and i see soo many mistakes



So I decided to redo this painting of Maedhros because there were only too many mistakes, the colors included, and he being my favorite of the sons I couldn’t let it go.

At the left you can see the new version which I think is just a humongous improvement upon the original. Even if it isn’t that much different, I can’t help but feel soo proud of myself for how far I’ve come since first time I tired to make this painting, in late February. It’s only 2 months but I have learned so much and I can’t wait to continue working on this!

Please let me know what you think, I got some great feedback from the old one so I do hope you like the new version even better! 😚 good night ❤️

The reason behind Scarlet Heart’s low ratings

I definitely think it’s not the acting. Yes, there is some bad acting here and there… actually I wouldn’t even call it bad, just kinda awkward (ex: some Baekhyun scenes, IU’s surprised expressions, some of Jisoo’s parts), but overall the acting is really good. IU is still quite good imo and she fits the character. She acts like a girl from 2016 would and I find that quite funny and cute. Now, Lee Junki and Kang Haneul are very good, no need to even comment on that. The older actors are good, especially So’s mother, she is super annoying. Also, I wasn’t feeling Hong Jong Hyun (Wangyo) at first, but he is doing a pretty god job. Now, if you analyze it objectively, the acting is not worse than Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, or The Moon That Embraces the Sun (in fact, I think it was way better than this one and I love Kim Soo Hyun).

The cinematography is beautiful in my opinion. 

The scene where they captured the nature in the picture above was just amazing, I found that so beautiful. Also, because the drama is pre produced we can’t see many mistakes. I think the things that some people hate about it is the random close ups, and while I don’t love it either, I’m not bothered that I’d switch the channel or something. It’s not a strong enough reason to not watch the drama.

The story. This story is based in early Goryeo during Taejo’s reign. This is year 941 apparently (I don’t know for sure, correct me if I’m wrong). The Korean public loves the Joseon Dynasty (1392 - 1897) and as you can see, most Sageuk’s are placed in Joseon, especially around the 16th or 15th century. The stories based in Goryeo are not doing well for the Korean public (Shine Or Go Crazy (the main character here was also prince Wangso), Faith, The Great Seer, Jung Do Jun etc. ). If we look carefully, the drama competing with Scarlet Heart is Moonlight.. which is set in Joseon. Now, of course the dynasty is not the only reason the public would choose Moonlight over Scarlet Heart, but it’s definitely one of the reasons. If a person doesn’t like a drama for a reason, they will not try and give it a chance, they’d watch another drama that they think is way “superior”. They could’ve definitely set this story in Joseon to make it more appealing, but this is also aimed at the Chinese public. Relations with China were not so bad during Goryeo so the story would be easily accepted by the Chinese public, especially because the story is originally Chinese.

The Korean sentiment towards IU. As you might know already, IU had her “little” Zeze/Lolita scandal a while ago. If you listen to kpop, you already know that when a celebrity gets into a scandal, everything they do post scandal is criticized and bashed. Now, IU’s acing is definitely not amazing and sometimes I really wonder why they didn’t choose an actress, but the acting is not so bad as people make it to be. I feel like the public is exaggerating and just criticizing her even when she doesn’t deserve it. The way some people think in Korea is kinda like… “oh look at this lolita again, this is childish, this is so stupid” *switches channel*. Of course I don’t want to assume stuff about people, but we have a saying here “the flock behavior”. You know how a sheep flock is like? How they kinda follow each other and if a sheep is left out and sees the other sheep going somewhere together, they just run after the flock without knowing a reason? It’s like that. Basically people jumping on the bandwagon hate for no reason. It’s probably a hobby for some people, look how T-ara is still criticized today…

The flow of the story. Some people say this drama is confusing and boring, but you have to kinda understand history. When watching sageuk you have to understand the history a little. People watch these dramas and are surprised that they don’t understand what’s going on, but in fact if you know who these characters are, you won’t have any problem understanding. Indeed the presentation of the characters is quite messy, like who is who’s mother, are they related? but they like each other? I also asked myself these questions, but keep in mind this story is very complex and it has only 20 episodes. So the story has to be told in a way that is not rushed, details are not omitted but also not go over 20 episodes. It’s pretty difficult to do that so this is why they actually cut some scenes that are pretty important for character development. This could be one of the reasons people stop watching, because they can’t keep up or the complexity is boring them.

There might be other factors, but this is what I could think of. Of course it’s a combination if these factors and the drama is competing with Bogum’s drama and we all know Bogum is very popular lately. Also, Lee Junki is not appearing is many varieties, I think that if he would, he could promote this drama a lot more. People loved him on RM. Also, Kang Haneul is pretty fun and adorable, the ladies too are cute… but they all seem preoccupied with their schedule so the don’t actively promote the drama on varieties. Of course the drama is very well promoted, but not so much by the actors themselves in my opinion. Anyways, even though the drama has low ratings, it is doing well among the international public, so no worries and enjoy! Also, please watch on when it’s airing. Make an account first (you have english ver) then go on the 온에어 page at 10PM Korea Time and watch it!~~

Have you ever thought that Suwon might die in the end? like his death flag is raising? here, Yona and Suwon’s words seems so connected imo, feels like Suwon’s saying he can’t die “Yet” is a foreshadowing that once he’s done with his mission he might die in the end or it’s ok for him to die. And if Yona also done her mission, it’s also the right time for her to return to the castle, since Suwon is already gone. Most of the people joke around Suwon’s hair is the mom’s hair or death hair, but lol I don’t base someone’s death just bcoz of the hairstyle, and I don’t think a mangaka won’t be effective writer if they’ll always follow that kind of cliche that can barely spoil your story just by revealing it on character designs. although I never wished for Suwon’s death, I like him as a character, but I’m already prepared for a bittersweet ending for him.

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