and i think i chose really good photos

I want to wish these two a very happy anniversary.
I also want to appreciate Sophie, and to thank her for how happy she’s made Benedict, she’s taken really good care of him and fulfilled his dream of becoming a husband and father. I don’t know about you but I’d never seen Benedict so happy. I’m really happy Benedict chose her to be his wife. She’s fantastic. Accomplished. Beautiful.
So here’s to them.
P.S. Don’t you think Sophie looks really pretty in this photo? It’s my favourite of the two.

I’ve had the unbelievable good fortune of meeting her a few times. I think there’s nobody I admire more. She’s an extraordinarily talented, creative, principled woman. I just adore her.” She talked about how they met, which was at a Food Network photo shoot where celebrities got to pair up with their favorite Food Network stars, and Ina was excited Taylor chose her. “It was really sweet. She said, ‘I follow very few people, and you’re one of them.’ I said, ‘I follow very few people, and you’re one of them.’
—  Ina Garten on Taylor Swift (x)

[TRANS] Jessica Birthday Party Self Questionnaire 

Name: Jung Sooyeon 

Student Number: 8904181024 

1. Your favourite Blanc & Eclare line? 

  • ✓ Sunglasses 
  •  Scarves 
  • Denim 
  • Ready to Wear 
  • Cosmetic 

 2. Of fruit flavored soju, which suits your tastebuds the best? 

  • Grapefruit 
  • Yuzu 
  • Blueberry 
  • Peach 
  • ✓ Just soju 

 3. What mobile app do you use the most? 

  • KakaoTalk 
  • Safari 
  • ✓ Instagram 
  • Snapchat 
  • Other 

 4. Which do you prefer out of these two? 

  • ✓ Al dente noodles vs. Cooked noodles 
  •  Hard-boiled rice vs. x ✓ Soft-boiled rice 
  • ✓ Chamisul vs. Chum Churum (brands of soju) 
  • ✓ Cola vs. Cider (in Korea, “cider” refers to drinks similar to Sprite) 
  • ✓ Americano vs. Latte 
  • Ssaltteok (rice cake) vs. ✓ Miltteok (flour cake) 
  • ✓ Chicken leg vs. Chicken wing 
  • Prague vs. ✓ London (Accidentally chose Prague first, crossed it out and wrote “I lied…”) 
  • ✓ Teleportation vs. Invisibility 
  • ✓ Superman vs. Batman 
  • Cream pasta vs. ✓ Tomato pasta 
  • Shake Shack burger vs. ✓ In-N-Out burger 
  • Desire to sleep vs. ✓ Desire to eat 
  • Sauced fried chicken vs. ✓ Fried chicken 
  • Call vs. ✓ Text 

5. Of the following abilities, if you could have one, which one would you choose? 

  • Bob Ross-level drawing ability 
  • Same proportions as now but 173 cm height 
  • ✓ Appearance that makes a good first impression on anyone you meet 
  • Stamina that can withstand 3 days without sleeping 
  • Fluent conversationalist that can persuade anyone 

6. One day you open your eyes and if you were to become one of these people? (You will experience the situation they’re in.) 

  • <Titanic>’s Rose 
  • <Mad Max>’s Furiosa 
  • <Mr. & Mrs. Smith>’s Jane 
  • <Black Swan>’s Nina 
  • ✓ <A Moment to Remember>’s Sujin 

7. If you went to the movies and these movies were playing, which one would you watch? 

  • Roman Holiday 
  • Harry Potter 
  • Begin Again 
  • Toy Story 
  • ✓ Devil Wears Prada 

8. What completes fashion? 

  • Face 
  • Figure 
  • ✓ Sense you’re born with 
  • Face + Figure + Sense 
  • Me 

9. After attempting, which hairstyle gave you the biggest sense of satisfaction? 

(Refer to photos - Jessica chose “Genie” era hairstyle) 

10. When you see fans who are still students, what thoughts come to mind? 

  • Wow, really? I can’t believe it
  • They’re my fans but I’m a bit envious
  • ✓ I’m still okay, I have swagger
  • I want to treat them even better
  • They are one of many fans, I don’t think differently of them

11. When you see fans who like you for your body, what thoughts come to mind? 

  • ✓ Even when I see it, it’s good (Jessica wrote: Kekeke… I want to hide.) 
  • It’s a compliment so it puts me in a good mood 
  • Honestly, it’s a bit uncomfortable 
  • I want to report them 
  • I don’t think anything 

12. In what moments do you want to see your fans the most? 

  • When I’m laying down to sleep 
  • ✓ When I’m showing off something new 
  • When I see a negative comment 
  • ✓ There are moments when they come to mind, without any reason (Jessica wrote: Both… Can I choose both…?) 
  • Always 

13. If you were to give a score on your life so far? 

  • 0-20 points 
  • 20-40 points 
  • 40-60 points 
  • 60-80 points 
  • ✓ 80-100 points 

14. Write the meanings of the following slang words. (Jessica wrote: Really… I don’t know it… Not even one… T_T) 

  • ㅇㄱㄹㅇ: This is real 
  • ㅂㅂㅂㄱ: Bi bi bick go 
  • 핑프: Pink peu…….? 
  • 복세편살: .. 
  • 연서복: Name of a Chinese restaurant 
  • 팬아저: Not a fan, me… 
  • 취촌: Good even if you’re drunk 
  • 덕계못: Duk.. gae… mot…? 
  • 성덕: Dirty personality 
  • 머글: Regular person 

15. Write the names of the Korean TV programs you’ve watched recently in the last month. 

BeauBa (Beauty Bible) 

TaeHu (Descendants of the Sun) 

Remember (Remember: War of the Sun) 

16. When you wash up, in what order do you brush your teeth, wash your face, hair and body? 

Ah… shower…? 

Hair - face - body - brush teeth - hair 

I use a treatment or hair pack, and then wash my face, body and brush my teeth. 

17. The content of the box are from interviews that Jessica has done in the past. Look at the question and guess how you answered in the past, and write how you would respond now. 

A) August 2011, GQ Japan 

Q: What compliment makes you happy? 

A: I’m happy if I hear “__________”. 

B) March 2008, ALICE & PAUL 

Q: If you were to describe yourself in 5 letters? 

A: ___________ 

A) Past: “Your voice is pretty…?” 

Now: “You’re the same… You haven’t changed…?” Genuine… kekeke. 

B) Past: “Hard on the outside, soft on the inside” 

Now: “Same, even now” Because… I’m… Steadfast… kekeke. 

18. Write an acrostic poem using Jessica or Jung Sooyeon. 

Jung (jungmal): Really, I’m… 

Soo (Sooyeonie): Born as Sooyeonie and met everyone 

Yeon: zzz Like it~ Was that cheating… -_-;;; 

(Note: It should be “Really, I like that I was born as Sooyeonie and met everyone~” but the sentence structure in Korean is very different from English, hence the confusing translation.) 

19. Write about one incident concerning the album that you want to share with fans. 

I know… everyone… dislikes it… when I tan… but this time, I couldn’t do anything… From the first day of music video shoot, all of the sunlight in the world… I received it… Despite that… I think it came out prettily and well… Stop making fun of me… I’m insisting to the stylist that I’m wearing long sleeves and long pants every day… I’m whining… Because. Of. You. Guys. 

(She wrote words and then scribbled them out.) - Are you curious? 

As I was writing lyrics, and… recording… And… When I listened to the song for the first time… I almost cried alone… At night, I teared up a little… Hehe… It’s just… Like this… 

20. Write ‘I Love You’ in as many languages as you know. (Not allowed to search.) - Gosh… 

(See photos for Jessica’s answers.)

Interview: Dana Barsuhn

This month’s featured artist is danabarsuhn. A street photographer from North America!

Be sure to follow danabarsuhn and support his work!

Full name

Dana Barsuhn

City and country where you live

Eagle Rock, California, United States

How you started with street photography?

A friend and fellow street photographer and author Ibarionex Perello came across some random photographs of mine and suggested me to join him and documentary photographer Emilio Banuelos for a collaborative workshop in Downtown Los Angeles. The focus of the weekend was more on how we see and connect with photographs we take rather than all the technical stuff you are usually exposed to. I came away with a whole new take on how to see the world around me, and that influenced my motivation to walk the streets with my camera.

Would you say you have changed your way of shooting since then? If so, how?

Back then, I was a lot more intentional about shooting on the street, now it’s just part of my everyday life, I shoot whatever, whenever, wherever… and I don’t shoot as many pigeons anymore!

Why street photography? How often do you go out to capture moments?

The idea of stepping out my front door with my camera and making photographs out of everyday life, like a visual diary in a sense, appeals to me. I don’t have to drive somewhere, fly somewhere, etc., just put the camera around my neck and go. Don’t get me wrong, going places that are unfamiliar is always stimulating, however, I’ve always believed that the biggest challenge is to take photographs in your immediate everyday environment. That being said I would have to say photographing on the street was a lot more intentional for me in the beginning, but now has become more of an everyday, personal documentary type of pursuit.

I agree with you, the biggest challenge is to take pictures of your everyday environment. Nothing like knowing your own streets. Would you be afraid of getting tired of it though? Some photographers would simply grow tired of the same streets/places.

It’s all about perception really. If you want to look at everything as black and white then sure the same old streets can get monotonous. But if you change the game and look at your surroundings in a different way you can always find a way to make it interesting again.

What is then for you street photography? Do you consider yourself a street photographer?

Keep reading

*SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 4* Lazy’s Theories/Thoughts on Episode 4&5

Hey there, Strangers. So, I’ve been having some wonderful conversations with some of you about episode 4, and I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts after that goddamn ending. I’ve come up with a few things, how true these things will be I do not know, but it’s always fun to talk about them anyway. :)

Do be warned: this is a long post.

So, I’ve seen some other theories floating around, so Imma gonna start there.

There’s a theory floating around that Nathan is the one buried at the junkyard, not Rachel.

…Meh, I don’t believe this one. No, not because I love Nathan and am denying him ever dying. I do think, however, that that would be a lame way to kill his character off. I’m already disappointed that we didn’t actually get to talk to him in episode, only snooped around his room and obsessively hated on him to the point of suspicion.

We don’t actually see the persons face and we only see the shirt - which is black in the day but appears blue at night and that’s why people are assuming it’s Nathan - - also it MIGHT BE A DAMN BAG but for the sake of this theory we’re gonna go with shirt - and we don’t know for sure if it’s Rachel… But, I think Chloe recognized the shirt. I mean, if anyone would recognize Rachel’s clothes, it would be Chloe. There’s also the transparent doe that I’ve always suspected was Rachel’s spirit.

In episode 2 the doe is standing right over the grave. And, in the bathroom at the Two Whales, there’s a doe drawing right next to Rachel’s missing poster. That’s why I’ve always associated the two. The doe leads Max through the storm, and shows her the grave sight. “I feel like Rachel is guiding us somehow.” Max says something along the lines of this.

That’s why I think Rachel is truly dead. I’ve always felt that she was dead. Yeah, I hoped that we would find her tied up in the darkroom and save her but… Not the case.

As for Nathan… Things do not look good for Nathan. He’s missing. He wasn’t at the Vortex party, and no one had seen or even heard from him. Not even Victoria.

Now, I want to point something out about Nathan’s jacket. Nathan’s jacket appears in the darkroom draped over the couch in other people’s play through’s… but it didn’t in my play through. Now, I did not tell on Nathan about the gun, and I did not blame Kate’s (attempted) suicide on him. I also stopped Warren from breaking his face. Nathan’s jacket wasn’t in the dark room.

This… worries me. I actually haven’t thought of a good reason as to WHY this damn jacket is determinate, but it does lead back to Nathan being in the grave. This is another reason people think he is buried instead of Rachel.

What I’m saying is… if Nathan IS in the grave… it is determinate. I have a feeling that he was at the junkyard, and that he was trying to warn Max. After getting the text from “Nathan,” if you go to Rachel and Chloe’s secret place instead of following Chloe, and Max wrote her name on the wall, it will say Rachel IS here with Max and Chloe’s names circled with the text YOUR ALL GOING TO DIE next to it. I have a strong feeling that Nathan wrote this. When? I don’t know. That’s what worries me.

Speaking of that text Chloe received… Nathan has a distinct way of texting: Horrible, HORRIBLE grammar. It makes me cringe. The text Chloe received? Perfect grammar. Nathan did not send that text, Jefferson did.

Chloe and Max have the prepaid phone from Nathan’s room, and I think Jefferson has Nathan’s real phone. Meaning… Nathan is either with him, or not. More on that later.

Now, before I continue on about Nathan, I want to talk about Warren for a minute. Did anyone else notice something is a bit… off? Not like with Jefferson, though. This is different.

While I am glad to see Warren stick up for himself and Max, I am not happy with him beating up Nathan. That’s why I stopped him in my play through, for which he was grateful. Warren isn’t cheery like usual, y’know? We didn’t get to see him AT ALL in episode 3 - alt timeline does not count. We only text with him. He also mentions that it feels like the end of the world, and that he will do anything to help.

Also, I was extremely disappointed that WE DID NOT SQUAD THE FUCK but oh well…

Later, we find Warren drunk at the party. First of all, Warren does no strike me as a drinker. At all. Second, who gets drunk off of half a beer? I have a low alcohol tolerance but damn I can handle half a beer without slurring and stumbling. I know, I know, everyone is different, but still.

I’ve read a few times that Warren might have been drugged at the party. We know Jefferson is there, and he wants to hurt Max and Chloe. He also knows Warren is good friends with Max, so might feel the need to eliminate Warren as a threat. That can be interpreted a few ways: Jefferson just wants Warren drugged to stay out of the way, Warren wasn’t suppose to be the one dosed, or Jefferson has him in the dark room, as well.

But, i want to talk about why I feel uneasy and worried about Warren. Why was he drinking? Max asked him to find out any information of the Prescott’s, right? Did Warren find something? Or was he just pressured into drinking?

Now, I’m fairly certain that Warren gets bullied. A lot. There’s Nathan punching him, graffiti in the boys’ locker room and in class rooms, there’s that damn picture on his door, and who knows what else. Warren even says that it’s usually him that’s getting the shit beat out of, not him doing the beating.

I think he’s so attached to Max because she cares and is kind to him. She sees him. Yes, he has a crush and people think he’s creepy - but do you still? I’ve never found Warren creepy, just awkward. I feel bad for him because he “knows how to be invisible.” I get a sense of loneliness from him, to be honest. Yeah, he has friends like Brooke and Alyssa… so why do I feel that way?

Now, a lot of people are saying that Warren has already saved Max by taking that picture with her. This is a possibility, but did anyone else feel like this was sort of a… goodbye? I mean, the entire party felt like a goodbye, but Warren just… gave me a bad feeling. Then he just walked off… alone. Alone. ALONE.

Please tell me I’m not the only person worried? I mean, it could be nothing but… it could also be something. Because, think about it…

Warren has the photo. If Max is suppose to use this picture to go back, how is she going to get it…?

Enough about Warren. Now, I wanna talk about Jefferson. Like a lot of other people, this guy has rubbed me the wrong way since episode one. Hell, I even wrote a trilogy of oneshots with him as the main villain… look how right I was.

This guy makes me ill, and he scares me. You saw how many binders were there. He photographed a drugged Kate and did only God knows what else to her and then had Kate as a student without any issues. He knew what he was doing when he was talking to Kate moments before she stood on the ledge of that roof. He knew what he was doing when he was pushing Max to enter a photo. He knew.

He drugged Max and shot Chloe without a hint of remorse. He just stared down at Max with cold eyes and no pity in his heart. He’s not going to leave Chloe’s body there. I think he’s going to bring Chloe along with Max to the dark room. He intends to kill Max, and who knows who else.

Now, let us talk about him and Nathan. Looking through the phone we found in Nathan’s room, there are texts that we assume are from his father. But…I feel like those are actually from Jefferson. Now, how did Nathan get mixed up in Jefferson? I’m going to assume his father.

Now, this begs the question of WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING THIS AND WHY DO THEY THINK IT’S OKAY? Unless they know it’s evil, and they’re doing it anyway. there;s always the chance that Sean Prescott doesn’t actually KNOW what is happening down there, but I doubt it. That guy is everywhere. Multiple people have called the Prescott’s evil. But, what is this family business that Sean introduced to Nathan? Is it the girls? Now, there ARE fucked up people out there who would buy these photos, and this might be where they get their extra wealth. This might be why they hired Mark Jefferson, because he’s as sick and twisted as they are.

There is also the possibility of Nathan being blackmailed into this by Jefferson/his father using drugs. The dude has issues, that’s no secret, nor was it ever. They could also be blackmailing him with something else. We don’t know how long Nathan has been helping, if that is what is going on.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Jefferson working for the Prescott’s. I mean, Sean Prescott bought and had the place built. there’;s all kinds of theories of Jefferson secretly being Nathan’s father or some other relative, but I feel like that might be reaching a little bit. There’s also the theories dealing with the Prescott’s having time powers as well.

Just a few more things about Nathan. If you chose to let Warren break Nathan’s face, and you stick around, you see Nathan just lay there in a fetal position holding his face.

“Shit man…this really hurts.”

“I think my face is broken.”

“Everybody hates me… everybody.”

These are the things he says as he is crying. Also, am I the only one that was annoyed at Chloe after seeing him so damn helpless, begging Warren to stop. Nathan is not heartless, and he feels pain. Nathan isn’t good, I know. I’m not defending him or his actions, what ever they truly are.

Now, I think Nathan’s photo of Chloe has to do with Jefferson. Jefferson may have put him up to it, but we don’t know for sure.  Do note, though, that Chloe was fully clothed. Also, her photo was in color. Nathan likes to shoot in black and white, as most of his pictures in his room are black and white. Also he has a porn magazine next to a roll of toilet paper under his bed in case you missed it ;) and his room is dark, mostly black. Most of his photos are black and white, aside from the one above his bed. His photos also project loneliness to me as well, like the child. And the dead birds. Just an interesting observation.

Also, his father’s certificate of Worlds Best Son!!! is unsettling, no not just because of the date. Nathan’s father is an asshole, and Nathan even says so. So why does he want to please his father so damn much? Why didn’t he leave like his sister? What is he willing to do for a father that won’t give him the right treatment and possibly abuses him in multiple ways?

Now, I don’t like talking about Nathan’s possible mental illness because I am personally not knowledgeable about those things, and I do not wish to offend someone with my outside eye. That’s why I cannot accurately analyze Nathan. I will say, though, that his psychiatrist Dr Jacoby - TWIN PEAKS REFERENCE - gave up on him. His fathers doings? Perhaps.

Nathan isn’t all bad, though. Victoria and Hayden confirm this. Again, not trying to justify is possible actions, just saying. He’s not one dimensional.

Now, all this talk leads me to one thing: How is this going to end? What does episode 5 have in store for us?

Well, we know that Max is in the dark room. Now, will the entire episode revolve around her getting out? Probably not.

I personally think - and hope - we’re going to get multiple endings. I mean, there won’t be a season two with these characters, yes? So give us multiple endings.

I want to talk about a gave that I have a love/hate relationship with: Heavy Rain. *Spoilers if you have not played and want to* Heavy Rain revolves around the Origami Killer, a child serial killer who has kidnapped Ethan Mars’ son, and they only have a limited amount of time before he’s found dead. In Heavy Rain, there are multiple endings depending on how you play. You can get one of the four protagonists killed, or multiple characters killed. You can save Sean or he can die. Ethan can get together with Madison or get back with his wife. Ethan can go to jail. The Origami killer can die, or live.

I’d like to see this occur in Life is Strange.

Now, a thing buzzing around Tumblr is how Max is getting out of the dark room, and who is going to save her.

My theory? You’re choices determine who can save you.

Nathan. Back to the possibilities of Nathan being dead. If Nathan is dead, then he can’t help you. But, that may be your choice. Say, if you let Warren beat Nathan, then Nathan is too weak to fight Jefferson and it ultimately kills him. Remember, Chloe takes Nathan’s gun if you let Warren beat him, as well, so he has no other means of protection. Now, if you pull Warren away and Nathan is okay, he maybe can fight back against Jefferson and escape. Or, he’ll be more likely to help you if he is in the dark room with you and Jefferson.

David could save you as well. David could notice Chloe’s gone, and go to her room where he discovers all the clues and is able to find her. David has guns, and he knows how to use them. Also, he doesn’t trust grown men with goatees, so Jefferson is screwed there. But, David may also be kicked out of the house depending on your choices.

Frank. He’s a bit unlikely, but maybe if Nathan escapes, he can go to Frank. After all, he knows Frank loved Rachel, and he has a vicious dog. But again, your choices determine Frank’s fate, too. Frank can be dead, wounded, or perfectly fine.

Warren. Now, will Warren save you? Meh… not in the way I think David and Frank could save you. Remember what I said earlier? Warren may have been dosed, and Jefferson may have done something… Y’know, like bring him to the dark room as well. This may just be my fears for Warren’s safety getting a head of me, but how else are we suppose to get that picture?

Victoria. Lot’s of people are hoping Victoria saves Max. I find this one the least likely. UNLESS Jefferson has already drugged her and brought her to the dark room, similar to the theory on Warren. The two may have to work together here.

Samuel. I’m dead serious. I want Samuel to save the day. The squirrels whisper to him, and there are squirrels outside the barn.

Max has to save herself. Did anyone do a bad choice play through? You may have to save yourself because no one is coming to get you.

This is also where multiple endings come in.


Honestly? I think Chloe is gone. We have tried so hard to save her, and the universe says no. Yes, being shot in the head by Jefferson is a shitty way to go. No, I don’t hate Chloe. Now, this could also be your choice. Do you keep trying to save Chloe? Or do you just let her be at peace?


Max’s doing. Or the Prescott’s. Take your pick.

Yet another factor in the multiple endings.

That’s all I have for now.

If you read all this then you are a trooper, and we can be friends. Probably.

Now that I’ve shared, what are your thoughts? You agree with me? Or do you think I’m full of shit? ;)

At Home With Ina Garten


We talked about Instagram…

“Who do you follow?” I asked.

“Who do I follow?” She sort of laughed. “Taylor Swift?” I’d read before that she and Taylor Swift were friends of some kind.

“Are you internet friends or real-life friends?” I asked.

“I’ve had the unbelievable good fortune of meeting her a few times,” Ina said.

“I think there’s nobody I admire more. She’s an extraordinarily talented, creative, principled woman. I just adore her.”

She talked about how they met, which was at a Food Network photo shoot where celebrities got to pair up with their favorite Food Network stars, and Ina was excited Taylor chose her.

“It was really sweet. She said, ‘I follow very few people, and you’re one of them.’ I said, ‘I follow very few people, and you’re one of them.’”

kinetickutiel  asked:

Thanks for the answer! Ive actually been using Sai until now using photoshop only for photo montages and edits in my photoshop class but ive wanted to practice digital painting and chose to use photoshop since i think provides more tools and the like? My coloring is pretty basic in sai but im certain i can get similar results like photoshop does if i expand my knowledge and use of Sais tools, anyways thanks again!

Hope you don’t mind me replying publicly, since this is stuff that is actually a good (and unique, compared to what I usually get!) set of questions!

For painting in photoshop, i’d say it’s really an inferior program unless you get a lot of good, custom brushes and presets. Even then I would easily say there are far better programs for actual painting! 

Sai may feel really limited, but it has a ton going for it as far as natural painting and line stabilization goes. Manga studio /Clip studio i’ve had less of a run with, but i’ve seen it do great things. There’s also Painter… w hich I used a lot before I started using only sai and photoshop. I don’t know what the recent versions are like, but it simulates natural media very well if that’s what you’re wanting. The layer functions were always less than stellar in it, but if you want to do a natural-style flat painting it should be just fine for that. 

Photoshop CAN be great for painting, and i’ve been using it pretty exclusively since this summer due to work requirements and canvas sizes, but I really can’t recommend Kyle T Webbers’ brushes and tool sets enough if you’re using photoshop. Just really make sure you’ve got enough ram to run that one. I actually can’t run PS on my PC laptop due to this.

Interview: Stelios Efstathopoulos


This month’s featured artist is steliosefstathopoulos. A street photographer from Europe!

Be sure to follow steliosefstathopoulos and support his work!

Full name

Stelios Efstathopoulos

City and country where you live

Athens, Greece

- How you started with street photography?

Since the beginning of my engagement with photography, I always considered people as my main object of interest. Therefore, choosing photography as a means of self-expression, it was inevitable for me to go out in the streets.

- Why street photography?

I was never moved by the depiction of a setting or an action without elements of personal perception of the subjects to be photographed. What interested me was to see the world around me from another point of view. I walk around in the center of Athens and there I stumble upon little everyday stories where the protagonists are anonymous passers-by. The streets of the city are like a stage set to me, where random, transient acts and scenes full of little surprises take place, which altogether form an imaginary world. I think that most significant part of my work is defined by this “game”, which only street photography can offer.

- What and/or who inspires you?

Josef Koudelka, Garry Winogrand, William Klein, Robert Frank are my favourite photographers and those who have influenced my aesthetics and my way of expression.

- How often do you go out to capture moments?

In general, I’m not the kind of photographer who usually walks around with a camera wherever he goes. Every time I go out to take pictures, I want to be totally focused without anything distracting me from what I’m doing. On average, I go for a walk 2-3 days a week for 2-3 hours each.

- What do you look for when you go out on the streets?

I walk on the street trying to see into the story which will take place in front of me so that I won’t miss the picture. When you are in front of an action that takes place, it doesn’t matter what is happening, but what you see. If a lively moment has logic and sense, my decision to move a bit forward or back and to choose the moment of taking the picture, very often transforms the real action, but it helps me try to convey an idea or a point of view.

Through photography I try and hope to get a picture I have imagined. I think that a good picture should not be limited within the borders of the photographic frame, but that it should develop itself beyond it.

- Do you interact with your subjects?

I try to go unnoticed when I take pictures. If people notice me, then they tend to pose or react and so the spontaneity of the moment disappears. Quite often I take pictures without having the camera on my eye, hoping that I will get my frame right. Sometimes I even talk to them before I raise my camera. After a while they usually get used to my presence and they ignore me. So I can become “invisible” and I can move easier without someone noticing me.

- How do you challenge yourself to improve on photography?

I think that everyone must have a broader knowledge about what has been achieved and what is being achieved in the field of photography and other fields as well. By reading books about photography, watching exhibitions or reading articles about photography, I form an opinion about photography. I constantly seek to improve my photos and my personal expression. I try to be the strictest judge of all as far as the final choice of my pictures is concerned.

- What gear do you use? Philosophy: Digital or analog?

The most important of all is to manage to take a good photo. The choice between Digital or Analog should not preoccupy us since the person looking at a photo is not interested in the way the photo was taken or in the type of the camera. We should adapt ourselves to the technology of our time. The past 5 years I have been working with a digital Canon eos 5D Mark II, and before that, with an analog Canon F1. I always use a 24mm-wide-angle lens. I think that the 24mm-lens “sees” things almost as the human eye does and the constant use of the same lens helps me know every time what exact frame I can have. So I can take photos without having to look through the viewfinder.

In addition, there is no need to focus all the time on the subject because this lens has a quite wide focus area. When you are on the streets, you don’t always have the time to frame and focus. Usually you must press the camera button before you see a scene you want to capture or else you will lose it.

- B&W or color? Why?

The decision of whether to choose B&W or color has to do with what each photographer wants to photograph. There is no rule. There is no better or worse. Color makes the pictures imitate reality closely. The power color has, it is very often stronger than the subject itself. However, someone might want to take pictures based on the power of color.

I personally love the black and grey hues, which can be quite harsh at times. Usually when I take photos I don’t see colors. No, I’m not color-blind. Winograd used to say: “I photograph things in order for me to see how the things that interest me are depicted on the photos”. By saying this, he wanted to highlight the difference between reality and “photographed reality”.

- What about post processing/developing?

I haven’t developed films over the past few years. I have my memory card, from which I upload my photos on my computer. However, although the transfer method has changed, I still stick to old-fashioned habits. I never watch the photos on my camera!! And I always watch them at least a month later!!! (Never have I developed the films earlier). This helps me distance myself emotionally from the subject I have photographed. Some of my photos I can’t even remember I took them! This helps me be a stricter judge of my work.

- The selected picture

I had walked several times down this street, but I had never managed to take a photo that would satisfy me. The depiction of the graffiti on the wall was always stronger than my photo. However, one day I was lucky. The car that was parked on the sidewalk created an imaginary “collision” between reality and imaginary depiction. I finally had the perfect setting. I patiently waited for something to happen within my photographic frame. The presence of the woman combined with the picture on the right side of the wall was the best combination I could ever imagine.

I chose this picture because I think that it expresses my effort to show the imaginary through the reality of everyday life.

- Street Photographers in tumblr you truly admire

This is a difficult question, but I will answer it. It was indeed difficult to choose. There are many good photographers in tumblr who I follow. Not all are street photographers. I like watching photos of other kinds of photography as well. Five photographers, who I think are closer to my personal style, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best, are the following in random order: (nedeljko-vucelja) (dimostheniskapa) (bangbang365) (exileongranvia) (deadmetaphors)

I chose them because of their work in general. I also follow many other photographers as well, who have taken really amazing photos and I often say to myself that I wish I had taken those photos!

- Any advice from your personal experience?

Photography has the power to copy things in detail. It is a mirror of reality. I think that if a photographer manages to stop simply depicting objects or people and to go one step further and drive our imagination outside the borders of a photographic frame, then we could actually say that we are looking at a very interesting picture.

I would like to thank everyone at WSP for the invitation.

Thank you also to my followers who support me. It is thanks to them that I’m here talking about my work.

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