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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 8  A/B/O

A/N: HEY GUYS! It’s finally here! This is definitely one of my favorite chapters. Hopefully I’ll be posting part 9 later on tonight (I live in the us so it’ll be a bit later for y'all lol) but I’ve made it halfway at least!! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤

Warnings: Minor character death. Swearing. Hella angsty.

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Bellamy Blake Imagine: Addicted

Requested by @jazminblake

Song: Crazy in love

Summary: Reader and Bellamy are the leaders of the camp and are really close. One day Bellamy starts avoiding her without any reason. Reader is hurt because she loves him and tries to find out why he ignores her. One day she finally makes him talk to her and he admits that he got scared of being in love with her.

Word Count:  2102

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I had never thought that a person could influence someone else’s life so much just by their presence. But now, after my life had completely turned upside down and I found myself on the Earth with another 100 delinquents, I knew it was possible. Somehow I had earned a leadership position which I shared with Bellamy Blake.

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@mittensmorgul is a gem and found this for me because I haven’t seen it on my dash

… I would probably be able to react to this better if I could understand lyrics easily but that’s a real issue for me with audio comprehension so I’m just going to enjoy this and someone else can squint at the song choice :P

seems so far to just be random 1sec shots from the season, and I mean random as hell 

Family! Pie! Photos! yeah that all seems par the course

then the great hug marathon, and Cas and Dean hugging and Sam and Eileen right next to each other, followed immediately by that one time Crowley got a hug… Oh dear. Does that mean anything? My heart is going faster just to see a DeanCas hug immediately followed by Saileen :P I suppose it’s just a The Hugs Of Season 12 part, and I regret Dean did not randomly hug Rowena in 12x11 because she’s left out :<

Speight continues to be worth every penny for sticking poor old Wally at the back of the Dramatic Slow Mo Walk so no one would see him when they re-use this footage over and over

Distressed Winchester Close Ups and I love that we got these 2 next to each other because I don’t think anyone wrote meta comparing during the season even though we were all Emotionally Compromised by both:

Originally posted by milanavsh

because I have seriously just paused to think harder about this instead of just letting the video play >.> Blah blah loss of self blah blah Cas death foreshadowing blah blah Dean losing Cas blah I’ma hit play, I was just starting to enjoy this


*more 12x09 and 12x15 running in the woods recapping instead of explaining that*

oops I forgot Lucifer was on this show

More burned wings from 12x10 in short succession because ouch

Dean n Ketch drinking followed immediately by Mary and Ketch looking heterosexually at each other putting 12x14 and 12x12 back to back. Bold move. 

Like, random selection of Things again after showing the Colt and it shooting. Just like, random shots they like I guess. Rowena getting splattered by that guy Crowley killed for her reminds me a LOT of the Pastry Mishap in 8x08 and I never said at the time so as not to ruin the moment but of all the blood/cake splatters in the show those 2 are most alike

Eeeeey layering Dean and Ketch shooting off their grenade launchers and showing the end result as the one where Cas watches unbothered by it. Now THAT is a meta point I muttered to myself somewhere in my 12x22 madness (I was pretty feverish that week)… All the Ketch-related character mirroring and Dean using it to free himself but also that Cas is ~immune~ so to speak of all this grenade launcher posturing. And all the subtextual links to Dean breaking down those walls leading him closer to Cas, who is beyond all that posturing…

And then blurry sad Winchesters and Mary being sad and - Gavin? - and back to TFW and Mary being sad… 

*random clips mushed together again that I don’t think there’s enough conspiracy to link all these moments like Crowley coming back and being stabbed and Kelly’s suicide attempt and Ketch driving by on his bike* A lot of shit happened in season 12. This montage has a lot of MotW stuff.

I LOVED them putting Dean going “pew” with the Colt to Mrs Umbridge being shot 

This is the slow music, people slowly looking up and then having glowing eyes section, and then a bunch of witchcraft and magic, everyone running, MORE hugs they missed earlier… More sad Winchesters over “nothing else matters” before cutting to Cas and Kelly - uh, I think he does :P

Loved them using Dean being punted through the door by Billie in 12x06 side by side with Sam and Dean being punted back out the portal in 12x23 because that links COOOOSMIC CONSEQUENCES that much nicer

REALLY getting into the fighting and explosions and then they included the bit where Dean slammed Cas against a wall and my brain shorted out and dropped back in at Dean riding Larry.

I’m glad Larry was in this



Oh Mary got one for being stuck in the AU (not Lucifer, no one cares about you, Lucifer)

And Kelly got a really short one

Oh NO and then the “nothing else matters” over Cas’s face close up and Dean all sad and asdfgjlkfhs they already SHOWED the last shot of the season earlier! THEY CHANGED IT SO THE LAST SHOT HERE WAS THE DESTIEL END OF SEASON SHOT.

And Dean all helpless and hey watch season 13 on Thursday October the ducking 12th. 

And the 13 Death tarot card because this show is Edgy but not edgy enough to air on Friday the 13th and it hates it

You can taste the bitterness.

I hope Death comes back

I hope Death comes back and it turns out they’re Billie and have been all along



Red Waters

Oops, I ended up ruining a good moment at the lake with a lovely head injury to our favorite mess, the Blue Paladin, I don’t regret anything and at the same time, I regret everything

Lance jumped to the next rock, a grin brighter than the sun plastered on his face.  Pidge screeched and shot Lance off the rock and into the water.  Hunk popped up beside Lance and raised his water gun up to his shoulder, aiming at Pidge.  “Keith, back up!”

“Wait, wait, I don’t have a water gun, don’t attack me!”  Lance hollered with both his hands raised in the air, surrendering to the others.  Pidge and Hunk smirked before turning on their friend, shooting streams of water at his face.  They laughed infectiously while they played in the water.

Shiro, Allura, and Coran sat on the beachside, watching the Paladins as they played in the water.  Coran and Allura had found a planet like Earth that has breathable air, lush greenery, and flowing water.  Once the Alteans brought it up, there was a unanimous vote to take a break and visit the planet.

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like, everyone all hiatus long was talking about how much morty misses rick, morty breaking rick out of jail, morty becoming an alcoholic n shit. Like nah, i know the kind of relationship morty has with rick and that boy would sell that bastard to satan for FREE if there was no guilt trip involved and it meant protecting his family and having an abuse free life, despite how incredible and intelligent he knows rick is, despite rick being his only freind

Morty legit SHOT rick this episode, thinking he had killed him and showed literally no remorse, because as much as he knows and cares about rick and wants his aprovval and enjoys the kinship he has with him when things are actually going well, he is %1000 DONE with his bs

It’s that kind of situation where everyone thinks your mom or dad or whatever is the COOLEST person on earth, and yeah, they are cool in way but to you they’re just dad and they’re kind of the worst

Of All My Parents’ Friends

@heartthesouth asked: 

Imagine Roger describing 1960s Claire (and possibly his remembrance of 1940s Claire from his childhood) to Jamie.

One-shot; takes place just after the Gathering in book-verse (The Fiery Cross).

Bear in mind, this means Jamie and Roger are only *newly* on solid-ish ground after all the unpleasantness between them in Drums of Autumn. If you haven’t read the books, just imagine the very worst start a man could get off to with his father-in-law. (YIKES.) 

 -Mod Bonnie

Fraser’s Ridge, North Carolina

October, 1770 


The word sounded absolutely stupid coming out of his father-in-law’s mouth, which (infuriatingly!) made ROGER feel the foolish one. “C’mon, ye know. Poofy? Like—voluminous?—

Jamie Fraser snorted violently into his lunch of bread and pickle and Roger felt a wave of anxiety. Was the word somehow offensive in this time??  But surely ‘poofy’ was more easily misconstrued than—

But Jamie—seated on a log next to Roger’s boulder—came up grinning, still coughing on crumbs as he choked out, “Ye mean to say there was a time when Claire’s hair was MORE voluminous than it is NOW?” 

They both laughed and Roger drank in the relief of the camaraderie, flimsy as it might be. 

“Christ almighty,” Jamie swore with feeling as the laughter subsided, shaking his head in genuine incredulity, “however did she manage THAT?”

“I dinna ken exactly,” Roger admitted with a hopefully-easy shrug, passing the stone bottle of cider, “Claire’s was sort of—” he made a swooping gesture overtop his own crown “—um…I dinna ken how to describe it.. Kind of—”

“A bouffant,” Brianna interjected helpfully, plopping down next to Jamie (well, as much as a six-foot-tall woman with a sleeping baby strapped to her front could ‘plop’) and doing a quick sketch in the dirt with a stick.  

“Oh, aye, a *bouffant,*” He grinned, leaning over to kiss his wife and son, grateful for the buffer. “I definitely knew that’s what it was called.” 

“How does—? But—where do the curls go?” Jamie kept tilting his head from side to side like a puppy as he peered down, clearly having difficulty translating the rough illustration to his wife’s head. “And how in hell did she get it to stay all rounded and puffed up?” 

“HAIRSPRAY,” he and Bree said in unison, though he left the task of explaining aerosol cans and their uses to the engineer. 

By the end, Jamie was grinning like a fiend. “Claire would glue her hair into place every day for fashion??

“Yep!” Bree laughed, expertly cupping Jem’s head as she bent forward to reach for a hunk of bread, “unless she was doing an operation that day, obviously. Not much call for style under a scrub cap.” 

Shaking his head in gleeful wonder, Jamie turned back to Roger. “What else was different about ‘Sixties Claire,’ to your eye, other than the hair?”

“Oo, her groovy makeup!” Bree said through a large bite.

Gr–? Cosmetics, ye mean?” 

“Aye, just so!” Roger said, hoping to win some son-in-law points, meagre as they might be. “And ‘groovy’ just means daring in an admirable way.” 

“Well, that sounds like Claire, right enough. Does every woman wear the Greuvvy Makeup, then?” 

Bree shrugged. “Pretty much.” 

“I tell ye what, though,” Roger said emphatically, seeing the opportunity and seizing it, “Claire certainly didna need all that. Not one bit.”

It was like a horror film. 

Two identical faces swiveled on tall, twin necks, fixing him with identical expressions of amusement. Or possibly menace. Either way, absolutely TERRIFYING.

What?” he snapped, his face flushing as he looked back and forth between them.

Jamie’s eyebrows were raised. “Why should Claire not have needed the cosmetics?”

Bree raised hers to match, her lips quivering with suppressed laughter. “Yes, Roger: do tell!” 

He made a scoffing sound. “Well, no, I mean—”

“If ‘pretty much’ all women wore it,” Jamie asked, face completely inscrutable, “why should Claire have been any different?  

“No, she’s—Well, I mean she IS—” This was not going well. “All I was trying to say is Claire’s very—She’s got very lovely—” 

The movie had shifted into one where the out-of-control-robot car had locked you inside and was accelerating top-speed into a canyon. Cannot—BRAKE—


“OH. MY. GODDD!!” Bree whooped with glee, making Jemmy jump in his sleep and thump his forehead against her chest. 

Jamie said nothing and only sipped his drink, but damn him, there was an effing GLEAM in those cats’ eyes. 

Bree coughed through her giggles and waved her hand in a ‘hold on, hold on’ gesture. “So—wait: when we met in Inverness….were you checking out my mother’s ‘skin’?”

“I wasna CHECKING HER OUT,” he insisted with a mocking tone to show what a ridiculous suggestion it was (but SHIT if he didn’t sound all kinds of guilty AND if he didn’t want to fling himself into a hole and never come out). Pull yourself the fuck together, MacKenzie. 

Look,” he sighed, “Claire’s a very attractive woman, and—”

“So we’ve gone from verra lovely to verra *attractive*, have we?” 

“It—I—” Damn that fucking ginger hide: Roger couldn’t tell if the man was poking fun or literally about to bash his head open against a tree. 

“Wait, wait, didn’t—oh JEEZ, it’s too much—” Bree was clutching Jem tight, dying with laughter, and was NOT giving this up. “Didn’t you tell me once that Mama reminded you of Anne Bancroft??”

ffffffffffucking hellllllllllllllllllllll

“Who’s that?” Jamie demanded, his narrowed eyes snapping to Roger.  

Yep, it had now become the kind of horror movie where the supporting actor looks at the camera and gets in that *one great scream* for their reel right before they get eaten alive to thicken the plot for the protagonists. 

Bree was on a roll. “A famous, very *sexy* actress! She was in a—play (sort of) with Dustin Hoffman who has the role of this university boy who is seduced by an older wo—”

“—S’QUITE ENUFF’A’THAT!” His voice cracked on the panicked outburst (can a man not catch a BREAK???), at which his wife dissolved into further spasms. “Oh for God’s sake, Bree, it was YOU that I checked out, if ye need reminding!!” 

“And just why were ye ‘checking out’ an unmarrit lass?” Jamie said, turning expertly on the conversational dime, “A guest in your home, no less? MY daughter?” 

“I wasna—I ABSOLUTELY did NOT—Oh, for fuck’s SAKE!” 

They were both quaking with laughter where they sat. 

Roger threw up his hands up and stormed to his feet. “You two bloody deserve each other, ye know! Twisting a man’s words, ‘til—Oh, willye shut up and LISTEN, THE BOTH OF YE!” 

They knocked heads as they slumped against each other, tears streaming down their ruddy cheeks. 

Roger made huge, sweeping gestures to left and right for emphasis. “CLAIRE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL. BRIANNA IS VERY BEAUTIFUL. WE’RE ALL FAMILY NOW, CAN WE BE *DONE* WI’—”

“What on EARTH are you lot bellowing about!?!” 

He whirled around to see Claire, flushed and dirt-streaked, gathering basket in hand, her eyes wide. “Is everything alright?” 

Roger gave both redheads a sidelong glare that HE would have said could have melted steel, but just make Brianna shake even harder. She was suppressing outright cackling only by pressing her lips into the top of Jemmy’s fuzzy head. 

“Nay, all’s well, mo nighean donn,” Jamie said, surprising Roger by getting to his feet. He came over to put a hand on his wife’s waist and kiss her on the cheek. “Roger Mac, here, was only singing the praises of your great charm and beauty, mo ghraidh, much to the credit of ye both.”

“Oh! Well!” Claire flushed, sounding both surprised and pleased. “That’s very sweet of you, Roger, dear, thank you.” 

Roger, stunned, scraped up enough presence of mind to give her a smile and a little self-deprecating bow. 

She didn’t bother to suppress a grin as she went on her way toward the drying shed. “I rather needed that, today.”

Once she was out of earshot, Roger met Jamie’s eye and inclined his head with a sincere, “Thanks.” 

“Think nothing of it,” his father-in-law said, clapping him on the shoulder in passing as he headed back to the woodpile “…Dustin.”

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fic request: bellamy is helping clarke search for something in her things and he comes across a drawing of himself

Turnabout’s fair play,
Clarke figured, as she hefted Bellamy a little higher on her shoulder.  His breath fanned against her ear, smelling like four too many whiskey and cokes.  “Just a little farther,” she coaxed.

“You don’t have to help me,” he slurred.

“You helped me,” she countered and picked through his keys to find the right one.

Everything in her body hurt.  Every muscle ached and she was somehow on fire and freezing at the same time.  She heard a noise from the front door and honestly, if it was someone coming to kill her, she didn’t even care.  She felt like death anyway. They were welcome to try.

But her murderer didn’t come to the bedroom and her curiosity got the better of her and she heaved herself out from under her nest of blankets.

But in the kitchen, Clarke realized her fever must be sky high.  Because Bellamy Blake was standing at her stove with his sleeves rolled up to his forearms.  Her nose was stuffed up but whatever he was cooking smelled savory and delicious.

“You should be in bed,” he observed without looking over his shoulder.  The last time she’d seen him she was reasonably sure she’d called him a smug jackass.  But then he called her a spoiled princess so they were at least even on that front.

“I didn’t realize hallucinations could be this vivid,” she said and sank into a chair.  Her head felt too big for her body and her knees were weak.  She’d used up her energy walking the twenty feet to the kitchen, apparently.  “How did you get in?”

“I swiped Miller’s key,” he said, turning back to the stove.  “And I made enough soup to last you a few days.”


“Because when you have the flu it’s easy to run out of energy and that makes it harder to feed yourself.  In 1918, whole families starved to death during the flu pandemic thanks to fatigue.  So I made a bunch.  You can heat this up in seconds and it should keep you going until you feel better.”

Clarke closed her eyes and rested her head against the wall behind her.  “I mean, why did you come here?”

“Monty said you’d missed three days of work.  I figured you were really sick and everyone else is a germaphobe.”  Something clunked in front of her and she opened her eyes to find a bowl of soup with steam curling from the surface.  “And unlike the rest of our asshole friends, I’ve got my flu shot.”

Clarke eyed him warily and picked up the spoon.  “You really think I’m going to starve to death?”

Bellamy shrugged, a smile playing on his lips.  “Probably not..  But why risk it?”

“Thanks,” she said, fighting her own smile.  

Bellamy watched her eat and when she stood to take her bowl to the sink he plucked it from her hands.  “Back to bed,” he ordered, and if Clarke was feeling better she would have argued, but the heat that usually fueled their disagreements was gone, replaced by something akin to fondness.  He followed her to her bedroom— probably a wise choice, since she was really dizzy— and when she stumbled over a sweatshirt she’d left on the floor he caught her before she fell.

“Careful,” he said, steadying her and helping her the last few feet to her bed.  Clarke let him bring the blankets up to her chin and tuck her in.  “I’ll put the soup in the fridge and let myself out,” he said and turned to walk out.

He stopped at her dresser where her sketchbook was lying open and frowned.  “What?” Clarke asked, but he just shook his head.  

“Nothing.  Get some rest,” he directed, and then he was gone.

Clarke unlocked Bellamy’s door and heaved him inside.  He stumbled as he kicked off his shoes and she nudged him in the direction of his bedroom while she poured him a glass of water.  

His jeans were in a pile on the floor when she entered his room, his face mashed against his pillow.  “Drink this,” she ordered, and Bellamy groaned and pushed himself up.

“The room is spinning,” he complained and accepted the water.

“That’s what happens when you get super drunk,” she countered, but she kept her tone light.  Ever since her flu they’d been something like friends, but any time she tried to get closer to him he’d withdraw.  It was confusing, but at least tonight he’d agreed to let her help him home.

“Why me?” Bellamy slurred.

“Hmm?” Clarke asked.  

He drained the glass and flopped back down on his bed.  “Why’d you draw me?”  For a second she wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but then she remembered her sketchbook.

“It isn’t that I like his face, it’s that it’s an interesting face,” she’d explained to Lincoln when flicked through her work and raised his eyebrows at her three pages of sketches of Bellamy.  She’d been trying to capture the tilt of his chin and the angle of his cheekbones at first, and then moved on to trying to get the sparks in his eyes just right.  Lincoln clearly didn’t believe her, but Lincoln was sober.  Bellamy was drunk, which made this a lot easier.

“You have a sketchable face,” she said lightly.

“What’s that mean?”

“I means I like drawing your face,” she said, and Bellamy pressed his face into the pillow again.

“I like your face,” he mumbled, and her heart did a stutter step.  

That’s not what I said was on the tip of her tongue, but instead she just drew up his sheets.  “Get some rest,” she ordered and let herself out, her heart thundering the whole time.

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One shot idea?- Lance being so delirious that he thinks Shiro is his big brother, so he starts to tell him how much he misses him and all his family. How alone he feels sometimes. After hearing Lance everyone feels awful, but then he starts to brag about his awesome space family, and now everyone is a little embarrassed, shy and crying good tears.

s m a l l  f i c  t i m e

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Dancing On My Own: Part 11

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1381

Summary: Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

Author’s Notes: Thanks for being patient! I am SO sorry it has taken me so long to post. I think my life is FINALLY back to normal – hopefully. I am tired of being busy. Working three jobs can get exhausting. I always love hearing from you guys <3. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged.

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It had been decided – by your mother – that you would be the one to write her eulogy, and as much as you dreaded the idea of standing in front of a group of strangers, family, and friends you knew if you didn’t do it you would regret it. It was her way of letting you get to say all the things she had robbed you of while she was still alive and keeping her sickness a secret. It was the best goodbye you would be able to give. So you gathered a plethora of your favorite books, the ones that made you think of her, and escaped from the house– finding solace in your childhood treehouse once again. You spent hours flipping through pages and staring at your empty notebook. How could you find the right words to say – were there right words? Bucky found you some hours later as you laid across the floor of the tree house with your books and crumpled discarded pieces of paper around you. In your frustration you had somehow decided to take a nap – in hopes of waking up inspired.

His entrance caused you to stir – throwing the books off of you with a thud that caused you to sit up quickly. Bucky couldn’t help but chuckle. “What is it?” you asked wearily as you checked your watch for the time.

“I just wanted to check on you – you’ve been out here for awhile and your dad thinks people will stop showing up in an hour,” he explained casually. He paused awkwardly for a moment – the long silence that followed seemed almost palpable.

“And?” you ask warily as you eyed him cautiously.

“And to talk about… About everything…” he added quietly.

The sound of his voice caused your heart to sink. “Bucky… I … I can’t right now… I have to finish this before the service,” you explained quietly – making sure to not make eye contact. Bucky nodded silently beside you before giving your hand a reassuring squeeze and rising to leave.

“I meant to tell you – I packed this for you before we left New York,” he added quietly as he handed you your battered copy of C.S. Lewis’s A Grief of Observed. “I remembered you telling me how much it resonated with you when your grandmother died and… well I just thought it might help,” he added with a soft sad smile.

“Thank you Bucky,” you whispered as he made his descent from the treehouse—leaving you alone once again.

Later in the evening, as your extended family descended upon your family home, you couldn’t help but feel lonely. It was always odd to you – the more people that you had around the lonelier you always seemed to be, but one thing was different this time – you had Bucky. Bucky – who had managed to keep his eyes on you all night regardless of what either of you were doing. As much as you dreaded the eventual conversation and decisions that faced both of you – you couldn’t help but want to be alone with him which led you to eventually gravitate towards his direction. It was then that you were finally able to have a moment to yourselves.

“Did you finish?” Bucky asked quietly – his stubble grazing your ear.

“Yes I did – thanks to you,” you responded with a shy smile. “How did you remember?” you asked with a laugh. You had been sure that Bucky had tuned you out while you discussed your thesis over C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien to great lengths. You had also thought that the small detail of the book helping you after losing a woman he had never met would also escape him.

“I remember everything,” he whispered softly as his knuckles grazed your hand. You could tell that he wanted to be more affectionate towards you, but he kept his control – to everyone else you were still happily dating Steve. Steve. You flinched at the thought of his name. You had successfully managed to somehow forget Steve – which made you feel much worse. Your eyes suddenly began to water as the blood drained from your face. “Are you okay?” Bucky whispered as he took in the change of your demeanor.

“Yeah – I’m fine… I just… I need some air,” you muttered miserably as you quickly walked away from Bucky, who was now being cornered by your uncles. You were at least slightly relieved when you looked over your shoulder to see that you weren’t being followed before slipping out into the growing darkness. The quiet of the outdoors made you feel like you could breathe again after being in the overcrowded house for so many hours. You sighed to yourself as you sunk into one of the wicker seats overlooking the backyard.

“Get to you too, huh?” the voice of your father rang out in the quiet night causing you to jump. You had been so relieved to finally be away from the crowd of people that you hadn’t noticed his silent form. “Sorry – didn’t mean to scare you,” he responded with a small grin. “Want a beer?”

“That is the first appropriate question anyone has asked me tonight,” you sighed as you grabbed a bottle from his hand.

“Where’s Bucky?”

“He’s um… he’s inside. Got cornered by some of our extended family,” you answered awkwardly with a shrug.

There was a short silence before your father spoke again. “Is everything okay between you two?” he asked hesitantly.

“I… I don’t know,” you whispered as you fidgeted nervously with your hands. Your father sat in silence as he watched you.

“Because you love him,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“I… I think… I’m just so confused,” you managed to mutter as you buried your face in your hands. “It’s all too much. I just wish mom was here to tell me what to do.”

“Do you love Steve?”


“Are you in love with Steve?”

“I don’t… I’m… Dad, I’m engaged to him.” At this your father nodded his head as he looked at you.

“Are you in love with Bucky?” he asked quietly as he stared at you intently.

“… I don’t know how I can answer that question… I don’t… I just can’t,” you muttered miserably.

“Your mother and I… We always trusted your judgment – even when you were a child. You always knew what you wanted and knew what was good for you. You don’t need us to make this decision for you – we can’t. But whatever you do decide I’ll stand by you, kiddo – until the very end,” he said as he gave your hand a reassuring squeeze before rising from the chair. “I better head back in before someone notices I’m gone. Coming back?” he asked as he offered you a hand, which you gladly took.

“No – I think I’ll call it an early night,” you answered before following him back into the house and slipping passed the lingering guests to the comfort of your room.

Bucky had had a foreboding feeling all day. Something wasn’t right and he knew it was his fault. That feeling is what had led him to try to find you after you had disappeared outside which caused him to hear part of your conversation with your father before he disappeared from the crowd of your relatives – deciding it would be best for him to sleep in the quinjet for the night. Your father had asked you point blank if you loved him and you hadn’t been able to provide a straight response. When he had asked about Steve… you had said yes. Of course he should have known— he thought to himself as he ran his hands through his hair. You had said yes to going on a date with Steve, you had continued saying yes to Steve resulting in your engagement. Who had he been kidding? All he did was ruin any chance he had had at keeping you in his life… maybe he had always known it would end this way. You were too good for him anyway.

He sighed to himself as he laid on one of the cots in the jet. He decided it would be best if he left as soon as the funeral was over before falling into an uneasy sleep.

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You belong to me now X Joker X Reader

A request from @lazinessisalliknow
I hope this is what you were looking for. I don’t usually write smut but here it is a joker smut.

“Hey!” Your friend called over the music “We’re going now! Emily is about dead!”

You had another shot and turned to look at her “Don’t be a party pooper!” you yelled “I want to drink more!”

“We’re going hun! See you later” She turned with Emily slumped on her shoulder and walked out the club.

You turned and looked at the dance floor with a huge grin on your face. You knocked on the bar behind you and a shot came flying down the bar to you. It was helpful when your old man ran this bar. Hopefully one day it would be yours. You started to walk into the middle of the dance floor. People cleared the way so you could get through. You started to sway your hips to the music. You closed your eyes and let the music and alcohol take over.

All of a sudden you felt a man’s hand grab hold of your arse. You snapped your eyes open to see this vile bald bruiser looking dude. “Hello beautiful.” He smiled at you.
“Ermm no” You moved his hand off you and started to walk off.

However this man wasn’t taking a no from you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his body. You tried wriggle free but his arms where too strong. You spun around in his arms and smiled sweetly. You stroked the side of his face making him think you wanted him. He slowly released his grip just enough so you could pull your mini handgun from your bra. You shot him from under the chin. Blood splattered everywhere. The whole club stopped and watched the man fall to the floor.

“y/n!” you heard your father’s voice from the balcony above you.

“Yes daddy” You smiled like you were the most perfect angel.

“I think it’s time you go home sweety”

“But dad he-“ he cut you off.

“No, go home” he turned his back to you so you couldn’t continue.

You looked down at the body and kicked it lightly “Asshole” you walked over to the doors, everyone parting like the red Sea.

“Night miss” the bouncer nodded to you.

You held onto the wall next to him to take your heels off “Night Rocco!” you waved your hand and started to walk down the street.

After 10 minutes of walking you realised how much you needed to pee. Home was at least 15 minutes away and running with no shoes on was not an option. You stopped by an alley way and looked up and down the street. Luckily it was clear. You snook down the alley and crouched down by a dumpster. You did a big sigh of relief.

You stood back up and hitched your dress back down. As you walked over to your bag and heels to pick it back up you felt a hand wrap around your hair. Before you do anything they yanked you back and held a gun to your head.

You laughed slightly “A gun? Wow gotham thieves have gone up in the world?” You could hear the man growl in your ear but did say anything “Ermm do you know who I am?”

He took a deep breath in “I know exactly who you are” his voice sent chills down your spine. You recognised his voice but you weren’t sure why.

“What do you want then?”

“Your pretty little head” he breathed in your ear. You had no idea why but his voice was stirring some odd feelings in your stomach. His hand let go of your hair and snaked round your neck till he grabbed hold of it. An involuntary moan escaped your lips.

He spun you around to face his and your heart dropped to your stomach. There he was, the bright red lips, the crisp silver suit, the shining grillz, the bright green hair. You only ever fantasised about meeting the joker. You never thought this day would come. You were breathing so heavy into his face.

A growl came deep from his chest “Mmhh you’re even prettier up close” he whispered.
“Oh my god” you managed to breathe out you’re body shook under his grasp “Are you gonna kill me?”

“Mmhh I was….” he turned his head slightly and breathed in “but you might make a perfect new play thing.”

All of a sudden a car screeched to a holt infront of the alley way. He spun you around and pushed you towards the car still with his hand around the back of your neck. A man got out the car and opened the back door for you. Joker pushed you onto the back seats. Your dress rode up showing a glimpse of your knife you kept in a garter on your thigh. It was custom made, a present from your now dead mother.

Joker snatched it from your leg cutting you slightly “Pretty” he smiled holding it up in the air. You tried to kick him to get your knife. But he punched you in the face knocking you clean out.

You woke up in a cold dark room. Your wrists were tied around your back with cable ties and your feet were tied to the chair. ‘ammatures’ you laughed to yourself. You twisted your wrists and pulled hard. The ties snapped easily. Your feet were even easier. All you needed to do was slide the ties off the chair legs. You were free in under a minute. You stood up and brushed yourself off. Your new dress was ruined. At least it was black.

You looked around the room the only thing in there was a table with your hand bag on, which looked like medical stuff was kept on it and a big metal door. You went to your bag and emptied it on the table. Your gun, phone and keys were gone. Luckily they left your hip flask, smokes, lighter and makeup. You got you little mirror and tried your hardest to sort your face out. You wanted to look your best or as best you could for the one and only Joker.

Once you had done you put all your stuff back in your bag. You sat on the table dangling you legs over the edge. You had a couple of sips of your whiskey and lit a smoke.

You started to whistle to yourself when you heard keys enter the metal door. Your heart started to race. Two men with guns stepped in, you were rather disappointed.

“She’s free!” one of the men shouted behind him.

Three more men charged in. You looked down at your nails and sighed. You hopped off the table and raised your fists. Two of the men run at you. You take them both down quickly. The first you avoided his punches and broke his neck with your hands. The second you grab his gun, jump onto the table, leap down and shoot him in the head. You land on the floor and flip your hair out of your face.

Two more run at you. You grabbed both of their arms, spin them around and smash their heads together. Both fell to floor at your feet.

“What the fuck!” the last man shouted.

You smiled as you raised a gun to him “What’s wrong? Joker not tell you who I am?” You laughed and shot him in the head.
You stopped and breathed out. It had been so long since your last fight. Your farther, a well known mob boss, forced you to train because you were a kidnapping target your whole life. You’re pretty sure you had been taken at least 10 times and you weren’t exactly old.

A deep laugh came from the darkness in the open door. “I’m impressed.” The jokers voice sent chills down your spine. You couldn’t move.

He stepped out the dark and walked towards you. He placed his hand at the small of your back and pulled you into his body. You could feel your heart through your whole body. He pressed your knife against your cheek. “I like you” he smiled again making your stomach do back flips.

With out another thought you grabbed hold of his jacket and pulled him into you kissing him real hard. The knife pressed into you cheeky, blood poured down your face. Joker pushed you back breathing heavy. “You’re crazier than I thought” he looked you up and down before he grabbed hold of your arm and pulled you into his body again. He angrily pressed his lips against yours. He slithered his tongue into your mouth and your tongues started to fight for dominance.

He got his right hand and grabbed your arse harshly. You let out moan into his lips. He smiled into your kiss. He pulled your hair back causing your head to jerk back. “I hope you know I will not be gentle.”

You smiled with your head still back “Gentle is for pussys”

He licked his lips and launched them onto your neck. Sucking and biting making sure he’d leave marks.

“Fuck me!” you breathed out.

He laughed at you “With pleasure doll” He threw you face first against the cold metal table. Your bag and all its contents spilled across the floor. He lifted you dress exposing your arse with nice lace panties on. “We won’t be needing these” he growled and ripped them clean off.

You could feel your self dripping down leg from how wet he was making you.

Joker was not playing around tonight, he wanted you there and then. He pulled his trousers and boxers down, his dick sprung free. He gripped it and stroked it down your slit. “Damn doll” he purred.

“all for you…. daddy”

On that word he rammed his dick into so hard you squealed. He didn’t care if you needed time to adjust. He started to slam himself into you over and over.

His dick was so big you couldn’t help but scream. The more he pounded you the louder you got. “Fuck! J!” you shouted.

“that’s right baby. Shout my name!” he put his hand inbetween your shoulder blades and pushed you even further onto the cold hard table.

“Oh mistah J!” you could feel the heat building up in your stomach as he hit your spot over and over.

He grabbed your hair and pulled you back against his chest. “Cum for me”

He carried on fucking you into oblivion till your vision started to get blurry. “Holy. Shit!” you managed to get out between breaths. The wave of pleasure took over your whole body.

As you started to come down from your high J started to fuck you faster and harder. His breath picked up. “Oh fuck y/n!” That was the first time he said your name. His body shook as he came into you calling your name. He stroked his hand down your back feeling the light film of sweat the formed on your body. He stepped back and pulled out of you.

You stood up, pulled your dress down and picked up your smokes that had fallen. You lit one and smiled at him.

He stepped closer and put his hand over your mouth “You..” He whispered “You belong to me now”

You blew smoke out behind his hand so he would remove it “Fine by me” You winked “but my farther may have something to say about it”

He laughed at you again “Oswald Cobblepot is not a threat to me”

Shape of You (6)

This is probably my favorite chapter (so far) just because I love making Nesta into someone she doesn’t want to be. 

one two three four five

Chapter 6

After we ate our pizza it was close to evening and we decided to change out of our bathing suits. Feyre wanted to have drinks on the deck and so we all decided to get dressed in warmer clothes. I had gotten the first shower and since I was already ready, I started to clean up. Cassian had gone after me. I put the last few dishes in the sink, and then turned to go up to my room.

I heard someone in the living room. I didn’t really look to see who it was, there were eight of us staying in the house. Yes for some reason my sister had invited Tomas to stay here too. Luckily he had left me alone today. Which meant I had forgotten all about him. Playing pretend with Cassian was taking up more of my mind than Tomas and his stupid games.

I barely made it up the first two steps before someone was behind me. I didn’t get a chance to turn around, because he jumped in front of me and grabbed my forearm. His grip was hard, his nails dug into my skin. If he pushed any harder he would draw blood. I struggled, opening my mouth to curse at him.

Except he pushed his hand over my lips and suddenly I couldn’t breathe. Suddenly I was back in that room, when the alcohol and whatever else he had put in that cup rendered my body useless. Made me a victim of his endless games.

Tomas got real close to my face. His smile dripped with venom, “I see your perfect new boyfriend isn’t here to save you, Nesta.“

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Three Birds and a Shuttle

“I told you guys, this one is a bit…um…”


“Yeah, that works,” Thundercracker admitted, hands clasped on his lap as Skyfire tried to supply the right word for what Thundercracker’s latest writings were. Skywarp was eagerly devouring the text, a huge grin over his face. Starscream stared at it with his mouth agape, something akin to flustered horror on his face. Buster was not allowed to be in the room at this time, as Thundercracker was already embarrassed enough that Skywarp had found his smut.

(Aka Skywarp finds Thundercracker’s personal erotica stash.)

Read here on ao3, or below the cut if you prefer! Warning: NSFW

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A difference between like and love

You and Harry are best friends stuck in the uncomfortable transition between being friends and becoming lovers. 
This One Shot is a little longer than my previous ones. I apologize but I couldn’t help myself. 
I hope you still take the time to read it and that you enjoy it. :) 

Warning: Tiny bit mature 

Picture is not mine.

“You’ll call the second you feel like you need one of us, yeah?” Louis instructed me and rubbed my back soothingly while Niall squeezed me tight in an embrace. I nodded and smiled at him over Niall’s shoulder.

“Will do. I already promised to Liam.”

Niall lessened his grip on me and stepped back. I pushed some loose strands of hair out of my face and let my eyes shift from the three of them to the rest of the bar. The bar filled with a crowd of people sipping on their drinks and humming along to the music playing in the background, enjoying their friday night.

“Where’s Harry?” I asked, “I haven’t said goodbye to him yet.”

“I think he went to get us another round of drinks,” Liam informed me, pointing to the counter on the other side of the room. “I’m sure he’ll come with you should you need him.”

I quickly shook my head. Spending time with him on my own was not an option, given the situation we were in.  And knowing how excited he had been to spend time with his friends, it seemed unfair and selfish to demand him to abandon them.  

“I’ll go say goodbye to him now and then leave. Thank you guys for understanding.”

I turned around and began to fight my way through the drinking people. I decided to just quickly inform him would be the best, as it was hard to hide from him. Finding him, however wasn’t difficult. He was stood at the bar, conversing with a man I had never seen before, obviously having a great time. When I softly touched his shoulder and he turned to face me, a big smile appeared on his beautiful face.

Harry and I were always all over each other the moment we were reunited. We held hands, linked arms and hugged tighter than we did anyone else. He made me feel incredibly comfortable and happy whenever I was with him.

He always swore that it was mutual but I had always found that hard to believe.
Harry had snatched my heart in an instant and not not given it back since, while all I had taken was the position by his side as his best friend.
That was until a couple a weeks ago when after he had downed a few drinks, he confessed that he liked me. I was thrilled. At first.
We had kissed an entire night before we had agreed to take our time and to not jump right into a relationship. The proposal had come more from him since I was sure that all I wanted was to be with him, to hell with all the doubts cruising though my head. It was Harry. I would’ve risked anything.

Though soon I realized something that had made me almost reluctant to agree to a relationship. It even made me avoid him for the past few days.
Harry liked me, but I was in love with him. For him, this wasn’t something particularly serious while I had waited for this for years. It meant everything.
It wasn’t just his looks, it was his incredibly kind and big heart and his beautiful, intelligent mind. We had spent many nights with me clinging to every word tumbling from his pretty lips because I loved being the one he entrusted with his most sacred thoughts.

“Hey, babe!” Harry called, waving me over to sit next to him on the bar stool. His torso was adorning a rather tight fitting black shirt that emphasized his handsome body. The short hair was styled up so his forehead was free from any strands and it allowed his green orbs to sparkle at me.
“Can I get you something?” he offered, reaching out to casually place his warm hand on my wrist.

“No, don’t bother,” I declined and placed my own hand over his, squeezing it gently. “I came to let you know that I’m gonna head home.”

“What? No,” he protested, his clear eyes wide with surprise and a hint of disappointment. He turned so that his torso was facing me completely, giving me his full attention. I giggled when he pouted but when I reached out to playfully pinch his cheek he batted my hand away.
“Don’t you distract me. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I answered quickly. “No need to worry.”

He rolled his eyes and took a long sip from his drink before setting it down. “You were excited about going when I picked you up and now hardly an hour later you want to go home. You can’t just say that there’s nothing wrong.”

He wasn’t playing fair, with the look he gave me. His lips were still in a pout and his green eyes looked at me in a way I wanted nothing else but to melt right into him. If he looked at me long enough it always made me confess all of the worries troubling my mind, which was why I had avoided seeing him too often in the past days. When I didn’t answer, Harry squeezed my fingers.

“Darling, did something happen when I wasn’t at the table with you? Don’t tell me someone came onto you,” he chuckled when speaking, though I knew, he’d step up for my defense if necessary.

I smiled softly and shook my head, stroking his slim fingers with my own. “Nothing happened, Harry. You won’t have to play protector.”

“M'not playing when it comes to you,” he mumbled, a smile tugging on his lips. “Tell me.”

I huffed at his whiny tone and let my gaze drift to our touching hands.

“I’m not…” I hesitated, searching for the right words to explain how I felt. Harry waited patiently, his eyes never leaving me.

“Comfortable.” I decided to say. “I feel physically drained and should just go lie down. ”

He didn’t seemed to ponder over my answer for very long before pulling his hand from mine to use it to push his stool from the bar.

“I’m coming with you,” Harry decided and hopped to his feet.

“There’s no need for that, Harry,” I said quickly, “I’ll really just go to bed. It’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, well, fine is not the same as good, Y/N,” he answered, grabbing his jacket, “I’m coming with you.”

He smiled at me confidently and ignored my shaking head. Though part of me wanted him to join me, another big part of me really didn’t.

“That’s not your responsibility,” I fought.

He released an annoyed huff and rolled his eyes.

“Lately nothing concerning you is any of my business, right?” he muttered while pulling out his wallet to pay for his drinks.

“I didn’t mean to ruin this night for you,” I said apologetic.

“Don’t give me any of that, love,” he stopped me, “Nothing’s ruined. And you can’t fight me off when I want to be there for you. I’ll go say goodbye to the others and we’ll head right on out. Wait for me here, yeah?”

Before I could answer he began to make his way through to the group of our friends and I felt my lips stretch into a smile. He was always eager to jump to my aid and after I hadn’t let him for what felt like so long, I had almost forgotten how it felt to be this close to him.
Once by my side again, Harry held his jacket in one hand and the other he held out for me to take. He smiled when I let him clasp my fingers in his tightly and asked:

“Your place or mine?”


Harry had parked close to the bar entrance and as he fumbled with his keys, I asked: “You’re okay to drive, right?”

“I only had one beer before the drink that you didn’t let me finish. Wouldn’t drive if I wasn’t feeling good, love” he answered before successfully unlocking the doors. “In you go, love.”

“Thank you, Harry,” I said quietly and stopped to stand in front of him.

“Of course,” he smiled.

The drive was silent, yet not awkward. My eyes followed the lights passing by. London was as busy as ever even at this late hour. Once the car came to a halt in front of his apartment building, I released a breath I hadn’t consciously been holding in. Harry rested his hand on the steering wheel and I noticed him peering at me.

“Are you going to tell me what is going on?” he asked. “Your distance is starting to freak me out a little. There’s nothing you couldn’t tell me. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know, but there is nothing to tell,” I answered, meeting his patient eyes. My own probably screamed at him that I was lying.

“I’ve been really tired this last few days and my studies have gotten so much. That’s why I never made it to any meet up recently. I’m sorry”, I apologized once more. “I didn’t think I would feel so tired otherwise I wouldn’t have come out with you guys tonight. It was stupid of me.”

Harry shook his head and reached out to rest his hand on my arm. “You were right to come out with us. I don’t think that being alone would have done you much good after distancing yourself from us like you have.”

“I bailed on you guys barely an hour after we arrived. Again. Only this time I forced you to come with me! I’m a terrible and selfish person.”

Harry chuckled and shook his head.

“You, out of all people, are certainly not selfish or terrible.” He moved his fingers down to clasp mine. “And you didn’t force me.” He frowned and broke our locked gaze. “Recently you never do.”

“What do you mean by that?”

He cleared his throat and shook his head, thinking hard before he expressed himself.

“You never seek my presence anymore, Y/N. Not like you used to.”

I bit my lip, knowing that I couldn’t talk my way out of this as he was right. I had been avoiding him out of fear that it might shine through how much my feelings for him had grown.

“Did I do something?”

By the look he gave me I knew what he was implying and I felt terrible for making him even think like that.

“No, Harry,” I reassured him softly, “You did nothing wrong. I wanted to kiss you the other night. Don’t torment yourself by thinking I didn’t.”

He sighed and leaned further back in his seat, his shoulders visibly relaxed at my words.

“You’ve got no idea how relieved I am by that, Y/N. And I don’t mean to make this about myself, but… I don’t know, I guess I just miss you and I don’t like seeing you so unhappy.”

“I miss you, too.”

He smiled and squeezed my hand before letting go and reaching for the keys. He pulled them from the lock and sat up straighter again. “Listen. Everyone faces stress that can get to their head sometimes. What you have to do is surround yourself with what makes you happy. Don’t hide yourself away.”

“You make me happy,” I admitted.

He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek, letting his lips rest there for a few seconds. His hair tickled my skin and when he sighed I could feel the breath against my skin.

“That goes both ways, love.”

He pressed another kiss to my skin and hummed when he inhaled my scent. He seemed glad that I allowed him close again and it made my heart ache. Both of his hands had settled to rest against my ribcage as he leaned in even closer and I tensed at the warmth radiating off of him. Maybe it was due to being this close to a very affectionate Harry after having avoided him for several days, but suddenly I was overwhelmed. I pressed the palm of my hand to my lips when the first sob wrecked through me, but it did little to stifle the noise. With no words and with a bit of difficulty Harry pulled me into him and onto his lap, allowing me to bury my face in his neck. His hands brushed over my hair before resting against my shoulders.

“Breath, my love,” he breathed against the shell of my ear. “Don’t hold it in.”

“I’m so sorry, Harry,” I sobbed pathetically and clung onto his shoulders tightly.

“No,” he protested and hoisted me up to sit closer to his lower stomach, “no, darling, don’t you say that. It’s alright.”

“I hate crying”, I mumbled, trying to pull away from him again.

Harry shrugged it off and gave me one of his breathtaking one-million-dollar-smiles, refusing to budge or lessen his hold on my body.

“You’ve seen me cry before, too. S'only fair to return the favor.”

“This is hardly a favor that I’m doing you,” I disagreed and turned my head to wipe some snot off with my sleeve. “And you’ve only ever cried in front of me out of joy. Or because you were laughing too hard. Doesn’t count.”

He chuckled, but stopped when I cuddled myself even closer to him. He was quick to caress my back, knowing how desperately I needed his comfort and squeezed me once more.

“You’re doing so well,” he assured me, “S'long as you don’t let yourself drown in your emotions it’s fine to feel upset sometimes. And now that you’re letting me I’m gonna keep that from happening and only let you out so much before your in for a fun cheering up program.”

“Great,” I hiccuped with a giggle.

He laughed. “Yeah, you better be excited.”

He gently moved to push me by my shoulders so that he could look me in the eyes again. A cheeky smile graced his beautiful face.

“Your best friend, aren’t I?”

“You are,” I agreed without missing a beat, my voice barley above a whisper. The words ‘best friend’ tugged at my heart. I didn’t necessarily like the sound of that anymore.
His green widened at my hardened expression and he turned serious again.

“You never have to feel left alone with your worries”, he continued, “You can always come to me.”

“That,” I mumbled, pausing to take a deep breath, “goes both ways, too.”

Before I could fully register it the smile I had watched appear on his lips was pressed against my own. I didn’t exactly know who had started kissing whom, but once our lips connected neither of us dared to break apart anymore. My fingers shook when I raised them to fist his hair.
The kiss felt even better then it had in my memory. Harry’s lips were so warm and soft, it was difficult to focus on anything else. His tongue was careful to pry my lips open, gentlemen as always, it felt as if he was waiting for me to allow the invasion. While lightly pulling his soft hair between my fingertips I willingly deepened the kiss by opening up for him.
When I whimpered upon feeling him moving his head back he giggled and let his hands fall down to my hips, holding and pulling me closer. My hands still held him close by his hair and I enjoyed scratching gently against the skin, as did he when a small moan escaped his throat.

Finally I allowed him to pull away. Harsh breaths fell from his lips as they stretched into a smile, a smile I returned, my tears long forgotten.
I moved my hands to wrap my arms around his shoulders and scooted closer on his lap. He gasped when I accidentally touched his crotch and I quickly apologized with an embarrassed laugh. Harry’s green orbs were wide and had something in them I couldn’t quite place.
He reached up and brushed his fingertips over my cheek and down to my lips. Another adorable giggle left his lips when my own closed around the tip of his index and I bit lightly.

“Are you okay?” he wondered.

I nodded and leaned in to place a small kiss on his nose. “Feeling much better. Thank you, best friend.”

“Good,” he answered and than added with a smirk: “Maybe I’ll be a bit more than just your best friend.”

“Would you want that?” I confessed as I pushed his, now untidy, hair from his forehead with a brush of my hand. His eyes locked with mine, concern in them.

“You think I don’t?”

I shrugged, looking away from his green orbs and down to where his hands rested on my thighs. “We kissed before and nothing happened after.”

“Yeah, because I don’t want to push you,” he defended. He frowned and looked at me with his head tilted to the side. “With what none sense of an explanation did you trouble yourself with?”

I shrugged, tugging at his hair at the back of his neck. With the evident disbelief in his voice, I felt like a child, being told off.

“Did you think that I didn’t love you?” he asked.

My head shot up and my wide eyes met his clear ones. “You do?”

“Of course I bloody do,” he scoffed, “Are you being serious? Tell me you didn’t add this ridiculous doubt to the worries clouding your mind.”

“You said you liked me,” I muttered stubbornly. “That’s not the same as love.”

He huffed and rolled his eyes. “Jesus, you girls got to make your life harder with all this silly rules.”

“Great,” I muttered sourly, “make fun of me.”

Harry squeezed my thighs before moving his hands up to cradle my face in his hands.

“I’m not,” he leaned in and kissed my cheek softly. “If only you could look into my head for as little as one minute. You’d know how much it cost me to keep from reaching out to touch you whenever I was in your presence. There would be no doubt in your mind of how desperately in love with you I am, Y/N.”

My heart beat rapidly and it squeezed almost painfully at his words. I inhaled his familiar smell and felt warmth settle in the pit of my stomach.

“Please be with me, then?” I requested timidly. “As more than just best friends?”

Harry hummed at my question and leaned in to connect our lips in a soft kiss once more. His warm lips moved against my own and he pulled at my lower lip ever so slightly.

“Happily,” he answered, once we pulled apart, his face reflecting pure joy.

I had been in Harry’s apartment many times before. Everything was as familiar to me as my own home. Today however it felt different. Maybe because instead of having to imagine laying next to him on his sofa I was actually doing it.
Or maybe it was the fact that  I didn’t have to fight the urge to kiss him but could go on and do it whenever I wanted to.
Harry’s hands played with the ends of my hair before traveling up to caress my cheeks. His eyes locked with mine, a smile playing on his lips as he searched for any sign of discomfort in my expression.

“I want to try something,” he confessed, “and it’s okay if you feel uncomfortable. All you gotta say is stop and I’ll stop. Okay?”

I felt him move to lay on his side before he gently hitched his leg up and over my own.

“It won’t be what you’re thinking off right now,” he promised when his hands pulled at the hem of my jumper. “I just wanna love you.”

Once my stomach was revealed bare to him he leaned down to press soft kisses to it. He even nuzzled his nose against the skin and a giggle fell from my mouth.

“It’s only me”, he reassured and pressed his lips to the skin just above my belly button.  "You can trust me.“

"I know,” I mumbled, breathless already.

My fingers desperately reached down and clutched the nape of his neck, pulling him back up while his hands traveled even lower. My breath hitched in my throat and I whimpered when his fingers tugged at my jeans.

“I want to,” I assured him when he stopped. “Go on.”

With a small nod, he unbuttoned the jeans and fumbled with the zip. His warm mouth had settled on my neck, distracting me from the action of his fingers with wet, open mouthed kisses against my skin.
More clothing was being pulled from my body and I blushed. Never had anyone seen me this bare before. Harry, sensing my slight discomfort, reached up and cupped my cheek, connecting our lips in a heavy kiss.

“Your beauty is stealing my breath,” he promised. “You make me crazy.”

“Add that to the things that go both ways, boyfriend.”

Harry laughed and dipped his head to kiss just above my chest. Suddenly aware that I could touch him too, I moved my hands from where they had timidly rested on his shoulders to the end of his own shirt and tried to pull it over his head. Noticing my struggle he quickly moved off of me and swiftly pulled it over his head himself before leaning back down to kiss me. His newly naked skin pressed against my partially clothed chest and it drove me mad.
My fingers clutched at his tattooed arms when I heard the faint sound of a belt buckle opening and a pair of jeans falling to the floor. I gasped in surprise when his hand reached between my legs and pried my thighs apart.

“Harry,” I whimpered.

“Relax,” he shushed me, pressing another kiss to my lips. “You’ll like it. Promise. I’m just-” he swallowed hard when I nipped on his neck. “-loving on you.”

His lips touched to my eyelids. Fingers brushed my cheek. A hand gently massaged my hip. It was as if he couldn’t get enough from touching me, I hoped he never could, so that he would always want me the way he did now.
Harry moved his arm around my waist and pulled me against his chest, holding me still before rolling his hips up. He repeated the action until he chocked on his breaths and I pressed my lips to his neck to quiet my whimpers. Pleasure cursed through my veins and I clung onto him when a feeling of falling apart spread through my body. Afterwards he continued to press lazy kisses to my exposed shoulder.

“Wait here for a second, yeah?” he whispered.

He climbed from under me and off the couch, disappearing in his room. I clutched the covers to my chest, covering my body. Harry returned with a shirt in his hand and a fresh pair of boxers clinging to his hips. He smiled widely upon catching me stare and I felt my cheeks redden.

“No need to be embarrassed now, babe.” He winked and leaned over me to connect our lips in another heavy kiss. “I brought you a shirt.”


I took it from him and pulled it over my head, inhaling his smell. Once done he crawled back in beside me and pulled me flush against his warm and very naked chest.

“I just want to shield you from anything that could cause you harm,” he exhaled.

“You always do,” I answered and kissed his jaw.

I fumbled with the blanked next to us and pulled it up until we were both fully covered. My head nuzzled into his neck and he rested his cheek against my forehead.

“Just doing a boyfriends job, aren’t I?”

Thank you to anyone who took their time to read this! If you want, feedback is always very welcome and I’d be happy to write a request for someone. :) Also let me know if you want me to write more mature things. I may experiment with it in the future.

Link to my masterlist:


Request by Anon. Hope you like it.
WARNING- Talk of Child abuse.

Pulling up to your uncles work you got out of the cab and paid. You saw a guy with tattoos on his head.
“Hey can you help me, I’m looking for a man named Alex Trager”.
“Oh you mean Tig, yeah hes in the club house I’ll walk you in”.
“I’m Juan but you can call me Juice”.
“Y/N” You looked down at your shoes.
Walking in the clubhouse the smell of booze, sex and smoke hit you. There was a bunch of guys sitting around talking to one another.
“Hey Tig you have a visitor” Juice called out
“Who the hell is….Y/N your here Doll”. He bear hugged you swirling you around.
“Hey Uncle Tig, please put me down I can’t breath. You laughed
"Its great to see you girl”. “Been along time”. He smiled raking a piece of hair from your eyes.
“Yeah it has, couldn’t really go anywhere for awhile’. You frowned
"Sorry about your stepdad, he was a big asshole anyway”.
“Yeah he was, mom moved so thats why I’m here”. “I hope thats alright”.
“YES, your my favorite niece in the whole world”. He hugged you again.
“I’m your only niece Tig”. You said smiling for the first time in a long time.
“Umm, Tig you going to introduce us brother” A blond guy asked
“Shit my bad, Y/N this is Jax our Pres and over there is Chibs the scots man with Bobby he’s our brain of the club”. He laughed. You met Juice and theres Happy with Kozik over there in the corner. Hap’s our tattoo guy and you know dumbass". “Opies not here so you’ll have to meet him later.
"Nice to meet all of you”. You said quietly. You were nervous with all these men looking at you.
“Hey its ok, all these men are my brothers”. Theres no need to be nervous". He scenced you were scared.
“Is there a place were I can change and use the bathroom”?
“Oh yea, you can use my room”. He wrapped his arm around you and lead you to his dormroom.
“You need anything or want anything”? He asked before he walked out.
“No thanks I’m good”.
He closed the door as you let out a breath you didnt know you were holding. You changed and gave your self a pep talk.

Tig walked back in the main room. All the guys looked at him with faces of confusion .
“Dude, you have a niece”? Jax questioned
“Yeah, she’s my brothers kid”. He took a sip of his drink.
“What’s her story brother”? Happy spoke up
“Umm, it complicated”.
“You need to tell them”. Kozik piped out.
“Alright, my brother was married to her mom and they had Y/N. She was 2 when they divorced. A year later her mom got remarried to a fucking psycho, not like us psycho”. “When Y/N was 5 they moved and I never got to see her much”. My brother told me everytime he saw her she had bruises, scratches and even a bit mark on her". “Her mom would make up some shit story that she fell”. Then when she was 15 Y/N told her dad that he was hurting her in different ways, she wouldnt go in to detail but you can get the picture". So we both went insane at the idea and we beat the holy hell out of him and her mother was suppose to leave him but she lied. At 16 they moved again not tell us were she went to, next thing we knew she was in foster care because the dick brains mom and stepdad were making meth “. Then something happened in there and now she trust no man or women. I’m the only one left now that she trust”. He sighed.
“Holy shit brother thats alot”. Jax said
“How old is she now”? asked Bobby
“She’s 23 now”. Tig rubbed hes forehead
“Where she been for 7 years”? Juices asked
“Um I think with her mom after she got out of foster care her mom got out too and went to find Y/N.  So Y/N went back to her, then about two years later her stepdad got out and he lived with them but recently he passaway from unknown causes”. Tig smirked
“You have something to do with the cause Tig”. Jax asked
“Maybe, just dont tell Y/N that I told you all”. He pleaded
“We wont have too”. Chibs pointed to you standing in the hall way.
“Shit doll I’m sorry”.
You ran over to him and hugged him tightly. “Thank you Uncle Tiggy”.
Tig was in shock “ I’m sorry I couldnt keep you safe for all those years”. He teared up
“I’m ok Tig I promise, it made me who I am today”. you cried out
He pulled back wiping the tears from his eyes. “We need to throw you a party”.
“No no party”. You said shaking you head.
“Ahh come on, you will like this one”.
“ If anyone gets handys I’m cutting them out”.
“You wont need too”. Happy stood up and walked over to you. “I’ll stay with you the whole night just to make sure”.
Umm I dont know". you bit your lip
“Doll, you will be in great hands I promise”. Tig reasured you.
“Alright lets get this party started”. you laughed
Before you knew it, there were women everywhere getting stuff done. You tried to help but they shood you away.
You saw Happy sitting in a chair watching you. It was kinda creepy but you did feel safe.
“Hey Happy, you know you dont have to watch me every moment you know”. You sat down beside him
“I told you and Tig that I would”. He threw back his shot. “You want one”?
“Um.. sure, never drank before so here goes nothing”. You sipped it and nearly died from the stronge fire in your throat. You coughed and gagged. Happy laughed
“Maybe I’ll just stick to soda”. You croaked out
“You probably  should”. He smiled
He smiled, he had a great smile. You were starting to like him even trust him.
“I’m sorry that you had to go through all that as a child”. He shot another one down
“Thanks, but everyone has a missed up part in their life mine just happened when my life was just beginning”.
“I know I do but its not like yous”.“If I had know you back then I would have taken care of you stepdad myself”. He said angryly
“Happy can we just stop talking about the past and get on to the present”. You put your hand on his shoulder laying your head down on your arm smiling up at him.
“I think that shot was a bad idea” Happy laughed
“Yea me too, I’ll be right back”. You said rushing to the bathroom
You pushed the door open and went straight for the toliet. Throw up was everywhere, you missed to bowl.
“Shit”. You found paper towels and cleaned up. You washed out your mouth thinking that will never happen again.
On your way out there was a guy starring at you with a creepy grin. You walked past him and he grabbed your arm
“Hey there little missy, how about we go back to the bathroom and have some fun”.
“Fuck off”. You spit out
“Listen hear, you little biker whore. I came here to have a good time so your going to do as I say”.
You slapped his arm away, started to walk away as he came up behind you grabbing your hair. You elbowed him in the gut and turned around to punch him in the face with a foot to the groin.
He laid on the floor holding his crouch. As the guys came running up.
“What the hell happened”? Tig asked
“Your little friend here grabbed me and told me I had to do everything he wanted, so I kicked his balls in”. You smiled proudly
“Way to go Dollface”. Tig kissed the side of your head.
“Come on you rat bastard”. Chibs picked up the guy with help from Juice
“Take him to the garage and make him comfortable” Happy snarled “I’ll be there soon”.
“You did good Little Girl, I’m proud” Happy hugged you
“Im gonna go see to our little friend” Tig walked off
“Save some for me” Happy yelled
“Where were you”? you asked Happy
“I was right there, I didnt see you come out and then there was commotion but I didnt think it was you”
“ I want to trust you Happy, but I cant”.
“I’m going to earn it back I promise, no one will every hurt you again with me around”.
“So I should get use to having you around huh”? You looked up at his dark eyes
“Yeah, I aint going no where”. “Don’t even think of running to Tig hes cool with it”.
“Good, I thought I would have to smack some since in that Uncle of mine” you laughed
He pulled you close kissing your lips. Happy proved himself that you could trust him.
In the beinnging life was a messed up fuck show but the future was a blessing with dark eyes and a tattooed soul

anonymous asked:

Mc going on a fun exercises (any kind of sport) with the RFA boys (+Saeran and V pls). Like who'd be pro or suck at it? How's their reaction~ Thanks♡

*me, slamming my fists on the table repeatedly* SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS!


  • Yoosung wearing swimming trunks and a bro tank playing 2 on 2, one team is him and MC and the other is Seven and Saeran
  • him and MC kill it together 
  • normally he sucks at sports but he thinks volleyball is really fun, and as long as MC sets him up he can spike the shit out of a ball
  • Yoosung is also very talented when it comes to literally throwing himself on the ground to get the ball
  • and its easy to beat the choi twins, because they have no teamwork skills
  • from MC and Yoosungs side you hear lots of “nice job, babe!” “got it!” “great hit!”
  • and from the choi twins theres mostly “Seven, get it!!!” “thats out, asshole” “fuck!” “shit!”
  • Yoosung and MC are smiling and high fiving and the team work is adorable and incredible
  • but keep in mind, this is the only sport be can come even close to playing well


  • he would look so cute in gym shorts
  • and with his hair in a high, tight ponytail
  • he probably joins in on some guys’ random game of bball while him and MC are out to impress them
  • but he’s actually not very good at all
  • Zen is all talk but no BASKETS tbh
  • MC giggles from the side of the court as they watch Zen signal that he’s open and EVERYONE ignores him
  • and they bust out laughing when Zen finally gets the basket ball, shoots, and misses miserabley
  • he plays until he FINALLY makes a basket
  • “babe, babe!! did you see that?!”
  • “whooohoooo! thats my basketball star Zenny!”
  • as soon as he makes the shot he’s like “alright i’m done for now, good game guys”
  • he runs over to MC and then says with a hushed tone
  • “i was awful, wasnt i?”
  • “i dont think ive ever seen you flop so hard”
  • “i do it all for you”


  • the kings game
  • ball chess
  • GOLF
  • picture Jumin wearing his best golfing outfit
  • he looks so dorky but he thinks he looks so good
  • he’s so good at this game since he has to play it with snobby rich men all the time
  • teaching MC to putt by doing that lame flirty thing where you wrap your arms around them
  • and he does it every time they have to putt
  • “Jumin, i think i got it now”
  • “oh, i know. i just like doing this”


  • did y’all really think Seven DOESNT have a ping pong table at his place?
  • he always folds one side of the table up so he can play by himself
  • wears a sweatband every time he plays
  • forces Vanderwood to play ping pong with him all the time
  • usually ends with Vanderwood chucking his paddle at Sevens head
  • “what do you call a gorilla that always wins a game of table tennis?”
  • “king pong”
  • him and MC can play ping pong for HOURS
  • Seven wins every single game, but sometimes he’ll pretend to be really shitty so MC can have some actual fun and win
  • every time MC scores once they do a victory dance and shout and tell Seven he sucks
  • and he’ll be like “dammit! MC, please teach me your ways”
  • “you will learn in time, young grasshopper”
  • can juggle like 16 ping pong balls at once


  • owns 30 baseball hats
  • really bad at it, though
  • he has so much fun but hitting the ball with the bat is hard, ALRIGHT
  • prefers pitching!
  • when him and MC play together its almost like they can read each others minds from across the diamond
  •  when their team loses:
  • “maybe we should just stick to watching baseball”
  • “can i still wear my hats?”
  • “yes, V”
  • he wraps an arm around MC and pulls them close playfully
  • “deal!”


  • lacrosse
  • Saeran hates every boy who has ever played lacrosse
  • which is why its so fun for him to smash into them
  • normally he plays attack
  • but if MC is on his team they both play midfield
  • he likes being able to run around the entire field with them and work together
  • Saeran is constantly covered in bruises
  • probably gets penalized a lot because if anyone touches MC on the field he will actually attack them
  • the entire RFA comes to all of him and MC’s games to cheer them on
  • do this on the field together all the time


Pill Bottles

Oh boy, my first fic and of course it’s angst.  I hope you guys enjoy!

TW: suicide, recreational drug use

ao3 link 

Chapter 1- Texts, Notes, and Tears

Michael stared up at his ceiling.  He had made up his mind.  He was going to do it, and wouldn’t back out this time.  It had been a few months since the “squipcident”, and everyone was starting to settle back into their normal routine.  Everyone except Michael.  He didn’t understand why he hurt so much, and why he felt like this.  His life had started changing for the better.  He had an awesome new group of friends, and best of all, he had an amazing boyfriend now.  So why did he feel so awful?

He eyed the pill bottles sitting on his bed side table.  They seemed to scream at him to open them and chug the whole bottle.  Sertraline, antidepressants, sedatives, and ibuprofen all stared at him, piercing a hole through his skull.  Another migraine started to settle in, they always did when he was nervous.  He sat up from his bed, clutching his head in his hands.  He muttered swears under his breath as he began to open the first bottle.  He opened each bottle, one after another, as thoughts danced through his mind. “What was the last thing he had said to Jeremy? ‘I love you so much, Jer.’”  Jeremy had replied with a simple “Love you too, see you on Monday!”  Michael chuckled as the first tear rolled down his cheek.  Why was he crying?   Isn’t this what he wanted?  His mind played through every last thing he had said to everyone he knew.  “Goodnight” to his parents.  His father had only replied with a small grunt to acknowledge he heard as Michael had trudged up the stairs.  “See ya guys!” to his friends.  They had replied in a chorus of “See ya!”s and “Bye Michael!”s.  After each bottle had been opened, Michael looked over to his alarm clock. “2:07 AM”  His parents would be asleep by now, so he had time to light a blunt to calm his nerves.  He reached for the blunt and pulled out his small red lighter.  He lifted the blunt to his lips and dragged in a long breath.  He held his breath for a moment then let go, watching the smoke clouds swirl around his head.  He continued until he could feel himself getting slightly high.  He didn’t want to get so stoned he couldn’t think, but just enough to calm down his racing heart.  He picked up the note he had written earlier and placed on his bed side table.

Dear Everyone,

Sorry for being a shitty person.  Please know i’m in a better place now.  I’ll miss you all.


It certainly wasn’t perfect, but it got his point across.  He grabbed his phone from the pocket of his favorite red hoodie and winced as the bright light blinded him for a second.  “2:15 AM”  His friends would be asleep by now.  He shot a quick text to their group chat “I love all of you so much.  Please don’t think this is your fault.  Thank you for being there for me <3”  That should suffice.  It pained him to write, but he had already made up his mind.  “Now for the most painful part.” he thought. Not killing himself.  Texting Jeremy.  “2:20 AM” Jeremy always went to bed before Michael, usually around 11:00 and he always put his phone on do not disturb, so there’d be no chance in waking him up.  He read over his previous texts with his player 1 and smiled to himself.  Jer was such a dork, but he loved him.  Michael sighed, as his thumbs hovered over the keys.  

“Jeremy, I love you so so much.  More than I could put into words.  More than a thousand vintage cassettes.  I’ve been in love with you since seventh grade, and my love for you has never faltered or faded since.  You’re the one thing I look forward to seeing everyday, and you’ve kept me going for years.  I’m sorry I did this.  It was for the best.  I’ll miss you more than anything.  Please don’t blame yourself.

I love you Jer,

Michael <3”

Michael read over his message a couple of time before pressing send.  He stared as the blue bar on the top of his screen flew across, indicating his message had been sent.  He stared at his screen for a couple more seconds before shutting off his phone.  He grabbed the first bottle and shook a few pills into his hand.  Quickly, before he could change his mind, he threw the pills to the back of his throat and gulped them down with water.  He sighed and grabbed more.  He continued to do this until he lost count of the pills he’d ingested. “Now all there’s to do is wait.”  He took of his glasses and placed them onto his bed side table, just like any other night.  He wrapped himself in his hoodie and sunk into his mattress.  He wrapped his arms around himself.  He smiled as he stuffed his face into his hoodie’s soft red embrace.  He closed his tired, bloodshot eyes, and let himself drift off to sleep.

So clearly all you people who think that Regis Pierre McGuire is a horrible person who is heartless are wrong because he’s actually a nice guy. I’ve met him, and I know from when I met him he’s a nice guy. Then this week he’s invited a coworker who is very ill to a meeting to be his special guest, then this story of him giving up his first class seat. Now all you haters are going to say the meeting one is him getting paid, it’s really not. Regis actually does go out of his way to do things for people, that is not required of him to. One time he waited with a fellow NBC employee, who was waiting for his cameraman to show up to the hospital. Then he was at a children’s hospital with his management, because they are the ones to set it up, and when his manager said it was time to go, Regis told them that he was going to stay, and get a cab later because he wanted to spend more time with NBC. At the convention he’ll jump off stage after panels, and sign stuff. Or after his group signings he’ll by the table where NBC employees, who didn’t win that signing, are just waiting, and sign some of those employees things. He’s not actually that bad of a person. Yeah, he has made some mistakes, but he’s learned from those things, and he’s publicly said that he has. He’s apologized. You guys should really learn who he really is before hating on him. Regis is not some big shot NBC executive; who doesn’t care about people because he does. He’s a classy guy, who has made a few mistake. Everyone you know, even yourself, have made mistakes. Maybe they aren’t the same mistakes, but they are still mistakes you wish you didn’t make, but you didn’t anyway. Because of that missed trivia his life is forever messed up. One day he will have to explain to his kids/grandkids why he wasn’t in the “Hat Trick” movie. That’s going to be hard enough on him. So cut him some slack. I don’t think you would want someone to poking at mistakes you have made everyday online because I’ve had that done to me before, and it fucking sucks. I’m proud to have Regis as my NBC inside the glass reporter, and I’m going to tell my kids about how proud I was to have him as giving me useless trivia every night. I’m going to tell them about what happened, and how those things just proved NBC has the best broadcasters in hockey because we didn’t just dump him. We allowed him to show us he didn’t fuck up the players names, and that he was sorry. For that we stood with him, and watch him become most valuable inside the glass reporter. We watched him fawn over PK Subban. You don’t have to talk to your kids about him… You don’t have to talk about him period. Understand that he’s a reason for some people still being here because I know for a fact that he’s a reason for one person. But understand that he will forever have to live with his past, and what missed trivia had done to his life. I hope you can maybe see that he’s not that bad of a person after all. That he does care about people.

trivia night

Request: oh my goodness this is so random, but can I request a lin x reader where they go to a trivia night w some of the reader’s family and lin is unsure of how they feel about him, but once it starts lin gets like every question correct and they love him, and it’s just fluffy and cute.

Words: 2063

Pairing: Lin x Reader

a/n: So, I didn’t realize until after I was done this that it was supposed to be with the reader’s family so I’m sorry! Hope you still enjoy!

“Come on (Y/N)!” Jasmine pleaded, tugging on your arm as you tried to make a break for your dressing room.

“Jasmine, it’s a couple’s trivia night. Need I remind you I am very much single.” You replied, dragging out the word single. Since you arrived at the Richard Rodgers theatre this morning your friend has been pestering you to come to the trivia night she and Anthony were hosting after the show. Now, you loved trivia as much as the next person, the only problem was that you guys wouldn’t be playing normal trivia, it was couple’s trivia.

“What about if you and Lin go together!” She suggested all too happily, trailing behind you, the skirts of her costume noisily swishing along.

“Lin and I couldn’t possibly know enough about each other to succeed, we’d lose by such a big margin.” You pointed out, finally making it to your shared dressing room and turning to face you friend.

“Well don’t come to win, come to hang out with your friends! You never hang out with us outside of this theatre. I’m hurt you know.” She was giving you the puppy dog look at this point so you rolled your eyes. You did feel a little bad. It’s true you hadn’t been spending as much time as you should with your friends, life was just so hectic between being a dancer for Hamilton and working at a dance studio.

“Fine.” You finally relented, rolling your eyes. “If you can get Lin to agree then I’ll come to your trivia night Jazz.”

“Yay! You’re the best (Y/N)!” She cheered, wrapping you in a tight hug before running off to no doubt rope Lin into it. He’d probably be a lot easier to coerce into it just because he was too damn nice. Not that you were complaining, she could have picked a worse partner for you.

After the show, you were exhausted. And sweaty. And your feet were killing you.  And just wanted to go home, shower, and sleep. But relaxation wasn’t in the cards for you.

“(Y/N)!” A familiar voice chirped and you internally groaned. “Lin agreed to tonight! Be at my apartment for ten!”

“Alright, alright.” You sighed, smiling tiredly at Jasmine as she danced past you giggling.

After doing a few quick stretches, you slowly stripped out of you costume and into sweatpants and a sweater. You gathered your things, smiling and waving to your cast mates as they trickled out, most of them going home for the night. You were just a tad jealous.

“(Y/N)!” Someone called and you knew who it was before even turning around.

“Hey Lin.” You greeted, smiling at the man. He was slightly out of breath and looked like he had run to catch up to you.

“So, about tonight, I hope you don’t think it’s weird or anything. I know you agreed but if it makes you uncomfortable we don’t have to I’m sure Jasmine will under-“

“Lin, it’s fine.” You laughed, interrupting the man’s babbling. His cheeks flushed the slightest bit which only made you laugh more. He was cute, you knew that. He was also smart, funny, intelligent and a million other things.

“Okay, well, see ya tonight?”

“See ya tonight.” You agreed, turning back around and walking out the door, missing the way his eyes followed you.

You didn’t have much time in-between the show and getting to Jasmine’s apartment so you took a quick shower and threw on a pair of leggings and a sweater before rushing out of your apartment. Though you would be cutting it close, you knew there was no way you’d make it through the night without caffeine so you stopped by one of the many coffee shops on the way to grab the largest cup of coffee you could.

By pure coincidence, you recognized a familiar mop of brown hair tucked away in a beanie standing in line when you walked it.

“Lin!” You called out and the man whipped around, stumbling a bit from tripping over his own feet. “Sorry, did I startle you?”

“No, no! Okay, maybe a little. What are you doing here? That’s a dumb question, we’re in a coffee shop what else would you be doing here? And now I’m blabbering so I’m going to shut up. Hello (Y/N).” His face was once again flushed pink and you giggled.

“So you needed coffee too huh?” You asked, changing the subject to save the man from more embarrassment.

“Yes.” He sighed. “The shows plus all the interviews and other projects I’m working on has me stretched a little thin.”

“I know the feeling.” You sympathized. “The show plus teaching dance classes has me going nonstop.”

The two of you shared a look before bursting out laughing, much to the confusion of the other patrons.

“You know, we’re probably going to be late getting to Jasmine’s.” Lin warned, glancing at his phone as the person in front of the line began to order.

“Look, at least we’re going. If we’re a little late I think she can handle it.” You replied, your fatigue causing you to yawn.

“You don’t have to go, you know. I’m sure Jasmine would understand.” Lin said, concern written all over his face. The sentiment warmed you heart. He was too sweet.

“Nah, I’ll be fine once I get some caffeine in my system. Besides, Jasmine was right, I never hang out with them outside of the theatre anymore. I need to live a little, even if living a little means playing trivia.”

Lin just stared at you for a moment. It was like his deep brown eyes were staring into your very soul. He had old eyes, intelligent eyes, warm eyes. How had you never noticed his eyes before.

“Sir?” The barista interrupted, causing both of you to jump. Embarrassed, he quickly ordered and you followed suit. Despite your protests he ended up paying for your coffee too and the two of you were off. You made it to Jasmine’s at ten after and she glared at you when she swung open the door.

“About time the two of you make it!” She chided as you walked in. “We’ve been waiting for you two to arrive so we could start!”

“Leave them alone, they were probably getting more intimately acquainted.” Renee teased, a mischievous smile on her face that made you blush.

“I wouldn’t be surprised.” Phillipa murmured, grinning at your from behind her cup.

“Okay guys, if we’re done teasing let’s get this show on the road!” Jasmine exclaimed and you and Lin sat down.

You weren’t expecting to do well. Sure, you and Lin got along well enough, but you didn’t talk much outside of work and cast parties. Imagine your surprise when questions started being asked and he actually got them right. Birthday? Knew it. Favorite food? Knew it. Favorite song? Knew it.

He was single handedly carrying your team to victory. You knew a lot about Lin just from working with the man for over a year now, but your knowledge didn’t even come close to his.

“How is the couple that’s not a couple is beating the couple’s that are couples?” Anthony groaned as Lin scored your team another point by knowing how you like your coffee. That one was easy, though right? You two had just come from a coffee shop. Still, he paid that much attention to you?

“I just pay attention.” He mumbled, looking down embarrassed. You felt your heart flutter and it surprised you. This was Lin, he was sweet, and kind, and cute; you had never even considered him as an option though. You didn’t think he noticed you at all, that you were just another out of dozens of ensemble members. Apparently, you had been wrong.

“Why don’t you pay that much attention to me?” Jasmine huffed, crossing her arms and glaring at Anthony causing everyone to laugh and Lin to release the tension in his shoulders.

The rest of the night continued in much of the same way, Lin knowing more about you than expected and getting subsequently embarrassed while everyone else laughed at his embarrassment. By the end of the night you were thoroughly exhausted, having polished off the last of your coffee and Jasmine not having any to supply. Unable to support your own body weight you leaned your head onto Lin’s shoulder missing the looks your friends shared.

“Well, I think it’s time we wrap this up, (Y/N) is about to fall asleep on poor Lin over there.” Phillipa laughed, causing you to jerk upright.

“Sorry that I actually enjoy my sleep.” You shot back, stretching your arms above you head, Lin’s eyes shooting to your exposed midriff.

“Maybe Lin should walk you home (Y/N), it’s late and your tired.” Renee suggested.

“I’ll be fine, I’m a big girl.”

“It’s no problem!” Lin quickly interjected, not meeting your eyes when you glanced up at him.

“Are you sure Lin? I’m sure you have an even earlier start than me tomorrow.” You expressed.

“It’s fine, really. Besides, I’d feel better knowing you got home safely.”

“Alright, thanks.” You said, smiling up at the man. “Might as well get moving then.”

“Thanks for coming you guys!” Jasmine exclaimed happily, wrapping you in a hug and then Lin.

“This gets me out of at least three events, of my choosing.” You warned and she rolled her eyes.

“Okay, okay, fine.”

You said your goodbyes to everyone else and the two of you left the apartment.

Nothing was said for a few minutes as you walked side by side down the streets of New York. You weren’t exactly sure what to say. Lin knowing so much about you was a surprise and it made you feel…complicated.

“Did I weird you out?” Lin finally asked, hands shoved in his pockets and looking straight ahead.

“No.” You replied immediately. “I’m…flattered you pay so much attention to me. I wasn’t aware.”

“I always pay attention to you.” He admitted shyly. “It’s hard not to. Anytime you walk into a room I catch myself staring, I can’t help it.”

You were speechless. Was he saying what you thought he was saying?

“You’re just so…so,” He continued, grasping for words. “So captivating. Everything about you, the way you walk, your laugh, the way your eyebrows scrunch together when your confused, everything. I love everything about you.”

He still wasn’t looking at you and from the glow of the streetlights you could see the blush on his cheeks.

“Lin, you don’t know everything about me.” You said, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. He stopped too, turning and finally looking at you. “Honestly there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.”

He took a deep breath and from the sadness on his face, you could tell he thought you were about to reject him.

“But,” You started and his eyes shot up to meet yours. “Maybe you could learn some more over dinner.”

Lin’s expression didn’t change for a solid ten seconds. He was in shock. But when it finally processed for him, the grin that light up his face should have been illegal. It was too precious.

“Dinner, yes, of course. I would love to have dinner with you.” Lin babbled almost too fast for you to understand what he said.

“Maybe next time Jasmine hosts a trivia night I’ll know some things about you.” You commented, interlinking your fingers with his and smiling up at him.

“Let’s hope.” He responded, grinning down at you.

“What?!” You shrieked, staring at Jasmine in shock as she laughed.

“Look, we all knew Lin had a thing for you, you just needed a little push in realizing it yourself.” She said in-between laughs.

“So you set up a whole trivia night?” You asked in disbelief. You had just told your friend about you and Lin’s date and she proceeded to brag about how she knew her plan to invite the two of you to a couple’s trivia night would work.

“Was it a bit over the top? Probably. But it worked.” She sang, still grinning like a kid in a candy shop.

“Five events. I get a pass for five events.” You emphasized, crossing your arms.

“You’re the worst.” She groaned.

“Not according to Lin.” You pointed out happily.

Alexander? Meet Alexander.

Prompt: I was speaking with my best friend & partner in crime & A. Ham on this blog the other day, and we had this awesome idea. It is kinda based on the Van Gogh Doctor Who episode, it is my favorite…

Summary: Alexander Hamilton has somewhat escaped the duel and ended up…in 2015?

Word count: 1500

Warnings: none, maybe a swear word, I don’t remember. Y/N stands for your name, obviously. 

Disclaimer: I had to set it in 2015 so that: a. Lin was still Hamilton; and b. Duel anniversary. It is my first Hamilton/Lin x reader fic so I’m sorry if it sucks….I’m not really expecting much but I had this idea on the top of my head and I just had to write it down, because, well. I am not throwing away my shot!

I hope you like this!

-J. Laurens


Alexander was facing Aaron, probably for the last time. The two men were looking each other in the eyes, a look that seemed to say “I don’t want this, but it is the only way”. Aaron was determined not to die, his jaw was clenched. Alexander was strangely calm, his glasses on. He seemed old, the death of his son ruined him, the scandals he contributed to create didn’t help his family; Alexander was helpless. He had nothing to lose, not anymore. He was ready and willing to die. They silently turned, and started to count to ten while walking in position, then turned. It all happened so fast, Alexander saw all his life pass in front of him; he was willing to let it go, but then he saw Eliza, and felt a weird wind blow in his face, saw the world spin around him and felt like fainting. He was dying. Hell, he probably was dead.

“Sir? Sir, are you ok?” you said, nudging the body with a stick you found in the nearby. Alexander opened his eyes, he was alive! But who were you? Where was Burr? Why on earth were you dressed with PANTS? Alexander pointed his gun at you and you lifted your arms in surrender. “Dude, chill. I’m here to help you. By the way, you are kind of sleeping on a monument, so get up before the cops will come and get you.” You said, offering him a hand. He took it, then bowed and introduced himself “I’m Alexander Hamilton, at your service, m’lady.” Your first reaction was laugh. “Yeah, you are Alexander Hamilton, sure. Didn’t know they changed the actor.” You were fan of the musical, and you didn’t get this guy. Alexander Hamilton died 211 years ago, he couldn’t be standing in front of you. “I don’t know who you are, but I am Alexander Hamilton, I’m not an actor. I was dueling against- “He said, buy you rudely interrupted him saying: “-Aaron Burr, Burr shot you, he stroke right between you ribs, you died in the arms of Angelica and Eliza. I know. Everyone knows your story, you are like on Broadway and on the 10-dollar bill. Everyone knows your story. Now come on, before someone sees you with that gun.” You told him to disarm the gun and give it to you, then you took his hand and guided him to your apartment. You were unlocking the door when you heard him clear his throat “Yes?” you turned, looking at him “I don’t think this is appropriate, miss. I don’t even know who you are and where I am. Why should I enter your house?” he said, you froze and remembered you didn’t introduce yourself. “Oh, pardon. Sir. My name is [Y/N]. And we are in New York. Please, come in, have a glass of water.” You said, while unlocking the door and stepping inside. He looked the apartment and stepped in, unsure of what he had to do. He mirrored your actions and removed his boots, placing them neatly next to the door, then he lifted his gaze towards you, who briefly smiled at him and gestured to follow in your kitchen. “Have a seat.” You said, leaning against the sink. He asked for a glass of water, which you gave to him with a smile. “So, Mr. Hamilton. What happened? How did you arrive there?” You asked, plopping on a chair, your elbows on the table and your chin on your hands. “I was…shot, by Aaron Burr. My vision started to blur and it all started to spin and then you woke me up. I think it was the same spot of the duel. What day are we?” “July 12, 2015. It’s the anniversary of the duel, Mr. Hamilton.” You said, then excused yourself. You were friend with one of the swings of the Public Theatre, who offered you tickets if you wanted to see it, so you phoned her.

“Hey Lily. It’s me [Y/N]” you said. “[Y/N], hey! How are you?” “I’m good, thanks. Do you think you could make me a favour? Get me two tickets for Hamilton for like, tonight?” you said, hoping for a yes. You really had to speak with Lin-Manuel. You loved the man and thought that maybe, letting him meet Alexander was a great idea. “Yes, of course I can! But I’ll expect you backstage, you and your companion…” She said, you could practically hear her smirk. “Thanks! You’re my saviour! See you later!” “Later!”

A moment later you were back at Alexander, you told him to go and take a shower, you had to explain how to use one because he didn’t know, same with the toilet, and then gave him some clothes that belonged to some previous boyfriend and took him out to shop for some clothes that would fit him better and that would be appropriate for the play. Alexander almost died when he saw his face on the $10 bill.

You two made your way back to your apartment and you both got dressed in your fancy clothes. Almost half an hour before the play begun, you two were already in front of the Public Theatre, let inside by the security guy who had your name and a “plus one”. You two took your seats and waited for the play to begin. Alexander didn’t understand why his name was all around the place, and you just hoped for having took the good decision. You were lost in your train of thoughts when the familiar tune of the opening started to play. You felt yourself smiling and clapping along. It was the first time you were seeing it, with your work at the Natural History Museum and the lectures at NYU you really didn’t have found the time to go and see it; but Lily had managed to make you listen to it and make you become obsessed.

Soon, there was the break and you turned to Alexander, who was shocked and was crying. “This…I…” he managed to say “Shhh, everything is fine, Mr. Hamilton, everything is fine.” You said, awkwardly patting his arm in sign of support.

Act two began and you found yourself humming and singing along. Alexander sometimes muttered things like “this is not really what happened” or “She was already married”, but most of the time you found him smiling and keeping the beat with his shoe against the floor. When “Say No To This” came up, he blushed, feeling a bit of shame for what he did. Then Philip died and he was crying, as if his son was dying for a second time. During “It’s Quiet Uptown” he cried again, begging Eliza for forgiveness.

When the musical ended and the actors bowed, he stood up and cheered louder than the others; he turned towards you and thanked you, you just lowered your head and smiled a shy smile, then took his hand and went backstage, where Lily was waiting for you.

“Lily!” You said, hugging your friend, “Hey [Y/N]! How are you! Did you like it?” she asked hugging you back “I loved it! It is even more beautiful, if possible. This is Alexander,” you said, introducing the Man himself to your friend. He smiled and took her hand, then kissed it. Lily blushed and bowed. “I’m Lily, nice to meet you. Come with me, the cast would like to meet you! I told Lin so much about you-“ “You did what?!” you said, but before she could reply, Lin himself appeared in front of you. “Lin! I was coming to see you! This is my friend, [Y/N]. And that’s her friend Alexander.” Lily said, you two shook hands with Lin and Lily went away, leaving you three alone. “Mr Miranda, sorry to bother you but I really had to come and see you,” you started. “Please, call me Lin. And why exactly?” He said, crossing his arms. “I am Alexander Hamilton. And I would like to thank you, sir. For remembering me.” Alexander said. Lin looked like as if he had just seen a ghost. Alexander was crying and thanking Lin, who was crying as well and hugging the Founding Father. “Sir, I believe in destiny, and I say that it is destiny that made this thing happen. Thank you so much sir.” Lin said. They were talking about Hamilton’s own life, and for once, you knew you had done the right thing.

After the big talk, you returned at home with Alexander, you two hugged as if you were old friends and went to sleep, you offered him your spare room. The morning after, though, the man was gone. He had written you a letter. It wasn’t a dream, but a sort of short time spell-time travel. He had returned to his time and nothing had changed, except the fact that he had mentioned him in his will, and Eliza had remembered you as the angel who saved him.

Well with a bank holiday coming up I decided to run a one shot game or some friends. I going to run dungeon world but hack it to into a 1920′s Europe in which magic and magical races have returned to the world shortly after the great war. Think a noir take on shadowrun. 

The plan is to write an adventure set on a train journey from Paris to Istanbul filled with hi-jinx, mystery and secret agendas.

The party will be pre-gen’d and everyone will be given secret objectives to try and complete during the session.

This is Miss Giselle LeClerc a warlock bound to an infernal master, a contract entered into in order to keep her decadent post war lifestyle going but now the bill has arrived and she finds the only way to pay it is to procure the one thing her owner wants in the whole of of europe…