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Omg did you see Newsies in Leicester Square because if yes then we totally went to the same screening :') -ITH fact anon, hello I have returned!

i did! the 4:30 showing at the vue??? ahh that would be so cool,, maybe i saw you, who knows, maybe you saw ME :O

it was funny, i walked out of the cinema behind these three girls who were talking about ITH and it was killing me not to be like “I KNOW EVERYTHING TALK TO ME”

have this doodle of what i thought was a real highlight of the movie, spot conlon’s arms

How To Exercise Every Week Consistently

The Huffington Post writes:

I’ve been on this healthy living journey for almost seven years, and I still struggle with working out consistently. I usually start strong, but as the days pass by, life slowly takes over, and before I know it, I worked out two days out the week at best.

I feel that by now I should have a plan, and decided to go on a mission to figure out how to exercise at least four times per week. I am excited, to share my solution with you.

Before we get into how we can work out consistently, let’s talk about why we have this problem in the first place.

In my experience people, especially me, do not workout consistently for two reasons: time and motivation.

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Let’s put it this way.

I won’t even try to forget you anymore because along the process of bleeding and picking myself pieces by pieces only to be broken by your memories all over again, I realized one thing. I will never forget you. I will never forget how it felt to be touched by you. Or to be stared at by your dazzling eyes that brings shame to the stars. The pain of loving you is not something that should be forgotten; it should be preserved and sealed in a box inside my memory where I can visit it from time to time. Because, your memories may be painful but those are some of the best I have in my life. God did not put you in my life to be loathed; you were in my life to be learned.

I knew for a fact that I will never win over the battle of unloving you. I love you still, despite how the time passed in front of me so fast that it made me accept, there was never an us. So maybe, the universe lead you to my path just to cross and not to stay. Maybe, you were just an amazing thing for me to experience but not to keep. Maybe, you were the right man in a wrong love story.

I miss you, I hope, on those lonely nights you’ll somehow remember me. Even, just for once. Even not daily. I hope, on those times you are feeling down, you’ll recall how I admire your courage and excellence. I’ll always believe in you.

Late night cuddling (Seungkwan)

ok so I had the worst nightmare the night before writing this and I was a m e s s afterwards and really just needed warm cuddles and someone calming me down so… yeah I’m sorry if this is similar to Minghao’s, but they should still be noticeably different ♥ (I wanted this to be very cute and happy and cuddly but this will do, I’ll do that another time)

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The 8 | Seungkwan

  • so first of all, Seungkwan’s cuddles would be the best, he’d be the softest whenever you cuddle
  • like he’d hold you so nicely and he’d be so giggly because he really loves having you close to him and he never wants to let you go, and honestly neither do you (did I mention he’s the softest)
  • and because his cuddles are so amazing (and he’s the most understanding person), when you wake up in the very early morning hours from the worst nightmare you can recall, you don’t hesitate to wake him up gently
  • you’re so shaken up that you’re borderline crying, and if Seungkwan’s having a tough time waking up, he opens his eyes immediately when he hears you sniffle while whispering his name
  • “Y/N, are you okay?”
  • “I… I had a nightmare, and…”
  • and with the moonlight coming in through the window, Seungkwan can see just how distraught your expression is, so he gets you in his arms and holds you close
  • “Shh… Everything’s okay, it was just a dream.”
  • he’d repeat those words softly time after time, with his chin resting on your head and his hand stroking your back slowly, as soothingly as he can
  • and his voice would be just what you needed - it’s so calm and soft that eventually the anxiety starts to leave you
  • like you’d been clinging onto Seungkwan tightly and all while he shushed you, and when you slowly start to loosen your grip, he smiles to himself and chuckles softly
  • he pulls away and looks at you, your features somewhat visible in the moonlight, and dries your still slightly damp cheeks with his thumbs
  • “Whatever it was, it wasn’t real, okay? Just a dream.”
  • and you’d nod and place your hands on top of his on your cheeks and probably even smile a little
  • you contemplate on thanking him verbally, but you end up just cuddling closer to him and pecking his neck
  • “…Do you think you could help me fall back asleep?”
  • there might be some tiny part in his mind saying that he wants to sleep, too, but he would never tell you no in such a situation
  • so with you cuddled up to him and him on his back, Seungkwan lulls you to sleep (and smiles happily when you mumble “I love you”), and falls asleep soon after, too

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Omg Susie if u ever get the time can u write a one shot like based in the POU world where the kids get older and somehow the fact that harry cheated is brought up to the kids and they get angry at him? I hope this makes sense!! ❤️

The Sins of the Father

“Can I help you, Sir?”

I nodded, taking a step forward to the young jewelry store employee standing in front of me,

“I have a ring I need to pick up today.  Should be under Harry Styles?”

She nodded, reaching forward to take the claim check I held out for her,

“I’ll go check.”

I looked down to fold my wallet and put it back in my pocket when I caught a glimpse of a picture staring back at me.  It was old.  When Em and I were far younger.  Lucy was still a toddler.  We were still figuring things out.  It seemed like yesterday and somehow also eons ago.  So much had changed in our last decade and a half together.  Sometimes it was hard for me to believe we had weathered all of it.

I pulled the picture out, running my thumb over the faces of my wife and our daughter.  I was still as in love with her as I was when I’d taken the picture in my hands.  It hadn’t waned or declined in any way.  It had only gotten stronger.  So much stronger.

“Here you are, Sir.”  I heard the employee’s voice again.  I pushed the picture back into my wallet and looked up.  She set the box down in front of me, “Let’s just open this to make sure everything was how you ordered it.”

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A lot has happened and changed since I started youtube, hopefully I haven’t let any of you down

honestly, everything going on the past couple of days reminded me of this video (and the follow up he did one year later) Jack did titled “The Fear of Failing”. And with the community currently seeming to be divided right now, watching it again really struck a chord with me. 

And i think paired with the community not being itself right now, it’s important to remember the theme of the fof party that we would have one year later in celebration of this video:

I Am There For You, You Are There For Me, We Are There For Each Other: Why You Haven’t Failed Me

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part II. In CA we have two great Senators, but my congresswoman sucks. Should i still write to the Senators. Does it help them to hear that i want what they are going to vote for anyway? Do you think you could add this type of information to your blog, or direct me to a good resource?

First, good for you for being so active and wanting to make sure you’re being as effective as you can be.

The Women’s March actually has a downloadable postcard you can use and print to mail in to Senators and Congress people. Having the same postcard sent in by thousands and maybe millions of people can make a big difference.

Also, I’m not sure it’s necessary to put a return address on a postcard. You can simply say “I’m ____, from ______” and they should be able to verify your general location by the postmark on the stamp you use on the postcard.

I’m also not sure if there’s a general theme about what people are writing and calling about. Also, since each state has separate issues what you write about will differ from what someone else needs to write about. I’d write about issues you feel are most important to you or your state and/or about important votes that are coming up.

Last, even if your Senators are awesome (mine are too!) you might want to send them a postcard encouraging them, telling them that your feel they’re representing you in a way that will keep earning your vote, and that you appreciate them and all their hard work. It’s so much easier to keep fighting when you have support and encouragement.

Hope this helps! If anyone else had ideas please share!

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Could you please do an imagine where the reader was Kara's first love in high school, and they reconnect years later in National City? (I also have an idea for a part 2)

Originally posted by suprcorp

“Wow, Danvers.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

Kara looked up surprise from the mountain of paperwork in front of her and let her jaw drop at the sight of you, older now but still recognizable beyond a doubt, leaning in the doorway of her office.

“Y/N, wow, you’re really here!  I-I can’t believe your in National City,” she stammered out excitedly and got to her feet to greet you.  “I never imagined I’d be a reporter, not to mention interviewing you.”

“Yeah, well, I always told you my music career would take off.  You should have hung around long enough,” you winked at her and opened your arms as she moved to hug you.

Yeah, maybe I should have, Kara thought to herself.

will i ever be able to write a 5k+ jimon fic thats not like,,, absolutely ridiculous oh my god

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im not confused with my sexuality im definitely a lesbian but sometimes im made to feel like im not "gay enough" because of the way i dress or act. im also not out to my parents and i really want to be but i feel like theyre going to see me the same way as the other people do, if they even accept me being gay in the first place.

Clothes don’t define if you are lesbian or not. Only you can define that. If you want to come out, you should come out (if it is safe of course). Maybe they look at you different the first few weeks. But you’re their daughter, they have known you all your life, I think they can look past you being lesbian and still love you the same as they did before

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How do you stay so patient and amazing, while still managing to do art? And how long does it usually take for you to do art?

oh i’m definitely not patient! you should see my fuckin skype convos!

it depends on the art, most of my personal pieces take about 2 or 3 hours and commissions take me longer since i nitpick them to death

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B99 for the tv show thing?

you got it

  • my all-time ultimate fave character:  gina linetti 
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: theyre all??? perfect
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: again perfect??
  • a character I’m indifferent about: Hitchcock and scully
  • a character who deserved better: i mean in terms of life in general and not writiting holt just deserves only good things
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: rosa x a man
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: gina x rosa make it fucking happen
  • a cute, low-key ship: holt x kevin, terry x sharon so wholesome
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: jake x sophia i guess
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: rosa x any man
  • my favourite storyline/moment: when jake punched that guy for calling holt a homo/any time they make commentary on homophobia, mysoginy, racism, transphobia etc/ “gina you loook like a fresh wizard”
  • a storyline that never should have been written: cant think of any tbh
  • my first thoughts on the show: im gonna watch this because i andy samberg is cute
  • my thoughts now: jsdfnfwdkjf THEY DID THAT

send me a show!

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Poor Nagisa... I'm cheering for you!

…Are you okay?

*groans* I’m okay…I’ll just have a bump…

Huhuhu, at least you stopped the ball. Good work, goalkeeper.

I’m sorry Daimon-kun, I will try to stop the ball with my face too next time…



Hahahaha ! Your face !! It’s too funny ! You took the ball in full face and you still have the marks hahahaha !

*laughs* It’s true. I should ask big sis Hiyoko to take a picture…

…A perfect round shape.

….You guys…

Dear all,

Please keep scrolling if you are an eye roller.

For the first time in over four years, there is a strong possibility that I may close this account completely.

1. I am tired of comments challenging why I write what I write.
2. I am tired of people saying, well, you should expect backlash if you put something on social media.
3. I may be anonymous, but I am a person, and I read tags, I read reblogs that make their way around, with snarky notes.
4. I may be anonymous, but I am still learning too. Don’t hold me to a higher standard for what I write than how you practice.
5. New followers wanting to know why this blog isn’t an automatic follow back, like “most nursing blogs.” I’m sorry. logical me says, keep scrolling, keep scrolling past the negativity.
I hope logical me surfaces, because I have truly been appreciative of the blogs who have taken the time to read, reflect or comment thoughtfully on even one post.

Thank you for reading.

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Do you believe asexuals are lgbt+? Do you believe in asexuality?

ok so if any aro ace people wanna add/correct anything please feel free!!

yes, i 100% believe in asexuality, but i believe it exists as a separate community to lgbt+ as historically and just in general asexuals don’t have to face the same struggles and lgbt+ people (for example it’s very unlikely that you’d be kicked out of your home for being asexual)

having said that, if you are asexual but still experience romantic attraction to the same gender as you, then of course you belong in the lgbt+ community, and if you’re trans ofc 💛

Ich bin, du Ängstlicher
Rainer Marie Rilke

I am - don’t worry. Don’t you hear me
Now that my sense, in seeking you, has broken?  
My feelings, which found wings, have woken,
To circle around your soundless face.
Don’t see my soul? She leaves so little space,
Standing before you in a silent gown.
Will my prayers ripen, fruitlike, or fall down
Beneath your sight and past your grace?  

If you are a dreamer, then I am your dream.
And should you wish to wake, I am your will
And I will be the force of all your glory
And like a star, I’ll circle, and seem still
Above the city of fantastic time.

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‘Chicago PD’ season 4: Is there possible Lindsay – Halstead drama ahead?

‘Chicago PD’ season 4: Is there possible Lindsay – Halstead drama ahead

Chicago PD -Mrs. Carter: Should all Linstead fans be worried when it comes to a future “Chicago PD” story?

Given that these two have had a fairly stable, healthy relationship on the show for a little while not, we understand that it was probably a pipe dream that it would last. Still, we WANTED to believe it just because believing in nice things is fun.

Do we think that these two are meant to be? Absolutely, but there are going to be some other stumbling blocks that are going to be thrown in there way here and there over the course of the coming weeks. For more on that, just take a look at the small, but important, tease that executive producer Matt Olmstead handed down in a new Entertainment Weekly piece:

“A past ‘undisclosed’ relationship of Halstead’s comes back into the picture, putting his relationship with Lindsay on the rocks.”

So why wouldn’t Halstead mention this to her? We have a hard time imagining with this guy it’s because he wants to get back with this other person more than he wants to be with Erin. Maybe it’s just a situation where he didn’t think the past mattered all that much, or that he was embarrassed about something that happened way back when.

The issue that Jay has with this is mostly just perception. With Lindsay. you’ve got someone who has such a rich and at times very dark past, but she’s been open with it and she’s had someone in Halstead that she could rely on to discuss much of it, both the good and the bad. Having that rock, the shoulder to lean on is a pretty valuable thing. She wants to feel like she can be that shoulder to him, but if she feels like she’s putting 110% into the relationship and he’s somewhere around 85%, you can see why that may be an issue … and something that they are going to have to deal with.

Luckily, there’s plenty of time, and plenty more episodes to go this season!

My opinion: see even this author of the article doesn’t believe Jay would want to be with someone else other than Erin. I’m hoping we all jumping to conclusions thinking it might be a woman he might have had a past relationship with because we don’t trust the writers. The only think I’m little not agreeing with is yes Erin has been open about her past to Jay but most of the time it is because it is in the present when it comes back. But that’s what Erin and Jay are, they both have pasts and they don’t judge each other on their past issues. I’m hoping whatever it is, they work through it and not run from their relationship because that is just not them. Please let it be his dad.