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something borrowed // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles lets Y/N borrow something of his & unexpectedly gains something in return

Requested: no, collab with @rememberstilinski

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: no


Clutching the plastic lunch tray she navigated her way through the crowded cafeteria and back to the lunch table. The stress from the first four periods of her day slowly melted away as she spotted her group of friends across the cafeteria, sitting at the same table they had since the start of their freshman year.

A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips as Lydia waved over to her. Picking up her pace, Y/N maneuvered her way through the crowds of people who were too engaged with their conversations with one another to pay any sort of attention to the small girl.

Then, a familiar boy caught her attention.

The sheriff’s son, Stiles Stilinski.

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  • Dan: Phil what are you doing?
  • Phil: *walks in* Just getting ready
  • Dan: Phil maybe we should go get lunch first, I'm quite hungry.
  • Phil: *hugs Dan*
  • Dan: *sighs*
  • Phil: *turns on camera*
  • Dan: *waves at camera*
  • Phil: Hello, Dan and Phil gay-mers!
  • Dan: Oh God here we go. We wanted to tell you something.
  • Dan: *lifts hand with ring*
  • Phil: Yes Dan has got engaged!
  • Dan: *stares at Phil*
  • Phil: *smiles and lifts hand* And so have I, phamily, we're getting married!
  • Dan: *turns camera off*
  • Phil: Do you think we'll ever post it?
  • Dan: Probably not. But at least we'll have it anyways.
Educating a Friend
  • Me: So, let's say that you're at school and you see a guy you know. I mean, you guys talk every once in a while and he's pretty cool, but you're not like friends or anything. You just talk to him every once in a while.
  • Guy Friend: What's his name?
  • Me: I don't know. Frank?
  • Guy Friend: No.
  • Me: Okay, fine. His name is Will. Okay?
  • Guy Friend: I don't think it really suits him, but okay.
  • Me: ...So anyway, you're at school during lunchtime and you see Will. So, you notice Will's not eating anything. That's when you realize that Will has no lunch, no money for lunch, and no way of getting either. He's just sitting there like he normally would. He's not acting any differently and he's not asking anyone for anything. Not money, not a fry, not even a salt packet, but you know he's gotta be hungry. So, what do you do?
  • Guy Friend: Do I have any money?
  • Me: Yeah. You have enough for you and another meal.
  • Guy Friend: Duh, I buy him lunch.
  • Me: Okay, cool. So, like you said, you buy him lunch. You buy your lunch and you buy his lunch and you go over and hand it to him. And, he says, "Wow. You know, that's really nice of you, but I wasn't gonna ask anyone for lunch. I was probably just gonna wait until I got home to eat." And, then you say--
  • Guy Friend: Nah, it's cool.
  • Me: Exactly. You say, "Nah, it's cool. I'm just being nice. It's a gift." And, Will says, "You know, that's awesome. You're really nice, bro." And, after that, you guys start hanging out. You guys are like really good buds. You are always hanging out and laughing and just having a good time. So, you guys are friends for a few months, and it's tons of fun. Then, one day, you go up to Will and you say, "Hey, Will, you know, I've been thinking, and I kinda want that five bucks."
  • Guy Friend: What five bucks?
  • Me: Hold on. I'm getting there. So, Will says, "What five bucks?" To which, you reply, "Well, we've been hanging out for a long time and it's been really fun, but like, I've done a lot of really nice things for you. Like, I'm always nice to you and I always listen and do things you wanna do, so I was thinking that because I've been so nice, you should pay me back that five bucks I spent to get your lunch right before we started really hanging out."
  • Guy Friend: What? Why would I--
  • Me: I'm not done yet. So, then Will looks kinda hurt and he says, "But I thought you were just being nice. I thought that was just a gift." So, you say, "Whether or not it was a gift, don't you think you kinda owe me that five bucks since I've been so nice to you?" And, Will says, "No. I don't think I owe you that!" And you get mad, so you say, "Well, I think that you do, so I think you're being really shitty and stuck up about this and I feel like I've been completely wronged."
  • Guy Friend: Oh, my God. That's so fucked up of me. I would never do that to Will. Will was nice. We were buds. That's way screwed.
  • Me: I know, right? Hey, just wondering, have you ever heard of this fictional place called "The Friendzone?"
  • Guy Friend: Well, yeah, but...
  • Guy Friend: ...
  • Guy Friend: ...
  • Guy Friend: oh
Tactic - [EXO] Dr!Baekhyun Au

Originally posted by baekintime

[A/N] Inspired by a real person.

A tactical approach. It’s a way of living. It’s the way most of us are living, whether we realize it or not… we are either thinking on how to make it happen and how to get there or– we will figure it all out along the way.

Either way, we are planning, in other words, using a tactic in order to have something happen in our way. But does that mean, we don’t believe in fate?

Not exactly. And Dr. Baekhyun knows exactly what it implies. Being a doctor wasn’t in the plan, and yet he stood fifth floor up, managing patients and catering to them. Baekhyun could thank his genius brain cells to have had pass five years of medical school.

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Nothing More (Connor Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2804

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, Connor being awkward and adorable

Summary: Connor asks Y/N to the prom. Fluffiness ensues

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb

A/N: For every anon that requested Connor x reader and the one who requested Connor and the reader at prom

“Meet me in the woods behind the school. We have business.” I read off the card that had been haphazardly shoved into my locker. I gathered my things, still glancing cautiously at the note.

I wandered to the ‘woods’ (which was actually a collection of pine trees and an open meadow) and dumped my backpack at the base of one of the pines.

“Hello?” I called, curious as to where the person 'I had business with’ was. “Hi.” I heard a voice say suddenly.

I jumped a little and turned around, my cheeks going pink when I saw Connor Murphy standing there. “Hi Connor.” I muttered, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Hey. I see you, uh, got my note. Sorry if it was, you know, creepy or shit.” Connor said and I chuckled, walking over towards him.

“It’s all good. So, what business do we have?” I asked, curiosity evident in my voice. Connor started stammering slightly, his cheeks flushing a pinkish colour.

“I, uh, well. I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go to the senior prom, with me?” Connor said, suddenly looking less like the dark and mysterious weirdo people made him out to be.

He instead looked like a normal, nervous teenager who was asking the girl he liked out to the prom. The fact that that girl was me hadn’t yet sunk in, but my eyes widened when it did.

“You want to go to the prom? With me?” I repeated, pressing a hand to my chest. Connor nodded hesitantly, biting his lip.

“I’d love to.” I said, and Connor’s entire face lit up. “You, you said yes.” Connor muttered in disbelief, a slight smile stretching across his face.

“You didn’t think I’d say yes?” I said, feeling a little hurt. “To be honest, I didn’t think I’d actually get this far.” Connor muttered and I laughed, shoving my hands in my pockets.

“Well, I should probably give you my number.” I said and Connor nodded, his smile growing slightly.

“You got your phone?” I asked and Connor unzipped his backpack, passing me a black iPhone. “Thanks.” I said and I inputted my number, handing the phone back to Connor.

“So, I’ll, uh, see you tomorrow?” Connor said, rocking back and forth on his heels. “Definitely. Hey, quick question. Why did you decided to meet me here?” I asked, looking around at the trees towering over us.

“I overheard you telling my sister that this was your favourite place to go to calm down.” Connor said and I felt my cheeks burn up at his words.

“Oh, uh, um, cool!” I stammered, trying to avoid eye contact with Connor. I picked up my bag, slinging it over my shoulder.

“I’ll text you!” I shouted, waving at Connor, who currently had a dopey smile on his face. “Yeah.” Connor muttered, waving half heartedly.

As I walked off, I missed the over excited first pump Connor did and the loud whoop that followed.

“I have an incredibly important question.” Zoe said, setting her lunch down on the table and sandwiching herself between Alana and I. I took a loud sip of my slushy and smiled at Zoe, my teeth stained slightly red.

“Ask away Zoe.” Alana said, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. “What are you nerds wearing to prom?” Zoe asked and I felt my cheeks heat up at the mention of prom.

“I haven’t bought my dress yet, but I want something bright. Maybe something  pink or red.” Alana said and I nodded, remembering how good red looked on her.

“I’d go with red. It looks better on you than pink.” I added and Alana smiled at me, taking a bite of her sandwich. “Thanks Y/N.” Alana said, her voice slightly muffled from the food.

“How about you Y/N? I’m asking partially because I want to know, but also because Connor wants to know. You have no idea how much he’s fussing about this.” Zoe said and my blush darkened at the thought of Connor fussing over me.

“Well, I bought this nice royal blue dress the other day. I’ll send you a photo of it.” I said and Zoe smiled, nodding her head.

“Perfect. Connor, funnily enough, has a navy suit that might work with your dress.” Zoe said and I chuckled, running a hand through my hair.

“How about you Zo?” I asked, arching my eyebrows and leaning back in my chair. “I’ve got this pastel blue dress that is just beautiful.” Zoe said, spacing out a little.

“Evan’s gonna love that.” I muttered and Alana snorted, a smirk on her face. “Damnit Y/N.” Zoe said, her cheeks bright red.

“She’s got a point, Zoe. You know that boy has a thing for the colour blue.” Alana added, her eyes briefly flicking to the table where Evan and Jared sat, deep in discussion. I took a quick bite of my sushi, and

“You guys suck!” Zoe exclaimed, and was only met with laughter from us. “Whatever Zoe.” Alana said and Zoe buried her head in her hands.

“We should totally all get ready before prom. It’ll be so much fun.” I said and Alana nodded. “Sounds great. Whose house should we do it at?” Alana asked and Zoe lifted her head up.

“We could kick Connor out for a while and get ready at my place. I do, after all, have the biggest bathroom out of all of us.” Zoe said and I looked over at Alana, almost for confirmation.

“Perfect. I should probably get going, but I’ll see you guys after lunch.” Alana said, waving at us as she left.

“You know, Connor has never been one for displaying any emotion other than rage, but he’s actually been as close to happy this week as I’ve ever seen him.” Zoe said and I hid my red face behind my even redder slushy.

“Well, I, uh.” I stammered and Zoe chuckled, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Connor really likes you, Y/N, and I can tell you really like him as well. You’re my best friend.” Zoe said and I blushed darker, the slushy incredibly ineffective at masking my blush.

“Thanks Zoe. We should, uh, go get to class.” I said, draining the rest of my drink. “Sure.” Zoe said, smiling widely at me. 

“You know what sounds good?” Zoe said as we walked to our maths classroom. “What?” I asked curiously, shifting my books around in my arms a little.

“Y/N Murphy.” Zoe said, smirking widely. I groaned, punching Zoe’s shoulder with my free hand. “I hate you so much right now.”

Prom night had finally rolled around after two weeks of agonising waiting, and I knocked on Zoe’s door, my dress and assorted accessories in a bag I was holding.

The door swung open to reveal a slightly grumpy Connor, whose face lit up when he saw me. “Hey Y/N. Um, come in.” He said, inviting me inside with a sweeping gesture.

“Thanks.” I said, looking around at the Murphy household. It was obvious that the Murphy’s had money, because the house was elegantly decorated with various artworks, and there was a rather large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

“Woah.” I muttered, and Connor grimaced. “It’s nothing too fancy.” He said and my eyes widened. “This is some ballroom shit right here.” I said, pointing at the chandelier.

Connor chuckled and pointed towards the stairs. “Zoe’s room is upstairs. You’ll find it easily, because it’s the door that has Zoe written on it.” Connor said and I laughed, heading towards the stairs.

“Thanks Connor.” I said, waving at him as I walked up to Zoe’s room. I did find the door easily, and I knocked on it before entering.

“Y/N!” Zoe said excitedly, pulling me into a tight hug. “Hey Zoe!” I said, returning the hug as best I could.

“Great. Now that we’re all here, we can start getting ready!” Alana said enthusiastically, her dark hair pulled into a tight ponytail.

“Dresses on ladies.” Zoe said, putting her hands on her hips. I unzipped my bag and ran a hand over the fabric of the dress, letting out a sigh as I took it out of the bag.

I quickly pulled off my shirt and jeans, and slipped on the elegant dress. “I need some help with my zip, you guys.” I said and Alana chuckled.

“I got it.” Alana said. I smiled at her and she moved over towards me.

She did up the zipper, and I caught a glance of my reflection in the mirror. I gasped, realising just how good I looked.

“Oh my god.” I muttered and the girls chuckled, nodding their heads. “Oh my god indeed. Connor is going to flip his shit when he sees you.” Zoe said and my cheeks flushed bright red.

“Shut up.” I muttered, fiddling with a stray lock of hair. “I’m serious. You look hot.” Zoe said, winking dramatically at me.

“You guys still aren’t dressed.” I said, gesturing to my two friends. “Easy fix.” Zoe said, before pulling her clothes off quickly. Alana did the same, and soon they were both in their dresses.

We quickly put on our jewellery and shoes, and I was kinda grateful for the extra height the heels gave me.

Hair and makeup took a while, which I expected would happen, but somehow I felt like only a minute had passed. Not 2 and a half hours.

“We all look so good, oh my god.” Alana said and we chuckled, nodding in agreement. “Amen to that.” Zoe muttered, her hair hanging in loose curls.

“Well, prom starts in half an hour, so if we want to get photos we should do them now.” Alana said and I nodded, fiddling with the skirts of my dress nervously.

We all walked downstairs, and I heard Cynthia fawning over us. “You girls all look wonderful.” She said, pulling us all into a hug. I chuckled and smiled at Cynthia, who looked like she was going to cry.

“Boys! You can come in now.” She shouted and I heard footsteps come up from the basement. Evan entered first, and he was wearing a black tux with a blue shirt that matched the colour of Zoe’s dress.

He stood there awkwardly, his jaw dropped so low it almost hit the floor. “I, uh, you, woah.” Evan stuttered, walking over to Zoe.
She blushed and fiddled with her dress, shooting Evan a shy smile. “Thanks Evan.” She said, giggling slightly.

Evan’s cheeks went pink and I chuckled, smiling brightly at Zoe. “It’s, uh, it’s no problem Zoe. Really, I mean, um.” Evan stammered, scratching the back of his neck.

“Holy shit.” I heard a voice murmur, and I wheeled around to see Connor, wearing, as promised, a navy suit with his hair pulled back in a bun. “Hi.” I squeaked out, my cheeks already pink.

“Y/N, you. You look gorgeous.” Connor said, walking closer to me. I took a deep breath and took one of his hands in mine, watching intently as his cheeks began to gain colour.

“You look… very good.” I said, gesturing to Connor with my hand. “Thanks.” He said, letting out a breathy laugh.

Cynthia interrupted our conversation suddenly to let us know it was picture time, and I giggled at Connor’s look of pure embarrassment.

I squeezed his hand supportively and he shot me a smile in return. We took the pictures, and I had to admit, they turned out pretty well.

We were all piled into a car, and Cynthia drove us to the school as fast as legally possible. “Have fun, and I’ll pick you up at 10, ok?” She said and we all nodded as we exited the vehicle.

“Well, here we are.” I muttered, surveying the bursting gym hall. “I’m gonna go get a drink. Anyone else want one?” Connor said and I nodded.

“Anyone else?” Connor said but no one else responded. I slipped my hand into Connor’s and walked beside him, not trusting myself to stray from him.

“I really did mean what I said at home. You look stunning.” Connor whispered into my ear and I shuddered, feeling the hairs on the back of my neck raise up.

“Thanks. Not many people other than my parents have complimented me, so that really means a lot.” I said, and Connor squeezed my hand gently.

“You deserve to hear that, Y/N.” Connor said as he poured two cups of punch. “For the lovely lady.” Connor said, passing me a red cup.

“Thanks.” I said, taking a sip of the drink. Connor slipped his hand out of mine and I frowned, but when I felt his hand rest on the small of my back I nearly gasped.

“You wanna sit down somewhere?” Connor asked, his voice raising slightly to combat the noise of the hall. “Sure.” I replied, smiling softly at him.

His hand was still on my lower back as he navigated us to the bleachers, which were pretty much empty. “Here we are.” Connor said, making a sweeping gesture with his hand.

I chuckled and sat down, already feeling a little tired. “You ok?” Connor asked, noticing the shift in my demeanour.  

“Just a little tired. I wants actually planning on coming, you know.” I said and Connor frowned slightly, his brow furrowing. “Why’s that?” He asked, setting his drink down on the seat.

I let out a sigh and crossed my legs, trying not to crush the material of the dress.

“This whole gig has never been my scene. Dancing, lots of people, couples everywhere. Not to mention the fact that I hate staying up past 9:30.” I said and Connor snorted, a strand of hair escaping his bun.

“I totally get it. I’m not a big fan of the whole prom idea either, but you looked so shocked when I asked you to go with me. It was kinda cute.” Connor said, muttering the last part.

My cheeks went pink and Connor chuckled, moving closer to me. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, and I stiffened slightly.

I let out a sigh and relaxed into the embrace, tentatively resting my head in the crook of Connor’s neck.

We sat like that for a while. Not talking, just enjoying each other’s company. “You wanna dance?” Connor asked, suddenly interrupting the comforting silence.

“I, uh, sure.” I said, stammering slightly. If there was one thing I was not, it was a dancer. It was as if the DJ had sensed our intentions, and the song transitioned from an upbeat pop song to a slower ballad.

“I think this should be a good time to tell you that I really can’t dance. Like, I don’t know how to.” I said and Connor smiled at me, leading me onto the dance floor.

“I mean, I kinda tap danced for a while when I was a kid, so this shouldn’t be too hard, right?” Connor said and I gaped a little.

“I never knew you could tap dance.” I muttered and Connor chuckled, wrapping his arms around my waist. My breath hitched slightly and Connor’s smile widened.

“I’ll have to show you sometime. Also, I think your arms go around my neck.” Connor said and I nodded, tentatively doing as he instructed.

We slowly swayed along to the music, not really moving anywhere. “This isn’t too bad.” I muttered, focusing on not trampling Connor’s toes.

“Agreed.” Connor said, his eyes twinkling in the slightly pink light of the gym. I took a deep breath and bravely moved closer to Connor, pressing my chest flush against his.

“Y/N.” Connor whispered, his breath fanning across my face. I let out a shaky breath and looked right at him, noticing that his hair looked almost red in the light.

“Connor.” I said, my eyes briefly darting to his lips. Connor must have caught on, and he surged forward, pressing his lips to mine.

His lips were slightly chapped and tasted like the punch we had drunk beforehand. We stopped swaying and focused on nothing but each other, our lips moulded together perfectly.

Connor pulled away slowly, his eyes half closed. “Woah.” He muttered and I laughed softly, nodding my head. “Agreed.” I said, taking my hands from around his neck and resting them on his chest.

“How about we get out of here? I’ll text mom and the others and let them know, and then we could just go get something to eat. Maybe watch a movie?” Connor said and my smile widened.

I brought him into another kiss, this one shorter but somehow sweeter. When Connor pulled away, his smile had morphed into a loveable, dorky one. “I’d love nothing more.”

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic all of sudden, so what do I do? Right! Headcanon coming right up!

Imagine that somewhere in the future, years and years from now, Izuku is no longer the teenager he is now. He’s a grown man, a top hero, and has taken up the work his mentor has passed onto him – he is not a lone pillar like All Might once was, because there are other young heroes (mostly Class 1-A) right beside him, working together with him, but unofficially, the citizens talk about the hero “Deku” being the new Number One. It is as if All Might has come back, even stronger than before, some say.

One day, Toshinori is walking down the street, sunglasses perched on his nose, a hat drawn in deep to hide his features. People nowadays don’t make a fuss over him when they happen to recognize him, not anymore, but there are still a lot of All Might supporters out there. Whenever he doesn’t feel like getting too much attention, he disguises himself just enough to pass as a normal citizen.

Which he is, now. No hero, just a normal person coming back from buying groceries for lunch. 

It doesn’t bother him anymore. There are others who do his old job now, and he can safely say that they are doing a fabulous job at it.


But still… as he tilts his head back in order to stretch his aching neck a bit, his gaze lands on a poster. It’s colourful, slogan plastered over it, and a familiar mop of green hair is to be seen on it.

“Hero Deku – The movie! Coming soon!” it reads in big, bold letters.

Toshinori stops in his walk and reads it again. He has seen such posters often already. Deku’s face greets him everywhere he goes – pictures in newspapers, in commercials, action figures lining racks at the supermarket. It grins at him from T-Shirt that young Deku-fanboy’s and fangirls wear, proudly presenting their hero to the world.

Their hero.

Suddenly, the realization crushes down on Toshinori. Izuku… Izuku is a hero now. No, he is the hero, even more famous and stronger than All Might once was.

Izuku has reached his goal, fulfilled his dream.

A memory flashes before Toshinori’s inner eye – a shy, tense boy, nearing tears, asking him loudly and with a waver in his voice

“Can someone without a quirk become a hero like you?!”

A wide smile blooms on Toshinori’s face, warm affection and pride flooding him, letting tears well up in his eyes. Chuckling to himself, he pushes his sunglasses onto his forehead, rubbing at his eyes with the ball of his free hand. “Yeesh. I’m getting sentimental in my old age.”

There is a quick breathe next to him, before a high, breathless voice chirps from around his knees. “Are you All Might?”

Toshinori blinks the last tears back and looks down. There is a little boy standing next to him, big round eyes staring up at him reverently, little chubby fists clutching a familiar action figure painted mostly in green.

“Why, you’re right my boy,” Toshinori shifts and gets down on one knee in order to be on eye-level with the little one. A smile tugs at his lips. “I really used to be All Might.”

The boy’s eyes go even bigger, a feat that should have been impossible, and a wide, toothy grin spreads on the round face. “That’s so cool! You’re the real All Might!”

Toshinori laughs at that, hoarse but honest. The excitement reminds him of another fanboy…

“Did you really train Deku?”

The laugh trails off, turning into chuckles before Toshinori quieted completely, smiling nostalgically.

Once, he had been recognized for his deeds as All Might. Now, he was recognized as Deku’s teacher.

It made him feel ready to burst with pride, warmth swelling in his chest.

“Yes, I did,” he pats the boy’s head gently, chuckling at the happy squeak that gets him. “You’re well informed, young man.”

The grin widens even more, and the boy hops up and down in excitement, the Deku-figurine pressed to his chest. “I know everything about Deku! He’s my hero!”

“Is he now?”

“Yes! I want to be just like him when I grow up!”

Toshinori hums, half-listening as the boy rambles on, listing up feats that Deku has done, and why he thinks that Deku is the coolest hero out of all of them. All the while, Toshinori slips one hand into the pocket of his hoodie and pulls out his phone, trying to catch a glimpse of the time.

Already five minutes late.

He will probably be worried by now, he muses, amusement and the beginning of an idea flickering through him.

“My boy.”

The little one stops, excited expression shifting into a mixture of embarrassment and worry. “O-Oh! Sorry, um, I know I always talk too much…”

“Not at all,” Toshinori calms him, smiling slightly. “But I wanted to know: What would you say if you accompany me for a bit? There is someone I would like you to meet.”

“Someone…?” for a second, the boy frowns, contemplating, before he beams again. After all, it is All Might he is talking with. “Okay!”

Toshinori gets up again, silently cursing his cracking knees – he really was getting old – gathering his grocery bags and resuming his walk. The boy kept up with his slow steps easily, hopping all the while, talking and talking and talking.

It brought a grin to Toshinori’s face. Fanboys were always the same, it seemed.

They turned the last corner, Toshinori’s home in sight right before them, as someone called out, “There you are! Yeesh, I was already getting worried here!”

The boy stopped hopping, basically freezing in spot, as a tall, green-haired man appeared right in front of them. He was huge, at least for the boy, only an inch or so smaller than All Might himself, broad shoulders hidden underneath a wide shirt reading “All M”

Toshinori just hummed, fumbling for his keys. “Hello to you too, my boy.”

The other snorted, shaking his head. “That’s all? Please call me next time when you’re late. The last time you didn’t show up in time, it was because you had run into another villain incident.”

“Bad luck. And you bailed me out from it easily,” Toshinori rumbled, shoving the younger aside gently in order to reach the door. “Stop pampering an old man like me, will you?”

“Never. And don’t call yourself old” in a gesture not very fitting for a grown man, the younger stuck his tongue out at the blond, getting punched lightly in the shoulder for it.

Only then did the man notice that his former teacher had company. Green eyes blinked as they locked onto the frozen little boy who was staring up at him in wonder. “Oh? Who is…?”

“You’re Deku!” the little boy breathed reverently, even more fascinated by the fact that his hero was standing in front of him than he had been by the sight of All Might himself.

“Um. Yes?” A sheepish smile appeared on Izuku’s face as he scratched the back of his head. “Hello there!”

“You’re really, really Deku!”

“Ummmm…” Izuku’s gaze shifted from the excited little fanboy towards his mentor, helpless, silently saying Help, I’m overwhelmed.

Toshinori barely managed to bite back a snort, shoulders shaking with laughter. “Izuku, meet your number one fanboy.”

“I’m Taiki!” The boy was beaming now, eyes ablaze with happiness at the sight of his idol. “And you’re the coolest hero ever!”

“Eh?” Izuku’s smile was more relaxed now. He was familiar with the excitement one felt when meeting his idol, after all. “That’s a very nice thing of you to say, Taiki, thank you.”

“Oh, oh! Can I have your autograph? Please? That would be so great!”

“Of course you can. Wait, I do have a pen somewhere…”


Toshinori stopped in the open door, leaning against the doorframe as he watched his student and Taiki. Izuku had crouched down in front of the boy, signing the offered notebook (“I read on the internet that you used to take notes of everything, Deku!” – “I still do that, actually.”)

Another warm, overwhelming feel of pride wells up inside the blond, and he can feel himself smiling softly.

Izuku catches that, lifting an eyebrow. “What?”


“You’re smiling at me.”

“Can’t I be proud of my boy?” Toshinori gives back easily.

Izuku’s expression changes into something bright, happy, warm, and he smiles widely.

Toshinori clears his throat, pushing himself off from the doorframe. “Well, I should get started on lunch, I guess.”

Taiki’s smile falls, and he looks up from the autograph he had just admired. “Oh. Should I…?”

“You,” Izuku interrupted him softly, “Should try and call your parents to ask if you can stay for lunch.”

It takes a moment for the words to sink in, but then, Taiki’s whole face lights up. “Really?!”

“M-hm,” Izuku’s gaze flickers over to his mentor quickly, before he mock-whispers “Toshi- All Might always cooks too much, you know. He thinks I would starve otherwise.”

“I do not,” Toshinori admonishes from where he is kicking of his shoes already. “I know your mother. She would never let you starve.”

“Still not sure about that!” Izuku quips back, laughing, before he turns to his young fanboy again. “What do you think, Taiki?”

The boy’s face is almost splitting under his big grin. “I will call them!”

Toshinori watches, smiling, as the young fanboy scrambles to call his parents, while Izuku waits at the doorstep patiently.

Yes. Izuku really has come a long way.

Izuku looks over his shoulder, catching Toshinori smiling absentmindedly again, and he laughs at his mentor happily. “I still can’t believe that I have fanboys now! That’s so awesome!”


Toshinori blinks, shaking his head, grinning back.

But some things would never change.


“You’re too modest, Izuku.”

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14 burrcules? :D thanks!!

It had taken a long time to convince Hercules to open the store.

“I want to, you know I do.” Hercules stared hopelessly at the screen.

Aaron pushed gently into his side, trying to offer some comfort. “I know, honey. You can do it.” He tipped his forehead into Hercules’ shoulder, earning a soft rumble in return.

“I don’t think I can. It’s so hard.” Hercules moaned. Aaron felt his light tremble, pressed this close against him.

Aaron leaned over his boyfriend, avoiding the laptop, and gently placed his hand over Hercules’. “You can. I’m with you every step of the way, alright? It’s going to turn out great, and even if it doesn’t, I’ll still be there.” He nearly breathed a sigh of relief at Hercules’ soft smile. “Besides, you said I make a great model. It would be a shame not to show the world, right?”

Hercules laughed. The sound was beautiful, and Aaron felt himself relax more. They both relaxed, but they weren’t done. With his hand on Hercules’- and Hercules’ hand on the mouse- Aaron slowly pressed down. The left mouse button made a tiny click, deafening in the silence of the room.

“It’s… uploaded.” Hercules breathed, and then breathed again, deeper and calming. “My first clothing item, on my first online store.” He was pale, and sweating; but he was also smiling.

Aaron leaned up and gently tapped their noses together. “I’m proud of you, sweetheart.” Hercules blushed. It was a pet name Aaron saved for special occasions, precisely because it got the reaction that it did. He tilted his head and leaned up just a bit more for a kiss.


“Oh my god, I’ve got my first sale!” Hercules squealed, in a pitch almost too high for Aaron to hear. He held the phone away from his ear for a moment. “It’s the hat with the butterflies!”

“That’s amazing!” Aaron could feel himself light up. The whole work day had been a mess, but a bad day was nothing compared to hearing Hercules so happy. “When was it sold?”

“Ten minutes ago! I can’t wait to get off shift and ship it! And I should work on another, what if the rest sell? Oh my god, it’s only been two days since it launched!”

Aaron could not and would not prevent the deep belly laugh working it’s way out. “Dear, honey, one thing at a time!” The stress and anxiety of the past few days were completely gone. The big “what if no one buys anything at all” was answered. Hercules was selling- actually selling his work. “I’m very proud of you though, you know that?”

From the other side of the phone, Hercules scoffed; but even through the separation, Aaron could feel his pleased smile. “I don’t even know what they’re going to think of it. I’m just way too excited.”

“You’re allowed to be excited.” Aaron tried to push as much of the fondness he felt into his voice.

Hercules hummed, and didn’t say anything for a moment. “Yeah, uh, well, I should be getting back to work, and I know it’s not your lunch break right now.” Another pause. “But thanks. I know you know this, but I couldn’t have sold it without your help. Your support means a lot.”

Aaron’s heart skipped. He’d never get used to Hercules’ sheer honesty, or the way he always tried to make it clear just how much he appreciated emotional support. And speaking of, “If you want, we can celebrate when I’m off work.”

“Yeah,” Hercules’ voice was suddenly weak. “We can do that, yeah. I’ll see you after work, them.” He hung up quickly. Aaron did not bother hiding his smirk as he slid the phone away and turned back to his laptop.

“What the fuck, Burr.” Thomas was peering over, paused in the middle of walking to another office, papers clutched in hand. “Since when do you have a life outside work?”

Aaron laughed, mood too good to be even slightly annoyed by the comment. “None of your business, Thomas.”

Thomas shot an even stranger look, brows furrowed almost comically. Aaron ignored him and got back to work.


“Hey, how’s that store thing going, anyways?” Alexander sloshed his drink as he dropped into the booth. Aaron scooted back to allow him room.

Hercules laughed. “It’s been going great, man! Only a month and I’ve already sold a bunch of scarves, and a couple hats. For once, it’s actually great that work’s cut my hours so badly.”

Laurens made a long, pained noise. “Don’t give me flashbacks about fast food shift work. I’m so glad I’m out of that hellhole of a system.” He took a long pointed swig of his drink.

“The cafe’s treated me well, for the most part,” Hercules shrugged. “It always smells nice and the only people who go there are people who expect to wait for their lattés.”

“Just make sure you never work at Wendy’s.” Lauren’s said, puttng a finger gun to his own head.

“Come on, less work talk, more drink!” Lafayette placed another tray of drinks on the table, wiggling into the other end of the booth. This brought a round of cheers, Hercules whooping especially loud. Aaron snuggled into Hercules’ arm contentedly, reaching for a glass. What was once an intimidating excess of volume was now life and liveliness and comfort. Hercules brought his glass to Aaron’s, and he obliged, clinking them together just because he knew Hercules would giggle at it.

“Oh, and speaking of the store, I think I had an email notification, sometime on the way over.” Hercules rooted for his phone, careful not to jab Aaron, pressed against him.

“A new sale?” Aaron peeked at the phone, but it was tilted just slightly too far to read.

Hercules shook his head. “No, I made those go through another filter. This one’s a review.” His tone was excited, a silly smile working its way up his face. The review system had so far been a godsend for Hercules’ confidence. Aaron was just glad that people were finally beginning to recognize Hercules’ talents.

“So? What’s it say?” Aaron grinned up at his boyfriend. Hercules didn’t respond, suddenly hesitating. His brows crept down and together, lips turning slowly to a frown. Aaron’s grin slipped. “Dear?” Hercules’ phone hand dropped, slipping the phone away.

“It’s just-” Hercules’ voice hitched. He jumped as if not expecting it. Hercules started blinking rapidly. “I’m okay, it’s-” He cut himself off again.

“Herc, what’s wrong?” Alexander smirked. “Get a bad review?” He teased. The smirk melted away when Hercules suddenly burst into tears. “Wait, what the fuck?”

“Alex, shut up!” Aaron hissed. “Get out! He needs space!” From the other side of Hercules, Aaron tried to shoe Alexander off.

“What’s wrong with Hercules?” Lafayette asked, slipping into something almost as bewildered as concerned. Hercules started shaking. Aaron could hear him hyperventilating.

“He’s having a fucking panic attack!” Aaron snapped, “Stop gawking and get some water! And stop everyone from staring!”

Lafayette stumbled off, but he wasn’t Aaron’s concern right now. “Hey, sweetheart, it’s okay.” Aaron whispered, his words not meant for the others. “Can you take big breaths?”

Hercules tipped his head so that his face wasn’t visible, but nodded. “Do you want me to hold your hand?” Aaron ventured. Another nod. Quickly, Aaron clasped them, together in both of his. God, Aaron hoped he was doing this right. He’d only seen Hercules in a panic attack twice before, and he was determined to be useful.

“No one’s looking, okay sweetheart? I sent them away.” Aaron tried to assure, remembering the advice Hercules gave once, of what he personally needed during an attack. Sure enough, Laurens and Lafayette and Alexander were all out of the booth, creating something of a human shield. A glass of water had been slid towards them.

“Are you good with breathing? Do you want help?” Aaron squeezed his hands. Hercules tipped his head up slightly. His eyes were puffy.

“I’m- I’m good.” Hercules pushed out, voice shaking as much as he was. “Can I… h-hug you?”

Aaron answered by climbing into Hercules’ lap and stretching his arms over and around Hercules’ broad shoulders. They stayed like that for a few minutes. Aaron felt his boyfriend’s heart rate slowly go down.

Hercules eventually spoke again. “Sorry,” He started. “It was just a bad review. I shouldn’t have freaked out like that.”

Slowly, carefully, Aaron pecked Hercules on the cheek. “Don’t be sorry, sweetheart. Panic attacks are nothing to be ashamed of. They happen.”

Hercules seemed to melt into the embrace. “I know. I thought I was ready for this, though. Of course I knew this was going to happen eventually.”

Aaron smiled. “You were ready for it, though. It happened, and now you’re feeling a bit more okay, right?”

“I… guess I am.” Hercules returned the smile.

A sharp cough interrupted them. “Uh, sorry for that,” Alexander scratched his head, sheepish. “I didn’t realize you had anxiety.” To his credit, Alexander did look appropriately guilty, eyes averted.

“It’s fine.” Hercules said, always quick to forgive. “You’ve all never seen it, and I’ve never said it. The whole anxiety… thing,” Aaron leaned into Hercules neck and smiled. Hercules may step around the word, but he’d gotten so far since being unable to come to terms with Anxiety. “ It’s the reason I’ve never tried selling my stuff before. But now I’ve got Aaron to help me out.”

Aaron yelped as Hercules’ fist came down on his head in a gentle noogie. “Oh my god! Honey, what the fuck.” He shot a reproachful stare. Hercules burst into laughter. Even with puffy, red rimmed eyes, it was a beautiful sight. “Sweetheart, why?” Aaron whined into Hercules’ ear. He flushed.

Aaron loved his boyfriend.

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It's almost Halloween! 0: May I request one of your favorite ships/otps, in a matching costume you like? Can be from anything! <3

Happy Almost Halloween! - I saw some Luvia this morning on my dash and felt like that was a good choice ~! 

If it looks really super messy it’s because it is after I clicked the wrong button several times and literally just ended up drawing everything on one layer Haha//// It’s been a weird week for me, but im really glad i have so many kind asks and requests to keep me going. <3 Hope you are having a good Sunday!  

Brady Skjei #1 - Off Day

Anon asked: Hey, could you do a NYR one (Brady skjei maybe??) where him and the reader are hanging around NYC on an off day?? 

This one has been finished for a few hours dear anon, but my computer was acting up and wouldn’t let me upload it. The storyline itself is based vaguely off of my recent trip to New York. I hope you enjoy it! 

The Rangers had put up a tough fight against the Canadiens in the first round of the playoffs and ultimately it had been enough. You were fortunate enough that it had been a home game and thus allowed you to be there to congratulate your boyfriend Brady Skjei in person. Clinching the win in game six instead of seven gave the two of you an extra day to be together before he had to leave again to face the Senators. You planned to put that extra time to good use.

Your day started as few did recently, by sleeping in. It was the smell of what you hoped were pancakes that lured you from your sleep and notified you that the bed beside you was empty. Judging by how the sheets were still warm he couldn’t have been up for long. You begrudgingly left the warmth of your bed and slipped on one of Brady’s sweatshirts before meeting him in the kitchen. The small television on the counter was playing the news and added to the overall feeling of “home” that radiated from the room.

He nudged a mug towards you without looking up from the stove and you readily took it. You blamed Brady for your coffee dependence seeing as he was the reason you were prone to getting up earlier than needed.

You raised the mug to your lips just as Brady said, “careful it’s really hot.”

It was too late and you burned the roof of your mouth and tongue on the drink. You forced yourself to swallow it and let out a breath, “more of a warning next time would be great babe.”

He quirked an eyebrow, “I tried to but I know nothing gets in the way of you and your coffee. One of these days you’ll wait for it to properly cool.”

“Not likely,” you placed the mug on the counter and crossed your arms, “waiting is for the weak.”
“Yeah okay. Tell that to me when you can’t taste anything because you’ve burned your taste buds off.”

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may I request a soulmate! tattoo au scenario with semi eita where his soulmate knows that they're fated to be (found out during second year when they have a class together for the first time) but is too self-conscious and introverted to tell him and thinks he would be disappointed? maybe have a happy ending where someone from the team happens to see they're soulmates and nudges them.

The tattoo is going to be on their wrist! Really long so it’s under the cut!

“What class did you get (Name)?” Your friend asked as the two of you began walking up the stairs to where the second years had their classes. You were quite excited to become a second year, but it was pretty nerve-wracking. “I got class 2-2, how about you?”

“Aww! I got class 2-3, so close!” Your friend whined as you let out a small chuckle before walking towards your class, “Anyways, why are you wearing a cardigan, it’s so nice and warm outside!”

“I just like having something covering my arms, and I tend to get cold easily,” You answer playing with your cardigan. Your friend nodded before opening the door to your class, “Yeah, well isn’t your soulmate tattoo on your wrist? How is anybody going to know if you’re their soulmate if you’re just going to keep blocking it?”

Sitting down at a desk, you shrank down and frowned, “I don’t know, it’ll happen eventually..” You say quietly as your friend let out a sigh. “Alright, I should be getting to class, see you at lunch.” Waving goodbye to your friend, she opened the door and ran into a tall male with ombre looking hair before stepping to the side, excusing herself.

Pulling your sleeves down past the tips of your fingers, you looked out the window and sighed, this was going to be another long year.

The end of the day had finally come and you were on your way home, passing the gym on your way to the gates. “Volleyball?” You question as you heard the slams of the volleyballs and the squeaks of the shoes. Walking over towards the door, you peeked inside and noted that it was the boy’s volleyball team practicing.

You stepped away from the gym doors and continued on your way home, but let out a shriek as a volleyball came flying right in front of your face. Breathing heavily, you picked the ball up and observed it before you heard a voice.

“Ah, thanks for catching it!” Jumping, you turn to face the ombre-haired male in your class. “It’s nothing,” You responded softly as you handed the ball back.

As he reached out to grab the ball, your eyes flickered to his wrist where you saw a mark that was the same as your soulmate tattoo. Your cheeks flared up and you gasped causing him to look at you concernedly, “Is there something wrong?”

“N-No, it’s um, I just..,” Your eyes wandered everywhere but him as you tried to think of an excuse, “I just remembered that you have the same class as me! Sorry, I didn’t remember your name.”

He gives you a genuine smile before responding, “Semi Eita, and yours?” You smile back nervously, “It’s (Name), you should be getting back. Sorry for keeping you out here for so long,” Semi shakes his head before thanking you again and heading back into the gym. 

As he leaves, you continue to head home, letting out a loud and long sigh as you pulled on your cardigan to look at your tattoo, “I didn’t think I would find him so easily..”

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I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Chapter One) {Trixya} - Palace

A/N: Hi! So here is my new series, I’ve been working on this since November and its fair to say writers block got the better of me, but this idea has been burning in my head for a while now so I wanted to persevere with it.

Just a heads up before this starts, the uploads for this are most likely going to be extremely slow as I have lots of uni work coming up and I’m about to start an eleven week teaching placement, however, having said that every chapter should be a decent length. So you may have to wait for the next chapter, but, it’ll be a decent fill when you get it :)

This fic will follow cis girl Katya and Trixie through their years at college, following their developing relationship and the struggles they will endure together.

——- This represents a change in POV, it’ll switch between Trixie and Katya quite frequently but I’ll make it obvious who we’re focusing on each time it does.

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Chris Jealousy LaSalle

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Title: Chris Jealousy LaSalle

Characters: LaSalle x Reader, Tony, McGee, Abby, Gibbs

Word count: 1,087

Warnings: Fluffish?

A/N: This was requested by @native-snowflake! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

It was no secret that you used to work with Gibbs in Washington D.C..  LaSalle knew that you used to rely on your old teammates here.  When Pride sent you and LaSalle up to D.C. to help Gibbs, he was more than happy to oblige, especially since he was going with you.  Pride knew that he could count on you and LaSalle.  The two of you were a power couple; almost nothing could stop the two of you.

“Are ya excited to see your team again [Y/N],” LaSalle asked as he drove down the road, getting closer to D.C.’s NCIS headquarters.  “Ah know it’s been a few years since ya’ve seen ‘em.”

“I’m sure everyone will be as glad to see me as much as I’ll be glad to see them,” you smiled.  “I can’t wait to introduce you to Abby.  She’s going to go crazy when I tell her you’re my boyfriend.”

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I’ve Been Thinking...

My favorite (non-living) things are food and theater.

I know there are a lot of restaurants on Broadway the street, but there aren’t a ton of Broadway-themed restaurants.

There should be. I would call mine “Annie Get Your Lunch” or “Everything Is Beautiful At The Buffet.”

Sample Dishes:

  • You Won’t Succeed On Broadway If You Don’t Have Any Juice
  • Avenue Q-cumber Salad
  • Oh The Things You Can Think When You Think About Soup!
  • Cheese and Rice Superstar
  • It’s Pasta-ble
  • Lettuce From The Refuge
  • The Poor GUY’S Bread Is Spinning!
  • Everything’s Coming Up Roast Beef
  • Thoroughly Modern Meatloaf
  • Miss Baltimore Crab Cakes
  • A Light In The Pizza (cheese pizza, for the vegetarians among us)
  • The Dessert of Desserts: The Dessert!- a medley of sorts, featuring Pippin apples, Kiss Me Cake and My Fair Ladyfingers, as well as one’s choice of sorbet (Cell Block Mango or Lime Warp) or Ice Cream (Ice Cream A Cream In Time Gone By….when hope was high and life worth living)
I'm used to it - Chapter 5

Reader x Jaebum , Reader x Jungkook

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 4,773

Chapters: 4 ,


I woke at around 7am and made my way downstairs. The first thing i saw was a sleeping Jungkook on the couch and the glasses of wine from yesterday. I went and picked them up, pouring the wine out into the sink, what a waste. I decided to make breakfast for Jungkook as he was still asleep, i didn’t bother with my own.

I turned around when i heard a yawn and saw Jungkook who was rubbing his eyes as he yawned. I had to admit he looked cute. “Morning sleepyhead”, i said gaining Jungkook’s attention, he gave me a small smile before he replied, “morning beautiful”, i felt myself heat up at what he said. I told myself to keep calm before i continued, “i-erm…i-i made you breakfast”. Smooth.

He lightly chuckled before slowly getting up, only then i realised he was shirtless, as before he had the blanket covering him and the back of the sofa. I looked away from him as i was now definitely embarrassed. “I-i’m gonna go get dressed”, as i was about to climb the steps Jungkook grabbed my wrist making me turn to face him, “aren’t you gonna eat”, i shook my head and smiled, “i’ve already eaten”. With that he let me go and i rushed up stairs to get dressed.

I got changed into a black cropped lace off the shoulder top and wore a pair of black high waisted jeans to cover my stomach and then topped it off with a grey oversized cardigan. I skipped downstairs to see Jungkook sat at the table finally with his top on and eating whilst reading something on a piece of paper, “what you readi-”, “You’re going to school”. I furrowed my brows and stared at him, “what are you talking about?”, he didn’t even answer instead he turned around the piece of paper he was previously reading. I looked at the later and immediately noticed what it was, ‘ABSENCE NOTICE’. “I’m not going”, “(y/n) i get everything that happened, but trust me hiding away from your problems won’t help”, i grabbed the paper from him and scrunched it into a ball before tossing it into the bin. “Jungkook i’m not going, okay, leave it at that”, i heard him sigh loudly, “(y/n) come here”, he held out his hand for me to take.

I walked up to him as he turned in his seat to face me, he took his hands in mine and gripped my chin so i was now staring at him, “hey listen”, his voice was soft, “i do get it honestly, but this is what happened to my friend, he didn’t face anything, he let himself believe that if he hid away it would go away but it didn’t. Trust me when i say this, if you face the problem head on and show that it has no affect on you, it will go away”, “but-”, “no buts, just go into school okay, if anything happens, just remember what i told you”. I hesitated for a while before i nodded my head and agreed to go. Jungkook smiled and stood up, “it’s 7 now, i can drop you off and then i can get to work, what time does your school end?”, “erm…2:50”, “okay, go get your things”.

I arrived outside of school at 9:25, lessons had already started and i was sat out here in Jungkook’s car. Say if everyone tells me i’m repulsive or say if they physically hurt me.“Hey”, Jungkook brought me out of my thought, his hand rubbing up and down my arm, “it’s gonna be okay, you have my number so if you need me, call”, “but how far is your work”, “closer than you think”, as he finished speaking the bell went catching our attention. “Go now you’ll be there for second period”, i nodded before moving to get out the car, but before i completely got out Jungkook grabbed my hand and placed a gentle kiss on it, “it’ll be fine beautiful”, i began to heat up, god why did he do this to me, i’ve only known him for a day, well less.

After saying goodbye to him i walked into school, the hallways were empty. The lesson i was walking to was the one i now dreaded the most, psychology. I stood outside the door eyes closed, taking deep breaths preparing myself, once ready i opened the door. “Thomas, Jaso-”, Miss Kyle stopped doing the register to see who walked in, “S-sorry i’m late miss”, she smiled and told me it was fine before telling me to quickly sit down. I was fully aware that as i was walking, people were staring at me and were whispering about me. I moved behind Jaebums chair and sat in my seat as i did miss Kyle continued with the register and i got my things out, ignoring Sarah’s comment, “ugh she could have at least showered, fucking repulsing”. After registration miss kyle had an announcement, “alright class, because of the amount of you asking for help during lessons i nagged the principle and he allowed me to get a helper. He-”, she was cut of by some of the girls squealing saying they hoped he was cute or hot, “he…will be joining us after he’s done talking with the principle which should be soon and will be with us for the rest of the year, okay now get out your books and turn to page 164, we’re looking at how the society someone grows up in affects behaviour”.

After talking for 20 minutes she handed us a work booklet to get through for the rest of the lesson. I focused on my work ignoring Marrie’s calls for me and ignoring anyone else who had something to say. As i was working someone slipped a note under my work booklet, i looked up and saw Jaebum taking back his hand and continued writing as if he didn’t just do that. I picked up the note and read what he wrote:

I need to talk to you, meet me in the school gardens at lunch


I put the note in my pocket and stared at him, he could have just spoke to me and told me, but he probably wanted to keep his image, of course that was a lot more important, to people like him. I carried on with my work, another 10 minutes passed when i heard the classroom door open i stayed focusing on my work, ignoring the girls gasping and comments, ‘OMG hes so hot and cute”, “ugh, i want him”. “AH, you’re here thank god, i’m sorry but right now too many students need help, could you start with Jaebum over there he’s been waiting for a while”, “sure thing”. My head popped up at that voice, the dick! He never told me his job was here, maybe that’s what he meant when he said it was closer than i thought. Jungkook walked over as he did he noticed me and decided to start winking and smirking, “Jaebum right?”, Jungkook asked to which he replied, “uh, yeah, i don’t get this about the kids and their backgrounds”.

Jungkook explained it to Jaebum and ensured that he understood it before moving over to me, but before either one of us could speak, someone decided to interrupt us, “erm..excuse me…sir, i need help”. Of course it was Sarah. I turned back to look at her, she had undone some of her buttons to show cleavage and was twirling strands of her hair with her finger. She noticed me staring and gave an annoyed look, “what are you fucking staring at, charity case”, she snarled before turning back to Jungkook, “sir, help please”.

I turned back around, closed my eyes and tilted my head down, telling myself to ignore her and not to cry, not to show her she’s hurting me. “Erm….”, “just go Jungkook”, I whispered, he stared at me for a few seconds before walking off to Sarah. “Right what is it that you’re stuck on?”, “I don’t really get this part about the poor people”, “what don’t you get about it?”, “i don’t get why they should even get a chance, like all they do is take our money and complain when they can’t get a job, even though it’s their own fault as they don’t do anything about it”. I heard Jungkook scoff, before letting out a bitter laugh, i turned to face him and he looked pissed, “i’m guessing you’re one of those upper class people right?”, Sarah nodded twirling her hair again, “that’s good, that means you can pass this message onto anyone else as ignorant as you”, he spat out. “Those ‘poor’ people are also human like you, if you get given chances so should they, yes some people may take the benefits they get for granted. But there are also people out there who get up early in the morning, look for work, look for any opportunity out there to earn money, whether it’s to provide for themselves or their families. So don’t say they don’t do anything, because the majority do and as well as that the majority of you rich snobby, narcissistic people, get the money passed down to you, so what work are you doing?”. Sarah sat there, her mouth agape, i couldn’t help but snicker at what Jungkook said, he looked up and smiled when he heard me. Unfortunately so did Sarah, “ugh,i don’t know one why you’re laughing, you’re still a dirty, fat peas-”, “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t talk to my girlfriend like that”.

Not only did my eyes widen so did, Sarah’s and Marrie’s, “girlfriend? Her?”, “yeah…”, he looked over to me, a soft look on his face, “my girlfriend”, he gave me a small smile, to which i respond with one back, but soon turned back around and hid my face, as the blush on my face was very evident.

Soon enough the triple we had ended, everyone rushed out to lunch. I took my time, as usual packing away, “(y/n)? Come on answer my question, when did you get with him?”, Marrie nagged, i ignored her and just continued packing away, “ugh, fine don’t tell me, but I’ll find out soon enough”, she said as she walked off to Jackson who was waiting outside. “Thank you so much Jungkook, you are literally a blessing”, Jungkook chuckled at what she said, “no, it’s fine, i honestly enjoy doing things like this”, “but still thank you, right you should get some lunch….ah (y/n)?”. I looked up at her, “yes?”, “you wouldn’t mind showing Jungkook to the cafeteria and just keeping him company?”, I looked over to Jungkook, who was smirking again, “oh… Sure, i don’t mind”, i smiled at Miss Kyle, before picking up my bag and walking out of the classroom.

Jungkook rushed up beside me, “so, will you be buying me lunch as well?”, he asked shoving his hands into his pocket, “well you’re my boyfriend, so should you be buying me lunch”, i gave him a big grin, “you got me there…can we go out to eat?”, I nodded, “only teachers and the upper 2 years can”, “great, let’s go”, he held my hand and was about to drag me to the entrance, but i stopped him, “wait, i…need to go tell Marrie where I’m gonna be”, “oh, okay be quick”, I nodded and ran off to the cafeteria.

I walked out of the back of the cafeteria into the gardens. I looked around, but did find anything, as i was turning to leave i heard someone, “(y/n)…”, I turned and faced Jaebum, looking good as per usual, “erm…Hi", “h-hi”, I stuttered out.

We just stood there in silence after, he did want to talk to me about something, right? “I’m sorry Jaebum, but do you actually need something or-”, “ah yeah, i wanted to talk about what happened, you know at the party”. I closed my eyes and sighed at the thought of it, it was the last thing I wanted to remember right now, “i know you probably don’t want to talk about it, but i want to apologise”, he walked closer to me and continued speaking, “i swear to God I never invited you so that could happen, like i don’t even know half the shit that Sarah does. I am so sorry for everything that’s happened to you since, like the death threats, the horrid comments, i wish i could stop it”. I smiled and shook my head at him, “it’s fine, besides I’m used to it all, it’s been happening for so long that it just seems like part of my daily life”, i let out a little laugh. “(y/n)..-”, “no honestly it’s fine, I’m used to it all…anyways if that was all you wanted to talk about can i get going, Jungkook’s waiting for me”, i wanted to get out there as quiet as possible,“Jungkook?”, Jaebum said, confusion spread across his face, “the-the teaching assistant”, he let out a sound of realisation, “is he actually your boyfriend?”, “yeah he is, i know what you all are thinking, how can he be with someone like me?”. But Jaebum shook his head, “i don’t think that, i just think that he’s one lucky guy”, his eyes were looking directly into mine, there was something in them making it hard for me to tell whether or not what he said, he meant. “I-i should get going, bye”, i rushed off back inside to get to Jungkook, “yeah…Bye".

“Hm…So where does my girlfriend want to eat?”, he asked as we got into, “you know you don’t need to call me that, we’re not in school anymore”, i know, but it feels right when i call you it”. I looked at him quite shocked, before laughing, “shut up you idiot”, as i continued laughing, i realised that he wasn’t doing the same, so i stopped. “Jungko-”, “i know, we’ve just met, but honestly i don’t know what it is, but i can’t stop thinking about you and i have this urge to protect you from everyone and beat the living shit outta all those arseholes”, he tilted his head backwards against the headrest letting out a sigh, “i get that you might thinks it’s because of my friend, but there’s something different about you, i’ve…i’ve just never felt this way about someone, especially so quickly. I’ll understand if you don’t want the s-”, I cut him off by doing the one thing we both didn’t expect, i kissed him.

It lasted for a very long time, getting quite deep, before i pulled away slightly, resting my forehead against his, “you talk too much”, i said in a hushed voice, “hopefully it won’t be a problem”, i added, making Jungkook’s eyes widen, “does that mean…”, i nodded my head a slight smile on my face because of his reaction. Jungkook pulled me in for another kiss, this time a lot shorter, “god….(y/n) you won’t regret it, i promise you”, “i know”.

After lunch the two of us walked back into school, Jungkook insisted on holding hands, although i was against it. He said it will show everyone that I’m him and if they mess with me, they mess with him, i couldn’t help but giggle at him. “Ugh, why couldn’t you be with me last…”, he whined, resting his head on my shoulder, we were in the maths pod, which was currently empty. “Jungkook…we have spent practically the whole day together, I’m sure one hour won’t be a problem”, “hmm…true”, the school bell rang, indicating that lunch was over and that the last lesson was starting. “Well i guess it’s time for you to go”, i said to him, moving his head up, off my shoulder, “yeah. We’ll meet after?”, he asked, i nodded, “obviously, i mean who else would give me a ride home”, “oh so, I’m just your ride home?”, be questioned with an amused look on his face, again i nodded, making him laugh. “Right, i really need to go now”, he said after noticing the students flooding into the pod, “if anyone says it does anything tell me okay?”, “okay”, with that he leaned down and placed a kiss on my lips, he tried to deepen it, but i stopped him, “you’re gonna be late, go”, i mumbled out.

This time he listened and went. I closed my eyes as soon as he did, as i knew people were staring. I eventually opened my eyes, but kept them glued to the floor as i made my way into class.

Throughout the lesson, all i heard was people talking about me and Jungkook, ‘she’s probably paid him’, ‘he must really like her personality’ or ‘he’s just straight up blind and stupid’. I tried to block it out, but it was impossible thanks to Sarah, “hey (y/n)”, she said as she stood in front of my desk, “let’s work on a group together”, she say across from me, her two friends sitting either side of me, “i was actually going to work with Marrie”, “well she’s working with Jackson, Jae and Youngjae, so you’re stuck with us”, she gave me another one of her fake smiles.

Once Mrs Lee explained the group task, everyone got to work, “okay so first we need to-”, “how did you end up with sir?”, Sarah questioned, her and get minions staring directly at me, “w-what? Sorry, but I don’t really think it’s any of your business”, “oh, but it is, see Alex here really likes sir and if you’re with him, she isn’t and that’s gonna be a problem for me because i need my girls with guys who are on the same level as them. You and sir are on two completely different levels, he’s hot and you’re not, so the relationship won’t last anyways”. Gosh the things that i wanted to do to her right now, did she really believe that because her minion wanted to be with my boyfriend that I’ll drop him like that?

“I’m sorry, but I’m not leaving him”, i said back, my voice was slightly hushed, “oh really? gosh (y/n), you always make it worse for yourself”, Sarah and her friends got up to leave, but not before throwing everything on the table off, “oops”, she said with a smirk spread across her face as she walked away. I ignored everyone’s eyes and got down in the floor to clean up the mess, “if you want I’ll go smack that smirk of that face of her”, Marrie said as she helped me clean up. I gave her a quick smile before shaking my head, “it’s okay, she’s not worth it”, “true, besides you’re better than her and smarter and prettier and honestly…quite sexy”, she began moving her eyebrows and winking. I laughed out and slapped her arm, “shut up and help me”.

“See-ya later (y/n)”, Marrie said as her and Jackson walked off together, I walked in the opposite direction as I needed to pee.

(y/n): I’ll meet you outside, I need to go to the toilet first.

Jungkook: okay, be quick, please :)

I rushed to the toilet and did my business and felt so much better. As I was walking out, I bumped into someone, as I was on my phone. I didn’t even get the chance to apologise as someone grabbed hair and dragged me, so I was now on the floor. “I told you, you always make it worse for yourself”, Sarah smirked, whist she stood there, her arms crossed, “Alex, show her how annoyed you are because she won’t let you have your man”, with that Alex continued pulling my hair, adding in punches and slaps.

I pleaded for Alex to let me go, but she alone with Sarah and their other friend just laughed. Even when I began crying, they didn’t stop, what made it worse was that the place was empty, so no one could help me. “Please, please stop”, “hmm”, she put her finger on her chin to make it seem as if she was thinking, “nope”. Alex then began yanking at my clothes and I prayed for one thing not to happen whilst she did it, but obviously things never went my way. “Oh, my, god, that is gross”, Sarah said in disgust, her eyes glued to my stomach. I tried my best to cover it with my torn clothes, but it was no use, “are those stretch marks…oh wait no I forgot you’re a mental bitch who deserves to-”

“Oi, what are you doing”, Jaebum came rushing towards us, he was about to grab Alex, but Sarah stopped him, “baby, what are you doing? We were just-”, she held onto his arm, but soon he was shoving her off himself, “don't”, he pointed at her before pushing Alex away from me. “Go”, “but Jae-”, “go now or we’re over and trust me I can get my parents to find me another girl”, she stared at Jaebum for a while, gave me a quick glance before storming off, her minions trailing behind.

Jaebum crouched down next to me, moving my hair out of my face, “hey, you okay”, I flinched back when he tried to touch my face, “you’ve got a cut and your nose and lips are bleeding”, he whispered out, “do you want me to get someone”, at that moment I heard someone shout my name, the one person I needed more than anything right now.

“(y/n)”, he stopped calling once he saw me. Instead he started running towards the two of us screaming, “what the fuck did you do to her?!”. He pushed Jaebum far away from me, before then grabbing his collar, “I swear to fucking god, I am going to beat the-”, “Jungkook,s-stop”, I stuttered out, trying to stand up, “he-he helped me”.

Jungkook saw me struggling and helped me, not letting go when I was up right, “then who did this?”, “It doesn’t matter”, “(y/n), baby-”, “please”, I whimpered out. He sighed and cupped my face with one of his hands, “I just want to go home with you and forget everything, please”, he contemplated for a while before letting out a faint okay.

He noticed my torn clothes, so took off his jacket and put it on me, “come”, he said leading me out of the school, “wait”, I said and turned to Jaebum, “thank you, for stopping them”, he smiled at me, “make sure you get home and take care of the cuts and bruises”, “I will”.

The car ride was quiet, with Jungkook’s music in the background, at some point I began dozing off, but was stopped by Jungkook, “we’re here”, I looked outside and noticed that I was not on the farm, “no we’re not”, “ah, yeah I thought maybe, I could take you to my place…we could go back to yours if you want”, he added quickly, his head going to the keys, ready to get the car running again. “No, it’s okay, it’s just that Prince and Romeo, my dogs, I need to make sure they have food and water”, “ah yeah, I need to talk to you about them, I kinda gave them food in the morning and I may or may not have spilt half the bag”, i laughed at his stupidity, “how do you manage to do that?”, “Special talents”, he gave me a wink before getting out the car and helping me.

On the way up to his flat, we did get a few looks, because of my current state. But soon enough those looks were gone and we were in his flat, it was quite big and the walls were painted a light grey colour. The one thing that caught my eyes the most was his balcony, I walked towards it and opened one of the doors. He could see everything from here, though the distance from here to the road was frightening, it was still amazing, “do you like the view?”, I nodded my head, “well, you can continue to enjoy it, after you’ve cleaned up, come”, he held out his have for me, I took it right away. He lead me down the hallway, into a room at the end of it, the room was painted black, but another balcony, to the left of the bed, that helped light it up. There was also a built in wardrobe to the right of the bed and a TV directly across from it on the wall.

Jungkook set me down on the bed and got the first aid kit and cleaned and bandaged me up. “Right that’s finally done”, he got up and walked to the wardrobe, getting out a pair of sweatpants grey and a white t-shirt, “you can change into these, they might be a little big on you”, he handed me the clothes and stood there.

I stayed on the bed, holding the clothes, looking at him, waiting for him to realise. “Oh, I-i should leave, right”, I giggled as he walked into the door, trying to leave.

It took me a few minutes to change into Jungkook’s clothes, though they were big like he said, they were very comfortable. I walked out of his room, into the living room, the TV was on, but Jungkook was nowhere to be seen, so I just sat down on the couch and watched what was on.

“Ah fuck!”, I jumped at Jungkook’s voice, which I’m guessing came from the kitchen. I got up and went to see what happened to him, when i did see him, he was at the sink, running his fingers under the water, “what did you do!?”, I exclaimed rushing over to him, “I was trying to cook…”, I shook my head, “do you have any cream, it’ll stop it from getting worse”, “er…yeah, go to that cupboard, there should be something in there”.

“You are an idiot you know, how on earth do you burn yourself on a pan”, I save dabbed the cream into his fingers, “does a pan not get hot when you put it in the stove?”, “Well,yes-”, “exactly so, hush”, I giggled as he stuck his out. I wrapped his 3 fingers in a bandage, “be more careful”, “I will, promise…can I have a kiss now, you know because they make everything better”, I rolled my eyes at him, but he didn’t see as his eyes were shut tight and his lips were puckered. The sight was quite amusing.

I leaned forward and gave him a small peck, but as I was pulling away he put his hands and my face and pulled me forward again, our lips slamming together. Instead of getting the kids he wanted he got me groaning out in pain as I pushed him away, “shit,I forgot, your lip, are you okay? I am so sorry! (y/n)-”, “i-it’s okay, honestly”, I could feel my lips pulsing. “I am sorry”, Jungkook pulled me to him, his hands resting on my waist, mine were playing with the hem of his shirt as I looked down, “(y/n)…can we talk about what happened”, “I don’t want to”, he sighed loudly, “was it that Sarah girl?”, “I said I didn’t want to talk about it”, I got out of his hold, “it was wasn’t it?”, he followed me as I walked to the living room, “Jungkook”, “could you just tell me, I am trying to help you”, he snapped out. I stopped and turned to him, “yes! Yes it was Sarah. Her and her fucking friends, they beat me, do you want to know why?!”, I shouted out, tears beginning to fall, “because i didn’t want to leave you. Sh-she wanted one of her friends to be with you, because you’d both be on the same level, whereas I, I was nowhere near, so whatever we had it wouldn’t last”, I sobbed out. Jungkook pulled me into his chest, combing down my hair, trying to calm me down.

“Whatever i have she takes away from me”, “hey”, he pulled away slightly and cupped my face, wiping my tears with his thumbs, “I promise that I won’t leave you. And I’ll make sure that Sarah knows that if she or anyone else touches you again, they’ll regret it”.

Sorry for not posting for a very long time, but I’ve had four assessments to do at once. And scars I will try to get out as I am half way through the chapter thank you bibs 😊😊


Dating Yeri would include...

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  • how you two actually managed to get together was a huge stroke of luck because yeri had no intention of ever telling you how she felt
  • yeri was just too scared you’d reject her since you two had only known each other for a short time
  • at first she would hide behind her unnies when you were in the room, barely speaking to you and never looking at you directly in the eye
  • soon though she became a little more comfortable around you and less nervous so she’d talk to you 
  • loved hearing you laugh
  • she hadn’t meant to but she said something you thought was funny and when you laughed yeri’s whole world shook
  • yeri had never heard a more beautiful sound
  • when she got back to the dorms she laid down in her bed for a solid hour
  • joy asked if she was okay and she replied that she was in love
  • joy let out a soft “yikes” and walked out to get irene
  • after that it’s nonstop talking about you to the other girls
  • at first they all think it’s cute because their little yeri is in love and you’re a really cool person but soon it gets a little annoying
  • they’ll be in hair and makeup and yeri is going on about how you did something minutely different with your hair
  • joy finally stands up and gets you
  • she drags you to the dressing room
  • irene can tell she’s up to no good so she tries to stop joy but nope joy has heard enough about how attractive yeri thinks your nostrils are
  • J: “(y/n) I think you and yeri should go get lunch sometime.”
  • You weren’t sure what was going on but you nodded. “Okay”
  • Y: “Really?!” 
  • Yeri was shook
  • (y/n): “Yeah I’d love to. Are you busy after this?”
  • Y: “I’m never busy for you.”
  • Yeri couldn’t believe she’d actually said that out loud
  • Wendy and Seulgi were dying trying not to laugh 
  • Irene was smiling, also trying not to laugh but you two were so cute
  • Joy was feeling pretty proud of herself. After you and Yeri agreed on a place to meet after the show Joy kicked you out of the room.
  • Yeri wanted to kill Joy the second you were gone. Joy was really confused about why. 
  • J: “But (y/n) didn’t??????? You’re welcome.”
  • your first date is super cute and yeri is super shy but she tries to relax because she doesn’t want to ruin this first impression
  • you admit you think her shyness is kind of cute and it makes her blush like crazy
  • can barely look you in the eye the whole date
  • you drive her back to the dorms and walk her back to her room
  • you kiss her cheek goodnight and ask to see her again
  • Y: *confused* “But you see me everyday?”
  • (y/n): “I meant I’d like to take you on another date sometime if that’s okay.”
  • It was very okay with Yeri. 
  • When she got inside all the girls wanted a full recap of the date
  • Yeri was floating on clouds
  • The next few dates were easier for yeri, she was still nervous but not as much
  • you loved her more and more the more comfortable she was around you
  • you got to see the real yeri and you loved her too
  • pretty soon you’re hanging out all the time
  • sometimes it’s just you and yeri sitting next to each other not saying anything, just hanging
  • lots and lots of cuddling
  • she’s obvi the little spoon
  • you help her deal with all the hate she gets from antis
  • you let her know that they’re all wrong because she’s an incredible person with a lovely voice who deserves to be in red velvet just as much as the other girls
  • yeri does get jealous pretty often because she is insecure 
  • so you have to be understanding and patient with her
  • Joy and Seulgi tried to give you the “you hurt her and you’ll be sorry” speech but they couldn’t get through it without laughing because come on you would never
  • i mean who could hurt such a soft puppy like yeri???
  • but one day while you were with Yeri at the dorm Irene pulled you to the side and gave you that speech….she wasn’t laughing though and you were kind of scared
  • The girls love how happy and confident Yeri is around you and how you bring out the best in yeri 
  • Yeri still gets shy around you even though it’s months into the relationship
  • you still think it’s cute and that’s why you two work so well together 

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The strongest love - yandere!Yuuto ending 2

No, I haven’t forgotten about the yandere!Yuuto ending I was going to translate. I’m just having PC problems. But here is the 2nd yandere ending, finally. I think I’ve unlocked all the yandere scenes by now and I’ll try to translate all of them.

Yuuto: Good morning, are you awake? Your sleeping face was totally adorable.
[In the morning I wake up to Yuuto’s eyes staring at me.]
Yuuto: I brought lunch for you. Eat it up, ok?
[At noon Yuuto makes sure I eat lunch.]
Yuuto: *yawn* Somehow I’m getting sleepy. We should go to bed soon.

Yuuto: Are you coming?
[At night Yuuto and I go to bed to sleep.]
[All of my actions are determined by Yuuto.]
[At first I was only confused when he started to monopolize me more and more.]

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Smooth - Johnny [3]

A/N: Sorry for the delay guys! I’ve been having some writer’s block and I’ve been busy with school but here it is, part 3! Hopefully part 4 won’t take as long… Lots about Johnny’s background in this chapter hope ya like it :)

-Admin Kay

Pt 1   Pt 2          Pt 4   Pt 5   Pt 6

Part 3 - Johnny

Genre: Informational, Subtle Fluff

Rating PG

(slight language)

Word Count: 2,590

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