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Exciting Announcement!

Hello, lovely followers! 

As most of you know just from following me, I love writing. And reading. And editing. I’m also in a position where it would be helpful for me to make some extra money to supplement the funding I get through my Ph.D program (I don’t get paid again until September, guys). So I decided to put my skills to good use!

I am opening up EDITING SERVICES!

Check out my new page here for all the details. But, for quick info, here’s a bullet list:

  • I offer Reader Response, Proofreading, Line Edits, and Developmental Edits.
  • Prices range from $25 to $400, depending on the service you choose and the length of your work. This is at or below industry standard.
  • I send invoices through PayPal. 50% up front, the rest upon completion. Payment plans are available through PayPal. Student discounts are also available (email me for details).
  • I specialize in YA and NA Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Contemporary, as well as Adult Fantasy genres. No Adult Contemporary or science fiction. No Middle Grade or Children’s Books. No Nonfiction.
  • I’m looking to take one developmental edit per month and clients for other, smaller projects as they fit in my schedule. 
  • If you’re interested in hiring me, send me an email with the genre, age, blurb, and exact word count of your MS to get things started. We’ll chat a bit to be sure I can offer you what you’re looking for, and then we can get going!
  • If you have any other questions, please direct them to I won’t be answering editing questions through tumblr DM or asks, because I need to keep it more organized. 

I’ve been considering this for a while and I hope that this will work out both for me and for potential clients. I look forward to working with you!


Piggy Ogre, Punk Troll & Sexy Ettercap.

Hello folks, here’s some new d&d classical monsters a bit revisited and part of my daily training.

I’ll plan to make other characters (fantasy or more sci-fi stuff that would be for another post) I need more practice.

And I heard you guys would like to comission me some d&d (or whatever RPG) characters avatar ?

was it “kezzic” ? yes I think so.

So Yeah why not i’ll totally be pleased to draw your avatar or something but then I’ll need some time to prepare, so if you are interested just send me an email, and I’ll be pleased to answer you. Of course that won’t be free, but I’ll make sure that if you pay for something you would be pleased, especially if you like my drawing style :).

So thank you Kezzic for the idea. I’m open to suggestion.

And I’ll add that if you want to see more classic illustrations (like I did on the older posts) or more character design or comic work, just send me messages.

Feel free to express

Oh anyway, see you around, take care.

I hope this new practice shot will please your eyes.

this is a really important question, so i hope you don’t mind me answering it so everyone can see! there are a few really key points artists need to hit to make a substantial amount of commissions. this is what i’ve found out through my experience ♡

1. make things easy!! there’s nothing worse than wanting to commission someone and not being able to find their email, commission info, drawings, etc. simple graphic design helps people find what they’re looking for, so make sure all your links are organized on your website!

2. make a commissions post! then post it everywhere! make sure you have good examples/pictures of what you’re willing to do commissions for, and again, keep it simple!! then, let the world know you’re open for commissions, don’t be afraid to be annoying about it heh heh!! i know some people shy away from using social media too much but it can help you when trying to branch out to other people.

3. don’t short yourself!! you’re an awesome artist! art takes time, hard work, and skill, and everything you make is unique to you. when you’re setting your commission prices, make sure you’re getting what you deserve! a good way to think about it is how much you would make if you were getting at least minimum wage per hour.

4. be consistent! the harder you work at your art, the better you’ll be and the more people will care about it. it gets tough, but posting consistently will help you so, so much in the long run! work hard!!

ok, i really hope this helps!! i’m definitely still learning a lot about commission work, so i’ve got a long way to go, but i hope everyone feels more confident in themselves now (o´ω`o) good luck !!!


“Hi, I’m looking for an Emma Swan?” Emma looked up from her computer screen at the bubbly red head and smiled. Today she got the task of introducing the newest intern to the group of editorial assistants working on her floor of Mills Publishing. She had always loved reading, and she had managed to make a career out of a hobby. It was amazing, as was the company she kept.

“You must be Ariel,” she held out her hand and shook the girl’s hand with a welcoming smile. “Let me show you around.” They walked around the floor, and Emma showed her where everything was, the copier, the lounge (that being important, that’s where the food was kept) the bathrooms and finally where Ariel’s cubicle was going to be.

“So, this will be your home for your internment. Oh, I forgot to ask, what is your favorite genre?”

Ariel smiled as she set her briefcase on the desk and answered with a blush. “Romance, paranormal romance more specifically.”

“Don’t be embarrassed! We all have our quirks. David likes historical fiction, his wife Mary Margaret likes romances as well.” Ariel saw two hands raise above the cubicles and wave. “And Jones likes to pretend he’s working, when he is really writing fanfiction for his newest obsession. I think this week it’s a show about fairy tales. Sometimes it’s about romanogers. Wait, is it buckynat or stucky… Jones, help a girl out!” Emma laughed when a hand raised in the air and flipped her off. “No but really, he does have a wee bit of an obsession with pirates.” Emma turned and called across the room, “We still on for dinner tonight?” Again, the only response she got was a hand in the air, this one a thumbs up.

“Do you always refer to your boyfriend by his last name?” Ariel asked quietly. Emma looked at her with complete confusion on her face.

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Hey guys, here’s a warm up sketch. 

I’m not sure I’m “back” yet, and I apologize for not answering asks and emails. It’s been a kind of shitty week, and for no good reason at all, but I’m going to start making more of an effort to be present here. I think getting back into my old groove might help me out of this funk. 

Hope you’re all doing well! More derpy art to come soon. 

A couple people that I dated or know have posted up some version of this picture or quote after leaving me or their respective person.

Now this is a thing I had in my mind recently when I saw it again and I wanted to talk about it. I’d like to start and say that I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It is a creatively made and solid film which deeply affected me. Having said that, I do not think that this quote is particularly compelling, nor was it meant to be such a slogan for reluctant failures.

In the universe of the film, Clementine was a flawed character. It was shown by her own actions and Joel’s memories of her, even if they were biased. Sure, there was a lot of great about her but she was prone to mistakes. This thought of “maybe someday later” is one of them, to me.

That is because, and to go to the macro point of my problem with this line, is that it’s a shitty thought. It’s a shitty thing to put someone in that spot. To tell them, “you’re not good enough for me now, but I may not find someone that got me or put as much time into me, so if nothing works out hope you still have the same number or answer to the same email.” It puts your supposed ex-lover into a state of feeling second best and a perpetual maybe. It bites the other’s insecurities and takes some self from them. It gives them no closure because you dangled a maybe in front of them that is really a if nothing else works… this isn’t a romantic or hopeful thought, it’s a damning one.

There’s no RIGHT time to meet someone. Everyone is everywhere. If you’re lucky to find someone that gets you and you get them, you fight for it. You try to change and give them a reason to as well, to better your relationship and enrich each other. You don’t give up on someone and hope that later when you’re alone and waiting they’ll magically be better.

I know this is an overthought and weird rant about a line in a movie. I just think that it is a total mis-reading of the movie that has reached the social consciousness as an excuse to let go of someone you have waning interest in. Am I projecting a little here? Totally. Seeing as this has been told to me in three separate times, I am a bit totally sick of it. But I seen it used on others, and it never works well.

Relationships aren’t easy, they’re work. Don’t give up and cover it up with a cute line because you moved on. Accept your failure, wear it on your sleeve, and let go.

devouringsoul  asked:

About the money site, I've been using it but can't withdraw my earnings and I remember you said something about it, help?????

Sure, once you’ve registered ➡ HERE  ⬅ you start filling surveys.. 

The important thing is that as soon as you register you need to confirm your email or you’ll have problems withdrawing earnings.. 

Another important thing is that this is for US/CAN only :)
Hope I helped, let me know how it went..

as stated in my previous post, my rent this month is twice as much as it was last month, apparently because our energy usage went way up. i’m not going to turn on lights when it gets dark anymore. also the jobs i applied to fell through, leaving me again to feel like a stupid burden on the people i live with. a friend has already given me a good portion of what i need, but i still need more.

i’m really sorry to ask again, it makes me feel like a lazy rotten mess to do this, but please help me out. anything at all helps. my paypal account email is, or click the button at the very bottom of my blog. i’d be happy to answer any questions. thank you and i hope you have a good day. 

anonymous asked:

I'm hoping you may be able to help an Arrow fan out. I've googled and googled but I can't find an official Arrow t-shirt anywhere. Have you heard of any coming out?

Anon, I know I’ve been sitting on your message for quite awhile now.  Apologies for that.  I haven’t been ignoring it.  I’ve actually been hunting for your answer.  Can you believe that the only shirt I’ve seen labeled as “official” Arrow merchandise is this one?  I found it on Amazon as well, with the seller identified as DC Comics.  I have found zero other official shirt merchandise anywhere from anyone, not the cwnetwork, thecwarrow, warnerbrostv, or DC Comics.

The same site carrying the above identified official shirt also has this one.

I did find other official Arrow merchandise at’s Arrow page. but… well… you’ll see what I mean when you look.


And now I’m going to be blunt.

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