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a little sneaky peaky on a music video i’ve been editing (that will be up on friday!!)

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Okay, wow, it took me a really long time to hear this, but England is actually going through with the Brexit. You're from the UK, right? If not, sorry to bother then, but if you are, I'm just wondering what you think about all this.

I am utterly embarrassed, appalled, ashamed, and every doom that comes down upon our colossally stupid country for this has been earned throughout history, and yet I still wish it wasn’t happening. The people who will suffer the most from it are undoubtedly the ones who deserve it the least, and I just hope we can pull together to survive and reverse it (although frankly if I was the EU there wouldn’t be any sympathy like what the actual fuck England)


So I decided that I should update you after my post about being upset. I’m sorry if I worried any of you guys or brought you down. I felt like I should explain what it was that happened and get my thoughts out. 

So here’s what happened. 

I was talking to someone close to me (I won’t say who) about the tattoo I’m thinking of getting. I was discouraged because of the Septiceye Sam, as I will apparently regret it in the future. I explained why it means so much to me, and why it will always have a special place in my heart, but still it didn’t convince them. I was still told that it was a stupid idea, and that I was stupid for even considering it.

But it went beyond that. They couldn’t understand why Jack is my hero. They seemed to find it strange that someone I didn’t know meant so much to me. They think that others might too and even put some people off me. For example, they believe that any future boyfriend might be threatened by it. But you know what, anyone who really loved me wouldn’t see it like that, would take the time to understand and would love me regardless of what tattoos I didn’t or didn’t have.

I tried so hard to explain it, though, because I desperately wanted them to understand. Because Jack has honestly done so much for me. And I want them to be happy about that. But no matter how hard I tried, they weren’t convinced and things escalated.

And it caused us to fall out. I hate falling out with people, I hate fighting, so that’s what made me so upset. 

But do you know what? 

You know what cheered me up in the end? 


So this just convinced me even more that I want that particular tattoo. So they achieved the opposite of what they wanted, because I now I want it even more than when they spoke to me. 

I’m not gonna let someone else’s opinion, no matter how close to me they are, change my mind about what I want to do! At the end of the day, I’m an adult, and it’s my body. But not only that, it’s been thought through. I would understand if it was something not very meaningful, something I hadn’t really put a lot of thought into… but that’s not the case. Whether they understand it or not, it means a lot to me. 

So nothing will stop me getting it. 

And hopefully one day I will be able to show @therealjacksepticeye in person, to show just how much he - and the community - means to me and how much of a positive impact he, and you guys, have had on my life.

Phone call with my parents just now:

Mom: So Dad’s been looking at real estate in Pittsburgh, he wants to help you buy and fix up a house! What do you think about that?

[insert discussion about Responsible Adult Things like owning real estate]

Mom: So what’s going on with you?

Me: I…just spent a large amount of money on plane tickets to visit Finland and Germany this summer. *sweats*

Sunday Night

James and Sharna have a chat about Bonner, set the Sunday night (that’s a tragically lazy title) before the first live show. 

It was Sunday evening, but still pretty early. Sharna had been meaning to call James for a couple days now, but she had been so busy with all the last minute preparation for the first show. She called him and he picked up on the fourth ring.

“Hey, stranger.”

“I didn’t wake you up, did I?” she said at once.

“Nope. Couldn’t sleep actually. In fact, I was just thinking about calling you when you called me.”

Sharna smiled. “Great minds.”

“Exactly. So, what’s going on?”

“Not much. We just haven’t talked in a few days. I’ve been so busy.”

“I remember,” he said with a hint of a laugh. “You guys ready to go?”

“As ready as we can be. He’s a little nervous, but that’s to be expected. We just have to survive the first one and he’ll be alright.”

“Speaking of which, how is the boy toy?”

Sharna laughed loudly. “Please tell me you did not just say that.”

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I still can't get over how cute, adorable and flooffy your art is. It so great, it warms my heart every time I see it on my dash <3

i’m so glad you think that way!!! <333 in return, have a magnadramon being so happy to hear this too. ; v ; Your piedmon should be in the queue so it might appear in a few weeks or such!!

i don’t ever wanna feel like i should hide what i do for work or have to ask a man to be supportive of my work/lifestyle. i shouldn’t have to feel ashamed. my last s/o took forever to come around and when he finally did, it felt great to feel accepted and loved regardless when so many girls at my job feel like they have to resort to pimps because no man will respect them for what they do, that’s the saddest thing for me to hear. sex workers are deserving of love and trust and support and healthy relationships. even after i got “acceptance” from my man he still used it against me in fights or when he got angry with me, lil comments like “dumb stripper” and telling me my family would be ashamed of me, i’m not dealing with that anymore but just thinking about how difficult it was sucks, if you are not truly 100% accepting and understanding and feel like you can’t be loyal to or trust your girl bc of the work she does, then don’t date a stripper? stay far the fuck away. the end

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What's that interview with Stevie and jimmy iovine where jimmy gets like jokingly insulted because Stevie talks about Lindsey or something? I think it's from around 2012? Probably from a different interview than the one you just posted in the gifs but still whilst they're working on American idol together?

Hey anon, it’s from that same episode. She appears multiple times throughout the show and the clip you’re looking for is there too. I’ve upload it for you:

last night i had a thought that consisted of little more than “lesbian blue sargent” which is of course not only canon contradictory but bluesey contradictory which is more than maybe my poor heart can take but also like.. imagine this

imagine blue sargent who’s been told her entire life that when she has her first kiss he’s going to die and well, when your future’s already been written in the stars next to that telltale “he”, you don’t really think about sexuality too hard 

the curse still means everything it did before, that she needs to stay away from boys, and especially away from kissing them and somehow that’s just never been that big of a deal but she know it should be, that she should want it the way other girls do and in a way she does, because she sees that comfort and familiarity and love and wants those feelings for herself but never seems to want the boys that are supposed to come with it

when adam asks her out she says yes, because he’s good looking and polite and maybe this can be something even if they can’t kiss and eventually this warm fondness she feels will turn to something else and she’ll realize that this is how all the other girls felt before they fell in love, that her anomaly was misunderstanding and nothing deeper than that

gansey finds out about her curse. “don’t tell adam,” she says. “it’s like that, is it?” he asks, a little surprised and little playful. god I hope not, she thinks before catching herself. If she doesn’t want that, then what does she want?

she still kisses noah and hopes that maybe she’s found her loophole, that her first kiss was with a boy already dead. but she knows deep down that kissing the incorporeal doesn’t really count as her first. it’s sort of nice in an empty way that leaves her wanting to do it again and again until she can pinpoint exactly how it made her feel and also makes her wish she had never done it at all

it’s because im not in love, she tells herself, it’d probably be different if it was with adam (but she knows, somewhere deep and painful, that it wouldn’t be)

maybe that’s part of why she breaks up with adam, but it’s also because he’s been so angry and lost lately and she just can’t deal with it. she feels bad because she knows he’s hurting and needs someone who can be with him as he goes through whatever this is and part of her wishes that could be her but it’s just not

gansey picks her up not long after because she called him and asked him to and he’s not totally sure if this means he’s taking sides in whatever transpired but blue asked him to be there for her and he knows adam would never. she doesn’t want to talk about adam but that’s ok because he doesn’t want to either so they drive for a while before he finally tells her everything that happened in dc and asks what happened with their breakup

everything comes out in a way she didn’t expect it to, a way she’s been too afraid to even admit to herself. how she wants it to be about the curse but knows that it isn’t, how she knows how deserving adam is of love, and how resentful she’s been of herself for knowing she was never going to be able to give it in the ways he wanted

“well you can’t expect to have chemistry with everyone who likes you,” gansey says. “yeah,” she admits, “but I don’t think that’s it. I just don’t think I like boys.” something drops in gansey’s heart for a moment because despite everything, despite adam, he’s started to notice blue’s soft skin, the way the bridge of her forehead crinkles when she laughs, but he gets over it because this is blue, his friend, opening up in ways he can tell she hasn’t before

“that’s cool” he says, and then after a careful moment, because he knows his words have a way of being unwitting weapons and this is a sensitive topic, “girls then? or nobody?” “girls,” she says with a fair amount of confidence. “okay then I have to ask… that waitress at nino’s? with the dark curly hair? she’s attractive, right?” blue laughs, “yeah.. yeah she is”. gansey nods, satisfied. “ronan wouldn’t give me his opinion.” “well I think there’s other reasons for that.”

so maybe blue doesn’t really date in high school, even as she grows more comfortable and open with who she is. there’s a lot going on in her life between high school and welsh kings and still knowing that gansey is going to die and she might kill him because… well she still saw him on st mark’s eve and true love is pretty much off the table. also, the dating pool for girls who like girls in henrietta is pretty limited but that’s ok because she has a whole future ahead of her and she has friends who she loves and that’s what feels important right now

it’s adam who figures it out once she tells him what happened in that graveyard that night, how a mirror soul like hers and one made a mirror by the ley line like gansey’s cant connect, how this is how the curse and gansey’s not yet dead ghost must intersect. “I mean that makes sense,” blue says when he tells them. “but I don’t see how the kissing part is going to happen. gansey isn’t exactly my type”. they all laugh, but soberly, because they’ve learned not to believe in coincidences

“jane I hope you don’t mind kissing me” he asks her months later with a good nature that doesn’t seem to fit the direness of the situation. and she does, of course she minds, how can she not mind knowingly being used as an instrument of death? but it was too much written in the stars to ignore, that her first kiss would be his last, too sickeningly convenient that she can get her ill fated first kiss out of the way with her best friend who thinks he needs to die

she kisses him, and still holds him like a shouted word, like love, love, love just of a different kind and he falls from her arms

but this is not the end either and gansey wakes up, newly made by cabeswater, and the road trip goes ahead like they had planned before, never really believing they would all be alive to take it. sometimes someone will ask blue which of the boys, gansey or henry, she’s dating. “I’m gay,” she replies matter-of-factly. “me too,” says henry. gansey raises his arms in mock surrender. “I’m surrounded,” he says good naturedly and whoever asked will laugh, sometimes uncomfortably, and apologize

sometimes blue will leave her number for a cute waitress at one of the diners they stop by on the road. it never hurts to try and sometimes it works

logistically nothing has changed. she still can’t kiss gansey. but that’s not really a problem


i made a pretty casual post about making a happy birthday compilation video for miss fame but seeing as her bday is in less than 2 days now (march 30th) i think i need to establish a deadline and share with y’all submission details. 

so for anyone that’s still interested: pls have your videos ready tomorrow (wednesday march 29) by 11:30 PM EST! there’s no min or max time either. you can literally send in a quick snapchat saying “happy bday fame! love you!” or you can ramble on for as long as your lil heart desires. i seriously don’t think fame is one to judge. 

as far as submitting goes - the easiest way is probably through my twitter which is anusthing. you can just DM me your video and i’ll extract it straight from there! if that doesn’t work for you, pls contact me and we can arrange an alternative method. we can work something out i promise! 

i’m thinking of posting the video to twitter and then maybe emailing patrick so she has a downloadable copy. if you guys want then i might post it on here too, as long as i get everyone who’s participating’s consent. 


The cosmic queen TUMBLR departs xo 


Okay so I’m taking a ceramics class this semester, and we’re pretty much at the point where we can make whatever we want as long as we have a certain amount of pieces at the end of the semester…

Long story short, in about 2 months, I’m gonna have a ton of mugs and bowls that I don’t have space for… like I’ll be keeping a few, but I think I’m going to sell the rest on Etsy or something?? I’ll make them reasonably priced since I’m still a beginner and they’re not perfect, but all the money is going to go towards a volunteer project that I’m trying to do in Morocco after I graduate!!

So if you think you would like a mug or a bowl or something (just don’t get too crazy) let me know and I’ll try to make one with you in mind!! And if you have any desired shapes or colors, you can message me and let me know about that too!! Maybe I’ll be more motivated to improve if I’m actually making them for someone besides myself lol

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i struggle a lot with impostor syndrome; im taking advanced physics and i get really good grades but i still feel like someday i wont be able to keep up and fail. have you ever felt the same?

Yeah. Physics is pretty challenging and rapidly advancing field. I think you’ll be able to keep up//do your best and still be successful. My advice would be not to worry about failure; failure is an integral part of learning and of doing science. Einstein didn’t discover relativity overnight, it took a lot of work and failing to get there. As long as you’re relatively dilligent and don’t slack off you’ll be alright. I believe in you!!! Also, you should DEFINITELY talk to your professors about this, I’m positive they’d be willing to listen and discuss this with you to help you out. Let me know if you need anything else // I didn’t address your question well.

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Were there any alternative versions or scenes for Into Shadows We Fall? Or was it exactly how you wanted it? I hope you're having a good day.

Oh no, a lot of things changed. I don’t remember everything now, I’m going to see if I still have any notes about that.

I do! Haha, I just found a snippet of dialogue that never made it into the story re: Pitch talking about his relationship with the Nightmare King:

Jack: ‘You talk about him like he’s a different person.’

Pitch: ‘He was, in a way.’

Jack: ‘Oh! Like Angel and Angelus! Or Phoenix and Dark Phoenix!’

Pitch: …

Jack: ‘What? TV is fun.’


I remember that it was initially meant to take around 10-15 chapters to get Pitch back (it takes 7 in the end) because I was going to follow on immediately from where Pitch was defeated. But it was such a crushing thing to contemplate and I just suddenly realised: ‘if I feel this depressed about writing it, how are people going to feel reading it?’ and so I condensed like 7 chapters down into that time-jumping first chapter, where we flip back and forth to the immediate aftermath, to the mountain and the Glasera.

Even then, 7 chapters still felt like a really long time. So glad I made that decision oh my god.


There were meant to be more sex scenes, actually, between Pitch and Jack? Not heaps. Like two more full length ones. They didn’t make it because I felt guilty that the fic was taking so long to be finished. I’ve made some stupid decisions because of this, and upon reread I still think the story works well without it, but…has made me aware that I really need to stop doing that.


Pitch was meant to be way more cutting regarding the loss of Seraphina, and it was initially going to lead to an argument which I sketched down here:

Pitch: ‘You have no concept of what true loss is. You didn’t lose your sister, she lived a full and happy life! You don’t know what it is to lose your daughter the way I lost her, to be sundered by her with an evil that refused to let me go for centuries afterwards, to never see what became of her. How dare you speak of loss!’

*Jack chokes.* ‘Oh, my god, Pitch. I wasn’t. I didn’t mean to. I meant-’

/He begins to get teary. Pitch notices and his face falls./

Pitch: ‘Jack-’

Jack: ‘No, I know, okay? I know they’re not the same thing. I wasn’t trying to say that they were the same thing. I was just trying to-’

Pitch: ‘Jack, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have-’

Jack: ‘No, no, leave me alone. I need some, I’m going to get some air.’


I cut the whole thing, because I didn’t like the direction it took the characters and because upon contemplation, I think Pitch would know not to say this to Jack, even if he thought it. 

Also because I strongly realised I wanted them to be united in their loss, and not divided by it. So I decided that even though they’d both know their loss was different, they’d be…brought together by it. This is also why they never sort of play ‘loss olympics’ with each other.


So yeah things definitely change, it wasn’t necessarily exactly how I wanted it at all. I wanted Mora to be in it more in the last half, but it didn’t work out that way. I wanted more scenes with Bunnymund. I wanted Tooth to be in it more. Sometimes I get really frustrated with myself as a writer for all the things I don’t end up doing and how infuriating that is, lol.

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I really want LU!Chloe to be happy and all buuut... what if she got remision and hit rebelious and disavowal? Like she cuts her hair and buncres herself away from everyone. And if Adrien try to explain this to Nino and splits out about her feelings? THINK ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITIES (but DJWifi is still otp by the way)

Adrien isn’t going to tell Nino about Chloe’s feelings as long as she doesn’t want him to. :D

But you know what I thought about earlier?



A few people commented that “Thoughts From the River Styx” made them think of Corpse Bride, so my mind immediately went to bones. Like she does her entire upper arm like the flesh is ripped open and the bone is exposed. 

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What's a hc you want to write, but haven't yet?

thank you for this great question, @redinkofshame

I think most of us believe that Solas created the Veil at Skyhold, it is a pretty common headcanon. 

I kept thinking about how Skyhold inner courtyard is green and warm with no snow, while just on the other side of the gates and in the valley below, everything is covered in it. My headcanon is that creating the Veil was such a huge expenditure of magical energy, that the residual magic still makes everything warmer right there, even millennia later. 

I imagine a post-trespasser scenario (in my woefully unlikely fix-it world) where Solas explains all this to either Lavellan or Dorian and Vivenne. Unfortunatly magey theory babble is not my strong suit to write. 

Something else I sort of want to write is my own headcanon for Solas past? I don’t subscribe to the theory that he was a spirit, but rather that he was born, had a family etc. I am sort of hesitant to actually write it since I love @galadrieljones take on the same so much - it feels almost redundant to add my own version, even if its different. 

I also think I differ quite a bit from the rest of the fandom on my take on the Evanuris and their rise from generals to gods. I sort of take Solas words quite literally. I think they were all generals and equals in way, figthing battles among each other and others long dead. 

I have a whole thing where Solas has a sister, who is also a general of a great army and also has some sort of wolf imagery associated. She dies, never makes it to anything other (so legends), but it was her that told him to use the Dread Wolf image as a positive/scary thing. And I have this idea that she was wolf form that she died, and Solas jawbone pendant is her jawbone. 

I sort of want to write it, but I don’t? Both for the reasons mentioned above, but also it feels very personal, like I am not sure Solas would ever share it, and it feels wrong to write about it in detail. Is that odd? It’s odd, sorry. 

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What made your mind think that Yuuri's arc can't be fixed? I'm just curious, and I feel sorry for you because of the damn sadness again. *hugs you* You don't have to answer this, of course, I'm sure a lot of people already asked, and if you don't want to share it publicly, then it's fine. I'm still curious about it tho. I lately feel also kind of triggered towards 2nd YoI season. I can't still forget they removed Yuuri's anxiety, a trait of his (if they even know he has it). It still bothers me.

Thank you anon *hugs*

Let me start by saying that I’m typically a more positive and optimistic person than I may appear. I usually hope for the best and I’m actually very forgiving. For like a month after the finale I read through every single pro-finale meta trying to make my feelings match with most of the fandom who were happy and satisfied with it. I made an active effort but it didn’t happen.

So, I’ve made my feelings on the YOI finale very clear by now. Here’s the thing about that episode though: while I’ve rewatched all other YOI episodes countless of times, I only watched episode 12 five times. And never in a full rewatch of the series, I always stop those at 10.

I watched episode 12 twice on the day it aired; once in livestream and once with the subs. I watched it again to write these. I “watched” it a while ago with my cousin since he hadn’t yet (I was mostly on my phone though and made an effort not to pay attention). The fifth time was last week with @soobaki, and it was the first time I truly watched all the episodes in the series in a row and that…changed things. Possibly having @soobaki to immediately talk to as things were happening helped with that. 

I want Yuuri to get gold in a second season. Hell, I want Yuuri to get every single gold medal he can possibly get to make up for what they did to him. Give him Worlds, give him the Olympics. Shower him in gold medals and let him break all of Victor’s records. But it will never hold the same meaning. 

Yuuri losing gold in season one is just such a disservice to his character and a huge betrayal. I mean, I already went over how perfectly set up everything was for him to win gold and how having him not win actually validates a lot of terrible things (his self doubt, his fears, Yurio’s entire behavior, everyone who called Victor’s seriousness as a coach into question, etc) so I’ll try not to stray too much here and focus on the topic at hand: meaning. And why season 2 will never be able to replicate it.

Season 2 can go one of two ways: continue the current skating season into Worlds or time skip to the next one and redo the GPF circuit all over again. 

If Yuuri continues in the current skating season and wins gold at Worlds, it won’t be as meaningful as gold in the GPF. Yes, in real world standards Worlds is much more important, but in in-universe standards, the GPF was the crucial competition for Yuuri’s character because of what happens in the first episode. Yuuri makes it to the GPF for the first time at 23 years old and he’s so excited to prove himself and skate on the same ice as Victor and finally be his equal and then everything goes wrong. There’s a reason Victor vows to make him win gold at the next GPF, there’s a reason that’s the competition that Yuri on Ice focuses on. Because it would be Yuuri taking it back. It’s Yuuri rising up from a really deep and personal loss and becoming better, rising above it, overcoming his setbacks and proving himself to everyone. The GPF matters personally to Yuuri, so winning gold at any other event will not have the same impact as it would have for Yuuri to go from a humiliating and painful last place to the gold medalist and new world record holder. 

If Yuuri skips to the next season he can go for the GPF again, sure. But there will be no Yuri on Ice. Do I even have to say anything about Yuri on Ice? I’ll say it anyway. Yuri on Ice is a love letter. A love letter to Yuuri’s skating career and to all the different types of love he has in his life. It encompasses his feelings for skating, for Hasetsu, for his family, his friends, and for Victor. It was choreographed in a joint effort between Yuuri and Victor. It’s the first time in Yuuri’s entire skating career that he made such important creative decisions as choosing the music for his routine and choreographing; things that Yuuri had been dreaming about doing for years now but never had the courage or encouragement to before Victor came along. Yuuri talks about how much he loves this routine, how important it is to him. Yuri on Ice is the perfect representation of “love wins”. So for Yuuri to win gold without it in s2…it would be empty. 

Episode 12 sets it up so well. Yuuri skates a perfect performance that moves everyone to tears and truly serves as the ultimate culmination of his journey. He breaks Victor’s world record. How meaningful and moving it would have been, for him to get the gold that was rightfully his with a perfect performance of Yuri on Ice, at the GPF, one year after his loss. Instead his character gets exactly nothing.

So yes. I don’t feel like this was a simple delay that we can get back anymore. We can never get this specific meaning back. Yuuri was robbed and so were we. 

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Feeling down about my art. I put art out there and try to grow and it's been years and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. Patreon is blah. Commissions are spotty. Any words of wisdom to a struggling artist?

Moment of brutal honesty, I felt like i wrote this myself, was just really surprised to read what i felt like i was feeling in my inbox. 

Im still trying though, and i think you should too. 

Anyone want to answer this one?

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I feel so...empty. Like I should've accomplished more by now. That what I do every day isn't important enough. I'm really starting to realize my age and that I'm no longer a teenager. I'm so sad, tuaari.

I feel you 100% buddy. honestly best advice I can give is think about what you REALLY wanna do like regardless of money or time and figure out a way to just fucking do it. I know people are gonna attack me for saying that, but god this is your life do what you want with it yeah? you’ve got time love, you can still do all the things

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I just saw your T Y L E R S C H E I D : C O L O S S U S work and it's amazing! It made me think of other YouTubers (even though he's not a YT :p) in the mutant world and now I'm obsessed! Could you make something involving Ethan (CrankGameplays)? I personally see him as Mystique because of the blue and the flexibility but I'm interested in what you have to say about it :3

I apologize over sending requests, I didn’t see your semi-hiatus status until now! I am still interested in what you have to say about my X-Man AU ask though (the one involving Ethan as Mystique) if you’re still willing to talk though! I feel like the power/ability of Mystique would fit him well but I don’t feel that anything else fits, then again that’s why it’s an AU xD

Ah, thank you! I had an idea for Ethan but now I’m totally second guessing it because having him as Mystique is kind of amazingly perfect?? And I’m mad at me because now I’m confused on who I want to use for Ethan lol. Also don’t worry about the semi-hiatus thing! It’s mostly a safety net right now because I don’t know when exactly I’ll be able to get on here/when I’ll be too tired to make stuff because work. 

Anyway I think like the agility/reflexes/fighting style works well but I’m not sure about the shapeshifting? I don’t know! I’m not really using the personalities of the characters that much in the AU though! It will be mostly power/aesthetic based.