and i srsly might have to get it printed


This is what happens when nobody is there to stop me; More Hannibal!Batman crossOver. N as you might have noticed, this AU expands gradually X_x  It all started as a fun exercise n ended in this group-picture/colour nightmare (srsly, picking the right colours was ridiculously tricky). 

here’s a quick who’s who:

Batman!Will, RedHood!Matthew (aka Red Hawk ;3), Catwoman!Margot, BlackCat!Beverly, Batwoman!Freddie, Alfred!Chilton (sound legit, doesn’t it?), Batgirl!Bella, JimGordon!Jack, HarleyQuinn!Bedelia and last but not least Joker!Hannibal.

N because despite all the headaches about this piece, I like the outcome a lot, so I put it into Etsy. Go get yourself a print! ;)