and i ship fedal

There’s been a lot…Rafa and Roger have been talking about I think the Wimbledon final that they played in 2008, the Wimbledon final they’ve played before as well, those kinds of things. But also all around, you know, other subjects - not only tennis, other subjects that they have opinions on. It was quite fun.
—  Sascha Zverev, when asked in his post-match presser for examples of the kinds of stories Roger and Rafa would tell while hanging out with the team (X)
Fedal Cup 2017

I have never shipped them so hard before this.  

Some of the highlights:

  • both of them in suits, acting like fools in love as always
  • both of them cheering on the team
  • Rog touching Rafa’s leg
  • the two beautiful selfies to die for
  • Rafa saying that he’s lucky to have Rog next to him on the court
  • them looking like twinzies and walking in sync
  • the talks before and during the match
  • Rog saying that he’s there to help him with the net
  • the high and low fives
  • yours or mine moment (and then they low five and laugh about it)
  • Rog making Rafa smile after he makes a mistake that he’s kinda (always) annoyed about
  • the hugs!!!
  • Roger’s tweet that said that he could get used to playing on the same side of the net with Rafa
  • Rafa-the-alpha on the court and Rog is the one outside it, when it comes to the interviews
  • Rog giggling like a kid at Rafa during the press-conference
  • Rog calling Rafa “baby” (killed me)

  • Rafa supporting Rog and cheering twice as much for him to beat Kyrgios after he lost to Isner (cause of course Rog was there for him)
  • Rafa, the first one to jump up whenever Federer wins a point (the man loves to jump)
  • Rafa giving Rog advice during the last game (he said something like “if you’re feeling it, do it” and it was probably about playing more aggressive)
  • Rafa not caring if he’s too loud and screaming couple of “come on” in the last 15 minutes
  • when he won the last ball, Rog wasn’t even looking at his wife (who i adore dearly though), he just locked eyes with Rafa and then they ran to each other
  • Rafa jumping into Federer’s arms like a kid he is
  • Rog happily embracing him like it was suppose to happen
  • seeing them celebrating, sharing the trophy and drinking champagne from it
  • bonus: the looks that they gave each other
  • special thanks to Nike for the cool outfits that complemented the boys
  • also special thanks to Rafa’s butt (what a great view) (and plus the time he pulled up his shorts in frustration)
  • on a serious note: this is an incredible moment in the history of tennis, i am so happy i got to witness it all

anonymous asked:

I love your icon, do you ship Andy/Rafa?

Thank you!
I’m more of a Fedal honestly but I like Andy/Rafa too, somehow? The only two I like Rafa with tbh

Okay, I like Andy with Nick more but Andy/Rafa is the second otp I discovered in the tennis world after Fedal, It’s complicated but it means a lot ish

I don’t know how to feel about them haha I just love those two together am I making any sense? The rivalry and all, there’s something I can’t quite get, that I really like indeed, probably would do anything to watch them playing against each other again lol can’t wait for the new season!

But that doesn’t mean I ain’t no shipper, Andy would be a very nice top to Rafa too! *smirks*

Thank you for your ask!

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