and i still love you always

Writing has always been an apology to myself, a way for me to show that I still have my words when I have lost everything else.

When I did worse on an exam than I expected, I could still go home and write about the romantic tale of Galileo being so in love with the sun that he stared at it until he went blind. I could tell you about the way my teacher is quiet and his back curves like a question mark. I could write about the girl I never had, how lovely and blue her eyes are, how lost she made me feel.

Words have always filled a space in me, even if they were just meaningless static.

—  Who am I without my meaningless words?

3/30 dailies

All might: ‘Midoriya, my boy…there surely must have been someone better suited to this job?’

Deku: ‘It’s OK All Might! I trust you!’

All might: ‘…You might reconsider once I’ve finished’

@comfydavidovsky : I love your art a ton and if you are still doing the bnha prompts then i think ‘deku needs a haircut’ could be super cute. ( :

THANK YOU FRIEND YOU’RE TOO KIND! Good prompt- I needed some #1 dad love after reading further in the manga today- so I shoved him in too ;). Still totally accepting prompts- only up to the anime plz don’t spoil, any ships, fluff or no! Reply or send me an ask, specifics make it more interesting for me to paint, and as always, I can’t do all of them </3


It’s here it’s here!!!!!

Archangel Diamond, お疲れ様でした!!

ageisia  asked:

I'm going to dump some ideas on you if you don't mind: 1) break-up-the-lovesquare idea: when Marinette discovers Adrien is Chat, she has a sort of crisis of confidence. She considered both of them friends of hers but she would never have realized they were the same person, which means really, she didn't know him at all and the person she thought she was in love with doesn't really exist. She still cares about him as a friend and partner but doesn't have quite the same feelings.

i would actually love if that happened in the show 

i feel like a lot of people don’t consider the beauty of the two of them just remaining really close friends 

like when you see crushes portrayed on television and you see people getting closer as a result of that crush, it almost always ends in romance. which is fine, but sometimes as you get to know your crush, like you said, you realize that they’re better for you as a close friend than a romantic partner. 

i can 100% see marinette finding out that adrien is chat noir and her realizing that she just wants to be close friends with him and nothing more. and tbh i can see adrien wanting to do the same thing once he learns that the love of his life is actually just the really good friend he’s always wanted to keep as just a friend. 

So, in an unexpected turn of events, this trashblog (formerly got7savedkpop) recently reached 2K followers and I’d like to thank everyone who kept up with it. 
I’ve found so many quality blogs and made so many lovely friends and mutuals and you’re the ones who make this whole fandom thing fun ♥

Special shoutout to my tiny tumblr squad (even when we’re not rlly talking u still the mvps): 

@dreamsaboutsky (thank you for always supporting me and everything i do)
@slowjamyoungjae (miss uuuu on here friend)
@jjpartners  (sorry if I’m being clingy but i lov u)

some more faves cause why not:

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Alec always, always wakes up before Magnus and makes him coffee, except that he doesn’t know how to properly make coffee so it takes him a couple of weeks to learn so Magnus drinks some pretty awful, watery coffee for two weeks without complaining. To make up for his awful coffe-making abilities, Alec starts leaving little notes next to the coffee machine (“sorry, i know it sucks, but i still love you”, “made with love though”), and he keeps doing it after he’s learned how to make it too

Love or Pride?

This…turned out completely different from what I’d planned tbh ^^’ Ah well, damn muse being fickle as always.

At least the HighSpecs element is still retained ;3

In any case, I hope you enjoy what I’ve got for you today ^^

Its not smut, but it gets a little spicy with innuendos ;)

In case you missed it, this fic is based loosely on the Vocaloid song “Ikasama Casino” :3 The link to the song is here: LINK

Seven of Swords is the tarot card for “deceit/trickery”.

I consider this a continuation of sorts to my other HighSpecs fic, found here: LINK. Its only referenced once here though ^^

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It all happened in a flash.

The light clattering of the ball as it spun in the roulette.

Lightning quick draws and shows of hands.

The glint of the dice in the dim lights of the casino.

Who will win this game of trickery?


To the Couple’s Stage.

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anonymous asked:

have you heard about the new thing, #notmykara? it's so frustrating, like if you don't like the main character, stop watching the show! 🙄 (btw, i love melissa and her as supergirl 😉)

Melissa is an amazing human being. She is a feminist and she’s very social conscious. She is very vocal about the causes she believes in. She has talked about all kinds of social justice and environmental issues. And still does. She’s out there using the platform she has been given to spread the word about amazing causes. She’s intelligent, well spoken and well read. She is always talking about how she wants to be a good role model for little girls and she has inspired so many people (including me). She has always talked about how important it is for her to be part of a feminist show that conveys a message of hope and kindness and tolerance. And don’t ever forget the legendary “Hey Donald, don’t try to grab my pussy — it’s made of steel.” sign. She has some balls. But all of her past endeavors to fight for good causes has been completely invalidated because of a fucking song and now she’s being slut shamed, she’s being sent death threats and called all sorts of untrue insults.

And the people who are talking shit about her have never done shit for society. They just sit on their asses criticizing everyone and whining while she’s out there making a difference and yet they think they are better than her. Because when someone does something you don’t like, they are cancelled and they are horrible people even if they have done amazing things throughout their lives. That’s such an immature mindset.

 I don’t think she did anything wrong but even she had, she is human and people are not black or white, perfect or horrible. Even amazing people do things you don’t like but you just gotta know if their good deeds outweigh their mistakes and in this case, it does, it really does. Melissa is an amazing human being and I’m proud to be her fan and she is my Kara and a real life Supergirl. Also she’s not going to be replaced so they can deal with it. 

I love stars

They are like constant in life. Even if everything else is changing, they will always be there.
Even if you cant always see them they will still be there.
And they are so beautiful when you can see them.
My Ouma used to tell me that when she died she would become my star so she could always watch over me and look after me.
And I think thats beautiful.
That the stars will always watch over you no matter what.

jilylicious  asked:

"A man who's pure of heart and says his prayers by night may still become a wolf when the autumn moon is bright. If you could only see the beast you've made in me I held it in but now it seems you've set it running free. The saints can't help me now the ropes have been unbound, I howl for you with bloody feet across the hollow ground" Howl by Florence and the Machine for Wolfstar obviously (right after Haloween 1981). I even wrote a fic for it, it fits ridiculously.


Changing directions so fast always hurts
And I’m still sore from the whiplash
I slammed on the brakes as soon as I saw the signs
Smoke from screeching, burning tires stung my vision
As I pointed my wheels the opposite way
With my left hand I wiped my tears on the steering wheel and gripped it tight
With my right I turned the rear view reflection away from you
I blindly programmed you into my GPS when
Neither of us were the destination for each other
I’ve turned around and won’t look back

But this doesn’t mean I never cared about arriving

—  Recomputing route /// djspookyrosebud
Wynonna Earp 2x07
  • I rewatched it and as always I loved it even more the second time
  • so much good stuff happened
  • Drunk Nicole “Aphrodite Made Me Do It” “It’s Like Drinking Christmas” “You’re So Pretty And I Like You So Much” Haught
  • Waverly dispatching her girlfriend to babysit her sister
  • Waverly ending up having to babysit both Wynonna and Nicole
  • Not a ton of WayHaught content but still some great stuff
  • “Hey, cutie!” “Don’t ‘cutie’ me…Hi, sweetie pie.”
  • SO much quality Ghost River Triangle content
  • Doc getting choked up while declaring his loyalty to Wynonna
  • His sweetness made Wynonna cry but not me because I would NEVER cry at a TV show (I cried)
  • Dolls swallowing his jealousy (no judgment), congratulating Doc, and demanding maturity from Doc…and ALMOST articulating his love for Wynonna out loud but not quite, goddammit
  • Doc and Dolls willingly hanging out at the end of the ep even though they’re no longer bound
  • Doc asking Reeves to take him and let Dolls and Jeremy go and then his apology to them oh my god he’s grown so much
  • Dolls’ speech to Reeves in defense of Doc! It parallels Doc’s “He’s also not a man at all” speech in the first ep: each starts critically but turns into serious praise. DON’T TELL ME THEY DON’T LOVE EACH OTHER OH MY GOD
  • Dolls pretending he was just buying time but then he and Doc both smile and Jeremy goes “You two!”
  • Jeremy got to live out his fantasy of being literally bound to BOTH of his crushes
  • Jeremy praising Doc’s “nimble and soft” hands
  • Jeremy being inarticulate with excitement at the prospect of going on a stakeout with Dolls
  • “I told you not to make this weird.” “I didn’t say I wouldn’t.” Jeremy is honestly one of the funniest characters ever
  • Dolls the hypocrite being all “This ain’t tickets to Cosmic Con” to Jeremy but later in the episode turning into a DORK when meeting his historical hero
  • Actually, that deserves a bullet point of its own: Dolls meeting the dude who inspired him to become a marshal and turning into a DORK FANBOY I love his stupid smile
  • Now you know how Jeremy feels when he’s with you and Doc, dude
  • (“Cosmic Con” also deserves a bullet point of its own)
  • For Dolls’ sake I’m glad the episode didn’t turn into one of the “Never Meet Your Heroes” stories that Brooklyn 99 is so fond of (I love B99, I’m just using it for contrast). It turns out Reeves is an okay dude who is super serious about serving justice but is not malicious. He respects the US Marshal badge—which is awesome for Dolls, partly because it allows him to save the life of his boyfriend “brother,” partly because he gets the experience of his idol deferring to him!!!
  • Speaking of justice, though, I’d like to have words with that judge who wanted Doc dead. I don’t know for certain but I doubt adultery was a capital offense in Colorado in 1882, so that judge needs to reel it in. Judges are awful on this show, aren’t they?
  • I feel like there’s interesting meta to be written about law and law(wo)men on Wynonna Earp
  • Ooh, my suspicion that Reeves was a real person was correct! I should read up on him. That’s awesome that they added another historical person to the cast. It’s also awesome that cast has been so much more diverse this season.
  • The ep implies that Dolls was able to punch Reeves because they’re both marshals, I think? But I assumed it was because they were both supernatural beings.
  • It cracks me up how when Dolls pardons Doc, the Justice Posse is like “awesome let’s go home and rest.” It was anticlimactic, sure, but it still worked for me as a resolution to the plot because I never saw it coming.
  • The whole Ye Olde Western Justice Ghost Posse thing was great just from an aesthetic/atmospheric standpoint. I love when this show goes all Old West…which it looks like it will be doing again, and more intensely, in the next ep.
  • ohhh dude who played Jonas is the dude who played Justin on Slasher that’s why he looked familiar! that was driving me crazy
  • Wynonna killing Jonas—PHEW! And first she made that badass, moving speech about how she’s going to raise her kid to be good, i.e., an Earp.
  • Waverly “Shut Your Stupid Sexist Pie Hole” Earp
  • I was confused about why Waverly assumed that she wasn’t related to Wynonna. “Not an Earp” could just mean they had the same mother and different fathers. However, it occurred to me that she might have gone ahead with genetic testing offscreen.
  • I mean it was sad to see her cry, but her name’s Earp and she was raised as part of the Earp family so I’m confident she’s gonna end up realizing “not an Earp” doesn’t mean much
  • Waverly herself tells Doc “You’re still a part of this family, even if the baby isn’t yours” (whoops!)
  • Dolls similarly tells Doc that he (Doc) is the baby’s father regardless of who put it in Wynonna “because we need you to be [its father].” I saw a tumblr post that pointed out that he said “we,” not “she.” That’s some acknowledgement right there that Dolls is going to be its father as well!!! #GhostRiverTriangle
  • On a sad note, Doc coughed and my world shattered :(
  • I forget if other stuff happened
  • Oh wait, “Code Rainbow”! The fact that Doc and Dolls came up with CODE WORDS so they could take care of Wynonna!
  • I love this show more than almost any show ever

ryuraven  asked:

Mistakes are part of what makes us human. We learn from them. So if you have to look at them, try to look at them with a "look how much I've grown since then" attitude. Don't put yourself down.

Thank-you lovely! and I do think that way with life and mistakes outside of this website. :) Just now that I’ve grown in popularity I’m anticipating the day someone uses my past mistakes, older posts, and past friends/online  acquaintances against me. I’ve apologized for and deleted most of my mistakes, and I always try my best to approach situations with a calm attitude and open mind. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still record of everything I have done on here. If I don’t have access to things, people can twist and use my words against me.

I’ve seen too many people bullied off this website to the point of deactivating, deletion, or even suicidal attempts. Tumblr cultivates this idea of a general “woke” or “accepting” mentality yet some only use it to their own advantage..

Old conversations screenshoted and taken out of context, toxic ideals widespread, promoting love while outwardly hating large groups of people.

Sharing something bad a user did, but conveniently leaving out they didn’t realize it or their apology.

After 4+ years on this website with multiple accounts, I’ve seen it all. I love and appreciate the followers I have, you are all wonderful. I guess I’m saying all it takes is one person to try and destroy my reputation and sprinkle some lies in with the true.  So I’d rather own up to my past myself, before someone else has the chance to harm me.  Perhaps it’s all paranoia, but the mistreatment of friends/mutuals/and overall users I’ve seen breaks my heart. That’s why I run my page like I do. I want people to have a place that is different from the hatred this website, and this world can bring.

AOMG reaction to their boyfriend being on smtm

notes: for the lovely anon who requested this! smtm is short for show me the money in case any of you were wondering. happy reading loves xx

JAY: you had always wanted to have a career in music for as long as you remembered. when your friend had suggested you going on show me the money, you were hesitant. however, after a bit of persuasion from both her and jay, you finally decided to go through with it.

“don’t be nervous, baby, you’ll do great! even if this doesn’t work out, i’ll still have your back.”

GRAY: you didn’t think that you had that much talent, especially when it came to rapping, but after realizing the potential you had you decided to go on show me the money. when you found out that you were accepted to be on the show, you immediately called gray to tell him the news.

“really? that’s amazing, baby! i’m so damn proud of you.”

SIMON D: it started out as a dare. your friends and simon knew that rapping was your passion so when they heard that show me the money was holding auditions, they dared you to audition. they didn’t think that you’d do it nor did they think that you’d get through with it if you got accepted. however, when he found out that you did audition and you were going to be on the show, he was more than excited.

“you hear that guys? my baby is going to be a star. can i have an autograph please?”

LOCO: when he turned on the tv to catch up on the latest season of show me the money, the last thing he expected to see was his boyfriend on stage and rapping to one of his songs. he immediately called you unable to contain his shock and excitement.

“baby, why didn’t you tell me you were on show me the money? you wanted to surprise me? well, that’s one of hell of a surprise. you sounded amazing rapping my song. i’m so happy for you, love.”

“Fantasy” - Shortaki Day 2

“Fantasy” (link to

by Arnold’s Love


           “Watch where you’re going, Football Head,” the pretty, scowling blonde yelled fiercely into Arnold’s face.

           “I’m sorry.  Let me help you up,” Arnold replied, reaching his hand out to the girl. That’s when he noticed the bright pink bow in her hair.  “I like your bow.”

           She froze as she got to her feet, her hand still in his.  “Thanks,” she finally stuttered, letting go of his hand and reaching up to touch her bow gently.  She looked back down at him with a feisty smirk.  “So you always rush around corners bumping into people?”

           “Not usually.” When the girl smirked even more, he felt his cheeks grow red. “I mean, it’s not like I make it a habit or something,” he threw out, to try to sound less like a idiotic twit.

           “Name’s Helga G. Pataki; Slytherin,” the girl said, shaking hands firmly with Arnold.  “You’re a Gryffindor I see.”  She gestured to the gold and maroon symbol sewn onto his robe.

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anonymous asked:

Give me some headcanons bout YOUR favorite characters! I wanna see what you have to say bout your faves. (I love seeing people write and draw and express their love for their faves, it makes me so happy)

*sits aph Switzerland on my lap* this is my boy and I love him.

Switzerland/Vash Zwingli:

  • The reason Switzerland loves the pink pajamas Liechtenstein gave him is because that’s his favorite color.  If you ask him about his favorite color, he’ll say it’s green, but it isn’t.  It’s pink.  He didn’t even tell Liechtenstein.  She still doesn’t know. Nobody knows. He’s taking it to his grave.
  • One of Vash’s favorite hobbies is cooking.  He just finds it so soothing, and not to mention, he’s actually pretty damn good at it!  He can’t bake though.  He always burns it.  That’s Liechtenstein’s and Austria’s job.
  • The poor boy is afraid of spiders.  Another secret he’d like to take to his grave.  Unfortunately, Liechtenstein knows.  She’s always known. She told the other ladies.
  • Some things don’t need an explanation.  Switzerland loves those “History of Japan” “History of the Entire World I Guess” videos. Educational, yet filled with horridly dry humor.  Just Vash’s type of entertainment.
  • Vash has a black belt in Krav Maga.  He can kick your ass.  Don’t let his height fool you.

Austria/Roderich Edelstein:

  • I have repeatedly stated in my headcanons that Roderich has issues with his legs.  It is canonically stated he spent some time in a wheelchair.  So you will have to rip this canonically disabled character from my cold, chronically pained hands.
  • While many people don’t see it, Roderich loves more styles of art than just music!  He also likes to paint, and he loves photography!  Just don’t try to put him in the photograph, he’s painfully camera shy!
  • Roderich has his reasons for being scared of sea creatures.  He doesn’t ever tell anyone the reasons, but he had a very scary call once and now they scare the daylights out of him.  He wants to overcome his fear, though.
  • Contrary to what people might say, Roderich does actually like the outdoors!  He just cannot handle heat for the life of him.  His favorite season is the fall.  The leaves give him such artistic inspiration!

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna:

  • Berwald isn’t a movie guy.  They put him to sleep, and he always wakes up right at the end when everything he missed is spoiled. No fun!  He’s more of a TV show kind of guy.
  • Maybe this violates canon, but Berwald is the Tallest Guy.  He’s the tallest of the nations.  He stands at a solid 6′4″ (193 cm).  It definitely has its perks, and its cons.  Like being able to reach everything and always being able to see over the crowd - perks.  Pants always being highwaters and always smacking his head into the tops of doorframes - cons.
  • Most people think it’s Finland, but Sweden is actually the Mom of the Nordics.  He always makes sure everyone has their sweaters, everyone has something good to eat for dinner.  He knows where every one of the Nordics is at, who they’re with.  He’s a total mom.
  • Berwald has depression.  He doesn’t talk about it much.  The only people who know are the Nordics and Estonia.  He hates pity, and he hates being babied.  He’s working past his problems; he’s been on and off anti-depressants for years.

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Just a PSA but stop shitting on people who have something like “still bitter about civil war” in their bio because it’s not “holy fuck I am screaming and obnoxious about this topic” it almost always means “I’m still willing to talk about this because it has still held my interest even though the majority of the fandom is exhausted by the topic it’s completely okay for you to shoot me an ask” jfc