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How to Gif with adobe products + Vlc media player

Since ive just learned how to gif things i thaught id teach you guys how to do it too since I love you. 

Step 1: File format

Personally i prefer if files are in the format MP4 because aobe products can read them. Though things have reciently started coming in MKV format which cannot be read. 

Go to your episode/movie/clip that you want to gif and right click and select properties.

If the file is in MP4 format you can skip to STEP 3

Step 2: converting it

Open Vlc media player and go to media in the top left then convert/save in that menu. Select Add from the new menu that appears and select the file you want to convert.

Then choose Convert / Save. This will open up the following box, Choose browse.

Im going to save my file to the desktop since i know where that is. 

name the file something you’ll remember such as “Httydclip.mp4
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOUType ”.mp4“after the filename. Make sure that the Profile selected is .MP4 

Now this method to my knowledge unfortunetly disrupts the audio track however if we are making gif’s there is no audio so it sint needed

Click on the setting icon and make sure your settings match mine:

If you want subtitles in your gif and the source MKV already has subtitles you can select that option from the menu otherwise leave it unchecked. 

Select Save and then start 


Close Vlc media player because it is no longer needed.

STEP 3: Getting a piece of the clip.

Open up adobe Premier Pro I use this programme because it has a built in Gif maker basically. 

Go to file then import and select the file you want to convert if it doesnt exist according to premier pro you may need to convert it into a format such as MP4 (see step 1) or search youtube for multiple tutorials on how to convert files ect. 

Click and drag the file into the dialoge box marked source and then you’re ready to begin editingthe clip.

Im just going to gif the very first part of this clip selecting the 2 curly bracket icons set the start of the clip and the end of the clip.

Click and drag the video clip from the source window to the timeline window This will create a new sequence of that little clip. Usually its best to make sure that the clip is less than 5 seconds long because the next bit gets tricky its playing with filezise 

Go to File then Export then media then make sure that in this new diloge box the Format is set to animated GIF 

From here you can play with the settings until you’re happy my file is in 1080P quality so im changing the width and height of the output file to match some version of quality that i have if you just want a regular gif select the preset and scale the height down until you get rig odf the black space that is created

Check the frame rate and do a little math. Ok so naturally your Gif needes frames the more FPS the higher quality but the larget the filesize tumblr lets you uplaod gif’s that are 1mb if the width is over 500 px The next step is changing the filezise in photoshop but it is still very important that you have a good number of frames. 

id choose 12.5 or 10 basically try to keep the number of frames as few as possible whilst still keeping the animation fluid.

 Set the quality to 100 Aspect to square pixles (1.0) and basically match my settings: 


Look up and click on the output name option to open up a dilage box that will allow you to save the file somewhere meeningfull. Again im saving mine to my desktop:

Hit export and open your gif to check it worked if something looks wrong try exporting it without frame blending or change the FPS till it looks accepotable. 

Now for uploading it to tumblr and making sure its ok to do.

The filesize may be HUGE! mine is over 10mb’s but we’ll fix that in Step 4 (If you want to have a go at skipping step 4 change the width of the output gif to be 499 pxand the height to something that keeps the desired effect of a cool gif) 

Step 4: Filesize!

You can now close premier pro because its inadiquate and not worth our time anymore and open up Photoshop Select file then open then select the gif you made in the previous step. 

Go to window and select timeline to bring up the (you guesed it) timeline of the gif and edit to your hearts content.

I highly sudgest playing around in the timeline and photoshop in general because its not always possible to have a 5 second gif with 12.5 frames be under 2 mb’s without removing some of those frames. 

Now select File then save for web then just below preset change the selection to GIF.

I’ve numbered the next bit for you because its difficult to understand sometimes. 

OK tumblr fact time. 
Tumblr doesnt let you have a gif that is 500px wide and over 1mb however if you change the width to be 499 px wide you can upload a maximum of 2mb so.

SUB STEP 1: Change that image size:
Change the width of the image to 499 pixles (Highlighted in red and marked as 1) 

SUB STEP 2: Check the filesize:
Look at the fllesize and determine if it is under 2mb or 2M If it is Congratulations save it and move on over to step 5

SUB STEP 3: Limit the filesize:
That little arrow highlighted in a 2 is your fix all button. Click it and then select optimize to file size (Oooh that rhymes) In the desired filesize box type 2048 (2048K = 2M you dont have to understand that its computer talk just trust me) 

Select Ok and let the programme do it for you: 

Repeat step 2 and save your gif somewhere and thats you 

It is important to note that the color table also dictates how much quality a gif will have if you want more colors try removing every 5th frame in your timeline this will allow you to have more colors in the long run but less FPS. 

Step 5: TUMBLR!!!!!!!! 

Now its everyones favorite bit uploading the hard work to tumblr and here’s mine: