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today is a day of triumph

sort of

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Today, I got back in the pool for the first time since late January.

Man, did it feel good.

I know you guys probably couldn’t give less shits, but I’m stoked, so I had to share.

It started with the flu, which evolved into bronchitis, which developed into a nasty case of pleurisy. 

Guys, it knocked me on my ass.

So, today, being in the water, that’s something to celebrate.

It’s something to celebrate, and it’s also incredibly frustrating. I’m slow as fuck. My lungs are tired. My catch needs work. My abs are gonna be sore. 

Race season is coming, and I have lost my only edge.

Ah, well. There’s next year. 

I’m freaking exhausted, but in the very best way.

Important Witchy Reminder


I am getting SO tired of seeing Witches comment on curses or hexes that nobody should be doing those things because HARM NONE, and evERYTHING YOU PUT OUT COMES BACK TO YOU TIMES THREE.

What you’re doing is the Witchy equivalent of a Christian telling a non-Christian they’re going to Hell for their religious/spiritual practices/beliefs.
And I’m sure we’ve all been there, right? Someone telling us we’re going to Hell for being a Witch, regardless of how ‘peaceful’ the path we follow is?
Same thing.

There are SO MANY different beliefs and paths in Witchcraft. They vary greatly, and many of them do not believe in karma, or the threefold rule, or ‘Harm none, do what ye will” (which is SPECIFICALLY the Wiccan Rede, by the way, and if I have to remind you that THE MAJORITY of Witches ARE NOT Wiccans, then… consider this your reminder, I guess. Sure, many non-Wiccan Witches have adopted that Rede, but Witches are not at all required to do so, and it is NOT universal amongst us.)

Personally, I do believe in Karma, and I do my best to harm none.
But I don’t, by any means, think that makes me a “better” Witch than anyone else, and it is not my place, nor is it yours or anyone else’s, to try to get other Witches to believe in the same thing.
It is not our place to criticize someone for following a different magickal path.

What an individual Witch chooses to do with their craft is no one else’s business.

“But it gives the rest of us a bad reputation!”
Does it, though???? 
The vast majority of Witches who do curse and hex, they’re not running around in public chanting Latin and throwing pig’s blood at their targets.
The people who condemn Witches do so regardless of what our craft entails - not because they have first hand experience with a Witch who curses or hexes, but because their own spiritual or religious beliefs tell them that Witches are inherently evil, no matter what we do or say.

TL;DR: There are many different magickal paths, and Witches are not required to believe in the same things, and THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE RULE OR BELIEF THAT IS UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED AMONGST ALL OF US.

Timely Fashion (James Wesley)

Maybe you were overreacting, but it was the fourth time he’d come home late without saying a word. The other times you had let it slide but this time “late” meant 4:30 in the morning and with the escalated violence in Hell’s Kitchen it was near impossible to convince yourself he was okay.

When he finally did come home you greeted him by throwing your arms around his neck causing him to stumble slightly.

“Finally,” you mumbled into his neck, his hand hesitantly rubbing your back, still a little surprised at your reaction.

“You’re still awake?” He questioned with a hint of concern in his face. You stepped back, he sure was dim for a man who spoke so many languages.

“Of course I am! It is 4:30 in the morning and I haven’t heard a peep from you since you left yesterday morning! You were dead for all I knew!”

He sighed and glanced at his watch before pinching the bridge of his nose.  

“I’m sorry, I was preoccupied, but I’m here and alive now, shouldn’t that count for something? Y/N, let’s get to sleep, I’m exhausted and I’ve got less than an hour to sleep, my head is pounding and your fussing isn’t helping.”

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“Too Good”.....Pt. 7

I’m standing here in front of the man I love and trusted with my heart, asking an all too familiar question just after the crack of dawn…”Where in the hell are you coming from?” I spent six years married to Ryan, who had me ask this shit one two many times and now Moses is doing the exact same thing…Damn this is so messed up. Even though we were having major issues and I regrettably sent him that text, ending our relationship, it happened less than two fucking hours ago. Shit, to do what I’m assuming he did this soon, is fucked up, regardless of the circumstances. Even so, I’m praying that this was something spontaneous that occurred after I broke up with him. If that’s what happened, I may be able to look past it. His ex-girlfriend Trisha, although he will never claim her as that, is back in town and I’m sure he knows. She is trifflin as hell and has done everything in her power to try and derail our relationship, so I’m positive she’s already contacted him. He almost screwed up and cheated with her in the past when he assumed we weren’t gonna make it, and I wouldn’t put it past him to go after her now. Humph, it’s funny how life throws you for a loop sometimes. I rushed over here after breaking his heart with that dumb ass text, hoping that he would forgive me, and now he’s about break mine….Damn.

“So are you gonna tell me where you were or are you just gonna leave me in the dark?” I asked, as he stood silent, getting agitated.

“You know it’s funny how you left me, and now your standing here asking questions that ain’t got shit to do with you? You broke up with me Leah! I apologized for anything I did, looked past the grimy ass shit Mediatakeout showed YOU did, and tried to work it out, but YOU didn’t want to.” He yelled, getting defensive as fuck. “You came here to apologize and start fresh? Let’s do that. Damn baby, leave well enough alone!”

I thought about doing what he said, but truth is, I can’t leave this alone. He’s obviously hiding something he knows is fucked up. Humph, getting defensive and using phrases he sure as hell doesn’t use. I need to find out the truth and I’m not making any decisions until he gives it to me.

“Moses, I’m just asking a simple question. Why can’t you answer it? How can we start fresh and you can’t tell me where you were?” 

“Damn…Umm…Aight…Look…This shit happened after you sent that text, Leah. I was hurt as fuck and made a dumb ass mistake. I know there’s no excuse but I’m just being honest. It didn’t mean shit to me, I swear.”

“What didn’t mean shit?? The fact that you instantly fucked someone else, Moses?? Who was it? I know it was some bitch you know.”

“Leah, come on…Let’s just put this behind us.”He begged, rubbing his hands over his face.

“You know what, you’re right. I already know you ran straight to Trisha, humph…I broke up with you, so I guess…” I said in a low tone, putting my head down, trying to keep it together.

“Trisha?? I didn’t even know she was in town.” 

“Well who the hell was it with? What are you hiding?”

“Leah…Just leave it alone…Please?”

”Just tell me!!!” I yelled, desperate for an answer. 

“Asia!! Leah, I had sex with Asia!!!…Dammit man!!…”

It took me a second to process what the fuck he just told me. This mothafucka had sex with Asia? His PR assistant? Who publicly embarrassed me? The bitch he refused to get rid of when I asked him to? The ho he claimed was a lesbian?? Humph, this wasn’t some random attempt to move on, this shit has been building up. Like I said before, something spontaneous I could accept., but this shit?? Hell no. 

 “Asia Moses? You fucked Asia?? Why would you do…?? Fuck it, I don’t even need an answer. You are the worst! This is the second time you put yourself in a convenient ass situation. Humph, but you know what, I’m glad that shit happened. It’s opened my eyes to a whole other side of you. I was never gonna bring this up, but I overheard you talking to Sean a while back. You told him that you tried to get at Asia back in Sunset Valley and carried on about how good she looks now. You had a thing for her then and you have a thing for her now. This shit didn’t just happen, Moses!! You may not have planned it, but you can’t deny that you couldn’t wait to stick your dick in her!!”

“You reaching hard as hell and blowin shit up!! That was years ago, Leah. As for commenting on her looks with Sean, there ain’t shit wrong with that and you know it. I was at her place earlier, trying to come up with ways to clean up that mess you started. She came on to me, I turned her down and was on my way out when I got your bullshit text. I tried to get you to change your mind, remember? And what did you say? “go do you and stop begging me to stay” She came on to me again and I just went with it. I swear on everything, I didn’t want to fuck that girl. I didn’t even enjoy it. I wanted you.”

“Are you seriously trying to blame me for you screwing her?? Like you didn’t have a choice?? Oh no! I’m not sticking around for this shit.” I said, as I started to put my things in my purse. “You and Ryan are two snake ass mothafuckas. Blaming me for shit, YOU did. I refuse to be that dumb, worthless, bitch that begs the man who left her for his mistress not to divorce her. You can give one of those rings over there to someone else. Someone who will put up with this bullshit.”

As I started to realize the gravity of what I just said, my hands started shaking, causing me to drop my keys and phone. Here I am, accusing him of thirsting after Asia when he wasn’t. After everything I put him through, from my petty ass posts on social media to wearing blatant inappropriate outfits, he still wanted to marry me. As much as I tried to ignore the obvious, there was no ill will in his heart when he did that shit. I got on the floor to pick up my stuff when it fully hit me: I caused this entire mess. I tried too hard to prove that I wasn’t the same submissive woman I was with Ryan and it backfired. I sat against the dresser and started to cry. Moses, who stood silently watching, approached and tried to comfort me.

He put his arms around me and kissed my forehead. While his embrace felt the best it ever has, I caught the sent of J’Adore Dior, the perfume Asia is always drenched in. That made me cry harder, prompting him to speak.

“Leah, I’m so sorry. You gotta believe me, baby.”

“I know, its just…I can smell her perfume on you.” I said, as I continued to cry. 

“Damn…Okay…I can fix that.” 

He hauled ass into the bathroom and took the shortest shower of his life. Apparently he wasn’t kidding when he said he would fix it, ha. In him doing that, most of the tension, hurt and anger we both felt disappeared. When he came out of the bathroom we smiled and let out nervous laughs. He moved my stuff, and sat down next to me. I put my arm around him and laid my head on his shoulder. He pressed his head against mine and we stayed like that for a minute or two until I broke our silence. 

“We are two crazy ass mothafuckas.” I said, with a sigh of relief. 

“We??? You sure about that??” He said, laughing as I jokingly punched him. “But nah. I like to think of it as being crazy in love. Shit you have to be to put up with some of my baggage.” 

“Same here, ha. About everything, Mo I’m so sorry. I know I’m to blame for causing this mess. I hurt you with the crap I was doing and the break up. I wish I could take it back. I really am sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, I could’ve chose to do shit differently but I didn’t. I hurt you too. That’s somethin I gotta live with. But…I just remembered. You said you were scared to tell me something??.” 

Up until this point, I completely forgot about it…That painful truth about my fertility, I was too scared to reveal. With my anxiety taking over I got up and started pacing around. He got up as well, grabbed my hand and tried to calm me down. 

“Whatever it is baby, we can get through it. Aight??”

“Ok.” I said, as tears formed in my eyes. “Well a few weeks ago I had some tests done at my gynecologist’s office and they showed that I most likely won’t be able to have my own children.” 

He looked at me stunned and confused as hell. His eyes were filled with pity and sadness, as he drew back his hand and ran it down his face. I wanted to burst into tears as a lump formed in the back of my throat. He was clearly distraught  but tried to hide it as he asked more questions.

“So like, it will be hard for you to carry them?? Cuz if that’s case we can always get a surrogate. Shit, money ain’t a issue.” 

“No, I wish it was like that. It’s my eggs that are the problem. While I have them, the quality is low to the point where it will be hard as hell to get pregnant and if I did, my chances of miscarriage are high. She said that’s most likely what happened before.” I said, as the tears finally poured out. “I was the reason why they didn’t make it.”

“Look none of that even matters baby.” He said, as he kissed my forehead, nose, and lips. 

“Fuck what those test say. They didn’t say you can’t have children, they said it will be difficult. It’s obviously possible since you’ve been pregnant, so I’m just gonna have to work my ass off at knockin you up. Shit, there are an assload of drugs and treatments. We can try it all. Now if it doesn’t work and we feel like we’ve had enough, then adoption is always an option, beautiful.” 

“You would seriously adopt??” I said, as my eyes widened and a grin formed across my face. 

“Hell yeah. Did you forget I’m adopted?? Even though it’s by my uncle and aunt, I still know how it feels not to have biological parents. My father passed and my mother didn’t want to have shit to do with me. If I could give someone else what Pops and Moms gave me, then I’m all for it. Shit, the baby would be ours and still be our heir.”

“Or heiress?”

“Exactly. Shit, don’t ever feel like you can’t tell me somethin, ok? I’m here for you always.” He said, kissing me again. “So umm, which ring did you like the best? I know you looked.”

“Oh you know me so well.” I said, with a smirk. “The Cartier one. It’s perfect.”

“Gotta go with the most expensive one, hunh? That’s good though, now I know what style to get when I have them make your replacement.”

“Don’t make me wait too long.”

“Trust me, I won’t.” 

We made out for a while until we stopped, since we were getting carried away. We both agreed that it would be a little weird if we had sex when he just left Asia’s house not too long ago. We laid down and talked instead. We have a lot of self-improvement to do and it starts today. I’m going to try my hardest not to be as quick to “jump the gun” or over react to situations. He’s going to try and be more supportive when it comes to my brand and most importantly, he’s getting rid of Asia, first thing in the morning.        


I saved this picture back in 2011 when I joined the Starkid fandom and I used to obsessively search google and tumblr blogs, desperate to know more about these crazy people. I completely forgot I had this until I watched Joey’s air guitar video released today by the Tin Can Brothers for hitting 28k on their kickstarter. It’s like a bell went off saying “hey you’ve seen this before” and despite having forgotten for years, now I feel weirdly satisfied that I finally know where it’s from!

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Thinky Thought

So, Lucifer has been on Earth for five years right? I wonder how many near miss meetings it took before God was like fuck subtly, Imma make sure my jackass of a son gets shot up and then Imma throw a car into a bus, ignore that assholes.

I mean think about it, God was probably like:

“Oh not this again turn around…TURN A-OH COME ON!! OH MY ME!! YOUR DOING THIS ON PURPOSE I SWEAR TO ME YOUR DOING THIS ON PURPOSE!! AMENADIEL GET YOUR ASS DOWN THERE AND TELL HIM TO GET BACK TO HELL! No! Don’t ask questions just do it!…. I mean I need him think that’s what I want so he’ll do the opposite. Can’t having him pull that winged rip cord and running back to Hell when things get emotionally scary for him. *rolls up sleeves and waaaaaits…throws a car into a bus* If they don’t met this time I SWEAR IMMA GO DOWN THERE MYSELF!!

My main problem with Clinton-backing left-leaning liberals isn’t that they’re voting for Clinton at all at this point – sure, I agree that a Trump presidency could unleash more xenophobic hell and there’s a decent argument that at least Clinton is more of the same neoliberal bullshit; no more, no less. But when the anti-capitalist left explicitly states that we ought to oppose Clinton in the long haul regardless of whether or not we vote for her for strategic reasons, those same liberals suddenly get so aware of the problem: “Sure she’s super corrupt, but what’s the alternative?? Sure she’s super insincere, but at least she’s Democrat!” Suddenly they’re aware of all the bullshit the liberal establishment peddles, but they’ll backtrack any time stuff beyond the electoral sphere comes up. Organizing grassroots democratic movements and applying pressure? “Be realistic!”

I’ve already said it many times before: vote for Clinton if you’d like and do a small part to help prevent Trump from getting into the White House. Just be hella oppositional to Clinton in every other context once she’s elected – she’s more of the same neoliberal imperialist capitalist agenda, and the longer liberals ignore that fact for the sake of pseudo-progressive facades, the longer it will take to truly tackle this system.

Hells Bells

The phone rang too many times for her not to be there and Hakushi grimaced as the answering machine picked up and he heard for the first time in what seemed like an eternity the voice of his beloved Cass. “Hey! This is Cass, I can’t come to the phone right now so leave your name, number and a brief message and I’ll get back to you as soon as life allows it!”
He almost hung up but he knew this was his only chance to try and get in touch with her even though he wasn’t even sure she wanted to see him after his mysterious disappearance. “Cass…” He began hesitantly. “It’s me…Haku…I…I’ve been arrested and I need you come bail me out…”

Two Becomes One |Breff

The day had started like any other, waking up with Jeff, breakfast with him in the kitchen and a full day of corrected Submissives and Dominant who were still learning. The day had been a particularly long one and Brayden had come back to the suite exhausted and ready for dinner and a nap. Brayden knew he’d need to give Jeff a call to come back early from seeing his siblings but he knew Jeff would understand, he’d just let Jeff have some extra time with them next time. Brayden was about to text Jeff when his phone went off and one of the memebers of the School Board’s phone number came up on the screen. “Matt? Yeah, just getting in actually. Newbies were hell today. I don’t think I’ve had to give out that many whippings in almost two years.” Brayden chuckled a little and shook his head. Brayden wasn’t sure why Matt was randomly calling him at this hour, after all everything seemed to be going fine; and that’s when Matt dropped the news on him. 

“Alice is gone, Brayden. She’s not coming back. She gave me her resignation this morning. I’m told not to give you her contact information.” Brayden froze in spot, “Gone?” Brayen’s voice was higher than usual, trying desperately to make sense of Matt’s word without falling apart on the phone with one of his bosses.  “I thought you should know.” Came Matt’s voice before the line went dead. Brayden sat back on the couch, shell shocked; Alice was gone and she’s left Brayden without even saying goodbye. Suddenly calling Jeff was forgotten and Brayden couldn’t do anything more than curl up on the couch and stare at the powerless TV. Alice was gone, Alice had left without a word. 

“Back home I used to work at this tiny-ass grocery store, and I always took the graveyard shift because I had nothing better to do and it sure as hell beat my grandparents house. Anyway, I remember this one night–it was like two in the morning–this bitchass comes to my register looking sort of distraught and holding a pregnancy test and she asks me ‘how many periods do you have to miss before you know you’re pregnant?’. Like I just have that fucking information at the ready? I’m not the one with the vagina in this situation and the last time I was anywhere near a vagina was when I came out of the womb. But instead of saying all that, I just looked her straight in the eyes and said ‘nine.’”

all that i want at the end of the day is to encourage people to think critically about why they might dislike one female artist but then like another male who employs very similar musical and lyrical styles. 

because thats the thing about learned, internalized misogyny. its insidious. it seems like nothing at all, it disguises itself as personal preference- and sure, sometimes it is. but sometimes when you sit back and really think critically about it and analyze why exactly you feel that way, you come to realize that what you thought was a personal preference was hugely influence by the misogyny that we learn at a young age.

its happened to me a lot. there have been so many times in my life where i have had to sit back and really think and analyze why i like or dislike something, and it sure as hell isn’t easy to realize that something you thought was your own choice and preference was actually a result of learned racism or misogyny. it is hard as hell to unlearn. 

but its a really fucking important thing to do, and you’re going to grow as a person because of it. 

imagine how that felt for them, though. remember that gif from tmh, where harry went to reach out and he pulled back and pretend to cough? now look at this last hug for their last one direction concert for quite some time. they made it. how many times have they been told that they couldn’t? how many times have they been told ‘no’? but, they went and sealed the end of this hell of a tour with a hug for just the two of them. i’m sure that was a monumental step just for them. but, on top of that, then imagine hearing the absolute screams of support coming from the thousands upon thousands of fans in that audience. everyone is rooting for them.

April Fools Bodyswap Writing

As far as Grillby was concerned, today might as well been a glimpse into hell. When everyone found out that a human had fallen into the underground, they had been ecstatic. A chance to finally see the surface. Then, it became clear many of them would not. The human was ruthless and killed all who they ran into. Then they started seeking monsters out. He didn’t understand, but by the time the last of the dogs had died, Sans had appeared in town, telling everyone to hide in a place where they could not be found easily. He listened, and though he hide just behind the fire escape, he was not found. He heard the human when they came in though. And he heard them check the door before leaving.

He was not sure of how long he sat there, a few hours for sure but he didn’t come out. He was afraid to. What if they came back? He’d rather not think about it but his thoughts wandered anyway. He had not seen Sans since he dropped by and said he had to follow the human. Grillby was far past worry at this point. What if Sans was in danger? Or was dying? Or dead already? Sans may be lazy and have a really large tab, but he didn’t care. He was a close friend.

His thoughts were cut off by a loud noise that sounded like something falling in the bar. Grillby tensed and listened for anything else. His panic eased when he heard a familiar voice call his name. Sans. He was okay. Everything would be fine. Oh, how wrong he was.

The moment he walked through the door, he knew it was over. There were several chairs out of place and one of them was knocked over entirely. Most likely from Sans entering wrong. Sans was barely managing to stand, using a table to steady himself. But the part that terrified Grillby to his core was the large red slash across Sans’s chest. His shirt was in tatters, revealing bloodied ribs from where he had been cut all the way to the marrow.  Sans’s normal smile resembled more of a grimace but he visibly tried to look happier.

“heya grillbz. good to see that you’re,” he winced, as if talking was causing him pain, “that you’re still alive. you’re-”

“Sans,” Grillby interrupted, swiftly walking over to him, “you’re hurt. You need to eat now or-”

“nah. it’s fine. just let things play out. Okay? it’s okay and soon it’s all going to be reset. then everything will go back to normal you just gotta… just gotta… w-wait and….” Sans’s eyes went dark and he collapsed, chest heaving for breath he did not even know the skeleton needed. He ran over to him though, trying to pick him up. To get him someplace safe and make him eat something. He could feel the skeletons HP draining one decimal at a time. He had so little to begin with and he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Sans? Stay with me… alright? Just… hang on and you’ll-”

“grillby STOP. just… stop. i’ve done this so many times already….. i’m not gonna make it, alright? just… i… i want to go peacefully. can i have that at least? a peaceful death?”

“But I don’t…. I don’t want you to, Sans… I don’t want to lose you…” The skeleton merely chuckled, though it was hollow, sounding almost sad.

“i know, grillby…. i know,” he paused before smiling up at him, looking oh so tired. Did he always look that way? Grillby did not know and it pained him how little he actually noticed about the skeleton who spent so much time in his bar, making bad jokes, “hey grillbz…. can you promise me something? take care of yourself, alright? Cause someone out there cares about you more than life itself.”

Grillby could not respond. He didn’t have the words. And even if he did, he might not have had the will to say them anyway.

“heh. hey grillby. how about one last joke? knock knock.”


“Who’s there?”

“a broken pencil.”

Sans please…..

“A broken pencil who?”

“heh heh. nevermind…. it was pointless…. see you later…. grillby…” Grillby watched in horror as the skeleton dissolved before him, leaving only a jacket and a pile of dust behind.


This wasn’t right.


This wasn’t fair.

“No. No no no no no NO!”

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way!

Grillby didn’t know what came over him as he desperately clung to the old jacket, crying out at some cruel deity. He yelled and cried and screamed until his throat felt raw and overused. Until all he could do was hold the jacket and sob. He had lost everyone close to him in Snowdin. He didn’t even know who out of his old friends in Hotland were dead. He couldn’t bear it anymore. He had to wake up from this horrid nightmare.

His attention shifted as he noticed an envelope slipping out of a pocket of the jacket. Looking at it in confusion, Grillby wiped his eyes and pulled the envelope out, careful not to damage the paper. He turned it over and was faintly surprised to see it addressed to him. He blinked away the few molten tears that threatened to spill as he carefully opened the letter.

The writing was sloppy and hard to read, as if written in a hurry. But nonetheless, Grillby managed.

“dear grillby,

if you’re reading this. i probably just died. went and tried to stop the human. doesn’t end well. sorry about that. probably the last thing you wanted to see but i guess i wanted the chance to say goodbye. or something along those lines. i don’t know why i still do it. anyway. last words i suppose.

i’m sorry. for everything. for falling asleep at dumb times and telling awful jokes that probably just got on your nerves and that damn tab. geez i’m kinda a fuck up. and this probably sounds stupid anyway. so yeah. the human is gonna show up soon. i’m going to stall them until they reset and if that doesn’t work, at least i gave asgore time to absorb the souls.

and if you still want the money for my tab, just break into my house or something. no one will stop you. paps is gone too. probably doesn’t matter, the human’s most likely going to reset soon anyway. but just in case, take care of yourself grillby.

With love,

sans the skeleton”


The tears were back, threatening to burn the paper held in his shaking hands as they fell.

“Come back…. please…..”

To my Fruity lovers..

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to the Furuta side of the fandom. I’m sure with these spoiler reveals some of you are having a hard time sleeping like me. And you know over these past few months. We’ve been through so much together whether we’re getting kink-shamed to hell and back together for our many kinks, having Furuta’s abilities constantly be doubted every chapter, or simply the struggle of just liking the Rotten piece of Fruit.

We kept the faith! So many guessed he was a half ghoul and our dream has come true! You know we may like one of the worst characters in the manga. But so many Furuta fans are some of the kindest people I’ve ever spoken too. And make me feel very welcome in the fandom! So thank you Furuta side! I think we should have a name like Fruity town or something lol. Anyway stay cool!!