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Dorm mates, from left to right: Percy, Drako, Gianni, Santi, Adonis & Bao

morning suprise! @luxjii 

oh man… have soo much things to say to you.. but first.. thank you, seriously. I still confused, why someone so nice like you can be chatting with me. We started talking when I was depressed af, you made me change in some stange way, I’m bad at explaining… idk man,, I really feel happy. Your happiness is good 4 all.. and I really feel bad when you’re sad… but i suck at giving advice?? Just…….. aaAA,,, ily, you deserve being happy all ur life 

thanks for being the best <3

Some Lloyd-centric headcanon/ideas because I started watching Ninjago again and I’m very passionate about this kid:

-He still loves candy even as an older teen but hates making a big deal about it. He never goes anywhere without half a dozen lollipops stuffed into his pockets. He gnaws on them when he’s stressed or thinking. He has a lot more in his room. He’ll share them if you ask, but don’t touch his stash without permission
-Lloyd idolizes the hell out of Nya. As much as he loves the other ninja, they all have traits that can drive him up the wall some days. Nya he just finds easy to talk to and he’ll go to her most for advice or for help. They train together a lot
-He and Kai most certainly at some point had a long, emotional, and somewhat awkward talk about their shared experience of losing parents. Kai was the one who approached Lloyd during a… stressful time to talk. No one knows exactly what they said but it was apparently good for both of them and they came to understand each other a lot better
-There was at some point probably maybe some calling out of Misako from the other ninja about abandoning her kid at a crappy boarding school without explanation. Because Lloyd was pretty fully one of them at that point and in what world would the ninja not stick up for each other like that
-Kai was Lloyd’s awkward first crush and Nya was probably a second or third. There was a phase when part of him just died with embarrassment when reminded, but he’s over it enough that he can actually occasionally talk about with tripping over himself
-He actually… has some anger issues that he tries to keep tightly controlled. Mostly because chosen one, green ninja responsibility, and he’s got pressure on him to keep it together up the wazoo. Lloyd is basically that one friend in the friend group who’s perpetually two sentences away from decking someone
-Okay but he actually does love dragons. They’re cool as hell and flying is cool as hell. Nothing brings out geeky joy in him like getting to serious riding an actual dragon!!

I also have some vague ideas swirling around in my head that are basically just a lot of Lloyd-Morro parallels and how Morro is basically Lloyd if he didn’t have the team. This will probably lead to fanfiction being written in the distant future (definitely maybe)

my aunt actually pointed this out while i was making her watch opm and also explaining mp100 to her but i’m sharing this bc its interesting

saitama and mob both have similar, very plain faces. like, so much to the point where i’ve seen people call mob “saitama with a bowlcut”. now i explained the reasons as to why they’re both so expressionless to my aunt (i.e. saitama has depression, mob has to control his emotions) but she told me that she thought it was a very deliberate story telling device

my aunt explained that since they both have plain faces, it would make sense then to view them as the “everyman” – a character that’s so plain and ordinary that it’s easy to project on them

and that’s when i realized that’s the whole /point/ of saitama’s and mob’s characters

i think another meta post pointed this out, but in a typical manga mob and saitama would be the quirky side kicks. the ordinary ones that follow around more serious protags with tragic backstories like genos and ritsu. it’s easier for audiences to project on characters that are kinda quirky, kinda expressionless, and also kinda “funnier” (humor-wise, referring to both saitama’s and mob’s deadpan jokes) – making it easier for them to admire the hero because they feel as though they are already in a role that does.

but with opm and mp100, saitama and mob are the heroes – for a very specific reason. the moral of both stories is that /anyone/ can be special, depending upon what they do. they even say it in mp100’s OP: “if everyone’s not special / then maybe you can be what you want to be.” the point is that everyone is equal (and we’re talking fundamentally, not in terms of society or under the law okay), even if you have great powers. it’s what you do with those great powers that make you, well, great.

saitama and mob look like the “everyman” for this reason then. but also so we can project on them, for reasons stated above. we’re supposed to project on saitama and mob because, as the moral of both their stories say, we are all the same. we are all the everyman. and we all have great powers. and, god, this is gonna sound corny. but while our powers might not be defeating villains with one punch or literally exploding in an overload of a manifestation of our emotions, we still have the choice to do something great with them.

and i think that’s fucking brilliant of ONE to make that/emphasize that point just through something as simple as a /facial expression/

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What does Asriel think of Toriel and Sans's kid?

Like everyone else, he’s a little spooked by her sudden appearance and weird existence as a glitch, and at first, he’s not sure if he should treat her like a normal baby or as a problem. He hesitates to really get attached to her at first, afraid that she’s going to poof out of existence as quickly as she came.

Seeing how quickly her parents and the rest of their friend-family accept her calms his fears, though. It doesn’t take too long for him to extend the protective big bro instinct to her that he already holds for Frisk.

Of course having a half sister does kind of cement the fact that his parents really will never get back together, but after years of living a life that’s so different from the first one he had, he’s not so messed up about it anymore. He’s okay with things going forward and changing as long as he gets to be with the people he loves. He considers himself lucky to be with everyone at all, he doesn’t want to push his luck with hoping anything will ever be like it was before. New is okay.

The two of them grow up together the same as any sibling pair with a 16+ age difference do. He helps look after his little sister, she thinks he’s an embarrassing wannabe-dad, they pick on each other and she friggin, makes full use of the fact that her big brother’s gonna rule the world a kingdom one day

things become ridiculously normal for a pair of reality- and death-defying all-powerful goat dragon siblings


I didn’t talk about the Country of Fog here but apparently that was a mistake because GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. 

Sadly this isn’t actually a surprise, because a couple of people accidentally spoiled me on this months and months ago, but I think we can all agree that on the grand scale of things this is a very small and inconsequential spoiler and it could have been much worse. 



YO! It’s been a while!

By a while I mean- 5 months wOOPS

I stopped drawing Osomatsu San stuff because I got back into personal drawings and OC drawings and I WOULD have posted them here and stuff but I felt like it’d be rude since somehow I gained 900+ fuCKING FOLLOWERS BECAUSE OF MY 30 OSOMATSU SAN DRAWINGS ? ?? 

So I’m just going to be straight forward, would anyone like/not mind to see my own art and whatnot on this tumblr? (Not related to Ososan)
You can just leave me a message or just like/reblog this <3

Thanks for not scrolling past this if you got this far 8I

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fcn prompt 1: time travel

“Mr Birling phoned me tomorrow,” said Carolyn casually, as they climbed back aboard, ready to leave the Battle of Hastings well and truly behind them. “He’s decided he wants to watch the 1966 World Cup Final again. So we’ll have to be careful not to seat him anywhere near his local-time self…”

Arthur was amazed. “Wow! Mr Birling was alive in 1966?”

She tutted. “Yes, Arthur. We’re picking him up in 2010. You were counting from 3032 again, weren’t you?”

“Ohhhh, probably.”

The two of them drifted out into the main part of the timeflyer, leaving the two pilots at the controls.

“What’s this?” Douglas said, interested. “A regular customer?”

Martin released the temporal anchor switch, to allow them to move in time again. “Apparently. I’ve heard about him before, but he hasn’t booked a trip since I’ve been here full-time.” He paused to consider. “Actually, I think the first time I met them, they were on their way to pick him up to see a gladiator fight in Ancient Rome. They rushed off pretty quickly.”

“Quite the pressing engagement,” Douglas acknowledged. For a moment he looked as though he would say something more, but didn’t.

Martin took hold of the controls, and thought wistfully of the time when they’d had this conversation the other way round - when Douglas had been the knowledgable one, who’d been with Carolyn and Arthur for years before anyone else had come on the scene. The further they strayed from the rupture in Douglas’s timeline, the more distant those wrong memories became, but every now and then one shone through: that knowing smile, the twinkle of the experienced eye.

Perhaps, on the bright side, Martin might have the edge in the Talisker heist, just this once.