and i thank him for it


“There’s something mysterious about him”

douxpudding  asked:

//I just want to say that I absolutely love that you've stuck with canon on Pero's new candy arm. ♡ You're so good with paying attention to detail!! *hugs*

It really means a lot to me, especially coming from you! ❤

I like to stick with what is given and not ignore this! Loosing an arm doesn’t make him any less awesome, but in fact proves how strong and great he is as a character! ;w; Plus, I’m a huge stickler for detail, no matter how big or small they are! My art teachers and people I’ve come across in real life have often pointed that out when it came to my drawings, haha!  

Thanks again, hun! Really means a lot <3 *hugs*


“And three – I’m your older brother and you’ll listen to me.”
(Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #5)

HEY so do you think that if Guzma were to become our bug type trial captain, his trial would involve strategically approaching several Wimpod (just like you do to catch one) and each one holds some sort of clue (received after battling it) that leads the challenger to the next one, until they finally reach Golisopod?

It takes place in Po Town of course. And when I say “strategically” I mean catch the bug by any means necessary. I bet some trainers just try to dive tackle ‘em. Those trainers are Guzma’s favorites

peachy-mari  asked:

Maybe a gifset appreciating jimin's one dimple when he smiles? His slightly swollen eye from the stitches he got as a kid? The cute crooked tooth? The way he covers his face w his tiny hands?

ahhhhh thank you for sending these! but i actually already giffed his slightly swollen eye and his crooked tooth (twice bc i love it so much hehe) but omg ye s his dimple i think i could start working on it tomorrow thank you so much! and the way he covers his face with his tiny hands.. he’s so endearing omg :-(

Muse Preferences!
bold: main preference, italics: secondary preference.

Open curtains | Closed blinds
Stray dog | House cat
People | Pets
Outside | Inside
Half-empty | Half-full
TV | Radio
Sing | Dance
Shoes | Sandals
Cash | Credit
Hike | Drive
Casual | Elegant
Center | Corner
Sword | Shield
Airplane | Boat
Fizzy | Flat
Garnished | Plain
Extra salt | Extra pepper
Spicy | Mild
Record player | Digital media
Opaque | Transparent
White lies | Complete truth
Blunt | Subtle
Noisy | Silent
Books | Music
Familiar | New
Youth | Experience
Spoon | Fork and knife
Knife | Baseball bat
Space | Ocean
Bow and arrow | Blow dart
Love at first sight | Slow burn
Freckles | Dimples
Long eyelashes | Long fingers
Soft lips | Sensitive neck
Stubble | Thick hair
Slow dance | Intimate conversation
Candlelight dinner | Stargazing

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be honest, would you ever let yourself get that deep in a relationship ever again after what Rosa did to you, or do you prefer keeping your heart more guarded?

Send “be honest” followed by a question and my muse will be forced to answer with 100% honesty

I.. I-I, I don’t know… I-I flirt and advance and I just keep searching b-but… but I.. I really don’t know if I’m ready for another commitment– I keep acting so desperate but I can’t move on, and I–… I don’t think I can do it.. I don’t… I…

He’s getting choked up.