and i still don't get the hate toward the movie

People are really planning to boycott the new Pokemon movie??? Seriously???

God forbid they don’t have Brock and Misty would haven’t been in the show in 6 and 11 years respectively so current fans wouldn’t know who they are or have the same emotional attachment 20+ year olds have.

God forbid they give one of the new characters a backstory that connects to another popular character in the series because this is suppose to celebrate 20 years of Pokemon and mentioning said character is actually really nice.

God forbid they do something in the movie that’s been done at least in two other movies and it’s effects get negated by the end of the movie CAUSE ITS A KIDS MOVIE.

Stop being bitter adults about a kids movie targeted towards CURRENT CHILDREN. It will not “ruin your childhood” stop acting entitled to certain shit, cause you’re not.