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“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”  

>> Riza Hawkeye

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Nalu Week Day 7 : The End [is a New Beginning]

Extremely late Nalu week submission. 

Don’t ask me what Lucy is wearing. Can we just agree that it’s a star dress of sorts??

Bassian + romance

Listen, just, shit listen.  We’ve been wrong.  We’ve been so wrong.  It’s understandable, you take one look at Bodhi Rook and then you take another look at Bodhi Rook in a flower crown and you just want to see him romanced so hard and flustered and adorable but just fucking listen. You know who’s the one to actually get really flustered by romance?  Cassian. Fucking.  Andor.

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cat using supergirl airlines (begrudgingly cause apparently cat's afraid of heights but she has no better alternative since she's shit late for a meeting or something i dunno then they have a moment and oh right that whole j'onn j'onnz thing never happened and cat knows about kara being supergirl and she takes advantage of that of course but only on the rare occasions that people don't need saving)

read from right to leftt


I know they didn’t get “new” costume designs, but I’m just glad they get some screentime in Film Gold.

But still, it’d be cool if they got those catsuit thingies too, right?

Also, please consider: Casino food. It’s supposed to be really good, yeah?

For real tho, you can bet Sabo would try all kinds of food there.

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JackCrutchie 17?

“Jack!” Crutchie laughed in protest as Jack had just picked up the kid and placed him on his shoulders.

“What? You don’t like being on top of the world?” Jack chuckled, and could sense Crutchie’s grin despite the protests. He had his hands holding onto Crutchies legs to keep him there.

“Not when I got your penthouse. At least I have less of a chance of falling to my death from up there.” Crutchie chuckled lightly, smiling wide. Suddenly, the conversation the two had the night before came tumbling back into his mind and for some reason, Crutchie couldn’t fake being happy this time.

Jack noticed the change in mood without even looking at his face, because he knew Crutchie so well, he didn’t have to. “What’s wrong?” He asked, setting Crutchie on a near by bunk and climbing onto it with him. “You know I’d never drop you, right?”

Crutchie shyly nodded, not knowing how to explain the thoughts rushing through his head. There had been a time years ago where Crutchie was having nightmares from the refuge. He didn’t want to tell jack, not wanting to bother him about it, but Jack noticed the lack of sleep he was getting and confronted Crutchie about it. He lied his way out of it, which tore Jack to shreds since he knew he was lying. He thought that Crutchie didn’t trust him anymore. It was hard and painful, but neither talked to each other as much anymore. Jack thought that Crutchie didn’t want to talk, and Crutchie thought Jack knew about his nightmares, and got annoyed by him being such a whip. Both suffered greatly when their friendship was so broken, until finally Jack broke down and apologized for whatever thing he did wrong and he just wished Crutchie would just talk to him again. It was then that Crutchie realized Jack wasn’t ignoring him because he thought Crutchie was a burden, but he thought Crutchie wanted him to. After talking about it all night, they cleared up this misunderstanding, patched up their friendship, made promises to always tell each other what’s up, and now they were closer then ever.

Crutchie did not want to risk going through that again. He promised himself he would tell Jack everything. And so he would. “Jack…” he finally took a deep breath. “Last night. You said that… you was gonna go to Santa Fe soon?”

Jack nodded, furrowing his brow. “Well, yeah. We are.” He took Crutchie’s hand, concerned.

“Don’t hate me.” Crutchie whispered, tears almost falling down his face. “But, what if I told you that I don’t want to go?”

Jacks heart broke at that, wishing those words didn’t come out of his mouth. They hurt. “W-what? Why wouldn’t you want to go? You seemed so excited last night…”

“I wasn’t, though. Jack, Santa Fe, that’s your dream, it’s where you belong. I belong here, in New York City… ‘sides, you don’t wanna drag a cripple around with you everywhere. I’ll just get in the way of you makin’ your big life, yeah?”

“Crutch.” Jack’s grip tightened on his hand. “There’s no way I’m leaving you here.”

“But Jack, you won’t become nothin’ with me always at your side! I’m good at bein’ a Newsie. And Medda said I could get the job as the stage manager once I’m too old to be a Newsie… my life is here Jack. But you got a life waitin for you out there, in Santa Fe.” Crutchie felt so selfish when he saw the hurt look on Jack’s face, but what else could he do? There was no way he would get on that train for any reason. Even if it meant he would never see Jack again. He was doing it for himself, but mostly for Jack. What he said was true. All Crutchie would do was hold him back.

Jack shook his head and let go of Crutchies hand to turn his shoulders to face him. “Crutch. Your my brother. I ain’t leavin you. And since you won’t come with me to Santa Fe, I ain’t goin’ neither.”

Crutchies eyes widened and he now felt guiltier than ever. “Jack, you can’t throw away your dream for me… I got nothin on Santa Fe… it’s got everything you want!”

“I know. But Crutch, you got everything I need.”


“No, Crutch I almost lost you during the strike and if it wasn’t for Davey talking some sense into me about fighting for you, I woulda went insane. I ain’t makin the mistake of loosing you again.”

“Jack, you can’t…” Crutchie whispered, little tears forming in his eyes.

“Crutch, New York makes you happy. I want you happy, because then I’m happy, no matter where I am, as long as you’re there, right by my side.”

“I… I really mean more to you than Santa Fe?”

“You mean more to me than the whole world, Crutch. I promise.” Jack reached his thumb out and wiped it under Crutchie’s eyes, removing the tears that were forming. “It’s Santa Fe that got nothing on you.”

Soooooo… the bitch that was supposed to take my interview had to leave unexpectedly and totally forgot to cancel our meeting -_-


I also got a mail back from another job I applied to, and this is the job I ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE WANT CRAVE NEED. It’s working in one of the big literary archives in our city, and this is not only far more interesting than the other job (horeca), but it would look absolutely AMAZING on my resume.

There’s two other people applying to that job. Sorry kids, but I’m gonna get this one. I have to.

Drabble #309

VIII: moonlight

“But why did they have the wrong card?”

“I think it was an honest mistake. One piece of card in an envelope looks the same as another, I suppose. Somebody just got them mixed up.” 

“But that’s the sort of thing I would do.” 

“…I suppose it is, rather.”

“Sometimes I mix up things that don’t even look that similar.” 

“It just comes so naturally to you.”


“Well, there you go then. Should you ever tire of stewarding, Arthur, and fail to take up crazy golf professionally - you can go and be a card passer at the Oscars.”

bad boy!au ;; kim seokjin

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  • the royalty rich school bad boy, tbh
  • teacher killers for both women and men
  • is actually quite the smart ass for being a bad boy acclaim
  • the oldest of his clique and somewhat leads them
  • gives you the cold stare when you accidentally step on one side of his new pair of shoes
  • making you clean them after taking it off, and soon starts picking on you
  • finding out that you’re number one ranked in school though he’s a smart ass and is ranked second, he starts making you do his homework too
  • will humiliate you and smugly smirk instead of laugh, because the minions around already does so
  • “i hate you, kim seokjin! why are you making my life so hard when it already is?”
  • him overhearing your loud rant in the science lab when he walks by
  • him stalking you sort of, and finding out that you don’t have a good relationship with your mother
  • you being bullied by other students because if jin can, they can too and you just helplessly let them
  • him coming to your rescue and scaring them off
  • you telling him to back off when trying to limp home from school
  • jin scooping you up and over his broad shoulder anyway, and takes you back inside campus and plopping you in the infirmary
  • him trying to tend to your wounds, but you brush him aside and does it yourself 
  • “why won’t you just let me help you? you’re badly injured!”
  • “if you wanted to help, you wouldn’t have treated me the you always did!”
  • jin stops picking on you, but picks on others who treats you badly
  • him finding out that you work late shifts at a small convenient store, and so he waits until you’re done to safely take you home, but you decline his offer
  • him still doing it anyway
  • you slowly falling asleep in class, and jin helps hides your sleepy face from the teachers because he knows of your hard work
  • him trying to befriend you, but you keep pushing him aside and ignoring his presence
  • your coworker teasing you about jin being your boyfriend because no man who hates you would ever do this for you
  • “he is not my boyfriend. he is a big bully and my enemy.”
  • “well, they always say that when a guy picks on you, it’s because they like you”
  • you blushing like mad when your coworker says that, once you punch out and sees jin smiling warmly at you
  • you not showing up at school for three days and it worries jin, so he seeks at your workplace 
  • your coworker informing him that they have been covering your shifts, because you called in about important stuff happening at home
  • jin running to your house to find you getting beaten by your mother, so he grabs at your wrist and pulls you away while running away to safety
  • “you haven’t been in school for days, and i became worried. it’s not like you to miss school! and now i know why!”
  • “why do you care? don’t you hate my guts? with me gone, you’ll be ranked number one, right?”
  • him feeling remorse for what he’s said and done to you, and becomes even more sad when seeing you lifeless
  • he tries tending to your newly fresh made wounds, but you brush him off and tells him to go away
  • you both getting into a heated argument about him acting nice and him telling you that he isn’t
  • which sums up into jin grabbing you forcefully by the face and shushing you with a kiss
  • you push him away when you get the chance and tells him to stop playing with your feelings, and tries to get away but jin pulls you back into his arms to hold
  • him apologizing and you cry in his arms until you fall asleep
  • you two don’t talk much after the kiss, but is more calm with each other
  • he starts working on both your homework and applies to all sorts of colleges when he finds out that your request is to leave home 
  • your mother kicking you out and jin finds out when you told him about sleeping over at your coworker’s place
  • jin let’s you sleep in their guest house, and you repay him by keeping it spot clean
  • his parents liking you immediately and saying that their “bad boy” of a son needs a bright sun like you in his life
  • jin blushing embarrassingly for the first time and you kind of like it
  • you begin to get picked on by the other rich kids for giving your body to jin just to get close to him
  • “so what? we’re dating anyway, so back the fuck off!”
  • him always rescuing you and you being thankful in return
  • jin asking you out for real, and you’re hesitant but tries it anyway since your suppressed feelings have been releasing
  • high school ends successfully and both you and jin sets off for college
  • you visit your mother one last time though, but she brushes you away and you leave without another exchanging word
  • jin takes your hand into his and smiles at his next adventure with you.

Tell me your worst procrastination story!

I’ll go first.

One time in college, I flew to visit my friend in another country during reading week (the week before finals that you’re supposed to spend studying). I was set to come back to school the night before my final, which I thought was a take-home final. On the last day of my visit, we went out and got really drunk (her fault… probably). Next day, I drag my hungover ass to the airport in total agony, get to my gate, sit down, open my laptop to study for the first time and realize that I had been mistaken. My final the next day was in class. Not take home. And I had not studied at all. And I was too hungover to function. Well, I thought, I guess failing isn’t the worst thing in the world. There’s a first time for everything.

My flight was delayed, and I ended up not getting home until 9pm. Still hungover, I begrudgingly stayed up most of the night trying to scrape together what I could in hopes of pulling off a miracle. After all, I’d spent years honing my procrastination craft. Don’t fail me now!

I went in the next morning aggressively ignoring my classmates. The last thing I wanted to hear was how hard they had been studying. The professor passed out the exam, and as I flipped through it I realized, holy crap, I can do this! I don’t know how I am possibly about to get away with this, but I am! 

As I walked out, I heard a few classmates remark how hard they thought the exam was. I couldn’t believe it. I ended up getting an A- and my favorite story of my entire academic career. Thank god for my insane BS-ing skills.

So, since I’m procrastinating right now, what are your best procrastination stories?

Missing Letters Tag

Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in your own. When you are done tag up to 10 people….most importantly, have fun!
tagged by @parkcyeollie thanks bubzie 😊!

a / age: That’s for me to know and for you to find out 😆 but I will tell you that my bday is on March 24th (whooo!)

b / biggest fear: disappointing or hurting the people I love most. Also snakes, sorta heights, and other little trivial things like that. Basically I’m scared of everything 🙃

c / current time: 10:50 am

d / drink you had last: apple juice (I freaking love that stuff)

e / everyday starts with: me hating how early school starts like seriously? 7 am? Couldn’t they have thought of a better time like Idk 10 am or something? See I’m not even asking for much 😪

f / favourite song: I REALLY love one and only by exo, but also black pearl and el dorado and winter heat and miracles in December and lightsaber and … basically every exo song is a jam ok?

g / ghosts are real? You bet

h / hometown: a fairly small and calm state in the good old U.S. of A.

i / in love with: the idea of love itself (and yixing and also all of exo fjjdjsh)

j / jealous of: anyone who’s met exo irl (or will meet them soon) and anyone who can travel freely, but those are both things I hope to achieve in the future too so 🤷🏻‍♀️ technically nothing lol I’m happy with all that I have

k / killed someone: I’m kinda concerned that this is the best question for the letter k that the op could’ve come up with, but ok 🤷🏻‍♀️ and no I haven’t, don’t plan on doing so either lol

l / last time you cried: last night, I was at an engagement party and it was so beautiful hdjshaj

n / number of siblings: 3

o / one wish: to achieve all my goals in life to the best of my ability so I’m happy 😊

p / person you last called/texted: my pal @islamt9

q / questions you’re always asked: how old are you? What do you plan to do when you grow up? What’re you doing?!?!? Jdkksgah I’m kidding about the last one, sorta….

s / song last sang: it was in Arabic and idk the name lol

u / underwear colour: that’s a secret ;)

v / vacation destination: somewhere I’ve never been to before, with lots of rich historical sites, tourists spots, and fun things to do

w / worst habit: when I’m overly excited or nervous I tend to talk too fast and maybe even get a little bit loud or come close to hyperventilating cuz I forget to breath yikes (yeah I’m that one annoying person everyone has as a friend but I hype others up so it’s cool)

x / xrays you have had: none

y / your favourite food: traditional Arabic food (especially dolma) and spaghetti 😋

z / zodiac sign: Aries (like sehun and xiumin ayyyeee)

Ummm lol I never know who to tag in these things kshsksj so maybe I’ll tag @minseok-is-my-sock @dem-exo-feels @chanyeolsabs @losecontrolenthusiast and anyone else who wants to do it (of course none of you have to actually do it lol)

starter for @mollv

Infecting her computer with a virus had nearly been too easy and he supposed a public hospital didn’t get enough money from the NHS to invest in some proper firewalls. Very few hackers cared about medical journals after all, so where was the risk? The next few steps before contact were simple enough too.

Someone down there made a call to the IT department and Jim’s boss assigned him to the task, apparently the morgue gave most of his coworkers the shivers and they didn’t feel like going. Weak stomachs, the lot of them… Good to know everything would go smoothly though.

His adored suit had been replaced with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and he had to admit that the comfort was astounding as he made his way downstairs. He knocked once on the door before pushing it open. 

“Hello?” He called out in a gentle tone. “Anyone in here?” 


What you said to the New York Times once was, it was after your incarceration, you said, “You can’t go from a $2,000 a night hotel suite to a penitentiary and understand it and come out a Liberal.” And I just wondered what you meant by that? Well, the funny this is, and I appreciate your point of view, things that you said 5-7 years ago or things you said in an interview that made sense to you at the time, I could pick that apart for two hours and be no closer to the truth than I’d be giving you some half-assed answer right now. I couldn’t even really tell you what a Liberal is, so therein lies the answer to your question.


…So I got into Guild Wars 2… And promptly started thinking about how the NGE charas would fit into the universe… trashiest trash is me OTL

(Opening one slot for GW2 commissions! A coloured waist-up, this kinda style, for a Pact Fleet sword skin. Just message me if you’re interested; thanks!)

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ok so like what do you think would happen if you were a fan and were like asking him for a pic or smth and then you kinda starting chattin and he really took a liking in you and wanted to get to know you more :)))) a girl can dream right?

Darling, a girl can ALWAYS dream. And does. 

I went a little off script, and I hope you don’t mind! (also it got wicked long and I took forever and I’M SORRY but I really hope you like it cause I do.)

(Requests are Open)

* * * * * * *

They weren’t moving. Hadn’t moved for three minutes. Three minutes and twenty five seconds. Twenty six… You rested your hand on the horn, but didn’t press. Move, you ass

It was 5:18 in the morning and you were dangerously close to being late for work. You’d taken the side road- the one that wound through the back of town- to avoid stop lights, which were a nuisance so early in the morning when there was no traffic and a red light meant minutes wasted. Usually this route was faster. Usually there wasn’t a goddamn rover parked in the middle of the street. The road was barely one lane wide- basically a glorified alley- and you’d never seen anything larger than a jeep navigate it. Until now. Although, navigate was probably a slight exaggeration. The mammoth vehicle hadn’t gone any faster than a crawl the entire time you’d been behind it and it finally appeared to have given up.

Five minutes. You shit

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Mckirk!au. Jim & Bones are agents & best friends w lots of missions. Jim gets captured a lot because he's a klutz w glasses while Bones is the broad-shouldered agent who always saves him just in time. "Dammit, Jim! I told you not to open that box filled with sleeping gas!" "Mmmph. Mmmph!" "You were supposed to wait for me by the hall while i got the files!" Leo grumbles as he takes the tape off of Jim's mouth. "Bones-" "Shut up." He pulls Jim for a hug & smashing their lips together.

I love your thinking!

  • So Jim’s got really skilled fingers, right? Generally, steady hands, and he’s extremely skilled. He was an actual part of the Bomb Squad before he joined the special forces and ended up becoming friends with Bones. So how does someone so smart gets himself in so much trouble? Bones is suffering a headache when Jim’s voice calls out through a mic that he’s compromised; underestimated the number of bad guys on the agreed upon location. So Bones has to get in stealthily, else they might shoot Jim dead before he has a chance to save him. He gets to a safe spot, and snipes the one guy closest to Jim. Jim takes out the other two near him, and Bones snipes another two people. Jim stumbles out of the building, and Bones follows suit. “I can’t believe you, you freaking idiot,” Bones says, but he pulls Jim into a tight hug. Jim laughs. “I’m sorry,” he says, his own arms finding their way around Bones’ back.
  • That doesn’t mean he’s learned, though. Jim’s fighting off a drug lord. And generally, Jim’s quite strong. He can handle these things. Bones is nearby, taking out the bigger, stronger bodyguards. And Jim does fine until the guy he’s up against literally throws a grenade into the bags of cocaine, and it explodes into a thick cloud. Bones knocks both men out, and rushes over to the sound of the explosion. The bad guy’s gone, and Jim’s on the floor. He’s fine, but he’s high as a kite and it’s definitely probably an overdose. “C’mon, big guy, let’s get you to a hospital,” Bones sighs, pulling him up from the floor. “I’m fine,” Jim says, repeating it louder and more than once as Bones sits him down on the ground outside and calls an ambulance. He crouches down in front of him, taking off Jim’s thick black framed glasses and he cleans them with his shirt. Jim reaches out and touches Bones’ cheek. “I can feel you grumpy at me when I touch your cheeks like that,” Jim says. “That doesn’t even make sense,” Bones replies, ruffling the white powder out of Jim’s hair, and Jim leans in to the touch like a cat. “I love you, Bones,” Jim says, smile stupid on his lips. Bones laughs, sitting next to Jim while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. “You too, kid.”
  • Jim’s been taking on a mission by himself. One Pike told them repeatedly not to take without enough evidence. Human trafficking is a dangerous thing. The bad guys can also move around pretty quickly and hide the evidence. And still, of course, Jim goes out when there’s a chance he can save innocent lives. Jim is stupidly brave like that. When Bones finds him, Jim’s being interrogated, head pushed under water ‘til he almost passes out, and then he’s asked about how much the feds know. Of course Jim doesn’t say anything. Bones struggles to fight the baddies off, and by the time he’s done, Jim’s face down in the water and he’s not breathing. Bones drags him out of the water, fingers on his neck to feel a pulse. “Come back to me, you son of a-” he grits his teeth, palms pressed on Jim’s chest. He presses down repeatedly, hoping to pump some air into his lungs. When that doesn’t work, he tilts Jim’s head back a little, pressing their lips together in an attempt to save him using mouth-to-mouth, altering between that and just pressing his hands on his chest again. “Come on, Jim..” he mutters, a sense of panic rising inside of him the longer Jim is just not moving. But then Jim comes back, coughing up water and turning around to throw up all that residue water on the floor. Bones lets out a relieved sigh. “Don’t you ever do that again,” Bones warns him. Jim groans, sitting up straight with Bones’ help, and he smiles at him. “You kissed me,” Jim says. “I saved you, that’s not a kiss.” Bones protests. Jim grins. “Next time you kiss me, at least make sure I’m conscious.” So he does. Jim is conscious now. Bones curls his fingers in Jim’s damp t-shirt, yanking him in for a kiss.
  • The next time he saves Jim, it’s something small. It’s something he can deal with. Bones is slowly waking up in his bed, missing the empty spot next to him. He hears Jim curse loudly, and so he instantly gets up. Jim’s in the kitchen, hand in the running water in the sink. “What did you do?” Bones asks. “Just.. burned my hand trying to fry bacon.” Jim explains with a shrug. He somehow looks stunning in just his briefs, messy bed-hair and his glasses. It’s all kinds of unfair. Bones takes Jim’s hand, gently drying it up before applying some burn relief cream to the red skin. Jim smiles. “What am I gonna do without you, Bones?” He asks, and Bones grins. “Crash and burn,” he replies, bacon long forgotten when he kisses Jim and presses him against the counter, feeling Jim’s arms slide around his shoulders.
  • But then it’s Bones who’s in trouble. Jim and himself are running after a perp, chasing him down the crowded streets. Bones is closest to him. As soon as he gets a clear shot, he just takes it. The body collapses against a fountain. That’s something he’ll never get used to. He runs up close to him, but only then notices the bomb strapped to the guy’s chest, infrared light aimed directly at Bones’ chest. Bones freezes immediately. “Stay back,” he warns Jim, who, of course, doesn’t listen. Jim comes closer, deep frown on his face. “Don’t move, Bones. Whatever you do, don’t move.” “What is that light?” Bones asks. “Looks like a proximity sensor. It can detect movement,” Jim explains, and that sounds terrifying. That sounds absolutely terrifying. “You need to get out of here,” Bones says, somehow itchy everywhere, but he’s too afraid to move. Jim shakes his head. “I’m not going anywhere, partner.” He says, reaching out for his phone. “I’m gonna need an EOD suit, and then I’m gonna get you out of this mess.”
  • Bones doesn’t know how much time passes. It feels like forever. He’s in the burning sun, the square has been evacuated, and Bones feels drenched in his own sweat. His legs feel heavy, and Jim refuses to leave his side. “If I don’t make it,” Bones starts, but Jim’s not having any of it. “Stop it, Bones.” “I’m serious, Jim. If I don’t make it, I want you to look after Jo, alright?” “Bones, you’re gonna make it out.” “Just promise me this.” Bones persists, and Jim grits his teeth. “No, you’re not going anywhere.” He says firmly, and it’s just not up for discussion. When Jim’s old squad team arrives, he finally walks away. Bones thinks about running, but he’s never gonna make it to safety on time. At best, it’d be third degree burns and maybe some life long damage done to his head by the debris from the fountain. At worst, he just wouldn’t live. So he stays. Alone. Eyes closed, and he thinks of Joanna, and of Jim, and how his life up until this point hasn’t been as bad as he likes to think sometimes. Jim comes back, dressed in a thick green suit and he shoots Bones a grin. “You’re in safe hands with me, sweetheart,” Jim says, and Bones opens his eyes again. “You look stupid.” Bones says, and Jim laughs. “At least you never lose the ability to insult me, even when your life is quite literally in my hands.”
  • Jim disables the bomb just fine. Or, not just fine, it starts beeping dangerously fast at first and Jim looks briefly really nervous, until he disables it completely. Bones just feels like his legs are giving in. Jim takes off his helmet, thick arms wrapping around Bones’ shoulder to keep him up. “There. Saved you, you little damsel in distress,” Jim says, and Bones leans in. “Shut up, you and your stupid suit.” Bones breathes, kissing him right there on the street, but Jim’s making no attempt to stop him. “I think we’re pretty even now, right? You saved me once, I saved you.” Jim says when he pulls away, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “We are not even.” Bones says, and Jim walks him to the ambulance for a mandatory checkup. “Totally even.”

For that beautiful anon that requested Goku and Vegeta Gemsona Fusion for the Palette Challenge in #45, sorry it didn’t happen lol, I got distracted <u< Hope you like tho, THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION!! ♥♥♥


So I got the Nitro+CHiRAL 10 years Archive 01 and I got to this page and is that you, Toue’s anime assistant Takahashi? His description says he’s a rejected character design from the development stages of Togainu no Chi. In the picture he’s with older Rin so was he supposed to be like, beta Akira? I can only see Toue’s assistant in a tracksuit.