and i see them this way

I want to see more men sharing news & stories about the attack on (what we have traditionally called) women’s rights we are seeing now.

There is a proposed FEDERAL abortion ban, attacks on birth control and a call to weaken Title IX protections against sexual assault on college campuses. A woman was just convicted of a FELONY for a coat hanger abortion.

And the only people I see sharing these stories are women and my non binary sibling. I don’t even see men commenting on them.

It is discouraging. It looks and feels like men don’t care if abortion is made illegal or other violence is perpetuated against us.

Subscribe to NARAL and Planned Parenthood’s feed. Read Rewire. Find a way to keep track of repro rights and other gendered issues. 

You have a responsibility to defend and support the rights of women & people with uteruses in this time of overwhelming misogyny.

Men don’t have to talk over women, but some shared posts and a “that’s awful” or two would show your solidarity.

It’s a pretty low bar, so I know you can make it over.

Anon: Kookie closed his eyes while backhuging Jimin and resting his chin on his shoulder????????????? Am I alive? What is this? They looked so soft???? You know that third-wheel feel you get when you watch Kook/min interact? I felt that. Potently.   

You and me both, Anon. And we’re not the only ones who feel that way. I’ve seen lots of other K-fans also mentioning that watching these two always feels like we’re peeping at something we probably shouldn’t see. I mean, whenever Jungkook initiates any sort of skinship with Jimin, it seems so vulnerable and raw. It honestly catches me off guard every time even though we should all be used to it by now.

Like this ^ isn’t just them being cute or feeding us fan service. For a few seconds, Jungkook straight up shut himself off from the rest of world and just..rested. Right there in that uncomfortable position, where people were screaming and shouting all around him, when he was supposed to be posing for the camera, he hugged Jimin and relaxed. Look at how peaceful he looks ;__; Even if you don’t ship them romantically, you can see how much comfort and just pure contentment Jungkook finds in Jimin’s presence.


I’m not sure if it was just me reading/taking things wrong or what, but the DA series always made the Avvar seem horribly barbaric and so on. I just got done with Jaws of Hakkon, and I love the Avvar actually. The way they live and such just interests me so much (do I dare say more than the other cultures?). So the fact that the DA series made them seem barbaric for so long kind of peeved me. I’d love to see more Avvar if/when the next game comes out!            

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Wait can you elaborate with chihuahuas?

If by ‘elaborate’ you want me to talk about them the same way I did dachshunds and started (really, I only touched on one issue) discussing pugs, then sure. I can start an incomplete list of concerns I see in the breed. Lets start going from nose to tail.

Nose: The snoot itself is fine. They generally only have mild brachycephalic issues (elongated soft palate, secondary collapsing trachea), but it’s what’s under the nose that will get you.

Teeth: Look at this mouth. Just look at it.

This is severe dental and peridontal disease. It’s infection and puss and rot stuck around the teeth, down to their roots. Terminal teeth. Trash mouth. Sewer mouth. It smells like you’d expect it to. Half of those teeth would have come out with a good sneeze, but they’re all causing pain and inflammation in that poor dog’s head.

Infections of the tooth roots can become so severe that the result in abscesses behind the eyeball, or osteomyelitis, weakening the bone so much that spontaneous jaw fractures can occur.

Interestingly she was much less inclined to bite when examining her mouth later, after almost all her teeth were removed due to severe pathology. I think pain was a factor more than fear.

Head & Brain: A deer-head chihuahua has a fairly sensible head. I would consider it a good head if not for the dental situation. Apple-head chihuahuas are problematic, with frequency and severity of problems increasing with the extremeness of anatomy. The desired ‘apple’ shape is achieved by breeding for mild hydrocephalus, fluid retention within the brain, causing the skull to bulge. Breeding for this trait results is some dogs being more extreme than others and you can find heartbreaking pictures of your own of severely affected pups on google images.

Some are so badly affected that their eyes can’t focus on the same spot, some can’t feed properly, and the skull deformity leaves their brain with reduced protection. My partner has hydrocephalus, and because of it he started having migraines when he was 18 months old, and is currently suffering a 9 month long migraine. Now I can’t exactly tell if a dog is having a migraine or a headache like we understand them, bit I know that his condition is linked to his chronic pain, so I would not be at all surprised to find out that hydrocephalic dogs endure something similar.

Spine: These tiny creatures are unsurprisingly fragile and end up under the surgeon’s knife for spinal issues more often than expected for a breed without a long back.

Heart: Whether this is an inherent weakness, or whether it’s just a fact of life that something is going to go wrong in a breed that often reaches eighteen years of life. Everyone dies of something, eventually. Many elderly chihuahuas (and their mixes) develop some sort of heart valve problem during their life. Most of the time it’s a mitral valve issue, which will get worse with time and required medication to control symptoms. This is where being able to give the little dog becomes a huge advantage.

Trachea: Although a cough is a classic symptom of heart disease it is also a symptom of collapsing trachea, and these little dogs often get both at the same time. The trachea (wind pipe) can be so badly affected that it collapses in on itself. This is typically worse with excitement. It should be obvious why this is a problem.

Knees: Oh my goodness gracious, the knees on these things are shocking. Almost all of these dogs have at least one luxating patella (Medially Luxating Patella = MPL) to some degree. Usually a low-grade one isn’t a huge deal to a lightweight dog, but chihuahuas don’t just throw low-grade MPLs. The last one my poor boss had to do had its patella sitting out of joint by 90 degrees around the leg. In a dog under 2kg he struggled to find implants of an appropriate size to improve this deformity and let the dog walk normally.

He swore so much during that surgery, those tiny bones were so soft, and the implants needed to be so delicate, it was not a surgery he looked forward to doing again. He will though.

Anal glands: While not a breed specific issue, smaller dogs often have more problems expressing their anal glands. Some chihuahuas suffer from frequent anal gland abscesses, and rectally expressing these glands on such tiny dogs is something owners rarely choose to attempt at home.

Medicating & Feeding: Being so little owners have a tendency to let these dogs get away with bad or anxious behavior that wouldn’t be tolerated in a larger dog. Being so small in a big world is probably a bit scary anyway, but dogs often feed off their owner’s emotional reactions. If an owner always acts as though their dog might get hurt and should be scared, the chihuahua learns from it.

People also have difficulty understanding how much food is ‘enough’ for a dog that weighs less than a human newborn. Consequently they are often either overfed or become spoiled. So many owners insist their chihuahuas wont eat anything except freshly cooked human food, and treats. They were accidentally trained this way by their owners.

Difficulties with training and spoiling means it’s often difficult to medicate a chihuahua, and given that they suffer a variety of long-term medical conditions that benefit from daily medication, being able to actually give the dog it’s tablets makes a big difference to their quality of life.

They can be happy, confident, charming little dogs if handled confidently and understood.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind owning a chihuahua, but one on the larger side (2.5-3kg) and with the deer head phenotype. This variation seems to have far less problems than the tiny, dome head versions. As with most things, you encounter more problems with more extremes of anatomy.

A thing I keep seeing and is bothering me a fucking lot: when Keith said “shiro, you’re like a brother to me” people went: “see, they are brothers~ sheith is dead” bitch, If they were brothers, Keith wouldn’t have said ‘like’, he would straight up be like “shiro, you are my brother” but did he? Did?? He??? No. I’m a klance shipper but even I can tell that sheith was a huge fucking deal this season and the majority of their interactions could be put in a romantic way, let’s just be happy for them. Also, I too say “you’re like a sister to me” to hide my bisexual ass feelings so tbh I can relate to my small gay son.

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Opinions on the second season? I've been struggling with it :|

All I really wanted from this season was character development, which we definitely got. I can tell that the characters that DIDN’T get as much development have bigger arcs set up for next season, so I don’t think they were forgotten about.

I DID want to see some flashbacks/backstory. Things like that are a cool way to shift your point of view on a character and look at them from different angles you wouldn’t have before, and I don’t think we got enough of that.

I do feel like next season will be WAY stronger than this one. This Almost felt like filler, or a bridge leading to what’s next. That doesn’t mean it was bad/I didn’t enjoy it, just that it makes me want to anticipate season 3 even more.

It makes me so angry that the only fucking protests that are getting any kind of coverage are the ones that are violent. I protested in San Francisco after the election and we were so peaceful and police were nice. They just walked with us and let us do our thing and it was great. But of course all I’m seeing on Facebook is all these older conservatives taking stuff WAY out of proportion. Yes, I agree with them that the violence needs to stop. I’m sure many of us who are protesting trump would not want our message to breed more violence. I hate that conservatives see that shit and immediately think it’s like that for every fucking protest about trump. IT ISNT. Ughhhhhhh

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If those HC requests are still open, and it hasn't already been done, aquarium date with Jotaro, in which both him and his s/o both love marine life and please Senpai

yes please omg someone take me to an aquarium. The tunnel exihibit is like a huge glass corridor underwater where you can see all the sealife swimming around you and they sleep and boop on the glass by the way! I hope these are okay!

Aquarium date with Jotaro Headcanons

  • Even though he would have been interested himself in going to the Aquarium anyway, he’s not going to put it forth until his s/o suggests going, and asks him to accompany them
  • Minimal grumbling
  • Jotaro will actually turn up on time (or at least not as late as usual)
  • He’ll also respectfully put out his cigarette before going in, which would come as a pleasant surprise to his partner
  • If there’s a little rock pool where people can put their hands in and let the shrimps crawl on them, Jotaro is going to hover around it for a while and intimidate the rogue children intending to pick up the small creatures out of the water
  • He’ll let his partner hold onto his arm without complaining for once, since he’s actually pretty content 
  • Every time his partner runs and squeals to another tank, he’ll tip his hat over his eyes and say “Yare yare daze, it’s like you’re a kid.” before following after them
  • He’d make a mental note of all the things he found to be wrong with each of the tanks (Too small, wrong type of sand, water is too still, the corners are too sharp and shouldn’t be mirrored-
  • In the tunnel exhibit, he’d just sort of let his partner rush off here, there and everywhere to look at the different animals while he stood there and took everything in slowly; preferring to take his time. Every now and then, his eyes would wander back to his partner and he’d watch them gazing with unapologetic affection at the creatures, making silly faces to mimic the fish
  • However, if his partner were to look at him while he was preoccupied looking at the sealife, they’d see such a pure, expressionless happiness from him.
    As he thought no one was looking at him, he’d look so- at peace, with the water reflecting the colour of his eyes and his frown-lines almost disappearing completely. 
  • He has to buy a sea-horse magnet for Holly in the giftshop 

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I don't know if anyone's asked this or even thought of it, but do you think Len and Lisa's versions of 'I love you' are calling each other Train wreck and Jerk?

I’d buy it, yeah. 

I really don’t see them having an easy time with the word ‘love’ or with the vulnerability inherent in emotional conversations, especially Len. It might be a way for them to share their affection in public (and hell, private too) without feeling exposed. It’s certainly a headcanon I can get behind.

Since Lisa seems to have a bit of an easier time opening up than Len, at least to Cisco and at least on The Flash, I’d imagine she found a way to express and share her love for her brother in a way that made them both feel at ease, calling him a jerk starting around her early teens until he caught on to the pattern of when she’d say it, and started responding in kind. (I mean, it probably started out with her genuinely calling him a jerk but turned quickly into being affectionate).

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Living Quirks

Kaminari:(Setting an entire pizza on the table) I’ve been waiting all day!
Asui: ( Tongue shoots across and grabs one of the slices while Kaminari grabs plate)
Mina:( Slides by, taps his shoulder, and steals one)
Kaminari: Hey!
Sero: (Tapes a piece while he looks the other way)
Kaminari:Seriously!(Leaves table to see where it went)
Ochako:( Floats down from the ceiling, takes one, and goes back up)
Jirou:( Stabs one with her earphone jack)
Fumikage:(Walks by while Dark Shadow grabs one a nibble one it.)
Kaminari(Walks back)The slice got away. (Looks at the pizza) No! Two slices left, I must protect them!
Bakugou: Hand them over.
Kaminari:( Gives him one)
Bakugou: ( Motions for the other one while eating)
Kaminari: Fine!(Gives him the other one and Bakugou leaves)
Kaminari: I didn’t get one!
Izuku(Sitting in his room) I can’t wait to eat that pizza I bought.

Kay, sorry, gotta get some chapter 135 thoughts/feels off my chest~

  • Sorry Mizali, you could bring the HHB a banquet, stop harming Zeno and buy them all a villa in the south of Xing and I still don’t think I’d be willing to forgive you after what you’ve already done. I’m still awaiting your full-on mental break down later in this arc due to the way you’ve been presented so far. 
  • Speaking of which, Mizali is such a loose canon that I’m half expecting the HHB to escape by offering to have Jae-Ha fly Mizali around if he lets them all leave the prison and go to the courtyard. Cue Jae-Ha grabbing Kija and Yoon and fleeing and Shin-Ah and Zeno powering their way out before anyone can gather to stop them.
  • *holds Jae-Ha and never lets go* ;__;
  • Mizali is such a four dragons fanboy. I pray he and Tae-Jun never meet - those two would run an entire four dragons fanclub.
  • For freaks sake Soo-Won, I thought we spoke about those polka-dot pyjamas you insist on wearing!! *holds out hand* Come on Your Highness, give them to me. Yes, give them to me. Burn them? *chuckles* Of course not! I’m just going to place them way too close to this open fireplace, no biggie!
  • What are you trying to research there Lili, hmmm?? *raises eyebrows*
  • *unimpressed voice* Oh look, it’s Min-Soo, the character I totally wasn’t expecting to see and whose appearance in this chapter totally wasn’t spoiled for me, which then totally didn’t ruin the surprise… *dives back into her salt mine*
  • Okay, I see you reacting to that letter from Hak and Yona (or at least, the letter I assume was from Hak and Yona) Soo-Won and scrunching it up in your hands. This was the biggest wtf of the chapter for me: did Soo-Won see the note, immediately decide he wasn’t going, and then purposely pick Min-Soo to go just to mess with Hak and Yona?? Or is this a whole Min-Soo conspiracy where Min-Soo was actually working for Soo-Won the entire time? GAH!!! Damn it!! I mean, if Min-Soo was obviously on Yona’s side when he helped her escape, you think Soo-Won would have just fired him. Why keep a servant at risk of turning on you like they once did? Then again, Min-Soo looks so broken when Lili bumps into him :/ *claws at the air making dying whale noises* I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!!

TL;DR: I NEED TO KNOW MORE DAMN IT, MORE!! And Jae-Ha is my darling, I love him so much~

i don’t think i’ve talked about domhnall’s performance in black mirror before. somehow his portrayal of the droid evoked the same feeling as alicia vikander’s ava in ex machina did to me, even though the first is different from the latter. in their own ways they project innocence yet there’s something eerie about them. they seem natural yet there’s body movements that remind you that they’re not human, but what’s great is that they did it without being too robotic. it’s hard to articulate my thoughts and feelings about this, but the point is domhnall is seriously a brilliant actor and i admire him.

p.s. if you haven’t seen black mirror s2e1 and/or ex machina, please go see it!


Recently, I have started talking to my dad again. And it was over a package he is intending to send me. What that may be, your guess is mine. I haven’t really talked to him in 4 years. When I came out as trans he told me not to come around because he didn’t want my siblings to see me. I come to find out a few months ago that I also have an older brother who was made an outcast before I was born. I haven’t had a chance at a normal life; at least until recently. But now that I have started talking to him he won’t see me, only talks about work and my siblings archery. I’m a non entity to them. And it sucks but through all of this I have my chosen family.

My bio fam abandoned me and my chosen family well they never walked away. We take care of each other in every way we can, along as strive for a healthy independent life style. @spideygirl and @gwennspacey you are my family! Thank you so much! I love you both so much!

Oh and by the way; thank you all so much! Tumblr, you have helped me in more ways you could imagine and you helped my family come together. We are doing our best and haven’t been able to make it. But we have new job perspective and we are trying to go back to school. We want more from this life and we thank you.

Again if you missed my past posts my PayPal is and every dollar counts! Thank you all so much I cannot say thank you enough!

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do you feel like relationship "advice" on this site is really black and white? i saw this post recently that listed minor inconveniences that a man might bring to a relationship and this person's grand solution was "dump him!" like that can't be healthy, right?

Yes, I think the “advice” or “relationship guru” whatever you call it culture on here has gotten out of hand. 

I see a lot of people on here making really dismissive posts towards girls who are having trouble navigating relationships with men. They always seem to be written in the most condescending way, like: “IF 👏  HE 👏  DOESN’T 👏  RESPECT 👏  YOU 👏  MOVE 👏  THE 👏  FUCK 👏  ON! 👏

But that type of advice is useless unless we show and teach young women what respect actually looks like, how to ask for it, and most importantly, to make them feel like they deserve respect, rather than just berating them over men’s disrespectful treatment of them, which is not their fault. 

It’s really popular on Tumblr right now to write  posts mocking “straight relationships” that are really just thinly veiled jabs at the abuse, disrespect and misogyny that women experience in relationships with men. It might get notes, but it doesn’t help anyone in a bad relationship.


This scene. This scene is extremely important.

Notice the sigh of relief he lets out when he sees them after the nightmare. How everyone is so happy to see that he’s ok. The one word that comes to mind when I see this is family.

Allura, Coran and the paladins are Shiro’s anchor. His home. His safe point. And honestly, this is the best scene in all the series because it really represents that in a better way than any words ever could.

let me tell you the story of jacob and peter. i’ve blurred their faces because i have no way to get in contact with them to ask for permission to show their faces, i saw them on the He Will Not Divide Us stream and all i know is their first names. so anyways

this is jacob on the left and peter on the right. jacob was standing alone with his coffee cup when peter came up. peter greeted jacob nicely then started talking about the stream. he asked if the footage went to internet. jacob said yes then explained what the stream was. peter started making bad jokes about trump supporters then said something along the lines of “ya know, this stuff goes all the way to space before you see it anywhere else. isn’t that wild? imagine if aliens saw it.” jacob seemed uncomfortable and just kind of nodded politely while peter kept talking about how radio waves also go into space. then peter nodded, said “i’m gonna get a smoke, nice talking to you.”, and walked away leaving jacob.

jacob stood there for a long time tapping on his coffee cup. he seemed really thoughtful, like he had a lot on his mind. then he started slowly pacing back and forth, tapping on his cup, and every time he got close to the camera he’d almost whisper “he will not divide us.” at this point i was kind of moved and he gave me some hope. it was quiet and solemn, almost peaceful.

but not for long

some guys rolled up in there car and said “he will not divide us!” to jacob while playing presidential music from their car. jacob kind of smiled and bobbed his head while peter walked back up from getting his cigarette and went “ALL THE WAY TO SPACE, BABY!” it’s the most oddly inspiring thing i’ve ever seen.

here’s the last part of the story. 

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GOM + Kagami getting scared on the top of Ferris wheel ride after their s/o rocks the seat, not thinking it would scare them. Thanks you're the best! ;)

Kuroko’s face would become even whiter and grip the nearest thing tightly, but wouldn’t say a single word. Perhaps the only sentence his partner would get is: “Please, don’t do this anymore.”

Kise-It was all fun and games until he clang on his partner for dear life when the seat rocked and screamed like a little girl. It would be amusing to see and the whole way back down to the ground and home Kise would pout and speak things like: “I trusted you, [Name]-chi, but you betrayed me.” Very dramatic.

Midorima would only tighten his grip on the railing and keep still until he knows he’s on the ground and safe. He would never ever go on a Ferris Wheel with his partner even if his lucky item would be on.

Aomine would yelp. Yes, you heard that right. Aomine would yelp and never admit it even if his partner has it filmed on their phone. Also, never expect him to go anywhere near amusements parks for a while.

Murasakibara would just brush it off on the surface though deep down he would terrified, because “why would you even do that, [Name]-chin. Do you want to kill us? I still haven’t eaten all maibou” and of course a cold shoulder for a while that would be broken the moment they give him something sweet, but don’t expect him to trust them about amusement parks anymore.

Akashi would play it off cool. The only difference would of course be his tight grip on his partner and once they reach the ground, he would find the nearest bench and sit there for a while because his legs would be like jelly. Would never admit he got scared.

Kagami would be vocal just like Kise, though not as much. He would scream, but then he would more like glare at his partner and ask them why would they do that and how could they even think about it. Long lectures on how that is dangerous and all.