and i saw these two pictures and they looked good in a manip

Escape, for OQArtistWeek

This is a late entry for #OQArtist week, based this sexy manip of @starscythe *fans self* . I realize this is probably a bikini Regina is wearing, and this is probably a beach scene judging from the wet strands of hair, but Regina has this flawless movie star makeup on and she always seemed a bit too refined for beach sex. The facial expressions are so sexy and needy, I pictured something sweaty and intimate between two people desperate for one another. So I always saw this art as something quite different.

Thanks Bea as always. Betaing porn is hard, ya'all, and she betas it like a champ. I guess trigger warnings are in place. This is a hard M rating (shocking I know) and things get…intense.

It’s just coffee.

She repeats that every time they go out in these excursions.

They are coworkers, and it’s just coffee. Or in her case, tea. Just tea.

Coworkers drink coffee and tea together.

There’s nothing scandalous about that.

But coworkers don’t find whatever excuse they can to brush against one another. Coworkers don’t trade intimate details of their lives that they don’t even share with best friends, cry on each other’s shoulders, or spend the majority of the day stealing glances at one another. And coworkers definitely, definitely do not fantasize about one another.

So maybe she’s just a coworker to him, but he is absolutely more than that to her.

“He asked me to marry him,” she says quietly. She hates to bring it up, but Robin should know about the proposal. He’s her friend. Her best friend. The only person in this entire competitive, cutthroat network whom she trusts. Definitely the only person who honestly cares about her. But it’s not that, not just the fact that they are friends that has her feeling obligated to tell him about the proposal. He should know because of the way he looks at her.

The way they look at one another.

She watches his eyes fly to her naked ring finger. “What did you say?” He looks hopeful, as if she finally made the right decision. But he’s wrong.

“We’ve been dating forever, and I think there’s more positive than negative. I said yes.” She covers her left hand with her right. “The, er, ring is being resized.”

“Eight years and he doesn’t know your ring size,” Robin grumbles.

“Do you?” She asks defiantly. “It’s not something men know, unless you are in a habit—”

“A habit of buying jewelry for the woman you love?” he quips. “I assure you if I had proposed to you I’d know your ring size. I’d take one of your rings to the jewelers to match it. Or, Christ, a good jeweler could show you what each width looks like, and, I’ve held your hand enough to know what your fingers feel like from memory, so I'd—”

It’s a bit too honest, has her squirming a bit, because he’s right, absolutely right, he’s held her hand so many times, but also, this is wrong. Absolutely wrong. And what right does he have to criticize her decisions in her love life when he’s never tried to be a part of it?

“Sorry,” he breathes, “I should be congratulating you, I’m just… I don’t think he’s good enough for you.”

That’s… sweet, she supposes. And to be fair she’s shared her problems with Graham many times, so perhaps it’s understandable that Robin would feel this way.

“If there’s someone better, I haven’t found him.” Regina says, staring defiantly at him.

“Any man in his right mind would be over the moon to have you,” he whispers. It’s honest, too honest. But she’s made her choice, and this can never be, anyway. There’s a strict no fraternization policy at work. He’s technically her boss, so that’s an extra layer of forbidden, isn’t it?

“Let’s talk about something else,” Regina says, lifting a hand off the table to smooth her hair. “Something to make me feel… happy.”

He offers her a sad smile, and she knows it’s very telling that talk of a proposal is depressing her, but well, that’s the way it is, damn it.

He shifts the topic to their quirky coworker, and then they are laughing, exchanging jokes and smiles and touches as if nothing had changed.

Things go well until her phone pings. It’s a reminder chime, and she frowns, glancing down at it curiously. There’s nothing on the schedule for today that she can remember.

“Shit,” Regina grumbles, “Robin, there’s a meeting today. In 5 minutes.” She turns her screen to his.

He looks puzzled. “I swear I didn’t know anything about this, Regina.”

He grabs his phone and checks emails frantically. “Looks like it’s an emergency meeting to deal with the Army of God threats again.” He rolls his eyes.

“Anything I should be worried about?” Regina asks, sipping the last of her tea.

“No, no credible threats. But their leader is appearing on Fox today, and we expect him to give us and a few other organizations a bit of a shout out. You know how that goes.”

“Get ready for hate mail and death threats,” Regina says rolling her eyes and rising from her chair. “We are going to be late. We have to hurry.”

The meeting is on the fifth floor. She thinks he realizes what that means at the same time she does — right when they reach the elevator. The fifth floor meeting room is large, with glass walls that face the elevator. Everyone will see them walking in late, together, and that won’t do much for rumors that have already started about the two of them.

And really, with her occupation, it’s sort of assumed she will try to sleep her way to the top at one point or another. Who better than a media director often tasked with assigning high profile interviews to reporters like her?

“You take the elevator,” he says, with a frown. “I’ll use the back stairs.”

The back elevator and stairs are not to be used for anything other than moving in the high profile guests or interviewees that need and added layer of security. Robin is one of only a few with the code. And while he can’t use the back elevator (risk of being seen using a secured area) he can probably sneak up the stairs. No one really even knows that stairwell exists. It’s hidden and secure, designed that way for good reason.

Regina nods. “See you there.”

He smiles at her and rushes off, waving slightly as he goes.

And then she waits for her elevator as impatiently as one can possibly wait.

(She will look back on this day and thank god for the fact the elevator seemed to be stopping at every floor at a treacherously slow pace. Thank god that she figured she could use the exercise. Thank god it all, because she might have been dead had she waited for it. Instead, she’d opted for the stairwell. It was only five flights, after all…)

After what feels like an hour, but is only probably a few minutes, she turns towards the stairwell and decides to make up for lost time. She’s cursing her heels as she rounds the stairs to the third floor when the first explosion hits with a Crack and a Boom!

It’s so much noise, so loud it almost feels as if there’s no sound at all. Debris falls from the ceiling, covers her in dusty plaster and paint chips, and god knows what else, her head is spinning, ears are ringing, eyes burning as there is one thought going through her mind.


The explosion reverberates everywhere in that stairwell, echoed and shimmied from every inch of the walls, and she doesn’t know where it came from, but god let it not have come from that secured stairwell. Not where they keep the high profile guests, where someone who is targeted might be hiding, please let him be alright.

She turns back to the third floor door and opens it. People are panicking, running towards her, a fire alarm is sounding, the emergency lights are flickering, and the crowd is shouting that she turn around, but she’s not listening, her mind is racing with hypothetical scenarios she wishes she could erase from her memory, heart nearly exploding at the thought of losing him.

Robin, please be okay, Robin.

She reaches the secured area in the back, elbowing past frantic people trying to push her away. But it’s mostly clear now. She hears some pop, pop, popping from above, isn’t sure what that is, what’s happening, and the ceiling above feels like it’s moving, giving out… will it collapse?

She reaches the back area, finds that secured back door, and knocks and screams. It’s still locked. She had held out hope that with the electricity going out maybe the electronic lock would fail and she’d be able to get to Robin.

But they must have a different power source. The code button is still there, gleaming red awaiting an electronic badge or code to be punched into the keypad below. And she has neither.

She has nothing but fists and her voice as she punches and screams.

“Robin! Robin!”

Robin is alive, Robin is okay. He’s resilient and smart and cunning and he’s a survivor and that’s what survivors DO. They survive.

These little pop pop pops sound closer and louder now, she still isn’t sure what it is, but it’s followed by more screams and that can’t be good.

There could be anything on the other side of this door, she very well knows that. There could be men with guns and suicide bomb vests on, Robin could already be dead, they could have used this stairwell to—

It really doesn’t matter to her, she’d gladly risk her life for that wonderful man. He’s everything to her.

“Robin, please!” She screams again. Her hands are bloody now, banging carelessly against an ungiving door.

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“I hate you.” Steve said, his voice laced with anger and disgust.

“You should’ve told me this six months ago.” Darcy said, standing in the doorway of the equipment room. “It would’ve saved me a lot of frustration, that came with having to deal with your stubborn ass.”

“Darce,” Steve started to apologize, but Darcy interrupted him.

“It’s okay, I knew you weren’t talking about me.” She replied, giving him a reassuring smile.

“Sorry for ruining your hour of sanity. I can only imagine how much you need it. Jarvis shouldn’t have called you.” Darcy tried not to laugh, as she watched Steve look up at the ceiling.

“J was only concerned about you.” Darcy explained. “Everybody here cares about you. I care about you, so no more apologies.” Steve let out a sigh, feeling defeated. They could read each other like books. Something that he loved, and sometimes annoyed him.

“Just having a bad day.” He finally said.

“You need this more than me.” Darcy handed him the cup. “It’s my grandmother’s secret recipe.”

Steve took a big gulp. His eyes closed, and making a ‘mmm’ sound. There was a smile of bliss or pleasure on his face, as he savored the flavor. Real homemade Hot Chocolate, not from a packet or can.

“Do I need to leave the two of you alone.” She was unable to resist making a joke out of his reaction. Steve’s eyes opened wide, and he almost choked.

“Just feeling like a man out of time.“ He confessed, changing the subject. Darcy reached up with her right hand cupping his cheek, and Steve leaned into her touch. The lost and lonely look in his eyes slowly fading away.

“Don’t get me wrong I know I’m lucky, but I do miss my old life.“ He continued. “When people saw Steve Rogers, instead of just Captain America. I try to hide my frustration, and how pissed off I am.“

“Do you really hate Captain America that much?” Darcy asked the question, that had been weighing on the tip of her tongue. Steve removed her hand from his face. She immediately regretted her question, afraid that he was going to walk away. That fear quickly disappered when he didn’t let go.

“I know people sometimes forget about the man wearing the suit.” She felt him gently squeeze her hand, and Darcy was glad she hadn’t scared him away. “I’ve seen all the punching bags you destroyed. Who says that this is a lifetime job? You own the suit, it doesn’t own you.”

‘It’s not in me to quit.” Steve replied, sounding more emotionally drained than serious. “I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I did.”

“I know quitting isn’t you style. Remember, that you’re not alone.” Looking him straight in the eyes, and he understood how serious she was about this. “All I’m saying is stop being the SHIELD, and public’s version of Cap.”

“Make your own version of Captain America.” She replied, then repeated herself. “You own the suit, it doesn’t own you.” Before Steve could respond Darcy cupped his face in her hands, standing on her tippy toes and gave him a short but sweet kiss.

“Sorry for the interuption, Darcy.” Jarvis said. “But, Team Science needs your help.”

“What did the three stooges do this time?’ Clearly annoyed, and reluctantly letting go of Steve.

“Don’t forget your cup.” Steve said, still a little dazed and confused. “There’s still half left.”

“Keep it.” Darcy replied, standing in the doorway. “It tasted better on your lips.” She gave him a wink and a smile, and then was gone. Steve finished the Hot Chocolate, looked at his suit one last time then left.

A week later Darcy and Jane are looking over, or rather arguing over some notes when Steve walked into the lab. The room was dead slience, but the only reaction he cared about was Darcy’s

“What do you think, Sweetheart?” Steve asked, showing off his new suit. Darcy dropped her coffee cup, staring at him speechless. “Good or Bad?”

Darcy just stood there staring, oblivious to anyone but Steve. Jane elbowed Darcy in her left side, bring her out of her trance. She babbled the only thing she had been thinking.

“Are you trying to kill me or turn me on? And, you owe me a cup of coffee.”

“How bout Hot Chocolate?” Steve smiled avoiding the puddle of coffee and glass, and reaching for her right hand. “It makes everything better.”

“Maybe we can figure out the secret ingredient together.” Darcy replied adjusting her grip on his hand, as they walked out of the lab. Jane just shook her head and smiled, as she cleaned up the mess.

The first picture is a manip that I made. It’s the whole inspiration for this story.
Camren in #7/27TourUK Summary

They first arrived at Dublin (which is not part of UK by the way) I just want to include them here. 

October 3 - Dublin Ireland

You all got so hyped upon seeing this. Lauren wearing the top, Camila the bottoms. And at the same day people. Way to feed your delusional mind right?

Yes, she did that. We all know that’s Camila’s iconic funny face since the very beginning of time. And now, that’s Lauren’s favorite funny face to pull. Want more receipts? Video

Here they were leaving their hotel the next day, apparently Lauren didn’t change her outfit. She took a shower or even just a bath right? 

Camila posted her charity tee, she was the one who designed it by the way. If you have time and want the shirt for yourself, go check her Instagram. Lauren also liked per post. This was not an accident.

Lauren sang If I we’re a boy during soundcheck in which, if there will be next time, we have to remind Camila that she can really blink while staring at Lauren the whole time. Video

October 5 & 6 - Glasgow

They arrived at Glasgow and rest day for the girls, but apparently it was not a very good day for Lauren. She received lots of hate from Twitter. 

This one is fake. Please don’t trust believe anything you’ve found in the internet. @CamilasSpotify verified it.

What can I say, we stan two lovely dorks. They were wearing some traditional Scottish hat from the audience.

October 7 - Manchester

Whole day timeline of the girls. Imagine your everyday life like this, it’s tiring right? So please stop with all your dramas and immature thinking.

Camila rapping Look at Me Now by Chris Brown  during sound check and Lauren just being Lauren. Laughing and staring and can’t contain her happiness while looking at her Camila. This is a good video by the way. OT5 is alive. Video

Also, Lauren left the crowd in awe by embracing this flag proudly.

October 8 - Cardiff

Before Camila, Ally and Dinah started singing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, Lauren can’t get enough of Camila that Mani nudged her to start a conversation with her. Whipped right? Video

October 9 & 10 - London

Rest day of the girls, Camila was spotted with fans and watched the debate after while Lauren was with friends. Also, Lauren blocked a Camren Shipper who won’t stop tagging her in sexual manips. WHY CAN’T SOME OF YOU BEHAVE AND ACT AS AN ADULT AND STOP TAGGING THEM WITH ALL SEXUAL CAMREN PICTURES?

Camila saw a fan using this and told her it’s cute. (She later then said she thought it’s her with the fan and not Lauren) I’m not so sure with that Camilita, it’s very obvious that you’re with Lauren. Video

London Sound Check. The girls were live at Capital FM’s Facebook. This was the time Mani kissed Lauren in the cheek. Video

M&G London, Lauren being Lauren and well, Camila being Camila.

October 11 - Nottingham

Lauren sang Can’t Feel My Face while Camila sang Don’t Let Me Down. Indirects? Maybe. Video

These two lovely ladies during Meet and Greet. 

October 12 - Birmingham

Camila announced her new song with Machine Gun Kelly entitled Bad Things. Immature people who obviously don’t know the whole truth pretty much created drama everywhere and was very quick to judge. About their parents, let them be. They’re just being parents. Stop harassing everyone!

The girls are obviously fine during sound check and yes, they really look tired. 

Camila was talking about the moon, how she love the moon, how beautiful the moon was, how she wants to personify the moon to be with her, to be her friend and so on. As you can see, Lauren was definitely smiling in the end. If you’re confused, Camila - Sun. Lauren - Moon. Video

Lauren with all the side glance she made for Camila was definitely on point. Not just once or twice but three times. Video

Next stop Barcelona Spain! 

P.S: Honestly, you can have your opinion about Camren and I can have mine. But please, don’t ever tell me that Camren is dead just because you based it to all of the drama that just happened recently. They are not their parents. And certainly the girls already knew about the song even before Camila announced it yesterday. So stop with all the hate. And let’s just enjoy our precious ship.

Thank God the Cap’s in Town

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,385
Warnings: language, normal spn stuff
A/N: As you guys know I saw that manip of Jensen in the Captain America costume earlier and I couldn’t not write a fic about it. The fact that I’ve been bingeing on Marvel movies for the last three days didn’t help. The picture in question will be in the text. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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Haylor one shot inspired by this manip.

“Are we there yet?”

“Almost. Quit whining, you big baby!”

“You better not be planning to murder and dump me in the middle of nowhere,Swift. Think of the millions of teenage girls’ hearts that you will be breaking.”

“If I wanted to get rid of you,there are easier ways to do so. I don’t even have to get my own hands dirty. Anyway, not the point. We’re here now.”

Harry took off the blindfold. The first thing that he noticed was the endless blue. It reminded him the color of her eyes, so intense that it was hard to look away. “Wow.”

“I know right?” She sighed. One of her hand slipped quietly into his. “I stumbled across this place by accident and it was just love at first sight. My own little piece of paradise.”

“I can see why you like it here.” And he really did. Already he felt peaceful and calm from the hypnotizing sounds of waves crashing onto the rocky shores and the smell of the salty sea air. He smiled and pulled her closer. “Thanks for sharing this with me.”

Taylor wiggled out of his embrace,looking slightly nervous. “There’s another reason for why we came.”

He looked at her expectantly and she blushed some more. “So…umm,going back to the point I was making about love at first sight and how that applies to you as well-wait,let me start over-so I was here alone the other day, thinking and then I realize that you and this secret spot are like one and the same-ugh,no! This is not making any sense-”


“-Like the ocean, you are my rock,damn! That’s not it-”


“-I remember there was something about roses. Or was it mosses? Should be mosses because they are growing everywhere here and they are green and your eyes are green-”

Tay!" He grabbed her shoulders. "Stop trying to propose to me.”

Her eyes widened to comical proportion. “How did you-”

“Because you’re predictable.” He dodged the playful punch she threw at him. “Also, I saw the ring.”

“You’re not supposed to peek!”

“Sorry, I got curious. Great choice,by the way.”

“Guess there’s no point in hiding it anymore.” She took out the simple silver band. The saying “Better still,be my winding wheel.” was engraved on the inner surface. “Give me your hand.”

The ring slid onto his finger easily. Taylor commented in a nonchalant tone. “Looks good on you.”

“Uh huh.” He stared at it for a while. It needed some getting used to. “Does this mean I’m Mr Swift now?”

“Well, not until the wedding you aren’t.” She hooked her arms around his neck and her face was brimming with happiness. “I can’t believe that we’re engaged!”

“Me too.” He leaned in for a kiss but she laughed and shoved him away. “Hold on, lover boy. I need to take a picture first. Mom wants it to make a scrapbook or something.”

She angled the phone with practised ease. “Ready?”

“Mmm hmm.” He was going to wait until later to kiss her but then patience was never his strong suit. His lips just barely touched the tip of her hair when the sound of the shutter went off. “Harry!”

“Can’t help it. My fiance is the most gorgeous babe ever.”

“Really?” She positioned herself until their noses were almost touching and their breaths mingled into one. The photo was all but forgotten.“What a coincidence. Mine too.”

“That can’t be true though, we can’t both be engaged to Taylor Swift.”

“Oh god,"  she groaned. ” That was cheesy. I think we established the fact that the two of us suck at being romantic so maybe we should just stop talking and make out already.“

No way he was going to argue about that. Compromising is an important part to a successful marriage after all.


Sterek Week:  Wednesday: Sterek Manips

Derek finds Stiles sitting on the couch, face covered with his hands, groaning. He can’t help a little smile. Seeing Stiles after all day at work is everything he needs for stress to leave his body, and he really doesn’t care how pathetic it makes him.

“What’s the matter?” Derek asks as he drops his as next to his ‘better’ half. 

Stiles doesn’t uncover his face, just nudges something on the coffee table with his knee. Derek lifts it and his smile gets wider. “Wedding pictures came.”

There is another groan from Stiles. It sounds almost pained. 

Derek lifts his eyebrows and starts to list through the photos with growing curiosity. Why is Stiles so upset? 

“It’s the first one.” Stiles finally speaks. 

“Well, hello to you, too,” Derek snickers and Stiles peaks through his fingers. 

“Hi,” he peeps little ashamed and then lets his hands fall and leans forward to give Derek proper welcome kiss. 

“Hi,” Derek smiles at him watching Stiles’ eyes flutter open. “Wanna tell me what’s all this about?”

Stiles groans again, and nods towards the pictures. “Look at it and tell me you don’t see it.”

Derek looks down at the picture on the top of the others. It’s them in wedding suits, standing in the park where the photograph, Lydia insisted on, took their pictures. 

“It’s very nice,” Derek says after a moment. Posing like this was all kinds of unnatural for them, but it turned out nicely. Derek is holding in his hands proof that one of the happiest days in his life really happened. He loves it, if only for that. 

Stiles huffs and takes it from his hands. “Are you kidding me? I look like I want to murder you! Viciously! This supposed to be happy adorable wedding photo and I look like on a mugshot!”

Derek knows laughing is the worst possible reaction so he bites himself in the tongue and looks at the photo again. The thing is… Stiles does look kind of pissed. Adorably pissed and Derek doesn’t really cares because he loves Stiles’ stupid face in all variations, but yeah, definitely pissed. 

If Derek recalls their wedding correctly, Stiles had all rights for this expression. If there was something that could go wrong that day, it did. There was a car accident, spilled wine, lost rings, baby crying in the middle of the Stiles’ vow, allergic reaction during the banquet, and the worst fucking DJ ever. Stiles worked hard on their wedding. Or more like, he was forced to work hard by Lydia.

In the end, Derek had to take him away early and put Stiles’ mind of with all his abilities and determination, because his beautiful amazing husband was on the brink of tears. 

“You don’t,” Derek shakes his head with a small privet smile. Stiles gives him his best bullshit look, but Derek only smiles a little more. “You look hot.”

Stiles snorts.

“Very,” Derek adds, eyeing said photography. It’s true. Stiles was always looking good in a suit, but the one he had on their wedding made him look… well, hot

“You think?” Stiles asks and takes another look on that, for him, infuriating picture. Derek can see his expression changing. Stiles is thinking about it. And he likes it. Derek can tell.

Derek leans forward and presses his lips right under Stiles’ ear, where is pale skin soft and warm. Tempting. “Yes,” he breaths out softly. Stiles shudders and Derek bites down satisfied smile. He can smell Stiles’ rising arousal, feel his skin getting warmer, heart beating faster. “You look perfect,” Derek whispers and kisses Stiles low on his throat. 

“Derek,” Stiles whines quietly and werewolf can hear photographs falling on the floor like a heavy snowflakes. Next second he’s lying on top of Stiles, smiling in sight of his husband’s shining amber eyes. Stiles’ cheeks are flushed, pupils blown, lips slightly parted. Along with his flailing, babbling and stubborn loyalty, he is the most perfect thing Derek ever saw. 

And he has a lifetime for proving it to him.


Ok…now that I have made it through the day in meetings (where I payed zero attention while keeping up with tumblr), watched two of our shipsters have the fan experience of a lifetime, and banged the daylights out of my knee on a file drawer (yep…really happened), I have settled down to think about all of the goodness we have been privy to with our dynamic duo.

First….the ECCC video. I am still giddy over that one, only because of that damn fat cat!! And, I love the fact that Cait is doing a con WITH Sam. WITH SAM!!!😍

Second…. Sam’s tweet fest for Cait and the GG’S. For the record, I believe he was in LA with Cait, and since Cait took her agent and no one else, then I will stick with my own beliefs about this.

Third….the PCA video where they acknowlwdged their win and thanked fans. They were two giddy individuals, and all that touching in that video indicated two happy people….together! And they were fresh, and all that touching…..sigh!!🤗

Fourth….these fan interactions. OMG….what more is there to say?? Our own @thescarlettpeacock and @surana17 have provided so much that I feel they should be given some type of “Dame” status. And the beauty of their observations is that I can envision exactly what they saw, and posted so well. I am giving a huge bow down to them for providing some much needed light in our lane, and for sharing every sliver of their experience!🙇

And last….the Facebook Q&A. I must admit…I had to watch this a couple of times because I felt myself a little disappointed with my first viewing ( I really just think I was having some type of Sam/Cait overload)… BUT….after further review, here is what I saw: Two tired, but grateful people who wanted to do something for fans. The questions were the same we have heard before, but they hung in there and answered as best they could. The NYE’S question did initially throw me ( only because I seriously despise that whole debaucle!), but I did see that they were in it together. Sam’s acknowledgement of where he was, and the tree burn, BUT the look at Cait on dinner with friends made me go hmmmm ???(upon my second viewing). The reason….the way they looked at each other!! And, it was very obvious that Sam was a little uncomfortable with the question. IF, HYPOTHETICALLY….he spent that time with wild birds as something amorous, and he was just friends with Cait, then there would be no need to call out the obvious of what a placed picture already told us. Instead, that shared look with Cait told me they are hiding something TOGETHER….so I am now good. I thought Cait had her bohemian vibe going with her basic black, and Sam looked like he was ready to jam with a grunge garage band. They both looked great, but tired and I understand why. And those rings??? Just going to leave that where it is for now, and stick with my belief that they are theirs.

So, it has been a flipping AWESOME week, and I hope that we can all bask for a while. I have simply loved seeing Sam and Cait enjoy themselves for a change, and there has been a paradigm shift with them. Time will tell the rest, but I am going to enjoy the ride!

Now, I am off to ice this blasted knee ( no more manip pics while walking!), and download some Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Time to get my SamCait jam on! Rock on sweet shipsters!!😴😴😴

"Larry ruined everything"

I passed through the comments from the 1DDiaries from the OTRA and I saw a lot of them including that “Harry is sad and it’s all Larries fault and that they ruin everything.” OK, so fight me.

What if we think that Niam is real too? And I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Niam shippers, why anyone separate them if they got sooooo annoyed about it and if it is soooo real? Because they’re friends and because they have nothing to hide.

What about Zarry? Even if the shippers grew more and more Harry and Zayn hung out no matter what, why? Why anyone did something about it? Because they’re friends and have nothing to hide.

Let’s move on Narry, the same thing, anyone bothered to separate them even if the Narry shippers have a very big number of fans.

And now Lilo. Obviously, we don’t think about Lilo as a romance, they are our Friendship Idols but Harry and Louis if they are such good friends (because everyone says that we destroyed their strong friendship) Why they aren’t now on the stage playing and talking and not being bothered about the Larry fans if they are just friends. Believe me, if we started to do Lilo manips and say how in love are they together they would still be playing and being besties on stage .

And now let’s move on Larry. We all know the old story, X Factor and then all of the moments and our ship filling every year more and more, so, I have some questions then.

Why would so many people see the same thing and believe in it if it’s not real? Are we blind? Because if you call more than 1M people blind and stupid if they believe in Larry then, no offense but you’re the stupid one.

Why would they separate the two of them if they are friends? You really think that the Larry Rumors bothered them SO MUCH to reach at the fact that they can’t even LOOK at each other or being in the same room? Why would it bother them SO MUCH if it wasn’t real? Why would they Photoshop pictures if they aren’t real? Why Modest! wouldn’t let them sit next to each other if they are so unreal?

If someone rumored about me and my best friend dating, don’t you think I’d deny it the first time I had the chance or that I would continue to be friends with him/her just because I know that that rumors aren’t real?

Before you say that Larries ruined everything, think twice + they never got really annoyed when the Larry subject was brought up, they never denied it and either laughed about it. And yes, they didn’t either said it is real but if we believe it is, what would it bother them what we believe? We aren’t them, we are the people from outside, and if the people from outside aren’t right then why would it bother their opinions?

Everyone ships someone with someone, why when it is about Larries we’re always “the bad ones” “the ones that ruin friendships” “the stupid ones”. We are just people like you, like them, who have eyes and a mind and the right of having opinions about other people, so DON’T f*cking dare say that we DESTROYED a friendship, because if we thought that it was a friendship and that we destroyed it… Believe me, we weren’t where we are now, still strong and believing in our ship for 5 years without hesitation.

So go and take care of your fucking business and don’t blame us for something we aren’t supposed to be blamed for.

Lies and Smoakshop Ch 1

Dedicated to @cjjingram who really did come up with this amazing AU and they nominated me to attempt writing it. Also let’s give her a round of applause for this cover art!

Also major props to to my wonderful beta @blondiegrl00 who’s never once been anything but encouraging! 

Read it here or on AO3: Chapter One

Based on this prompt: Felicity Smoak invents a user friendly photo manip software that makes Photoshop look like a joke. It’s so incredibly seamless and easy to use that, with a bit of practice and some talent, the resulting pictures are nearly impossible to spot as fakes if not for a tiny embedded coding tag left within each of the manipulated pictures

Oliver Queen awakes one morning to find pictures of him engaging in illegal and illicit activity all over the front pages of a gossip rag. His lawyers immediately get an injunction against the paper as well as subpoena the original photos. Unfortunately, there’s no proof the pictures were doctored and even an independent expert says the shadows and everything else are consistent with an undoctored photo.

 The cops arrest him, but Oliver has a clear alibi for at least one of the pictures however, which is why the DA and police are being cautious and the judge is giving him house arrest instead of remanding him to jail without bail. The expert suggests he use his connections to contact Felicity Smoak, the creator of the only software he knows that is sophisticated enough to do this. While cheaper versions of the software are all over the place, the only version this high end is extremely expensive with limited distribution so, not only might she be able to verify that it’s a fake, but she might be willing to track down the client responsible for creating it in the first place.Oliver, unable to see her, pulls some strings and gets Walter to bring her to him as he can’t even get past her receptionist. 

Annoyed at the inconvenience of it all, he’s prepared to call this ‘Miss Smoak’ all kinds of irresponsible for this software of hers but then he meets her and sparks fly. The two of them work together to try to find out who is targeting Oliver Queen and why since it’s not just his freedom on the line, but the reputation of her company as well.

Chapter One: He’s Innocent?

The sun crested over the high dew covered buildings of downtown Starling. The streets were quiet and only a few random people were moving along the dampened streets and sidewalks. One pair was holding hands, the man was taller than him by a good inch. His broad shoulders and sharp jaw fell easily against the woman’s pale, sweat slicked brow. Her eyes slanted as his lips curved. She moved them further into the small alcove between the nightclub and the darkened back alley. He sighed as he saw those firm yet dexterous fingers slide up the length of her thigh until they vanished beneath the girl’s short silver flecked skirt. He shifted towards the rising sun after he glanced at his watch. 

“Shit,” he muttered beneath his breath. It was already a quarter past six. The drunken lovers now forgotten he jogged towards the lone newspaper vendor on the almost desolate block. 

“Morning, Garrett, how’s Martha doing this week?” He asked with a small smile and a slight nod. 

Garrett chuckled, “Same as usual, bossy and contrite.” His rounded face and olive complexion gave the impression of his once youthful good looks. Now he was just a middle aged man with a wife he seemingly couldn’t stand. He reached below the counter and pulled out his usual order. He frowned slightly as he accepted the various bills. “It seems your boy has gotten himself in trouble again.” 

Tommy’s head whipped up in frustration, “Oh God now what?” 

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Christmas Series #3: Decorating the tree

//Gonna write this with the picking out a tree preference? if you haven’t read it you should because Jordyn is the

Calum: Since you and Calum ‘compromised’ on the little white tree at pier one, you decided to get ornaments too. You pulled out the ornaments and scattered them along the bed and stood with your hands on your hips deciding which ornament you wanted to start off with. Calum walked in and saw you standing there in his American Apparel underwear . “You know there is going to be glitter everywhere, right?” He asked wrapping his arms around you from behind and resting his chin on your shoulder. “Good! You’re here. I’m very aware, and help me decorate the tree, please.” Calum held up an owl, “It reminded me of you.” Then he held up a penguin on a sled, “Oh come on it’s literally Luke.” “And the reindeers?” He questioned with an eyebrow high. “Ashton and Mikey, they’re always together.” “Even without the boys, they’re still here.” He laughed shaking his head and putting the ornaments on the tree. “Thank you for getting us a tree babygirl.” He kissed your temple and wrapped you in his arms.

Ashton: Since you had a red and bug free tree, you wanted it to match as well. You and Ashton agreed on white and black ornaments with a few ornaments from both of your childhoods. “What is this?” Ashton laughed holding up a paper reef, that had red and green scribbles around it, with a picture of you from second grade. “Don’t make fun of me!” You laughed and snatched the ornament from him playfully and hung it on the tree. As you went on putting on the black and white ornaments, you came across one of Asthon’s childhood ornaments, a reindeer made out of brown puzzle pieces, googaly eyes, and a red fuzzy ball for a nose. “Oh yeah what about this, Rudolph?” You giggled holding it up. “Don’t make fun of him!” He whined and reached for it, but you took a step back. He reached for it again and you ran around the house to keep it away from him. Once he caught you he wrapped his arms around you, picked you up, spun you slightly, and nuzzled his head in your neck whispering an, “I love you so much.”

Luke: “Our poor tree.” Luke pouted standing back and huffing. “I like it, it’s something the two of us picked out, well I picked out, you cut.” You smiled walking to him and intertwining your hands together while looking at him. “You’re the best.” He leaned down and kissed you. You pulled back reluctantly. “Lets put these ornaments on the tree.” After you put them on the tree Luke brought out two cups of hot chocolate and handed one to you. The two of you stood in front of the tree admiring it. You sat on the couch and watched half of a Christmas movie before you and Luke went into the kitchen to fix more hot chocolate when you heard the tree and ornaments fall. “Luke.” You whispered. “Already on it.” He said grabbing his keys and going to the store to buy something to help the tree stand straight.

Michaelthis doesn’t really follow the other preference but I needed to include a kid on okay. Sorry Michael girls RIP “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Your five year old son jumped up and down next to Michael’s leg. “yeah punk?” Michael laughed bending down to his height. “I wanna put the star on the tree!” He smiled jumping and holding the golden star in his two delicate hands. “Yeah, sure buddy.” He agreed, “baby, will you help him on my shoulders?” Michael asked. You nodded and helped your son get on Michael’s shoulders. Your son had a little trouble putting the star on but eventually he got it. After that there wasn’t much decorating the tree, because Michael decided it was run-around-your-house-with-a-kid-on-your-shoulders-and-let-him-hit-his-forehead-on-the-top-of-the-door-frame. What a Christmas this would be.

//This has not been edited because I’m tired, and I really needed to get this up tonight. I’ll work on the anon tomorrow, I suppose.//

Newcomer Story for Gabi (and everyone else who wants to read)

Hi Gabi! Just wanted to share my “newcomer” story. I have always had friends who have been directioners, and I’ve always heard about 1D but never became a proper “fangirl” until this year  (I am a senior at a small private Christian school in the south) anywayssss most of my friends didn’t (and still don’t) believe in Larry Stylinson but I remember hearing something vaguely about it and thinking “that is so ridiculous no one honestly believes that do they?” I honestly don’t remember how or why but the day of the release of FOUR back in November something clicked inside my brain and I became OBSESSED. I went and bought the album late at night, started watching their videos on Youtube, and I was just drawn to Harry Styles. He seemed so hot and I remembered narratives from back when I was familiar with them and his “womanizer” image so I kept that. I was so set on him being straight. I even wrote a Harry het fic. ( I cringe when I read it now, YIKES.) Well, then I started seeing things. Among them, his interesting choice floral shirts (his clothing in general), his “not that important” quote, I read the “don’t knock it till you try it” interview, and finally when I saw a video of him kissing James Cordon from a while back (2012?) I was like “noooo. nooo way he’s straight.” I was a little disappointed to be honest :) But what really convinced me that Harry was gay was this thought: “If I was Harry’s girlfriend, or a girl that Harry was courting, there is no way in HELL I would 1) think that was okay 2) think he wasn’t gay or at least bi-curious.” so THEN I finally stumbled upon Larry videos (THANKS ELLIE) and things just started clicking. Harry always looked so uncomfortable when interviewers asked him about women. Or he would get this smug look on his face like “you have nooo idea”. Haylor had always seemed awkward as hell so I had no doubt THAT was a PR stunt. And then I remembered a video I watched of Harry at British Fashion Week (BFW) when he went to support Cara Delavingne and he said “that’s not my girl, I know what you’re doing” but like, why would he go to her show BY HIMSELF and then expect people to not think anything of it?? I soon realized that there was one person Harry seemed completely at ease with, someone who made him laugh and giggle and just put all of his walls down and that was Louis Tomlinson. Now, ever since I had heard of 1D and been vaguely familiar with Louis I had thought he was gay. I just did. But when I saw him and became familiar again with him after the release of FOUR I was shocked. He seemed so different. His actions weren’t as flamboyant or flowy, he just seemed changed. HIS BEARD WAS A HUGE SURPRISE. I WAS USED TO HIS BABY FACE (NO PUN INTENDED HAHAHA) but I must admit at the start of my 1D obsession back in November I was an Elounor shipper. Seriously, Eleanor Calder was everything I wanted to be: beautiful, uni student getting an education, skinny, perfect life, DATING A BOYBANDER. I was obsessed with her, pretty much. I followed her on instagram, kept up with her Twitter (she hadn’t tweeted anything since April but WHATEVER MAYBE SHE WAS BUSY, OKAY???111!), and even followed a tumblr account that was Elounor extravaganza. Larry for me was a secret guilty pleasure. I remember I would look up “larry stylinson” tags on instagram and tumblr because I just thought you all were SO funny. After the “Night Changes” music video came out I was literally rolling on the floor with you all’s comments about Ben Winston and his sucky directing. I just kept falling deeper and deeper into this damned rabbit hole and I started seeing the old Louis. Glimpses of him. It would appear in a flash in his eyes or in his smile, and can I tell you something? I realized it was mostly while looking at Harry. Honestly. So I kept doing some more investigation (my grades at school by this point. ALSO YIKES but whatevs) and I saw the TATTOOS. THE DAMN TATTOOS. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. To me at first that wasn’t a big deal because, well, I don’t understand much about tattoos or anything like that but now, when I’m having a day when I doubt myself about Larry I just “THEY HAVE 6 MATCHING TATTOOS AND LOUIS SAID HE USED TO NOT LIKE THEM BUT HE HAS SIX MATCHING ONES WITH HARRY” yup. That’s a direct quote. So back to this amazing story I started realizing what a bitch Modest management was and how fucked up they are. The separation of these two boys who were inseparable on stage and now didn’t even as much as smile at each other was a big indicator as well. “REALLY? YOU CAN’T GIVE YOUR SUPPOSED LADDY BRO PAL CHIPS YOU HAVE TO SET IT DOWN SOMEWHERE SO THAT HE CAN GET THEM HIMSELF? WHAT” (also a direct quote tbh)  and then I also saw that ridiculous video where someone was motioning to Harry to shake Louis’ hand and I wanted to cry. So then came watching the X Factor video diaries (especially 3 & 4) and I couldn’t even watch them all the way through. Like, I had to pause the damn video five or six times to regain composure and just cool myself down from watching those two lovesick puppies. The last step I had to take towards completely believing in Larry was still Eleanor. She was a mystery to me. It seemed like Louis’ family loved her, she loved them, even Anne and Gemma seemed to like her just fine. One day just for kicks and giggles I decided to look up “Eleanor Calder and Harry Styles” on Google, way before I had any knowledge of Larry. It just seemed to me that Harry and El had to be good friends because Louis and Harry were good friends and that just seemed like the “laddy bro pal” thing to do. Right? Your best friend has been dating a girl for three years (who you supposedly introduced him to-but I’ll get to that shadiness later) so you and her are obviously the bestest of friends right? RIGHT? WORNG. SO FUCKING WRONG. I saw maybe one picture, and I’m sure it was a manip of them together and then an interaction of them on Twitter (which I’m pretty sure is a manip as well?) and that was it. Jay only seemed to mention her when they were 1) promoting something (fucking Yorkshire tea train-can you say "awkward as hell”) or when they were at a concert. I remember seeing this video of Eleanor and Danielle and Dan and Jay outside the TCA studios and Jay and Dan didn’t even look at Eleanor. Nothing. And this was when I was an Elounor shipper Y’ALL. I just re-watched it and Jay looks like she’s about stab a bitch. There’s even a part where Jay walks the crosswalk with Dan and completely leaves Eleanor and Danielle standing there. I MEAN. I don’t know about you all but if my son had a girlfriend that I just absolutely LOVED and ADORED I would probably be like “look hun, let’s walk the crosswalk" or SOMETHING. Just… and Dan is like “what have I gotten myself into holy hell” it’s quite a video… Jay actually seems more friendly towards Danielle than Eleanor. So I started seeing holes in the stories and all of the shadiness between the Tomlinson/Deakins and their relationship with Eleanor and Eleanor is just weird. Like, where did she come from? Who is she? All we know about her is her age, her name, where she goes to uni, a couple of her friends, and every piece of clothing she owns. (SHE HAS A FUCKING DEAL WITH TOPSHOP. TOPSHOP) Plus, all or Elounor’s pics are hq and they just look awkward. I’m sorry, they do. It got to the point where I was bored of shipping something that never seemed to have depth to it. How boring are they? Good. You’re gorgeous, perfect, graduating with honors at uni, get along just smashingly with your bf’s family… like SNORE ZZZZ. No relationship is that “perfect”. I’ll repeat that again: no. relationship. is. that. perfect. If you actually believe they are dating and you dig deeper and see what Louis has commented about her you would really hate him. The no x3 incident? IF I HAD BEEN DATING A MAN FOR 3 DAMN YEARS, GIVEN MY LIFE UP TO HIM, JETTED OFF TO WHEREVER JUST TO BE WITH HIM, LIVED WITH HIS ASS AND HIS ANSWER TO IF HE WAS ENGAGED TO ME WAS “NO NO NO” I WOULD…. JUST… OHMYGOD. People comment “oh he was surprised” THE FUCK. SURPRISED? YOU’VE BEEN DATING THE GIRL FOR 3 YEARS. Couples literally date for a week and they’re thinking about baby names and wedding themes and where they’re going to live. WHAT? “no nO NO”  is not acceptable. Let’s just say he WAS caught off guard. THAT’S STILL NOT ACCEPTABLE. I mean, Liam calls his gf “the missus” and they’ve been dating for like a year. A damn year. If he was really dating Eleanor that would just. I would just. I would feel bad for her.  Seriously, and since I’m on that rant I would like to say i have NEVER heard Louis Tomlinson say anything cheesy or romantic about Eleanor. He has NEVER. It’s always “me and my girlfriend Eleanor” “me and Eleanor” like??? Finally, this moment was a while back but 1D were at a radio interview and the interviewer says something like “you’ve been on the road and you’ve been very faithful” and Harry starts fucking LAUGHING and Louis turns and looks at HARRY. HE PHYSICALLY TURNS HIS BODY TO FACE HARRY AND GIVES HIM A LOOK. WHAT. EVENFhsjkdbfkj. I WOULD KILL MY BOYFRIEND IF HE DID THAT SHIT. Louis also doesn’t know how long they’ve dated 5 months, 6 years, 2 weeks, 12 hundred centennials? All the motherfucking same to him!! Louis just seemed like a HUGE indifferent jerk face to me until I started seeing the REAL him. The loving, sassy, protective, caring, PRIVATE Louis. It surprised me so bad to see him protective over his family, his friends, and especially some scrummy kid names Harry Edward Styles. I started seeing the old gentle FLAMBOYANT Louis and that’s just the beginning of everything, there is so much, SO MUCH MORE. Louis and his fonds, Harry and his fonds, MIA days, “sick days”, Leeds bracelet, wedding bracelet. God. I could talk for ages. I kind of went off into fangirl mode and this is probably the longest thing I’ve ever written ever but it’s literally just a snippet. So yeah, sorry you had to read all of this :)