and i still can't get him quite right

i never actually liked the way i draw maric, so i decided to practise a bit and ended up drawing him the exact same way oh my 

The First Day

by sunsetsrmydreams

To Jessa, who blew up our world with a tiny drabble inspired by a grocery store. Thank you for being so encouraging!  

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I guess, I probably have to say Mr. Jet Li. He and I, we did two movies together. One is Once Upon a Time in China II and the other one is Hero. And both of them, fortunately, came out to be quite classics. So, you know, hopefully in the future I get to work with him again. [x]

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The newest chapter had me thinking. Hak clearly stated now that he won't be the Wind tribe leader ever again. I've read many fanfictions in which Yona is queen and Hak is still general which I saw as a very much possible ending for AkaYona- till now. I can't help but stupidly hope now that Hak is eventually going to be Kouka's king instead :D I mean, if not general, then what would become of Hak? Just continuing as Yona's bodyguard, nothing more? Wouldn't that be way too unsatisfactory? :/

Hmmm, yeah, Hak’s outcome in this story for me is as cloudy as both Yona and Soo-Won’s are at this point. That’s not to say they won’t be cleared up before the end, but it means that there are currently a lot of theories that could potentially be correct. If we rule out, as you suggest, that Hak eventually returns to being the Wind Tribe leader, and that he doesn’t just stays as Yona’s bodyguard (I agree, I’d like something more from him) some of the theories that I’ve either pondered myself or have seen and liked are:

  1. Yona does not become queen and she and Hak travel as more liaisons in a similar fashion to how they do now except that they are known and official and carry some actual power to help make decisions with the ruling bodies of the neighbouring countries.  
  2. Yona does become queen and Hak her consort. I say consort because, let’s be a little real, if Hak becomes full-on king it’s possible that people will turn to him for answers instead of Yona and play the “she’s just a woman” card because they don’t know her and assume Hak (as a male and ex-general) has more authority. I can’t see Hak liking this or taking to being king all that well, so I think he’d be happier with the consort title. 
  3. And possibly my favourite theory at the moment, Hak takes on the role that Joo-Doh currently holds and becomes Sky General. He will live in the palace and could be married to Queen Yona, but still has his old general job (except he represents the Sky Tribe rather than the Wind) and a place on her council which allows him to also help in political decision-making. 

These are probably the ideas I like best, but the latter two require Soo-Won (and Joo-Doh for #3) to be removed from office, and I still haven’t decided quite yet what I want Soo-Won’s fate to be. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if we get more hints in later chapters as to what might happen, but until then feel free to add any more future-Hak theories to this list ;D

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Hi! I know many people've mentioned this before but those fans who hate Nina (almost Azazel's fan) are childish as f*ck (sorry). In the main tag snb I saw one wrote: "Nina apologized without feeling guilty." Of course she does. They clearly show Nina blushed because of being ashamed, right? More important, "SHE CAN'T OPENLY ADMIT HER LOVE" wth? I think she was really serious in this love so she can't tell anyone so they dont have chance to use this love to harm HIM. I need sb to share my emotion

Hello! Don’t worry feel free to share anon :D

I think it’s important to underline how Nina is still a teenager. True, it seems like her being in love isn’t the problem this time, so maybe this won’t sound reasonable, but hear me out, she’s still quite young. I can get why her naive attitude isn’t liked very much, but personally I won’t judge her for it too much, because she’s just a teen and the gang is on their 30s more or less: that’s a huge gap for thinking-wise, you know, younger people tend to be more careless.
She’s surrounded by grown up people, only El is younger than her - and even him has suffered enough to grow up faster than Nina, I’m sure.
Besides, Nina has always lived in a peaceful village, her only problem was to not being able to transform as the other dragonfolk children did. Of course, she had her traumas too (with her dad’s death), but compared to the snb gang, she’s still the cheerful teenager excited to be at the capital.

So, about openly admitting her love, I’ll challenge any teenager out there to go and say out loud how in love they are with their s/o to those who are their parental figure. Because that’s what’s happening with Nina. But I believe there’s more than just that.
Let’s think about the conversation she had with Favaro. It’s obvious they both knew what they were talking about. And why do you think she didn’t said she loved Charioce? I believe she decided to not tell anyone because she cares about them. If she went and said about what happened the night before, I’m not sure if the gang would still accept her.
All Nina wants is just to protect the ones she cares about, which are both them and Chris. This doesn’t mean she’s willing to help one side if that would hurt the other. It isn’t stated anywhere, she wouldn’t be able to do that.
So that’s why she’s keeping it, to succeed in helping both, probably aiming to the coexistence between them. I truly believe she wants to do that.

However, beyond all of that - even if that may not look like it - her development is slow paced, but it’s there. It may be not clearly showed, but by the way she looks deepin thoughts, those silent scenes in which they show us her thoughtful face… I think the focus on them was made to show it.
In those frames we can only assume what she’s thinking about, but I guess she’s pondering about what to do. And I also think what Favaro said in episode 18 will help her settle her own intentions too, for the better or the worse. 

Now, looking at what may or may not be waiting for us in episode 19, I guess she’d get more resolute. I have faith in my child!

Coffee Shop AU

A soft sigh escaped the raven haired teen as he entered a coffee shop, the bell above the door chiming loudly in the nearly empty store. It was a small place, a few booths set up by the window overlooking the street, as well as a few on the far wall, and one table. It didn’t offer as much as the bigger chain stores could, but everyone that came in said that the tastes between the places didn’t compare. This small little shop always won out. Most that stopped by to get their coffee rarely stayed, often heading out after they had paid, though there were a few regulars that sat in the shop to enjoy.
“Danny is that you?”
Blue eyes to turn and look to the archway that lead to the back, “Yeah it’s just me.”
“Thanks for coming in a bit early,” Sam smiled coming out from the back, her hair tied back away from her face, “I knew I could count on you.”
Smiling at her he nodded, “You don’t ask me for favors often and i don’t mind helping you out Sam you know that.”
Violet eyes looked at him thankfully, “I know. Thank you Danny.”
Watching as Sam pulled off her smock and hung it on a peg he waved to her as she headed out. He had known Sam since middle school and she was the one who had talked the owner into giving him the job here. While she still prefered the darker clothes that she had when they were in most of middle school and high school she didn’t mind dressing out of her prefered gothic style. Shaking his head Danny headed off into the back, clocking into his shift and pulling on his own smock before he started to work.
He didn’t mind working the late night shift, it wasn’t like he got overrun by customers, and he would be gone before the rush of people came in before heading off to work. Yeah he found himself picking up after the other shifts a lot of the time but he didn’t mind too much. He had plenty of down time to work on things that he needed to do for school or just take a moment to relax as he set things up for the next shift.He was lucky if he saw more than six or seven people the entire time he worked.
Well it was the middle of the night, most people didn’t come to a coffee shop this late, but the owner had insisted that they were going to keep this place open twenty-four seven for those that did want it. Then again, when the main classes for the college were back on there would be more people coming in to grab a cup or two, however, because there were only a few classes running over the summer most of the business from the college was gone. It was better for Danny this way though, he could concentrate on his work and with little else to distract him he would actually get it done and not put it off until right before it was due.
Grabbing the broom he headed out to the front ready to run through his list of nightly duties.


The bell above the door chimed, though Danny didn’t have to look up to know who it was that had come into the store. Making his way back behind the counter he started to make the customers order. Glancing over he saw the man sit in his usual spot by the window, not even bothering anymore to come and place his order. When Danny had first started working here he had questioned the person that had trained him about it, but they had just shrugged. He had been coming almost since the coffee shop had been opened, ordering the same thing from the owner until they had it memorized. no one had heard him talk since then, his order getting passed to each new night shift worker by the previous one.
Every night he came in at the same time, sitting in his booth and watching out the window. It was almost like clockwork and Danny had gotten to the point that he knew what time it was when he came in. Walking over he set the cup down for him before heading back to what he had been doing. The first few days that Danny had worked here he had found the man unsettling, but now, now he found that his presence was calming. For the stretch of time that it took him to finish his coffee, always an hour from when he had come in, there was another person there with him. Granted they never talked or said a word but it was still nice.
He wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he had studied the man from afar on more then one night, and tonight he found his eyes drawn to him even as he worked on filling the dispensers. His skin was a smooth golden brown that most people who went to tanning salon would envy, and the flowing silver hair only seemed to add to his mystery.
There was no doubt that the man was hot, and though Danny had, when he first started to work here, tried to talk to him he still never said anything. He wanted to know more about him but anyone that he asked said the same things. He came in, got his drink, sat there until it was gone then left leaving a nice tip on the table. No one knew anything else, and if they did they weren’t saying anything. With a soft sigh Danny turned back to what he had been doing finishing and heading back towards the back.
Tonight though he found his eyes still drawn to the man. It wouldn’t be the first time that it had happened to him, nor he doubted that it would be the last. There was no helping it, the mystery of the man had drawn him in, but the longer that he had worked there the more he found himself wanting to know his story. Why did he come here at this time every night? Was he remembering someone that he had lost? Or was this simply something that he had done for so long that it had become a habit for him to do so. So many things that he wondered, though he doubted that he would ever get the answers to.


Just like it always was he stood after an hour after he had sat down.
“Thank you for coming,” Danny told him with a smile, “we’ll see you again.”
It took Danny aback when the man smiled, actually smiled, at him before he turned and left, the small bell over the door chiming at his departure. It took him a minute to gather himself, who would have known that the man would have such a great smile, before he headed over o the table to wipe it down.
Like it always had after he left a twenty dollar bill sat on the table for him, but this time there was wha looked like a folded up piece of paper on it as well. Curious he picked it up and read what had been written on it in the flowing handwriting.
‘You look very nice tonight Daniel.’
Blue eyes stared at the piece of paper blinking a few times not sure what to make of it and reading it more than once. Danny hated it when people used his full name, he was only used to hearing it when he was in trouble or getting teased by Sam, though she quickly stopped after he had threatened to start using her full name as well. This though, he couldn’t mind this. The fact that a man who had never said anything to anyone had left him a message to tell him how nice he looked…
A wide grin split his face, he couldn’t help it. He had said something to him! Well he hadn’t actually said anything but still! Bringing over the tip he dropped it into his tip jar, the note itself going into his pocket. He would have to say something back to him but going up to him and saying something to him still didn’t feel quite right. So how could he give him a note without being super obvious about it? Thinking of the perfect way that Danny could say something back to him he started back to work, tomorrow couldn’t get there fast enough.

Agent Carter Sentence Starters - #2
  • "You lousy krauts are in big trouble once __________ gets here!"
  • "Would you mind changing that?"
  • "You moving?"
  • "I lost my roommate."
  • "You think you know people."
  • "What would you suggest?"
  • "I'd hate for you to grow tired of me."
  • "You sure you're reading the right kind of want ads?"
  • "I can't stay."
  • "It's too risky."
  • "Well, if you're certain you wouldn't like to see the master bedroom."
  • "Perhaps one night..."
  • "Just another day at the office."
  • "I'll be standing by with the car at ten to."
  • "Oh, don't be lewd!"
  • "Cancel them both."
  • "I could be your second pair of eyes."
  • "And how do you plan to find it?"
  • "Oh, you've popped a button."
  • "Well, what's the worst that can happen?"
  • "Please! I'll tell you anything you wanna know!"
  • "I don't know what the hell you're talking about."
  • "Is it a person or a place?"
  • "Eliminate all opposition."
  • "Now, are you gonna help me or hinder me?"
  • "Has he never heard of a bus?"
  • "Makes even less sense in the light of day."
  • "I've never seen anything like it."
  • "Excuse me, Sir Isaac Newton."
  • "What do you think did it?"
  • "I need to pop out for a minute - personal matters. Cover for me?"
  • "Can I help you look?"
  • "Get wigglin'."
  • "Perhaps it will be for the best."
  • "I don't have long so listen very carefully."
  • "Make it disappear."
  • "Shall we leave straight away?"
  • "To your very good health, gentlemen."
  • "It's ten forty-five in the morning."
  • "So it's personal - this attack?"
  • "Time out."
  • "Ow! Bloody hell..."
  • "What's your name, darling?"
  • "Stick around. We could use your help."
  • "And how am I to help?"
  • "How comfortable are you with this?"
  • "You'll be dealing with the ladies."
  • "Hold on a moment, sir. Excuse me. Sir?"
  • "Where does that lead?"
  • "May I?"
  • "I said stop!"
  • "Can I be of any further assistance?"
  • "I'm not gonna lie to you. You're in a bad spot."
  • "I don't believe you."
  • "We're under a bit of an accelerated time frame here."
  • "Just. Give. Me. A. Name."
  • "Don't say I didn't try to do this the easy way."
  • "You can threaten me all you want, but I'm not talking."
  • "Ladies shouldn't be seeing this."
  • "You boys play nice."
  • "A penguin could get here faster."
  • "I found one!"
  • "I'm late for my appointment!"
  • "I've- I've no idea what you're saying!"
  • "Don't make me come out there!"
  • "I'm thinkin' maybe it's me."
  • "I'm afraid I wouldn't make a very good neighbor."
  • "Too late!"
  • "Oh no! Nazis! Again!"
  • "I rather enjoy it actually."
  • "Are you trying to butter me up?"
  • "How flattering."
  • "It did seem a terrible waste though."
  • "We're gonna need a new stick."
  • "Hot damn! Let's go, boys."
  • "And here we are again."
  • "Should I leave the engine running in case you trigger another explosion?"
  • "On this occasion, I've got my own ride home."
  • "American women are so weak. You are coming with me!"
  • "Is that all you've got?"
  • "What would I ever do without you?"
  • "Why does this keep happening?"
  • "It's so hard getting straight answers out of people nowadays."
  • "Get out."
  • "Car trouble?"
  • "What the hell are you doing here?"
  • "I thought you'd be more impressed."
  • "I don't need your help."
  • "I want protection."
  • "Well, that seems incredibly brave or incredibly stupid."
  • "All finished!"
  • "Uh, bit of a snag actually..."
  • "Ooh, don't shoot yourself in the face."
  • "You did say you wanted to help."
  • "Stop fidgeting! Nothing's going to happen."
  • "Did either of you hear that?"
  • "Shake him loose!"
  • "Shoot up!"
  • "Well, that's suspicious."
  • "Pull. Over."
  • "If you do not pull over this instance, I will have no choice but to shoot you!"
  • "For God's sake, will you please stop shooting things!"
  • "Do I even need to ask?"
  • "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
  • "I hear it!"
  • "Jump clear!"
  • "This is where I get off."
  • "The hell is that?"
  • "I need to find out where you hid them."
  • "You're the only one who knows."
  • "Help me stop them."
  • "I think we should retrieve it immediately."
  • "Allow me."
  • "I used to come skinny dipping here as a kid."
  • "That's a sight."
  • "Somebody knows what we know before we know it, and it's really starting to chap my ass."
  • "You're quite good at that."
  • "You're very fortunate, you know?"
  • "Look me in the eye and say what you meant."
  • "Oh, you're so right! How I managed to stay alive before I met you, I have no idea."
  • "I can't tell if you're being arrogant or ignorant."
  • "If I allow people to get close to me, I put them in danger."
  • "You were his support."
  • "Your desire to help others is noble."
  • "As you were."
  • "She's a slut."
  • "You're gonna love living here!"
  • "Were you limping as you came in?"
  • "I still say it's him."
  • "You bet against me?"
  • "Nobody's lucky forever."
  • "You'll never be able to defeat my secret weapon!"
  • "Think I found something big."