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@mostthingskenobi sent me an ask a little while ago about Obi-Wan and a tattoo, and I couldn’t help thinking there would be some kind of story behind it? So, here’s how I can imagine this going down:

It’s the end of a major battle (sometime around the end of S2), Obi-Wan has been pretty seriously injured, and his armor is just wrecked with blaster fire. Once Kix has everyone stabilized and they’re waiting for the medical frigate, the troops do as they do to keep entertained: new tattoos! For the Shinies, for the vets, and then… for the Jedi? Don’t you want one General? How about you, Commander? Ahsoka declines on the grounds that her skin coloration is still changing, and she doesn’t want to be stuck with something that’ll look weird once she’s grown up. Anakin makes himself scarce – Kix’s tattoo needle reminds him uneasily of the tool used to implant the microtransmitters into slaves on Tatooine, though he’d never admit it. Obi-Wan runs out of objections somewhere between when his painkillers kick in and about halfway through someone’s hip flask of Corellian whiskey.

Anakin returns to find Obi-Wan, passed out, with a half-finished Jedi Order emblem on his shoulder. He tries to explain to the troops that you can’t just tattoo someone when they’re unconscious, but they argue that this is clearly the best time, cause then you can’t feel it! And the General picked the design, they wouldn’t just do it without his permission. (Also, “Snips, how could you let this happen?” “Master, I can’t forbid Master Kenobi from getting a tattoo if he says he wants one!” “You can if he’s flying with no stabilizers!” “…Master?” “Drunk, Snips.”)

Obi-Wan comes to on the medical frigate and concludes that the tattoo seemed like a much better idea when he was drugged (something about his armor being ruined, so if he just put the emblem right on his shoulder he wouldn’t need it anymore…well, it made sense at the time…). But, by this time the clones are so tickled about General Kenobi taking part in their post-battle tradition that he doesn’t have the heart to have it lasered off right away.

Ok so can you believe this was almost 3 years ago?

I can’t believe it was it was that long ago but let me tell you something, rewatching it gives me the same feels I felt then. Dropped me right back to it and made the time sort of disappear.

Cause man that was a good day.

Now it seems like hugs aren’t as big of deal because Daryl has gotten way better at that physical contact thing of late so its not the ‘special’ thing it was but I still think back to that one and realize just how HUGE it was. How much of a game-changer in many ways because think about it.

The way his looked when he saw her standing there. And the way he ran to her. We’d never seen this happen before. Burying his face in his shoulder and squeezing her so tight he lifted her off the ground.  I mean how beautiful was it to see this display of raw emotion.

And of course he did this too..

He blubbered tears of happiness and couldn’t contain himself to the point he had to nuzzle her shoulder. And he did this in front of everyone he did not give two shits who saw him do it.

And for Carol, the acceptance and love felt right away came immediatly from Daryl first. What she had done hadn’t mattered in the slightest because she was immediately swept up into this man who loves her so much he lost control his emotion on sight of her.

This was such a beautiful thing and it may have been 3 years and there is a lot of water under the bridge but man was that something to  see. Every time I see it I feel legitmized. I feel the feels and emotions of it because it’s  that strong to this day.

I watch scenes and I remember why I ship it.

Because that was truly special, and nobody is taking it from me.

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Julian Calls Up Great Aunt Marjorie To Give Her A Piece Of His Mind for Calling Dru A Butterball
  • Julian : Hello Great-Aunt Marjorie, I was wondering if you had a minute......
  • Marjorie : oh sure, Julian is it? The lanky one ?
  • Julian : Yeah, that one. I just wanted to clarify that you. Don't. Ever. Get to insult my baby sister and tell her she is not as pretty as other girls.
  • Marjorie : I don't appreciate this kind of direct behaviour from you and on the matter of Drusilla, as her brother maybe you should keep an eye on your fat sister's eating habits and....
  • Julian : Excuse me !!! How DARE you ? My sister trains harder than any shadowhunter of her age and as for her eating habits - She eats just fine. It's none of your bloody business.
  • Marjorie : JULIAN !!!!! What's happened to you? I only want what's best for her....
  • Julian : Well then, you'd better leave us alone.
  • Marjorie : I'll never forgive such crude attitude ....
  • Julian : And I'll never forgive you for making my beautiful sister feel any lesser than what she is. I'd thank you for our stay in London, except it did more damage than good to my family and there seems nothing to thank you for.
  • Marjorie(shouting) : I'LL HAVE YOU.....
  • (Julian hangs up.)

more splatoon art coming soon i promise, but just need to get serious for a moment!

there’s a weird, troubling trend of being hostile in splatnet 2 draw posts i’ve noticed in the plaza since i started playing splatoon 2, more so than i ever saw playing splatoon on the wii u. i am sure it was there, it just never seemed that way? i don’t know.

we’re all here to have fun with this game. we all play it because we love it and though it can get pretty competitive at times, it’s rewarding to work together and share that love of the game with both teammates and opponents.

there is no need to be nasty to others in your draw posts, no need to tell anyone to die or kill themselves. if you feel like you need to disparage others to have a good time in splatoon, maybe splatoon isn’t the game for you.

this game is great and it’s even better when we’re all having a good time! that’s my opinion anyway.


I’m sure I’m not the first to say it but- being nice isn’t some default setting or state of being that some people have and others just don’t. being nice is a choice, and sometimes it’s hard work. everyone has mean thoughts and petty thoughts and times where they feel very far from “nice,” but what counts at the end of the day is how you treat the people around you on a regular and consistent basis. sure, we all have bad days where we don’t live up to what we wish we could. but if you’re getting up most morning and making the kind choices in your life, then you’re doing just fine. 
anyway, I just see so much doubt expressed on this site about like “I’m not really that nice,” and “people think I’m better than I am,” because you only choose to show the internet one side of yourself. but here’s the thing- no one feels that nice all the time. no one is just magically always happy, and cheerful, and in the mood to deal with people with a smile all the time. If there’s someone in your life who seems to be that, then they’re someone who is very, very good at making the kind choice. but even they aren’t always going to want to.
so, in short, thinking not so nice things is totally normal and okay. you can’t control the feelings of anger or annoyance or jealousy, etc. that you’ll experience in your life. but you can recognize them for what they are and then  control how you act. you can choose to be a nice person. 


I am trying to muster some motivation for my whole food and exercise plan here. After the election it’s felt like I need to fool myself to get excited about trying to get into some kind of different shape. I don’t even know what shape I want. Non-round? Who cares? Ugh. Dammit, my apathy is showing through again. Anyway, I guess I’ll be hitting the gym more this week. I need to get some of those good endorphins I hear about. Also because food is too joyful for me to eliminate it any extreme way. Not that I think you should eliminate food or joy for that matter, but you know, it’s super complicated. Basically I’d rather not survive on squash and celery sticks.

So that was some major tumblr drama this weekend, huh? It was good to see who got more upset about protecting innocent men than women whose innocence it seems is always up for debate. I made some notes and some unfollows. I feel better already. How about you? What you get angry about says a lot about you. I could write volumes about this but I don’t want to put more energy into it. I’m just glad the most disappointing posts were not people I followed for the most part.

On that note, I saw someone post about how different it would have been instead of victims outing themselves for people to be able to perceive a pervasive problem (#metoo) if men had outed themselves as the perpetrators. Now that would have been a powerful statement for sure, but who’s got that kind of accountability handy?

Today I need to hustle and get the boy’s Halloween costume sorted. He’s going to be a made up superhero and he needs a big letter and so forth. I’m wondering if I should skip the trunk over the pants. I don’t want to make it too weird. It’d probably have to make them myself for it to be any good. Ugh. Off to the fabric store for me. Sewing never ends well when I’m involved.

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i saw the SO unknowingly having the cracked soul and got the idea to ask; UF Sans, SF Paps, US bros reactions to SO having a badly damaged soul but physically being fine. the SO is aware of said soul and seems ashamed.

Holy shit dude. 

Related post found here. ~Mod Feral

UF Sans

Dear lord does he get being ashamed of this. But he doesn’t quite get how you seem to have no issues. It should’ve caused some sort of ailment. Unless it did, and you’re just better at hiding the fact you’re broken than he is. He’ll try to get you to feel a bit better about it, saying how it just kinda happens to people sometimes, and as long as you don’t let it hinder your hope you should be fine. Expect some slightly uncomfortable hugs.

SF Papyrus

Y’know how I mentioned he was in a small panic in the one you mentioned? Yeah, delete the small. He’s worried as hell. He’s not sure how you can be doing so well off with so much damage on the core of your being! He’ll be trying everything he can to make you feel better, including random cuddle sessions. He’ll want to know how this happened. In every detail.

US Sans

He’s freaking out. You seemed fine! You seemed well and in one piece! How could you have such damage? He’ll give you hugs {and try to see if he can heal that damage or not} as he reassures you everything’s going to be fine. Or reassures himself. Or both.

US Papyrus

He’ll try to remain calm, but he’s panicking inside. He’ll ask how it happened, and he’ll be fine without an answer. He’s likely to try and keep you safe, as well as himself. You’re both fragile, so you both must be careful.

I Have Issues (Forever and Ever)

I’m currently freezing at the baseball field - which is ridiculous since it’s like 60 degrees. But I swear it feels like it’s 40 degrees. I’ve definitely been “southernized” and I don’t like it.

Also, I’m trying to figure out the most obnoxious and ridiculous “Yes” or “No” questions to ask since that seems to be going around. Some of them are pretty awful (not in a Dad Joke kinda way, though). So I guess we’d all be better off if I refrained. No need to stir anything else up around here.

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fair points about why Buffy loved spike but just because she said to spike that she loved him that she meant it (1/2) *please don't make this seem like i'm attacking you i do like this ship*

(2/2)* she could of just said it to make him feel better or give him some sort of hope since it was when he was “dying”.But their relationship was toxic she was forcing herself to feel those emotions and making herself believe that she was doing the right thing.

Maybe it’s because I’m the least sentimental person ever, but I don’t see the point in giving someone hope right before they die.  If she’d told Spike she loved him going into the final battle in the middle of a motivational speech–maybe I could see it then.  But when she tells him she loves him right before he dies, it seems more to me like she just wants to tell him while she still has a chance.

Besides that, like…Buffy forcing herself to feel like she’s in love with Spike doesn’t seem in-character to me.  Because she has spent a long time trying to force herself not to feel anything for him.  That was a lot of her conflict in S6, trying to limit her engagement with him to the physical instead of the emotional (like, notice how she has some sweet moments with him in early S6–the porch scene in “Flooding” comes to mind–but once they start sleeping together those go away).  Once the physical aspect of their relationship is gone in S7, I think she embraces the emotional side more and lets herself fall in love with him.

Which is…kinda shitty and it’s annoying that the show really, really does not want its heroine to have sex, but there ya go.

I don’t think there’s a right answer and you’re welcome to your interpretation; the writers were obviously playing with two sets of shippers in that finale.  But that’s how I see it.

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I haven't followed you for very long, but honestly you have this kind of thing about you - just from your answers - that you're a super chill and approachable person? While simultaneously being really confident and rad. I had better words for this but my brain ate them. I hope you're having an awesome day, Red.

Oh dude, thanks a lot. That’s so sweet of you to say. You seem like a super rad person too, anyone willing to go into someone else’s inbox just to make them feel a bit better is. So thanks!

Have an awesome day, as well. Stay minty fresh. 


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You literally pulled the thoughts out of my head and put them into words with Keith's emotions and I really think it should be brought to attention -🍣

Honestly, just getting people to realize that Keith isn’t simply a moody, emo robot, but instead a complex individual with a hell of a lot of layers of emotional depth is the Goal™. I do this for myself, and I do this for all the fans that feel similarly to me (like you) that also desperately want to see this boy loved. Keith isn’t a selfish, unfeeling monster? He has emotions? He actually has feelings about the things that has happened to him? He has reasons for what he does that are based on far more than looking out for his own self-interest? Did anyone else see how he wasn’t willing to upset any member of them by making them give up their Lions? I feel like he cares about the team so much, and that seems canon when he was trying to better himself for them and willing to sacrifice his life for them?

To be really honest?

Keith could probably stand to be a little more selfish, because this boy needs to start viewing himself as someone worthy of nice things/people.

(I need to find that one post that points out how bare Keith’s room is compared to Pidge’s, because I lost it before I could reblog it. Spoiler that the post points out that Keith doesn’t have any personal items besides his knife and the clothing on his back in his room. As if my heart didn’t regularly break for him already. Please link me if you know it. I am just masochistic enough to really want it on my blog.)

Thank you so much for this ask, I appreciated it!

heyo guys I was tagged by @softjiminstan (thanks!!! this was fun) to put 9 songs on shuffle and write my favorite lyrics of each so yep here it goes

best of me - bts

when you say that you love me

i walk above the clouds

tell me of eternity just one more time

mala mujer - c.tangana

tú lo que eres es una ladrona,

que me ha llevado a la ruina,

te has llevao’ mi corazón, mi orgullo, mi pasta, mi paz, mi vida

false alarm - the weeknd

she always leaves the man she loves,

but the diamonds are forever

she always seems to be alone,

but the diamonds make it better

touch - kehlani

we don’t even have to say a word

won’t bite, no, I won’t hurt

speak less and you may learn to feel me, yeah

baby, yeah

i like it when we talk

but I love it when we touch

die for you - the weeknd

even though we’re going through it

and it makes you feel alone

just know that I would die for you

baby I would die for you, yeah

the distance and the time between us

it’ll never change my mind, ‘cause baby

i would die for you

que va - alex sensation, ozuna

que vaina que ya no te tengo,

pero no te quiero buscar,

que va

the 7th sense - nct u

in this cold world, i’m closing my eyes

laying down in bed, covering my ears

yesterday is today, today is yesterday

i’m only filled with late self-guilt

senderos a roma - lds


cuando te marchas me cago en to’

por no cagarme en ti

empty - winner

those nice days, and those sad days

those dreadful days, those happy happy days

now the memories are gone along with the time that went by

we, who were stuck in the past, are over

it’s as if we’ve returned to reality

my reason for living disappears, and my mind is in chaos

when I wake up in the morning, it feels like my heart is empty

like the emptiness I feel before I see you

wow what a ride welp this was fun and entertaining I tag everyone who sees this + @mincute (i will fight u) and @4voisper


was feeling so stressed and sad yesterday but woke up today and everything seems better and settled. I love what I love and as long as I have that passion everything will be okay. !

Adolescent Apathy

It’s always a poem. You don’t need a subtitle.

I reached for the flames and I pulled out a piece
Of the dying ember of my memories,
It was tasteless and bright and it smelled like the past
With a stinging regret that yanked at my heart.
I blink through the visions of years that passed by,
And right then, I can’t help but wonder why
The nostalgia is always better than the moment,
I look back and feel like my childhood was stolen.
Why can’t I be grateful with what I have got?
Why won’t I feel now, before I rot?
Why are possessions all that I crave
When I’ll take nothing with me down to the Grave?
I’ve spent my youth desperate to try and stay cool,
And emoting goes against all of those rules.
I’ve been told it’s what I should do as a man
But that doesn’t seem like a sustainable plan.
Maybe this is all just a phase,
Isn’t this what they call growing pains?
Maybe I’ll get better with age,
Or maybe I’ll never quite turn the page.

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Just watched the dubbed ep where Goku leaves to train with Whis and it really feels like Goku and Chi Chi like fighting and their power plays, for lack of a better term. Their relationship is pretty interesting. Like on the outside it may look like Chi Chi is a nuisance on Goku, but that boy seems to like being whipped by her to some degree. Lol. Gohan had it right when he said his mother is amazing. The fanbase can just shove it. Goku loves Chi Chi and wouldn't have her any other way.

HE REALLY DOES LIKE GETTING HIS ASS WOODED BY CHICHI. That’s why I made that post showing all the times how Goku laughs/grins when his wife kicks his butt cause he LIKES it 👀👌💕💕💕 I totally agree with you anon 🔥

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I’ve suspected that I might be on the autism spectrum for a while now (it really makes so much sense to me and I understand myself so much better. I’m not that hard on myself anymore, and everything seemed to click into place) but the thing is.. Everyone in my direct family are anti-vaxxers and I’m just not sure what to do. I do want to tell them- I really do- that I’m pretty sure I could be autistic, but- hhhhh I don’t know.. Any resources debunking anti-vaxxers? Thank you so much <3

Hey I had the same experience when I started learning about autism! It’s a great feeling to stop being so hard on myself.

We’ve got some great resources on dealing with anti-vaxxers and I think this particular resource has a great list of studies that answer this question.

I think something important to keep in mind, though, is to make sure you’re safe. It can be scary coming aut (coming out as autistic) to anyone for any number of reasons and your safety is very important.


Little things you can do to feel better

  • A face mask. Forever 21 carries cheap ones and there are a ton of diy videos on YouTube that instruct you on how to make your own!
  • Drink some water.
  • Colouring. It may seem like something only children are allowed to do but nothing helps slowly bring you back to yourself than listening to music and colouring.
  • Light a candle. I have a Thing for bath and body works and I feel so nice when I actually get around to burning new candles.
  • If you can’t shower for whatever reason then maybe wiping yourself down with a damp cloth or baby wipes might help.
  • Crying. It’s totally 100% okay to cry if you’re sad, fusturated, or overwhelmed. And yes if you’re a boy you can still cry!

Rules: using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these 10 questions. Tag 10 people at the end!

I have been tagged by the amazing @egobarriart, thank you! *-*

Artist: Pearl Jam (I have already done one with The Beatles before on my main blog; I know you all supposed I’d choose Blind Guardian, but as much as I love them, I know Pearl Jam’s songs much better (if I get one more of these, it will be Blind Guardian though, I swear))

Gender: Force Of Nature

Describe yourself: I Am Mine

How do you feel: Lightning Bolt

If you could go anywhere, where would it be: State Of Love And Trust

Your best friend: The Fixer

Favourite time of day: In The Moonlight

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Given To Fly

What is life to you: Unthought Known

Relationship status: Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

Your fear: Nothing As It Seems

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