and i still don't like it ugh

love is in the air

UGH I honestly thought after sleeping I would wake up more calm but I just woke up even more pissed??

Can we talk about how Lorelai STILL treats Jess like he’s the scum of the earth! Like BITCH Jess is the reason Rory and you made up in season 6!! Jess was the one who encouraged Rory to go back to Yale and make up with you. And then skip to the revival and ONCE AGAIN Jess is the one who encourages Rory to drop her bullshit and get her act together and ONCE AGAIN Rory listens to Jess and starts to get her shit together. And despite all this even a million years later Lorelai has nothing but bad things to say about him??? LIKE GET OVER IT. He was a messed up teen who was forced to move away from his home and live in a strange town when he happened to go off on you. He’s grown up SO much since then and honestly was the only character in the revival who was in a good/mature place the whole time and she STILL can’t let go of that one incident that happened a million years ago because he was being an angsty teen.

I ordered The Song of Achilles from my local bookstore last week & it’s supposed to come in today!!!!


So I got to a certain chapter in Blue Sky….

Zodiac SQUAD: Cancer, Virgo & Gemini
  • Cancer, @ Gemini's place, running their hands through Virgo's hair: You still don't have a lover yet, V?
  • Virgo, already knows where this is heading: Look, Cancer, I already told you that-
  • Cancer, cuts them off, wiggles eyebrows: Maybe if you give Gemini a chance? Maybe flirt a little? Wink a little? Show a little shoulder...? Maybe show a little something something..
  • Virgo, mumbling under their breath: I'll show a finger that you sit on and spin
  • Cancer, raises an eyebrow, gets up & runs for Virgo's phone: I'mma tell your Mum!
  • Virgo, trips Cancer & tries to get their phone:
  • Cancer, sits on top of Virgo:
  • Gemini, walks in with chips & drinks in their arms:
  • Gemini:
  • Cancer & Virgo:
  • Gemini: I knew eventually you guys would end up fucking. Look, I don't mind it but y'all gotta go somewhere else for that shit.

anonymous asked:

the titles are shown at TVShowTime i think they're real. and wasn't 2x12 the episode with the sweet malec scene? if so i can't wait the title sounds amazing but i'm still scared to get my hopes up but can you imagine alec saying that to magnus?? i'm

Thanks for letting us know, Anon. Looks like they are indeed legit then.

And yup, 2x12 is the ep with the reportedly scene where “Alec is so sweet with Magnus”. If that scene makes the cut, that is. Sorry for the salt, but I am still suspicious after the disaster that is 2x07 when it comes to things like these. So I am really trying to not get my hopes up. Which is already hard enough. Sigh.

Went to pick up my car from the garage after having a free emissions test (it’s a diesel VW and needed it after the emissions scandal), only to then be told my car will need about £800 worth of work done on it in the near future. I knew it needed some work done to it anyway but come on!!! Like for fuck sake! I’m tired of this shit. Tired of working my ass off at a job I hate to basically survive. I wanna move out, I wanna go on trips with my girlfriend, I wanna buy new clothes and nice shit. Yet I never fucking can because it’s just one financial fuck up after another.

Im just feeling frustrated now. Sorry. I needed to rant. I’m going the gym despite having no energy. Fuckkkkkkkkk!



there are days I wonder how it is I managed to keep you

do you ever have days you wanna write but you end up drawing instead


“Seven guardians of light? Well, for Keyblade wielders, there’s me and Riku and Sora. And my three missing friends, that’s six. Then the seventh would be…”