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Just posting here that I’m in Seoul for my stopover back home…and BTS literally came out 2 gates away from where I am…and I am shook. THIS IS THE 2ND TIME THEY LANDED RIGHT AFTER MY FLIGHT. First we arrived in Seoul the same day, 5 min apart when they were coming from Bangkok and now they just landed from Jakarta when I had no clue they were even on their way back. WHAT IS THIS CRUEL FATE? So close yet so far… *cue So Far Away*

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Name: Teri
Age: 19
Country: Czech Republic

I posted here twice before and found some lovely friends, but unfortunately we stopped talking after some time, so here I am again! My name is Tereza, but I don’t really like it, so I go with Teri. I’m 19 years old and I belong to Hufflepuff. Also I am INTJ, if someone wanted to know.

Since I’m graduating in few weeks I don’t have much time to chat and I always feel bad when I’m not responding, so I’m looking either for e-mail friends (I love writing long emails) or snail mail penpals.

I love reading, sleeping, eating (yeah, like almost every teenager) and studying. I love sitting in cafés when it’s raining outside, I love the smell of library and the smell of new books (how nerds get high, lol), I love drinking tea and coffee. Also I love autumn and winter - spring and summer aren’t my favorite seasons (I actually pretty much hate summer). I’m in love with life even though I have my sad moments too (more often than I’d want to). I don’t like going to parties or drinking too much alcohol, I’m more like sitting on a roof alone watching stars type of person. But if you like partying, it’s perfectly okay too!

So since we are going to write letters/e-mails, you should be talkative (I really don’t like short emails/letters) and opened to talk about your life and country and stuff! Don’t be shy and just email me, I’ll respond to all! :)

Preferences: Preferable age is 16-22 and other things don’t matter to me! Maybe if you want to send letters, I’d prefer people from Europe, Africa or Asia. I already have enough snailmail penpals from the US, Canada and Australia :) I’m also not interested in talking with racists, homophobes and people like that, I think you understand.

Instead of working on my final research papers I decided to create my “Neosona” hahaaaaa 

In the end she turned out cuter than I am, but it’s basically the same - rainy days are my absolute favorite things, and there’s not much else better than snugglin up with a million books (all annotated, bookmarked, dog-eared, etc) and the biggest fckin cup of coffee you ever did see~

I spent an embarrassing amount of time on this haha. I wish I could actually have this entire customization but about 99% of these items are retired NC stuff, so. Boo.

of course i didnt blow up that building for no reason. im a goddam professional. i blew it up because i thought it would be funny
I can just imagine Yakov freaking out about this whole thing like “LILIA! I told this goddamn kid to not show off his nipples to that Otabek boy, but he went ahead and fucking did it anyway!”

My precious child literally just launched the sunglasses at us! I couldn’t be prouder ;-;