and i still have extra flowers

HUEVEMBER DAY 30! I’M DONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I kind of based it on this comic panel but I couldn’t resist giving him flowers for his hair. Too cute

It took me an extra month but I’m finally done! I’m not particularly surprised I wasn’t able to keep up the pace for one per day but I still feel this was pretty good. I had fun :) I’ll have to find something new to work on now hahaha

Candy Hearts

title: Candy Hearts                                                                                               pairing: Snowbaz                                                                                                 fandom: Carry On                                                                                             words: 1.8k

summary: Simon Snow is shit at giving gifts. But it’s okay because his unsurprisingly romantic boyfreind makes up for it.

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Here’s my full piece for the Raven Cycle zine! I got the justice card, and it can mean being responsible for your actions and facing consequences. This made me think of Niall Lynch because he messed with a lot of dangerous people and was killed because of it, causing a lot of pain for Ronan and his family.

I didn’t want to make it look like I thought Niall deserved what happened to him though, so I used a scene where Ronan found him dreaming up a pile of flowers (it’s from the dream thieves I think???). Ronans memories of his father are some of my favourite scenes in the books so I really wanted to try to illustrate one. 

Thank you to everyone who bought a zine and supported this project, I got my copy the other day and its a beautiful book, and I love the stickers. If you would like a copy I think The Raven Arcana is going to be listing some artists who have extra copies for sale, and you can also still buy the digital version! 

Loving yourself, the answer to every failed relationship. When they said that you’ve hurt them, you did. Accept it, see it, apologize with more than words, show them your mistake. Show them you understand their pain. Love yourself enough to apologize wholeheartedly and proceed to make amends because apologies aren’t just I’m sorry’s and a fucking hug. Apologies are looking at where you hurt them and paying extra attention to yourself and to never repeat the scars and never shove that knife back in when they handed it to you. Love yourself enough to love them, that’s how it should be. Respect yourself enough to show them the lightness is still in your heart even if darkness is all you’ll ever see. I promise, you just have to keep believing.
—  How can I ever expect to heal by your hands if I can’t touch my body with my own? - @papers-flowers
if you’re warm; then you can’t relate to me- part 2

Hey remember when I wrote this thing? Well I’m back with a sequel and it’s as Extra as ever.

disclaimer: I have no idea what i’m doing.

if you’re warm; then you can’t relate to me part 2

part 1

The dead flowers sway in the rhythm of the November wind, kissing her ankles with petals long dry. Her fingers clench, and she looks up to scene around her. A concrete and metallic jungle held together only by rust. Sitting on the bed of truck half surrendered to the earth, the grey slab she threw Lucas against all those years ago stares back at her. She can still hear all their voices- his voice- as if it’s in the wind, taunting her. “What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?”

“You came.” And he’s there, wading through wilted daisies given to the weeds, coming to where she waits on the truck bed. His voice is hoarse and he grips the steel of the truck on the side he hides behind, his fingers whitening as if he needs to steady himself, ready to sway in the wind like one of the many dead flowers.

“You asked me to.”

“I can’t do this anymore”

“I won’t ask you to.”

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a few tips for the witch on a budget:
  • dollarstore, dollarstore, DOLLARSTORE! they have so much stuff - herbs, jars, incense, flower seeds gardening tools, rocks, sand, candles… I could go on and on. the dollar store will be your best friend! so what if its not fancy stuff, it still works! 
  • utilize plants and flowers native to your area: they will be readily available in forests, rivers, parks, etc. there are lots of powerful things around that you may not even realize
  • sigils! theyre so easy and really don’t require extra purchases here is a really good tutorial on how to make them, and then you can activate them in any way you wish (burn them, erase them, rip up the paper, wash the sigil away, etc.)
  • instead of buying a tarot deck, download an app - theres lots of good ones out there that are available for free! (I use golden thread tarot) 
  • you dont need fancy crystals or altars or herbs or tarot decks or anything really. all you need is you! remember that your power comes from within you and it is stronger the more you access it. Tools simply enhance that, however they are not necessary to witchcraft. You are the magic :) 

Spring has sprung, and I’m having a small sale on my etsy! Use code SPROING for 20% off your total purchase! The free shipping on stickers and small prints still applies. Thanks for all your support and kindness, everyone! And happy spring! The extra hour of sun makes me so happy to be alive!! I hope you all enjoy it too!

anonymous asked:

Could you do a gifset of Carol laying flowers on Lizzie's grave from The Grove alongside her helping to plant the garden in Bury Me Here?!

i’m gonna post this one request in a couple of mins since it’s a pretty quick one, but i wanted to let you guys know i won’t be taking any more requests for awhile. i’m going through some personal stuff so i’m just leaving things on queue. i also have a bunch of more complicated requests by anons and friends that i haven’t done yet and tbh i feel guilty every time i post something and still haven’t posted what they asked. Forgive me!

Imagine Manny, Acorn, and Whisper thinking that Graham and Achaka look really cute together

Imagine them all working to get them together

Manny giving them advice and hints like ‘oh hey new flowers in the shop today. They’re awful pretty, don’t you think?’ Imagine him in the background setting up situations where the two of them have work/etc. together.

Imagine Acorn making things for the two of them like ‘Ah y’know I made an extra one of these by mistake so hey you can have this. You can use this as a gift if you want idc’

Imagine Whisper literally just thrusting one of them into a dangerous situation and being like ‘oh noooo Graham/Achaka don’t worry I’ll go get help!!’

Better yet…

Imagine Graham and Achaka being totally oblivious and not catching onto their hints because Graham is Graham and Achaka still has a very poor grasp of English and just doesn’t understand.

Manny points out the flowers? Achaka just nods and Graham agrees but he has no money to buy them at that moment.

Acorn gives them stuff to use as gifts? They both give them to the other townspeople.

Whisper just fuckign throws one of them into the river? They get out of that themselves, or some other person walks by and saves them by the time Whisper’s back with the other.

Imagine how frustrated the three of them are over how oblivious their friends are oh my god can you believe this


Ao no Exorcist Extras: Vol. 1 “original concept designs” :- Shiemi

hello friends!

if you like either a) pretty pictures or b) shakespeare, i’ve got great news for you

if you like both, ive got the best news ever!

my friend trostbrot and i are making hamlet into a transmedial experience for a university seminar. what does that mean? well essentially we are going to tell the story of hamlet via social media

so far, we’re still in the baby shoes part of it and are just getting all the social media accounts up, so if you’d like to follow the story of hamlet, now is your chance!

so far, we got hamlet’s blog dayolddanish, ophelia’s blog bonniesweetrobin and ophelia’s instagram which is also bonniesweetrobin

so far, these are mostly just pretty pictures, a few conversations here and there, a selfie of hamlet & ophelia (who will have our faces, yay). the plan is to not make it a ‘typical’ rp blog but rather like actual blogs of actual people, so its mostly normal blogging with some plot in between, which will of course increase over time. we’re still working on the other accounts.

part of our project is look at audience participation and for that we need an audience. so it would be awesome if you could check out the accounts, maybe follow them. who knows, you might just end up enjoying it!

also it would be super cool if you could reblog this so others can see it! i’ll queue this post and reblog it once in a while, i’ll also update it with new accounts when we have them.