and i still have a grudge about him

@trapperweasel said: That’s really neat! Especially how you mention how wolfdogs compare socially in a group.

I did take the time to mention “well-socialized” in the video because I have known wolfdogs (almost all of them female) who hold a grudge like you wouldn’t believe. Tsura (Ivar’s aunt) is a prime example: When she first met Jude, Jude decided that his best flirting strategy would be to slap Tsura on the nose, and she’s despised him ever since! It’s been about three years now and she still won’t let him forget it.

That is one reason I decided to get a male pup despite having a male-dominated “pack” already. Females of this breed type can be incredibly weird when it comes to group socializing, and can be prone to same-sex aggression. 

I always find myself wanting to excuse John’s behavior, just because I loved him. It’s like a child, sure he’s a naughty child, but don’t you call my child naughty. Even if it’s me he’s shitting on, don’t you call him naughty. That’s how I felt about this and I still do. I don’t have any grudge whatsoever against John. I think he was a sod to hurt me. I think he knew exactly what he was doing and because we had been so intimate he knew what would hurt me and he used it to great effect.
—  Paul McCartney

There are so many unanswered questions though like… 

Why did it ever rain teeth, why, whose teeth were those?

What was the significance of those stick dolls and which of the ghosts spent their time doing that? 

Who was that guy they scalped in the first episode and then roasted on a spit for stealing supplies, what supplies do ghosts need? 

If Lee hit Mason over the head with a rock to kill him, who put him up on that cross and lit him on fire?

What ever happened the first child that Lee lost, they mentioned it like it would be a plot point and then nothing?

Why did Edward help Matt and Shelby out of the house the first time and then fucked everyone over the second time by just being a creep?

Why did all of the Chen’s become freaky grudge like ghosts?

Where was everyone else’s ghost during the second half, I mean, even if they were just murdered they would still get a ghost. A ghost who could have been helpful to the other people about to be murdered?

Also, why did non of the ghosts ever attack during the daytime of the Blood Moon… did the Blood Moon have to visible… Why the fuck didn’t Shelby and Matt just leave before lunch?

Where did the witch go, like did she not care about anyone after she lost that good Matt Dick?

And speaking off, why did she want to sleep with Matt so badly, did he have a magical dick or something?

Why were all the other ghosts and The Butcher just chill with Flora and not kill her when she was out in the forest all that time, was it because she came out willingly?


possible reasons why darkrai decided to become the biggest shitstain in the PMD universe:

-he constantly breaks the heels off his high heels
-dusknoir and dialga have their secret hentai bonding club and darkrai wasn’t invited
-cresselia still uses memes from 2010 and it pisses him the hell off
-“give ALL OF THE POKEMON GOOD DREAMS” “cresselia what the fuck”
-dusknoir made fun of his skirt once. it didn’t end well
-to this very day he still holds a grudge over the fact that celebi probably stole his toy fire truck when they were at school
-zayn left one direction and it became too much for him
-arceus yelled at him for being too emo and depressing and he had to yell back that it wasn’t a phase
-was envious over grovyle being the hot jock dude who everybody fell in love with
-the day he decided to plunge the world in eternal darkness was the day my chemical romance first broke up
-his anime waifu died
-tfw cresselia uses up all of your eyeliner and you won’t get anymore for a while. how will he achieve that edge™
-his favourite pair of leggings got an unfixable hole in them
-palkia called him a furry because his tail is really fluffy yet he isn’t an animal-based pokemon so it’s weird

Sometimes I think about Wash and how when he got Epsilon, he basically had Alpha in his head.  And how maybe he was so insistent about Alpha coming along to finish things at Sidewinder because the Alpha he knew–the Alpha who still had his memories–would have wanted it.  And Wash wanted to give him the vengeance he would have wanted if he’d remembered.

And sometimes, of what drove Wash so far and for so long to get that revenge, I wonder how much was Wash’s natural talent for grudges and how much was Alpha’s/Epsilon’s anger.

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Do you think Bruce anonymously tips Clark every once in a while with breaking news nobody has got a hold of yet just to have him be more succesful so he can finally pay him back for that satellite in MoS? Of course he's got enough money to replace 3k satellites but he's still holding a lowkey grudge.

passive aggression: the bruce wayne edition

I'm disappointed

I’m really disappointed, meigeni. Bullying isn’t cool. It’s disappointing that after a year of taking shit from so much of the fandom some of you guys haven’t figured out how shitty it is.
No, you do not have to forgive Tao. You can keep holding a grudge. You can still dislike him for his lapse of judgement from a year ago. But you shouldn’t bully him. Tao put himself out there to accept this completely unfair and biased interview to talk about how unfair some antis treat him. And here you are, adding fuel to the fire.
I’ll be honest. I disliked Tao for a long time. I disliked him a lot for what he said about yifan. Tao’s post made the fight exo vs kris instead of sm vs kris like it should have been. His post added to the narrative that kris was a betrayer and pitted most of the fandom against kris and meigeni. Although in the back of my mind I’ve always known that Tao was an impulsive and emotional kid, I thought the damaged he caused kris was too much for me to just say “he was a kid.”
However, today, you saw and read the same interview I did. You saw and read the same remorse and hope for forgiveness that I did. You saw Tao grow up and confess that he was wrong. Or were you still blinded by hate?
I’m not saying you need to forgive Tao. That is up to you. If you don’t want to forgive Tao, ignore him. But to actively participate in bullying Tao after he apologized to kris? that’s shameful and I’m even more ashamed if you do this and call your self a meigeni.
Yifan has a big heart. Yifan has a warm heart. Yifan doesn’t deserve bullies as his fans. He is better than that and you should be too.

FE: Fates Headcanon Stuff

You know, after looking at the Fire Emblem Fates stuff I’ve been thinking about Garon and Marx…or Xander, whichever you prefer.  Kinda like Xander, so I’ll just use that name.

Part of me was wondering why the Hoshido storyline was more in tune with “good kingdom vs bad kingdom” while Nohr was more about changing the kingdom from the inside, Hoshido pops up occasionally.  You’d figure that Xander would still be up about staging that coup even when you’re in Hoshido.  Or maybe that’s what Garon wants.  I’m well aware that half of Fire Emblem consists of smart nobles doing smart things, and I would not be surprised if Garon knew that Xander was thinking of overthrowing him and changing the country.  Besides, from what Nintendo showed us of the beginning, Xander doesn’t really have a personal grudge against Hoshido in the first place.  It’s just the opposite force, fighting with such neutrality.  So Garon’s priority is to strike down his coup by making the fight personal for him.  Something to enrage him.  How to do that?

By revealing Kamui’s Hoshido roots and hoping that Kamui goes back to Hoshido.  By being a pretty horrible father so that Kamui would be more than willing to flee Nohr just to get away from him.

Because by letting them go back, the fight is now personal for Xander.  Hoshido has now taken something that was precious to him: a part of his family.  Now he’ll do anything to either get him back or take down the traitor that broke his family apart.  That coup is gonna have to wait, because now Hoshido is the enemy.  And that is exactly what Garon wants.  That’s why Hoshido’s story is so simplistic: because by going onto the other side, Xander has dropped his desire to change from the inside and is now an enemy, making him walk the path to becoming similar to Garon.  In fact, if Garon does care for his daughter Aqua, then by replicating his loss of his daughter into Xander, losing a close relative, Xander becomes Garon 2.0.  Your move BREAKS his desire to oppose his (pretty horrible) father.

All right, that’s horrible.  But what if you decide to stay with Xander and Nohr after everything that had been listed above?  Sure, Hoshido will hate the hell out of you, but I think doing that is going to get Xander to go through an epiphany point.  Sure, you chose Nohr, but I’m pretty sure that as someone who lived alongside them for years, he’d know just how horrible the choice was for Kamui to make (as for Ryouma, I think it’ll be his character arc: just realizing how big of a choice you made and possibly if there was any regret there).  That brings him to the realization that the war that they have been raging has basically broken one big family to hold up another.  

Xander does not want you to live with the regret that you may have to slaughter your blood siblings for your adopted siblings (god knows that he wouldn’t want that on anyone), and that will finally start his campaign to change the kingdom from the inside.  Anything Hoshido related will probably be in passing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are barely focused on at all.  If Xander he ends the war, gets rid of Garon, and unites the two kingdoms in peace, then you, Kamui, will have the entire family at your hands (both adopted and blood) and without having to choose between them.  And your happiness is what he wants, right?

Well, that’s what I assume will happen anyway.  As for the Nosferatu running around…yeah, I have no idea how they get in on this.

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Oh, Mr. C., you’re funny man. What do you think some of us die-hard cracklister have been doing since S1E1 in 9/2013? I’m still holding a grudge about the solution for the Stewmaker pic that completely ignored the number 12/90 on it or the 12-year old actress while I’m e.g. still waiting to find out why Tom “knows nothing” Keen supposedly told Liz “Your father is alive.” but she never asked him *on screen* about that again. Not that those things were real biggies, nah, just the one half of the S1!finale cliffhanger and the second biggest clue of all S1. See, thats what I get from paying attention and taking notes with this show: disappointment and frustration…