and i slept like shit

popular text posts + ask memes (part two) 

❛ i don’t have time for a relationship. do you know how many books i need to read? ❜
❛ i think it’s hilarious when people tell me i’m laid back because i’ve pretty uch been screaming nonstop in my head since like fifth grade ❜
❛ coming out of my cage and i’ve been doing just… not good ❜
❛ i’m a piece of shit, but it’s fine ❜
❛ how i am supposed to have a lit summer with $4.65 ❜
❛ i’m a huge fan of space; both outer and personal ❜
❛ and to your left, you can see me, ruining everything ❜
❛ any full cast musical number can be a solo if you believe hard enough ❜
❛ kinda hungry, kinda horny, kinda tired, kinda wanna get a tattoo ❜
❛ no amount of under eye concealer can cover up how tired i am of this world ❜
❛ i’m ready for autumn, but not autumn responsibilities ❜
❛ today i’m wearing a lovely shade of i slept like shit so don’t piss me off ❜
❛ i’m not making enough boys nervous ❜
❛ i really want my last words to be ‘hey, wanna see a dead body?’ ❜
❛ don’t you hate it when money goes away when you spend it? ❜
❛ i’m always a slut for conspiracy theories ❜
❛ i wanna make a diss track about myself ❜
❛ true friendship is bullying your friends into watching the tv shows you watch ❜
❛ i’d be such a good girlfriend/boyfriend/s.o. you’re all missing out ❜
❛ sorry i was late. i can’t conceptualize time. ❜
❛ fuck what the aliens said ❜
❛ sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments ❜ 
❛ if outfit repeating was a crime i would be sentenced to life without parole ❜
❛ does anyone have ten thousand dollars they don’t want? ❜
❛ i want a sugar daddy, but i know nicki minaj wants me to be independent  ❜
❛ i stress about stress before there’s even stress to stress about ❜
❛ i don’t have plans for tonight or the rest of my life if anyone wants to have a drink or get married ❜
❛ tbh sometimes you just gotta let me be dramatic because i will get over it, but let me be dramatic first. ❜
❛ painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk ❜
❛ if we date, you have to hold my hand in the car. no exceptions. ❜
❛ in an unfortunate development, i am now awake ❜
❛ you’re hella bomb, hella cute, and anyone would be hella lucky to have you ❜
❛ kinda hurt, kinda offended, kinda not planning on saying anything about it ❜
❛ trying to embarrass me is so unnecessary. i do it to myself just fine. ❜
❛ if you don’t think i’m a princess then you’re 100% right. i’m the fucking queen. ❜
❛ fuck summer. i want it to be dark and misty and frigid and october. ❜
❛ lana may have fucked her way up to the top, but i am bullshitting my way up to the middle ❜
❛ i don’t want to get involved in the drama, i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened ❜
❛ so… do you want to watch 49.7 hours of parks and recreation with me? ❜
❛ i hit rock bottom like every two weeks ❜
❛ can someone please be proud of me? like fuck, i’m trying. ❜
❛ give me a few days to overthink about it ❜
❛ can i sell my feelings on ebay? i don’t want them anymore. ❜
❛ i’m really fucking sarcastic for someone who’s about to start crying most of the time ❜
❛ when does hibernation start because i am 100% participating in that ❜
❛ don’t you hate it when you wake up and you’re awake ❜
❛ i lowkey just wanna make sure you’re happy as fuck ❜
❛ i literally have no idea what i’m gonna do if i don’t end up rich ❜
❛ you know you’re in deep when you love listening to them talk and you get attached to their voice ❜
❛ no offense, but when is it my turn for someone to be in love with me ❜
❛ i’m an asshole with a really big heart ❜
❛ i have to be funny because being hot is not an option ❜
❛ can i apologize in advance for basically everything i will ever do ❜
❛ okay that’s cool, but consider the following: snuggling with me until i fall asleep ❜
❛ please handle me with care. i am a very sleepy and soft creature. ❜
❛ drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious, and most importantly, drunk. ❜


Mitch plans a one week trip to Paris.
Scott doesn’t feel like going out of USA.
Mitch goes to Paris.
Scott has a house party and posts a picture with captions in French.
(Let the good times roll)
Mitch goes to Fashion week day in day out. Glamming it up!
Scott attends more parties and has a slutty, I mean, GREAT time.
Mitch explores Paris doing tourist-y things.
Mitch gets a tattoo that says “pain” in French.

And that’s what you missed on Glee.

I spent the last 6 hours of my life looking for active blogs and doing this but it was when I finished I remembered I must ask first to do something like this. First of all, I know some people might feel uncomfortable with this so I’m sorry I didn’t ask first, if you see your blog here and want me to delete it just tell me okay! Here is the link to the page so you can read it more clearly.

Also I want to point out to lemonmeds, katillo and sir-shanksbutt that the links used here are “/tagged/harvest-moon” and “/tagged/story-of-seasons”.

@lemonmeds | @diaryofseasons | @storiesofseasons | @talesofthreetowns | @kurokuyo | @worlds-okayest-farmer | @anawkwardmoo | @harvestea | @abountifulharvest | @friendsofoaktreetown | @cursedwateringcan | @frickfrackharvestmoon | @farmblr-trash | @harvestfarming | @harvest-moo | @harvestmoonauntie| @katillo | @happyharvestmoon | @theharvestbrand | @harvestfreakingmoon | @sir-shanksbutt | @harvestthemoonn | @shadowoftheharvestmoon | @toyflower | @saveforgetmenot | @animal-moon-harvest-crossing | @harvestmars | @vaughn-baby | @ranchstoryblog| @harvest-moon-town 

I just wanted a list of actives blogs in the Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons fandom, to make it easier for me to look for content and could be useful for other new blogs like me looking for blogs to follow.

Again, I’m sorry if this made you uncomfortable and don’t hesitate to ask me to delete your blog from this list.

Fuck it. They cancelled a show that was important to a fucking lot of kids out there not only bc of lgbtq rep but also bc they had people of color doing great things. KIDS of color doing great things, getting their life together and building a future in spite of a society that was against them. Do they have a freaking hold of how important a message like this for teenagers and young adults is? Do they realize they just showed us that we were right and you have to be white to actually have someone listen to your voice? Which is the fucking contrary of the message The Get Down was trying to get thru. Do they fucking realize they disappointed deeply so many people? Cause really this is not just about caring for characters that were written and portrayed beautifully but also seeing someone like you succeeding in life, so you can have the motivation to think “hey, if they did it, I can do that too”. I’m really tired of watching all the whites have the good endings. I’m tired. Like, on the verge of losing my shit tired. What do I have to do to someone to put out there something I can relate to. Give me a fucking clean explanation about how a show that promotes positivity and originality doesn’t get a fucking second season but 13 Reasons Why does. Explain it to me. I need Netflix to come clean on this cause no one is convincing me this is not the result of racism.
Fuck Netflix I hope all the company together with all their mayo series flop and they delete themselves from existence.

“why do people call me dumb”


is it a plane?
is it a bird?
no no no
it’s jimin and this giant ass nerd.

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2. “Is this even a marriage anymore?”

A/N: yes this is over 10k words. yes i cried while i wrote this. yes you can yell at me send me feedback in my askbox

warning: death (not d and p but take this into mind that there is death in the oneshot)

summary: dan and phil want a baby—they struck out and are having no luck but when dan meets a girl in the street, she changes their lives in many ways.  *get a box of tissues and feel free to yell at me while you read*

    “Wait you want what?”

Dan took a deep breath and ran his thumb over Phils knuckles, his heart was pounding out of his chest. He’d been thinking about this for a while now and he thought why not do it on date night? They’d be all full because of dinner and sipping some wine while curled up on the sofa in bliss.

“I want us to have a baby.”

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Yesterday was #BlackOut and I missed it because of a pretty big mood drop. And I was disappointed that I missed it because I’ve been making sure to catch every Blackout prior x-x ( Shoutout to Monie for messaging me to tell me it was blackout yesterday -dab- )

So I picked some of my favorite pictures from over the past few months, and I’m kind of proud of myself at how much I’ve changed?? Even just two years ago, I wouldn’t of had the courage to try different protective hair styles like I have, and they’re really helping me embrace myself. ( And helping my hair grow lol )

So happy belated-Blackout and here’s to many more to come!

still our hands match (1.7k)

written for @deancas-sweetheart. happy valentine’s day everyone!


When Castiel parks the car in front of his house and looks over at the passenger seat, Dean is slumped against the window with his eyes closed and his breathing slow.

“We’re here,” Castiel murmurs. He almost touches Dean’s arm to wake him but stops himself at the last moment. “Are you gonna be okay to walk?”

Dean lifts his head and gazes through the window, across the neatly-mowed lawn in front of the small light-coloured house, squinting his eyes in the dimness of the car. His hand rubs gently against his bandaged thigh.

“That your house?” he says finally, his voice more of a croak than anything else. “‘S pretty. Soccer-mom type, but pretty.”

“Thank you,” Castiel says. “I’m still renovating.”

Dean nods, eyes still turned towards the house. When Castiel jingles the keys and fidgets in the seat, Dean finally makes up his mind and opens the door to get out of the car.

Castiel is by his side in a few seconds.

“Let me help you.”

“I’m fine,” Dean says, the same old story, and Castiel lets his hands fall by his sides again. He watches as Dean limps to his front door, then opens it for him and waits until Dean has hobbled safely inside to close it and throw the keys into the jar by the mirror.

Their gazes meet in the reflection, but they both look away.

“Shit, I’m dirty,” Dean murmurs, looking down at himself. His jacket and jeans are covered in dust and splashed with blood, probably both his and the werewolves he had hunted.

“You can use my shower,” Castiel says and sends Dean a comforting half-smile when he looks up at him. “I don’t mind.”

Dean scratches the back of his head. “Okay. Yeah. That’d be great, thanks.”

“Are you hungry?” Castiel asks as he leads Dean down the tiny corridor into his bedroom and inside the bathroom. He points to the shower and the cabinet with fresh towels as Dean mulls over his answer.

“I could eat,” he murmurs finally.

With no imminent danger hanging above Dean anymore, Castiel leaves him in the bathroom and rushes into the kitchen. Dean must be exhausted — after the lonely hunt, the fight that left him with a gash in his leg, and no other option but to call Castiel and ask for his help. Castiel doesn’t mind — he could never mind — but Dean seems determined not to be a burden to him. Even when he called — tired and injured and scared — he sounded apologetic and hesitant.

As if Castiel could ever refuse him, even after everything.

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Preview - Fun Between Friends Part 3

SUNSHINE BOY WILL FINALLY LOSE HIS VIRGINITY… sometime tomorrow or Friday, lol. Just a little preview, cause I wanted to finish it tonight but that ain’t happening.


Gladio frowns. “What do you mean we’re stuck here?!”

The mechanic shrugs his shoulders. “Just what I told ya, guy. This car ain’t safe to be out on the road right now.”

Gladio slams his fist on the counter. “It was fine before we changed the oil here in your shop!!!”

Ignis places a calming hand on Gladio’s shoulder. “Gladio, please. We will simply have to have the car towed to Hammerhead. As a show of good faith, I’m certain the owners of this fine shop will have no problem paying the tow truck. After all, it’d be a shame if the crown were to receive word that its property has been damaged by an unscrupulous mechanic looking for a quick buck.”

The mechanic swallows visibly. “C-crown? I… uh… I gotta talk to my boss… but I’m sure we can figure somethin’ out…”

A short time later, Gladio emerges from the shop, shaking his head. You, Prompto, and Noctis sit on a bench outside, busying yourself with your phones. As soon as Gladio emerges you stand, unable to wait any longer. “Well?”

“It looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a few days until we can get the car towed to Hammerhead and Cindy can get a look at her.”

Noctis groans loudly. “Come on… what are we supposed to do for that long?”

Gladio shrugs irritably. “How the hell do I know? I’m your bodyguard, not your damn babysitter.”

Noctis glares at him. “Who asked you to babysit?”

“Enough.” Ignis’s voice cuts through the tension. “All of us could use some time to recharge. Noctis, we passed a fishing hole on our way in. Gladio… I’m sure the local hunter’s guild could use some help. As for you two…”

You interrupt him. “Actually, if it’s all the same to you guys… I’m gonna check into the motel early and take a nap. I slept like shit last night, between the rain and Gladio’s snoring…”

Gladio mutters beneath his breath. “I don’t snore…”

You continue. “I’ll just catch up with you guys at dinnertime, okay? Come get me then please.”

Ignis nods. “Suit yourself.”

Prompto straightens up. “That sounds like a really good idea actually, I’m gonna go sleep too!!”

Everyone stares at Prompto. Gladio gives him a searching glance. “You guys have been hanging out together a lot lately… on your own. You got something you want to tell us?”

Prompto’s flushes under the tall man’s gaze. “Huh??”

Noctis elbows him. “You guys dating or something?”

Prompto shoots you a pleading look, trying desperately to explain but completely failing to make any sense. “We’re not… we couldn’t… I’m just…”

You throw your arm around Prompto’s shoulders and laugh, planting a comically loud kiss on his cheek.. “What, me and this goof? We all know he’s in love with Cindy, I wouldn’t stand a chance. I just feel so safe around him, you know? He’s not a wolf like you, Gladio.”

Gladio gives you a mock-wounded look. “Wolf? Me? I’m as innocent as they come, baby. If you wanna share my bed tonight I’d be happy to prove it to you.”

You throw your other arm around Prompto, pressing your breasts into his arm. It’s a small tease, but you know it must be driving him nuts. “No thanks!! I’ll just stick with good ol’ safe Prompto. Let’s go, Prom.”

Ignis says nothing, he simply pushes his glasses further up his nose. The sunlight reflects off of them in an intimidating manner; it’s just as well, you’d rather not see his expression right now. You give the group a wave and set off in the direction of the motel, dragging a red-faced Prompto behind you.