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Okay, but like…the greatest underrated part of Thor Ragnarok was definitely Hela walking into Odin’s trophy room and looking at the Infinity Gauntlet and just going “fake!” and pushing it over, because remember a few years ago when people were like, “But how can Thanos have the gauntlet? We saw it in the background in the treasure room in Thor!” And it was, like, a whole big thing? It’s just so fucking funny to me that they put in a whole scene in Ragnarok just to fix that little plot hole. I mean, it’s not Star Wars “i’m gonna make a whole movie to fill in this plot hole” level of extra, but it is kinda extra.

headcanon that richie found a particularly small and angry duck at mike’s and named it “eddie”

  • he told eddie about it and eddie got all huffy and flustered
  • richie was quick to point out that he looked a lot like eddie the duckling when he got cute and pissed like that
  • eddie turned red and crossed his arms and pouted
  • until mike brought him eddie the duck and eddie fell in love with it and allowed it to keep his namesake
  • eddie the loser is the only human other than mike that eddie the duck will let hold him
  • “kindred spirits” is how richie explains it
  • he refuses to explain why eddie the duck chases / attacks him whenever he’s in range
  • mike finds this all hilarious and lets richie name a good portion of the animals on the farm because the names never fail to amuse

I love drawing these two with red faces

Tales from the Table

One of my players utterly destroyed an encounter i had planned. 

The scene: A burning dungeon that had once been a military baracks. (the PCs lit it on fire themselves, that wasnt my choice)

Four players: a dog-folk cleric, a Goliath Barbarian, an Aarakocra Rogue, and an Elf Ranger.

VS. two giant scorpions, one of which had a necrotic black orb fastened to its carapace. 

My intent was to have the necrotic orb create various horrors and vile undead things every two rounds or so. Nothing buff, just a way to screw with action economy. 

Now, the player with the dog cleric has pretty awful rolls. Like, chronic bad-dice issues. Their roll average with d20 is probably around 7. They also usually forget what spells they have and what their spells do. But that player took this exact moment to both play perfectly, AND roll perfectly. 

They got off a crit rolling for Guiding Bolt as a 2nd level spell against this necrotic scorpion in the first round, resulting in a mindboggling 10d6 radiant damage damage, which then got doubled because it had a weakness to radiant damage. 

He dealt more than the scorpions entire health pool with that one attack, and it happened in a bonus round.


holy actual fuck

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How should a person write the Volturi? What’s the right way to write true to their canon characteristics but also pushing more not-canon detail that wasn’t provided? I wanna write about them but I don’t want to do it badly and unrealistic. (Especially Jane & Alec)

This is an interesting question, and I’m not convinced I have the authority to answer it. (My relationship with canon is examine for interesting bits; otherwise ignore.) So I’ll give a few broad pieces of advice and hope for the best: 

  • SM isn’t particularly clear on the purpose, role, ideology, and weaknesses of the Volturi. We complain about the fact that they seemingly underwent a personality transplant between NM and BD, Life and Death makes everything x10 more confusing, and it’s a mess all around. In short, there likely isn’t one canonically-correct way of characterizing them. (If you portray them as efficient tyrants, then NM makes no sense. If they’re always bumbling incompetents, then how did they build their empire?) Basically, pick whatever trait interests you, and go with that. 

  • We only see the Volturi when they’re governing. Because Bella is our point-of-view character, we get minimal insight into the daily happenings of Volterra. Assuming that Caius is always furious or that Felix always looms menacingly is kinda like thinking that teachers don’t exist outside of school: conflating the person with their job. Granted, this is a great premise for a dark-fic, but if that’s not what you want to write, I don’t think it’s completely acanonical to assume that the Volturi are occasionally nice to each other. 

    (And for what it’s worth, the only casual exchanges we see between the Volturi are the Heidi-Demetri chat before their feeding, and Jane and Alec’s exchange when Bella is brought into Volterra. Both conversations and friendly and snarky.)

  • Twin-specific advice: With Jane and Alec, the only guideline I can think of is “Pick an age, and stick with it.” It’s very jarring when characters who are canonically 12/13 have the maturity of adults unless again, you’re writing a dark-fic and that’s the point. (And likewise, if you’re going by movie!canon, it’s jarring when characters who are near-adults or adults behave like early adolescents.) Also, in my experience, people’s feelings towards the twins set the tone for the entire story. If they’re beloved, then this is a happy!Volturi AU. If they’re mistreated horribly, it’s a Darkest Timeline!AU. If they’re liked but manipulated, that’s probably a canon-compliant piece of writing. 

Best of luck with your fic, anon! Please send along a link to it when you’re done, if you’d like :3

And so the cycle continues

I still follow a few Supernatural blogs out of curiosity (and because y’all’re fucking amazing writers) and it seems like Cas has come back from the dead again, which is…good. 

It’s also just remarkable to me that Supernatural has managed to sustain itself on this lgbt-not-lgbt juggling for so long. It’s been a while since I actually sat down and watched the show, but even back in 2013 I remember this solid pattern of, “Bring Castiel back, take Castiel away, bring Castiel back…” 

Like, I stopped at 9x03, the episode where Cas has sex with a lady, kills her once she’s served her narrative purpose (which was, I think, to make Cas seem less lgbt?)—and then everybody laughs about how they had unprotected sex. Hahahaha. Real funny. Whatever. Then Dean kicks Cas out. Round and round we go. 

The Supernatural writers want Castiel around because their lgbt+ audience (and a good number of straight viewers) love Dean and Castiel’s relationship. A lot of people are still hoping for a canon lgbt reveal. But the writers can’t keep Cas around for too long, or things’ll get Too Gay. So their solution to the problem, STILL, after ALL THESE YEARS, is to yank Castiel in and out of Dean’s orbit—keeping him just close enough to make the lgbt+ fans hopeful, and just far enough away (or so the crew thinks) to respect the no-homo bubble. 

Which is a bunch of toxic bullshit. 

Things the writers are allowed to do: whatever they want. But like. I’m also allowed to raise my finger at them and go, 


Like, at this point you can tell the writers are just going to keep yo-yo-ing Cas around, teasing their lgbt viewers until the show gets cancelled or the world ends. It feels really fucking rotten to me. 

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No, it was one you didn't answer, so maybe tumblr ate it? I was basically asking if you think it's okay to consider the movies "more" canon than the shows, or to write fic without even having seen the shows. Also if you think it's okay for some headcanons (about orientation, for example) to ignore non-movie canon. Like, I always imagined Obi-Wan as gay, but then learned he has a female love interest in TCW. I like other characters as bi, but I was pretty attached to gay Obi-Wan. Is that bad?

Part of it is me being paranoid and embarrassed about being a “bad fan” or something if I’m not familiar with all of what’s considered canon or if I decide to pick and choose a little outside of the movies (or even maybe someday IN them, god forbid) for the sake of some LGBTQ+ headcanons. I’m just super afraid of making an ass of myself, lol

At the very end of the line, I think anyone who comes from a place of affection and good faith for the character they’re writing a headcanon about is a “good fan”, that there is no one way to be a fan of something in the first place.  If you still feel funny about it, just say that you’re setting aside show events because you’re attached to this headcanon of yours and generally even nitpicky people will go, “Well, that’s just how they’re going to roll then.”!

It’s absolutely not bad to come at the canon (whatever you do/don’t consider as part of canon) however you want, each person has to decide it for themselves, and just not be a dick about it to other people.  That includes people who do follow the “rules” (as much as they can be called that) of Star Wars “canon”–don’t be a dick to people who disagree.  Just because you can say, “This is what Star Wars officially tells us is part of canon!” that’s no reason to be a jerk, that would make someone a bad fan, imo.  Fandom is fandom, there are very few rules about how to be a fan and that’s one of the fundamental things about it!

Personally, I do think meta and fic/headcanons are a different thing–like I wrote a fic with Earth-style cats in it, despite that I don’t think they exist in the GFFA as far as I can tell.  \:D/  But I wouldn’t write meta about the effect of Earth-style cats in the GFFA, because the point of meta is to discuss what’s actually there and being presented with narrative authority (at least in my mind–others may approach meta from a different angle, for example if they’re critiquing the writers, rather than the characters), rather than fanfic, which the whole point is to write something that means something to you. 

Headcanon posts can sort of blur the lines a bit, but I think they’re absolutely fine so long as you’re kind to others who approach things differently.  Maybe you’re going against what’s official, but that hardly makes you a bad fan!  You’ve been super sweet in this exchange, I would absolutely call you a “good fan”.  (Not that anyone needs my approval, of course, but you were kind enough to ask how I felt and so I wanted to explain!  ♥)

Star Wars canon is massive and it has the further complication of how Legends material was officially put out, so we can say “AT ONE TIME this was canon!” but also say “yeah, but it was always fundamentally unreliable” and also say “there’s a reason they wiped the slate clean the way they did”, so it’s a big giant mess, especially if you don’t have the time/resources to read everything (and, god, most people don’t!).  If everyone had to read every piece of supplementary canon just to be a “good fan” then there’d only be, like, three people total who are “good fans”!

Picking and choosing what you want to accept, especially on a personal level, has always been fine and will continue to be fine.  *hugs*  Absolutely you should continue with seeing Obi-Wan as gay if it means something important to you (or you just want to see him that way!), and if that means that you see the movies as “more canon” than the tv shows, then you should do that, too!  You can absolutely write fic without taking things into consideration.  Hell, I will absolutely support someone who saw something in the movies and went, “That was ridiculous, I’m not counting that.” because that’s what fandom is.

I think one of the biggest differences here is the aim–are you trying to convince me/others of the narrative validity of your case?  That’s probably going to be a tough road to hoe, because Immovable Objects of Star Wars History does include the TV show that George was deeply involved with.  But are you just doing your own thing, because it’s important to you?  Are you aware that you’re setting aside the events of the TV show/comics/etc., because that’s not how you yourself see them?  You’re 100% fine!

It’s hard to put this into words–I do think that meta should be rooted in the rules of the Star Wars franchise, because it’s their sandbox, we’re just playing in it. But I think meta vs headcanons/fic are separate discussions, as well as what makes someone a “good fan” has never been measured by how much or how little you’ve seen of the wider canon.  And “good fan” vs “what’s reliable in a meta discussion” are two entirely separate elements of fandom, to my mind as well!  (I suspect one of the things that blurs the lines is that “meta” vs “personal reaction post” can often overlap, but can also be completely different things, which further complicates things.)

I keep focusing on the meta vs fic aspect, because that’s what my earlier post was about (the rules of engagement of meta, as ridiculous as that sounds XD), but it sounds like you’re just a fan wanting to do your thing, which sometimes means not taking into account non-movie canon, and ABSOLUTELY that is fine and you are not a bad fan for doing so.  Just as I would never say someone who’s only seen The Force Awakens but never touched the other movies is absolutely not an inherently bad fan, because fandom doesn’t work that way.  Being a fan works however you want it to work for you, whatever parts of it you want to be a fan of/not be a fan of, that’s entirely okay and just fine.  ♥

And Tumblr must have eaten it because I definitely didn’t get it!  (I know it at least used to be true that it would eat any messages that had urls or ellipses in them, iirc as part of an attempt to get rid of spam, so perhaps that was it?)  

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no offense but could you not endorse cheating, even if it's caused by mental illness it's fucked up.

i’m not endorsing cheating, i’m against the concept and very specifically tell people not to do it when i’m asked about the subject. posting submissions on the subject is not endorsing it

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My personal opinion is they never expected to continue after season 5 and when they did they never expected to make it to the next season so they keep having to stretch already thin plot lines because of how overdue it is. That being said I love jack and would die for him

that’s what it feels like too, one of the newer eps that especially pissed me off was “Patience” because IT MADE!!! NO!! SENSE!!! WHATSOEVER LMAO if you just take two minutes to think abt the plot of the episode u will instantly notice that everything is a convenient plot device with little effort behind it 

idk why they just don’t stop already, let it die with what little dignity there may be left lmao 

but I agree with you, i like jack’s character a lot more than I thought i would!!! he’s the only saving grace of this season so please don’t do my son bad lmao … 

i took a pic of me watching the pickle rick episode to piss people off but like somehow i managed to take the pic so that the frame on the tv was…. a different frame to the reflection on the desk?

edit: ive been made aware that this is due to something called a “rolling shutter effect” or something of a similar name, there’s a lot of explanations in the notes of this post on what it means. i don’t know anything about how cameras work so i didn’t know that’s what the whole shebang was !

(my phone camera is awful at focusing on the right thing and also the carton is a carton of tesco’s smooth orange juice. it’s good oj)

We don’t have to have a name, we could have no name.

So now that Ragnarok’s come out in more places I feel like I’m allowed to draw things from it :D It was so much FUN. 
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