and i still think they don't look like themselves

Not Hwarang related but something I found out when I heard BTS was re-branding themselves.

As much as I like BTS’s new logo (the one used for their Twitter avatar that doesn’t have the inverted trapezoids), I couldn’t help but feel like it’s familiar… like BTS has done this kind of design before and they purposely chose such a simple style. Sure, having a more minimal-styled design looks more professional and it fits BTS’s currently style more compared to the old logo but I felt like they had a similar logo before. Maybe with a slightly different font but similar concept of simple white letters on black. 

Wait a sec…

I’m probably overthinking this and it was all a coincidence. 

Hey pssst fandom. Psst. ‘This looks so much like my OC so this is great!’ is still not probably something you should be saying on other people’s art, and DOUBLY so if it was a commission or a gift or a trade for someone else. :SSS I can’t speak for how my commissioners feel but I feel awful when people take something that I made (for myself or someone else) and make it about themselves. :SSS Don’t do it guys. Just. don’t be selfish. Please.

HAHA OMG I dunno why this is so funny to me but a japanese artist I like on twitter just said “oooOOoho why is everyone still awake I thought it’d be alright since it’s late now I’m embarrassed”

@feynites #they’re one of the most notorious couples in the territory exactly because of shit like this #the spymaster won’t let most people get within five feet of them if they don’t want them there #but they’ll drape themselves all over thenerassan like a happy cat 

a shy kiss for notorious idiots who’ve seen and done pretty much everything <3

5 Seconds of Summer Business

So, we’ve discussed a few times that One Mode Productions Limited owns 20% of 5SOS LLP. And One Mode is owned by the 5 original members of 1D (50%) and Modest (50%).  To break that down in simpler terms, there are 5 pieces of the pie and Modest and 1D together own one of them. So 5SOS as a whole owns 80%.

Unfortunately, the media tends to report that 1D owns 50% of the band, which is absolutely, patently untrue.

Well today, when looking for something else, I stumbled across some really interesting 5SOS information.  It turns out that there is another 5SOS company, 5 Seconds of Summer LLP, which is owned in its entirety by the 4 members of the band, no one else.  And that company has twice the assets as the one 1D has a stake in.  Still not 1D level money, but clearly, contrary to popular belief, 1D isn’t making much off of them AT ALL.

Then I found something REALLY interesting

One Mode owns the 5 Seconds of Summer and 5SOS copyrights. To reiterate, One Mode is the company that is 50/50 1D and Modest for ownership and Louis & Liam recently resigned from as directors (but still have ownership), replacing themselves with their accountant and (the man I believe is) their attorney.

So that may have come into play when the dissolution of One Mode was cancelled. I thought at the time it was no big deal, but it looks like it was a far bigger deal for 5SOS than I expected.

I am the daughter of an immigrant father that lost his own father at the age of 13, that had to complete the 8th grade while working a part time job in order to support his 7 other siblings. I am the daughter of an immigrant mother that lost her own mother at the age of 17 and was coerced into growing up far too quickly only to witness the consecutive, ongoing, still present murders of her cousins, her uncles, her loved ones at the hands of a systematically powered genocide that is centuries strong. I’m the daughter of a man that carried generations in a torn book bag for years and while suffering through unimaginable odds somehow found the time to establish himself as a chemical engineer only through merit, through faith—a man that traveled oceans across the globe to work long hours at an amusement park but still found the time to go to school and earn yet another degree. I am the daughter of an immigrant father that whilst suffering through implemented and regulated racism and an unforeseen chronic disability still somehow managed to carve a name for himself, build a home for himself and his family—who despite everything—chose to carry the children of his siblings, his childhood neighbours and his cousins to higher education and helped them light fire to their own legacies. I am the daughter of two immigrant parents that were assaulted and berated for years at the hands of post-9/11 racism and hatred but still welcomed the prospect of friendship with complete strangers into their home like familiar and trusted guests. My parents, while battling the ineffable savagery of this world, still somehow managed to build a home for themselves and forge a path for me to follow.

I refuuuuuse to the let the coded language of politicians, the not so coded terminology of xenophobics and racists belittle the legacy my parents have so heroically planted into this earth as an illegitimacy, a mistake.

I was raised by heroes and I no longer carry the sacrifices of my parents like a burden to be balanced but rather as a foundation on which I can stand tall and look at the world from a higher, clearer vantage point.

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I don't think non-artists understand what it's like to have someone react to your art like that, especially if it's your OCs. Hearing things like "they look just like my character!", or just replacing the name with their own OC isn't flattering at all. It makes you feel like you've spent hours, days (months even), on someone who's not unique. This is not why artists share their OCs.

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Are you concerned at all of the ratings the premiere got last night? I don't want to be but 5 million isn't much and I really don't want them to cancel it!

I’d be lying if I said no anon. The numbers themselves aren’t bad - OUAT still did better than other shows Sunday evening.  But for a season premier the numbers were not good.

I think it’s three things:  Frozen, “Villain Fatigue”, and Poor Promotion.


The new cast brought in a lot of new viewers last year so when comparing to S4 premier it does look like a huge drop. Many of those new viewers left immediately after the Frozen arc ended - some even before it was over. It was a grab for viewers, and it worked initially. But it was a temporary fix. 

“Villain Fatigue”

There was another big drop in the numbers shortly after the Queens of Darkness arc began. Ratings sites questioned whether it was “villain fatigue”. And I think this is true.  All my faves are villains, but even I wasn’t happy with the way our Heroes were dragged through the mud last season.  And many fans argued it was to make the redeemed villains look better.  I don’t disagree with this. 

I think this has become a problem for many fans - they fell in love with the Charmings and Emma - they fell in love with the HEROES.  And starting in 4B many of those fans began to feel like they don’t have anyone they love to root for - because the characters they love get little screen time while we had FIVE villains in 4B getting backstories and the main plot (plus our two redeemed villains Regina and Hook).

Then we’ve got 11 episodes of Emma going dark culminating in her becoming the villain for S5. And I’m thinking it’s a really interesting direction for them to take her story line, but maybe the general audience really doesn’t WANT their heroine ruined.  And I feel pretty certain that the general audience isn’t as in love with the idea of Savior Regina as A&E seem to be.

I think they’ve overplayed their hand and lost touch with what it was that made people fall in love with this show in the first place.  Love, hope, family - yes.  But also the idea that good always wins.  And when you’ve got your two redemption villains stumbling through much of S4 (yes Regina and Hook both had trouble) and they are lauded as heroes while Snow and Charming get a baby snatching and lying arc…well it just isn’t good.  Instead of having the villains aspire to be like the heroes the writers decided to level the playing field by showing us - look even the heroes aren’t really that good.

Where’s the payoff for being good? The heroes keep getting their happy endings taken away.  And perhaps 5 seasons is enough.  I think both the characters AND the fans are ready for Happily Ever Afters.

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I copy catted your hair at the salon today. I feel kinda bad that I copied you cause it isn't original, but I always loved short hair and was always afraid to try because I'm bigger. Thought it'd make me look bad, but I look great and I feel great. So thank you for giving me the courage. I thought it looked fantastic on you, so why not try? I hope you don't hate me for it, cause I love you and your blog so much.

Oh my gosh, I don’t hate you at all.  If someone wants to get something that they’ve seen on me and they think they’ll like it on themselves - I’m all for that.  I’m just all for people feeling better about themselves in general.  I’m so glad you love your new look. (: I remember how amazing it felt when I first got it cut and I still love it so much now.  Seriously though - I never understood the idea of getting mad at people over ‘copying’ something that you’ve worn or own.   I sure as hell didn’t make up that haircut or color and I sought out a LOT of inspiration for it.  So yeah, I definitely don’t hate you at all and I’m just so happy for you!

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Do you think it's okay for a white person to cosplay a POC as long as they don't darken their skin? I mean they're not taking that experience away from POC like they would as a face character, right? Just expressing themselves. Is it still offensive?

In general, white people cosplaying as characters of color is fine as long as they don’t apply any kind of makeup to darken their skin or some other kind of cosmetic innovation (such as using tape to slant your eyes to make you look “Asian”).

But there are still issues in the cosplay community with white privilege in general (not to mention the advantages that come with being fair skinned), so you’re not totally off the hook if you don’t use black/brown/red/yellow face. There’s still the issue of cultural appropriation as well as the question of “should I cosplay this?”. 


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I'm a straight dude who really cares about how I dress like if I don't wear matching colors with the right shirt, shoes, over shirt, shade of jeans then I feel really shitty and some people call me girly or gay for caring about my wardrobe so much You can tell it affects me by how I had to emphasize that I was straight at the beginning when that's not even relevant

can we date? I like when guys take care of themselves and what they wear. I even like when guys use pink shirts (doesn’t look good with all guys but still) and I never think it is too girly? A guy taking care of himself is a bless. Don’t let opinions affect you. It hurts but remember you are doing it for yourself and not for them and people just likes to judge. 

Confession: I don't like helping people

I feel like some of my friends treat me like a therapist, and it drains my energy to help them figure their lives out, and I feel sometimes like I don’t have much left over for myself when it’s done.  I’d still be thinking about it hours after the fact.  Not just their problem, but the fact that they could have done it themselves if they even tried to.  They get frustrated about something and then it’s up to me to go look it up and teach them, because otherwise the work won’t get done.  And this isn’t just professional stuff, it’s personal stuff too. Sometimes people will call and dump their problems on me for hours and while I want to help them through it, I can’t do that every single day.  It’s to the point where I stopped taking calls because I know it’s going to stop me from getting my own work done.  It’s like people have so little faith in their own common sense that they rely on other people to have sense for them.  What makes me mad is that they do have the time and money to pay for a real therapist but they would rather just drain me for free.  And then I have to repeat myself over and over again because they don’t take the advice I give them or decide they can’t (or won’t) do it themselves and are hoping I’ll teach/do it for them.


I don’t want to lose a friend but I am so angry right now and talking accomplishes nothing when all I get is “not everyone is smart like you and why are you being so mean.”  I mean I had to deal by myself when you weren’t there, and that’s how I learned.  Why can’t you learn now?  

I think we need to stop talking bout how much we think 1D hates their job. I don't understand why people on here want to believe bullshit like that. yeah, they're not jumping all over the place and running around on stage all the time like they used to. but jesus how bout we think about the fact that they perform almost every day and they're just relaxed now when they're doing it. they literally are just being content. it isn't like they're pulling a zayn and looking moody all the time on stage and not interacting at all. we know what it looks like when the boys aren't happy... zayn was a perfect example and I don't think any of what we're seeing them do resembles how zayn was. they are fine, they are enjoying themselves, I think they're just a little more calmed down then before. and maybe even still a bit bummed about zayn but they. will. be. ok. its goddamn depressing when all I see on tumblr is "yeah they're totally bored" and "they're so done" like that actually hurts my feelings because you guys are complaining about their stage presence and their energy and its not even their job to entertain us by being goofy. their actual job is to sing and do it well, and they achieve that every night. it hurts that you all believe they aren't enjoying being there for us.

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What's hurting me the most is the timing of all this. He wants out, that's his decision but in the middle of a world tour? These 4 boys are now not only having to go through it themselves, they have to be supportive for the fans, they have to stay strong and united for the sake of the band's future. It's just wrong. You don't just leave so many people hangging like that. I look at the photos from the show and all I can think now is how brave those 4 young men are. The calm before the strom...

I totally agree with you! That’s why I was (still am) so mad at Zayn. I don’t care if he wants to leave, it’s his decision but not in the middle of a tour. That’s all I have to say!