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Request - Could you please do a Harry x reader where’s she’s the daughter of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen so she’s really good at cooking and Harry always bothers her to make him little snacks and pastries so they end up baking late at night
Requested by - Anonymous
Word Count - 1,158
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader (Tiana and Naveen’s Daughter)

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Valentine’s Day Part Three

Part Two

When Nico slipped on a puddle of milk and was only saved from breaking several bones by Will grabbing him he realised it might be time for a time out.


Will smiled and held his hands up in surrender. He had whipped cream in his hair, a smudge of chocolate sauce on his nose. Like the rest of the kitchen he was also covered in a light dusting of flour: he looked ridiculous, like he was trying to do a ghost impersonation. Nico stood up on tiptoes to kiss him.

“It’s going to take forever to clean all this up,” Will said, ducking out from Nico’s clutches with a mischievous grin. “And we’ve still got to do those cookies. No time for kissing.”

Nico shoved him lightly and Will fell back against the cooker, smirking like the awful brat he was.

“You’re the worst and I hate you,” Nico told him.  

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Mistletoe - (Jin X Reader)

R/Q: [To be filled in]

A/N: I know I answered this earlier, and I said it was going to be up before Christmas (Which it is!) but I honestly wanted to post it yesterday… I just never got the time too. I have been doing endless baking all day, thanks for waiting! Hope you enjoy!

Genre: Extreme Fluff (My specialty)

It was the Annual Christmas party with the boys and Staff. I was excited to say the least, because this meant I would be able to see y/n again.
-End of POV-

You and Jin have been through high school together, you have been friends since then. What he didn’t tell you was that he had the biggest crush on you in school. Basically everyone in the school knew it except for you -since you were quite oblivious to the situation from being too focused on studies. You liked Jin, he was a very Very handsome man. You didn’t even remember how you became friends. It was just.. So sudden. However on the other hand, Jin actually never got over you. You were his first Big crush and he really hoped you would be his last, that is, if he ever got the courage to ask you out.
Whenever he was out with the boys, he would always imagine you beside him, maybe holding his hand, cuddling against his arm while the two of you walked down the calm streets. At concerts he would always sing his best because:
1. For the ARMY’s
2. He always thought of your bright face in the audience cheering him on

Sometimes, his thoughts may go too far if you visit the dorm and wear something too “revealing” for him to handle, if you bent down a bit in front of him. It would drive him nuts and he would have to have some alone time after you left to solve some.. Problems. He didn’t just have a crush on you anymore. He flat out loves you, and he realized that a long time ago.
He had tried to move on after you showed him “signs” that you may not be into him the way he is to you, but every relationship he was in during high school only ended up with a break up because he just couldn’t get over you. You were plagued in his mind and he couldn’t escape no matter what -not that he wanted too- you were the sweetest person. You had the kindest smile, the warmest heart, and the most amazing personality he had ever known. Oh how he wished he could have you to himself, how he wished he could protect your small figure, how he wished he could hug you and kiss you freely. He didn’t want anything more badly than for you to be his girlfriend, his first, his wife, his everything. And today is the day he was going to confess.
All the boys knew how deeply in love he was for you, he mentioned it 24/7. Except for one day when Yoongi swore he was going to tell you if he kept going on and on about how cute you are or look. But he couldn’t help it. You were on his mind all the time.

“Hyung! Are you done preparing the food yet?”
Jin snapped back into reality and stared into the pan of noodles in front of him, “not yet! Give me a few minutes!”
He finished up his cooking and brought it out to the beautifully decorated room where everyone was gathered, “Finally! I’m starved!” Taehyung shouted while walking towards the food. Jin slapped his hand away, “ah ah. Wait for everyone to get here Tae”
“This isn’t everyone?! The room is packed! Who could we possibly be waiting for- oh… You’re waiting for y/n, aren’t you hyung?” Jin’s cheeks flushed a bit and he was about to speak before-
“Jinnie!!” You yelled from the back. You squeezed your way through the crowd along with a lot of excuse me’s and sorry’s for stepping on people’s feet. When you finally reach your destination you jump into Jin’s arms, almost making him fall over. “Y-Y/n! I missed you so much”
“I missed you too Jin” you smiled. His stomach flipped, you were so cute. Your red and white Santa dress wasn’t helping his situation at all. The dress suited you perfectly. It was cute and perky and hugged all your curves. Jin hated it. It made him want to stomp his way into the bathroom to relieve the tension in his pants. He gulped quickly before looking back at your face. He noticed Taehyung shooting the two of you a heart and he glared at him to stop, which ended with Taehyung running away giggling.

“Let’s eat!”

The party was amazing. People were drunk and sent home, everyone was mingling. It was a great time. You and Jin were having the time of your lives. He wasn’t allowed to get drunk due to the busy schedule he had ahead, but he did have a drink. You on the other hand might have had one too many. You were starting to get tipsy and Jin definitely noticed. He kept asking you if you were doing okay and would tell you to stop drinking until you pouted at him for more -which he gave into because you were absolutely irresistible to him. Caught by his imagination, you abruptly grabbed his hand and started walking towards the sparkling tree in the distance. You approached it and crouched down noticing a bow underneath the tree, probably torn apart from the original piece. With this you grabbed it and put it on your head, on top of your Santa hat. Jin gulped at the sudden cute gesture from you and just kept staring, “Jinnie! Look! I’m your Christmas present!” You smiled joyfully, cheeks flushed from the alcohol.
Oh. My. God. He died on the inside and had to keep himself in check every few seconds just so he wouldn’t go pouncing on you. You took off your hat and placed it on him before pulling him in for a kiss. He pulled away immediately and his eyes shot ablaze with confusion and lust, “W-What???”
You pointed at the ceiling, “mistletoe” you giggled. He blushed and looked up at the to green pieces of fern above your heads before sighing a quiet “Oh”.
“You want to try again?” You chuckled. He looked at you astonished. Of course he wanted too. He wanted to kiss you ever since 7th Grade to be exact. He hesitated to answer, but with the look in his eyes, you didn’t need one. The both of you leaned in to a slow, passionate kiss. It soon got heated and heavy and Jin had to force himself to stop before he went too far.
The both of you just stared at each other, and a weird, sexual tension built up between the two of you. That was, before you spoke quietly, “Jin… I, like you”
“What?” He wasn’t able to process anything that just happened. First you were cute as all hell (like usual) then you kissed him -deeply and passionately at that, and now you’re confessing? This was either a dream, or the happiest day of Jin’s life, “I like you.. As in, I want to kiss you and stuff..”
“I-I see”
“You don’t have to answer me right now but-” he cut you off with a kiss, “you have no clue how long I’ve waited for you to say that” he said before kissing you again and pulling you into an embrace, “would you like to be my girlfriend?”
“It would be an honour to, my prince”

anonymous asked:

how would gom+kuroo+oikawa react to a super motherly s/o whose cooking tastes like it came straight from the heavens, makes their fav food?

lol tbh i had to do some research about the fave food of the other people here so yeah thank you sources x x

Akashi: You were surprised as you noticed a tear drop falling from his eye, eventually making you panic. It was your first time to cook tofu soup and it made you worry because it seemed Akashi didn’t like it at all. Nervously, you approached him, asking why he was crying, immediately following the question by inquiring, “is it because of the soup I made? Did you not like it?” The redhead smiled at you softly, gentleness can be seen in his orbs, and said, “sweetheart, it just reminds me of my mother. You did nothing wrong. In fact, this is better than the tofu soups I tasted before. Thank you for making this for me.”

Aomine: He went straight to the kitchen the moment he smelled the aroma of teriyaki sauce in the air. Smirking as he saw your figure preparing something, his arms found their way around your waist before pulling you close to him. “Teriyaki burger, huh?” he whispered huskily, before taking the sandwich and jamming it in his mouth. “This is delicious,” Aomine complimented despite his mouth being full which made you glare at him, threatening him that you won’t  make one anymore. A scowl appeared on his face, whining, “oh come on babe. It’s way better than those in Maji. You got to be kidding me—ow! Okay, okay, I promise to remember my manners just don’t hit me with the frying pan!”

Kise: The blonde made a beeline from the living room to the kitchen upon the hearing the plates being set up on the dining table. He was trying his best not to disturb you while you were cooking the onion gratin soup since you threatened him that he wouldn’t be able to have some if he did so. “It smells delicious!” he chirped before snapping a picture of the serving you gave him, reminding himself to upload it on Instagram later. He swore to the heavens that he was in tears the moment he took a spoon full of the soup to his mouth. It was so delicious that he was able to finish it in a matter of seconds. “(l/n)cchi! Can I have some more! This so much better than those in restaurants! Thank you, thank you!” And before you knew it, he was already showering you with kisses.

Kuroko: You handed him a huge beer mug full of the vanilla shake you made. He looked at it in pure surprise. It was so tall that he actually needed to stand up in order to become get comfortable while drinking it. He took one sip, your eyes were glued on him with anticipation glimmering through them. That one sip became two, three, four, until he was able to finish the contents of the huge mug. Wiping the his mouth, he burped cutely and you were trying your best not to pinch your baby’s boyfriend’s cheeks. “Thank you so much, (l/n)-san. But when can you possibly make another one like that again? I really enjoyed it. The things you make in the kitchen never fail to amaze me. ”

Midorima: He had always trusted your cooking, that’s why when you gave him a bowl of the sweet red bean soup you just made, he actually didn’t hesitate to taste it. He immediately grew speechless as he felt the pleasurable burst of flavors in his mouth. He took his sweet time in savoring the taste of the masterpiece you have done. He noticed that smug smile on your face. Getting its message, he defensively said, “it’s okay.” Another sip. “Somehow better than the canned one.” Another sip. “Thank you for making this.”

Murasakibara: He was in glee, emotions were evident with that smile on his face, the moment you told him that you were making homemade candy basing on his favorite Nerunerunerune candy. After tasting the sweet treat you made, he went to his food cabinet and threw away all his candies without hesitation before coming back to you. “Ne, (l/n)chin, can you make some more of this candy? I prefer this than the ones I buy in supermarkets.”

Kuroo: He smelled the smoke coming from outside as he waited patiently for the mackerel to be done. He was really excited to eat it since it’s your first time cooking such dish but he always knew you were a master chef. “(f/n)-chan, it smells good,” he smiled, taking the knife and fork into his hands before cutting a portion of the meat and putting it into his mouth. The boy wasn’t able to erase that huge grin drawn on his face as the fish meat melted into his mouth. It was so perfect and he was trying his best not to compare it to his mom’s cooking. “…and it tastes good.”

Oikawa: He was too excited to taste the milk bread you baked that he wasn’t able to wait for it to cool down. Oikawa eventually got his hand slightly burnt as he attempted to slice it and you couldn’t help but laugh at his epic fail. When the bread has finally cooled down, he let you slice it for him, claiming that he had developed a “trauma” already. He even asked you to feed him and you were trying your best not to shove the whole loaf to his face. Finally, after the long wait, he was able to taste the pastry. “(f/n)-chan! I am in tears!” he exclaimed, somehow exaggerating a bit. “Just how did you make this?” It took him only five minutes to finish the whole loaf and before you knew it, he was already asking you to make another one.

Love At First Sight

Requested:  Good luck with this blog !! I request a Kit Walker imagine, surprise me ;-)-Tates-Tortilla

Kit sighed as he walked into the common area of Briarcliff. He looked around the room and wanted to bash his head into the wall. Everyone around him looked legitimately crazy. He rolled his eyes. Great. He thought as he walked over to the couch. He sat down and crossed his legs. Who was he going to talk to? He didn’t want to be friends with these people. Especially if they didn’t want to listen to him. He had no one to tell the truth to.

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Jealous Dean

Dean x Reader
(Female reader)
Readers P.O.V
Sam, the readers best friend agrees to try to help the reader get Dean jealous. After she herself feels jealous after seeing him flirt with a girl in a bar.

It was another successful hunt. “And did you see the way I chopped two vamps heads with one swing” Dean exclaimed proudly, you all laughed. “I’m gonna get us more beers” he said. Getting up he stumbled towards the bar. “So you okay?” Sam asked you. “Yeah just a couple bruises and scrapes, nothing I can’t handle” He smiled at your bravery. You both chatted for a bit about the hunt and how you had literally saved Sam from a vamp bite. “Hey Dean has taken a pretty long time getting those beers…” Sam said. “I’ll go check on him….maybe he’s in the bathroom who knows?” You got up and started to walk towards the bar. Then your face fell. You saw Dean leaning foward against the bar practically in the bar tenders chest. I mean he wasn’t your boyfriend or anything you were just friends so there was no reason for you to be jealous. You were friends, he was practically a brother to you. Why did you have this feeling in your stomach then. You gathered up your courage and walked towards Dean. You patted his back and he turned laughing. Noticing you he shifted uncomfterablly and stopped laughing. “y/n thought you were with Sam?” “Uh…um…you have been gone for over 20 minutes, you didn’t bring back the beers” you said shyly “I…we got worried about you” “but I see your well taken care of so I’ll just grab these and go” you smiled at the bartender and left Dean there. You grabbed the beers and heading towards Sam. “I got the beers” “Where’s dean?” “Um…the bartender” you motioned towards the busty blonde that was currently laughing. Suddendly Sam understood. He reached over and grabbed your hand you were so sure he was gonna make a joke about you being jealous but, the taunting never came. He just rubbed your hand with his thumb. Without saying a word he had told you everything you needed with one simple look. “Come on et’s get out of here”. You waited as Sam hot wired a car. Then the engine roared to life and you climbed in. When you guys had gotten to the bunker it was already 11 and still no sight of Dean even coming home today. You sighed and decided to go to bed. You kissed Sam’s cheeck (a silent thank you). And walked to your room, You showered changed into pj’s and brushed your teeth. You walked over to Sam’s room. He was still up. You padded in and hugged him. “Hey” he said “what are you still doing up?” “Just wanted to say good nite That’s all…..” you trailed off. Sam noticed this and finally spoke up before you could leave. “Y/n?” “Hmm” “y/n are you…..are you upset about Dean?” You shook your head realizing how good Sam was at reading your face. He had a worried look in his eye. “Well… I don’t know…. your gonna think it’s stupid but I kinda got jealous of that girl….I don’t know why but…”. Sam cut you off. “Its okay… I get it” “Well I’m gonna go to bed”. You went to leave when Sam suddendly spoke “Hey why don’t we get back at him?”. You turned around confused. :“what do you mean?” You said curiosity getting the better of you. Sam told you the plan in the morning you guys were gonna pull all the stops to make him jealous. Besides you guys were great friends. If he were to question your actions you could blame it on how great friends you are. THE NEXT MORNING You woke up groggy and yawned. You swiped at your eyes and got up. You brushed your teeth, fixed your hair (in deans favorite hairstyle of yours) into a high ponytail, and then changed into one of Sam’s shirts and wore your tight jeans. Then you stepped out. To your suprise Deans car was parked in the garage (Even though it was 7:30 ‘maybe he came early?’). Both boys were still knocked out though so you decided to make cookies. Just as they had only 5 more minutes to cool. Sam and Dean both walked in. “Mmmmm What is that smell?” Dean licked his lips. “I baked cookies” you said. Dean went in to grab a cookie. Sam winked at you and grabbed a cookie as well. Dean moaned into the cookie and sat down. You started to make the eggs and toast for them. You had finished cooking them when you decided to say an inside joke to attempt to make Dean jealous. “Hey Sam look” you pointed towards a spoon. Sam remebered what and happened in the impala. He started to burst out laughing as you gave Dean his food. Dean looked confused. “Why is that funny?” Dean asked. “No….Dean…inside joke” Sam started having a coughing fit because of all the laughing. Dean looked annoyed he wasn’t included. You and Sam both noticed this. After breakfeast you and Sam sat on the couch watching a movie. “Hey Dean were gonna watch a movie” “Coming” yelled Dean from another room. Sam positioned you so you were almost sitting on his lap. You laughed a little. Dean approached and sat down with a bowl of pretzels. He looked and for the first time noticed you were wearing Sam’s shirt. “Isn’t that Sammy’s?” “Huh?” You said innocently. “Isn’t that Sam’s shirt?” “Oh… guess I didn’t even notice” you shrugged. “Do you want it back?” you questioned Sam. “Only if you take off the shirt in front of me” you giggled a little. Dean didn’t comment on it but just took a big handful of pretzels. During the movie you had found that Dean had started to slowly drag you off of Sam’s leg. You found that you were now on the couch. Sam didn’t even notice either. As the movie was ending you felt sleepy. Sam noticed and grabbed your head and tilted it onto his shoulder. Dean chewed loudly and cleared his throat. Then without warning you fell asleep. Your head fell off Sam’s shoulder onto his lap. Sam laughed. Deans face was red. “Sam?!? Why would you let her head fall like that it will hurt when she wakes up!”. Then Sam swore he heard Dean mumble something along the lines of…. if she had fallen asleep on me. When you woke up Sam and Dean were in the library reading and eating. You got up and made your way to the library. Dean smiled at you. “About time” he teased. “God my neck is killing me I guess. I slept wrong” you said more to yourself but loud enough for both boys to hear. “I’ll massage it” Sam offered. Dean looked stunned. Then it went to anger. You sat in Sams lap. “You could sit in that chair” Dean said harshly. Sam then started to massage out the knots in your neck. You let out a small moan. “Oh my God… yeah right there Sam” Dean couldn’t take it anymore he slammed the book on the table sending a bunch of papers to the floor. “Why don’t you guys make out already?!?” He hissed. He stormed out of the room. As soon as he was out of earshot Sam started laughing clapping his hands together. “Man we got him good…” Sam said wiping a stray tear from laughing so hard. You couldn’t help but to feel guilty. You got up and said you would be turning in early tonight. Sam kissed you goodnight on the forehead and went into the kitchen to find a snack. You ran to your room putting on one of Deans old shirts he gave you and put it on it still smelled like him. You put on just the shirt and walked towards Deans room. You knocked. No answer. You knocked again. No answer. You opened the door and saw Dean sitting on the edge of his bed twirling a knife around his fingers. You walked in and sat on the edge of his bed. He jumped a bit and turned. He looked to you and then back at the wall. (He still hadn’t noticed you were really only wearing just his shirt) “what do you want y/n?” Dean said anger in his voice. “I wanted to sat goodnight” you said. “Well you just did” You walked over and sat on his lap facing him. He was startled at first but then angry again. He looked back at the wall. You grabbed Deans face in your hands. “Hey what’s wrong?” “You and Sam have been all over each other all day….its…its annoying” “thats cause were friends Dean that’s what friends do they hang out with each other” “I’m your friend to and you barely talked to me all day” he said softly. You got off of him and sat next to him. (His eyes grew wide when he realized you were only wearing just his Led Zepplin tee). You grabbed his hand and then hugged him. He looked at you bewildered. “Hey I’m still your friend, sure maybe I didn’t hang out with you alot today but all make sure we have a great time tommorow” you said biting your lip. Dean licked his lips and then looked down. “You weren’t jealous were you?” You said even though you already knew the answer. “Pshhh….me…n-no” you interrupted him by planting a light kiss on his lips. “What was that for… I mean I liked it but…” “Your not a friend to me Dean” Dean smiled and replied “I love you” The next day You woke up in Dean’s bed completely naked. Dean was also completely nude. Dean had snaked his arm around your waist. You laughed a little and decided it would be best for all of you if you just went back to bed. Knowing you would spend the whole day with Dean. PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK

Texting Disasters

My (first?) entry to the fandom hanukkah challenge, and therefore sort of dedicated to katiaswift~ posting early, but hey, it ain’t hurting anyone!

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The thing was, normally, Erik wasn’t a bad cook.

Apart from weekly trips to the grocery store – which were holy and not to be tampered with without serious consequences – Erik had done his own laundry since he was ten, and been around in the kitchen for as long as he could remember. In fact, one of his earliest memories was sitting in front of the oven and waiting for the challah to bake.

Living alone with a single mother his whole life, the social conventions regarding teenage boys didn’t exactly apply to him. There had never been any question about whether or not he was supposed to help out with all things domestic, never mind that he happened to be a son and instead of a daughter.

Until he got old enough to realize it was uncommon, Erik had honestly never thought twice about it. If it was because of his chosen isolation or because it was so intrinsic to who he was, Erik didn’t know, but he’d actually been shocked when he found out that Charles didn’t even know how to cook pancakes without charring the poor things; destroying the pan and turning the kitchen into a smoke infused death-trap in the process.

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I’ll Forgive You

Suga Scenario

Genre: Angst

Trigger warning: Abuse

A/N: Please do remember this is fiction 


It’s 3 in the morning the house is silent the only thing to be heard is your steady breathing. Your side of the bed had warmth. The other side was cool and empty, he was out again, drink after drink burning down his throat. You waited, to hear the front door open and slammed, maybe he isn’t coming home tonight. Not that you didn’t want him to, you missed him you missed the one you fell in love with. You still loved him but he wasn’t the same ever since that night Jin killed himself he was never the same he didn’t smile anymore. He still took your breath away but it wasn’t in the loving way it use to be.

He was more aggressive more stern when he talked to you. He didn’t say “I love you” anymore he was gone and you didn’t know if he was coming back. Every night he drowned himself in alcohol there was times where he didn’t come back home. You didn’t know what he did and you didn’t want to know you were scared of getting heart broken. At times the alcohol would turn him back into the person he was. Sometimes it would worsen the person he has become without the alcohol. Slam he was home you wanted to get up and greet him but you didn’t know what kind of mood he was in.

You waited, You heard him stumble running into furniture until he made it to the bedroom door. He put his hand on the handle, you were nervous about what was going to come through that door. He turned the handle and stood at the door with a bottle at hand, you sat up you looking at him and him looking at you.


It put him back to his old self, he had his gummy smile plastered on his face he put the bottle down and stumbled over to the end of the bed.

“How was my princess today?”

“I was good Yoongi, How were you?” You layed back down

“I missed you”

He took off his shirt and pants and climbed ontop of you. Giving you a peck on the lips you didn’t kiss back you just layed there. He continued to kiss you moving his lips down to your neck going down your collar bones his hands lifting your shirt up.

“Yoongi stop not tonight”

“What’s wrong baby girl? Don’t you want me?”

“No Yoongi”

“Come on baby I know you do”

He went back to kissing your neck creating love bites his hand going under your shirt passing old bruises going under your bra kneading your breast.

“Yoongi I said stop!”

“Honey who are you yelling at?”

“You! Get off of me!”

You pushed him off of you getting up from the bed heading towards the door he followed after you. He grabbed you by the wrist and turned you to face him before you could make it to the door he slammed you up against the wall grabbing both of your arms pinning them above your head.

“Where do you think you’re going princess?”

He leaned in licking up your neck giving it another kiss before he went back to biting harsher than he did at first.

“Yoongi you’re hurting me”

“No I’m not shut up baby”

He went back to kissing your lips this time you kissed back. He smirked, put his tongue in your mouth like you knew he would. You bit down, he let go off your arms you pushed him back and tried to open the door

“You bitch”

He grabbed you by your hair and pulled you back. He was bleeding, he spat blood in your face.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“Let me go Yoongi”

He threw you on the floor and kicked you in the ribs

“This is me hurting you sweetie”

He continued

“Why do you make me hurt you beautiful”

Every hit was harder than the last tears blurred your vision. Why couldn’t he go back to the old him.


It was spring the flowers were just blooming there was a slight breeze in the air the sun was shining. You were walking in the amusement park hand in hand with the love of your life. His gummy smile lighting up your world nothing could better than this. The most beautiful moment in life was when you were with him his laugh being your favorite sound.

“Jagi let’s go on the ferris wheel”


He pulled you by your arm running over to the line. You could have swore his face was permanently glued with the gigantic smile on his face. You always wanted it to be there you always wanted to be the reason it was there.


“Are you fucking listening to me?”

You started getting up from the floor your entire body aching barely being able to get up. When you did get up he picked up the bottle from the floor and swung it at your head. Knocking you out cold.


It was Christmas eve you had cookies baking in the oven snow was falling. Yoongi had a fire going in the chimney. The guys were at the door presents at hand, Jin came into the kitchen to help you cook. The guys went to the Christmas tree to put the presents under, Namjoon put on some music. Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung started playing video games. Yoongi came into the kitchen to steal food and give you light kisses on the cheek. Another beautiful moment in life you wanted to capture forever.


“She is in and out of concussions, she is experiencing internal bleeding we need to get her into surgery”

“Is she going to be okay?”

“Sir I’m going to have to ask you to step back”

“Is she going to be okay? This is all my fault I’m sorry (Y,N)”

“We’re losing her, Ma’am I’m going to need you to stay with us”

You couldn’t hold on you didn’t want to hold on you gave up you looked over to see him. His tears weren’t stopping they didn’t look like they would. He was sober now repeating over and over asking for forgiveness.

“I can’t lose you to”

“I’ll forgive you”


Hey gorgeous! Sorry this took a little while to get done, college is creaming me at the moment. Anyways, here you go! Hope you like it xx(:

The thing about Zayn was that he was easy going. It wasn’t overly hard to please him, going out once would have him set to spend the next month in the house. It wasn’t that he was introverted, he just enjoyed his privacy. What was weird however was him not talking to you. Having been dating for so long the one thing that you two had down was communication, both verbal and nonverbal. That’s why when Zayn didn’t want to go with you to the mall you thought nothing of it. And when you returned and he was already curled up in bed even though it was hardly past 10pm you still thought nothing of it.

But then after a week of hardly any words being exchanged between the two of you, you began to feel strange. It was becoming obvious that there was a bit of a wedge between the two of you at the moment. Whenever you returned from work, Zayn was never home, and when he would finally return the only response you’d receive for how his day was, was a shrug from his brood shoulders and a mumbled “s’fine”. Not knowing what to say to his lack of response usually led to you storming away from the dinner table and into your shared room. Quickly getting ready for bed to escape the molten brown eyes were holding something back from you.

But it was in the middle of the night that you knew everything couldn’t be as bad as you thought. You woke up to Zayn pressed into your back, tattooed covered arm slung over your waist, and his breath tickling your neck. Even though he wasn’t talking to you in his sleep his body was subconsciously still trying to be near you while at rest, you couldn’t think straight, it was too late and you were too tired.

Snuggling back into Zayn you traced his zap tattoo and prayed that when you woke up he’d still be holding you close. Waking up that Saturday morning alone was a surprise even if it shouldn’t have been.

The light was streaming in from your large window, lighting the bedroom and telling you it had to be closer to noon. Rolling over, wanting to enjoy this late morning with Zayn you were more than a little shocked to find the bed next to you empty and cold. Flopping back onto your back you just laid there, hand over heart, staring at the circling ceiling fan wondering where he could be. Everyone knew Zayn loved to sleep, he talked about all the time, it was he preferred activity next to eating and sex. You knew that he must have gotten up very early to slip out while you were asleep, and quietly too.

Zayn may have been long and almost all limbs but that man was far from quiet, constantly stumbling, bumping into furniture, causing such a ruckus. He would have had to taken extra care to make sure you didn’t hear him leave this morning. What on Earth was wrong with him? Was he having an affair? Shaking your head you felt slightly embarrassed with that thought, Zayn wasn’t like that, he wouldn’t cheat. He knew what it was like to be cheated on and swore to you he never would. Was it something you had done then? Lying in bed you flipped through your memories of the past few weeks trying to come up with something that you had done to upset Zayn. Nothing really jumped forward in your mind, everything had been okay, and then all of a sudden it wasn’t.

Him not talking to you was slowly driving you mad, you just missed hearing his voice, and everything the two of you would talk about. Especially when it was late at night and even though you two were the only people living in the house you both would still lay in bed and whisper to each other. No one knew you better than Zayn, and knowing he was such a private person you didn’t think there was many who knew him like you did. You couldn’t dwell on this anymore. You’d talk to him when he came back, later, he would come home right? Springing yourself from bed you headed to the bathroom to brush your teeth and pull your hair up, you would keep yourself busy around the house until then. Drawing on a pair of old sweats you reached into the hamper to grab out one of his gently worn white shirts. It might have sounded crazy and a little gross, but it smelt like him, and even with him pushing you away you just wanted to feel close to him. Bringing the shirt over your head you inhaled and closed your eyes for just a moment, taking in the scent that was uniquely Zayn. Mostly spicy, but it had an undertone of clean and just pure man. Wiping the tear from your check you threw yourself into housework, determined not to be put into a complete funk over this.  

You spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning and by six that night the house was spotless. Turning in a slow circle, you caught your reflection in the mirror. Your hair was a mess, your face was flush, and the clothes were obviously rumpled from being worked in. With no sign of Zayn being home soon you decided to cook, or bake, just something to keep your mind busy. Not even an hour into cooking the front door opened but being so fixated on your cooking you didn’t hear the click of the door shutting. Feeling a tap on your shoulder you let out a startled squeal and drop the milk in your hand. Spinning around to face your attacker, you let another yell this one in frustration when you find Zayn bent over in laughter.  Standing there arms folded across your chest you glare at your boyfriend waiting for him to compose himself.

“You,” he wheezed standing up, “should have seen your face”. His face was flushed from laughter and his eyes shown with happiness, he was so happy you couldn’t even hold onto your anger. A smile broke over your face, and shoving him playfully in the shoulder you let a giggle slip out

“You’re such an ass! You should have said something so I knew you were there!”

“And missed this golden opportunity to scare you? I think not.” he responded with mischief dancing in his eyes.

The both of you just stood there for a moment drinking each other in, but while your anger softened you saw him begin to close off from you again. Taking a step back from you, you saw his eyes harden again. You wouldn’t let this happen, closing the space between you two, you reached out to touch his arm but he shrugged away.

“Dammit Zayn!” you shouted, “What’s wrong with you?” Feeling the tears build in your eyes you quickly press forward trying to get it all out. “You don’t talk to me anymore! You hardly look at me. When’s the last time we ate a meal together?” The tears started to spill making your voice shake but you kept talking

“You’re gone all the time, not that I care but just share with me where you went. How was your day, who you saw, did anything make you laugh?” Zayn just stood there starting at you, eyes wide and mouth slack. Gesturing between the two of you sobbed “I just miss us Zayn, I miss sharing everything with you and you sharing everything with me. I miss being close and knowing,” your words wouldn’t come out, it was hard to see through all the tears in your eyes.

“I miss when you talked to me Zayn.” You stood there, desperate and looking at him but he didn’t move, didn’t yell back. You couldn’t take this, you pushed passed him and half ran to your bedroom, just needing to get away from him.

Once in your room you didn’t know what to do, but that didn’t last long. Back in the kitchen Zayn finally found his voice and his feet and sprinted to your room, throwing the door open. “[Y/N], love, what are you talking about, I’ve been here just as much as I always have!” You couldn’t believe he thought everything was normal, turning around so quick you pointed a finger at him, shouting

“You have got to be kidding me, Malik! There is no way in hell you think everything is fine!” Your hands had developed a mind of their own and were moving so quickly you it was hard to keep track of them, you continued to shout at Zayn everything that was wrong “You’re. telling me.” You began, emphasizing each word “That there isn’t something wrong between us? I know, I am not just making this up! For the past week you have avoided all conversation about anything and everything.”

Zayn seemed to have finally found his voice and went to jump in “Love, if you would-,” but you were on a roll and wouldn’t stop now. Finally he clamped a hand on your mouth, not out of violence but just to get you to shut up. Your eyes darted to his face, obviously infuriated, and just waiting to rip into him some more.

“Now if you would listen,” he began, voice heavy from trying to hold back his anger “I could explain to you, exactly what I have been up to.” Looking into your eyes he continued

“Can you behave yourself for five minutes and let me explain?” You nodded eager for him to talk and get his hands off of you, you didn’t want to be touched right now. But as soon as he let go of you, you opened your mouth, “You better make this good-,“

“For the love of- [Y/N] you are making this so much harder than it has to be.” He began pacing the expanse of your bedroom. “You just had to go and push didn’t you, can’t even fucking surprise you! I try to do something nice for you, and you just go a poke and prod and fuck with everything.” As he paced his hands flew, and his accent got thicker, showing just how angry he was. If you hadn’t been with him for so long you probably wouldn’t have been able to understand him at all.

“Dammit, I just wanted to surprise you, take you out for a nice dinner and ask you after dessert when we were both happy and content.” Your breath stopped short, what was he going to ask you? You tried to ask him but he was too caught up in his own thoughts now. “Been dealing with the lads all week, trying to find the perfect restaurant you know? And you should have heard Louis he wouldn’t shut up about how whipped I am! Both him and Niall. Swear I thought I was going to have to sock them once each. Then! Oh then you have damn Harold in my ear telling me how cute all this is going to be. Gah! By the time it was time to pick out the ring I could only take Liam- he was the only one I didn’t want to kill”

Ring? Did he say ring?

He was pacing back and forth still, pulling on his longer than usual black hair, he was going to pull it out at this rate. “I just wanted it all to be the perfect surprise and set up, I wanted it to be memorable when I asked my girl to be with me forever.” You fell into a seated position on the bed, he didn’t say what you think he said did he? A squeak escaped your mouth and he turned back to you, almost as if he forgot he was yelling this to you in the first place. Stopping in his tracks he let a low “dammit” out under his breath.

Tugging once more at his hair he strode over to where you were sitting on the bed and got down on one knee in front of you. He took a deep breathe, tension leaving his body before he started to talk.

“[Y/N] I love you so much, I can’t even begin to tell you, I love when I come home and you are in my shirt. I love when your hairs a mess, I love when it’s perfect, I love you no matter the look. You are perfect to me. You make me feel like the happiest man in the world. I know what we have is real, because I always look forward to coming home to you, even when it’s that time of the month.” You couldn’t help the watery laugh that pushed past your lips. “I love being here for you no matter what. And I love know that you are here for me no matter the hour or situation.”

At this point you started to cry again, but for a different reason, this couldn’t be real, he could not be down on one knee in front of you right now.

“I love how you make me feel in bed. I love that you are so inquisitive that you ruined this surprise because in the long run this will be more memorable. I love that my family and friends adore you and that no matter the rumors going around that I know you are my girl and I am yours. No one can break us apart and I cannot wait to start a family with you. So, love, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

The tears pooling in his eyes made them shine like liquid amber. How were you so lucky as to have found a man so gorgeous and so sweet, and he wanted you as much as you wanted him? When Zayn’s face started to fall you realized you hadn’t answered yet, with a small happy sob you exhaled your yes and launched yourself into his arms. The first kiss as an engaged couple was sweeter than any of the other kisses you two shared before. Falling asleep that night with your new ring on your finger you couldn’t help but smile because he wasn’t pulling away, he was pulling you closer.            

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