and i saw heaven

i saw atlas sitting on the moon.
his hands were empty,
and the heavens lay in shattered fragments
at his feet.

“did you drop them?” i asked
“i threw them,” he said, “why should i endure
these black and blue bruises?
is the earth really worth it? are you?”

i turned away.
the only answer i could give
was the one he’d always known.
it was the reason he’d let go.

l.s. | ATLAS LET GO © 2016


For @sixpenceee
When I was little, like 9 or 10, I was almost constantly sick. I still have stomach problems, but it was bad when I was younger. In hospitals and such, etc
I was lying in my bed during one of my worse days, and I suddenly blacked out
I saw what would’ve happened if I did die. I saw my funeral and my family cleaning out my room afterwards. I watched teachers and friends discuss it I was suddenly very aware. Of what? I don’t know. But I knew everything without having to even think.
I wandered aimlessly through this dream state, just observing the grieving process
Now keep in mind I was about 9, so this wasn’t something that I could really make up since I didn’t know about grief or the afterlife yet
At some point I came to a spot in the sky. Like heaven? It was space, though. I watched myself in paradise, above the world. I saw gold cities and deceased family members like my great grandma. I saw lakes and trees and stars. So many stars. I used to tell my mom when I was little then I’ve been to the stars and she had no clue what I meant. I saw great power and leftover suffering from life. I felt kindness and awareness. I knew where I was but I didn’t. This wasn’t full heaven, though. I didn’t fully die. I didn’t see all of it.
I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder, and someone smiled at me. An angel or something
Then I was jolted back into reality
Haven’t really been sick to the point of hospitalization after that honestly
Idk what happened, but I thought that it was a fun and interesting story. I have descriptions of what I saw in my heaven in full detail but I won’t go into that now
Interpret it how you want I guess. Enjoy