto might not have minded but Haruka remembers it even now, and directed an unfriendly attitude towards Kisumi whom they met for a first time in a long time.

From an interview (x) :

Kisumi tried to steal Makoto and Haru remembers up till this day XDD

So basically Haru doesn’t like anyone who tries to take Makoto away from him I’M LAUGHING THIS IS SO CUTE JEALOUS HARU IS REALLLL

Anyway, presenting to you Kisumi-kun and Mochizuki-kun

…who happen to have the common misfortune of being disliked by Haruka because they had gotten between him and Makoto, but are actually very nice people.

A letter to my future wife


So much of my day is spent thinking about you. Thinking about us and how we got here. How did I find you? Or actually how did you find me? I used to think there were two sides to me. One good, and one bad. I spent a few years working on that bad. Replacing issues with love for myself. Getting stronger. Getting better. I did it for me but I also did it for you. I didn’t know it was going to be you. But I knew someday someone would come into my life that was worth the best version of me. So I found it. Looking back I realize so much of finding that person was thanks to you. For being my friend before being my partner. You never ran when I told you about my past. You never let anyone come between us. You believed in me. You believed in us. The combination of timing, believing and work has brought us here. Baby we are engaged…Like I’m going to marry you. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I smile because I remember it’s you laying next to me. I smile the most on the weekends. When you bring me coffee and we lay in bed with the cats. I smile and I actually take time to thank the universe. I thank it for giving me this kind of love. I was so ready for it but I didn’t think anyone would ever believe in me like you did. This kind of love we have? It’s extremely rare. Trust me, I will cherish it. I will never take us for granted. I will celebrate you every single day. Just being with you is a gift. I know life won’t always be as easy and incredible as it is right now. But I know when it does get hard? We have each other to fight whatever comes our way. I guess I wanted to write this in hopes that I could finally put my feelings into words. However, I don’t think I will ever fully be able to describe to you how happy I am. How lucky I feel. You are my favorite thing about living and I’m so excited to become Mrs. and Mrs. Norris… There is no one else I’d rather have take my last name. You, are it for me.

I love you,

Your fiance.

Oh hey I guess we’re dealing with a TARDIS situation here.

That explains a lot.

Okay so they’re definitely trying to make Eyeby sound southern.

That’s fucking hilarious.

Hey Amethyst wanna try another one liner? Maybe one that’s not awkward as fuck?

“Yeah! I bet they got those gems from Earth!”

You know what’s funny about this line? Jasper and Rose both got their gems from Earth, and yet the Rubies talk about it like it’s a bad thing.

It’s like with racism, someone thinks they’re being funny and one of their friends is “Well…I’m *insert etnicity here*” and the other person is “Oh… well I didn’t mean YOU but…”


Ok but trans boy yama asking tsukki to pick him up pads one day and tsukki thinks he meant kneepads??? So their text conversation goes kinda like
“tsukki can you pick pads up on your way here??? You’re the best!!”

“Yours look fine???”

“I know. Same kind please.”


And Tsukki comes back with fuCKINF KNEE PADS and as he’s unpacking the snacks he’d bought, he yells to Yamaguchi “i got them; it’s so annoying they’re so expensive” and yamaguchi is like don’t i know it and walks in and Tsukki just gives him the knee pads and he’s so. So disappointed. So disappointed in his boyfriend.

I got a new printer today after about a year of not having one, so here’s my first scan with it!

those black dots on the cloud background thing is actually glitter, but of course the scanner didn’t pick it up lmao

Yeah no lie, I am pretty terrified about this election. I see results starting to come in, and with each one, I feel a little more sick. More men in the government who don’t know me telling me what’s best for my body. The possibility of the family I’m trying to build being split of because of xenophobia.

And some of you think it’s hilarious to spam memes all night, throwing your hands up saying “well both are bad people and that’s not my problem!”

A beautiful anon asked: Hi can you please do Solangelo with Will really liking high places but for some reason Nico thinks he was suicidal and wen’t to ‘talk some sense’ to Will only to realize he misinterpreted and now his own fear of heights got the best of him and now Will is the one doing the comforting? Your stories are great btw
Thank you so much. Here you go

This is definitely not my best work, I’m afraid. It’s kind of all over the place, there are way too many commas and… I don’t know. Hope you enjoy!

There are mentions of suicide, I guess. But nothing very explicit or detailed; it’s very brief.

If you’d ask Nico di Angelo what his greatest fear is, he’d probably answer something among the lines of I’m not afraid of anything or People fear me, I don’t fear anyone. And I suppose the last one can be seen as true to some extent. A lot of people do fear him, or at least, they used to. And maybe Nico doesn’t necessarily fear people, but he isn’t fearless. No one is. So, maybe the second statement can be taken as the truth, but the first one all but is.

When he was little, Nico feared the monsters he heard about in stories told by older kids. His sister would then tell him it was all nonsense and monster don’t exist, Nico, I promise. And Bianca never lied so there was no reason to think she told anything but the truth, or so he thought. Turns out that was the first lie she told. The second was telling him she’d come back when she didn’t.

When he got older and he was alone, he was scared of himself. Of the way he didn’t understand anything of what happened with him. Oh, he was so, so scared. Of the horrors he could conjure out of nothing, out of thin air, like it was no big deal, like death was just something to be played with, to be used as a weapon. He thought that maybe if he didn’t use it as a weapon, but as a way of bringing his sister back, it wouldn’t be as bad, but he didn’t succeed. And he was scared of the loneliness and the way he was so completely alone in the world.

And when Percy saved him and looked like a hero doing so, Nico was afraid of the little flutter in his stomach. The little flutter that strongly resembled the feeling other people described as liking someone, having a crush, being in love, and he didn’t get it. Because it wasn’t supposed to be like this. When boys talked about it, it wasn’t because of other boys. It was never about other boys. It was always about the glistening of that girl, the radiant smile of another girl, but no boy ever talked about the sea-green eyes and bad jokes that made your nose crunch but laugh at the same time of another boy. So, he didn’t understand anything. And when Nico didn’t understand things, he wanted them to disappear, he wanted to dig a hole and bury those things deep, deep down the earth. Or, even better, burn them, so that there were only ashes left. White ashes, the opposite of how he felt. Maybe it would brighten him up too.

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