and i should make things while i feel like making things

i feel like…we should talk about borderlines actually being manipulative more? not in the context of like “all borderlines are evil and inherently manipulative” but like the motivation we can have to try to ensure we aren’t abandoned or hurt. and it can be little things or we may not even realize we’re doing it. and that is a sad reality that leads us to question whether or not we’re being manipulative; but in the same vein it is good to check yourself sometimes. borderlines are not evil and not inherently abusive (while, as anyone, they could be in theory, we’re more likely to be abused and there’s nothing about borderlines that makes us abusive) but I feel like manipulation isn’t something I hear much about. it’s another one of those less #relatable things that will get less notes because it promotes “toxic behavior” like my dude listen if you don’t do harm and you’re acknowledging the fuckiness it can be beneficial to talk about it. manipulation isn’t a good thing, no; but neither are our violent impulses or suicidal ideation. it needs to be discussed like everything else. manipulation walks a fine line but don’t be afraid to talk about it in this community.

i feel like… there should be more distinction between impulses and intrusive thoughts like yknow the making joke posts abt intrusive thoughts thing? i feel like a lotta time those weren’t intrusive thoughts and were just like impulsive thoughts or whatever? and i mean im not only @ing other ppl this is also @ myself but like… i feel like they can get mixed up?

likeny intrusive thoughts are more like a constant bombardment of this awful thing that i Have To Do and while sometimes they can seem silly most of the times theyre… not? but then impulses are weird/silly like a lotta the time for me and i feel like a lotta ppl can mix these things up

like impulsive thoughts are more like quick in the moment things (i.e. “eat that thing off the ground”) while intrusive thoughts are like a constant stream of something that you cant get out of ur head and like u kinda Have to do the thing and you cant get the thought out unless u do the thing yknow


When I get dysphoria I tend to have all of these things people have said on the subject of me being trans that have bothered me end up rattling around in my head and it gives me a headache
And when I get dysphoria I tend to have trouble speaking so this was kind of my way of trying to explain what it feels like
I also wanted to show how much  just using my preferred name can improve my mood. I wasn’t really sure what the title should be and this one just kind of came to me while I was coloring it so I just went with it

So this is for general transphobia among other things rather than terf rhetoric. I watched the original incident play out myself months ago and didn’t know if I should say anything, but because the user has been making the rounds again (and keeps asking for money), it feels like time to let people know what they’re like. I should have taken screenshots of everything at the time, I didn’t think, so I apologise. The user keeps changing their name but it is currently teyrna. (formerly orsinohawke and almatabris).

They kindly provided their own screencap from the blog of a person they harrassed, describing most of what they did:

- teyrna called a trans person “transphobic” and “trash” for being one of many people to criticise their genderbends.
- teyrna blames them for things their abuser did, while they were in the abusive relationship.
- misgenders someone.
- teyrna calls a biracial person a “white saviour” even though they are white.

At the time, I remember teyrna making a long post describing a character from Dragon Age (a male character) having a “female body” and therefore being a trans man because their body was “female”, focusing on and talking about the character’s wide hips and other features. When trans men complained that it was dysphoric and fetishising, they were ignored or attacked. As far as I know, these posts still exist, but they are probablly buried. As a trans man myself I was very put off by it at the time and didn’t want to focus too much on it.

Eventually teyrna told everyone that they were nb and therefore couldn’t be transphobic, coming out about it as soon as it was relevant I suppose, but has never acknowledged that trans men, trans women, and nb people all have different struggles, and that nb people CAN be transphobic and fetishising to trans men and women. They have no answer to this.

Now they are also choosing to attack PoC who have concerns with their mods (concerns that they lighten characters skin or mostly that they give characters over the top and charicatureish features. They replied with this to someone’s asks about it:

They dismiss all the complaints, ignore the fact that as a white person it isn’t their call, and then suggest the asker “reevaluate their own internalized racism” which is a disgusting thing to say if you’re white and talking to someone who isn’t about issues personal to them. They still don’t address the complaints beyond saying “I’m not doing anything wrong, this is how people look”.

Basically, teyrna / orsinohawke / almatabris has a history of transphobia, a history of attacking trans people for pointing it out, refuses to apologise or even ackowledge it even now or even when trans men / women point out the problems specifically, apparently thinks nb people can’t be transphobic at all, and also has an ongoing problem of calling PoC she disagrees with “white saviours” / “internalized racists” and ignores their complaints and concerns about her mods. Not to mention throwing the word b-tch around constantly. All while asking people for money. Do not support her.


I think that this video is important for anyone to watch, but as kpop fans, I think that this is an issue that needs to be addressed more.

In Korea, and most of Asia, colorism is still prevalent. As international kpop fans, we need to be aware of this and point it out and call out our favs when they do something problematic. Making rude comments about skin tone is NOT ok. Yes, it is a cultural difference, and yes, in Western society having tanner skin is valued while in Asian cultures having lighter skin is. That doesn’t mean it’s right. Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, and supporting a system of oppression that makes it okay for powerful celebrities to say these kind of things is NOT OKAY.

As a tan Asian, I know what it’s like to have family members and people “joke” about my skin color. My grandmother has bought me skin-whitening creams before. These things already happen behind the scenes in the kpop industry, so as people who are supposed to love and support our idols, why are we making their lives worse?

Stop supporting white washing. Stop defending your favs when they mess up. Stop making rude jokes about people, even if it’s a “fandom joke”. This is serious.

I know I’m not a big blog and I know not many people care, but please. Reblog this video. There’s still so many kpop fans that don’t realize what colorism is, or how problematic it is.

autistic jonathan and will byers masterpost:
  • both jonathan and will are always referred to as being “strange” and “sensitive” and are seen to be shy, except for when will is around his friends
  • both jonathan and will are bullied for being strange
    • the mouthbreathers who always pick on will’s friend group
    • steve and his gang saying things like “i didn’t know he could talk” and “i bet he killed (will)”
  • they both have an audio stim of ‘should i stay or should i go’, will sings it in the upside down over and over to keep himself calm, jonathan listens to it in the car on the way to lonnie’s house, there’s a scene of them literally swaying/rocking together while listening to it
  • jonathan also makes mixtapes of songs he finds stimmy and gives them to his brother in the hopes that he’ll like them too
  • jonathan is always hung up on making breakfast A) because his mom needs to eat and he does to and B) because it’s part of his routine and he feels lost without it, his mother works nights and he’s always had to make breakfast for himself and will
  • will has a special interest in the x men and all of his friends are totally cool with it and just listen to him infodump all the time
  • jonathan has a special interest in photography and his camera is a comfort item, he loves the weight of it hanging around his neck 
    • after his camera is broken, he goes nonverbal, you can see nancy try to talk to him and he just opens and shuts his mouth like he’s trying to form words but he can’t
  • he also didn’t realize that his pictures would come off as stalker-y, i’ve seen some posts that are like ‘he did this because he’s a bad abusive stalker and we shouldn’t trust him’ but i believe that he legitimately didn’t know he was overstepping social bounds, but after it was pointed out he felt bad
  • jonathan also immediately interprets a couple of people screaming/laughing playfully as someone screaming in pain, there is literally an auditory shift between what he hears and what’s “really” happening
  • will hides a lot because of his autism, he hides in the little cupboard-y thing and castle byers when he gets overloaded or overwhelmed or goes nonverbal, his fort is filled with blankets and drawings and pillows and his mom and his brother both respect his boundaries regarding it because they know how important it is to him
  • jonathan’s ‘i don’t like most people’ line hit home for me because its an excuse i use, just because it’s easier to say that than to explain that i always feel distant and like an outsider because i am autistic and i’m not wired the same
  • jonathan also totally has a meltdown when he beats up steve, he acts only through instinct and he can’t calm down until someone stops him, he’s semi verbal afterwards, his voice is so quiet and it’s like he’s struggling to speak and it only happens after someone touches him
  • he also is touch averse in other situations, like when hopper playfully grabs him and punches his arm, he looks so jarred. he also does anything he can to get away from lonnie when he hugs him 
  • jonathan has a shutdown after they find “will’s” body, 
    • he listens to the music that calms him down, and cries, and hugs himself, which is a good pressure stim
      • legit i do that all the time when i get overwhelmed, i just squeeze myself and listen to music and cry until it’s passed
  • jonathan can read people, but it just takes time to process what he’s seen
    • he talks about how he can see how people feel in his pictures, but not when he sees them out in the world
    • but he’s not perfect at it: he makes a huge mistake in his read on nancy and she corrects him for it
  • also, just how jonathan holds himself, he never makes eye contact, he’s sort of hunched forward and speaks quietly, he keeps his hair in his eyes and he has a naturally blank expression that people sometimes find creepy

that’s really it, sorry this post is so long i’m just !! very excited about these headcanons/analyses of these characters!! feel free to add on if you want to!

I’m just imagining...

The things Cat has to pretend to ignore keep getting more and more ridiculous.

Like, the first time she comes into Kara’s office unannounced, she spots a but of the cape sticking out of the file cabinet, and just ignores it.

The next time, the cape is tossed on the sofa, and Kara’s back is to the door as she buttons up her shirt.  So Cat makes a big deal of “I didn’t know anyone was making these?  I wonder if we can sue.  I should get legal to check into that.”

The third time Alex is feel stripping an alien rifle on Kara’s desk, while Kara is in Chicago getting them lunch, and Cat’s just like, “When your sister gets back, tell her I need a moment.”

The fourth time, J’onn J’onzz is standing there in full martian glory, and Cat is just like, “An interview with a Martian?  Impressive, Kara.  I’ll expect a draft on my desk first thing in the morning.”

The fifth time, Kara is hoping on one foot, in full Supergirl costume, because the zipper is stuck on her boot, and Cat just pauses for a moment, and once she’s sure Kara is in the process of taking the costume off, and not putting it on, she’s just like, “I really wish Supergirl would let us sue whoever is making these cheap knockoff suits.  The quality really is terrible.”  She helps a speachless Kara with the boot, and is then like, “Whenever you’re done with your cosplay… thing, I really do need the proofs for that article on the transcontinental bullet train proposal.”

The Sixth time, Kara’s trying to put the suit on, but the zipper is bent, and she doesn’t even notice Cat’s there until Cat bats her hand away, and pulls the zipper up.  “Really, Supergirl.  The quality on this isn’t much better than Kara’s cheap knock off.  If you like, I have Donatella Versace and Jimmy Choo on speed dial.  She could do the outfit, and he could do the boots.  By the way, do you know where Kara got off too?”

And it just turns into this weird sort of game of chicken, as two who will crack first.  And Kara keeps doing more and more outlandish things, just to see what Cat will pretend to ignore, and Cat loves it because she just keeps coming up with more and more ridiculous rationals for why Kara is doing something, or why Supergirl is doing something.  And of course, Kara breaks first, and Cat is totally, “Don’t be ridiculous.  I’ve seen you and Supergirl in the same room together,” with this huge smile on her face, and she teases Kara for another week before admitting she was fooled for like, five minutes by J’onn’s impersonation.

You know what’s funny? Joshifer reminds me of Stonefield in sooooo many ways

anonymous asked:

AU headcanon: what if mental health care was A Thing for Jedi like Anakin

  • “Okay, Anakin, so how is making friends with the other padawans going? … yes, you should be making friends with the other padawans … no, the other padawans should not be actively mocking and ostracizing you for not knowing things you were never in the temple to learn … you know, I think we should talk to your teachers, actually.” 
  • “Don’t you think you should be asking Master Kenobi that? Wouldn’t it be better to know what he thinks for sure rather than just automatically assuming the worst?” 
  • “Anakin, I understand that you feel very strongly about the Senator, especially after all you’ve been through together, but don’t you think it’d be better to give her space to think things over a bit? Perhaps you could re-focus your energy elsewhere for a while and let her work things out for herself. Would you like to work on figuring out your dreams again, perhaps?” 
  • “And how has making a point of listening more carefully and thinking before acting been going?” 
  • “… wait, I’m sorry? The Supreme Chancellor said WHAT??” 

picture ashton keeping a journal, where he keeps his thoughts when he doesn’t feel like sharing them with anyone. he writes an entry one night, while he’s thinking about the stars and life and how small it all seems. “there’s no way to describe how lucky i am,” it says. “in this whole universe, across millions of miles and massive oceans, and out of seven billion people, i found someone to love. she completes me, and as cliche as that sounds, they’re the only words i can use. she makes me want to wear my glasses because she likes to push them up my nose. she makes me want to sit in tiny cafes and climb huge mountains and watch cooking shows on netflix but never cook anything for myself. she makes me want to do the little things, and the big things, and everything i can do to make her happy. she is the moon and all of the stars, and i am the sky that gets to hold her.” 

picture the entry being about you.

things you should probably think about

okay i’m about to get real here:

  • henry lives with michael

  • they probably go furniture shopping together

  • you know damn well henry cooks all the time because michael doesnt know how

  • they go to get frozen yogurt together late at night because they get bored

  • michael makes henry watch kid movies with him because he doesnt want to look weird going to the theater alone

  • and henry makes michael watch wrestling with him even though he thinks its boring

  • henry likes saying things in spanish because he knows michael cant understand him

  • michael used to drive to the teen wolf set because henry would be too lazy

  • when henry threw michael that surprise birthday party, he made michael almost cry happy tears

  • michael recorded henry sexually caressing a lamp…. and put it on instagram

  • henry listens to michael sing and tries to battle him sometimes

  • they also have rap battles

  • they probably watch every episode of teen wolf together

  • and they also practice lines together; henry does a pretty good lydia impression

  • henry does the laundry because michael doesnt know how

  • they have movie nights with lots of popcorn and junk food and then they both feel really sick after but they do it at least 4 times a week

  • they both cried when they saw the good dinosaur (lets be honest who didnt???)

  • they go on hikes together

  • and they both love to take pretty sunset pictures

  • “hey is this one good?” “no take another one”

  • michael goes to bed first because he gets up early

  • and henry stays up until 2am stalking fans on twitter

  • henry and michael are like brothers and they are so cute :-)))))))

August 28, 2016 || 11:33am
Idk if you guys care for an update of my life seeing as there are so many other pressing matters that require attention but I’m going to give it to you anyway because I really don’t want to study so I’m finding ways to procrastinate…

It’s not like anything has actually happened really, I just got my heart broken(twice), realised that sometimes it’s better to not be around people for a while, got a one time job thing and my mom convinced me to buy the most expensive thing I currently own which I’ll probably never wear because I don’t go out.

I haven’t been posting due to sheer laziness and my feeling inadequate. I’ve been debating whether or not I should deactivate my account because idk wth I’m doing here tbh. I’ve decided to make my bujo more for me rather than the eyes of other people and I like not adding colour. And I’ve not been making ‘aesthetically pleasing’ study notes because they’re time consuming and I’ve a ton of work and not the time to do it all if I faff around with all of that pretty-pretty nonsense. I’m basically just going minimalist. Also trying hard not to let my emotions overwhelm me. I need to buy a book and just bury myself in school.

hxllbilly  asked:

One thing I like about your portrayal: The restraint. All the moments when you, as a mun, know Leckie should be saying what he truly feels or what you think another muse would want to hear, but choose instead to have him say something totally stupid/rude/evasive/just a straight up lie. It's so real to Leckie, who is so up his own ass sometimes he can't even be honest with himself. I adore it. It means other muses have to WORK to get that side of him to come out.

What is ONE THING you like about the way i play my character?

Okay, but this is something I really, really enjoy writing? Like, to make sure Leckie stays this way because that’s who he is and it would just be weird if he was overly open with anyone can be really hard when a part of him also want to just yell the truth at people or break character to punch someone in the face for saying something he didn’t like or that he knows is wrong.

A Girl in Woods Class

As a girl in woods class, I’ve been told I should be admired for taking a class most guys see as an easy a. As a girl in woods class, I’ve been told girls are good to have in woods because they are quiet. As a girl in woods class, I have been told women are useless while other boys snickered around me.
I do not take woods as a way to stand out or make myself someone to be admired and I do not take woods for the easy a. I take woods because I am interested in it. I like to make things and I like to design and I like to understand how things work. I should not be seen as an outlier, someone pursuing interests that aren’t normal, because my interests are normal. Girls have been figuring out how things work for as long as boys have, We just have to work harder to get recognized for it.
I am not quiet because I choose to be. Inside I am raging, a whirlpool of emotions and speeches I want to give and conversations I want to have. I am quiet because I was told to be, because I was called pretty instead of smart and graceful instead of strong and I’ve been shushed and shushed and shushed and I’ve been made afraid. I am not a girl that should be seen and not heard, I am a girl with a mind and a pretty face and I want you to see both of them. I do my makeup every day but that does not stop me from contributing in a classroom, from getting high test scores, from going on hikes and identifying trees and constellations. I do ballet but that if anything has made me stronger. I like to dress up but I also like to climb trees in ratty shorts. It should not be one by not the other. It should be seen and heard, dress and pants, smart and pretty, graceful and strong.
I write this online, under the guise of anonymity, so I shouldn’t feel this anxious about posting it. And yet, I’ve edited out most of what I wanted to say because I am afraid of those who might comment on this telling me I’m stupid, telling me my feelings and what I have heard were overblown or incorrect. A lot of what I’ve heard and seen and been told is missing, but I’ve included the comment that hurt the most, because I know it will follow me for a long time and I know others will have to hear it and I’d like to tell anyone that’s ever heard it or ever will what I said to that boy and what I’d like to add now.
I was building a bridge when he told me, so I had a handsaw in one hand and pieces of wood in the other. He’s been testing me all day, all week, all semester really, to see when I’d snap. I don’t think he calculated his comments correctly because I really don’t think he wanted me to have a saw in my hand when I finally got mad. The teacher was in the other room. He told me women are useless. I looked up from my piece slowly because I was in disbelief that he would say that but realized I had heard correctly when the rest of the boys were staring at me, a few laughing. I snapped. I basically said “do you have a mother? Do you have a grandmother? Who made your lunch for you today? Who do you eventually want to marry? We’ve been through a lot of shit and we’ll go through a lot more and we will still survive and that alone will make us stronger”.
You can push and you can push and I will stay quiet but someday I will scream and you will hear me and someday I might not have to awkwardly laugh every time a guy makes a joke about women in woods and someday I might not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable when I see a boy looking at me and someday I might just be able to do what I enjoy in peace but that day can not come soon enough for me.
And now to the girls in woods that might be a little scared or a little uncomfortable. First of all I love you , know that I am standing with you and I am so, so proud and if you ever need anything I will help. There might not be a lot of us but that makes it even more necessary to stick together.
Secondly you have support in strange places. These boys might make you uncomfortable so leave, try to make friends with a different group. Your teacher is probably so excited about you being there, be nice to them. And if they’re not, prove them wrong. You have support in me and in all other girls in stem fields that might have had to fight for respect. It is important that you know you are not alone and you never will be.
Finally I’d like to add some things to what I told that boy. It doesn’t matter if you can’t or don’t want to have kids because that is not a girls only job. It doesn’t matter if you’re beautiful, or want to act like a mom. What matters is that you’re strong, and you’re kind, and you’re smart, and you’ve put up with a lot of shit and you’ll put up with a lot more but someday you will change the world. Because that’s the real role of women, isn’t it? To change the world?

Day 25: Mummy

What if instead of the spirit of Atem saving Sugoroku from falling, it’s his mummy. Atem’s spirit felt someone familiar in danger and sort-of brought himself back to life The Mummy style. He even gives the Puzzle to Sugoroku and drags him to a hidden safe route out.

Though now Sugoroku has an undead mummy following him like a lost duck.

(did I just make an AU?)

 “So, what are we going to do with Yami?” Arthur asked, observing the strange companion his friend brought. He should feel horrified and panicky, but he’s explored enough dangerous ancient mystical temples and tombs to know that a petite mummy trying to reattach its arm isn’t that bad. Compared to other things. He should reflect what his life has become on a later date. “And isn’t it strange that he’s not as… decomposed as most mummies?”

“Yami? Why Yami? Wait, why name it?” Yoshimori sputtered, the least calm of his friends. “We’re not keeping it.”

“He reminds me of Sugoroku’s grandson and he’s a mummy,” Arthur replied. “I thought Yummy would be quite strange, and he did give Sugoroku something that grants the power and knowledge of darkness. So Yami.”

“We’re not keeping it.”

“Well, technically, I’m keeping him, not you,” Sugoroku said, helping the newly named Yami with his arm.  

“Oh, that makes it better- you’re not keeping it.”

“What else am I supposed to do? Donate him to a museum?” he snorted.

“I don’t know, kill it?”

“He’s a three thousand year old corpse, you can’t get any more dead than that.”

(I just made an AU)

#lost puppy mummy

Drip drop.

Getting my shower fixed this Friday because I haven’t had hot water since early January.

It took a lot to talk about it, and while folks might be like, “You should have just said something” there is a certain pressure to not speak up that I feel living in Japan.

While I’m not forgoing my American bluntness or forward manner, ALTs do operate within Japanese culture, and while we most definitely should respect it, it also has made certain things –i.e. my necessary need to have a hot shower when it’s below freezing– hard to bring up.

However, my supervisor was actually really concerned that I hadn’t talked about this and assured me that she was on my side and wants me to talk to her more often when I’m dealing with problems like this. That makes is so, so much easier to talk about these things: it really makes this new wave of Culture Shock mellow out as I gear up for a lot of New in my life.

I love my little castle, honest and true: it’s just really cold and needs hot water in the bathroom. And my hope is I’m going to get it, and the BOE is going to pay.

Imagine: Team Voltron helping Shiro accept his arm as a good thing.

(Idea came from @littleblackchat ‘s pic of Shiro and Pidge. On that note I also feel so relieved I’m not the only one who ships it.)

Each of the paladins has their own means to show Shiro that his arm is a good thing.

Hunk makes Shiro help him in the kitchen occasionally to heat up the food using the arm. The arm is also used when Hunk needs some help with heavy lifting or when Hunk is playing with some engine internals.

Lance makes jokes (because of course, he does) and generally makes light of the thing while refusing to see it as a bad thing (like for Lance it’s a symbol of how strong Shiro was to get through that year).

Keith would use it as a way to train and would get Shiro to help him improve his own reflexes against Galra-enhanced people.

Pidge would have two main ways of associating positivity with Shiro’s arm. 1) Geek out over the technology and find a way to reverse engineer it to fight against the Galra. 2) It makes a fantastic hot water bottle and (after a few tweaks) also can provide small electromagnetic pulses to help with the cramp pain (also has the great side effect of ensuring Shiro has cuddles every month cause cuddles are great.). 

Things I have ACTUALLY said while looking at pictures of Atsushi Sakurai:
  8. YOU FROG!
  26. SATAAAAAAAN SAN!!!!!!!!!!
  27. AISHITERUUUU (I also do a mini choreography with my hands while saying that)
  30. MARRY ME… PLS.

yes, I’m a creepy fangirl, a human error… blah, blah, blah


(P.S. the man is dangerous)

ALSO something that helps a lot with being positive is teaching yourself to automatically assume the best case scenario for things you dont know the answer to

for example: if ur out in public and u think ur outfit isnt the best and everyones looking at u and thinking ‘wow they sure do look ugly’ u in reality have NO PROOF that anyone is thinking that so might as well just make yourself think ‘everyone looking me right now absolutely LOVES this grey sweatshirt im wearing and would totally come up to me and ask where i got it but theyre intimidated by my hotness’ or something like that

if u apply that to literally every aspect of ur life it makes things so much easier!! and after a while you dont even have to make that conscious jump to ‘what i actually think people are thinking’ to ‘what im going to pretend people are thinking’ bc it will just happen naturally!! its a lovely little lowkey way to stay positive and help ur self esteem!!