and i ship them in real life too

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Everything that's been happening makes me feel really guilty of shipping camren :| like i wanna respect her wishes so much but camren is just too hard to let go fam. i'm not crying, you are

It’s not bad to ship anyone, it’s a common reaction from most whenever they see something special between two people. Even in real life, we ship people we know, and it doesn’t have to be real.

What’s NOT OKAY is to bombard them with constant “Camren is real” or “laucy is over” like a bunch of kids. I’d be pissed too if I was Lauren. Even if I promised myself I’d ignore it, there will be days when I’ll just snap.

We can ship people because we appreciate the cuteness and the possibility of a good story, but let’s not forget our boundaries, and that they are real people with real emotions and thoughts. Just because they decide to be with people we don’t approve of doesn’t mean we are entitled to attack them on their social media.

Let’s just lowkey ship them lol.

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Hi! I just found your blog and all these soriku feels are resurging. Honestly, soriku is like my main otp and it just makes me really happy to find fellow soriku shippers :)

This is super duper sweet, and I know how you feel?? There’s never enough of this pure and good ship, I’m just so happy to connect with anyone at all about soriku tbh. I have no one to really spill my feelings about them in real life so I’m glad I’ve found ya’ll too!

Yo I’d like to bring some shit up cause I’ve seen some posts about it. Shipping Ryan and Meg is (or at least can be) different from gross jokes about them.

I personally have hard times reading non au’s for this fandom b/c I need that separation from their real life or it gets a bit too creepy for me. But usually even not including irl spouses (whether they’re ok with being in fanfic or not) is the bare minimum of whether I can read it or not.

But that all doesn’t really matter but my main point is:

You can ship Meg and Ryan in fan fiction, and not comment on every cosplay shoot saying “poor gavin”

You can ship Meg and Ryan in fan fiction, and not say their spouses should be worried that they went to Japan together.

What you’re doing there (if you are doing it) is assuming that a married man and a committed girlfriend would cheat on their respective spouses. Which is really fucking gross.

So tip for all you nasties: gain a disconnect from fanfic and real life. Stop with the jokes about it. Meg has repeatedly on her Twitter said she’s done with the jokes.

You can still ship them in your fanfics but to drag that into the real world and make gross jokes is disrespectful to all parties involved.

I’d also like to point out that even if AH makes the joke, you don’t have automatic permission to copy those comments AND you should recognize when the joke is run down and stop. (Hell, even one party of the joke being uncomfortable should be a key to stopping.)

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L said camren was never real. Ok but here it goes, why are you (L) so mad at us CS when you say it wasnt real ? Why you try so hard to shut down all those Camren thing ? Why dont you calm down and act like nothing happen ? In my opinion, if Camren wasnt a thing just like what L said, theyll relax like Jerrie. Theyre joking around abt it and saying Jerrie is real bcs they know it wasnt real, EVER ! Only friendship. Lmfao Lauren, calm down dont always angry and angry. We love you okay

I don’t get it, too. But people deal with things differently. They react differently. Maybe something happened between them that might have caused things to be awkward and that’s why she hates it when she’s reminded of that ship.

But from a personal point of view, based from experience, I’ve been shipped in real life with friends and we always play along and joke about it if there’s really nothing to it. The only time things get awkward and defensive is when there’s actually an underlying attraction to the person I’m being shipped with. It doesn’t necessarily have to have been a relationship, just an attraction or an idea of a possible relationship, but whenever people bring it up or ship us, it gets annoying…

So, yeah.

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“he’s in love with the crossy road chicken”

“i ship that so hard”

“me too”

“and then google’s just looking over them”

“it’s like ‘i watch everything’”

“which they do”

“like real life”

Sam and Cait…

I can’t even with these two…

They’re too damn cute and attractive..

Ugh, they are so cute…

I love them too much…

Seriously why?

I’m slowly dying from the cuteness…

That is Sam and Cait…

Be still, my beating heart

Ughhhh I forever ship these two, both in Outander and real life!

Hello there......

I’m completely new to this fandom, I came across Outlander totally by accident in August….was actually trying to find Poldark and that shirtless Aiden Turner scene ha ha!! Saw a few articles on Outlander’s Season 2 finale & how gut-wrenching it was & thought that was the same show so ended up googling the wrong thing but was intrigued by the story line & being Irish, loved that Cait was too.

Literally hooked from the beginning and binged watched the whole two seasons in like a week…..and have pretty much re-watched both seasons about twenty times or more!! With all shows I watch, I always want certain characters to be together and have shipped so many of them over the years and live for their chemistry. And I always love finding out if the actors are together in real life or not (most aren’t) but just even just watching their friendship & fun chemistry off screen is enough for me.

With these two however I was like there is no doubt they are together after watching some of their early interviews, I was going in blind, this was before reading anything about these two or searching shipper blogs but I was like its so obvious, they are adorable with one another so I starting watching literally every interview I could find of them and that just seemed to back it up!!

I was already on Tumblr for other things but just started with this blog recently (thought about time) but when I first discovered Outlander, I followed a lot of blogs, the obvious most popular ones that were suggested…..I soon began to learn that there were two sides, those that don’t believe they are couple and those that do or at the very least wished/hoped they are/will be, didn’t bother me initially, was like I’m here for them and Outlander but I quickly began to see the hate and name calling and total utter disgraceful behaviour on blogs and all of which were the ones claiming they are not a couple…..Anti’s/truthers/idiots….whatever you want to call them!!. That’s fine if that’s your belief but why waste so much energy and time spreading this much hate on a daily basis… baffles me??

There is so much horrific things happening in the world right now and thank my lucky stars I get to wake up every morning, healthy & happy & the worst thing about my day is going to work (which I actually do enjoy)!! I’m not getting executed, raped, tortured, I’m not risking my life and my children’s crossing seas facing death to escape a hell worse off. Yes I have issues that are relevant to me but I make the choice every day whether I’m going to be happy or not & I chose to look on these Tumblr blogs because I am lucky enough to have access to a computer and the internet…..sounds crazy to us but there are sooooo many who don’t get to experience this luxury at all and we do on a daily basis & when I do it’s always fun, and spreading happiness about the chemistry of two people (doesn’t matter whether they are fictional characters or real) or whether they are in a relationship off-screen……everyone on these shipper blogs agree on definitely one thing which is the insane chemistry and fun these two have!! 

To be honest I think it’s crazier to start blogs and fan wars over fictional characters who don’t exist and never will so all arguments are kinda pointless in that regard because its not REAL. To see two real people who exist in reality and have crazy chemistry that not only fans but cast, crew and the media have all picked up on & to want them to be together……that’s crazy??? Ugh so confused. I really wish those Anti’s would put their truth seeking expertise to actual use and determine if there really is a god or an afterlife or if gentlemen really do prefer blondes???

Anyways just wanted to say, I love this ship whether it’s a reality or not….who knows except for Sam & Cait, I still ship them because I believe they should be together, I don’t know them, prob never will but hey I don’t know god and never will and plenty of peeps believe in him, I aint starting no blogs hating on all things religious & calling people who do believe crazy just cos I don’t believe….each to their own……you can’t police people’s minds!! Onwards and upwards I say!! 



Dear friends!

I see so many post with a lot goodbye and love feelings and to be honest, I’m speechless.
I don’t know how to say how much this show means to me. How it change my life when I was depressed, sad and life wasn’t easy.
From person who hardly ever cried over feeling I became emotional mess - in the best way actually.
I learned english thanks to this show.
I read a lot - fanfiction that I will still read with passion.
I improved on my graphic skills - at least I hope so haha
I found the character - Damon, and ship - Delena that connected with me so much that I cried and laugh because of them and with them.
I met a real life friend and we bound thanks to this show. Maybe we are not close anymore but our memories are amazing.

Finally - I met bunch of amazing people here! I could start to name all of you but that would take too long! Besides some of them left tumblr, stop following me etc, but they are still important part of this journey. My journey with this show. I sincerely believe it’s not over yet. Show ends but we are still here and we can move to different fandoms or stay and keep TVD alive.
We will see what happen but I hope that I can keep in touch with as many of you as possible for as long as I can!

I love you guys and I love each one of my followers that stayed with me for so long!

as for someone speechless I wrote a lot haha
and I just can’t end it different than with Delena happy faces!

Things my fellow Phan Shippers should be aware of

- We shouldn’t hate on any of the girlfriends or boyfriends Dan/Phil may have in the future
- We shouldn’t harass them about Phan being real
- We should try to give Dan and Phil some privacy and let them live their own lives


No hate to Phan shippers (I ship it too) but I just know that some of them can be a little crazy

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Yeah… I think casual shipping is fine, like, “I think these people would be really cute together.” But a lot of people take it too far and try to force the relationship onto the people they’re shipping and write stories about them having sex and stuff. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must be if you’re a celebrity and you find out that people write about you having sex with your best friend.

This isn’t intends to be hateful towards the people who write that kind of stuff or are hardcore shippers of real life people. This is just my opinion.

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Anyone else creeped out by how antis want the paladins to gruesomely kill Lotor while also insisting they (bar Shiro) are "just kids!"? Just me?

They talk about how they want to brutally murder real life people too, and most of them are “just kids”(*coughteenagerscough*)

I’m unsure of where this edgy uwu culture came from but it’s disturbing.

btw, there is art of lotor being beat up that i like and would reblog here, but its always drawn by antis who are upset over lotor or lotor ships. its like, i enjoy art of characters being destroyed, and i have a guro blog.

why must only antis draw just to feel superior to a…cartoon character?


Actors I love and the movie/tv show that made me love them.

Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs.

This is what happens when I get a surge of Normily feels plus a burst of creativity.
Damn 🎈Normily🎈feels… *sigh* 😌😔
Real life ships can break your fucking heart. 😢 💔
I love them… 😍
But they make me crazy too! 😛😣

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The hatred some people have over Bughead...I legit saw someone calling them 'catholic anti-homosexual school shooters', they assume if you ship Bughead then you're white and homophobic. And because Cole and Lili were together yesterday they called them ' school shooters couple goals', they probably think they're funny, this is SO disgusting.

You know, I’ve seen enough on social media sites that I don’t even doubt someone really said that. Some people take things too seriously and say the most ridiculous things when they hate a ship. The real life actors should be left alone too. They’re real people, not their ship and shouldn’t be attacked for the roles they play in a tv show. People are so childish and disgusting sometimes, I can’t believe.

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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: loyalty (with laf and stuff yeah but real tjeffs also had a thing about not letting politics and stuff get in the way of relationships which i think is admirable) 
worst quality: literally everything else abt him why do i like him
ship them with: hammyhoe, mads, laf, gwash
brotp them with: mads and laf too?  like either as bros when he’s being paired with someone else or while being both bros and hoes, burr too they bitch about alex together
needs to stay away from: angelica shes too good for him
misc. thoughts: ik hes like kinda shitty irl but i love how he’s portrayed in the hamilton fandom he’s the worst and i shouldn’t like him even as the musical version but i do

i get sad when people say they stopped shipping Larry because it became too much of a “conspiracy” for them. Like, it’s a forbidden gay romance in a multi-million dollar pop band, the fuck did you think you were getting into?

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Why do you hate Jongtae so much, but love Ontae? Ontae is too much of a brother or father/son relationship. It's wrong.

I don’t hate Jongtae, they’re adorable in real life. Their friendship and support for one another is really cute, but I just don’t ship them

What about Ontae makes them so much different than Jongtae that Every so often I get an anon telling me shipping ontae is wrong?

Is it that Jinki is the eldest and Taemin is the youngest, and that makes it wrong? because if so Jonghyun is less than 4 months younger than Jinki. Just that. Less than 4 months. 

Is it because Jinki takes care of Taemin a lot?

Because Jinki takes care of all of them, and vice versa. They’re just a pile of care tbh

I’ve never seen someone look at someone the way Taemin looks at Jinki. Jongtae isn’t inherently bad. I used to like them, but I’m very big on first impressions and fans ruined it for me just like they did the other two big ships in the fandom. It’s just shipping and it’s not really that important, but their relationships in real life, the friendships, shouldn’t be compared because they’re all really good friends.