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aah those patterns gave me such a headache, i realised after an hour of struggling with 2b’s dress that i’d got them all wrong so i guess they just…. vaguely resemble what theyre supposed to be oops

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What are some other things you dont like about how people draw Hamilton? Also, if you have any other pet peeves about characters, what are they?


First i wanna show you a little thing i made, listing what a lot of people draw Lin like and how, from pictures ive seen, he really looks like. 

 So yeah-  im not a master at drawing lin but like… some people draw him and he looks kind of like ….. a jefferson hamilton offspring child with like,,,, hair that isnt quite like jeffersons but is still curly with jeffersons nose buts its still ham? And also BIG LIPs. I just… i dont like the big lips on him bc its just…. not…. right…. 

Then theres Jefferson/Daveeds hair….


Heres an example: 

Im not a master at drawing hair like this, not what so ever, but i do know that his hair is. Not. wavy.

ive seen so many drawings in the jamilton tag like this and i bet theres more in the others. 



don’t fret, Hunk fixes the scissors

someone pointed out that Lance is growing a mullet so I had to do this

(Lance actually doesn’t mind growing a mullet, but Hunk was making a Rover 2.0 for Pidge’s birthday so being a good bro he took it upon himself to distract Pidge. Look how it ended up for him.)

(Keef is 2cute2handle)

A Way to You Again: Part 13

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  1067

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request! 

Originally posted by coporolight

We rode in silence back to Stark tower. There were so many things I wanted to say, but I found myself unable to say any of them. As I stared out the window of the cab I reflected on all the things that Bucky had shared with me. He had been right – I hadn’t known much about him in so many ways. His past, his parents, and his sister had all seemed like distant things to me, but they were as much a part of him as I was now. I bit my lip nervously as my fingers wrapped around his – which hesitantly did the same.  We continued our way in silence – the simple contact saying all the things our lips dared not.

As the elevator doors to the compound open I finally built up my resolve enough to speak. “Bucky – today… it… I never knew… Thank you for showing me,” I said softly as I placed my hand on his chest. He remained silent as he turned to face a large stack of papers and notebooks on the table in the common room.

“There’s more,” he added softly as he led the way to the table. He grabbed the stacks and turned to face me. “You’ve seen the human side of me. The side that I’m most terrified of losing. Now you need to see the other side of me… the monster I was for so many years,” he explained sadly as he handed the stacks to me. He lifted a hand to stop me as I opened my mouth in protest. “You need to understand why you deserve so much more than me,” he explained before walking off to leave me with the weight of his past before me.

I decided to go somewhere other than my room, given the gaping hole in the wall that separated Bucky’s room from my own, to sort through Bucky’s past. As I opened the first folder I smiled to myself at the picture of a young Bucky in his military uniform. I traced my fingers over the yellowed paper affectionately as I wondered what it would have been like to meet him then. My smile quickly faded as I read over what followed. Fury had managed to scrape together most of H.Y.D.R.A.’s notes regarding the experiments done on Bucky. I felt sick to my stomach as I continued to read the doctor’s notes line by line. Of course that was nothing compared to what came after the experiments. Before me was the story of Bucky as H.Y.D.R.A. would have had it told. The faces of each victim – their story, and the story of their ending stared back at me from the pages. They were from all walks of life, and no doubt met a fearful handing at the hands of the man I loved.

I finally put the last of the pile down as the New York sky was melting into dusk. I knew Bucky wouldn’t want my pity, and I tried to swallow it, but found it damn near impossible to get rid of. All those years – those years of fighting to hold on to who he was, and subsequently having his memories altered to the point of being nothing more than a machine. I brushed the tears from my eyes as I shuddered at the thought. He had never talked about it – not more than in passing. Of course I had always known that it was worse than he let on, but I had never let myself fully imagine what it had been like. Once again, it was something in an obscure past that I hadn’t been a part of, and Bucky was right, to truly love someone you had to be able to see all of them. I swallowed thickly before pushing off my chair to search for him.

I found him sitting in the dark of his room with his head in his hands. He seemed taken aback when he looked up to see me entering in the room, but quickly reigned in his emotions. “Done so soon?” he asked flatly as he looked away from me. “I didn’t even expect you to come in and tell me…”

I halted in front of him. It took me a moment to realize that Bucky had resigned himself into believing that I would leave him after knowing the details of his past. “Bucky,” I began softly but he cut me off.

“Look it’s fine. It’s a lot to handle. I can’t handle it – I don’t know why I even thought…” he stopped as I crouched down in front of him, placing my hand on his.

“Bucky, will you just shut up so I can talk?” I asked softly. He nodded in silence as he looked down at me. “I will never be able to truly understand the things you went through. No one will. But those things don’t make me feel any different about you. If anything they showed me how remarkable of a man you are to still be here, and to be capable of so much love.” At this he smiled sadly as he brushed my hair from my eyes with his free hand.

“Ever the optimist – one day that optimism is going to get you killed doll,” he replied softly as he caressed my face. I grimaced at this – causing his brows to knit together in confusion. “What is it?” he asked – an edge of worry in his voice.

“It’s my turn to show you me – all of me,” I added softly as I leaned forward to kiss him. His lips were soft but strong – holding their own as the kiss continued. It felt as if I had finally made my way home after a long journey.  As Bucky’s hands moved down my body softly, I slowly broke away from the kiss. He looked at me puzzled as I stood. “Pack your bags Barnes – I’m taking you home,” I added before leaving his room to do the same.

Bucky needed to see that he wasn’t the only one with ghosts. Mine still haunted me to the point that they nearly tore me away from him completely. As I walked to my bedroom his words echoed in my mind, “Ever the optimist – one day that optimism is going to get you killed…” Little did he know how close he was to being right.

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thANK you again @elleap for tagging me before ?!??!! I know I said it one???!?!? billion???? times?!??!?!?!?! but I’m really thankful so I made this little Han please forgive I promise I will do some rad digital fanart of him when I get home next week =’) I just wanted to do something already ahhhhhhhHHH I’m sorry again and thank you for everything !!!!-

Jesus the picture quality
Cherry Red II

Pairing:Min Yoongi x Park Jimin

Genre:Smut with plot?

Word count: 5.3k

Summary: Yoongi’s had enough of Jimin playing around, and realizes some things on his own

Note: I am telling y’all now, I have no idea how to write smut, I winged it all, I have no experience, I need references, I had no references but you asked for it so here! You! Go! Ohmygod it’s finally done I’m pretty sure I screamed in relief in the middle of class once I finished. I am so sorry if this sucks, this is my first ever Yoonmin smut, I don’t know how to write smut ohmygod please be gentle (Not proofread btw)

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Upon arriving at their shared suite, Yoongi had never seen Jimin dash for his room as fast as he had when they stepped in. Taehyung and Jungkook staring with wide confused eyes as their hyungs merely laughed and teased an exasperated Yoongi.

The presidential suite had three separate bedrooms, all of which contained their own bathroom. Namjoon and Jin one shared without much protest from the other members, Yoongi and Hoseok were paired together which left the maknae to create chaos in a room of their own.

Yoongi sat on his bed as he dug through his bag for something to wear, when Jin said get ready for dinner, it often meant that they were going out for the night and going back to work tomorrow. Yoongi had almost forgotten they were in the middle of a tour. Yoongi reached for his black ripped jeans, throwing a shirt similar to the one he was wearing over his shoulder as he made his way to the bathroom. Upon passing the open door that lead to the living room, Yoongi caught sight of Jimin; in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

Jimin stopped just as Yoongi had, noticing the older boy just the same. Yoongi blinked repeatedly as his mouth hung slightly, trying to make sure he wasn’t imagining things. A smirk made its way to Jimin’s face and he hadn’t tried to control it. His hand gripped one end of the towel that was tucked into his hip as he took slow steps towards the door. Jimin eyed Yoongi with a newfound confidence, and Yoongi wasn’t sure if Jimin was faking it this time or not. Yoongi stared at Jimin’s slow moving figure, the dancer’s fingers leisurely pulling at the white fabric. Yoongi gulped down the saliva that began to gather in his mouth, watering at the idea of seeing what Jimin had been keeping under those tight leather jeans during countless performances.

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Tokyo Ghoul :re 149

Alright. Can I say that Tsukiyama is literally the MVP of this chapter. But nonetheless something has been literally bothering me. Why wasn’t Touka the one to say anything about Kaneki. To speak out to the ghouls that what’s happening right now, isn’t what Kaneki wants. All she did was sit quietly and listened to Tsukiyama, thinking what she could have done or something along those lines. Literally Tsukiyama was the one to speak out the truth to everyone that Kaneki didn’t want this. That he’s always kept both humans and ghouls close at heart, not wanting to hurt any one side. So tell me, from everyone there, shouldn’t it have been Touka saying this? Isn’t she his wife? Shouldn’t the wife be standing up for their husband? Or is she there just for the sake of having Kaneki’s kid, as fucked up as that may seem. Literally these past few chapters have been Touka been Touka from Tokyo Ghoul Root A the last episode, running and running, just useless. She has not contributed whatsoever during this. And I know she got a baby inside her and can’t fight, but still, publicly speaking to say what your husband wants isn’t gonna harm the baby. Literally Tsukiyama was being more of a wife than Touka. And yes I know, in chapter 148 it looked like Touka was going to say something (if thats how you see it) but Tsukiyama screamed. However she could have at least joined him when speaking to the ghouls. Im literally trying to like Touka but her recent actions aren’t making that happen.

flatmate hobi au

~requested by anon :)

Originally posted by rapnamu

  • okay but first of all he’s a sweetheart
  • if i had to rate how tidy he is i’d give him a solid 7.5
  • like not super messy but every now again there’ll just be this build up where the two of you are so busy that everything just piles up to the point where you momentarily forget what colour the floor is supposed to be
  • but on a regular basis, it’s generally quite tidy
  • i’m getting flashbacks from rookie king thinking about him cooking oh lord
  • i think he’s actually been coaxed out of his position soup cooking phase
  • eventually
  • anything he makes is at least deemed as safe for consumption
  • like it’s not that bad
  • thankfully
  • if he’s up then he’ll go on morning coffee runs
  • if he’s up, that is
  • he’s cranky for about five minutes if you wake him up a tad too early and he’s practically in his own little world where he knows nothing but dreamland until he’s fully woken up, and then he reverts into sunshine for the rest of the day
  • radiates positive energy
  • knows that he doesn’t really need to be protective over you but still will be
  • it’s like a sibling bond
  • will call you asking if anything happened if you’re taking too long to do the weekly shop
  • turn out you’d just decided to buy more junk food than usual and it was harder to carry up to the apartment
  • he was more than happy to help
  • he’s a cuddler
  • all these platonic cuddles are cute
  • there’s a lot of them
  • there’s also a lot of movie nights void of anything remotely horror because y’all know what he’s like
  • if it gets too quiet he’ll crack random jokes that’ll make you choke on your snacks
  • all of the lights are off and the curtains are closed for that authentic “cinematic experience”
  • the atmosphere in the room is an essential component in how enjoyable movie marathons are
  • go big or go home
  • it pisses him off if you take too long in the shower
  • on the contrary, it pisses you off when he trails water everywhere after a shower
  • the dishes are where social time hits a peak
  • all the gossip goes down while the dishes are being dried
  • i couldn’t think of a better place for chatter to be honest
  • he’s the best shoulder to cry on
  • you both wait for each other to come back home but neither of you will admit it
  • he’s super friendly and welcoming to anyone you bring over
  • so basically he’s not a dickhead but you already knew that
  • a literal ray of sunlight but once again, you already knew that
  • i have a feeling he’d be great to talk to if you want support
  • you can’t help but smile when he’s around
  • he’s just a perfectly wholesome, well-rounded, friendly flatmate who likes cuddles, long conversations over washing dishes and needs the odd cooking tip in case of emergencies

here’s my masterlist, in case you weren’t deterred by what you read and maybe wanted to check out any of my other stuff :)

last au: university student namjoon

thanks for reading!

-tash 💞

U know i made this blog when i was in a dark place as means to cope and as means to keep up with seventeen now im in such a better place ive moved on up out and alongside seventeen its been an incredible journey being able to change and flourish just as them with them though i can finally say that i dont necessarily need to rely on mingyu or them for my happiness and motivation and so on so forth ive been reaching more inside of myself and providing that for myself and im not saying that i dont love seventeen or mingyu anymore by all means never. mingyu and the boys will forever mean the world to me i wouldnt have made it through what i did without them being here just reminds me of all those old times where the people in my life werent good for me and neither was the situation(s) realizing all this is beginning to make me loathe coming on here its such a chore and inconvenience now.. scrolling.. reblogging… repeat. every single day.. its not only time consuming but i absolutely do not feel the need to talk or more or less explain myself on here anymore to anyone.. to essentially strangers.…. for whatever reason whether it be attention or validation etc . im finally content with being there for/relying on myself for that i dont need that approval anymore because i approve me? of course u all know from my mingyu tags just how greatly he has impacted and helped me overcome a good portion of my struggles for these past two years he is still my golden boy he will forever be my golden boy.. my baby my light love and my everything… whom i will forever adore admire cherish treasure respect appreciate applaud support and most of all love him endlessly as well as the entirety seventeen i love these thirteen boys 😩😩 im too emotionally tied to them and all the beautiful and good and incredible things/feelings they have done for/gave me and likewise all the beautiful and good and incredible memories ive made with them just to give it up its been too worthwhile.. i will continue on supporting them as a whole and loving them and mingyu with everything i have uh i would die for them say the name ride or die seventeen just…. not on here 🕶

so! the callouts for chris/keebs (also known as despairsearching, previously known as shsl-robot-s, and if youre old enough to know, hydansics.) have been rolling in, huh? well, i would like to add.

sure, chris sees me as a friend that he can rely on dearly and vent to, but sadly, he has never shown the same for me.

and so now i will tell my side of the story, which dates all the way back to july of 2016.

trigger warning for rape, suicide, guilt trip, toxic narcissism, and predatory behavior.

im sorry, chris. i need to speak up about the bs youve pulled.

if you read this, i beg you take all of this into consideration and apologize without all the guilt trip and half assed remarks, along with addressing everything youve done. take responsibility. youre old enough.

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Hoshi Fic 2

THIS TOOK ME WAY TOO LONG IM SORRY XD ok anon this goes out to you!! thank you for requesting and again im really sorry this took so long! for anyone whos requested anything in the last month, don’t worry i havent forgotten or anything! Ive just been pretty backed up but you will EVENTUALLY get that fic XD (i have coups, woozi, meanie, more hoshi, vernon, jeonghan, dino, and dk all lined up XD) SO YEAH ANON I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS XD angst for you guys (ive been writing a lot of angst lately and my heart hurts)

“HOSH, WE CAN’T KEEP HAVING THIS ARGUMENT!” you scream as your boyfriend slams the bedroom door shut.

He aggressively pulls his hair back before yelling, “WE WOULDN’T BE ARGUING IF THIS DIDN’T KEEP HAPPENING!”


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i was tagged by @jisungthestray and @f3lix-lee to do this!! thank u alot <3

Name: Nico Lee but i go by Lee on the internet

Age: 15

Pronouns: he/him (still sad abt being the only guy)

Stray Kids Bias: felix but also changbin and i honestly dont know how that happened

Members you relate to the most: honesly idk probaby changbin??

How did you get into Stray Kids: I saw the music video teaser and was like they look cute, then i watched the mv and was shook and then the first episode and then the cereal debatte happened and now im here

Other fandoms you’re in: I honestly stan a lot of groups, but my main ones are bts, seventeen, and nct

Favourite thing that happened in the show: is it wrong of me to say the moment where changbin kissed felixs cheek?? also the speaking of the devil form felix

Something people might know you for in the fandom: probably being that gay dude with the cool username?? i havent actually created much content yet

Cereal or milk first: Cereal obvi.

What intro you like best: On the Stage to the World

i tag even tho probably everyone has done this by now @incorrectstraykids @nineasone @strayskid and just everyone who wants to do it