and i still didnt get laid

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Hi I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction where you their s/o refuse sexy time😏 because you were jealous of how they were being so nice with a girl who was clearly flirting with them during their date. I hope it's not to confusing thanx xx

Here you go darlin:)

Heres a little something to set the mood:

It was the first time the two of you had a chance to go on an actual date in a while. Between his schedule and yours you were either to tired or too busy. While neither of you minded staying home in fuzzy socks and large t-shirts, you both had to admit you two owed it to yourself to get dressed up, make a reservation and enjoy a nice meal together. 

When the night came the two of you were so excited that you could hardly keep your hands off of one another, you almost didnt make it in time. He’d offer his arm to you, pull your chair out, kiss your temple; really everything that you’d see happening in those romance movies the two of you liked to laugh at. 

Dinner was almost over, your plates sat finished in front of you while the two of you laughed with fingers intertwined on top of the table. It was pure fun. Pure happiness and pure love. That was until a long legged woman walked past the table, her head snapping back to the two of you as she took a double take of your boyfriend. He noticed this and immediately removed his hand from yours as he looked up. 

“Wow you look familiar.” shed say in a flirty voice, obviously she knew who he was but playing dumb seemed to be a tactic she thought would work. You expected him to just nod and look back to you, but as a slight blush met his cheeks and he smiled widely you felt a ping in your heart and immediately you crossed your arms, staring angrily at her. 

She talked for only a few seconds before you looked up at her, stood up, looked at him and said. ‘Im going to the car.’

He wouldn’t be far behind you, obviously there would be a few minutes to spare since he still had to pay. At least he followed me you thought. The car ride back to your shared apartment would be quiet. He’d try to hold your hand, to place his hand on your knee, really anything to touch you. He’d try to break the silence but there was no point. He should only be looking at you that way. 

You got back to you home and immediately took your shoes off, not caring what he was talking about now. You stood in front of your closet and stripped your dress but before you could slip your favorite oversized shirt on you’d feel him wrap his arms around your waist and his lips pressing firmly against your neck. What he was getting at wasn’t an apology, that was made obvious when he pulled you into his front and making sure you could feel every inch of his member….


‘Stop touching me.’ You’d say walking out of his arms and pulling the shirt the rest of the way over your head. ‘Jagi..’ he’d say. He’d know exactly why you were mad, but he didn’t realize how mad you were until you walked away from him. You were never able to resist his neck kisses. He’d chase you around the apartment apologizing for what he did. ‘Jagi I was just caught by surprise, you know i would never, ever do anything to make you feel less than what you’re worth.’ ‘Well, you did Jin.’ You’d say now looking straight to the tv you had flicked on. ‘y/n Im sorry, I thought I was just being polite.’ You scoffed and finally looked at him. ‘Stop talking, you’re making things worse.’ He’d freeze and stand there looking at you with hurt eyes for a few minutes before taking half a step towards you before realizing that probably wasn’t a good idea. He’d leave, not wanting to make you any madder than you were. He’d search for an open shop, ignoring everyone who called his name until he found was he was looking for. With your favorite flowers and an array of things that he knew always made you feel better he’d nervously run his hands over his jeans before opening the door. His heart would drop when he saw you, knees tucked to your chest and tears running down your cheek as you stared absentmindedly at the tv. ‘Jagi?’ He’d say catching your attention. You wouldn’t smile, but relief would be visible in your eyes as you stood quickly. You thought he had left to find the girl, that she had given him her number and he was then with her. His gifts would mean nothing more than he was thinking about you and came right back to you. ‘I love you so much y/n’


He would have caught up to you as you walked quickly down the hallway and so he could take a girl grip on your hand before you made it to the living room. . You’d stumble slightly into his chest at the sudden force of him stopping. He’d hold you tight as he crashed his lips to yours, trying everything to try and save this near perfect night but the moment you pushed his chest away from you all grip would be forgotten and anger would start to boil. ‘Why are you being like this?’ He’d groan annoyed. ‘Seriously?’ You’d asked, actually surprised he didnt realize what was going on. ‘I don’t know Yoongi, how about the fact that the moment someone steps in front of me your all smile and googly eyes!’ You’d sat puling yourself away from him once more as he reached out. He wouldn’t take this very well, you knew that being faithful was the one thing he believed in and what you were suggesting wouldn’t sit well with him. You’d fight, well it would be more you pointing out what he did and him agreeing with you but very loudly. He’d try again to pull you close and when he realized you weren’t going to fight him this time he’d kiss you softly while mumbling soft ‘I’m sorry’s’ and ‘I love you so much’s’


You’d know he knew exactly what it was he was doing when he started to let his eyes droop just enough to turn his gaze from sweet to sexy. You huffed and pushed him away from you, now that look being the only thing you could see. ‘Baby, whats wrong’ He’d say trying one more time to wrap his arms around your waist. ‘Leave me alone Namjoon.’ You’d say sternly before walking out of your room. He’d shake his head and wait a long second before walking after you. ‘Talk to me.’ he’d say, all of the mushy love that had toned his voice before gone. ‘Why. Obviously your still looking for the next best thing.’ you’d say crossing your arms. His shoulders would drop and he’d fully understand everything. ‘Jai please. You’re the best thing thats ever going to happen to me. Please just forgive me.’ He’d say, his face soft and his hands now outstretched, waiting for you to give in so he could hold you close to your chest. 


When you pulled out of his grasp he’d look at you with worried and confused eyes. He wouldn’t understand why’d you scoff at him when he tried kissing you. ‘Jagi what happened?’ He’d asked following you to your shared bed. ‘I just don’t want to be touched, Hoseok.’ You’d say getting yourself into bed and laying so your back faced him. Now he would be very worried. You never called him by his full name ‘Jagi?’ He’d say now wringing his hands nervously. When you didnt respond he’d take a hesitant step towards you before fully deciding he wouldn’t be able to sleep if you were acting like this. He’d beg you to talk to him and when you finally sat up and laid one into him he’d look down to his hands and say quietly ‘Jagi I was just trying to be nice.’ Youd know he was telling the truth but still it would be hard for you to get over. ‘It still happened Hobi.’ you’d whisper, now feeling small and a little stupid for being so jealous. ‘I love you more than anything. Please y/n.’ To this you’d just sigh, biting your lip and avoiding eye contact before kneeling up and holding your arms out to which he’d quickly take place in. ‘I love you so much, please don’t be mad at me, I hate myself when your mad.’ He’d say as the two of you laid back and  held each other close. 


He’d know exactly what was wrong when you pulled away from him and pulled the shirt over your head in a frustrated way. He’d shake his head and smirk, laughing once to himself before following you out into the kitchen. He’d watch you grab a glass and start to fill it. ‘Are you seriously jealous?’ He’d say still smirking, thinking how cute it was. It wasn’t until your glass was full and you turned to him and he could see that you were so mad that tears were starting to well. His face would immediately fall, seeing just how much he had actually hurt you started to brake him inside. ‘Jai no.’ He’d say stepping forward, but you had moved around him just as the tips of his fingers grazed your shoulders. ‘Y/n come here, please.’ He’d say following you. When you stopped to turn around so he could see the single tear that had escaped he’d quickly grab onto you so you couldn’t sneak away this time. ‘I have never ever thought of anyone but you. I can’t. I love you so much.’ He’d say kissing your head and flexing his arms around you so you could feel how he held onto you with everything that he has. ‘Ill never do that to you again, I’m so sorry baby.’ He’d whisper as his thumbs caught the next tear that fell. 


a/n: im winking at one of you

He’d catch your hand and spin you around to face him, his loud loving smile gone. ‘Why are you acting weird.’ He’d say looking so far into your eyes you’d think he’d be able to read your mind. ‘use your brain. I’m tired of always having to explain myself.’ You’d say pulling away from him and walking away. He’d catch you one more time, this time his hands moving to hook behind your neck, his thumbs pressed softly to your cheeks. ‘You can’t just walk away from me. I thought we had a good night?’ ‘We were having an amazing night, Tae! But then you let it get stirred up but some bimbo on stilts.’ You said turning you head so you could avoid his deep gaze that was making you feel silly. ‘Are you serious?’ He’d say, not a hint of humor in his voice. 'Why don’t you ever look at me like that.’ You’d choke. His heart would drop and he’d feel sick. ‘Look at you like what?’ He’d say trying not to think about what he knew you were saying. ‘Like I was the most interesting, beautiful thing in the room.’ You’d say tearing over now. ‘You are the most interesting and beautiful person I’ve ever met. I promise you that wasn’t what was going through my head.’ ‘then what was.’ you tested, still trying to slightly pull your way out of his grip. ‘I was thinking about all the jokes you and I would be making when she walked away.’ he’d say smiling sadly. You knew he was telling the truth, people watching was one of your favorite things to go together. When you sighed he’d pull you closer and kissed your forhead, wanting nothing more than to just hold you. When you wrapped your arms around his middle he’d smile and pull you tighter. ‘Im sorry if you thought I wasn’t being true to you Jagi, I love you so much.’


‘Don’t touch me Jungkook.’ You said sternly pulling his arms off of your body. When you walked away from him he’d just stare after you, completely dumbfounded. It would be the bathroom door slamming that made him realize something definitely wasn’t right. He’d knock on the door a few times, first softly with a light ‘jag?’ to turn loud and needy as he really started to worry. ‘Come out right now, what is wrong with you!’ He’d yell, his voice so loud that he almost missed the soft sob that came from deep in your chest. ‘Jagi I swear open this door, what is wrong!’ He’d say, panic setting in as he started to imagine the worst things possible. He’d be surprised when you flung the door open. He’d stare at your reddened eyes and the black mascara that you had obviously were trying to remove from your face. You were tearing in that moment, every feature on your face had turned from sad to furious. His eyes would start to sting at the sight of you, going full glossy when you yanked away when he tried to place a soft hand on your forearm. ‘Leave me alone.’ You’d say starting to turn, but this time he caught your arm and made you turn. ‘Not until you tell me what the hell is wrong with you.’ he’d growl. You yanked away from him and held your ground despite the tears that still slowly trailed down your cheeks. ‘One night. All I wanted one night out where you weren’t Jungkook from bts. Not only did you give someone your complete attention and fully ignore me, you couldn’t keep your eyes off of her. Don’t lie to me, you were kissing my neck because she turned you on.’ you bit at him. He blinked twice shocked by what you had said. Hi face quickly fell after the initial shock though as he pulled you closer. ‘I was kissing your neck because I thought we had the best night of our lives together. I didnt want it to end.’ He said wrapping his arms tightly around your neck and burring is face in the crook of his elbow. ‘It was a perfect night Kook.’ You’d say, your arms still by your side. ‘Im so sorry. I don’t know what to do to make it better.’ He said sniffling slightly. ‘I just want to go to bed.’ You said with one long blink. ‘Can I hold you? Please.’ He’d say stifling one more time. All you did was nod and turn around, but that nod meant everything to him as he quickly stripped his dress shirt and tie, not caring if he was still in his dress pants. He’d climb into bed and pull you close as quickly as he could just incase you changed your mind. 

thoughts for this week:

  • ronnie is such a sweetheart. i love her to death and she’s so bi for betty 
  • cheryl??? is making me feel things
  • kevin was just a teeny bit improved from last week but also vaguely biphobic no thank you
  • i’m honestly going to astral project myself into the show and murder ms grundy myself if she doesn’t get her ass in jail soon i swear to christ
  • archie is trying so hard to be a great and upstanding dude but she’s ruining him. protect archie andrews 2k17
  • literally every scene with jughead in it was good. so good
  • the confrontation about grundy? great. making up at the game? smiling??? outstanding
  • the look of shock on his face when archie defended him!!!!!!! b o y
  • jarchie is real 
  • reggie mantle is a bi with a massive crush on jug and he doesn’t know how to flirt. reghead is also real kids
  • he’s like the physical embodiment of that tweet “when i was 7 i had a crush on a girl in my class & didnt know how to deal w it so I wrote her a letter that just said “get out of my school"”
  • josie is sapphic. that cover is gay as fuck. incredible
  • cherosie anyone?? yes
  • i still maintain: alice can choke
  • but i love fred and hermione. what good parents
  • honestly betty??? terrifying. also someone give her a hug please
  • if we didn’t already have the b/ughead spoilers i’d be super hard leanign towards jug being gay and/or ace from that episode. too weird and busy to get laid???? that whole archie conversation with the smile?? boy is queer
  • and last but not least: HE WAS KILLED A WEEK LATER!! B I TCH WTF
Be you Do you

I first tried playing hard to get and when I finally let them have me they werent shit. I tried being casual and laid back going with the flow , nope they still weren’t shit, I tried playing house cooking, running errands having sex paying for things and they stlll…wasnt.shit. I tried being more picky with higher expectations not letting them close until I was sure they wouldnt hurt me and they STILL wasnt SHIT. I even tried lowering my expectations and you guessed it! THEY STILL WASN’T SHIT. I even gave a chance to someone I wasn’t even that interested in to see if something sparks and even the motherfucker I didnt really want still wasnt shit. Point is do you, don’t change your wants and needs and expectations for nobody because at the end of the day they all ain’t shit .You’re literally better off gambling with your own list of wants and needs out of someone to get your dream person. Someone who will actually want to treat you right and thirst for you like you do them and they fit all that you want. Might …as… well …get …wtf.. you …want… anything less will just be someone who ain’t shit Don’t change you be you weather it be picky or laid back it’s an exhausting waist of time changing for ppl who turn out to not even be shit.

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Can you do a fic where Jeremy is having a panic attack because he's afraid the squip is going to come back? And like... the reader helps him through it?

MY FIRST FIC REQUEST COMIN UP (i think i took the beginning part from someone but i dont remember who)

my masterlist!

Word count: 972 (it didnt feel tjat long writing it but like wow thats almost 1000 words for a short lil thing??)

Warnings: panic attacks (idk if thats needed in a warning, also it’s implied in the ask, but ive had anxiety attacks so i just used my symptoms so if u dont wanna hear the symptoms dont read ig idk???), swearing (do i need to stop swearing so much??? bc everything i write has swears like am i ok??), a tad bit of angst and yelling, ALSO THE END IS PLATONIC BECAUSE THIS ISNT ROMANTIC

if you want it to be just ask again and be like “wtf el no thats not what i wanted” and ill edit it and add some fluff

oh also its gender neutral :D


It’s been one year since the play. One year since Jeremy was squipped.

You were a new senior at the school but the SQUIP squad took you in quickly. You were close with all of them, especially Jeremy. He grew to be your one of your best friends. He had a hard time telling you the whole incident since it was more traumatic than he let on.

Especially the SQUIP’s haunting last words: “Jeremy… You can’t get rid of me…”

So when you learned the full extent of what happened, you establish a nice rapport with him.

“Just don’t burn the house again!” Jake joked and the group laughed.

Except for Rich. “As long as Michael doesn’t cry on the shitter again.”

“Haha, fuck off,” Michael groaned but smirked and laughed along with his friends.

This year’s Halloween party, they said, was going to be different. Sure, people were still in tight outfits and drinking way too much beer, but this time it was by their own choice.

“I’m out of soda,” you frowned.

“Soda? y/n you’re not drinking?” Brooke asked, genuinely surprised.

“Jeremy and I are designated drivers.”

“Yeah, someone brought a weird mixture of sodas but they promised there was no alcohol in it,” Jeremy informed. “I actually need some more too.”

The whole group shuffled towards the drink table. “What soda is even in it?” Jenna asked you.

You shrugged, “I don’t know. It doesn’t taste that good but at the same time, it doesn’t taste bad, you know? I think it’s, like, Sierra Mist, Sprite, Mountain Dew, and-”

“M-Mountain Dew?” Jeremy asked as he looked down at his cup in horror.

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"I'm just saying a dog would help with Anxiety's depression and I would love to have one to pet too." Any ship

(Could be seen as Nightmare part 2)

Tw: dog, nervous Prince. Mentions dog abuse

(I wanted to make this fluff but idk how well I did.)

Morlaity woke up gruggedly and looked around. He was in the coms room laying on top of Romam.

He looked up to his boyfriend and smiled. Why was he so dang cute?! How was he ever so lucky to have him?

 Morliaty slowly turned so he could lean on his side and look up at his partner watching him sleep peacfully as he was drooling.

He was getting impatient and leaned up to kiss Prince on his nose. That made Roman groan sleepingly . Morlaity smiled before quickly putting his head by Romans head.

“Did you just kiss my nose?” Roman groaned.

“Yeah?” Morality suddenly felt nervous was this too far?

“Don’t worry, I loved it. It was just unexpected.” Roman said streaching.

“Well then, Morning handsome!” Morality giggled.

“Morning Second Most Handsomest Person!” Prince teased. Morality moved to give him a kiss.

“You know you drool in your sleep right?” Morality asked. Roman blushed.

“Shut up.” He said as he tried to get up.

“No, dont leave me! You’re too warm!” Morality whined putting his head on Romams chest and hugging him tighter.

“Morality, you’re on top, I can’t move unless you move first.” Roman pointed out.

“Oh then I wont move.” Morality said smiling as he put his head on Romans chest.

 Roman sighed but put his hand on Morlaitys head to play with his hair.

“I swear you’re like an energetic cat.”

“Except I’m not as energetic as a cat.” Morality started  thinking about dogs, knowing that he had to talk to Roman about it.

“No, you’re right. You’re more energetic.” Roman said. Morality lightly slapped Romans arm.

“How dare you. Now I definatley wont get up for a long time.”

“Hon, I love you, but I need to pee. I promise after I pee we can go right back to snuggling.”

“But I dont wanna move.” Morlaity complained.

“Do you wan’t me to pee on you?” Roman asked.

‘I’d rather a dog peed on me’ Morality thought.

“Nooooo.” He repied.

“Then you’re going to have to move.” Roman said.

Morlaity sighed, but had an idea.

“Fine, but only if you agree to consider getting a dog.” Morlaity said.

“Wha-” Roman was obviosuly surprised by this.

“I’m just saying, a dog would help with Anxiety’s depression and I would love to have one to pet too.” Morality said, he wanted to say more but he stayed quiet. The last time he asked about a dog was with Brianna and she got upset.

“Wait, are you serious?” Romam asked. Morality was getting nervous.

“Y-yeah. Is it too soon? I dont know how relationships are supost to work and I dont want kids just yet -not that I dont want kids, I do-but I don’t think we’re there yet-and I want a dog more than I want a kid at the moment does that make me a horrible person? Crap-I’m so sorry I-”

Morlaity was starting to shake as Roman moved to sit up.

“Hey, hey babe, its okay. Theres nothing wrong with wanting a dog or kids. I’m just surprised you brought it up. I can think of getting a dog. A dog would be a nice addition to the family.”

“So we should get one?” Morlaity asked excited.

“Well, this is Thomas’s house so-”

“I actually talked to him about it and hes cool with it! Only Logan seems to be agaisnt it, but he has said he is open to it if we can care for him-or her.”

“I think Its a  great idea.” Roman said hugging Morality closer.

They talked about it for a week, being sure to involve the others. Roman told Morality he found this a big step, but was ready to do it, he just wanted to talk to the others as well.

He also did studies with Logan on what kind of breed could work best and how to care for dogs. The night they planned to get the dog Roman was planning to stay up all night. He was watching vidoes on how to help if they were anxious dogs, alhough he saw it at least twelve times already.

“Roman you need sleep.” Morality had woken up from a dream he didnt remember. He didnt like that his partner was still up.

“But I need everything to go perfecrly Morlaity. What if they’re scared of me when we meet? I dont want them to fear me!” Roman was obviously distresses. Morality leaned towards his boyfriend and kissed his neck.

“I’m sure they will love you. You did more research than i did, and i did alot of it. Come on Roman, our new puppy wouldn’t want you to meet him while you were tired.”

“I know, but-”

“Its okay, I’m nervous too,” Morality admitted, putting his arm around Roman and rested his head on Romans shoulder. “but we need sleep. I’m going to have a hard time sleeping, can you snuggle with me?”

“Did you have another nightmare?” Roman asked frowning.

“I don’t know, I’m tired snd want a hug from my boyfriend.” Morality knew if he gave Roman a job like this it would help Roman sleep better. Roman looked hesitant.

“Just one more time-”

“Babe, you’ve watched it twenty times before I slept. I promise if you forget anything, I, Logan and Thomas will be there to remind you.”

Thomas and Logan had agreed to come. Anxiety didnt want to go for reasons unknown to them, but they respected it.

Roman was still hesitant but he put the laptop away. Deeming this a victory Morality laid down turning so his back was facing Romans.

“Can-can you hug me this time?” Roman sounded nervous. Morality turned to face Roman.

“Sure, you okay?” Morlaoty asked.

“Just nervous. I’m worried our dog wont like me.” Roman admitted.

“Dont worry we will get a dog that loves you! Its okay i can hug you, its been a while! Come here.” Morality beckoned Roman closer. Roman felt hesitant, not used to being the little spoon, but obeyed.

Morality out his arm around Roman.

“This good?” He asked.

“Can you- do you mind putting your leg around me?” Roman asked. Morality proceeded to put his leg over Romans hips.

“This good?” Morlaoty asked.

“You okay?” Roman asked, nervous he was making Morality do something he didnt want.

“Yup, this is great. I love being the big spoon, just wanted to be sure you were comfy before I fell asleep” Morality.

“Yeah, this is good .” Prince said.

“The snuggle is real!” Morlaoty let out a giggle as he said jt. Roman was quiet for a second.

“Did you just make a snuggling pun?”


They were at the pet store and Morality was too excited.

“Aww Roman look at them!” Morality was pointing at a couple Cocker Spaniels.

“Aww I wish I could adopt all of you!!” Morality cooed. Normally Roman would find his enthusiasm cute, but he was very nervous.

“They said they sometimes had puppies that out grew their spaces so they had to move them to the back. Do you want to-” Morality raced to the back before Logan could finish his sentence.

“Why wont Morality listen for once.” Logan sighed. Thomas followef Morality “to make sure he didnt play with any animals he shouldn’t.” Roman just nodded his head, looking around.

“Hey you okay?” Logan asked. Roman turned his attention to Logan.

“Yeah, why?” Roman flinched at his voice. It was cracking.

“You know, if you didnt want a dog Mortality would be okay with that right? He’d feel worse if he thought you felt forced to get a dog.” Logan said.

“No no, I love dogs, I’m just-I’m nervous, I want Morality to be happy, but I’m nervous the dog wont like me.” Roman murmured towards the end.

“Oh, well dogs are easy to please and love their owners for life.” Logan said.

“Or hate them for life.” Roman muttered.

“Do you not want a dog or-” Logan was very confused.

“I do, I’m just-I’m just nervous, this is a very big step for me. I wasn’t this nervous with Morality moving into my room because he was basically living there, but this is big for me. I’m happy about it though, i really am. Just, what if Morality finds someone better?”

“I dont see how the two correspond each other; Nevertheless-and I can’t foresee the future- however, I can tell Morality loves you a lot. You know how he felt for Brianna-”

“Exactly! What if he just saw me and liked me because I was the first guy in his sight?” Roman asked.

“If you had let me finished I would have said “how he felt for Brianna is nothing compared to how he feels for you.” Morality fell harder for you. Trust me. I was there.“ Logan turned to look at something and Roman looked in his direction. He see Morality excitedly waving the others over as Thomas smiled.

"He loves you, Roman. This is not platonic.” Logan walked towards Morality.

“You have to see her, she’s so cute I think shes the one! I want to see what you think though.” Morality was basically jumping as he dragged Roman to the end. He was surprised to see an enthusiastic Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He was trying to lick Moralitys hand through the kennel. He felt… something- an interest in her.

“Do you want to see her?” The worker asked smiling, leaning on the kennel. Morality looked up at Roman.

“Yeah, yes please.” Roman answered.

The worker took a key out and put it to the kennel, twisting it. The bull stayed in the kennel even after the door opened but still shook her tail.

“We call her Shadow. Her last owners called her nightmare. Its okay, you can come here Shadow.”

“Why did they call her that?” Thomas asked.

“They thought she was "too much of a sweetheart” and wanted a tough dog. So they just threw her back here, we call her shadow since we didnt want to connect her to her other name.“ The worker roller their eyes when she talked about the owners.

Morality winches a little but smiled sadly at Shadow.

"How old is she?” Roman asked softly putting his hand out for Shadow to sniff. She started licking Romans hand and went up to his leg and pressed against it.

“Wow she likes you already! It took us weeks before she was comfortable enough to come up to us! As for her age,” they took a hesitant breath in, “we can’t be sure but the vets put her around two to three years old.” The owner said.

“She’s so young!” Morality said putting his hand out. Thomas and Logan stayed back letting the couple get to know the dog.

Shadow sniffled Morlaity’s hand again and licked it before putting her head on his hand.

“What do you call a frozen dog?” Morality said smiling. The worker looked confused.

“He’s about to make a pun.” Roman explained.

The worker nodded their head and let out an “ah.”

“I don’t know what do you call them?” They asked curious.

“A pupsicle!” Morality grinned. The worker and Roman laughed. Shadow was still waging her tail in excitement.


It had been a couple weeks since they took Shadow in when they decided it was time for a group movie. Morality and Roman were snuggling on the side of the couch (Thomas at the other end of it, ) while Anxiety was sitting on the floor. Logan sat is the single couch. Shadow had just entered the coms room.

Shadow had gotten used to Anxiety quickly and often snuggled with him if Roman and Morality wanted the space. Everybody thought she was heading for Anxiety, but they were surprised when she jumped on the couch, near where Roman was at.

“Hey shadow!” Roman said as she jumped inbetweeb Thomas and Roman (though right behind Anxity.) She turned around and around until she was happy and laid down. Her paw was on Anxietys head, her butt was touching Thomas leg, and she rested her head on Romans lap. Roman heart leapt.

“Hey don’t take my boyfriend away from me! You already have everyone in the house falling for you.” Morality teased petting her head.

“Don’t worry, she can’t take your place.” Roman said putting his arm around Morality before kissing him. Morality grinned.

This was the best day yet.


I’m babysitting the samoyed and the two cats again.

I have determined that the cats love me in… very different ways.

Tippy likes to meow, chirp, and rub on my legs and be near me a lot for pets. Considering when we first met he was very distant, thats an improvement. 

Fritzi…. welll…

When we first met, hed hiss when i tried to pet him and was really meh around me. Though lately hed been coming closer, didnt attack or hiss me when i picked him up to put him inside, and when i woke up in bed this morning he was curled up against my legs purring.

Though I just kinda found out his uh.. true expertise of showing his love.

i took isbre outside and i looked on the ground and there was a half buried dead mouse. I was like “… huh okay’. I didnt think much about it. i let the two cats out earlier today. When I went out with Isbre, Tippy came over and rubbed closely on my legs so i wondered ‘wheres Fritzi?’

i hear the jingle of a bell on his cillarand im like 'oh there he is’


literally bleeding

”………… uuuuuuuuuh…. thank you.“ i say to him

the bird trys to fly out of his mouth and plops down in front of me

the cats and dog smell it since its still visibly bleeding out and im just 'uuUUUUUH WHAT DO I DO’ so i tried to get it some water, it didnt really want any

i went to go get a towel to move it out of the back yard but when i got close to it it flapped around a bit then just kinda


right thenstopped moving and all. i nudged it with the towel, no reaction, no breath i turned around to see where fritzi went after that

"Youre pretty proud of yourself arent ya :V”

fritzi just laid down nearby with blood on his face looking chill

…. I’m pretty sure he likes me

Spring Awakening: A Summary
  • Mama who bore me: if its not the stork then what is it
  • Mama who bore me (reprise): neither of us know either
  • All thats known: School sucked in 19th century Germany and is still relevant to american teenagers in 2015
  • The bitch of living: we all really just want to get laid (except moritz hes just sad)
  • My Junk: not actually about genitals
  • Touch me: not really that much about sex, but maybe a little
  • The word of your body: sexual tension
  • The dark i know well: this song is so fckn intense and sad
  • And then there were none: moritz is still sad
  • The mirror-blue night: idrk why this song is here tbh
  • I believe: now this one is actually about sex
  • The guilty ones: wendla didnt want the sex
  • Dont do sadness: moritz is lying bc hes literally been sad for the whole show so far
  • Blue wind: ilse is sad too bro
  • Dont do sadness/blue wind: perfect counterpoint tbh play this at my funeral
  • Left behind: moritz is gone and now Melchior is sad
  • totally fucked: me tbh
  • The word of your body (reprise): homosexuality
  • Whispering: wendla is gonna be a mom but hey maybe it wont be so bad right?
  • Those youve known: melchior sees dead ppl
  • The song of purple summer: everyone in the audience is probably crying by now tbh
He cheats on you || part three

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A/N: You guys were spamming me for a part three so enjoy! xx

Part 1

Part 2 

All could Calum think about is how mad you were when he tried to visit you. “I hate you!” was playing in his head over and over. He needed to talk to you but when you threaten him to call the police, he felt stuck in a runt. 

He was reading your letter over and over. He felt how hurt you were when you wrote that letter.

I should have known this relationship was a lie.

Lightly scanning his thumb over the text, he let down a few tears. His sadness turned into anger; he grabbed an empty beer bottle and threw it against the wall. He needed to talk to you, even if that meant he would go to jail for it. 

You felt guilty for what happened a few days back, it as never in your intention to be yelling at him the way you did, but when you saw him again, every emotion you felt spilled out

You flew back home after visiting your dad. That was probably the last time you were going back to Los Angeles. You just wanted to go home and forget about the situation but you couldnt help but feel bad for Calum, he was miserable. 

Calum spent weeks trying to find out where you lived. The boys only knew what state y/n was in, the only person who knew where she lived was y/f/n. It took an hour of convincing her on the phone to tell him where she was.

He booked a flight for tomorrow to see y/n. He didnt care if she wanted to see him or not, he needed to see her.  

It was five in the morning when you heard banging on the door. You groaned loudly as you got up, who would could be at the door this early in the morning.  You were shocked to see Calum again at the door.

“Dont shut the door! Please.” he panicked. 

“How did you find me.” you yawned, you were too tired to talk.

“Look can we talk about this la-” you got cut off. 

“No! Please-I-can I come in?” You opened the door, he walked over and sat on the couch his hands on his face. He just sat there, it was awkward.

You heard him sniffling. “Cal?” you questioned. He burst out crying, you never saw him cry before, he’s not an emotional person.

“Y/n I’m so fucking sorry! I never meant to hurt you, I went out to buy you your favorite things, until I saw that I was too late.” He stood up and held your hands. 

“All I could think about is how hurt you were when I read the letter.” You felt bad that you did this to him, he was a wreck.

“I need you in my life and I know that you hate me-” his voice cracked, you felt your eyes watering. You wiped the tears off his face and lightly kissed him.

“I love you-but, I dont know if I can trust you again.” Tears went down your face, “You made me feel worthless, like I didnt matter.”

“Y/n trust me your not, I need you in my life, I want-no I need to make it up to you.” he begged, holding your waist, he kissed you on the cheek and laid his head on the crook of your neck.

You didnt want to give in, the image of him and that girl was still on your mind. You pushed him off, “Calum, every time I see you, all I see is that girl beside you.” 

“Y/n I’m so sorry, please you have to believe me!” he cried, you didnt know how you feel about him.

“Please, just give me another chance, I want to start over.” he begged. He would do anything in the world to get you back in his life. You just weren’t sure if you wanted him back in your life.

You were speechless, you were fighting back weather or not you want him again. But you knew he was sincere.

“I-I dont know.” you looked down, a few tears fell down your face. He lifted your chin and pressed his lips against yours. The memories of how he would care for you and buy little gifts were back. This wasnt a dream, it was reality.

“I love you so fucking much y/n.” you could tell he meant it.

“I love you too Calum.”

Request: 5SOS - Ticklish - 4/4

Request:  Hi! Can u do a 5sos 4/4 where he finds out you’re extremely ticklish?

A/N: I have never done a 4/4 type of post before so I hope that this is decent! Thanks for the request anon!

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“Michael would you just sit still for one second?” I asked as I tried desperately to straighten his hair so that he could be ready for the boys concert that was about to start. The other boys had sat nicely while I did their hair but for some unknown reason Michael was acting like a five year old who had to be moving constantly.

“Are you ticklish Y/N?” He asked as he looked up to me, a big grin slowly growing on his face as I rolled my eyes and ignored him. I reached my arms up and over top of his head as I finally fixed the one spot of his hair that refused to straighten. I had been so focused on this moment of him being still that I didnt realize his arms quickly move to my sides as he began to violently tickle me. 

“MICHAEL— PLEASE— STOP!” I yelled in between gasping for air as I laughed, my body crinkling into his arms as he continued to tickle me mercilessly. I could hardly breath as I laid across his lap feeling like I was dying from laughter as his fingers moved against my sides.

“Uh… Michael we gotta get into our places.” Ashton walked into the room and looked at the scene in front of him with a smile. Michael finally stopped and removed his hands from my sides, allowing me to stand back up and lean against the counter as I caught my breath. 

“I look forward to the next time.” He chuckled as he placed a small kiss on my cheek before skipping away to the doorway with Ashton. 

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Luke and I were cuddled on the couch as Monsters Inc. played in the background. I could feel my eyelids getting heavier as he rubbed light circles on my back. His hand moved a bit to far towards my side where I was extremely ticklish and I let out a loud laugh, my body arching away form his touch.

“I didn’t know you were ticklish.” He said as he looked down at me, a sneaky grin growing on his lips. 

“Everyone is ticklish you ding dong.” I said as I sat up on the couch and looked over to him, shaking my head. I didnt like the look that he had in his eyes because it was the look of him coming up with a plan.

“I’m not.” He said as he put his hands on his side as if he was proud of his statement. 

“Prove it.” I raised my eyebrow and smiled at him.

“LET THE TICKLE FIGHT BEGIN!” Luke shouted as he lunged forward towards me. I tried to get my hands on his side to tickle him but he beat me to it and had on hand tickling my side while the other lightly touched my neck. I could hardly breath as I laughed, cursing my body for being so weak. After two minutes of him tickling me and me having no luck to get my body to even try and tickle him I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

“Luke… Stop… you win!” I said between laughs as he stayed persistent. 

“I am the king of the tickling war!” He shouted as he raised his arms up in the air in victory. I was still curled in a ball on the couch trying to regain my strength as I looked over to him and rolled my eyes. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me back over to him and kissed me with a stupid proud grin. 

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Ashton had just come back from the first leg of their tour and demanded that he and I have some good old fashioned best friend time. He had come round to my apartment and we were currently sat on my couch taking turns on a video game. I was so focused in on the game that I had almost completely forgotten that he was even next to me.

Ashton looked at me and smiled as I leaned forward, focusing more and more on the game. He slowly moved his hand up from where it had been resting in his lap and moved it over to my side, his fingers moving lightly against me. I hadn’t been expecting him to tickle me and he touched me right as a jump scare happened on the screen. I was in sensory over load and my arm flung quickly towards Ashton, aka my attacker. My fist connected his nose and he let out a small yell of pain.

“Holy shit! Ash, are you okay?” I turned to him in a panic, my hands moving to lightly cup his cheeks. My eyes searched his face frantically to see if I had caused and damage. He dropped his hand that had been holding his nose as he started to laugh at me.

“Tip number one. Don’t tickle Y/N when she doesn’t expect it.” He said before he started to laugh again. I felt myself calm down slightly and I laughed along with him. “You pack a good punch.” 

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“Calum would you stop poking me?” I continued to face forward and push the cart down the isle in search for the final products on my list as my annoying boyfriend moved around behind me and poked me in different places. 

“Well that would be no fun if I stopped.” He said as he reached his hand out and poked me in the side. He just happened to hit the one spot that I was the most ticklish which caused me to let out a loud scream laugh as I jumped away from him. Calum stared at me with his eyebrows raised and his mouth wide open in an amused smile. “Did I finally find the infamous tickle spot?” he stepped closer towards me as he wiggled his fingers closer towards me. 

“Calum… please… DON’T!” I shouted as he connected his hands to my one weak spot, and I started to laugh loudly. People who passed us in the store gave us strange looks as I tried to escape his deadly tickle hold. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I tried to run from him and hugged me tightly, kissing my neck where I was also ticklish. I could hardly breathe as I laughed in his hold, causing him to start laughing loudly with me. 

“I’m so going to get you back for this.” I said with an evil smile as he finally let me go. 

“Bring it on girly.” He smiled as he smacked my butt and began pushing the cart.

I had to miss a test because I was so busy this weekend and didnt plan to take it earlier so now I just… Didnt take it… And the teacher isnt taking being busy as an excuse for an extension and I still have yet to go get test accomodations for ADD BECAUSE OF THE ADD and now this will majorly shit my grade and I won’t get scholarships I need to study abroad next year because my GPA will be too low so uuuhhhhhhh fuck me right

Teach Me

The first time it happened was a normal Monday afternoon in the Tomlinson-Horan household. Louis was sitting at the dinner table doing his homework. Meanwhile his older stepbrother was up in his room wanking himself off to the thought of having his 19 year old brother whimpering underneath him as he fucked his tight little ass. Yes it was weird for a 20 year old man to be at his parents house masterbating to his 19 year old brother moaning his name out as he pounds furiously fast. A knock on his guest room door interupted his fantasy. Niall quickly covered up moaning as the cover touched his still hardened dick underneath. “Come in!” he tried to sound calm but he was far from it. The door slowly opened to show a scared looking Louis. “You called me?” his voice was almost unhearable. “No I didn’t call you.” Niall whispered out. He didnt trust his voice right now he was on the verge of cumming and didnt want to scare his brother. “Yea you did. You said ‘Oh Louis. Louis.’ did I do something wrong?” He asked so innocently. Niall felt so bad for making him think that he was mad at him. 

The second time it happened they were cuddling together in bed. Louis had a strange fear of the dark. Since their parents were gone for a few months Niall was stuck, not that he minded much, with the small boy’s back pressed against Niall’s chest and his ass rubbing on his dick. It was hard for Niall not to get hard. The ass he has been imagining himself fucking was now only a few clothing away from surrounding his dick in tight heat. “Niall there is something poking me in the ass..“Louis stated out as he wiggled around. All he managed to do was rub his ass more on Niall’s boner. “Fuck Louis.” Niall moaned out accidentally. Louis stopped all movement. Niall froze. He didn’t mean to do that it was just so sexy how Louis was grinding his ass down on Niall’s dick without knowing what he was doing. Niall quickly jumped out of the bed. Causing Louis to look up at him."um…I need a shower. ” Niall seemed to mumble out quietly. With an “okay Ni.” from Louis, Niall ran into the restroom where he took a cold shower and wanked to the image of his 19 year old brother again. Niall came twice in that shower alone.

The third and final time it happened they were swimming in the backyard pool together. It was 3 months since Niall came back home. 3 months since he has had sex. And every night for the past 2 months he has found himself jacking off to the image of his brother. Today was the day he was getting laid. He didnt care anymore, Niall wanted Louis and god damn it he is getting Louis. Right at that moment Louis jumped into the pool beside him, “Hey Ni?” Louis whispered. “Whats wrong Lou?” Niall asked concerned. Yes he wanted to fuck the innocence out of the boy but he still cared for his younger brother. “How did you know you were gay?” Louis asked with curiosity in his voice. “Um, when I started having special thoughts about the boys in my class.” Niall responded. “I think I am gay Niall.” Louis whispered again. “What? Louis are you sure?“ Niall asked. Its true Louis was only 19 years he could possibly be confused or misguided. Louis looked at Niall with determination ” I can prove it.” Louis said stubbornly “Fine go ahe-” Niall’s sentence was interupted by Louis’ lips against his own. To say he was shocked was a fucking understatement. His step brother was giving the best kiss he has ever received in his life. Niall started kissing back rougher while walking towards the end of the pool. Louis tried to keep up but failed, of course he would Louis wasn’t expecting quite the reaction and for his first kiss with a male, he is doing a hell of a good job. The kiss ended all to soon by Louis pulling away to catch his breath. Through the panting you could still see a smile and blush on his small chubby face. “Teach me Ni.” He moaned feeling his length get hard like it did when ever he thought about kissing Niall. “Teach you what?” Niall asked. “Teach me how to,oh god Ni, have sex.” Louis answered while grinding on Niall. Niall carried Louis out of the pool and set him down while pulling off his swimming trunks showing that Louis was hard. Niall took off his own swimming trunks revealing the same. “Oh I’ll teach you. I’ll teach you good.” Niall said as he pushed Louis on the floor. “Right here?” Louis asked with his inoccent voice. “Yes right here. Suck this fingers for me?” Niall said while placing three fingers by Louis’ mouth. Louis took them in a swirled his tounge around them and sucked. After Niall felt his fingers were wet enough he pulled them out of Louis mouth. “Okay Lou this is going to hurt a little.” Niall said as he spred Louis’ legs wider and traced his index finger around his rim. “Y-yea I know just put something in me.” Louis whined. Niall smiled at his brother’s neediness and pushed the tip in only to be stopped by Louis’ cries “Oww wait Ni please.” Niall stopped moving his finger. He used his free hand to rub Louis’ back. “It’s okay Lou we can stop if you want.” Niall reassured him. Louis shook his head and pushed down on Niall’s still finger. He bit his lip to cover the burn. Louis didnt stop pushing until Niall’s whole finger was in him. Niall just sat there and watched it happened. After a while Louis got used to the stretch and started rocking himself on Niall’s finger. Niall took this as a sign and started moving his finger in and out of Louis. “Damn Lou you’re so tight.” Niall moaned and added a second finger. “Oh god Niall!” Louis whimpered out. Niall curved his fingers looking for that special bundle of nerves. He knew he found them when Louis screamed in pleasure. “MORE DADDY!” was all Louis had to say to make Niall pull his fingers out, spit on his dick and slam into his younger brother. “Ow Ni that hurts!” Louis whimpered in pain and pleasure. Niall went still and waited for the signal from Louis continue. “O-Okay you can move now.” Louis stuttered out. And with the final okay Niall pulled out and slammed back in snapping his hips to find his prostate. “Daddy.Daddy.” was all Louis could say over and over again. “Niall I have to cum, do I have to wait?” Louis asked through pants, not fully understanding his role as the submissive. “No you dont. Let go baby.” Niall soothed as he thrusted harder and used his free hand to pump Louis dick. Louis came shooting strings of cum on Niall’s fist and the sidewalk. Niall soon followed suit, releasing in Louis and pulled out slowly. Louis mumbled something that Niall couldn’t make out. Niall picked him up and carried him to the couch and they cuddled on the couch. “Sorry for calling you daddy.” Louis yawned out. “Don’t be. Just be sorry if you never call me that again. It was hot.” Niall said while pulling his brother closer to him. “Really?” Louis said looking up. He was so small and fragile, not to mention completely beautiful. “Really really.” Louis smiled as his brother kissed his nose. “Teach me Niall. Teach me how to love?” Was the last thing Louis said before drifting off to sleep. But he could still hear his year old step-brother’s reply “Oh I’ll teach you. I’ll teach you right.”
So I’ve decided to bring back one of my favorite fics I’ve written on my personal blog zarryndnouis because I loved it and everyone else did but I changes some ages and other settings so I’m sorry if you guys dislike it, I will be posting all four parts to this if you want. That’s about it, have a great FUCKING FRIDAY
-Destiny (:

you were a sweating moaning mess and you couldnt do anything about it. while your one daddy ashton had you pushed up against the bed finger fucking you like there was no tomorrow or evening your other daddy calum was getting the toys he wanted to use on you from the downstairs wooden dresser. you squirmed around tears of bliss daring to fall as you whimpered and moaned, daddy ashton’s fingers knuckle deep inside you. “hehheh babygirl who can make you feel this way?” ashton swallowed eyeing you down “you!” you whimpered out feeling yourself getting close. “who was that i didnt hear the proper name” he slowed down his fingers which came to a unsatisfying halt spanking you with his free hand, you groaned out “you daddy ashton!” as he laughed and began fingering you again moving up and down this time he whispered in your ear “i can feel how close you are sweetheart but you WILL NOT come until daddy tells you too” you felt him smile and you whined just in time for your savior to come through the door. your daddy calum with all sorts of treats in his hands that at the moment you cant see from the stars being placed in your vision. he smiled sitting down on the empty spot bedside you where your hands rested pathetically. “im back princess is daddy ashton treating you nicely” you didnt wanna say anything bad since his fingers were already deep inside you controlling you like a puppet ashton shot him a glare. if there is one thing about your daddies is that they are both so different from each other like yin and yang yet they both come together like a puzzle piece thats why their bromance works each are so unpredictable to one another but you know your daddies. ashton is the charming outgoing and adventurous one yet when alone with you he is rough and dirty as hell and sometimes he doesnt know when to stop good or bad take it or leave it situation, calum on the other hand is creative spontaneous and caring he will always make sure you are okay with what he is doing or if he forgets to ask before, he does afterwards, he’s extremely affectionate but that doesnt candy coat the fact that without trying he can make you cum 4 times at any given opportunity..and he just goes so deep. you looked at calum with a look only he would understand and calum sighed turning to ashton “what did you do to her mate i was gone for less than a minute”. ashton sucked his teeth in annoyance he wasnt up for calums speechs about not being to rough or “what not”. “im not letting her come until i fucking say so is that a problem” calum groaned, “yes its a problem she needs it bad enough” calum looked back at you and you gave him a soft smile he always understood. “not until i say so” ashton speed up his fingers making you cry out the blissful tears spilling calums jaw clenched at the sight. “d-daddy calum are y-you okay?” you reached out to grab his hand which he took and looked down at smiling. ashton added another finger making it 3 now causing your mouth to open no words coming out “that daddy isnt making you feel as good as what i am now” ashton scissored his fingers making you scream out and cum not even letting you finish ashton pulled his fingers out “now you dont get rewarded i told you not to come until my say” ashton straightened up. “what the fuck ash dont be a dick she couldnt control herself you took to long!” ashton just threw up his middle finger and began walking out you sat up “daddy what about me” you pouted still kind of spazzing as he turned to look at you, “you can finish your self, consider it your punishment” and with that he walked out slamming the door shut you wanted to cry you felt so bad. not doing what your daddies ask and get punished might seem ridiculous too some to get upset over but it ment something to you. calum lifted your chin to look at him, “hey hey now beautiful dont get upset you arent being punished” calum tried to assure “but daddy i didnt -” “i know you didnt ashton was being unfair you did such a good job on self control darlin” calum kissed your cheek “lasted so long” making you smile “i learned from you…edging me off so much” calum smirked at your comment “you dont have to finish yourself off sweetie, are you still horny?” you put your arms around his neck as he laid you back flat on the bed “for you..always daddy” calum chuckled and grabbed one of the toys he brought up turning it on and since now you could see you observed it was a beaded pastel vibrator “well then time to play”

Never Ending

Title: Never Ending Part 1

Pairing: Dean x  Reader (Prophet)

Request: Anonymous said: Hii i was wondering if you could write a dean x prophet! reader where they get into an argument then dean leaves to a bar to cool off and when he gets back to the motel they are staying at he finds out that the reader has been kidnapped so he has to go save her and it end in lots of fluff?? please??


You awoke with a throbbing headache that brought tears to your eyes along with the horrible nightmare. You couldnt make out much other then being tied up with someones fist pounding into your face. You have heard of chuck the way he had visions in his sleep but you never did. There was nothing really special about you other then Dean and Sam telling you, you were a prophet. The boys had picked you up about a year ago from your run down home telling you these things telling you people were after you wanting your life. You didnt believe them at first shutting them out until one night you almost died, A man had gotten into your house and held a gun to your head when Dean and Sam came running in saving your life. 

You left with them that night driving you here to the bunker and soon after you had fallen…fallen in love with Dean Winchester and he had fallen in love with you. 

Wiping your tear filled eyes you got up walking out into the hall way and into the bathroom searching for some advil when you found an empty bottle. “Shoot” you mumbled shaking it before throwing it into the trash bin.  

The boys had been gone for about two weeks calling almost every hour to see if everything had been alright. You know you couldnt leave the bunker alone but you need some pain relief. You grabbed your purse digging out your sunglasses putting them on rubbing your temples. Taking in a deep breath you headed to the front door opening it. Ill just keep this to myself you thought to yourself heading out closing the door behind you. The store hadnt been but a few blocks away. 

On your way back you were almost there seeing the impala parked out front. You froze. Taking a minute before heading to the bunker door opening it and heading inside waiting for the wipe lash.

“Y/n!” Dean said in that tone of voice you hated directed towards you. You opened your mouth but was cut off. “Where the hell have you been! I called you a dozen times!” you searched through your purse not finding you phone when your eye caught it on the table. “I-im sorry i had went to the store to get some advil” You set your purse down taking out the bottle you had just brought opening it up taking out a couple pills walking to the kitchen as he followed you. “How many times did I tell you. WE tell you not to leave this place. You got a glass of water and filled it and before you could drink it deans hand was on your arm spinning you around “LOOK AT ME!” you froze feeling a pit in your stomach dean had never spoken to you like this before. “I-Im sorry..” you whispered out but he just shook his head letting go of your arm “Sorry isnt good enough” he gritted through his teeth. 

You could feel tears sting your eyes as he walked away. You set down the glass of water and threw the pills into the sink feeling a hand on your back. You turned seeing sam “The hunt didnt go so well…” you nodded understanding as he walked away a tear fell down your cheek. 

You found your way to the couch wrapping your self in a blanket wanting to forget the fight. You laid down pulling the blanket over your head as your head still throbbed tears still running down your face wetting the blanket. Before you knew it You fell asleep. 


When you awoke You pulled the blanket off your head getting up. Rubbing your eyes you looked at your phone seeing it was almost 11 pm. “Did I really sleep that long..” you said to yourself about to head down the hall way but saw a piece of paper laying on the table. Picking it up you read ‘Went to the bar with sammy be back soon’ You sighed throwing the piece of paper away. “You couldnt have woke me up!” you grumbled to yourself.

Getting something to eat You sat back down on the couch turning on Netflix starting a movie marathon. It was a little past 1 am when you turned off the tv about to head to bed. Heading down the hall way you heard a crashing noise from the library making you jump. Putting a hand on your chest you started to walk back. “Guys….” you spoke hoping they had come home. Turning the corner you looked into the library seeing a stack of book had fallen off the table where Sam had left them. “C-Cas…” you spoke slowly walking in picking up the books when another crash came from the kitchen making you drop the books again. “Guys this isnt funny…” you spoke now scared.

You walked out of the library Seeing a Very tall man all dressed in black. You lost your breath before taking off running down the hall way “You cant run from us..” you heard the man say as you ran into your and deans bed room slamming and locking the door running into your closet closing that holding the door knob shut. The man started to count as he walked down the hall way You could only hear him faintly. Pulling your phone from your pocket and called dean. “ready or not here I come!” You heard the man say right before he started to kick at the bedroom door. “Answer your phone!” you grumbled As tears ran down your face.

The door came smashing open and you gripped the door knob tighter As the phone stopped ringing and went to voice mail. “Dean…” You whispered ever so lightly right before the man jerked open the closet ripping the door knob from your hands. “Found you…” The man said in a low voice as the phone dropped to the floor. You screamed as he grabbed your leg yanking you out of the closet. You tried to grab onto anything grabbing the wall. Just as you did another man showed up stomping on your arms making you let go with another scream “No! Please!!” You sobbed out as the man tied your hands and feet before slapping you “Shut up!” You sobbed more “DEAN!” you screamed once more before they gagged you putting a bag over your head.


Deans phone was sitting on the edge of the pool table as the little green light blinked telling him he had a new message. But this was over seen as he was winning the pool game. “Last Call!” The Bar tender called out as dean chugged down his beer. “Lets get out of here” Sam spoke patting dean on the back.

Dean grabbed his phone turning the screen on seeing a new voice mail and a missed call from you. He put his phone to his ear plugging the other so he could hear starting to walk out of the bar. He stopped once he was outside. his eyes got wide as he listened to the man ‘Found you’ As soon as you screamed on the voice mail dean was running to the car. “Dean whats going on?” Sam asked following his lead jumping into the car as they sped down the road.

As the impala came to a stop they both jumped out running to the door finding it wide open. Running inside they saw a chair was knocked down books and papers everywhere. Dean ran to check every room “Y/N!” he yelled in hopes you were still there. He ran into the bedroom freezing when he was the closet door open. Almost everything in there was now pulled out everywhere. He picked up a shirt closing his eyes knowing you were gone. “no..” He whispered to himself before dropping the shirt back to the floor as sam walked in. Deans eyes looked at everything trying to find some clue but only came across a blood trail that led out of the bed room. He followed it with his jaw clenched following it all the way outside then it stopped. He knelt down looking at the tire tracks. Sam walked outside holding something in his hand. Dean stood up looking at him as sam held it out. He took it in his hands finding the necklace he had given you on your birthday. You never took it off. 

“Im going to find the son of a bitch who did this sammy…And im going to kill them..” Sam nodded heading back inside knowing they had alot of work to be done.

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28. - I Know This is the Part Where the End Starts.

Falling out of love is hard. Falling for betrayal is worse. Broken trust and broken hearts. I know, I know.
Thinking all you need is there. Building faith on love and words. Empty promises will wear. I know, I know
And now when all is gone. There is nothing to say and if you’re done with embarrassing me. On your own you can go ahead tell them
Tell them all I know now, shout it from the roof tops. Write it on the sky line,
all we had is gone now. Tell them I was happy and my heart is broken. All my scars are open. Tell them what I hoped would be, impossible, impossible.


I couldnt tell you how I drove all the way out here safely but somehow I managed to do so despite me not being in the right state of mind. All I know was that I needed to get out of that stifling hospital and be around somebody who had never seen any wrong in me.

Parking my charger in the driveway of my childhood house, I sluggishly slipped out of the car and made my way up to the front door. Right about now I needed to be in the presence of my youngest brother otherwise I was surely going to lose it. Mickey some how had the ability to not make me feel like such a fuck up and I was really needing his positiveness if I was gonna make it without doing something that would land me back behind bars.

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Good Times

The first time i ever smoked weed i was 14 and with my two friends of the time. I didnt know that i only had to have a little bit to get baked or any idea what my tolerance was but i took like 7-8 bong rips and still felt nothing, and my friend said we needed food so i offerend to go with him to get it. When i stood up from the couch, it hit me like a bus and i just fell right over. i litteraly couldnt stand for an hour so i just laid there on the floor whole while they laughed at me and ate snacks that they wouldnt share with my crippled ass😂

😂 yesss
Between The Lines: Part 3, Preview 3 ( LONG preview! hope this is okay, wanted to give you something - even if its a tidbit.)

Notes; I WILL TRY WITH EVERYTHING IN ME TO POST PART 3 TOMORROW. lol. But meanwhile, enjoy this. Its hilarious (or least I thought so baahhaha.) More tension, lots of tension & teasing. ;)

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