and i think everyone will miss his shots

Well with a bank holiday coming up I decided to run a one shot game or some friends. I going to run dungeon world but hack it to into a 1920′s Europe in which magic and magical races have returned to the world shortly after the great war. Think a noir take on shadowrun. 

The plan is to write an adventure set on a train journey from Paris to Istanbul filled with hi-jinx, mystery and secret agendas.

The party will be pre-gen’d and everyone will be given secret objectives to try and complete during the session.

This is Miss Giselle LeClerc a warlock bound to an infernal master, a contract entered into in order to keep her decadent post war lifestyle going but now the bill has arrived and she finds the only way to pay it is to procure the one thing her owner wants in the whole of of europe… 


It was a warm evening and everyone was relaxing after dinner. Michael and Geoff were playing pool, Gavin’s deft fingers were weaving little braids in Jack’s hair since Ryan wouldn’t let him, and he was too scared to bother Ryan when he was throwing darts with Lindsay. Ray was playing a Legend of Zelda game on his DS.

“Huh?” Geoff asked oh so eloquently as he missed the cue ball. He swore and lined up the shot again.

“I don’t know why we didn’t think of before,” Ray said. “I mean, how long have we been a crew, two years? And none of us ever had a name for it. Even Ryan, and you’re old as fuck.”


“He’s not wrong,” Lindsay snickered.

“Respawning is the closest thing to what we do,” Ray pressed on.

There was quiet, only the soft rolling and clicking of pool balls drifting to their stops.

“It makes sense,” Jack broke the silence. “I think it suits us.”

“Video game nerds as we are,” Michael agreed with a grin. “Immortal nerds.”

“Sure is easier than having to say ‘coming back to life’ all the time,” Geoff said. “How’d you think of it?”

Ray held up his DS. “I just died and respawned and thought how in games, it’s like what we do.”

“Is that gonna be our official name, then?” Gavin asked, clipping back one of the braids in Jack’s ginger hair.

“Why not?” Ryan hit the bull’s eye and snorted at Lindsay’s annoyed curse. No one could beat Ryan at darts.

“Fuck it, yeah. We can get a patent for it,” Geoff joked. “I like it. Shoot B-team a text or whatever. This is a momentous occasion.” There was a plethora of eye rolling at Geoff’s partial sarcasm.

But as small as it seemed, finally having a name for it, after so many various centuries and decades, felt like a weight off their shoulders. The name stuck.


MechaCon New Orleans post 3/3! AtLA / LoK

I was SO excited to be Varrick for this con! I really love his character and making the outfit and Dali moustache was a lot of fun. Everyone that came up to me would say “DO THE THING” and I was told my outfit was perfect and my moustache was “on point”!

I really hoped to see more cosplays this year from LoK, but oh well. I think I missed the totally canon Korra and Asami that I saw last year; I’m unhappy about that. I really wanted to get a shot of me and Rory (Kuvira) with them two.

The Kyoshi Warrior (or it might actually be Avatar Kyoshi) and the Spirit of the Lake were so well done! Kiyoshi won an award at the cosplay competition!

We also found a really well-done Amon, an Uncle Iroh that actually was handing out hot jasmine dragon tea at his Artist Alley booth, and the Blue Spirit!

That Mako and I had a lot of fun taking those pictures together. That was probably my best interaction I had at the con! 

If you see yourself, tag yourself! Y’all were wonderful!

Something Beautiful

TITLE: Something beautiful 


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE:  romance / fluff /

FIC SUMMARY: OC is about to leave London but can she leave the person she loves most?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Fluff and romance. Hello! I got inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Miss You song so I thought I would write something to flush out some feelings. Hope everyone is doing well! I am happily suffering the few weeks before finals. I would love to hear what you think.

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Waiting Room (part 2)

I’m still not sure what this is, but I can’t seem to stop. If you missed it, this came out a post about how happy everyone was for Olicity to get engaged, but @so-caffeinated was thinking about how thrilled Tommy would have been too. The gifset and first part of the fic can be found here.  Let me know what you think.

“How long have you been watching us?” Felicity asked him.

“It took a little bit,” Tommy admitted. “It was disorienting at first, dying.”

Felicity winced at his words and Tommy shot her a small smile.

“Don’t feel sorry for me, Felicity. I’m not alone, you know.”

“You’re not?”

“No, my mom is here too. I love that I get to be here with her,” he told her with a smile.

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@pauliered: Why can’t I do this?

9 May 2015

Midorikawa Ryuuji was not having a good day.

His concentration as off and he missed some simple shots at the day’s practice. It seemed everyone else in IJ was improving their skills, while he was standing still.

Why can’t I do this? I need to justify Endou’s faith in me and make up for past mistakes! But how do I do that?

Mid wondered angrily as he stormed to his room in the IJ complex and tossed himself on the bed and covered his eyes with his forearm as he closed his eyes trying to think what else he could do to improve. Again the idea of “cheating” using some of Kageyama’s human enhancement stuff came to mind and the greenette immediately felt guilty.

No! Never again…but what can I do…I don’t know…

(Hope that’s good, let me know if we need to change anything!)