and i see them live


At exactly this hour one year ago, I was being pressed against a metal barrier with Alex Turner and Miles Kane 10 feet in front of my face. After waiting outside for 7 hours in the hot summer sun to see my favorite musicians in the whole wide world, everything at this exact moment was falling into place as I was having the best and most special night of my entire life. From my eyes first seeing the face of Alex Turner and hearing him serenade Miles from a balcony, from the two sharing a mic because Al forgot where he put his, to an after-show acoustic set with the two acting like utter hooligans, I was in literal heaven. Not a single day has gone by that I don’t think of this show and how unbelievable lucky I was to experience it. I have loved these goofs for years and years and never ever thought the day would come where I would see them live. I will never take this day for granted as long as I live. So, in honor of the loves of my life, Al and Miles, here a few moments I managed to capture from that incredibly magical night // The Last Shadow Puppets at the Cleveland Agora, July 24th, 2016

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So as an international broke ass fan I worry if I'll ever see bts live or make it to a fansign.. is it really so impossible for international fans to see them?

Well i live in France and I saw them…once at Kcon (AND IM STILL FUCKING HAPPY ABOUT IT) but yeah if youre broke af and you cant afford for a ticket concert thats well ughh pretty hard;;;
Or maybe youll be like these lucky fans who see them in the street. But yeah if u dont go to a concert or a fanmeeting thats hard 😭😭😭😭


Often I feel so distant from everyone. I live away from my home. I have four children which, even though I’m not limited by, I am very dedicated to and I don’t have time away from them - my own choice, but often one that people can’t get their heads around or adapt to. I work full time. The rest of my time is spent on a small collection of things. I have a small group of very old friends who I don’t see because I don’t live near them. I have a smaller group of work “friends” which is just that - people I talk to at work and not outside.
I don’t know, sometimes I feel lonely but then I have Tumblr and I don’t feel it so much. A network of people with similar or the exact same interests as mine.

I’m just a twenty something year old who likes what I like. Who is dedicated to a few ships and loves to write. I write a lot. Sometimes my writing is my only outlet, I may not be great at it but I like to share it anyways. So I do. A lot.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you feel the same as I, just know I’m sitting here feeling all this too and I’m easy enough to talk to. I’m here if you’re here for me too. We can talk whenever, about whatever you like.

A rainy day in summer

The boy has to work in a different city, Hamburg, till Wednesday and I felt like joining him. We visited my Grandparents on our way here (who are 89 and 88 and the loveliest, but I don’t see them very often because they live in a different state)

Yesterday I spent taking a nice long walk along the river and lake and taking a billion photos on my phone in the park they have here. I also went to a Vietnamese place my cousin recommended. We had Italian food at the cutest little restaurant, and because the hotel room is not the newest but has a microwave, I could take the leftovers for today!

Today it’s raining so I’m staying in, having tea, taking a bath and reading. I needed this.
Tonight we’re meeting my cousin and her partner, and tomorrow afternoon we’re taking the train home.

Bf also might get a job at home. He was lucky to be in projects close to home for the last two years, but will probably not be this lucky any more. There still is a third round of interviews (I know, right!?) to go through, but it would be so lovely to see him every evening on the long run.

Dad left the hospital yesterday and won’t have to go back till they’re doing the operation, which will be quite invasive but hopefully help him. It’ll be in my last week of holidays so I can be there for him a bit, which is good. I’m still a bit anxious for him and hope he’ll be better soon. After that, he’ll have his last round of chemo (he would have had it today if it weren’t for his teeth and jaw issues) and hopefully they’ll tell us after that that his cancer will be cured with an operation. We’ll see


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”

nico cant take a break

Our babies are travelling!!  Anybody knows where they are? (✿´ ꒳ ` )

edit: i believe in the day when i’ll remember to make shiro’s scar before posting here

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there’s so much pain underlying my love of mcr because honestly being an mcr fan at this point is like being a fan of something fictional and its still a good experience but it hurts my heart so much that I never got to be a fan when that world of mcr was actually something reachable, when their music was a dialogue back and forth with the fans not just an established body of work forever set in the stone of recording, when there was still a possibility that I might reach out and touch gerard way’s hand from the crowd of an mcr show, screaming the lyrics back into his wild, knowing face