and i seethe

It’s been a week and I’ve been completely avoiding theinternet and all social media, for some reasons more obvious than others. I thought I had been through the worst after enduring a funeral that only referred to him by birth name, used incorrect pronouns, and refused to acknowledge his accomplishments.

Yet here I am, seething and bewildered by how horrible people can be. Especially those who want to cling to their title of “family.”

These are the people who cried on me pleading to know “why he didn’t reach out to them,” misgendering him throughout their questions. The first person I called once I arrived at the scene and identified him was his nephew. Not his father or aunts/uncles who actually live in the area because I knew they’d be shitty. His father even lunged at me when I corrected him on pronouns when he got to the scene. These people weren’t even able to provide any accurate or concrete identifying marks or tattoos so that the police could verify that they were his family and that it was him. They weren’t even able to describe his hair. And once it was time to make arrangements, I shared pictures of his handwritten will with them. They barely had interest in complying. He wanted to be cremated and have his ashes spread on Folly Beach, and they gave their word that they would. But considering how they’ve been, I’m honestly terrified that they actually won’t but told me they would just to appease me.

And this morning, after thinking that the worst has been over, I got a call from one of his cousins. She asked me if I would take down his facebook (and maybe tumblr, idk if they know about it) at the family’s request. Absolutely not! How dare they attempt to erase him like this?! Because his identity and accomplishments make them uncomfortable? Because it forces them to look at themselves? Reminds them of the consequences of their abusive nature?

No, I have absolutely no intention of taking down anything. Or giving up his possessions to them. He even put it in his will that it’ll all go to his best friend, and to leave it up to him. The cousin I talked to said they planned on fighting us (paleblackboy [his best friend], tripolymercomposites [his roommate and arrived at the scene as I did], and I) legally on this. We are ready to confront this with all of our resources. I am filled with a rage strong enough to keep me going despite having slept less than 25hrs this week. I am ready to do whatever is in my power to ensure that Blake’s memory lives on, that he is remembered for him, and his identity is not something that can be ignored.

Please help get the word out.

We cannot allow either tumblr or facebook to take away what he left us with.

Here is the gofundme so we can get and pay for a good lawyer.

Also, since when does Saudi Arabia give a crap about the Yemeni people?

Do people actually believe this war is altruism on their part? Saudi Arabia has long found pleasure in seeing Yemen suffer and it was them who propped up the dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, knowing very well the kind of corrupt man he was. I have a deep seething hatred for the Saudi govt and I’ll never forgive them for what they’ve done. Houthis are scum, but the damage they do pales in comparison to what the Saudis did to us.

casual reminder that just because your idea of a good time is curling up with a book and hers is doing tequila shots does not make you a better person than her (◡‿◡✿)

Harry Potter reread VIII: Tom Riddle, pungeon master
  • when Harry dreams about Voldemort and Wormtail, he overhears Voldemort saying that Wormtail is going to do a service for him, one that “many of my followers would give their right hands to perform.” give their right hands to perform. their RIGHT HANDS. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Voldemort is a fucking top notch joker. like this guy is a weird helpless fetus baby drinking snake milk to survive and he’s making jokes THAT WILL TAKE AN ENTIRE YEAR TO COME TO FRUITION. he’s PUNNING in ADVANCE.
  • "Halfway up the field stood an extravagant confection of striped silk like a miniature palace, with several live peacocks tethered at the entrance.” this is the Malfoys’ tent. discuss.
  • so either the Weasleys took out a mortgage on their house or they pulled the vehicular equivalent of a dine and dash because I can’t for the life of me work out how else they could have possibly paid the fare for two taxis from Ottery St Catchpole to London King’s Cross. this is the one thing that unsuspended my disbelief. dragons? sure. taxi fare from Devon to London? YOU’RE PULLING MY LEG, JOANNE!!!
  • Sirius Black is honestly about a subtle as a brick. ”don’t use Hedwig to send me messages, Harry! she’s easily recognisable! snowy owls aren’t native to Britain!!! h/o I’ll just tie this letter to a toucan and send it to fucking Surrey.” how this man remained at large for 3 years is honestly beyond me. not to mention the fact that, after hanging out with him for approximately 3 hours and exchanging a handful of letters, Harry knows Sirius well enough to be like, “he’ll probably come bursting right into the castle if I tell him someone’s entered me in the Triwizard Tournament.” Harry gets it. Harry remembers the whole “THERE’LL BE ONLY ONE MURDER HERE TONIGHT!” fandango. Harry fucking knows that Sirius Black is the biggest drama queen to ever live.
  • do you know what I’d completely forgotten? peoples’ ACTUAL reaction to Moody turning Draco into a ferret. I think I had the movie version superimposed over the book version in my head, and just assumed that everyone laughed and thought it was bantz. it turns out the entire entrance hall watches in “terrified silence” as Moody bounces Draco off the STONE FLOOR while Draco is SQUEALING IN PAIN. like when you’re 8 years old reading this scene it’s like “haha, Draco got turned into a ferret!” but when you realise that this guy is a disguised death eater, who’s w/out a doubt targeting Draco because he’s the son of a death eater who escaped punishment and renounced the Dark Lord, it gets really fucking sinister. “TERRIFIED SILENCE.” not a SINGLE PERSON LAUGHED.
  • on a slightly happier note: Lucius wanted to send Draco to Durmstrang, but Narcissa put her foot down because it’s too far away. one thing you cannot deny is that Narcissa loves her son; she’d do anything for him. what I’m getting at here is this: if everything had gone to plan, and Voldemort had risen and Harry had died and Voldemort had taken over the Ministry and Hogwarts and the entire country, Narcissa Malfoy would have quietly taken Barty Crouch Jr to one side, and she would have put him in the ground.
  • it turns out Goblet of Fire is the book that mentions Aberforth Dumbledore “practicing inappropriate charms on a goat.” I would like to know where the “DUMBLEDORE’S BROTHER FUCKS GOATS” thing came from, because I have literally heard this bandied about as fact, and I am here today to say: stop.

Okay, there’s this thing going on in this fandom that’s making me so fucking angry.

Anons going into people’s asks and bashing their writing, comparing them to others. Yes, I’m talking about the HSAU. I’m talking about the anons who are telling folks that they are stealing Olivia and Bianca’s idea when creating their own AU. I’m talking about the anons who are telling people that they can’t compare to them.

YOU ARE SHITTY FUCKING PEOPLE. You are tearing down writers who are trying to create something. You are telling them that for them to be good writers they have to top the most popular Carmilla fic on AO3. Do you realize how difficult that is to hear? How fucking hard it is for some people to publish their stuff, which can be so damn scary to begin with, when some of you are actively trying to make them feel like a failure?

If I want to write something I will damn well publish it, whether it is another HSAU or whatever. You are in no position to tell me that I am stealing someone’s idea or trying to be like someone. THIS IS FANFICTION. The whole point of it is writing something that’s inspired by someone else’s idea.

Of course I would aspire to be like Olivia & Bianca, Tiana or Lyndsay. They, among many others, have distinguished themselves in the fandom because why? They are excellent writers. They deserve recognition. Their writing should be appreciated.

THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD BASH OTHER WRITERS FOR WRITING. Because that’s literally what you are doing. You are basically telling them that “Nope, we already have good writers. You can’t join. You don’t fit in.” You are creating a scary, toxic environment for the people in this fandom.

Sharing our work with each other should be celebrated and appreciated. It should be a positive thing. We should be able to give each other construtive critisim and not actively try to pull each other down because we don’t like what is posted. I thought this fandom was better than that.

Be kind to each other dammit. Help each other grow. Be a good person. It’s not that hard.

Brace yourself, anon. Are you braced? It’s called Moffat’s Universe.

Welcome to a Universe where a young woman is constantly referred to as a ‘girl’, over and over, despite her age and obviously maturity… unless of course we’re making comments about the tightness of her skirts! But then, in this world, we also dress her surprisingly young, and whether that’s afashion right now, it’s not the ONLY fashion in the world, as evidenced by how very mature and womanly JLC is capable of looking(Yes, I am aware that the tights with skirts/flowery dresses and high collars and flats is a “style”, but it still a very young looking style, and one that was consciously chosen for someone who is nicknamed always as a girl.)

But I digress. Let’s ignore stupid things like her fashion sense, and even her show-given titles for a moment.

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