and i still have physics


december 19, 2016: frantically studying ib chemistry the night before my midterm…i can’t wait until my holiday starts in two days, i still have ib chem, ib french, and ib physics exams to take 😭

  • me: okay i have a physics final in a few days that i need to pass so i can actually gradua-
  • BTS: hey have you heard our new album yet
  • BTS: here, have some FIRE
  • BTS: oh and we brought back the prologue ver of butterfly
  • BTS: did we also mention the run ballad ver aka your slow painful death and all our other remixes
  • me: ... gdi fam, you right
  • me: i'm sorry i ever thought those things
  • BTS: it's okay, we forgive you
  • me:

the desire to grow my hair out to my ankles even though i know RL hair doesn’t have anime physics really proves that I’m still as dumb and impressionable as i’ve ever been


31/8/16 [22:25] >> I’ve been extremely productive for the past few days and I’m really proud of myself!! So far today, I’ve finished typing up some psych notes, did some research for my RTP in english, finished two psych projects, started the 2.1 study guide for psych, and finished the two practice worksheets for physics. I still have to finish the study guide, two french assignments, chapter 6 of Gatsby, and rewriting out notes for three different classes.

mood: No F.U.N // Seventeen


5.06.16 // oH wellz first post & idk what to feel about it huhu.

I’m from +65 & it’s my third year in secondary school. So far, it has been really stressful because the subjects are somehow new to me & even tougher. The reason why I dedicated my first post to geography is because 1. I love geography, 2. I find geography easy EXCEPT THAT THE CONTENT THIS YEAR WAS HELLA HARD. But yeah.. I love geography & somehow I’m obsessed with it haha ok not really but yeah.

The subjects that I take in school are: English Elementary & Additional Mathematics Chinese ( I am not chinese but I still have to study it because .. yeah no choice zz ) Physics & Chemistry Social Studies & Geography

Oh, I do a lot of notes so… My friends told me that my notes kinda help them understand the subject more & i hope that my posts would motivate others too JUST LIKE HOW OTHER BLOGGERS MOTIVATE ME TO STUDY MORE HUHU

my inspirations: @areistotle@ayetstudies@academiix@athenestudies@cmpsbls@choco-studies@studyandtea@studycubs@studyrelief@studysthetics & many more haha sorry i’m in a hurry bUT YAAA YAY TO MY FIRST POST

14 February 2016 // Sunday

Sorry for being so inactive recently, the last week has been so super busy, and to help me avoid procrastination I’ve deleted the tumblr app from my phone, which makes posting that much more difficult! So here is 2/100 days of productivity.. better late than never! (I can see that I’m going to be able to post everyday, so they will be dotted all over the place whenever I find the time)

Got a tonne of calculus problems done, but I still have so much physics reading to do… and I haven’t even started making notes for any subjects eh.

Oh well, hopefully this week I can get myself together. Hope everyone’s having a lovely Valentines!

The year is 2067. My tumblr is long gone. The entire website is obsolete. Something in my pocket vibrates. I don’t even have a phone anymore though? It’s that Bill Nye post. It’s still getting notes. Thousands of people want to know why I have never seen Bill Nye. I shed a single tear. “That tear is made of matter,” a voice whispers. I turn to see Bill Nye’s ghost haunting my uneducated ass. “Everything is matter. Except energy of course.” I have a PhD in theoretical physics but I’m still anonymously called uncultured by dozens of tumblr users. I sink to my knees and realize what thousands of tags tried to warn me: there is no life. There is no death. There is only Bill Nye.