and i spent hours on it

Today I was at some malls lounging around for 7 hours because I couldn’t get home, and during that time I decided to visit our local gamestores and ask them questions, mostly pertaining to the 3rd of March, when I came across this


So in other words, Danganronpa is a disease and it will it slowly but surely eat out the rest of my life

at least whoever sees me playing consoles somewhere would immediately know I’m a huge trash for danganronpa

here’s to hoping V3 will tremendously exceed my expectations so I have enough resolve to remove the silicon vita case and just use the case with the V3 cast

Goodbye babes

Guys I’m actually tearing up while writing this…. let me just spill
I spent 24 hours on this app in 2 days.. I had to take a step back and reevaluate. So I took the last couple days to think about it.
I don’t have many friends in real life as sad as it sounds, it’s easier for me to communicate behind a screen than anything, but I’m 15 and I have the world ahead of me yknow? I need to get out there in the real world and actually put an effort to meet people like all of you because it won’t happen if I live behind this phone :// You all don’t understand how much you mean to me, each one of you deserve the world. Thank you everyone of my mutuals who have treated me like a little sister.. I love you all and I hope all of you become the biggest blogs on Tumblr and support our men to death☺️ I will always be a proud Exo-L😌

That being said, I’m not going to be active at all, possibly once every blue moon if that. I won’t delete just because I want each and every one of you to remember the best blog💁🏽 This was a great 2 months :) If I ever come back, I’ll spam the death out of each one of you, you best believe it😜

To all of my followers, thank you so much for everything and supporting me🤧 But if you want the quality content, please follow the following blogs instead, the sweetest and the best blogs on tumblr:

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We’ll meet again my lovelies… mark may words😘

Happy Monday

You may have seen this on snapchat but my precalc teacher just gave us a long lecture basically saying that we need to prioritize school more and we shouldn’t be doing full time school

I work so fucking hard and I’m determined to get an education and get the fuck out of here in time and to hear her basically be totally discouraging about it really made me feel like total shit

We were plotting out time spent during the week and I wanted to be like “add an extra hour per day for mental breakdowns”

Then she was like “look for scholarships” and I’m like I FUCKING DO and I won two this year but it’s not enough and it’s not like I’m sitting around on my ass doing nothing all day

I’m trying to get internships and scholarships and take five classes and deal with mental health and it’s manageable (more so at some times than others) and maintain a 4.0 (yes I’m gonna fucking say it and it’s not to do with grades being the most important but they afford me scholarships, I work hard and deserve to be recognized for t, and school is my top priority) and I need support not someone saying that I can’t do it

And she accused us of not having school as our first priority and like if you only fucking knew

I’m literally so upset oh my god I had to go to the bathroom to calm down AGAIN

tfw your stress of how much you gotta do backfires and causes you to procrastinate everything else

a little bit of angst

If you want to listen to songs and think about Malec and the immortality issue(aka one of them dying, aka malec angst) here is a good playlist:

  • birdy - not about angels
  • evanescence - my immortal(i mean c’mon THIS SCREAMS MALEC ANGST)
  • arrows to athens - used to be
  • flyleaf - all around me
  • 3 doors down - here without you
  • radioact - me n myself
  • birdy- skinny love
  • birdy - wings(ok this isn’t about one of them dying exactly, but those who have read CoLS-CoHF can imagine it after the incident, aka p511)

I can guarantee instant pain, crying and painful death if you listen to the songs while thinking about malec. it’s been tested, i’ve felt them on a personal level

have angst fun~


look at this FRIEND i drew!!!

Good Morning. People spent hours calling me a reverse racist and a “black supremacist” last night because I celebrated the Moonlight win. I thought I had dreamt that ridiculousness, but no. It was real. I guess the only appropriate thing to do is to keep celebrating today. Just for good measure.

decomprosed  asked:

following you is like constantly waking up from a long & lovely fever dream and staring at the ceiling as sweat cools across your body and the hum of the night closes in hard

I like staring at the ceiling, as I am sure many do, but nearly the only time we can properly do it is when we are sick.

I remember I spent hours staring at the ceiling in my grandma’s house when I was a child. When I say “I wish I could stare at the ceiling [more often / longer],” I think what I am saying is, I wish I could stare at that particular ceiling of that particular room, while being seven years old, and having my now-deceased grandmother shuffling around the house with her endless choirs and producing the sense of house, place-ness, home-ness, a cozy sense, a sense in which you could bathe.

In the Ludwig Bemelmans’s series of books about the little girl named Madeline, Madeline–living in a convent-like school–once gets her appendix removed in the hospital. She is transported from one public place (her school) to another (the hospital). She wakes up in a funny room where: 

“And a crack in the ceiling had a habit / of sometimes looking like a rabbit.“

I think it encapsulates this strangeness of things that emerges in connection to the staring at the unknown ceiling and seeing something in there; the sickness; the idle and celebrated hour of this sickness; its boredom but also this curious feeling, this strange tranquility that besets us whenever we register that we are being pushed closer to death, particularly when something is not working in the smooth mechanics of our body.

There is always a hope to see that very dissolved ceiling of our childhood in some sort of hallucination, perhaps on the deathbed.

down the hall au

notes | tonight’s fic is another glimpse into another au I’ve dabbled in and will hopefully flesh out at some point, because I’ve spent 4.5 hours grading at school on a Sunday, plus 3.5 for an FFA event and another 1 or so writing letters of rec so I’m digging through the ol’ archives for a fic to post :) Hope you enjoy nonetheless!

title | down the hall au (seriously no name so suggestions welcome!)

He’s juggling three bags of groceries and fumbling for his keys when a small voice at his elbow chirps, “Can I help?” in the kind of bright, eager tone that only little kids can have about volunteering to help complete strangers.

To be fair, he’s probably not a complete stranger. He’s seen the little girl playing in the yard before with her mother and she’s probably seen him coming and going in the month since he’s moved in, but he’s never actually spoken with the child or her mother before and he’s seen enough in his line of work that even though he knows he’s not a threat, it makes him nervous for her. Not everyone works for the police department and she seems like a sweet kid. “I’ll probably be okay,” he replies over the jagged edge of his grocery bags. “I don’t want your mom to worry about you,” he adds, because even with his limited range of view he can see the way her bright little smile fades a bit at his rebuff.

“Aunt actually,” comes a second voice, rounding the corner from the stairs. She’s wearing a smile that’s not terribly different than the little girl’s, for all it’s softer and quieter, a little more hesitant where her charge is all youthful energy and excitement. “Are you pestering our neighbor Soph?” The question is clearly good natured, given that the woman steps forward and offers an arm to grab one of his bags, freeing Barry’s hand so he can finally snag his keys.

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surin islands // thailand // part I

[part II]

the surin islands are an archipelago of five islands located about forty miles off thailand’s west coast, in the andaman sea. they are preserved as a national park and are uninhabited, save for a isolated village of moken people on one island and a scattering of beach tents on two others. the waters are absolutely pristine and those who lead the snorkeling + diving excursions have an obvious, deep respect for the environment.

there are hardly words to describe my experience here. i was traveling solo at this point and by the time i’d transited from koh tao to the mainland, then to the opposite coast, navigated an overnight in phuket, and taken the two hour boat ride to these remote islands, i literally felt as though i’d been dropped at the edge of the world.

i spent three days on and around the islands, snorkeling for a few hours in the morning, breaking for lunch + time on the beach, and snorkeling for a couple more hours in the afternoon until the tide got too low. at the end of the day, the longtail boat would drop me near the island i was staying on, i’d wade to shore with my bag, take a short trek through the jungle, and come out on the bay side where the tents were. the camping area had basic amenities – cold showers and a small canteen that turned out all kinds of fresh seafood, fruits, and veggies. the tents were right on the shore and listening to the waves lap all night was incredibly peaceful.

i had the same snorkel guide – nicknamed “brow” – all three days. he’d direct the boat to various reefs around the islands [depending on tide, weather, expected visibility, etc] and then we’d just drop into the water off the boat. we’d swim for 45 minutes or so, before moving to another spot. a few different people, including a couple friendly australian girls, rotated through at various points, but the group was always tiny and on a couple outings, it was just me, brow, and the longtail driver. the two of us built a good rapport and i was grateful for his sharp eye in the water. he helped me spot so many creatures i would have otherwise missed! i got to swim with black tip reef sharks [!] and sea turtles, and hundreds of brilliant tropical marine species, including parrot fish, clown fish, wrasse, lion fish, moray eels, angel fish, butterfly fish, giant sea urchins, and sea snakes. the water was brilliant and crystal clear. on the brightest days, the colorful reefs looked truly illuminated as the sunlight scattered over them. it was an experience i’ll never forget.

other thailand posts: bangkok I + II // the north I + II // koh tao

Sorry friends, I have a little rant for you this morning. You can ignore it or whatever.

Basically, I’m a bit annoyed at the response to writing. This past weekend I posted 3 different fics that were requested from people. I spent hours writing them. I haven’t posted a fic that was my own idea or one that was completely something I want to do in over a week. (I know that doesn’t sound like a long time but when you post nearly every day, that’s a whole lot of writing that isn’t for yourself.)

Combined, those 3 things have under 150 notes. Now, I don’t have a shit-ton of followers (303 as of writing this, I believe). But this is… slightly annoying.

There was an anon who was searching for my work yesterday, who I just happened to find out about because I follow someone who responded to the inquiry. You know why that anon couldn’t find my work to reread it? Because they didn’t reblog/comment/like it. So it’s just by chance that I had any idea that someone liked it enough to read it twice, to search it out. I have no idea how many other people also like my writing, and just never say anything.

And when you spend 10-15 hours in a weekend writing things for other people, that’s really, really annoying.

The thing is, I would write this stuff either way. Not the prompts, but I have other ideas that I have shelved so I can write the things people have asked me to write. Meaning I’m not writing for myself. But proof-reading, formatting and posting on tumblr and AO3 - depending on how long the work is, that can take an extra 1-3 hours. Seriously. And I could save myself that step and just write what I want and fuck grammar and formatting. Plus, I have a post that I’m constantly updating with links and prompt info. I hate that post. It’s a bitch to keep up with. But I have to, because I’ve received over 20 requests in the last month.

I have noticed a small group of people who consistently like and comment and reblog, and I am so appreciative - I always check tags on reblogs, so I see all those things. I see when someone says they are saving my fic for later bc they know it will be good, and that makes me so happy. But when I spent hours, and it’s 1-5 people who do things like that? Makes me wonder if it’s worth it. I really, really appreciate comments. But it’s kind-of ridiculous that getting 1-2 comments or nice tags on a fic that took me hours is supposed to be, what… enough? I’m not getting paid, friends. And the frustration from seeing a lack of response nearly cancels out what I do get.

Anyway, I’m not really asking for anything in particular. I guess I just wanted to rant and make people aware that this stuff takes time, and for very little payback sometimes.

And in news that might be completely contradictory to everything I just said… I’ll have a moriel meta for you later tonight. It’s approaching 3k words and I know a couple of people are waiting for it, but I just… am not expecting much response, either way. I think I might close fic requests for a while; I have 9 in my inbox that I’ll still finish, but… I want to write for myself, eventually. Especially if people aren’t going to give much feedback. I might as well write something I’m super into myself.

11 Random Facts about me

I was tagged by the wonderful @greengableslover, @dragonchristianlady97 and @shesailsships  - thank you dears!

Rules: tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts you mentioned previously! The facts can be absolutely anything! Let’s get started! 

1. I need to eat at 3 hour intervals. This is so true my husband carries granola bars for when I forget. 

2. Despite being a shy person, I danced salsa socially for several years, and wasn’t half-bad at it. 

3. Speaking of dancing, it was really hard for me to learn to follow. God bless my first partner who spent two years dealing with me trying to lead. 

4. Once I finally got used to following, I loved it. You can turn off the analytical part of your brain and just go with the flow when you dance. It’s very freeing. 

5. This one’s probably pretty obvious from my profile, but I’m a female INTJ. I’m well aware of all the flaws and foibles of the MBTI personality test, so I get that it’s not perfect. 

6. However! The day I found that out - and also found out that female INTJ types are extremely rare - helped me understand a lot more about myself and my interactions with other people. 

7.  I use henna to dye my hair. I have to time it right, because it takes a few days to lose its “brassy” effect and be work appropriate. 

8.  But, I have Irish heritage, and green eyes, so the resulting coppery red works for me. :) 

9. I wish I could dye my hair the fabulous colors I see elsewhere, like blue or purple or opal. But you can’t go to court that way, so here we are. 

10. I knit, but so far I can only knit squares and rectangles. I’ll make you a lacy blanket or a scarf, but I’ll back away quietly if you ask me about socks. 

11. I started writing fanfiction about 8 months ago, and I’m so very glad I did. I’ve met you lovely people and had a lot of fun doing it!

I tag @alittlestardustcaught, @jonnsansa @priestess-of-artemis @lathwell55, @buttercup–bee, @finnicksstrident, @the-bi-writer, @riahchan, @jandsstark, @janebrkin, and @goodqueenalys - as always, only if you’d like to play!

An anecdote that shows you how far I’ve come:

I noticed at 2 am that Gus had rolled over in his sleep and was full out on his tummy. I thought for a second, “Should I roll him back over?” And then told myself, “No - doc says if he can get there himself, it’s okay.” And then I thought, “Do I need to keep myself awake worrying about this?” And then I thought, “I don’t think so.” And I rolled myself over and went back to sleep and he spent the last six hours of the night that way. 

It’s partly having the Owlet monitor and mostly the fact that Gus has been a hardy, healthy baby since the day he was born but it’s also a little that I’m learning to cope with the scariness and uncertainty that can come with being a parent.