and i shall fans self now

I’m sad that I couldn’t join the Homestuck fandom sooner, in its prime. I couldn’t join the fandom in its emotional topsy-turvies, cherish it in real-time, enjoy its fanart&cosplay displays and dismiss its absurd tumblr theories LIVE, nor witness its Kickstarters.

But I’m here now. And the essence of Homestuck hasn’t vanished. Andrew Hussie and a committed team of game developers are working on Hiveswap, which is some sort of spiritual continuation of the Homestuck webcomic.

So, I’ll support Hiveswap. I’ll try to support any of Andrew Hussie’s future endeavors, if my budget permits. FROM NOW ON, I intend to keep my eye on Hiveswap news, fandom occurrences, and any insurgent events regarding Homestuck.

It shall be my duty, as a self-proclaimed fan of the internet.

Kristanna smut on a Friday afternoon, you say? Why not! (and it’s still morning where I am lol)

A lovely anon sent me this message, and I couldn’t resist writing it. Also based on this scene because that’s what I thought of.

Dedicated to @bulda​, @jessica988​, @desert-sailor​, @karis-the-fangirl​, and anyone else having a rough time lately (look at me dropping names like the CLIQUE-Y, ELITIST PERSON THAT I AM lololol)

*Also don’t laugh at the name of the country the prince is from, it was supposed to be a placeholder until I could think of a better name. Except that I couldn’t, so it stayed :-)

Rating: M

Words: 659

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Let’s talk about the different sides of Calum, shall we?

First of all, we have dorky, cute Calum 

Next, there is adorable and clingy Calum (and honestly, I’m jealous of both him and Luke)

Now we have on-stage Calum, oh and look, Luke’s being a cute little dork as well

Da da da da! Cal Pal is here!

And let’s not forget about Calum from YouTube

But um…. what the hell Calum?

What the hell Calum?!

Uhhh…seducing Michael Clifford fan girl Calum???

Heyyyy sexy dancer Calum is here to give you a lap dance

And here we have Calum Hood just being his charming self

I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this, but Happy 19th Birthday Calum, you make us laugh, cry, and want to rip our hair out at times and punch a brick wall then sing with animals

but in the end, it’s all worth it

Happy Birthday, you little shit

[TRANS] Episode - 'Fantastic 4' with A.R.M.Y

“D-Day of fulfilling their promise for winning first place with 화양연화 pt.1”
J-Hope: How many times do they repeat the “hu-uh part”?
“The members are having fun singing to ‘Fantastic’”
Jimin: No, no  there’s the female part too…
Jin: Sing the female part too…
Jimin: But didn’t they record separately?
“Hope has excitedly parted his front hair before meeting the fans!”
J-Hope: I excitedly parted my front hair today!
Jimin: We will enjoy the movie~
Rap Monster: 2, 3! Bangtan!
BTS: We’re BTS!
V: Why are you here today?
Fans: For Fantastic 4!
V: Right!
Suga: That’s right, to watch Fantastic 4! The song which was composed by Rapmonster after watching the movie…
Rap Monster: Fantastic!
Suga: Yes, for Fantastic 4. Don’t you think we should hear the song now?
Rap Monster: Shall I sing?
“Rap Mon raps to his part in "Fantastic”, self produced track"
Jimin: Yes, we have to get inside to watch the movie.
Suga: With your pretty faces, we are all going to take a group photo.
“Selfie time with ARMYs!”
Jimin: I think we’re all appearing well now.
J-Hope: It looks good!
Jimin: OK! 1, 2, 3!
Jimin: 1, 2, 3! Kim-chi~
Jimin: Then I’m going to watch closely to see if Rap Mon hyung’s song plays in the movie.
Jimin: You never know. It could be there.
V: And…
J-Hope: Let us all dive into the Fantastic world!
V: Let’s go!
Jungkook: That was amazing.
J-Hope: Guys! Did you enjoy the movie?
Fans: Yes!
“Members share their thoughts after watching the movie”
Jin: We made a promise during our 'I Need You’ promotion with you all. But we were very worried about when we were going to fulfill our promise. However, adventitiously Rap Monster got a wonderful opportunity to promote and also a chance to fulfill our promise with our fans so I think this is very meaningful.
J-Hope: We kept our promise~
Jimin: I think I enjoyed the movie because we got to watch it with you all. I think it was fun because this is the first time we’re together with our fans apart from our fanmeetings.
Jungkook: Girlfriends~
Jimin: Please show your support to Rap Monster hyung and the movie!
V: We will make promises for winning first place and fulfill them again!
V: Thank you!
Jungkook: I think I was thrilled to watch the movie  because of our ARMYs.
Jungkook: I couldn’t concentrate while watching the movie!
Rap Monster: I’d like to thank you all for coming here today and we’re grateful for having the meaningful opportunity to watch something with you.
Rap Monster: Thank you for sparing your precious time and it was great to see you! Thank you! Bye~
“With hopes that ARMYs had a pleasant time, the movie event ends!”

Take out with full credits! peachisoda

Jungkook: Girlfriends