and i started watching this show so :)))

so i assumed as time went on i’d start to move on from black sails and start being a semi-functional human being again but it turns out that the more time passes the more time i have to digest just how fucking incredible it is and the more my love grows????? what the fuck???? like its almost been three months since the finale and at this point i love this show so much i feel like im gonna explo d e all the time?????????

holy fucking shit please let me go and also never let me go

i’m watching this movie called the 4th man out and it’s about a group of dumb macho dudes and one of them comes out as gay and they all act self-centered about it but eventually they realize it’s not about them and they start trying to show him they support him as much as they can and so far it’s so funny and sweet

I woke up and read some annoying comments about Ned’s quote:

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

Poor Ned must be rolling in his grave.

People are misunderstanding the quote with their blindness and hate: that words are an hope to stay together not to put one Stark against another.

People use a very important quote to start an useless war when Ned wanted to stop an useless war when he said that… wow, how wrong is that? 

Who was the genius that thought it was a good idea to twist the meaning of that quote?

Also, what show were these people watching until now? 

The Starks keep quoting each other since forever.

Anyone remember:

“ Keep your shield up or I’ll ring your head like a bell”? 

“We have so many enemies, we need to trust each other”? 

“There must always be a Stark in Winterfell”?

And more and more?

And I’m going repeat myself but let’s be clear on this, while it’s true that the pack was a recurrent topic in Arya chapters and no one is saying otherwise that quote is not originally Arya thought, it was NED that said that to Arya in her chapter… so what? 

Did Arya steal Ned’s quote?

Just to think that it’s foolish.

And since it’s Ned’s quote, NOT ARYA QUOTE, and the Stark keep repeating the same catchphrases ( to be honest I always scream like a crazy when one Stark said a catchphrase because I love this kind of parallells, an indissoluble link between them even when they are not together) is it so unbelievable to think that Ned said that to 2… 3… 4… 5… all of his children?

He had 6 children, not one, who know which catchphrases he used more and how many times he use them.

And for all we know that quote can be something the Starks are saying for centuries now… or maybe it was Rickard Stark quote originally… there are so many possibilities but some people thought it was better to share some hate on one character before anything else.

Dancing w/ Ten
  • heyyyyy yyyy yy y y yy
  • bae got another request <3<3<3
  • god, i miss him sooooo much, i really hope he’s doing well :///
  • oh, and btw, this was kind of bad??
  • like idk what happened to me but i had 0 creativity w this one
  • but, let’s start this now shall we
  • okay soooo,,
  • you would probably randomly show up to nct’s practice rooms all the time
  • i mean, he probably spends most of his time there so you’re always like
  • “hey (◕‿◕✿) i brought food (◕‿◕✿) i love you (◕‿◕✿)“
  • it wasn’t a surprise for him anymore, lmao
  • so, going to the story
  • you were sneaking again on the practice room to see ur boi
  • you had his permission to come this time but you entered right when he was already practicing
  • you silently you sat in a corner of the room and watched him dance
  • the music was too loud for him to even hear when the door opened and he had his eyes closed the whole time as he danced passionately
  • so he never noticed that you were in there
  • and, this is reall random but you probably got the perfect view of his butt
  • so you were like ¯\_ ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° )_/¯ the whole time
  • and btw you never saw that choreography before
  • and you couldn’t tell if he had it memorized or he was freestyling because of how fluent his moves were
  • and when the song finished and you standed silently from your spot and surprised him with a backhug
  • hit the stage memories :’)
  • okay, but i actually never actually watched that, i only watched some of the shoots where ten appears and his performances lmao
  • he even fell into the ground and you were just laughing so hard that you couldn’t even breath lmao
  • “oh my god, i really hate you sometimes y/n”
  • “yeah i love you too baby <3<3<<3<33<”
  • he held your hand and pull of it to make you fall softly into his arms
  • can you imagine how warm and cozy they probably are i’m crying
  • “i’m not that sweaty yet, don’t worry”
  • but you were still like eWWwwwWw
  • “ok but sorry for what i did earlier, i just wanted to surprise you"
  • and he was probably going to answer you with his normal sassiness
  • but instead he stayed in silence longer that you expect
  • and when you separete from the hug you saw how his eyes were shining when he looked at you
  • “what?”
  • “do you want to dance with me?”
  • and you were like ?!??!?!?? what
  • “i was thinking about creating a new choreography but i need your help in this one, baby”
  • and you felt SO insecure in that moment
  • you never really felt confident with your dance moves, and especially if you had to dance with him since he’s so talented
  • and when this prince noticed your worried expression he hugged you and even laid in the floor, having you whole over his
  • “i swear that there’s nothing to worry about, y/n. you’ll do great”
  • but you accepted after thinking about it for a few moments more
  • and after he did aegyo for you, lol
  • and y’all started to prepare for the whole thing right away
  • and you were really surprised by how serious ten was when it came to music and dancing
  • y’all spent like 20-30 mins choosing a song together and you could see how he was listening carefully to every beat
  • and how his body would naturally start moving at the rhythm of each song and hoenstly, it was amazing
  • and he would see your suprised expression and he would smile so widely
  • and he was actually a sweetheart when y’all e started with the dance
  • he was so caring with you and his moves were so gentle
  • even his words would be said softly and sweetly
  • “that was great! but be careful though, it’s kind of hard to do it”
  • “wow, y/n, you’re doing even better than me!”
  • “are you feeling tired? we can take a break if you want to”
  • honestly, i don’t think no one is good enough for this angel
  • he’s just too perfect for this world <l3
  • and y’all wouldn’t even realize all the hours that y’all spended inside that practice room until y’all decided to take a break
  • and when you saw how late it was both of you were so surprised because it was so late??? like what???
  • “let’s go out for dinner then, y/n”
  • “you’re paying”
  • “y/n, i’m a l w a y s paying”
  • lmao
  • and the end i guess
  • this was so boring i’m sorry
  • idk what happened to me lol

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this crazy beautiful exhausting day is finally over! after hours of adrenaline high-high i'm coming down and calming down, feeling drained, but blessed. and i can finally let go and cry. this was one of the most powerful experiences in my entire life and i wish it would never stop.

Oh anon this made me cry. This is so beautiful. I’m walking home right now back from work with the widest grin on my face. And I can’t wait to finally get to my apartment and actually scream out loud hahaha.

It doesn’t have to stop, anon 💛 this show has consumed my life for the past year now (omg i actually started watching more than a year ago wtfff) this show changed me. I know i sound corny but it did. It made me kinder, more patient, more understanding, more empathetic, more hopeful, more creative, and more human. And I’m planning on carrying that with me. Forever. 💛

And so should you. *huggggssss*

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hows about for a big chubby chick who loves chilling at home. i love watchin anime and movies, and i also am an artist so i draw a lot. i love cooking and always feed my friends. dont like to go out too much unless its to see a movie or a show at a comedy club. i love comedy but im terrible at coming up with jokes myself. ive been told i come across as cold or intimidating when first getting to know me, tho i am generally very polite and nice (ive been told im TOO nice several times before)

I’d match you with Undertale Sans.  

You actually end up meeting Sans at a comedy club–and he’s the stand-up comedian.  You started chatting after the show, and he’s been enamored ever since.  He doesn’t find you intimidating, and he’s the master at coming up with jokes on the fly, so you’ll end up having a fantastic evening.

He’ll be happy to watch you draw (and Papyrus will be delighted to pose for you, so bonus points with Sans if you draw Paps), and he’s quite familiar with anime thanks to Alphys, so he might surprise you by being a fan of the same one.  Also, the cooking thing is a huge plus for him because it will hopefully help Papyrus improve on his own cooking, and Sans would love to eat your delicious home-cooking.  

*Matches are closed.

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What did you make ship Lapidot in the first place ? I mean, before they even interacted ? I don't remember if you already talked about it, but I'm curious XD (Also I noticed the asks about the whole "Earth ships Lapidot" thing and idk if you know about it but you should def check out stuff about the "Papakolea Beach" aka "olivine-sand beach" :^) )

I’ve written about it in the past, but I can’t find the post now lol (I can only find bits of it saved in a Word document for some reason).  So…

Basically I binge-watched the whole show right before the Week of Sardonyx and, during the hiatus that followed Friend Ship, I started to dabble in the SU fandom for the very first time over on deviantArt.

I kept on seeing Lapidot art everywhere and I was honestly like “wtf?!  They’ve never even said a single word to each other on-screen, why would anyone even ship this??”

Eventually, I’d seen so much of it that I started to think it was kinda cute!  Peridot and Lapis were (and still are) my faves, and they looked so nice together :D  There was some real potential form them to have an amazing dynamic due to their contrasting personalities…

Then I started to actually sit and think about it some more.  Logic is my forte, after all, so there was no way that I’d just let myself fall into shipping hell without giving the idea some serious analytical thought first.  Over the next couple of weeks I gradually got a bit obsessed with the idea of Lapidot being a very viable ship (that had the potential to perhaps even become canon one day, despite them not having even spoken to each other at this point in time) because:

- They were both stranded on earth with presumably no way back to Homeworld (Lapis albeit trapped in a fusion, but there’s no way Malachite was ever going to last forever), maybe they’d bond over this?  Maybe they could even end up living together eventually, and discover the earth together?!

- Peridot was getting quite wild and seemed afraid of something in Friend Ship, Lapis was scared and going through a traumatic experience in that toxic fusion, so maybe they could comfort one another? 

- One is an ancient Gem and one is a very modern Gem, so they’d compliment each other in that way? 

- Lapis had control of water and Peridot had been seen using electricity, so their elements would be opposite just like Ruby and Sapphire (hello, Garnet parallel)? 

- Green and blue are analogous colours and just natually look good together?

So yeah, by this point they’d become my OTP ;D

so having watched camille and amanda`s scenes in 3x02 of stitchers and really liking their chemistry and their characters, should I watch the whole show from the start? How many episodes is it and is it worth the watch? Im intrigued by the premise of the show :)

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How did you become a fan of the Zootopia movie? First time watching it?

I have seen it for the first time and loved it 😄😄😄 especially the expressions of Nick, Judy and their chemistry 💖💖💖 Then I just adore Bogo and his expressions sooooooooo well drawn, I just can’t help to do something for him and trying to find some official Disney comics and ended up with @rem289 art. I thought it was original, but no a fanart 😄😄😄 So I said, why not to start drawing again? Since August 2016, I’m hereeee to show you my work, I hope you like it so far 😳😳😳 Thank you anyway 😊 😊 😊

read the written update...

… and there’s like 2 minutes of interesting footage that wasn’t in the precap, so i’m NOT watching the episode today. i’ll just watch those 2 minutes with tomorrows episode and lb it then. 

jesus, i hope this isn’t the start of a slippery slope to me quitting the show. 😐😐😐

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Aikatsu! Stars for the anime meme?~

haven’t heard of it | absolutely never watching | might watch | currently watching | dropped | hated it | meh | a positive okay | liked it | liked it a lot! | loved it | a favorite

don’t watch period | drop if not interested within 2-3 episodes | give it a go, could be your thing | 5 star recommendation

fav characters: Ako Saotome has by far the best character development in this show, she is adorable. Also I like Lily Shirogane a lot.
least fav characters: Kasumi sisters. O V E R R A T E D
fav relationship: Ako and Yume’s friendship is so good 👌 👌 👌 My fav relationship is Kanata and Ako’s, however. Personally, I don’t care about romance, I started to watch Aikatsu series not because of it, but because I liked the designs and art style. BUT! For the first time I REALLY want them to be together or at least to become good friends. I want her to finally notice him, because his advices to her are always good ones. Of course, sometimes he can speak a little bit harsh, but I don’t think he does this on purpose. I’m not hoping them to become a thing, but I want to see their interactions more :3 
fav moment: Ako playing her role after ep.45′s performance. This moment had a strong impact on me. It wasn’t that sad, but I nearly cried because I was SO proud of my child, and I thought that she would cry instead.
headcanons/theories: There is no Male Division in AS universe. M4 are the only male characters in the school, but they have to study apart from others.
unpopular opinion: 1. Ako should have been the third one in MC’s trio, not Mahiru. I don’t feel the link between her and Yume, while in Ako’s case I do. I still can’t understand why they chose her over Ako.
2. I don’t care about recolored coords and designs from the original Aikatsu. Why should I?
3. M4 are useless rn.
how’d you find it: While I was watching original Aikatsu! ongoing, I saw an announcment of AS. 
random thoughts: I noticed that all KanAko shippers I’ve seen so far are rather calm people. I can’t say the same to SubaYume shippers, lol. I’m still traumatized by their comments, tbh.

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Hey I was wondeirng if you could create a Yuri on Ice au based off of the hit show "Empire"?

I am so sorry. But I never started to watch the show so I can’t create an AU for it ;___; 

It was to much drama for me in the commercials for the showxD 

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Your artwork, stories, and other posts convinced me to finally start watching the LWA tv show, and I'm currently binge watching to catch up for the season finale. So, thank you!

Aaaaahhh! You’re welcome!! And thank you!!

TMNT "When Worlds Collide" thoughts

How do I sum up how bad this was, without spoilers? Like so: if this was the first time I’d ever seen these boys, I wouldn’t like ‘em. I wouldn’t even finish watching this episode, it was so badly written.

And on a quick review of every episode this season, and half of them from last season, I realize that this is consistent. The entire family feels like a collection of strangers who just happen to be in the same room sometimes, and the strong family bond that was about 75% of what I loved is so invisible in this show that I’m starting to wonder if I imagined it.

I don’t know what source the writers are pulling from, but they damn well aren’t touching on anything that made any of the other canon interpretations of this family so strong. Even the OT, with its extreme goofiness, had more heart than this.

Congrats, Nickelodeon writers: you’ve made this series less appealing than the short-lived live action show.

So I started watching Skam from a very short time and I finished season 3 less than one week ago and I already missed to see EVAK in season 4, but then today this beautiful clips showed up and I was so happy, but then I remembered that now it all ends and we are never going to see them together again and I feel sad about it, but at least they are a beautiful, sweet couple and they’ll take care of each other and this fills my heart with joy, SO TOO MANY FEELINGS, I CAN’T HANDLE THIS.

I Loved to Hate You PLL: A Farewell Letter

When I started PLL I was 16 or 17 years old and now I am 24. I watched the show cause I loved the books and although the books are waaaay better I still loved this fucking annoying ass show. Through countless A reveals and me rolling my eyes here are some last words I have to say.

-I’m team Ezria I’ve always been they deserve to be happy OK
-I HATE EMILY she was so annoying for a couple seasons that now when she speaks I just roll my eyes
-can I talk about how different the characters are from the book? Hanna is brunette, Aria is the same basically, Spencer is blonde, Emily IS A GINGER, and Ali… Sasha is exactly how I pictured Alison to look like but book Ali is NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH GUYS
-Marlene King should never be in charge of a show with a murder mystery plot ever fucking again
-I used to hate Spencer but honestly she’s the best one speaking of let me rank the liars REAL QUICK
5. Emily
4. Aria
3. Alison
2. Hanna
1. Spencer
Fight me if you want
-I know y'all love him but I fucking can’t stand Caleb he’s so annoying like if you’re so tech savvy why can’t you stop A?!?!
- if Melissa or Wren is A.D. I’m SUEING
- I really hope it’s someone shocking
1. Twincer
2. Melissa
3. Spencer’s Twin
4. Caleb
5. Lucas
-Mona was the best character on this fucking show sorry
-I really wished they made Ali more like book Ali that would’ve been amazing
-this show is the reason curling your hair came back
-imagine if Maya came back….
-pour it out for all the homies we lost on this show (but in retrospect did I like anyone that’s dead?)
-also the finale needs Jason’s hot ass
-im still attracted to Ezra and idc
-Shay Mitchell has the best hair I’ve seen on television don’t @ me

I’m gonna miss this dumb show. One of my best friends and I are only friends because we bonded over this show. In high school me and my friend wrote two harmless A notes and put them on the bathroom doors lol. This show has not only been a wild ride but has taught me that patience is a virtue. Fuck you Marlene and I love the cast and especially the liars. Y'all will always have an A shaped hole in my heart.