and i started thinking about how he died

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Oh, oh no~. Rebecca, I'm so sorry. This might have feels. I was thinking, after Mabel warms up Stanley, the Pines go showing him around the Shack and intend on showing him how the town's changed. Then Wendy storms in, demanding to know what's up with the gravity. Stanley sees her, looks surprised. When she asks why he's staring, he looks her in the eyes saying, "You look just like your mother." Stanley knew Mrs. Corduroy, mistaking Wendy for her for a moment. He doesn't know yet that she's gone.

After getting over her surprise Wendy starts asking Stanley lots of questions about her mother. Since she died her father doesn’t talk about her much. Wendy misses people talking about her mother.

if you don’t think lisa was an important person to dean and saved his ass from going off the deep end in the year he didn’t have sam, ya need jesus to come down from the clouds on high to slap some sense into you

After they had been walking through the darkness for a while now, side by side, Gilbert suddenly started crying.

Not with any noises, just tears that streamed down his cheeks and dropped off his chin. He quickly used his right hand to cover his eyes but the tears didn’t stop, of course not.

Alice on his right side looked up at him surprised.

"Oi, Seaweed-Head! Why are you suddenly crying?!", she blurted out in her always direct manner and Oz could hear a bit concern in her voice, weak, but definitely there. 

He must have realized…

… Oz thought to himself and watched the expression of his servant.

But instead of the deep sadness he’d expected to see, Gil looked more determined than ever. If it weren’t for the tears, Oz wouldn’t even have suspected that there’d be something wrong. But those drops of salty water continued to fall and Oz could only try to imagine the pain his servant must feel right now.

Ten years must have been a long time. A very long time to get used to the presence of someone, to them being just there. Even if Break had annoyed his servant, Oz knew that Gilbert had liked that man, had considered him a mentor.

Maybe, no, of course, even a friend. 

His actions at Isla-Yuras party had proven just that. 

And now he had to leave that man behind. Had to let go of ten years full of memories and precious moments and feelings. There hasn’t been a ‘Goodbye’ and Gilbert had just realized that.

So even if Oz himself felt that crushing loss tugging at his nerves, he knew he had to push that back to the deepest corner of his mind. He would have time to grieve about it later. 

Just as Gilbert had time to break down later. Now was only the time for silent tears.

So in another silent gesture, Oz just took the swaying left sleeve of his servant’s black coat as they continued walking further into the darkness. 


So this is shamelessly HSM inspired. Song is here.

“Nico! Come here.” Nico turned and glared lightly at his boyfriend who waved him over to where he stood with his siblings. Slouching over, Nico quirked an eyebrow at the assortment.

“What do you want Will?” The blonde pouted at Nico’s irritated tone.

“You know how cabins have traditions?” Will started as Nico rolled his eyes. “Well the Apollo cabin has one of… well, actually now that I think about it… I’ll let it be a surprise!” Will had the audacity to poke Nico on the nose while talking, causing the younger to swat his hand away with a real glare plastered across his face.

“Then why did you call me over here?” Nico crossed his arms and quirked an eyebrow. He knew that Will could get carried away, but this is scatter-brained, even for him.

“So that you can witness the awesomeness that is about to go down!” Will flung his arms around as he spoke, his grin widening impossibly. Will turned back to his siblings as Nico sighed.

“Alright guys, time to get this show on the he road!” his brothers and sisters cheering back before they all set off at a march after Will, Nico trailing behind curiously.


The Apollo Cabin strutted down and into the arena, all carrying instruments of one kind or another. The news spread like wildfire, campers flocking to watch the show. The clanging of swords faltered slightly as the Apollo cabin filed into the stands, setting up instruments and tuning up as the crowd grew.

Before the crowd had arrived, Jason and Percy had been in the midst of a friendly-turned-competitive duel, their weapons clashing loudly as they rushed each other over and over. The few campers in the arena had been placing bets for the winners, the odds changing every second as the upper-hand switched.

Once most of the campers had settled and the Apollo kids finished setting up and preparing to play, the two combatants got back into their prior rhythm, crowd or no crowd. Will waved his arms around to silence the audience, most looking excited while some, Nico and newer campers, just looked on in confused fascination. One of Wills siblings , Austin, took the position of conductor while Will grabbed his guitar and settled in with the other guitar players. Austin counted down before the broken opening notes of the song started to the sounds of cheers and laughter, Will strumming his     guitar, grinning wildly.


Take it back to the place where you know it all began

The crowd roared with laughter as a few slow campers caught onto what was happening. Nico was as confused as ever.

We can anything we wanna be

You can tell by the noise that the boys are back again

Together making history

Campers were starting to join in as the song continued. Jason and Percy’s faces were growing increasingly red as their concentration started to slip away.

Its time to show how to be a superhero

Just like a showdown, Will Smith and Bobby DeNiro

Nico didn’t know who they were but a few Apollo kids put on sunglasses as they sung the line. He could see Jason laughing from here.

We’re the best, no doubt, doing it like we used to do

This is our time and I’m telling you ALL!

The stands were on their feet now dancing with the music, singing with the Apollo cabins. Jason and Percy had pretty much stopped fighting to join in themselves. Nico had never heard this song before in his life, how did everyone know the words? The crowd yelled as the next lines of the song came through.

The boys are back, the boys are back!

The boys are back, gonna do it again!

Gonna wake up the neighbourhood

Nico felt the urge to cover his ears as the crowd somehow got louder, but instead flushed when his boyfriend caught his eye and winked. Percy and Jason had sheathed their weapons.

The boys are back, the boys are back!

Climbing up the walls anytime we want

The boys are back, back to save the day

Nico rolled his eyes as the Sons of Jupiter and Poseidon struck exaggerated hero poses.

The boys are back, oh yeah!

The song continued to the swaying and singing of the camp, accompanied by the Apollo kids. Somewhere during the performance, Jason and Percy had begun to dance and perform moved that looked choreographed and strangely fit with the song. Nico decided he didn’t want to think about that too hard. He had shifted and sat next to Will as he strummed along with the song, though he wasn’t singing, just smiling widely at the movement around him.

“So what’s with the song?” Wills fingers stuttered on the strings before he regained his place, continuing to play, shooting Nico an incredulous look.

“Are you kidding me right now?” Nico just stared blankly at Will. Will shook his head before continuing to speak, “It’s a song from High School Musical, ever heard of it?”

“Uhh, no. I don’t really frequent musicals if you couldn’t already tell.” Nico gave Will a weird look as he laughed.

“Oh my gods Nico, it’s not a musical… it’s a Disney movie. That’s our tradition. At least once a summer the Apollo cabin performs a song from the movie. Geez how do you not know it? It’s iconic.” Nico nods at Wills explanation, nothing more needs to be said. Continuing to watch the show being put on by Percy and Jason, his attention being pulled to Will when he snorts as Percy seems to be pushing an invisible ball while Jason flies up into the air briefly, miming sitting as he flies.

“Percy and Jason make a good Troy and Chad don’t they?” Will turns to him.What?

“A good who and who?” Will sighs at Nicos question.

“Damn, I have to educate you in the wonder that is High School Musical.” Nico was sure he disagreed with him but didn’t make any comments. He grabbed Wills hand as the song finished enthusiastically and to loud cheers.

Ok so I just imagined Thorin reading like a really sad story — probably something akin to those super heartwrenching fics Kat keeps recommending to me where half the couple dies or someone thinks they’ll be left all alone forever — and he starts crying, but he tries to hide it because Bilbo’s sitting in the armchair nearby and I just…

(hitched breathing from the couch)

"…….. Thorin, are… Are you crying?"


(cue very quiet sniffling)

"Shall I get you a tissue…?"

"No thank you I am PERFECTLY FINE."

(poorly disguised hiccups and sobs)

"Thorin, I—"

"Alright, I’m NOT perfectly fine, and I will NEVER BE PERFECTLY FINE AGAIN!"

And then Thorin proceeds to break down and rant about how it’s not FAIR and that x-character DESERVES to be HAPPY. And then he gets a tissue to blow his nose because crying is gross business. Meanwhile, Bilbo is torn between thinking he’s a massive, adorable dork and being genuinely concerned because Thorin seems really torn up about this and maybe they ought to watch a Disney film or something to help him feel better since those tend to end happily.

Remember that time Brenda drove Claire to get an abortion, waited for her to get out, and cared for her afterwards? Well, I do and for that she gets all the credit in the world. But if that wasn’t enough - remember how she stayed to comfort a guy she just met when he found out his dad died? Or how she sacrificed so much of her life to take care of her mentally ill brother, asking for nothing in return? How about all those times that Nate came to her door, in desperate need of her help, and she helped him? How about when Lisa came to Brenda for a massage, starts crying and Brenda comforts her, giving her kind thoughtful advice? Brenda adopts Maya, presumably treating her with full kindness. 

I don’t think she gets enough credit for being a wonderful, selfless person in the end. 

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I don't like the Griffith(Femto) we have now because he is a demon, pure evil. YES Femto is a a piece of shit rapist. But I disassociate him with human Griffith, imo the true Griffith died at the eclipse.I think we are on a similar page going by your reply to the last person. When I started Berserk I expected Griffith to be much worse than he was the way people bitched about him. I was surprised to find that he's a very real character who has both a good and bad side.

I think the Griffith we see now is a corrupted one, but Griffith was never a shining beacon of light. That’s how he was portrayed, but he was always sinister, ordering murders and plotting to/killing the queen are just some examples. I’ve never said Griffith is a bad character, but he has a lot to answer for, and has done some very fucked up things, even if people say “oh but that was femto not griffith” femto is griffith, griffith is femto, imo. I do think he is a piece of shit, especially after what happened during the eclipse 

I have this 1984 AU where I like to imagine how all the Hetalia nations would be dealing with 3 dystopian governments and 3 aggressive super-states. I had already spent some time thinking about how England’s brothers would be faring during this AU, which is anything but positive. To start with, Northern Ireland dies before the start of the AU during the Nuclear War. The other brothers have been all affected in different manners. 

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That Bellarke for for best CW couple is from December and Jason DID tweet about it, more than once. The Finn/Flarke shippers even yelled at him for tweeted about the poll since Finn had just died.

(1) but that poll started in december. do you really think jason will still be tweeting about it 4 months later? it’s a poll that never ends.

(2) He isn’t promoting it because it isn’t a cannon ship and probably never will, except as a platonic ship, Bellamy may love Clarke but she doesn’t love him back.

Amazing how the haters really love to come to my ask box and annoying me. 

I usually don’t reponse a things like this, but today, I can’t avoid it. 

So, it’s from December? Alright. 

Let’s talk about these ones?

This ones are from March:

USD POLL : The 100 - Should Clarke and Bellamy be a thing ?

USD POLL : If Clarke was to die on The 100, which character would most likely take the lead role on the show?

USD POLL : What TV series (2013 - 2014) has your favorite opening sequence?

Amazing how he just promote Cl(e)xa and ignore all the other things… Like you can see, the polls above aren’t just about Bellarke… But no, he ignore all of this things and promote Cl(e)xa all the time.

The poll isn’t to promote the show? Well, he can share all the ones that I shared here and promote the show as well. 

So, Bellarke isn’t cannon. Wonderful. I really love that argument. 

I’m not ignoring the fact that Cl(e)xa did happen. And how amazing was that. A kiss and Clarke telling Lexa that she wasn’t ready to be with anyone. 

A betrayal that hurt Clarke and put all the people that she love in risk. 

An amazing relationship this one. Where the people who claim to love you hurt you and ignore all the sacrifices that you made… 

Who let you to die. Who let your people to die. I really love this relationship. (Feel the ironie over here alright…) I love the way she left Clarke to die. Because Jason confirm on twitter that Lexa did think that all the Sky People are dead. Including Clarke. 

And wrote my thoughts about how amazing is Cl(e)xa over here if you want to read it, go ahead (you won’t because you are a Cl(e)xa shiper…) : Probably, an unpopular opinion… - anti-clexa post -

I’m wondering if you have read all the interviews that Jason gave after the season finale. 

I’m going to share some links with you to remember you, in case you forgot.

1. [x]
2. [x]
3. [x]
4. [x]

Should I continue?

About the argument that they are platonic, I already wrote something about that, so, I will share the link because I don’t want to repeat myself, here it is: Can I share some thoughts with you dear fandom?

And now, I’m done with you and all this crazy ships wars. 

To next anon who send me hate, be advise that I won’t going to answer.

Have a nice day/night!

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((Imagine kaneki dies and tsukiyama vists his grave seeing hide. Wondering who this guy is. Tsukiyama finds out that Guy was kanekis best friend. They chat a bit and talk about kaneki. Hide says "it's my fault that he's dead." And tsuki is like " no. It's my fault your bestfriend is dead...I shouldn't have let him go...." They both start crying and talking about how kaneki was such a nice guy and how he was so sweet. I'm sorry I think about hide and tsukiyama becoming friends.

YOU GUYS!!!! i was playing my rejected playlist like 3 minutes ago and Left Behind from Spring Awakening came on and i started thinking about how tragic it is that Moritz killed himself over not getting into the school he wanted to and i sorta had an epiphany and stopped crying and idk remembered how i’ll probably end up loving whatever school i end up going to and that I can try to transfer to barnard next year if that’s what i need to do. i’ll work really hard and get good grades and then make them accept me as a transfer student. and THEN The Fire Within Me from Little Women started playing and fucking jo march’s sister DIED and she felt like she had nothing but then remembered the promises she made to her sisters and pulled out that sadness to write amazing books. none of that was part of her plan but in the end she still got to do what she loved. and i dont know how or why this happened but i just feel like things will still be okay

its really weird that musicals made me feel sooo much better.

>playing da:i
>bffs with varric
>have to inform a dalish woman her brother has died
>think that it’d be best to be clear about how he died rather than being ambiguous, hit the dialogue option that just says “blood magic”
>dorian is mildy amused, cassandra thinks it’s acceptable
>varric now wants to murder me, screams at me for being a dick
>woman starts crying about being publicly humiliated in front of her clan

Worlds 【=◈︿◈=】

So after listening to worlds about 30+ Times I started to really think more about the themes of the songs, how it paints a picture of a beautiful end, and how Porter has mentioned he’s a gamer and played a lot of MMO’s when he was younger.

He’s talked about when the MMO’s he used to play would end in an interview when asked about the theme of Worlds. The thing about mmo’s is that it’s an online server, so you can’t go back a few years later and play it out of nostalgia… when an MMO dies it’s gone for good… all of the experiences you had, friends you made, adversity you overcame is gone.

When you really care about an MMO, it becomes your escape from all the terribleness the world has to offer and when this happens, it’s no longer just a video game, it’s a place, a place you care deeply for, it’s a place… a world you prefer, and in that world there are adventure to be had and shared, friendships forged in battle or lost due to greed.

Worlds gives me sense of a nostalgia for those moments that I shared in another world.

This is why worlds is my favorite album.

“And give life to our world… that’s our home”

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Hello! Can you clear something up please? I've only watched the 2004 movie very few times, but I'm home sick and it's on Netflix so I said "why not".... During Hannibal when the managers are walking around and Mme. Giry is doing introductions, she said Christine was orphaned at age 7...but during Angel of Music Raoul did the whole "14 and soaked to the skin bit" and they talked about her father and yeah. I'm asking is how does that make sense and why did or didn't cut out Angel of Music

Actually, did Raoul ever do the whole ““rescuing the red scarf” bit in the 2004 movie? I’m watching that scene and he doesn’t; he just walks in and starts saying, “Little Lotte let her mind wander…” So I don’t think it’s brought up. Christine does mention at one point in Hannibal: “It’s Raoul… before my father died, at the house by the sea… he used to call me Little Lotte.” So it’s pretty explicitly stated there that they met before Papa Daae died. I don’t think they ever bring up subsequent meetings, though.

Of course, this gets into the issue of how the hell they still remember each other when they met when she was seven years old at the oldest.

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shippiest forever episode? I vote 113 even though it's a lot of jo mourning her husband. favorite forever episode? i dunno! I kinda like the nazi episode a lot. what do you think happened to "she would be 94 by now" (can not remember her name) ? it's weird how rarely Henry dies these latter episodes, isn't it?

It’s hard because almost every episode has at least one great shippy moment, but yeah, I’d have to say 113.  I’ve been doing a rewatch with Husband because he saw an ep and made me show him the rest from the beginning.  Before we started I told him about the interview with the creator that said Jo and Henry were not going to be romantic, just two broken souls who help each other heal.  Now every time there’s anything that can be seen as shippy he elbows me and says, “Oh, sure.  They’re just friends.”  It’s made the rewatch really entertaining.  (He also likes to lean over and do an exaggerated wink every time there’s a line about living forever or lots of lifetimes - which is EVERY EPISODE.)  He’s the best marathon buddy ever.

The Nazi episode was last night on the rewatch.  It was a good one, but not my favorite. I really like 111, 112 and 113 - but I might have to go with the pilot.  It was a really good pilot.

Abigail!  I think she left because she was struggling with the apparent age difference.  There were hints of that in the one with the dancing, foreshadowing, probably to when she would eventually leave.  I can’t say that I blame her.  I mean, she knew what she was getting into and knew it would come to that eventually, but it doesn’t make it any easier.  It would be awful trying to leave the house together - trying to leave the house at all.  Plus, I’m sure she worried about what he saw when he looked at her.  The real problem with her leaving, for me, is that she didn’t just leave Henry, she left Abe.  I can’t imagine making the decision to voluntarily never see your son again.  So maybe there was more to it than just the age difference.  Hopefully.

He’s doing such a good job staying alive and not testing stuff on himself.  Maybe he’s making an effort not to be booked for indecent exposure again.  Or maybe Jo’s doing a better job of keeping him alive.  Probably both.

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Read your meta, now that I think about it I'm surprise he didn't at least fight back, he just started begging her to see that he's changed. I don't think she'll forgive and forget about what's happen but I can see her showing him mercy when She and Lily returns for him and the vamps. I'm sure the vamps are feeding off his blood, which is making him weak, which of course if he dies then Jo, her unborn child and the coven dies. I can see Bonnie seeing how ruined he is and show him mercy for sure.

yes, my thoughts exactly!

and to clarify, i didn’t mean to say that bonnie would completely forgive him right away, but i do think that she would be able to see it from his perspective

also, i’m thinking she might show kai a bit empathy because she would understand what it’s like to always be used by vampires, if the human blood bag theory is correct, which it probably will be :)

  ;outofbullshit !!!!! i forgot to tell u guys that the model i have is a trans.
   and then he started talking about the stars. around three in the afternoon,
   he asked me, ‘do u think time travel is possible??’ and then i started
   explaining the tachyonic particles and the break in the energy infinity
   barrier that will allow us to time travel. he, however, believes that if
   ever we do, we r only allowed to go forward and not backwards. and
   then i contradicted that. eventually, we talked about the cosmos, the 
   formation of the stars, and how a star is born or dies. and then
   s t a r d u s t. pls take note that we were both aggressively speaking
   in english and he swears a lot and i do not swear much but i swear 
   all the same. and this three girls beside us kept looking at us ( and me 
   tbh since i was facing them ) and then they left. and then i told my model
   about this and he said, ‘they know we’re fab’