and i smelled it


                                                  moments of you

the most important pieces of information I learned these past few days were:

•Victuri rings have a snowflake engraved on them

•Yuuri is Victor’s gold medal

•Victor smells soft and flowery

Got a cute new doodlebook, and you know what that means

I’m using it for brainstorming and outlining ideas for the plot of the superhero au! My references are literally all over the place, so this is honestly necessary lol. There are drawings in my math book, sketches in my soon-to-run-out-of-pages notebook, and more on random pieces of two year old scrap paper that I found lying in my bag. So yes, I should really learn to be neater and less of a clutterhead.

The hella talented @mysplaced-pen has agreed to help me plan out Jaehee’s route, and I can’t thank her enough TuT

  • Me: what if Cassandra Clare decides to break all the parabatai bonds O.O
  • Me:
  • Me: Nah she wouldn't do that
  • Cassandra Clare, hearing my train of thought, typing at full speed, probably: bItCh WaTcH mE