and i still can't draw women

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can u maybe sell me on the magicians cause i can't decide if i wanna watch it or no

okay that’s a lot of pressure but here we go:

  • you’re going to fall in love with all of the characters. even ones that you may not like all the time (for me, sometimes i find quentin a little bit grating, but only sometimes), there’s still something very interesting and real about them that will draw you in
  • speaking of characters, there’s so many different and complex women on this show…i just, completely lose it when i think about it tbh, it’s one of my favourite parts of the show. you’re constantly fascinated by their individual journeys and backstories and choices. they’re all amazing in their own way, and i really appreciate that
  • there are obviously romantic pairings, but one of my favourite parts of the show are the dynamic between the friends and friend groups. they do a really good job of exploring the healthy and unhealthy aspects of friendship, and how important those relationships are, while showing both the beautiful and ugly parts of all relationships
  • i don’t really know how else to explain it, but it’s one of the queerest shows i’ve ever watched - but in the sense that it just feels like a world where being queer isn’t a big deal, so when characters have instances that are queer whether overt or coded, it doesn’t feel out of place and it’s not made into a huge deal
  • MAGIC! FANTASY! LITERATURE! imagine you woke up and found out that harry potter did exist, and you were chosen to attend a hogwarts-esque grad school to learn magic…that’s basically what these idiots are thrown into and it’s wild from start to finish
  • they deal with a lot of themes that i love being explored on tv, including but not limited to: mental illness, trauma, loss, addiction, feeling of belonging/lost, found family, etc 
  • the continued theme of fantasy vs reality, and what it means to escape into those worlds even within a magical world is explored and it’s a very interesting theme they examine
  • there’s a good balance of ‘i love this goofy show’ with ‘holy fuck this is dark as hell i’m wrecked forever’ 
  • from a technical aspect, the cinematography and colouring/lighting is really well done (ex. the contrast between brakebills vs nyc/safehouses in terms of saturation/desaturation and what that means thematically/symbolically is just…i Lose it)
  • warnings: there are quite a few instances of violence, death, abuse, plus there is a huge rape warning that i can message about the ep if you want…and in general, the show isn’t perfect, it has it’s flaws like everything else but overall it’s one of my favourite new shows i’ve seen in a while

some of my favourite out of context moments to help intrigue you further:

  • there is a scene where two books fuck and one of the characters says in response “love wins”
  • while two magicians are having sex they literally float in the air while fucking like what kinda extra shit 
  • there’s an entire taylor swift musical number i kid you not
  • this quote: “the world never did help a smart girl. why would it? we scare the shit out of the world. if the world goes after you, take it as a compliment.”
  • there’s an ep where a character’s parents are engaging in a roman era-themed orgy party
  • julia wicker. just her entire character i love her
  • the below scene plays ‘medicine’ by daughter in the background and at this point this is more for me than you because i just need to point out it was one of my favourite song choices ever made on a tv show thanks @ the magicians 

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Ever tried drawing women? I have this problem where I can draw a mans body on fleek 👌 but I can't even woman. Even though I am one myself. I'm wondering if you have a similar situation.

Yeah, of course lmao but I usually just like painting them. I’m not that good in drawing girls either but I still sketch them every now and then. I enjoy drawing guys more though. Of course because I like guys lmao. I think they’re pretty much the same but girls have more of a soft and smooth figure. They also have wider hips, slimmer waists, and shoulders. While guys look more sharp and bulky lol idk

this is all i know aaa im not even good at anatomy why are you even asking me