and i started thinking about how he died

Anakin Skywalker - I Hate You But I Love You

Requested: Yes. ( reader always being defensive/rude/emotionless around anakin bc she doesnt want him to know her true feelings but one day they’re in a battle and Anakin gets seriously hurt and when the reader sees him in the med bay she starts yelling about how he couldve died and how much it wouldve hurt for her or smth? ) + ( Can u please of an imagine where u and Anakin are fellow Jedi and he thinks u hate him but u actually love him and he has a crush on u and during a mission u risk ur life for saving him and almost die and just a lot of fluff. )

Prompt: Anakin has a crush on the reader but he thinks she hates him and in reality, she loves him but she doesn’t want him to know how she feels so she hides it with fake hatred. When on a mission together, they both get hurt and scold each other for it, their true feelings coming to the surface.

A/N: I hope this turned out okay and that the two requests being mixed wasn’t an issue! xx

“I hate this.” You muttered to yourself as you walked next to Anakin. You both were on a mission on the planet of Geonosis and you were on your way to find Count Dooku and fight him. Your were both padawan learners but your Masters sent you two together, trusting you enough to handle it while they dealt with other problems. Sometimes you questioned their decisions, but you didn’t complain. You liked a challenge. Just not one that involved Anakin.

“Can I ask why you hate me so much?” He asked in a harsh tone, stopping in his tracks which caused you to stop as well. The truth was, you didn’t hate Anakin. It was actually the exact opposite. You loved him, and you had for years. But you didn’t want him to know. You knew that if he knew, he would just break your heart. Jedi aren’t allowed to love, and even though Anakin was pretty good at breaking rules, you were sure that was one rule he probably wouldn’t break.

“I just do, okay? You annoy me.” You said, crossing your arms.

“I annoy a lot of people, that’s no reason to hate me. And we used to be friends, Y/N. What happened?” He asked.

You rolled your eyes and laughed sarcastically, making sure to keep your act going. “Yeah, used to be friends. Past tense. Look, I’m sorry if you don’t like it but I just hate you, okay? Now can we get back to the mission?” You asked, tapping your foot impatiently.

He just scoffed at you before walking ahead of you, bumping your shoulder as he passed. You took a deep breath and sighed before turning around and catching up to him, making your way to where Dooku was hiding. 

When you arrived, you both drew out your lightsabers and looked around. When Dooku showed himself, you ignited them and prepared for battle. “Y/N L/N and Anakin Skywalker.” He chuckled. “Padawan learners, am I correct?This should be easy.” He said, taking out his own lightsaber.

“That’s what you think.” Anakin said before lunging at him, Dooku blocking his lightsaber with his own.

You rolled your eyes. Anakin had no patience at all. But then again, neither did you. You were about to join in on the fight against Dooku when multiple droids came in behind you at once. “Why me?” You mumbled to yourself before rushing over towards where the droids were, your lightsaber at the ready. 

They were the really dumb droids, as you liked to put it. Easily beatable. But there were quite a few here and it would take some time to get through them all. You began working on them, easily taking them out one by one. They tried shooting at you, but failed each time because of how quick you were. After a while and a lot of quick movements, you had taken them all out, pausing for a moment to take a breath.

Just as you did this, you heard a yell from behind you, causing you to whip around just in time to see Anakin falling to the floor with one arm missing. Your face was a mix between panic and anger when you saw this. You hoped more than anything that Anakin was okay, but you wanted to kill Dooku for what he had done.

Dooku was standing above him and you knew what would be coming next if you didn’t get over there now. You ran over them as fast as you could, stopping right in between the two of them and blocking Dooku’s lightsaber with your own before he had the chance to kill Anakin. “Get away from him.” You said sternly, using all of your strength to push Dooku back. You succeeded, but he got back up immediately, laughing at you.

“Padawan learners. You think you’re so much more powerful than you are.” He chuckled, whipping his lightsaber at you but you just managed to block it. With a look of pure rage on your face, you were doing the best you could to fight him off. 

“I am powerful.” You said, hitting his saber with yours again. “I can take you, Dooku.”

He laughed again, not saying anything as the fight grew more intense. You could feel Anakin’s gaze on the two of you as you fought, but he didn’t have the strength to get up.

You began to get caught up in your rage, not focusing on anything else. It blinded you. It was allowing you to do well, that is, until you slipped up once. Just one mistake, and that ruined it all for you. Dooku struck you in the side, causing the skin to pierce and you fall to the ground immediately, your lightsaber falling with you. Dooku used the Force to push you back towards where Anakin was. The intensity of the push caused you to hit your head hard on the ground which lead to you falling unconscious, everything around you fading to black.

When you woke, you were in the medical part of the ship you had arrived in with Master Windu. You groaned, you felt pain throughout your whole body, but it wasn’t as bad as you had assumed it would be. You had a headache from being thrown on the ground, and your side felt like someone had stabbed you- which they did. But it was wrapped up, meaning your injury had already been dealt with and would probably feel a lot better soon. 

You sat up and turned to your side where Mace Windu, your Master, was sitting. “Are you alright?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Yeah…yeah, I’m fine.” You said, looking around. “What happened? Last I remember I was fighting Dooku, and then this happened-” You pointed down at your side. “- and then I blacked out.”

“Well, just after you blacked out, myself and Masters Yoda and Obi-Wan showed up along with a few others for backup. We managed to capture Count Dooku, you and Anakin did a good job until we got there. I’m proud of you.” He said, patting you on the shoulder.

You smiled. You liked being praised for your skills. But your smiled faded and turned to worry once you processed the name ‘Anakin’.

“Anakin, is he alright?” You asked Master Windu.

Windu nodded. “Yes, he’s fine. However, his right arm has been severed and he is getting a replacement now. Him and Master Obi-Wan are already back on Coruscant getting that dealt with.” He said, pausing for a moment after he spoke. “I’m surprised you’re asking, usually you couldn’t care less about Anakin.”

You rolled your eyes. “That’s not true.” You said, but he gave you a look which caused you to roll your eyes. “Okay, maybe it is. But this is different. I’m just curious, alright?” You said with a shrug, causing Windu to chuckle.

“Whatever you say.” He said, beginning to stand. “We’re landing, by the way. You can go visit Anakin if you’d like and then go rest. I’ll let you off these next couple of days so you can heal.”

Once he left, you also stood and headed for the exit of the ship, anxious to get to Anakin to see how he was doing. 

Once off the ship, you rushed inside as fast as you could without causing yourself pain, hurrying down to the medic area. There you saw Anakin resting on a bed, a metal arm in place of where his normal arm used to be. “Why weren’t you more careful? You could’ve been killed today! Do you know what that would’ve done to me?” You scolded him as soon as you approached his bed, him looking at you in surprise.

“How would me dying affect you at all? You hate me, remember? Please, enlighten me, Y/N.” He said, raising an eyebrow and waiting for a response

“Hm, I don’t know, Anakin. Maybe because I don’t hate you and I actually love you!” You blurted out, not realizing what you had said until you saw the look on his face. You turned around, making sure no one else had heard, which luckily they didn’t, before you took a deep breath and prepared for what was to come.

“You- you do?” He stuttered, clearly stunned by what you had said.

“Maybe.” You said, crossing your arms out of habit.

“Well then why do you act like you hate me?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows. 

You sighed. “Because…I’ve always been worried that you wouldn’t feel the same way if I told you, or if I made it obvious. So I put on the hate act, hoping that it would make me not like you anymore, but if anything it somehow made me like you even more.” He was smirking by the end of your sentence which then lead to you furrowing your eyebrows. “What?”

“Well, you’re in luck.” He paused, reaching for your hand and lightly pulling you down to sit next to him on the bed. “Because I happen to love you too. Not that I want to admit it, but I’ve felt this way for years now.”

You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face. “Really?” You asked, your cheeks beginning to heat up.

“Really.” He confirmed, laughing slightly at your reaction. He was used to seeing you so emotionless and hateful towards him, not smiling and blushing at him. But you were great at hiding your feelings. 

After hearing this, you were no longer afraid to do the very thing you had been wanting to do forever. You leaned in and placed a gentle kiss to his lips. You felt his uninjured hand move up to your cheek as you did so and then he began to kiss back. It was the best feeling in the world and you felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. All you wanted for years was for Anakin to know how you felt, but you had been to scared to tell him. But it was finally happening.

When you pulled away, you were both smiling. You couldn’t help it. Anakin’s gaze then fell to your side which was noticeably wrapped up due to your wound. “You could’ve gotten killed today too, you know.” He frowned, gently running his fingers over the gauze wrapped around your side. 

“I know. But I couldn’t just stand there and let you die. What else was I supposed to do?” You shrugged, a small smile on your face. “Plus, I saved your ass and I’m pretty proud of that.”

“Well, thank you.” He chuckled. “But seriously, I don’t want you getting hurt because of me again.”

“Anakin, relax. I’m used to getting hurt in battle.” You said with a shrug.

“That’s not the point, Y/N.” He sighed softly, looking at you. “I just don’t want to see you getting hurt when it should be me taking the fall.”

“Well, I feel the same way about you.” You said. “So I guess we’ll just have to protect each other anyways.” You smirked, nudging him slightly.

He just rolled his eyes and chuckled slightly as he looked at you. Neither of you believed you’d actually end up together but now that you were, it was the most amazing and surreal feeling ever. The only downfall was that the two of you would have to keep your relationship a secret from the Council, and everyone else for that matter. But you new you’d be able to do it. And you also knew the statement you had made about protecting each other would end up meaning more than just something you said in the moment. Being as reckless as you both were, you knew you’d end up having to look out for each other just as you had done today. And in reality, you had no problem with that.

The thing I love most about CarSam is how weird it is that they’re friends. They did not always get along and mainly just tolerated each other for Jason’s sake. When he “died” they grew closer. They started confiding in one another, supporting each other, and it was weird for them too. But they both love Jason so much and he loved both of them so much that it was the natural thing to do to cope with his absence. Now, I don’t see them getting their nails done together or going on girls trips. Carly and Sam have a lot in common but they are also very, very different. In my head I see them more as family (I mean they technically are through kristina/michael/marriage). They don’t need to hang out all the time but when there is a crisis they are there for each other. Their dynamic is fun to watch, whether they’re being nice to each other or they’re bickering.

I wonder if Bail Organa ever told Leia stories about Padmé - like, what if he never told her the full story of Anakin and Padmé, just that him and his wife adopted her after her birth mother died in childbirth. But just imagine Bail tucking her in at night and telling Leia stories of how her mother fought hard in the senate, escaped being killed several different times, and really started the revolution for freedom. And every time Leia started fighting for the rebels, she’d think about how proud her birth mother, Padmé Amidala, would be for fighting against the Galactic Empire so diplomacy could resume in the galaxy.

Star Wars: The Chosen One

In consideration to the Chosen One prophecy, lots of people have been confused as to how the Chosen One would bring balance to the Force. The prophecy states that the Chosen One (Anakin) is to balance the Force, implying that the light and dark sides will stop bitching at each other. Now, the Jedi assume that this means that the Chosen One will destroy the Sith and resume the peace that was led by Jedi rule. However, I have a differing opinion.
I think that the Chosen One is the one who brings balance to the Force by dissolving both the Light and Dark sides and unifying the Force as one.
Think about how Anakin went about fulfilling his prophecy. He started with murdering almost all the Jedi, then was on his way to destroy the Sith. Unfortunately, the Sith seduced him and he strayed from his destiny, aiming to take on another apprentice. Eventually, Anakin leads to the death of Obi-Wan and Sidious, Yoda dies, thus leaving Luke as the last of the Jedi. Anakin ended up destroying the last remaining elements of the old Light and Dark, leaving Luke and his sister as Force-sensitives. With the last of the old order destroyed, Anakin fulfilled his destiny.
But what about Luke’s Jedi order? This is where the balance was tipped again. Because Luke started to make another Light side, he was essentially tipping the scales which were balanced by Anakin’s life and death. Thus, as per the natural order of things, the new Dark side arose as a means to counter this, leading to Kylo Ren’s turn to the Dark side and the rise of the First Order. Of course, Kylo was simply imitating Darth Vader through his murder of the Jedi, not truly realizing the purpose Anakin’s slaughter fulfilled.
In sum, Anakin brought balance to the force by extinguishing the Dark and Light sides, only to have Luke bring the Light side up again and, in turn, cause a Dark side.

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My house where I grew up is like 200 years old and when I was small apprently I used to say the bad man is hiding under my bed but I would say it at least once a week. Turns out someone had been murdered in my room in their bed... whoops


Okay, so, when I was three until I was seven (when we moved house), I had an imaginary friend. His name was Thomas. I was an only child and so my parents didn’t think much of it. I spent a lot of time playing alone– or with Thomas. Until I started telling my parents about Thomas. He was five. He was always five. And he played with wooden toys. A wooden duck on a string. Shit like that. And then I told my mum how Thomas died. A horse trampled him outside of our house when the road was dirt.

I told her this shit when I was four. Like??? I was an imaginative little kid but there is no way I could have come up with anything like that on my own. My mom was very creeped out. I can still remember Thomas’ face…

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I've been meaning to ask you: when/how did you start shipping Dramione? :)

Ages ago. I think it was about 2003 or 2004. One of my best friends bought me The Philosopher’s Stone and forced me to read it. I was a goner after that. At first, I looked up Sirius fics (this was before he died) and then started writing a Remus/OC fic on Fiction Alley. It was very long and overwrought, as is my wont :P But then I discovered Dramione and my initial reaction was “pffft!” as I thought it was all romantic fluff. I was quite reductionist about the whole pairing, sadly. The ship was still new at that point and I hadn’t read some of the defining, legacy stories yet. The major D/Hr story of the time was Cassadra Claire’s Draco Triology, which wasn’t really exclusively Dramione to begin with. Anyway, I challenged myself to write Dramione, purely as a lark, picking one of the most cliched plots I could find. This ended up being The Dragon’s Bride. But as you well know, once you start, you realise it’s such an entertaining ship to read and write for. I was hooked. And that’s how it all started!

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Yeah I feel like they will deny it and then some time later (whenever possible) something come out about how it was faked and he was manipulated, something like that. Maybe that just before a coming out (which I dont think TMZ will get but is a great explanation for a faked pregnancy story)

i feel like its gonna end with them saying louis always knew he wasnt gonna be a dad. maybe not right away but eventually. i do think a pat test is coming soon but once this story dies out they will start debunking plenty of other things so louis comes out of this clean and 100x more famous

i still dont think she was ever pregnant or (if she was, the name is not freddie because thats a joke) so eventually ppl are gonna realize theres no birth certificate.

So I just saw the force awakens again and in the forrest scene after Han dies I started thinking about Kylo Ren based on the perspective that post (the one about how his face after he stabs him is one of regret not satisfaction) and things got a lot more interesting.
Let’s start on that bridge scene. He says “Can you help me?” And then stabs his father. He’s instantly horrified by what he’s done. He shoves his saber further into his chest, as if it’s a desperate attempt to make it work. Killing him is supposed to relieve the tension that’s how it works why won’t it work. Han touches his face, and Kylo Ren retracts the blade because he’s realizing what he’s done and is too torn apart to look at what he’s done, almost as if pulling the blade out will mean it never happened.
Then in the forrest. His first words after killing his father are, “It’s just us now. Han Solo can’t help you.” Then he screams, “Traitor!” I started to think of his dialogue as inner dialogue and wow.
It’s just us. Us. The evil parts. Kylo Ren. Snoke. Vader.
Han Solo can’t help you. Killing Han didn’t catapult you into the dark side like you wanted.
BUT. In not helping, Han helped. He helped preserve that light within his son. Which is why Kylo Ren says “Solo can’t help you” and Ben Solo replies in agony, “Traitor!” He knows he betrayed his father and it breaks his heart. I felt like it was weird for him to feel THAT betrayed by just one of his thousands and thousands of troopers but if his words are so heart felt because he’s talking to himself…
He follows that up with “That light saber is mine” Ben sees the path he could’ve taken in Rey and Kylo Ren hates her for it. That’s why he goes after her instead of just waiting for the crumbling planet to kill her.
Am I reading too much into three simple lines? Probably. But it was fun.

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I don't usually write this kind of stuff but today my crush was talking to me and he was telling me about how badly he had to pee and started grabbing his crotch and rocking his hips (during class) and I was so turned on, I was rocking my hips because of course, I was doing a mild school day hold and it was so hot and I think he might be into omo too.

GUGH so lucky!! I would have died…! 
I love classroom desperation too  ✨

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how tf did jane turn clem against kenny? jane was literally right about kenny in every way like she knew he was dangerous and he left clem in the fucking herd @ howes and tried to kill jane over aj. kenny was dangerous and clems safer with jane tbh

oh please, Jane was a bitch and probably half of the fandom hates her and she ruined the whole game! I started to like her at first and saw her true colors and she tried to turn Clem against Kenny and that’s where I had enough of her,cause she is was just looking out for herself and thinking everything is all about her.Yeah Kenny maybe be a jerk for doing that well it’s called Sarita died and he was scared and yeah he left Clem but shit was happening but it’s not Clem’s fault or Kenny..towards the end she freaking pretended to kill Aj just to prove a point to Clem like da fuq? who does that? If Lee was here he would agree with Clem that Jane is a crazy bitch..just running away from her problems

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Answer the 11 questions and then write 11 new ones!

Best moment of your OTP?

Oh man I don’t even know…Destiel just fucks me up man….don’t even get me started on Cockles.(the flirting on Twitter I almost died) I guess my favorite Destiel moment would be maybe the time that Dean and Cas went to that restaurant together in season 10 and he just looked so happy with Cas there and wow yes I just want my children to be happy.

Favorite character? Do you relate to them/how?

Castiel is my favorite oh my god I could go on all day about him and yes I totally relate to him I think that’s why I love him so much. ok so I’ve always referred to him as “perfect”, but what I mean when I saw that is something more like “wow look how flawed you are, me too, look how much of a disaster you are, me too, look how you are torn between wrong and right, me too, look how many mistakes you make, me too, look at how “human” you are, me too. thank god you’re not perfect because neither am I"and he rebelled against everything for one person and honestly I would do the same for @ghstbabe and he’s so awkward and I am too and I just wish there were more words for love because I would use all of them to describe how I feel about him 

Do you believe in destiny?

not particularly, but my opinion is always open to change.

How prone are you to lecture people about your fav (character, show, person, etc.)?

ahahahahahaha you say anything about supernatural I will pull out a powerpoint presentation, lecture you on all my faves and problematic faves and then when I’ve finished with them I will sit you down for the next hour and lecture you on how much I love Cas and the cast and crew of the show :) (this is why i have no friends)

Writing or Drawing?

I’m definitely better at writing, I’ve done quite a bit of fic writing and short stories and I write poetry too. I did go through an art phase a while back, so I do have some art skills, I especially like to paint and do like color combinations. And I’m currently working on a pencil drawing of Misha for him to sign at SFCon.

What’s something you’re proud of?

I think I’m pretty proud of how much I’ve changed over the last 2 years. Honestly I used to be this closed minded person and I tried to copy people to fit in and make friends that were never really friends and now I don’t bother to try and look like others I do my own thing and I may not have that many friends but the ones I do have won’t let me down and I know that they won’t leave me and if they do well….that would be a very bad thing and I would definitely not be okay.

Do you want to get married?

Um…I guess if I found someone I could actually idk “love” (i’m not quite sure what that feels like, ugh the struggles of ace/aro, but I guess I’ll know when I find the person) Idk marriage isn’t really something I would want to do, in my experience any kind of relationship I have with a person (only friendship at this point) ends after like 2 months and I’ve managed to keep @ghstbabe (das my platonic soulmate) and @deanwinchester-is-a-bottom around for almost a year now 

If you could write a monologue for any character, what character would it be and what would you write? (You don’t have to write out the monologue if you don’t want to, but like “love confession scene,” “backstory about xyz,” “explanation for xyz,” etc.)

oooh don’t take this the wrong way but I’m going to turn this into a fic WAIT NO I HAVE AN ENGLISH PAPER AND THIS WILL BE MY THEME YES I HAVE IDEAS. anyway I would write a monologue for Dean maybe like a love confession to Cas via prayer and it wouldn’t be sappy or anything, it would be more like saying all the things that Cas has done for him and all the times he’s let him down or cast him away and it wouldn’t end with Dean saying “I love you” but with “I need you” 

Angst or fluff?

Ugh I’m always up for fluff but when I write fics it’s almost always angst because I like to channel my repressed feelings into my writing and yeah I should probably stop that

If you could erase one thing what would it be?

the memories I have of the first person I ever “loved”. It’s been almost a year and I still think about them and it makes me upset and want to revert back to bad habits. 

What’s something you would never erase?

MY CAMERA ROLL AHHH I have so many memories and important pictures on my camera roll. I have 5.6gb of pictures on my phone that I refuse to delete and my laptop has something like 14gb lmao why am I so clingy to pictures and videos. A bunch are from concerts and a lot are just like spn graphics (bc they’re so pretty ok) and pictures of Misha oh god 

My Questions: 

1. If you could go back in time or into the future, when/where? 

2. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind? 

3. Favorite movie?

4. Favorite/least favorite character? 

5. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? 

6. Who’s you’re biggest hero? 

7. Favorite type of food? Or restaurant? 

8. What do you like to do on a rainy day? 

9. Favorite band/musician? (it can be more than one)

10. Do you have any pet peeves? 

11. Favorite Christmas song? 

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I’m just gonna rant about drugs for a minute ignore this
I grew up my entire life thinking daddy had a heart attack because my mom knew that a five year old couldn’t understand what a drug overdose was. as I got older I started learning that daddy was introduced to drugs when he was 8 and struggled with them for a long time. I had no clue he still did them even after Brenna was born. I didn’t find out that’s how he died until after I had started doing things like that myself. I was so embarrassed I felt like I had let daddy down because everyone has always told me he lives in me that I am Bob Garrison in female form and to turn to drugs was the worst thing I could do to him. I would only do those things when I seriously wanted to kill myself and there was a point I didn’t care what daddy must be thinking of me. but now I am happy and have a reason to live and I don’t want to do any of those things even if it’s just for fun. even if it’s just smoking weed I don’t want any part in it anymore. I lost daddy to drugs the only man who would’ve understood me and cared for me the only fucking father I could have. I don’t know any of his friends because they all died on drugs I can’t talk to his direct family members, my real family, because they’re all so doped up they barely know how to have a decent conversation or they’re in prison because they got caught. drugs have ruined some of the most precious things in my life some of the most important people in my life. I’m trying really really hard to forgive daddy.

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ok so I know my friends would be totally accepting if I asked them to start using he/him pronouns for me bc I think I'm a demiboy but I'm still scared idk what to do the only people that I think wouldn't be that accepting would be maybe my dad but that's not what I care about rn I wouldn't tell him anyways probs but idk how to feel about my gender issues you're my Local Trans Dad ™

i am the Protective Trans Dad here to love u son. ok yes i kno jus how dis is ! all my friends r ttly acceptin n lovin n call me their boy n use he/him but s fuckin scary comin out to ur closest dudes!!! all i gotta day is jus do it visualize how amazing itll feel to finally get it off ur chest (literally amirite ;~] justtransboythings) n lettin them kno who u are!!!! force the words to come out ya mouf no matter how terrifying n itll be amazing i promise

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002. Remus Lupin?

How I feel about this character: I really, really love him. If I think too hard about it I feel really sad though because he just had a terrible life and he lost everything and everyone he loved… and then things just started to get better for him and he died.

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Sirius Black

My non-romantic OTP for this character: I don’t think we really see enough of Remus’ friendship with anyone (other than Sirius)… but Lily or James or both.

My unpopular opinion about this character: I’m not sure I have any?

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: That he DID NOT DIE. Or you know, just that he caught a break once in a while.

my OTP: Remus/Sirius

my cross over ship: I literally just ship Remus/Sirius, I got nothing for this.

a headcanon fact: Ugh, I suck at thinking of headcanons. I might add something here later.

Thank you!

personal rant

ive had this friend for a while now and honestly he makes me feel scared and anxious and yesterday was the final straw. he messaged me out of nowhere saying I didn’t fucking care about him at since his great grandmother died andsaid  I haven’t done anything. I have done things I asked if he was ok, he seems to think I ignored him when trying to talk about how sad he was ehn I don’t remember him started a conversation, I cannt help ive been super stressed with school and finals and it looked like I didn’t care, cause I did care. but he called bullshit on everything I said and said how bad of a friend I was and we should talk in person. that sounded even worse for me because of my crippling anxiety and he wouldn’t leave me alone when I said no. I said I was sorry if I came  across  as not caring but my mental health comes first. he said he didn’t care if i was stressed or axious and he came first???? I’m honestly so pissed and I don’t need him in my life anymore. hes a toxic person who has been doing this for several months. he is trying to guilt trip e into saying yes and making me seem like a terrible person. I’m not and if you cant admit youre wrong, youre a toxic person in my life and I don’t want to stay friends

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If Jon was a girl, I think someone in Winterfell would mention how much she looks like Lyanna, and that might start a conversation between Cat and Ned. "Hey Ned, so about that bastard daughter you brought home, who looks so much like your kidnapped sister we all think was raped, who died around the time of her birth..."

Well, Anon, I’d have to say I’d be in favor of anything that might start that particular conversation, but Ned is awfully pig-headed when he makes up his mind about something and I’m afraid he’d shut it right down.  And considering that he and Cat have a daughter whom people think looks like Lyanna just stubbornly insist upon general family resemblance. 

But I miss the job. They had changed things around to make the shift easier and more streamlined and I was starting to really make friends, Stiwart figured out I spoke a little Spanish so we were speaking a few sentences to each other every day and I was telling him how English speakers have trouble with qué vs. cuál and por vs. para and he was telling me how Spanish speakers have trouble with what vs. which and whether to use from or by etc. I really knew the job and was starting to become a leader. Last weekend Mark who was in line to become a supervisor and who was the one I had the huge crush on, he asked ME a question about how I did something because HE wasn’t sure and I almost died. I loved him and he was drop-dead gorgeous like all-american working class boy and I’m going to miss everyone a lot and I try not to think about it. I have no one I can talk to about this. I guess that’s why I can’t stay away from here because it makes me feel like someone is listening.