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I'm sorry if this is "too serious" or rambly but.. I'm a female '00 liner and I often feel like my love for Kpop makes people put me in that "typical hormonal teenage fangirl" box that I feel really uncomfortable in. I'm educated, I love all kinds of music, and just because a bunch of musicians make me squeal and I love them a lot makes everything else unimportant? I don't know how to prove that I'm more than my fandoms, how to respond to those people calling me childish. I just don't know how.

tbh it never goes away… which it think is so stupid… if you really like something people automatically label you…. im 18 and people call me those things… the best thing to do is ignore them :) and who cares YOU DO YOU AND I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT JUST TELL THEM TO HOP OFF YOUR BUTT AND THIS IS YOUR LIFE

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i got tickled today .

So my boyfriend and I are on an over night trip for our school’s beta club and he came into my hotel room. I was alone since my roommates were just roaming around and blah blah blah. My boyfriend sat on my back (while i was facedown in the mattress) and started massaging my back since i’ve been sore lately from tennis. He massaged my body up and up until he reached my rib cage and I squealed out loud. Then that’s when it all started. He immediately dug into my sides and I just laughed and squealed loudly into my blanket that I was resting on. As the tickles got harder and faster by the second, my laughter got louder and higher pitched. His hands sped from my ribs to my sides to my thighs and back again. Over and over. It seems to never end for me. Then he flipped me over, pulled up my tank top and starting giving my raspberries. {HOLY JESUS THEY TICKLE LIKE HELL}. I started laughing even louder and kicking my legs. I screamed once or twice as he began to assault my belly with swiftly moving fingers and an evil mouth.

Gosh….he’s so perfect.


Okay ignore the disgusting watermark at the bottom left, I’m still learning how to do this. But besides the UMM. THE REFERENCE? I’m so fucking proud at how far they’ve come. Rick and Michonne could barely even stand to look at each other in season 3. They’ve built up such a loving and trusting relationship and it makes me so happy I literally wanna squeal.

gasp!! i had another connverse dream!

in the dream i thought this was a new episode and i was squealing

so, steven and connie are hanging out at the barn one night.  they were laying on top of greg’s van watching shooting stars and it was pretty nice. after it was over the two went inside the barn to spend the night. a bunk bed inside was made for them too, so they had room to sleep. the next thing it cut to was steven lying awake on the bottom bunk, he was woken up by a nightmare in the middle of the night and he was too scared to fall back asleep. after a moment steven heard the bed start to creak and saw connie coming down from the top bunk. somehow, i think she was aware that steven wasnt feeling well so she went to comfort him. she sat down on the edge of the bed and asked “hey…steven? would you be okay if i shared this bunk with you for the rest of the night?” steven nodded from under the covers, he was still shocked by his dream, but happy connie was there for him. she snuggled him closely, but gently and he soon melted in her arms, and drifted into a delightful sleep. the next thing it cut to was greg walking in on them later that morning and saw the two just waking up with each other. he said something along the lines of “aww thats nice, you two are finally being close with each other again.hah, the next thing you know the two of you are gonna run of and get married and start having kids!” connie and steven gave each other the same look and just started giggling and blushing, they knew there was no point in hiding their feelings at that point! 

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I matched jungkook on the sex quiz and oh my good god I don't think I've ever squealed so loud. Woke up my family. Had to make up some bullshit excuse. Fuck jungkook why do you do this to me.

“You squealed loud? Well , I think you’ll squeal louder once I show up at your place tonight #smooth”

-Jeon Jungkook

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